“The Spartan Theory”: Part3 - Chapter 35
"American Butterfly"

Dear Diary – Feb 6th to 13th
Times are
a Changing

6.30 pm GMT – Monday 6th February 2012

The title comes from a Bob Dylan song, that Steve Jobs often quoted, in reading Steve’s book last night, I was confronted about the changes that I have to make, and the unrealistic initial target set, it would be called a Steve Jobs “Reality Distortion Field” which is OK when you are the boss, but when you are looking for credibility from the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) there can be no such distortions.

I spent the day writing to my SA team, telling Ollie we need a PHP programmer and putting together a very good looking time sheet for all but Oliver.

Ok so we need to put together some profit projections, in a range of business types and styles. I’m comforted by my own companies recent performance, we are probably making 100% maybe 150% profit, and that’s without S-World, the financial software or anything for that matter, so it’s fair to say our system can work for most small travel companies, and probably real estate companies.

Retail as well, the exercise I made for Une’s fashion house is a great example, I’d better write that up alongside the travel example and Real estate and have them in the main “American Butterfly” presentation, about 3 pages each.

Retail in general will also be improved, if the shop owners own their own shops, staff are often free as they are interns, the local community is big enough to support a fair amount of trade and the town itself is set up to entice visitors from the local community. Further we can license shops and restaurants so as not to create too
much competition; as such no competitive price slashing will need to go on. I’m going to start a spread sheet, including the many different businesses that may be in a $1B plot, or a $2B plot, as is seemingly more realistic, as it cuts infrastructure costs and increases population.

Retail is an extremely tricky, if we have a really nice Mall, and various other shops we will have to rely on the outer communities coming to visit to make a great return, as such the promotion of Marina’s over shopping malls is a good idea. We do of course have the local rich community, who may spend a lot of money there, as for the university folk, they won’t spend too much

Here I have made figures for 2 plots; still it only makes 78 Million, just over 1/32nd of target.

I’ve worked on percentage of income spent, and divided the USA population by 6000 “places making just under 54,000 residents, within 20 Miles.

It asks the question “How can we improve here?”

It also highlights some important factors.

1. Tourism bringing people to the local community
2. Making a really nice shopping and Downtown Zone
3. Making goods for sale, better value than other local shopping districts
4. Making the EEE town, the hub of the wider “Outer Community” a good stadium
will help as will the hospital, and the many other infrastructure projects.

If we pay due attention to the above, I’d hope to get the profit figures up to about $128 Million, as such one 16th of the income is created.

Hang on, hang on, hang on, we are not looking for 100% profit anymore rather 25% profit as such, if we get it right, we have made ¼ of our target. Ok, that means I can drop our up scaling and make it down scaling so we are looking at the $75,666,667 rounded down to $64 Billion and 1/8th of a 25% annual profit. Nice safe estimate.

Ok, that’s retail,

Let’s look for some spending stats



1. Food 13%
2. Housing 35%
3. Apparel & Services 5%
4. Transport 18%
5. Health Care 5% (10% over 65’s)
6. Entertainment 6%
7. Cash Contributions 4%
8. Insurance pensions 9%

I’ve found a lovely graphic

Very Interesting.

Food 12.4%

Ok a nice safe 1/8th of the way there, let’s look at Travel, total Global travel expense $1 Trillion, USA $70 Billion. But that’s Tourism

Business travel in the U.S. is responsible for $246 billion in spending and 2.3 million American jobs; $100 billion of this spending and 1 million American jobs are linked directly to meetings and events. For every dollar invested in business travel, businesses experience an average $12.50 in increased revenue and $3.80 in new profits. A 10 percentincrease in business travel spending would increase multi-factor productivity, leading to a U.S. GDP increase between 1.5 percent and 2.8 percent. (Source: The Return on Investment of U.S. Business Travel)

Activities with the greatest level of interest among U.S. adults are, in order, visiting friends and relatives,sightseeing, beaches/waterfronts, visiting zoos/aquariums/science museums, national parks, visiting a state park, going on a cruise, theme parks, visiting a city and visiting a mountain area. Interest in the engaging in the activities varies by generation, household income, gender and most other demographic characteristics of leisure travelers. (Source: travelhorizonsTM, July 2009)

Canada and Mexico travelers represented over 56% of all international visitors to the U.S. in 2008. In 2008, 18.9 million Canadians and 13.7 million Mexicans visited the U.S., and combined they’d spent more than $22 billion on travel in the U.S. (Source: IVIS)

China has been a fast-growing market of international travelers to the U.S. since the United States and China signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2007 that opened the doors for promotion of travel to the entire U.S. In 2008, almost 500,000 thousand Chinese traveled to the U.S., staying on average 23 nights and spending $7,200 per
visit. Total spending by Chinese travelers in the U.S. was $3.5 billion in 2008. By 2013, visitation from China to the U.S. is expected to grow 61% over 2008 arrivals — rising from 493,000 in 2008 to a forecasted 795,000 in 2013. (Source: IVIS China Summary, Office of Travel and Tourism Industries)

International travel to the United States is one of the nation’s leading exports. In 2008, 58 million international travelers visited the U.S., up 4% from 2007. Total spending (excluding passenger fares) from all international visitors in the U.S. was $110.4 billion in 2008, an increase of 14% over 2007. In 2008, the top five overseas markets for travelers to the U.S. were the U.K. with 4.5 million arrivals, Japan with 3.2 million arrivals and Germany with 1.8 million arrivals, France with 1.2 million arrivals, and Italy with 780 thousand arrivals. Unfortunately, although international travel has boomed over the past several years, with 48 million more overseas trips taken in 2008 than in 2000, America actually lost visitors, welcoming 633,000 fewer overseas travelers in 2008. If the United States had simply kept pace with global travel trends, 58 million more overseas travelers would have visited the United States between 2000 and 2008 – and would have generated an estimated 245,000 new U.S. jobs in 2008 alone. (Source: IVIS, www.poweroftravel.org)


President Trumpets Travel

In a first for the U.S., President Barack Obama announced a national strategy on travel and tourism to boost travel in the United States.Among U.S. Travel's objectives for 2012 will be for the U.S. government to pursue concrete actions to increase international travel, business travel, participation in meetings and conventions and leisure travel throughout America. Policies U.S. Travel will champion include expansion of the Visa Waiver Program to Brazil, Argentina and Chile; further improvements to our entry process for international guests; streamlining the TSA experience for trusted travelers; and building an aviation system that encourages greater air travel.

Ok, this is all very interesting 2006 figures

Business travel $246 Billion.
Inbound international $110 Billion.
Outbound $80 Billion.

Ok, so we can assume usual economic conditions restored, plus great interest in EEE cities, we can build conferencing halls in all cities, and as planned make each City a must see tourism resort.

As such we will say, travel will double and EEE will take half of it. With venues paid for (no rent) and 50% at least made from booking commissions, I will say

$246 + $110 = $356/2 (costs) = $178 Billion / 6000 “places” = 30 Billion

Close to 1/16th of desired annual profit add that to retail and we are at 3/16th’s We have not included market share of outbound travel, I’ll leave it for now, as my estimate may be considered a little high, however as this all started with travel, I’m allowed that one.

OK, Real Estate is generally going to be the same as travel, well that’s what it showed last time, so we will add another 1/16th so making 4/16th’s

Ok, it’s 11.49, enough for today, last thought is that we will make the manufacturing centers in the less desirable tourism locations to balance out.

10.41 am GMT – Tuesday 7th February 2012

Feeling good this morning, snow has largely melted so I can go for a walk ? Had some cool dreams, can’t really remember them, one about a very cool dance remix of an Abba track ??? Go figure.

Next in our profit centre’s I will consider building materials, bathroom supplies, kitchen supplies and furniture.

We also need to consider our building companies and supplies being used in the wider community.

Ok let’s have a look at a breakdown of costs to build houses.

10.41 am GMT – Tuesday 7th February 2012

Great walk, I’m confident when we add it all up we can expect at least a 25% profit margin each year, I’ll come back to his in a while, however a quick note that companies will need licenses to operate.

Now I’m going to look at “Give Half Back”, education and hospital budgets, with hiring of a number of builders in the educational way described earlier and the creation of resort hospitals.

First “Give Half Back” I’ll work on a $2 Billion block, 25% = $500 Million a year, $250 POP, $125 University & Special projects, $125 Hospital and Municipality.

I’ll start with the Hospital, let’s look at what we wish to achieve, the Medicare and Medicade government budgets covered, and another WOW feature to make people wish to live and visit the area.

6,000 places, 313 Million Citizens = 51,267 people per “place” at least half of which will be on medical insurance, so 26,083 people not covered by health insurance.


“Without exception, it is agreed that the biggest long term threat is Medicaid & Medicare; the numbers on persons enrolled in the latter expected to increase from 47 Million to 80 Million by 2030. However it is more the rapidly rising costs of medical bills that see the predicted rise from 5.3% GDP to 10% in 2035 and 19% in 2082. By which time if paid in full, all tax revenue will be spent on Medicaid and Medicare; as such there would be no money for any other services, not even a salary for the President.

“As such we are looking at hospital care for 60 Million / 6000 places = 10,000 per “place”
We need to consider bed nights, of our 10,000 how many nights will each spend in a hospital bed, that’s a tricky one, some will be none some will be all the time, shall we say 20 and see what that gives us 365/20 = 18, so we divide the 10,000 by 18 = 548, as such we need 548 rooms or places in wards.

Now let’s consider the staff, how many staff does one need for 548 patients

There’s lots of info on the web about staff ratio problems, but little on staff ratio, one girl says 1:30 is too much

Interesting: http://www.bos.frb.org/economic/neppc/briefs/2005/briefs051.pdf
40,000 to 50,000 qualified nurse applicants are turned away from schools each year as they have no room in the classrooms.

The nursing shortage: While most nursing shortages over the last 40 years lasted only a year or two, the current shortage is in its eighth year. TheBureau of Health Professions predicts the current shortage of 150,000 nurses nationwide will grow to 800,000 nurses by 2020 if current trends continue.

Ok here we have a 1:6 ratio

Here we see California law stating different ratios per unit, intensive care, standard etc, from 1:1 to 1:5


Ok so 1:4 seems like the average, but what about at night, scheduled operations take place between 9 to 5 or so, so at night not as many will be needed, also we are catering in general for the elderly, which will in general be long term care, not operations,

We really have a few time slots: 6 till 9, 9 till 5, 5 till 9, 9 till 12, and 12 till 6But to average it out, we need to consider 4 nurses a week at 42 hours each gives 24/7 cover, as such if we have 548 patients we need 548 nurses, owcchhh

At $50,000 each = $27,400,000

What was the budget? $125 Million, hospital and municipality.

Ok, now for the doctors.

Interesting Graphic: http://bigthink.com/ideas/21237

http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_doctor_per_patient_ratio_in_us Says 1000 to 1

http://community.wegohealth.com/profiles/blogs/staggering-physicianpatient Says 1000 to 2.3

Another interesting Graphic


Hmm, I forgot about ambulances, another graph says Ambulatory Health Care is 37% I’m not sure what to do with that,

Oh, it’s not ambulances

Ambulatory care.
Health services provided on an outpatient basis to those who visit a hospital or another
health care facility and depart after treatment on the same day.

Awwwwww awwwesoommeeee, we can make the first “Give Half Back” specifically for the hospital, then the first POP “Give half Back” can be used for something else. :) Yes.
Now we can use the full “GHB” budget for the hospital, go mad, super university resort 6 star hospital. :)

This is interesting: Hospital beds per 100,000 people

400 Beds per 100,000 people, and I have allocated over 500 beds for near half that amount, and I’ve not started with non Medicade/care people yet.

It’s not easy finding the doctors per patient in hospital stats, the mighty Motherpedia thinks its 10 nurses per doctor, I’ll go for 5 maybe and ask Dr Sevenoaks what he thinks tomorrow.

Let’s just consider the doctor per populous in the use which is probably one per 300. 52170 people / is 174 doctors average salary $250,000 = $43,500,000 we only need half these doctors at most for Medicade/care so $21,750,000 add the nurses 548 nurses at $50,000 each = $27,400,000

And we are on $49 Million out of 125 Million.

Other staff, well much of the admin will be automated of course, however if we are looking at a 6 star resort, we need service staff, lots of, service staff, these can of course all be doctors and nurses in training. On an average salary of $25,000, 1,000 of them will cost $25 Million, this can include chefs, waiters, entertainers all that one would find at a 6 star resort, all at various stages of medical proficiency.

So we are at $74 Million out of 125

And that’s a good ratio, best not to go over 50% on staff (as a general rule) the balance of course will need to pay for medicines and prescriptions, which will just about be free ? Upkeep of all that is in the hospital, bedding, the lot.

Ok, so that is the Medicade/Medicare patents nicely dealt with, 60,000 not 40,000 and 20 days a year, which I’m sure is on the high side, now that we have our hospital we may as well make it profitable, by doubling the size and letting the local community use it from their medical insurance. I mean, it’s not a hospital it’s a super university 6 star resort hospital.

Ok how many beds did we need for the Medicade/care? 548, call it 550 I guess we double it, and here’s my favorite bit, we will make about a quarter of the rooms, private villa’s, with pools and everything, make it easy for people to visit by making their surrounding luxurious. Good views of course, strait onto the lake, golf course of wood.

So we want 250 private Villas and 750 private rooms, (no wards, no shared rooms)

Ok how much is this going to cost to build? $100 Million, no $150 Million, no $200 Million, the Villas being $50 Million, $25 for the adjoining Hotel and $125 out of the infrastructure budget for the main structure, equipment and fitting

This is so awesome

Ok a 390 Room Marriott Hotel cost $33Milllion thus $60 Million for the build for the 750 rooms, add some doctors consulting rooms and some thrills and were at $70 Million add $30 Million for the outfitting and medical equipment. And there are $100 Million.

Ok, Hospital considered, let’s have a quick think about the staff,
174 Doctors, probably double for the profitable side of the hospital
548 Nurses, double again and 1000 auxiliary staff, probably doubled again.

352 Doctors
1100 Nurses
2000 Auxiliary
I’m thinking about cars, electric cars, the docs and nurses can have them as part of their salary package.

If the doctors are on an average of $250,000 they can go 10% $25,000 a year, car recycle time 4 years, that’s $100,000 with a 50% buy back its $50,000, I wonder if we can get the plant to re upholster and re spray, or re panel, and upgrade the circuitry (energy efficiency) it can be as good as new for $10,000 Then sold on for $40,000 or
so effectively making $80,000 Cost of car $40,000 100% mark up

350 Doctors, 6,000 places x 40,000 cars = $84 Billion


Ok that’s just a thought; I wanted to look at the “Give Half Back University Budget

Give Half Back University Budget
Million PA

Again we will work on two plots = $1 Billion, making 25% profit = $500 Million, 50% POP, 25% Hospitals = $125 Million, 25% University = 125M

Ok what does this get us in comparison to the initial investment where 25% goes to the university, ring fenced for 8 years.

Thus a $2 Billion investment would see 25% ($500M) split by 8 = $62,500,000

As such “GHB1” gives double, that’s a lot.

Ok most of the budget is staff; we will say 70% so 125,000,000 + 62,000,000 = 131,250,000

I’m going to take 50,000,000 off that and put it towards the building, at an average of $25,000 a man/woman = 2000 staff (Spartans)

48 Hours a week, 30 on site, 18 in sports and education

Let’s consider the building costs spread sheet from earlier

This does not give a man/materials breakdown, but I know from a previous costing that it’s about 43% of building cost, as such with 2B$ investment with 55% on building that’s a staff cost of 475 Million. Take of another 25% for expensive finishes and other non building parts to the building process = $355 Million/ pro rata over 4 years $89 Million

Our budget was $ 50,000,000 when we consider this is only 3 days a week, but more motivated, we have 50% of the building cost covered.

Plus a much better work ethos.

12.20 am GMT – Wednesday 8th February 2012

It’s all going swimmingly, I think I always had the 100% profit figures in the back of my head causing unconfidence, now with 25% and the idea of different “GHB” stages it’s all cool, I love the “Super University Resort Hospitals” now called “SURH” and the builders “Spartans” will make for spectacular projects.

Just been out for a drink with Dad, going to try to hack “TMG” (The Mighty Google) tomorrow and get his business some more enquiries.

Simple enough in principal just buy domains specific to the key word search and give them some authority. Maybe it only works with .com’s, maybe not, we will see.

Night, Night my Angels xxxxxxxx

I love you Sienna, thank you for my fortunate eyes of truth.

Oh and America thank you toooooooooooo

11.23 am GMT – Wednesday 8th February 2012

Thoughts: Firstly on incorporating companies, the first we should look at are companies that make raw materials, fabric for instance as it can be used by the clothing companies, and put in the retail stores, via the Une fashions method, which I will need to go into detail on later, metals for the infrastructure etc, etc.

When it comes to the EEE it’s for all, never leave a man behind principal, it’s as strong as ever, however there will be companies already making vast profit, that will not wish to join, for those companies we will need to get the universities to write million page business plans on exactly how to compete and win in a Total fashion, bring them to their knees, and make an example of greed. Let all who would say the work communism, quiver in their boots about the ultimate power of ecologically protected capitalism.

I’m going to help dad with his website, then look into the Google hacking.

Keyword searches - Google AdWords
Wedding photographer Epsom 0  
Photographer Epsom 390  
Photographers Epsom (This indicates Google still include the “s”)
Epsom Photographers 0  
Photographers Surrey 9900 320
Wedding Photographers Surrey 6600 210
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Gary Roebuck is the one to beat, however his site and shots are amazing, and he probably has a lot of inbound links.

Oh well, I think the words Surrey Wedding Photographers or Epsom Wedding Photographers are best, but which one?
The Epsom one has a load of duff sites, as such if one searched their Dad would win, plus, clients can come and meat without much effort.

Ok, I’m going to go for www.Epsom-Wedding-Photographers.com

I’ve had another idea for Dad, we will advertise that a free website will be made for each wedding, nice gimmick and creates lots of satellite websites to link to the main websites.

1.22 pm GMT – Wednesday 8th February 2012

I’m going to do a new analysis on the development costs for a $2 Billion plot, first the Villas, considering the costs breakdown for the house yesterday only equated the plot price at 20% I’m going to look to make the cheaper houses gardens bigger.

5.38 pm GMT – Wednesday 8th February 2012

4 KM2 Plot, $300M cash, multiplied by 35% for building economics and mass construction, and a further 35% as we have a lot of the labor covered in the university budget “the Spartans” as such I have multiplied the 300 Million by 170% giving an effective $510,000 comparative budget. Chances are this is on the light side, but better underestimate and over deliver.

Here is the building cost and acreage breakdown

Here are the specifications, land costs, and mark up

A total of $1,227,575,000 ($1,228 Billion), further if we compare these house prices to similar houses in desirable areas, they are definitely on the low side, half price, maybe a quarter to California.

Ok, now on to the less expensive development, I’ll still use a lot of land though, same 4KM2

Here I have deliberately made the Total $ 1 Billion, by lowering the mark up to a discount (up to 30%) on the cheaper houses, as such we have a quality bungalow for $192,500 as such it can be afforded by the “Spartans” and Trainee Nurses,

So Overall we have $2.29 Billion in Real Estate, within the houses will be Hotels and as for the Villas attached to the Hospital, that can come out of the infrastructure Budget, which we had better have a new look at as the plot sizes have gone up, so will the need for roads etc.

1. Housing areas (2KM2)

5KM Rural 2 and 4 land roads = $25Million
pavements = $2.5 Million
Sewers, water and eclectic under same = $15Million
Traffic Lights, Street Lights & CCTC cams = $2.5 Million

TOTAL: $45 Million

2. Parkland (1KM)

Plants, soil, Irrigation, paths, lights, CCTV, cycling tracks and earthworks =

TOTAL: $20 Million

3. Commercial area (1KM2)
4KM Urban 2 and 4 land roads = $25Million
pavements = $2.5 Million
Sewers, water and eclectic under same = $15Million
Traffic Lights, Street Lights & CCTC cams = $2.5 Million

Campus/Hospital (1/2 KM2) = $25 Million
Commercial Retail = (1/2 KM2) = $25 Million

Total: $95 Million

SUB TOTAL: $160 Million

Alternate power (300,000 per 100 houses) – 700 houses + offices + shops + University = 2000 houses equivalent as such 10 Million should easily cover it,

Alternate Power: $10 Million

Municipal Expenses: $25 Million.
Waterworks, sewerage, fire, police and community buildings.

I can see this is going to get tight.

Basic Infrastructure $224,500,000 – 17% for Spartan labor = $186,335,000

Basic Infrastructure $224,500,000 – 17% for Spartan labor = $186,335,000
Total Infrastructure Budget $500,000,000
Remaining Budget: $313,665,500

Remaining Budget: $313,665,500 – $ 58,500,000

= $255,265,500

3.58 pm GMT – Thursday 9th February 2012

Excellent walk, some notes before the detail

First on the “Spartans”: This from now on will be anyone who starts as an intern.

Starting salary $16,000 no tax I expect. Going up $4000 a year: 4 year contract

A proportion of salary goes to a furnished studio apartment in the student and Spartan residence, which will be nice with a resort pool etc.

Year 1: Salary: $16,000 Mortgage: $4,000 Balance: $12,000
Year 2: Salary: $20,000 Mortgage: $6,000 Balance: $14,000
Year 3: Salary: $24,000 Mortgage: $8,000 Balance: $16,000
Year 4: Salary: $28,000 Mortgage: $12,000 Balance: $16,000

Total Mortgage: $ 30,000
Total spending Money: $ 58,000, of which $40,000 needs to be spent on EEE
goods or entertainment.

The apartment will probably cost only $15,000 or so, as such they pay for their education.

At the end they can sell the apartment privately, rent it to paying students or trade it in for a $20,000 deposit on a subsidized house, if they continue in education.

The next level will be, resident, by this time, they will be qualified at something, nursing, tiling, computer science, API networking whatever their strengths are. Overtime can be done, and extra salary increases for those that excel or put in a few more hours

Year 1: Salary: $32,000 Mortgage: $12,000 Balance: $20,000
Year 2: Salary: $36,000 Mortgage: $14,000 Balance: $22,000
Year 3: Salary: $40,000 Mortgage: $16,000 Balance: $24,000
Year 4: Salary: $44,000 Mortgage: $28,000 Balance: $26,000

Next a full mortgage is taken out on a subsidized house, a bungalow for example, a 16 year mortgage at 4% interest.

A Bungalow costs $192,500 minus the $20,000 from the apartment = $172,500

I’ve not put increases in after 4 years, as it depends on the “Spartans Skill Level, However seeing as all will learn for at least 12 hours a week, for 20 years, and largely work in the type of jobs they are learning about, one would really have to be a slacker, not to come out with a degree or two.

I think, if someone wishes to be released from their contract, i.e. a doctor who is only on a salary of $100,000 when they can get $300,000 in the private sector then they must pay for their education, which is about 1/3rd of their time spent, as such I feel it’s fair to charge half of the salary they have earned so far, and add that to the cost of
their Bond. So if a doctor takes 4 years intern and 8 years resident to be qualified, they will have earned $416,000 / 3 = $208000, which of course they could pay back in a year, so it’s good for all.

However when a Spartan achieves a full doctors qualification, they will be offered a job in the hospital, which they may like as he/she is still in education, another 8 years and he/she could be earning $400,000 in the real world.

And here is a mortgage/bond structure adding a pay rise of 100% after qualifying and upgrading from a bungalow to a Villa #1 ($362,000, 3 bedrooms, half an acre) This is not including overtime, or extra’s, and remembering we are talking about people who have no qualifications to start and no parental money for education, and no specifically high school grades, most people can achieve excellence, just many don’t have the money for education, or the patience for it, however a job, money and a great atmosphere, will make people who would otherwise not bother, bother.

The other advantages are basically half price labor, a continual stream of houses being bought, interest money and the ability to give workers credits to spend mainly on EEE goods, thus forcing the flow of money, and keeping it within the collective.Oh and of course the mass education of the USA citizens and housing for those who never stood a chance.

6.12 pm GMT – Thursday 9th February 2012

Time to do some more work on the various companies and industries we wish to make the 25% profit or more to the point $250 Million a year per 1 plot consortium.

We have

Building, let’s do an analysis we have the basic 20% per year, with an initial 2 year 600 Million contract. Plus we have 10% on sales that come over the 110% mark, if we consider, both the developments, the student and nurse residences and the Mall and Shops, we will be over 110%, however, some of the later will be in later phases, and some will be paid over 16 or 20 years. Plus of course not all the houses will sell, the companies that invest may live there, rent it out or in the case of shops work from there, as such I’d say only 25% get sold in the first 2 years so only 2.5%

Seeing as this commission is going to cause controversy, it’s not worth including for 2.5 percent for 2 years.

So we have 20% of $600M split over 2 years, I’m going to forget about year one, as it will just be getting organized, and I think look for years 1+2+3 together to make 25%, then year 4 another 25% and on.

I’ve split the $600 over years 1,2 & 3. If we have POP1 at the end of year 3 that created $250,000,000 however for POP1, I expect and desire an investment consortium with new business types to go 50/50, in other words they pay
$250,000,000 As such in year 4 we will have a $500,000,000 x 60% building budget = 300,000,000

I’d be wise to then give it 2 years to reach POP 2 but it will complicate the math, so I’ll leave it. Actually I will split is as it will take 2 years to build,

We need to consider, building and contracting outside the EEE city, we have a 1,600 KM2 catchment area, with a population on 60,000 odd. There are bound to be houses to be built, new infrastructure and maintenance. Considering the “Spartan” labor, GTN, S-World architecture and 6000 think-tank’s all working on how to reduce costs, it’s fair to say, we would most likely get 80% or so of the outsourced work. How much that will be however is difficult to tell.

http://www.census.gov/construction/c30/c30index.html: suggest there is $813 Billion spent in a year, / 6000 = $135,000,000 if we work on a 50% market share = 271,000,000 then 20% profit = 54,200,000

That is an excellent extra revenue stream. I’m going to change the market share to 30% this said, considering just about every builder in the area will be working for us, it could easily be 100%. Here are the figures, by year 3 alone; with plenty of room for mistakes we have done 80% of the work already.

Car manufacturers next, Ok so how much does a car factory cost?

$30 Million, can make 20,000 electric cars a year, cost $17,000 sell $24,500, travel 90 Miles, speed 55 Miles per hour.

Ok so if we go $100,000, we can probably get 100,000 cars, cost $15,000 sell $25,000 travel 120 Miles, speed 75 Miles an hour, (restricted) with some power intake of.

They all need to look fabulous, concept cars or classics

From day one the universities will work on the power and design, first car shipped at the beginning of year 3.

Ok so how many people will we have on the payroll by year 3?
Investment University Budget, 250,000,000 ring fenced for 8 years, =

Total spent on cars per year = 14,634,606
percentage of $250,000,000 Give half Back Target


Not a lot but better than nothing.

That’s for one plot, there are 1024 x 16 plots = 16,384 plots so

$240 Billion profit.

As best I remember in the “what the average American spends his money on budget, fuel was equal to the car cost.

Not quite about 2/3rd’s As such, we will need to supply the electricity, so we can consider, the cost of production, at most 30%, how much manpower does a solar panel need? As such we are looking at 1/3rd profit on fuel for cars, about the same as the mark up on cars, as such we can add another

Total spent on fuel for cars per year = 14,634,606
percentage of $250,000,000 Give half Back Target


Add to car profit

Total spent on cars per year = 14,634,606

percentage of $250,000,000 Give half Back Target



Or 29,250,000,000

Let’s take a really wild stab and say the power for the city costs about the same

That said, we will half it, as most houses should keep their electricity from their roofs

Total electrical profit,

8.75% or $22,000,000.

Right lets add this to the building.

And let’s go try and find those travel figures

Ah, first the retail

$53,823,333 ok, add it to the building cars and electricity

Plus I’ll use the same figures for entertainment as I will for Retail

We’re already there on the 3 year plan, and are looking good on the “just year 3” making target on its own. To be honest I think I can easily get it to double target, which is necessary as people will bitch and moan about stuff but a 50% failure rate, is always good to throw at doubters.

So Other industries

1. Travel
2. Banking, Insurance
3. Media: sat TV and making films etc.
4. Raw Materials
5. Furniture
6. Making alternate energy products (solar panels mainly)
7. Internet retail
8. Commission from Sienna.Gov
9. Commission from Businessbook
10. Manufacturing
11. Electrical Goods
12. Health Care
13. Food & Drinks
14. Education
15. Public Transport
16. Sports

Oh, I included Apparel (Clothes) in with retail

If we add these all up, we are looking very good indeed.

Happy days :)

Awesome idea

To split the money evenly, i.e. it’s worth someone in a resort (will use that word for plots from now on) to buy a car, and it still ads to the cities profit, we just need to go back to the Johnson and Johnson example where the actual company is spit in 16 territories, as such the profit gets split between the territories.

I’d better change the text so the Km’s doing get confusing.

Ok that’s it for tonight.

Tomorrow, I guess we do the profit on the other industries, and examine the building parts, “kitchens”, bathrooms etc for the profit margin there, plus I will write up the Une Fashions S-World “How to become an S-World Billionaire”

11.52 am GMT – Friday 10th February 2012

Snowed again, which is very beautiful, but not good for walking, I may try a little later,

Before I visit the other profit centres, I wish to do a cost assessment of the Fuel needs and costs.

http://science.howstuffworks.com/environmental/green-science/us-gas-addiction.htm: USA has 244 Million cars in use, that use half of the 21 Million Barrels of gasoline consumed each day.


Gas costs $4.00 per Gallon, 42 Gallons in a barrel so

21,000,000 /2 = 10, 5000,000
42 x $4 = 168
10,500,000 x 168 = $1,764,000,000

$1, 764, 000, 0006,000 / “places”

$294,000 per day x 365 = $107,310,000

$ 107,311,000 per place
$643,860,000,000 across the USA

Plus there is as much used again not for cars, some may however be exported


In 2008, total worldwide energy consumption was 474 exajoules (474×1018 J=132,000 TWh). This is equivalent to an average energy consumption rate of 15 terawatts (1.504×1013 W).[1] The potential for renewable energy is: solar energy 1600 EJ (444,000 TWh), wind power 600 EJ (167,000 TWh), geothermal energy 500 EJ (139,000 TWh), biomass 250 EJ (70,000 TWh),hydropower 50 EJ (14,000 TWh) and ocean energy 1 EJ (280 TWh).[6]

More than half of the energy has been consumed in the last two decades since the industrial revolution, despite advances in efficiency and sustainability.
[7] According to IEA world statistics in four years (2004–2008) the world population increased 5%, annual CO2 emissions increased 10% and gross energy production increased 10%.[8]

Most energy is used in the country of origin, since it is cheaper to transport final products than raw materials. In 2008 the share export of the total energy production by fuel was: oil 50% (1,952/3,941 Mt), gas 25% (800/3,149 bcm), hard coal 14% (793/5,845 Mt) and electricity 1% (269/20,181 TWh).[9]




So 27.51% of energy is on transportation, as such if the USA spends


Conversion Table of Common Energy Sources to Btu

And some of the old graphics

Working on our 27% used in Auto, I have made this sheet that lets us know the total price

We have 2 figures for general consumption

Ok, these figures are very rudimentary, industrial power may be cheaper than fuel, maybe more. It is however reasonable.

We also need to consider the additional power EEE will need about 15% maybe over the first 4 years.

What I’m going to do is set targets over 8 years to create enough power to cover 60% of the above. Even if we only get half way, it looks good for the future as technology will improve dramatically.

The good news here is there is a lot of money in Electricity per “place”

Yesterday we worked car fuel/electricity to make $14.653 working on a 50% or so profit margin where as in effect we should be looking at $107 Million cost/profit And near 3 times as much for residential commercial and industrial, once the panels are up, I’d guess it’s mainly profit. As such Power is probably the biggest source of income in our “places”

What we can do is regardless of cost set an amount of energy needs to be produced; as such we have a guaranteed income source.

5.44 pm GMT – Friday 10th February 2012

Another excellent walk, in particular a field of pure snow, with just 2 animal tracks, and on the return, 7 planes with jet streams against the sunset. :)

Had some thoughts on company expansion and POP, I think it’s time to make a diagram.

Further, I think it will be nice to make a booklet of American Butterfly, and send it to people by post, this will of course mean about 6 weeks more work, but it will meet with more success, I can find 16 targets and send each 4 booklets, I’ll also insert 4 glossy diagrams A3 in the booklet. I will look at organizing the chapters soon.

Ok so the specifics of the POP, and the diagram

1.42 pm GMT – Saturday 11th February 2012

Feeling great, very keen on making a brochure of “American Butterfly”,

Started on 300 DPI A3 images last night.

I’m going to make the resort plan, in a similar fashion to a standalone plan, as such if the USA CBO, are not interested, I can get some VC commitment and approach the White House directly.

I’ve made some excellent spreadsheets based in the department of labor statistics

I’m off for a walk.

1.42 pm GMT – Saturday 11th February 2012

I cannot express my mood, I have cracked it, absolute certainty this will not only work, but come to be.

By making a small business plan, $4 Billion, if we include the technology, I’m pretty sure I can make $4Billion into a Trillion within 8 years, probably sooner. The mere fact that the small business plan is part of “American Butterfly, with $40 Million or so in PR, One Million of free Books, A new TV series of Battle Star Galactic, and advertising across the globe, will get the people on board, 4 main hooks

1. Global Economic Recovery and a Golden Age
2. Free Medical to the world
3. End to Global warming and fossil fuel use *
4. Unite the globe in peace by colonizing Space. (* will use a lot of fossil fuel)

The small business plan cannot fail so at first I will punt this, the new root is someone to Galactic, to make realistic trip to planet Sienna, calling the ship “Virgin Galactica” then go to Virgin Galactica and so to Richard and Mansur, then to Bill Gates, the Mark Zuckerberg then to Obama.
The presentation will get better each time, HKL (Galactica) helping with the pictures and “To infinity and beyond section”

I think I will wait till I have a printed bound version before I go to them, and I may get Mark to agree to invest so long as one of the above (not Galactica) invest.

I’m going to make different websites for the different chapters,

This cannot fail; oh my God I am going to save the world. :)

I’m going to start on the “infinity and beyond” for the next chapter and incorporate it with the PR section. Then do the small businesses plan, and then I need to do, the software specs, Une’s fashions, the illustrations, and a condensed travel plan then make “American Butterfly” V: 002.

I’d say a month, it may be worth sending Danny Hayes a heads up, see if he can put a bit of credibly to Virgin Galactica, i.e. how fast can it go, how much weight can a space craft carry, how much for a space craft and how much for the fuel, plus the gravity situation and hitting asteroids problem.

That plus the American Butterfly, the small business plan with investors ready to go and the original Galactica script and we are sure to get the Galactica Team, weather they wish to make another series is up to them, I just want a relatively well researched ship, costing and timing to reach Planet Sienna” (if you remember I changed the name of Gliese 581d,)

Ok back to the resort POP and QPS costing and Analysis.
I’ve been considering the POP, it needs to work

1. 25% Dividends
2. 25% University Staff & Expenses
3. 25% POP to next company
4. 25% Special Projects: Hospital, Solar Power, Municipality, VIRGIN Galactica

The latter 4 being spread over 4 POP Buckets

Remembering we are only looking at ¼ of $2B so each section receives $125 Million a year.

To get to POP 2, we will need to have created $1Billion in profit, then take on another $1Billion in new investors, suppliers have priority, then local business. We need to consider the POP going into the second phase (company) at 25% of a ¼ we are $2B x 25% = $500M x 25% = $125M

As such it should take 2 years to make enough to buy one $1B plot as all money goes towards POP until money for a plot is secured after this the company will take on $1B on investment and receive $125 Million a year from the founder company. However the second company will do the same to the next, as such there is no POP as there is no pressure just static.

As such when the founder company makes more than 25% profit that will flow, or be split in some way so as the second company is getting over $250 and this will continue on and on.

Exciting isn’t it! :)

I wonder how to split the excess profit? Let’s say the founder is making 50% a year, which being a founder company is in fact a very reasonable assumption after a few years. As such we have an extra $500 Million a year

I don’t see why we can’t use the same splits

1. 25% Dividends, no one will argue with that.
2. 25% University Staff & Expenses, as such paying for more staff and as such making the founder company more profitable
3. 25% POP to next company
4. 25% Special Projects: Hospital

Nope, I want solar panels and Municipal expenses, more infrastructures and some
money for my space ship.

1. 12.5 % ($62.5M) Dividends.
2. 12.5 % ($62.5M) University Staff & Expenses, as such paying for more staff and as such making the founder company more profitable
3. 12.5 % ($62.5M) POP to next company
4. 12.5 % ($62.5M) Special Projects: Hospital
5. 12.5 % ($62.5M) Solar Battery
6. 12.5 % ($62.5M) Municipality
7. 12.5 % ($62.5M) infrastructures
8. 12.5 % ($62.5M) Virgin Galactica

Yes, that looks good, it’s going to be exciting making the POP Graphic, and it always makes things clearer.

With the dividends we need to consider that dividends will be flowing from the second company, all be it half as many, plus investors will get Real Estate from the second company, again half the amount. This repeats and repeats, each time halving. Of course, this is the economic model, a much more cash/dividends rich model will be presented as the stand alone business plan.

With the stand alone business plan, we will look for the same splits for investors, 1/8th the technology companies, local business, and in general suppliers that agree to give us cost price goods,

Businessbook, has developed, now it will only accept investors good, or goods that are at least 20% cheaper than anyone else can buy, all can buy from businessbook,
all be it EEE companies will get a substantial discount, 75% of the discount given from “outside companies” the other 25% goes to the technology companies that built it, which will make monstrous profit for them, all be it they will have sub companies working within the EEE structure.

As such when we go to the tech companies we will ask for no investment, instead they will develop the software within their own organizations, its better that way. We will simply account their efforts as half the “University Budget” (this is the small plan)This can work for the larger EEE plan but they pay half and make the software, as such the University gets 3/4th’s of its budget, as such making the investments for the tech companies more affordable.

As you can see, with what I have just written, EEE is inevitable, getting one city resort made makes incredible business sense for any one, and with a $20M hey why not $50 Million PR budget promoting something everyone loves, it will be an election winner in the USA.

Game set and match, today will be remembered for ever as possibly the most significant day of development, it could be “The Spartan Theory Part 4) Global EEE, as the Spaceship plans will be based around the Global Budget, which with governmental contributions could be as much as $4 trillion a year.

Right of for Mums birthday meal, I bought and wrapped 21 presents from the one Pound shop, it’s amazing how cheap goods can be, it will be like that in the Cities, all be it designer section as well, where profit will be up to 1000%. I mean just how much does a Valentino dress actually cost to make?

I wonder how many solar panels we can buy for $62.5

3.07 am GMT – Sunday 12h February 2012


1.44 pm GMT – Sunday 12h February 2012

Hmmm, slight hangover, well worth it however as it was Mums birthday evening and she really had fun, I gave her all the presents at 12.00 and she was very happy, oh the joy of giving. :)

Ok so last night at the nice Italian restaurant in Ashtead, I discussed with Dad and Mum, the need for a broacher and offered to pay Dad $1,500 plus $300 for proof reading and I will make him some awesome websites.

So that’s what I’m going to do, a lovely looking broacher, will not only impress whoever I give it to, it will make the work far more solid, more checked and double checked.

The plan is to get the broacher to a few people, Mark Galliano probably as he has cash but more to the point he has retail experience owning “Tecnik Office”, Nattily and John makes sense, Nattily can help in an oversight capacity and John can verify all the infrastructure and building figures.

Maybe I’ll only send it to those two, it depends on the cash I suppose, what I want is about $30,000 or so, to get the graphics made spectacularly, hire an exceptional editor and some experts in the field. The idea being to create a spectacular broacher with content verified, then either go to a VC, or go directly to HKL (Battlestar Galactica), this is perfect for the story as without Battlestar Galactica I would have had little spirituality and “American Butterfly” would not have been born.

It also makes sense from a Virgin Galactic perspective, I’d hope HKL will be able to make a 10 minute pilot and help with the script of the new series “Galactica 2017”. It will also give time for some more fact checking and some additions. Once complete, we go to VIRGIN Galactic and Sir Richard and Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al-Nahyan, with their participation, Microsoft and facebook are 100%.

Let’s consider the timeline

Feb 12th Start considering broacher content (chapters) and writing missing content
March 1st Give Dad rough layout, and start working on Chapter content, 16 Chapters, one every two days, I will have to avoid going back and changing details as new ideas come along (as they surely will) As otherwise it will delay the process considerably.

April 1st Allow for week delay and a week of final checks then to the printer

April 14th 2 weeks for initial targets to get there head around it, during which time I can make the corrections and add the extra content.

May 1st: 4 weeks talking to consultants, getting the graphics made and re making the brochure, at the same time getting an editor for “American Butterfly” & “The Virtual Network” and start the script for Galactica 2017. Then off to the VC.

June 1st 6 Weeks talking to the VC or VC’s More expert opinions on the content and some additional works, i.e. a chapter is only 16 or so pages but is condensed from what could be a hundred pages, so some specific individual broachers need to be created.

July 14th Present to HKL Films, and then spend 6 weeks making the pilot and getting credibility for all aspects, and an individual booklet, website and DVD for most or all chapters.

September 1st Off to VIRGIN Galactic, this with the VC and HKL and the material in a highly professional format, should see an immediate response. The business structures and retail estimate and in fact most of the business can be added to and tightened up by VIRGIN, the land development plans and politics assesed by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al-Nahyan, both can assist with the economics.

October 1st Bill Gates Foundation and Microsoft, we will already have very detailed specifications and timelines for creating the software, and we will need but 2 weeks before we are off to facebook,

October 14th facebook

November 1st contingency

November 24th: (Sienna’s Birthday) President Obama and other political figures. Crap, that’s after the next US election :(

Also Greece is in big trouble, I need to speed things up and not be such a
perfectionist for the first draught. Maybe I can do it in word for now making the next
stage the tighter version.
Ok, yes speed is good in this instance, I can always send the first version to Fiona of
VIRGIN SA, we will see, the direction of approach has already changed so many
times; it’s a refining process at the end of the day.
I’m keen to start on the broachers; however I still have to finish the income streams
and POP for the resort, I’m going make a quick chapter breakdown, then get back
to the POP and start the next chapter, which will be about the broacher on
Valentine’s Day, called “The Purple Emperor” after my dad’s book.
Ok chapters, this is what we have on the website so far

“American Butterfly” (Beta Version: 1.01)

Notes 1
Notes 2
Notes 3
Notes 4
1 The Pressure of Profit Order out of Chaos
2 Sianna.Gov
Financial & CRM Software
3 Give Half Back Ecologically Protected Capitalism
4 Cities of Science Location, Location, Location
5 Sparta Rises Again Greek Economic Solution
6 S-World Virtual World & TV Operating System
7 S-World Entrepreneurs Sole Traders & SME's
8 Businessbook The Global Trade Network (GTN)
9 Investment Options The 16 Trillion Dollar Plan


10 Beautiful Butterfly Effect Predictive Quantum Software (PQS)
11 The Here and Now USA Economic Analysis
12 American Butterfly USA Economic Solution
13 C-Energy Ecology & Alternate Energy
14 The Story Public Relations, Media, Books & Films
15 The Backup Plan To Infinity and Beyond
16 Sienna Skye The Angel that Resides within "String Theory"

Hmm, maybe it’s not such a bad thing coming after the election, the public will be less distracted, and I’ll give it some thought.

OK so to the chapters, I’ll write down the essential topics and then put some order to it, I’m going to leave out the Sienna String theory chapter for the first draught

1. SiennaSoft – 2 pages on each of the 8 software components
2. The Resort
3. Give Half Back, POP & the PQS predictions. (Micro and Macro?)
4. S-World, Virtual world, TV Operating System, TV network, Une fashions,
5. Business examples: facebook travel, Realty and any others I can think of
6. Businessbook PQS predictions.
7. Sparta rises Again, Greek economic solution “New Sparta”
8. Investment
9. US Economic analysis
10. US economic Solution
11. Saving the world (medicine, clean energy, economy)
12. PR
13. Stand alone business plan
14. Introduction
15. The Spartan Theory
16. Workers and “the Spartans”

I’m bound to think of some more, let’s look at an order, it’s going to be best to show the stand alone plan first, get the audience hooked it the opportunity before going into the larger plan. Maybe I can combine The Spartan Theory with the introduction, or maybe I should leave it, maybe just an edited version within the introduction.

Ok so Introduction first, maybe the book should be in two sections, with 2 introductions, the first business specific, the second economic, there are no elements in the economic plan that cannot work in the business plan.

1. Introduction including a section on “The Spartan Theory” no details of the
Economic plan other than to say, that as this business plan is part of a larger
economic & humanitarian plan, the PR value is immense.

8 Pages

Hmm, where to go next, the software is incredibly important, and with only 2 pages
on each component, it is in a way an introduction all by its self

2. Software & Networks

a. Economic software that can predict the future
b. Financial software that removes human error from the accounting
c. Business software that calculates and pays tax in real time
d. Networking software hard wired in to every database on the planet
(Conscious software with a human brain equivalency of 107

e. Virtual software that brings the planet together
f. A monopoly on future computerized TV operating systems
g. Advanced CRM, business advisory, communications & psyche test
software systems
h. Resort & City automation software

There is an argument for going into POP and GHB next as it would run on nicely from the PQS, however I need to consider the audience, who will know little about software, and will get bored with more technical info, as such I think its straight into the development and Location, Location, Location.

However the profit streams from the resort need to be explained in terms of POP, maybe I should go quickly into the development add a bit off WOW then go into POP, however UNE Fashions is best explained before POP especially PQS POP.

I think best to go into the development highlight the location factors and details on the property sales and infrastructure, then show how businessbook will save money on costs and how the “Spartans” will further save + the long term savings.

I need to go for a walk and consider this……

5.46 pm GMT – Sunday 12h February 2012

Exhilarating walk,
Ok, we need to get it to the people at least 2 months before the election, no party will say, it’s not good as the people will support, we can print about 30 Million books and distribute them to all the people, one in 10 Americans.
And this is the clever bit; whoever looses the election becomes CEO of S-World, with me having a Vito.

As such I need to speed up, I think tomorrow I will write a summary and send it to Lee Charez with instruction to read carefully or let me know he has no time ASAP, from Lee we will go to a Silone Valley VC, make up the broacher, fact check all, then go either HKL to Virgin or straight to facebook.

If Charez is not interested I will look for London VC’s prime them with the new summary, ask for disclosure then send them American Butterfly V: 001 and this chapter, plus web links letting them know I need a week or so to finish first draught or second AM-V: 002, maybe I should set myself a target of one chapter a day, that’s tight, but it will make a frame work and if VC’s not interested I can use AM-V: 002 for the next.

This will also give me time to consider the POP/PQS results, things are always better when you have had a handful of days of subconscious consideration.

So that’s the latest plan, it will probably change, but not to mush I think.

I’m going to take a break this evening,

Year right, Idea, when I do the small plan, I will stick with the 60,000 odd catchment area, and explain, that in effect, we will strategically position ourselves close enough to other towns and cities to have a catchment area closer to 1, 00,000 or more, as such whatever figures for retail and tourism that are presented should if we are
working on a one of be far greater, actually I will do 2 spreadsheets one for 60,000 one for 1,000,000

Note: I need to add the tutorial game to the software

Note: I think it’s time to go to Mr. Farsi, I’ll write the first Chapter as planned tomorrow, as it’s the introduction; it kills two birds with one stone. I will give myself 2 days.

10.58 pm GMT – Sunday 12h February 2012

Yes Mr. Farsi and the Cornish Group it is, Greece is falling apart and a public release must happen before the next US election.

End of Chapter

10.29 Am GMT – Monday 13h February 2012

Nearly the end of the chapter, I’ll stick to the 14th for “The Purple Emperor” as I think it will be a decisive chapter and as such would benefit by being written on a significant date, further I need to finish the 2 plot resort profit figures.

I’m trying to find the labor costs for infrastructure, so I can work out the local population of the resorts, there is not a lot on the web, I’ll estimate 25%

(Interesting cost breakdown of a wind turbine 75% for the turbine, 12% for the grid connection, 8% civil works, 5% Miscellaneous. http://www.wind-energy-the-facts.org/en/part-i-technology/chapter-4-wind-farm-design/infrastructure/ )

Note for introduction letter
The biggest PR exercise for the resort development and software designs, is that it forms part of a Global economic solution, I am 110% sure of this, add a bunch of clever people and a feasible simple plan could be made and presented that will convince the man on the street, as such, even if a global solution is not created, as a standalone business plan it will be successful. The Pr value of trying to save the world is immense, especially when we add the health and green ambitions.

Ok, here is the spreadsheet for the initial development and workers salaries before tax

Ok, that’s good, it’s a shame the spreadsheet would not fit on the page and I had
to make two sets, I do however like the white space.
Now I need to add the University staff, then the residents to assess retail spending
and the like.

First the expensive development,

My population figures are very rough and of course include domestics, I also have to consider buy for investment purchasers, who do not live or rent.
We have 501 houses, however the Presidential Estate will have about 30 Villas on it and the Ambassadorial; residence about 10, The grand estates, I’ll amend the spreadsheet to include guest villas and maids houses

Total Quality houses 691, let’s say 91 are not lived in. 600 quality houses, we will consider each a family unit. However obviously these family units are about the average joint wage of $63,091, plus their families will be bigger, or they will have a lot of guests.

I’m not going to do a breakdown of income per house rather make a average, there is a debate going around the USA about what a Middle Class income is

(Interesting article on child benefits and collage loans from the US Gov:
http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/Fact_Sheet-Middle_Class_Task_Force.pdf )(CBO graph, showing shares on income 79 to 2007
Obama’s comments http://cnsnews.com/news/article/wh-contradicts-obama-s-middle-class-income-claim-hes-making-it )

Interesting http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Household_income_in_the_United_States

Hmm, it seems that high middle class incomes are only about $90,000; I can see this being right if the average is $60,000 (per household not individual)

If I remember correctly, one is assessed of a mortgage 4 times their annual salary; maybe I will use that stat.

That actually gives me a very simple way to create a baseline figure, the entire “Upper Class” development is selling for $1.3 Billion as such their earning would be $1.3/4 $325 Million. So 600 divide by $325 Million = 541,666.67. Hmm that’s a lot, especially if we factor in the extremely rich, will not apply the same spending patterns as the average family. For instance someone making $10,000,000 a year is not going to spend 6.3% of their income in fuel. Much of their money will be spent on investments instead.

I can use this principal for the cheaper development, but not for the luxury one, maybe I can say the average is double the US mean average, as such we will have 600 family units, making $63,091 x 2 a year, I’ll round it down to $120,000 per family, x 600 = $ 72,000,000 as such their restaurant spend would be 5,4% = $3,888,000, if we work on a factor of 2/3rd’s spent on local restaurants (in the resort) $2,566,000

Add the cheaper development, but hold back $115,000,000 in homes for the Spartans (long term work and education contracts) we have $885,000,000 use our baseline earnings to house value ratio of 25% and we have $221,000,000 Annual income, multiply this by the standard restaurant spend of $5.4% and we get 11,947,000 x 2/3 (in the resort) = $7,885,000 a very different figure to the expensive development.

I’ll try another way

1,565 houses, I’ll take or 565 houses for the Spartans, so 1000 above average family units making $110,000 a year = $110,000,000 Annual income, times by 5.4% = $5,940,0000 x 2/3 (in the resort) = $3,920,000 about half of the first figure, I think I will change the mortgage ration to 1:8 as many will not have 100% mortgages.Ok, so cheaper development family units make $110,000,000 a year, I’ll take of $10,000,000 to account for slightly different spending ratios to the US average

$100,000,000, I’m going to go out on a limb and say the luxury development does 50% more, as we can factor in, corporate entertainment and guests. So $250,000,000 a year, interesting figure as it is our earnings target

Let’s add the builder’s salaries $90,000,000 a year

1. Expensive development $150,000,000
2. Standard development $100,000,000
3. Builders salaries $90,000,000

Total: $340,000,000

Hang on, we have a problem, the developments are for 2 Billion, the building figures for one, as such the building salaries double but the target increases to $500,000,000 (this is profit not residents salaries)

1. Expensive development $150,000,000
2. Standard development $100,000,000
3. Builders salaries $180,000,000

Total: $430,000,000

Now we need to add the University folk, this, much like the builders will need to be done if 2 parts, initial development and “Give Half Back”

For this excursive I will change University cash to be spread over 4 years not 8.

Its simple enough $500,000,000 over 4 years take of $100,000,000 for expenses = $100,000,000 a year

1. Expensive development $150,000,000
2. Standard development $100,000,000
3. Builders salaries $180,000,000
4. University salaries $100,000,000

Total: $530,000,000

Paying Students, I’d say about 200 who will either have family money or work locally, all their money will most likely be spent in the resort, not on houses and possessions etc, as such if they have $15,000 its equivalent to $60,000 as such students are valuable to the local economy, maybe we should have more than 200, let’s see catchment area is 62,500, of which 5% will be of student age, leaving 3130 potential students, I think we can allow for 400 paying students. So total income, pro rata x75% or spending patterns is $60,000 x 400 = $24 Million.

1. Expensive development $150,000,000
2. Standard development $100,000,000
3. Builders salaries $180,000,000
4. University salaries $100,000,000
5. Students $24,000,000

Total: $554,000,000

Ok, so that’s the resort taken care of, all be it we are only looking at investment money not “Give Half Back” POP money.

As for people working in the shops and restaurants, most of them will be interns at the University.

Now we need to consider local trade and tourism trade.

Well the full catchment area is 62599 divide that by 2.5 and we have 25039 family units spending $1,242 Billion

Let’s look at the spreadsheet

We need to make an adjustment as some of those family units will have moved to
the resort, I’m going to make another spreadsheet.

I’m off for a walk..

5.58 Am GMT – Monday 13h February 2012

There was probably only one man in England today that went for a two hour walk in the three degree rain and enjoyed it :)

Ok, I think the Cornish group is good, and then to Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan the main hook being the slight possibility of getting to Gliese 581 within his lifetime and being the second to set foot on it.

I will use the approach, that I hope you see the tremendous potential and give me your full support, but if you are yet to be convinced, or incredibly busy, give me the resources to make the presentation to you, i.e. facts checked, additional input and beautiful broacher. It is to my advantage that I wish no shares if the project goes economic.

Note on businessbook, it will make the makers 25% of the discount above the usual trade price i.e. if a sofa costs $500 in the shops but sells to furniture shops for $250, if we can get the price down to $150, businessbook creators get 25% of the extra $100.

Further all EEE companies must buy through businessbook, however businessbook can buy at normal wholesale rates, Coke for instance, if they don’t come on board, which would involve building a new production facility and shipping to EEE customer from there, with the option for a Sienna Unite logo, that lets the public know the brand is helping the planet. If Coke don’t come on board, you can still buy Coke through businessbook, it will however have a 100% mark up on, so I guess it would cost an extra 15 cents or so. Not completely unreasonable, but as far as making money is concerned EEE and businessbook would actually be a lot better off if they did not become a member, clever idea if I do say so myself, maybe we can go 200%

I was playing with the idea the other day for cigarettes and Alcohol.

OK back to my spreadsheet.

15 km Catchment Area: $56,000,000

One thing I have not factored in is the extra cash flow within the community due to the initial investment, the new businesses and the creating of a few thousand jobs, that mainly for the poorest in the community, as such we could raise the average family unit income from $60,000 thousand or so to $85,000 or so, I will bare this in mind, but not immediately adjust the figures, it can be a buffer against those that say my figures are optimistic.

OK, so that was the first 15KM catchment area, let’s do the 15 to 25 km

15 to 40km Catchment area: $36,000,000

Right so we have $56,600,000 from the 15km catchment area plus $36,000,000 from the 15km to 40km area Total: $92,000,000 now let’s see the resort itself, first the standard development

Standard development 1656 family units: $19,000,000

15 km Catchment Area: $56,000,000
15 to 40km Catchment area: $36,000,000
Standard development 1656 family units: $19,000,000

Sub Total: $111,000,000

Now let’s make an assumption and suggest that the Luxury development spends
50% more than the standard. So $28,500,000

Luxury Development $28,500,000

15 km Catchment Area: $56,000,000
15 to 40km Catchment area: $36,000,000
Standard development 1656 family units: $19,000,000

Sub Total: $139,500,000

Hmmm, it’s a lot of money, and I still have to add the students, laborers and other
college dorm residents $20,000,000 or so, but target is $500,000,000

I just want to try something.

Building adds about $70,000,000 per plot, so $140,000,000, now we are at

15 km Catchment Area: $56,000,000
15 to 40km Catchment area: $36,000,000
Standard development 1656 family units: $19,000,000
College residents & Spartans (Laborers): $20,000,000 (best guess)
Tourists, Business Travel & Conferencing: $20,000,000 (best guess)
Building profits: $140,000,000

Sub Total: 291,000,000

We have to add the businessbook and financial software profits, exports, manufacturing, the increase in solar panels, but I had earmarked this for the next phase.

This will add another $100,000,000 or so, but we are still shy of $500,000,000 by about $110,000,000

We’re going to have to hold some land back and sell $150,000,000 of houses each year.

Of course I have not accounted for the general upturn in the economy or the increase of cash into the local community, or any big business profits, which will of course add, but I need experts on big business to work on that, I am without the relevant experience.

We also have to consider, the expenses of businesses, what businesses spend their money on, if a business wants a designer to make a new broacher or logo. That money will flow and add to the communal profit.

This is getting to the point where I need the QPS (Predictive Quantum Software) or I need to take a walk, but it’s dark. Grrrrr.

Another idea is to use the initial 3 years profit to further invest in infrastructure, WOW items, solar panels & industry. If the building makes just under $500 Billion, all the other elements will make roughly the same.

I was going to use that $1Billion to start another POP company/plot with a further $1,000,000 in outside investment; however the POP (Pressure of Profit) will only work if the first 2 plots ($2B) company has over $500,000,000 profit running through it each

An extra $1,000,000 would sure help, factories solar batteries, more wonderful gimmick attractions, plus a budget for building and selling houses, we would already have the land, so I’m sure 100% markup could be made, let’s look at houses at $300,000,000, budget for 800 a year and there’s an extra $240,000,000 of which $120,000,000 would be profit, cost $120,000,000

This process could repeat and repeat, slowing down as more profit is made from other sources, a backup, if you will, as it’s not the optimum strategy, as the land will run out at some point and it devalues future phases. All be it does bring more residents and it does keep the building profit centers going as well as creating jobs.

It’s time to relook at the infrastructures budgets and see what we can do with an extra Billion, bearing in mind; we are holding back certain developments for the next phase.

Brain ache, going to have a brake

Note: I have completely forgot about incorporated local businesses, (businesses in trouble that we help out but their profits combine with the resorts) also it would make sense to invest $150,000 million or so, in shops, restaurants even shopping malls, in and around the catchment area, particularly in the 30KM away spots, each town will have our shops and restaurants.

11.52 pm GMT – Monday 13h February 2012

Staggering, I’ve had 3 beers and I’ll not be ashamed, much like the walks, alcohol does on occasion create great inspiration, I have 6 minutes till the 14th and the next chapter so I will be brief.

The next chapter will be specifically written for “The Cornish Group” as such I will explain previously written aspects like, Predictive Quantum Software” (PQS), Businessbook, (BB) Ecologically Protected Capitalism,(EPC), Pressure Of Profit (POP) and the like,

I need the PQS, there is just too much information for me to process timeously, as things stand me and excel are the PQS, and as of now the PQS states that the USA economy is best served with an $8 Trillion investment, not a $16 Trillion! Go figure!

Thank you, Goodnight.

3.01 pm GMT – Tuesday 14h February 2012

Just got back from walk, note on businessbook: The first company to be founded is currently looking at 50% profit made from the founder company and 50% new investments. What we can do in the local community is find the troubled companies, assist then with both orders and business advise, as much profit as they make by the time the next company is founded it’s their shares and of course property.

Ok now I’m definitely doing the next chapter