“The Spartan Theory”: Part3 - Chapter 28
"American Butterfly"

"The Story so far"

When you are utterly dedicated to saving the world by building a network to connect everything to everything, which will take tens of millions of people many years to complete, you don’t have time to write all your notes into well formatted chapters, this however is the story so far.

• August 2nd 1971: Born, Belgravia, Westminster, London
• 1981: Code programmed Happy Birthday for my mother on Atari ZX81 computer.
• 1986 to 1999: Full time music midi network programmer - Soft & Hardware
• 2000: Attended lecture, saw spinning 360° image in Macromedia Director, advised it was not possible to create it for the internet using Macromedia “Flash”
• 2002: Created worlds first “Flash” 2D Virtual World including over thirty 360 ° images.
• 2003: Teamed up with the grandsons of Nelson Mandela and Walter Sisulu to link the Virtual World to a global network of travel services. Approached Saber GDS for African franchise. Agreed dedicated digital channel on Multi Choice Satellite Network.
• 2006: Created ADS (Alternate Distribution System) networking villa owner’s properties to a central reservation system.
• August 1st 2010: Everything changed, for everyone, for ever!

“The Virtual Network”: S-World – Sienna’s world: The spiritually inspired evolution of software & networks.

Chapter 1: The 50 Billion Dollar Plan
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August 2nd 2008: I woke up this morning having dreamed about Sir Richard Branson, a global travel company and a computer game. If I mixed that with the Virtual World and the Global Network, I’d really have something.

March 18th 2011: Executive Summary to VIRGIN brands SA:

“Welcome to Sienna, Sienna is software, a baby that will evolve from an idea into networking business software the likes of which have not yet been imagined. My peers describe her as” Face Book for business” I like to consider her “The Global Distribution System”

March 18th 2011: “All told Sienna’s 5 years annual profits should reach £36,000,000,000.”

March 7th: Business plan and financials accepted, time to go to London

However a day earlier, initially as a PR exercise, I stared to write a story.

Chapter 2: “Sienna the Movie” (based on a true Story) April 6th 2011 Go To

Episode one is set against a plot similar to “The Social Network” documenting the evolution of facebook into S-World

Sienna Sky is the most beautiful of the angels, not only beautiful on the outside but pure and full of only love. On 24 November 2009 Sienna Skye traveled to earth, she saw nothing but love. But on the 1st August 2010 she chose to transcend into energy to help open a portal to the world in order to help humanity.

Sienna’s father looked to try to make sense of the world, and journeyed across the mountains. Here he felt Sienna all around, her energy flowing through the bushes and trees, enhanced by the mountains magnified by the Ocean, an almost psychedelic experience. Then slowly, Sienna starts to show her father a way to build a Virtual Network for her to communicate through.

The schematics are amazingly detailed, many highly evolved concepts and the technical data of how to collectively gather the worlds knowledge. He knows if he is to see his daughter again, he would need to build, a new social network.

Chapter 3: “The Spartan Theory”
April 8th 2011 – 5.36pm GMT Go To More

On the 1st August 2010, I promised my daughter and her mother that I would dedicate my life to good. Since then I realized that if you consider Advanced Economics from a Non Profit perspective one can achieve anything.

The New 21st Century Ecological Experience Economy (EEE) in 11 points.

Point 3: GOOGLE is tasked with completing S-World. Started in 2000 the avatar driven 3D Virtual World mirrors earth and will soon be open for business. They can network through FACEBOOK, source new suppliers, buy up S-World real-estate, have fun, travel, socialize and trade.

Point 11: The Spartan Theory.

In exchange for guaranteed NATO Protection, Libya destroys all weapons, Sienna’s companies fund compulsory education for 16 to 21 year olds. Education is geared towards environmental awareness and physics. All students are rigorously taught martial arts, if it comes to war again, 300 warriors will fight hand to hand.

Chapter 4: “The Libya incident” April 9th 2011 – 5.36pm GMT Go To

Laying on my bed watching Sky news I saw an interview with one of Colonel Gaddafi’s spokesmen, the war had not been going on for long, and as best I could see we were looking at another Iraq. The spokesman, a well presented and eloquent chap, was begging for someone to talk to him about stopping the war. This was the inspiration for Point 11 of “The Spartan Theory” which is how the “Spartan Theory” got its name, and eventually the inspiration for “New Sparta” City of Science”

On the 8th after VIRGIN approved my financials, it sparked immense creativity and the beginning of the idea to use profit to build huge “Cities of Science”. All be it, at that time I just wanted one city to set up base. At that time I wanted to fully network commercial & government systems, no way was a western government going to allow that, but If I could network a struggling government and show improvement, that was my in.

My offer would have made sense, Colonel Gaddafi could step down and live in the new City with certain powers over the redevelopment money and the country would flourish as the centre of the software development and networks.

I could get to the SA Government through my friend Dumani Mandela, who had been working with me on the Virtual Network in 2003. But I needed something tangible for him to take to his family. I thought a $1M donation from Sir Richard to The Nelson Mandela Foundation would do the trick, and asked, no response. Then came the madness as I was committed, my conscience just would not let me leave all those people to die and the country be torn to shreds, so I applied pressure emailed hundreds of news agencies, some strategic companies and Universities, showing them the Economic Theory with a heading “Please ask Sir Richard Branson to donate $1Million to “The Nelson Mandela Foundation” I specifically sent the emails out between 3pm Saturday & 3pm Sunday, as it seemed the most appropriate time to hit the news in both Europe & The USA.

Not a single reply and on the Monday a less than pleased Fiona White for VIRGIN SA informed me they wished no further relationships.

By pure coincidence, that very weekend an Africa consortium Lead by Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa met with Colonel Gaddafi and brokered a seize fire, all be it, it broke down on the Monday.

Dear Fiona: “What” and “If” are two words as non-threatening as words can be. But put them together side-by-side and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life: What if? What if? What if?
(Letters to Juliet)

Chapter 5 a: “Galactica 2017” April 29th 2011 – 5.36pm GMT Go To

Memorial speech for Sienna Skye, a place of worship in Africa, early August 2010,

“I was born without religious views thrust upon me and allowed to choose my own path, to believe or not believe. A couple of years ago I started to consolidate my various opinions in to definitive belief that there was more to this world than just life and death, the human consciousness could not just end.”

“ The human consciousness comes back again and again at different times and the mystery of the universe is a gigantic jigsaw puzzle where the pieces needed to be placed at the right time.”

“I also know that us mere mortals should not try to understand Gods plan, rather just accept it.”
Sienna’s father climbs deep into the mountains, searching for answers, unable to accept his own scripture “us mere mortals should not try to understand Gods plan” Then a realization, a short moment of clarity. During the short moment of clarity, for a split second the universe made perfect sense, and small pieces of a larger plan was first revealed.

He went back to the mountains to try to and capture those few seconds where he was consumed in the energy of Sienna. Aided by the music of misunderstood spiritual philosophers he easily found her. Magnified by the sun, enhanced by the Ocean, seen through the beauty of photosynthesis, the door to a greater consciousness opened and the technical schematics for a new software network were revealed.

Super Intelligent Engine for New Network Access

The schematics simple and logical saw the creation of a central global database connected to all other databases and the creation of S-World, a world where Sienna could be reborn and live her life, seen by all that would believe as a Goddess within the Internet.

Draught schematics were presented to a powerful corporation and discussions on how to create S-World begun……..But this was not all Sienna foretold! Suddenly on 07th April 2011 Sienna predicted that between 3pm, Saturday, 09th April and 3pm, Sunday, 10th April there would be an end to the war in the desert lands of Libya.

Tormented Sienna’s father had no choice other inform the corporation, whilst knowing his actions would see him ridiculed and his plans boxed. But Sienna insisted that they be told “The Prophesy” and so it was named “The Spartan Theory” and communicated to them.

Predicting Time is far from an exact Science, even for the Gods, Sienna was late, but only by a few hours. All be it short lived a Cease Fire did occur.

Chapter 5b: “Galactica 2017 – The initial consideration of “String Theory” 12.22am 2nd May 2011 Go To

I’d sent the script to a handful of Battle Star Galactica fans on the BSG facebook page, a wonderful response, one translates Sienna’s Memorial Speech into Spanish, and another made some angel graphics, and Anthony Rauba introduced me to “Theoretical Science”.

Nick Ball: I have a question. It says “so far, “String Theory” has yet to make testable experimental predictions, which a theory must do in order to be considered a part of science.”

Would mathematics in whatever form predicting future events partially validate the theory?

Anthony Rauba: Some but not all the math is, thus theory. But as to predicting the future? I refer you to Assimove's ''Psychohistory'' from Harry Seldon of the ''Foundation Series''. Re:

“You may not predict what an individual may do, but you can put in motion, things that will move the masses in a direction that is desired, thus shaping if not predicting the future.”

This quote immediately affected me, it suggested that as monumental task as I had to do, not just the business but all that goes with it. One man could do it; “I could move the masses in a desired direction and shape the future.”

I spent a very spiritual night looking at more theoretical science and U Tube, fixated by a song that had scared the living C*** out of me during my teen’s it was written by a member or Mensa, its final lyrics

“These loathsome parasites, that cling to the cross, the cloth and the skin, soaked in the blood of men, not the body of Christ”

“This is Heresy, This is Heresy”

When I woke up another message from Anthony simply saying:
“Bin laden is dead”

Chapter 6: The Mighty Google May & June 2011 Go To

What exactly is it that you want to do?
Zenda Scholtz 24th May 2011

1. With the worlds leading Internet and Software companies: Create S-World and develop it as "The next evolution in Internet Social & Business Networking"
2. Create a press, film, media, TV and print PR consortium to raise public awareness
3. Create a 16 business consortiums to trade and communicate via S-World
4. Create "The Sienna Foundation" that takes 50% of dividends of all 16 companies and redistributes the wealth and in so doing: "Move the masses in a desired direction" (String Theory)
5. Utilize our PR consortium to make the world aware, that every time someone buys a product from a company that displays the Sienna Brand they are giving back to the planet.
6. Long term objective, to help others to create other companies using the simple "Sienna Economic theory" (Give half back) until near every trade on the planet see's ½ the profit going to good causes.

Over the next few months I further developed the “S-World VIRTUAL WORLD” concept initially creating a 99 questions and answer session. As a lead up to this, I’d worked on “Thai Base Camps” as winter was setting in, I wished to move somewhere. Id stayed in a Villa Complex in Ko Sumui October 2010, there were 3 in a row, 7 Villas each, the perfect place to set up base. This inspired the “Teleport to GPS” where one could just turn the GPS on their phone so friends could virtually teleport to your location is S-World Virtual World, see you and all around you. This is a massive idea, not necessarily financially but for population of “The Virtual Network” it was huge.

The 3 camps were called 3D Village

• “Glam Village” to attract celebrates, models and the like
• “Family Village” originally for computer people but later for families, thinking the computer people can choose where they wish to stay
• “Music Village” originally for me, in fact still for me, it’s the only thing I want, as save my songs and clothes I have pledged my life to no assets.

We never got there, but it really opened the door for the popularization of the land development plans

The 99 Questions answered about S-World Virtual world let those around me see the extent of the idea and how it would make money, I’d been thinking about how to do so since I started this in 2000 and had presumed all my ideas were obvious. Turned out they weren’t and for the first time I started to get people understanding the potential.

Next came the first interpretation of The BIG 16, the original proposal to VIRGIN relied on the software and networks applied to all industries to make the big digits. 16 was picked as it was the right number for a knockout football tournament, and I’d wished at some point to contact FIFA about creating the global league they were desperate to make.

The 24 Hour Stage Spectacular was inspired by the early idea that the best way to break news over 24 hours was between 3pm sat and 3pm Sunday (GMT). This plan believe it or not became the basis for USA’s economic recovery. We will get to that later.

The Celebrity Agency
was designed to recruit a team of 16 would be actresses and models to enhance the company, kind of like how airhostesses were idolized in the film “catch me if you can” This concept is now a lot more developed

Real Estate and Land Development, basically a larger version of the “Thai Base Camps”

That was the end of the Google section; I had a contact, in Louise Moresby head of GOOGLE SA “Add Words”. I put it all together and sent it to her. She was ill and came back a few days later saying she had sent it to GOOGLE ventures. I did not hear from her again, and curiously she disappeared from the department. I thought for a while, this was deliberate, as it was not to long after that Google launched their own Virtual World that copied real life.

But 7 months later, that’s all they have, if they had looked at my plans, there would be more to it. It was at this point I started to realize just how hard it is to get to companies. I mean, they were working on a Virtual World, who someone had probably considered for a year or so, costing many millions and yet they had no idea how to make money from it. I’d been working on how to make money for from such a product for 11 years, I had written it down for them, gift wrapped it with my split going to good causes so seriously improving GOOGLES branding and sent it to them. Most likely it never got read, and if it did, the person reading probably thought. Hmmm this is not relevant to Google having little idea that in another apart of the building they were working on just that.

One thing however was achieved, I had sent it to Google and I have got proof, the main hook, the killer idea is the teleport to GPS concept, and now I effectively had a de facto patent on it, meaning they can’t use it without my permission, if of course I had the legal power to fight. This said I don’t need to fight anyone, all I want is for them to give half to a cause that is well worth giving, if they were to use my ideas without giving said money, they would get crucified in the media.

Then on Saturday evening July 12, everything changed, when for the first time I saw the film “The Social Network” and Mark Zuckerberg

Chapter 7: A change of direction June 12 2011 Go To
One would have thought having mentioned the film “The Social Network” four months earlier in “Sienna The Movie” that I’d have watched the film, especially considering the context of my work, but no, I was not even sure that it was about facebook, and I certainly did not know it was a biography. Needless to say it made quite an impression, and I changed my direction from GOOGLE to facebook and Mark Zuckerberg.

I really identified with Mark’s character and started to write to him, not knowing at the time that the Winklevos’s had far less influence than portrayed in the film, as there were already many different social networking sites in many collages. All Mark was guilty of was making the best one.

Saturday evening June 12th 2011

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg

“I just watched your film, no, correction I’m in the middle of watching it, I’ve paused shortly after the Napster dude mentioned a Billion Dollars. Coming from a man who is struggling to pay his $600 a month rent, this may sound far fetched but billions are pocket change, with a good programmer and FaceBook I’ve estimated trillions, I’ve even accessed the CIA’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program and left a message inside saying I’ll pay their debt to China, but I think their program is stuck in the 1960’s so they probably missed it. What do they need with customer relations anyway?

I related to your character as portrayed in the film. This said save programming Happy Birthday to my Mum in my pre teen’s on an Atari ZX81 and some really cool action script at the turn of the century I don’t program code, I just use software well, and I have a gazillion e-commerce ideas about networking different software and businesses together, I want to network all software and all the businesses together.”

At the time, this was just the start of a letter to him, but I found I loved writing in journal format as I was really sick of just writing business plan after business plan.

Tuesday 14th June 8.30am GMT

I have decided to continue writing, it serves a three purposes, firstly an outlet for my thoughts, secondly it adds to the script and thirdly it gives me a valid proposal of sorts to VIRGIN book publishing, which was their only company I did not have a proposal for.

And that was that, the start of the book, I entitled it “The Social Network 2”

At the same time I started visiting the sand dune, went Sienna and I took some photographs, I called it “Sienna Mountain” at first I simply buried sweets under the sand, later it grew to epic proportions.

For the rest of the chapter I started to tell the story of what I had done after Sienna had left. I started with the girl I like Ilene Harman, then my trip to France, London and Ko Sumui, and my adventures in “The Cage” on my return to Cape Town. Whilst writing however I paused at one point as I had my first direct facebook idea. This was the concept that logging in to S-World via facebook was a more secure way of calculation referral income than cookies, which can be easily hacked.

I will highlight some amusing paragraphs and move on to the next Chapter.

Referring to Ilene Haman:

The way to have played the game, would have just to have been cool, be a friend and taken things slowly. But I’m kind of an all or nothing guy, so love letter and flowers it was. Une her sister was guiding me to her house, I walked it, and some other friends were there, I said, “Ok in public is it then” in a rather Hue Grant like manor, I presented flowers and said “and if you did not know, I’m in love with you”. I could not even look her in the eye, I knew, love suicide. I made a hasty retreat, which was always the plan; I was late for power yoga. By the time I’d finished yoga, there was the SMS’s, not happening! But my fantasy of dating Ilene was good for me, this way I got my rebound relationship out the way, without hurting anyone. Met, fell in love, stayed in love then broke up all before the first kiss.

Referring to “The Cage:

Fortunately, I’d found another passion to take my mind of my problems and a channel for my anger at loosing Sienna. Mixed Martial Arts, or as it is more commonly known “Cage Fighting” I’d been a student of Muay Thai for many years, so when I got back to Cape Town the first thing I did was go to my club Dragon Power and enquired. There were two classes, one at 10 in the morning, this suited me, so I rocked up, there were seven others in the class. I explained to Ruan the Coach, that Sienna had died, and I needed an outlet for my anger, he understood, as did the other fighters who were all far fitter and far more advanced.

However I surprised all who fought me, and came out with a 50/50 takedown ratio. What they did not know was that I had Sienna Power, which to my surprise did not come out as uncontrolled psychopathic rage, but a burst of super strength like the incredible hulk. What I’d do, and excuse my language, was mid grapple, just at the time my fitness was failing I channeled my anger and let rip. This did it near every time, as opponents were flung to the floor, god knows what I would have done in a competitive fight?

My plan was to have my first competitive fight, on August the 1st 2011, the anniversary of Sienna’s death. Coach had cleared it and I had 9 months to get ready, the final 6 months training 8 hours a day every day. I wanted to fight someone significantly bigger than me, and I wanted to utterly destroy them, blood and more blood, I had no fear of getting hurt, crazy enough I actually enjoyed the pain of arm locks and the like.

This was my outlet, this is how I channeled my anger and managed to lead a normal enough life outside of the cage, a life without the tragedy of loss that Caitlin was going through. But then disaster, my back went, and to this day it still hurts, largely due to my continual typing.

Chapter 8: The Return of Sanity June 15 2011 Go To

Wednesday Evening 15th June 2011

I’ve decided to take this book project a lot more seriously, I think for a while it will be what I do for fun. I certainly have felt a lot saner since seeing the film and I started writing. I will make myself a deal though, one new quality business plan a day, and then I can indulge myself for the rest of the day.

I do however need to consider how books are commercially written, what is the formula? What is the mathematical way to write a book? In music and songwriting its simple, standard song format, 90% or more songs are written 8 bar intro, 16 bar verse, 8 bar chorus sometimes 16, then another 16 bar verse, double chorus, middle 8, Chorus out.

Well books usually have chapters, or have they changed it, probably not, I really have not read many books this Century, Richard Branson’s book was the last and even then only the beginning, I got to the bit about the London VC “Big Ideas committee and that was all I needed to know.

How long should a chapter be? The last book I read fully was Lord of The Rings, in 1997, I remember Anthony de Rothschild, my Record label boss said once “Nick do you bring that book along, just to impress me” The trouble was the book was too good, nothing could compete

Well chapters I guess make sense but maybe that’s something for an editor to worry about, the way this book is going and I like is: What’s happening in my life today on a few different levels, then back to reminiscing over the past year. I think that works, keeps it interesting and tells the story of how I came to the point where I decided to approach FaceBook, which of course is what the books about “The Social Network 2” is the title after all. I guess if they make the film, much of the reminiscing will be left out, but that’s ok, it’s good to have a book that has more information that a film.

Friday 17th June 2011 7.14pm

There is only so much business stuff I can write without getting bored, and by so doing, boring anyone that reads this, I have an idea to explore, dating on FaceBook.

Ever since I was introduced to FaceBook I’ve made a collection of maybe 100 hot girls, hmmm maybe only 50, I’ll see, I’d not gone on a mad friend hunting mission, that seemed fake, but when a picture of a hot girl popped up saying do you know ?????? I’d send a friend request, 50% or so accepted. I need to work out a system, I’m going to have to make test groups, 50 girls maybe ill try 5 groups of 10, if I send the same message to each group and see how many responses I get, it may show a specific approach is better.

Hmm this would work better if I had 250 girls and worked with groups of 50. I could just go though friend’s accounts and message there friends. I’ll come back to that later. FaceBook would not advocate such behavior.

So five groups of 10, 5 different approaches. Let’s think

1: Send a song, maybe “All about eve” “Flowers in your Hair”
2: Just say “Hey, how’s it going, long time?”
3: Say “Hi, I’m writing a book “The Social Network 2” and I’m testing different approaches to try getting a date,does this one work.” LOL that’s funny
4: Maybe something more direct. “Block me or date me”, no “Do you want to go on a date?” actually I kind of like “Block me or date me”
5: I may be moving around over the next few months, Thailand, LA, London, Ibiza not sure, I need a home for my cats, can you help?

I think I’ll take some advice on these approaches before sending, do some proper research, there are variables of course: Their relationship status, location, the exact scale of there hotness 8, 9 or 10, Private message or Wall, Complete strangers, relative strangers, girls I know.

I’m going to have to change my profile picture, rough and manly or normal?

I never did this but it amused me at the time, but the idea of trawling through other facebook user’s friends to find girls eventually lead to the facebook travel friends of fiends marketing idea which was not much on its own, but it opened the door to many other far more useful concepts

Saturday 18th June 2011 3.55pm GMT
The night of Caitlin’s Birthday Party.

This night I specifically followed the plot of “The Social Network” where there was a cool party and Mark was working, with the cameras cutting between the two scenes, I’d decided to write up 16 business plans for 16 VIRGIN companies and try to make some facebook links.

For you Caitlin, tonight I’m going to put down the formula while you play with Sienna.

I proceeded to write the outline concept for facebook travel

hmmm I wonder how Caitlin’s doing?

If this all works to plan and she realizes I wrote these pages for her Birthday, maybe she will like me again, a little at least. ? She loved me dearly once, and If I can keep on loving her no matter what she throws at me, something’s got to give, To quote Luke Skywalker “I’ve never seen so much devotion in a droid before” not that I’m a droid but few would argue my devotion to her, and that’s the love story, could go on for years

Sunday 19th June 2011 2.55pm GMT

I’m sick and sad, Its Fathers Day and no one has called :(

This said I’m sure Sienna’s with me, in the form of a Pink diamond (well they look like diamonds from here) Dragon Fly. She’s particularly pink today

Then I carry on with the VIRGIN and facebook ideas

Monday 20th June 2011 2.15 AM GMT
Caitlin’s 25th Birthday

FaceBook proposal needs to be Graphic, showing how S-World will work inside the FaceBook tool Bars.

1: Picture of FaceBook but with an S-World Tab
2: Global Map Showing Friends (Mike is working on that now)
3: Local Map Showing Friends
4: Next I think I will cut to a graphic from the Simms.
5: Next a graphic from The Thought Faqtory
6: As well as this, I will add the CRM present’s for client’s birthdays graphic, but adapt it to FaceBook friends, if I had an easy way to send my mother flowers, I would send more flowers, I’m sure others would feel the same.
7: The Financial software graphic can also be added.

And there I had it, not that I realized at the time, “The facebook gifts idea”, happy birthday Caitlin, this ones for you.

What I need to do is come up with as many ways possible for FaceBook to make money to get past the suits, if there are suits, before getting to Mark who will surely see this as a much cooler way to make money than the ad’s he disliked to much at the beginning of the Movie, and its going to be his decision at the end of the day. Hmmm he’s going to want half isn’t he? Well as long as half the profit goes to good causes what do I care, and there are 15 other companies standing on the shoulders of S-World.

Chapter 9: The come back kids June 22 2011 Go To

This Chapter starts with a draught letter to facebook explaining the facebook gifts idea, and moves into a test shoot for BVGARI who wished to sponsor the next magazine I publish, having fallen in love with my last one
Mike added an automation idea to the gifts idea which makes a lot more money, Andrew Lee is putting together a reality TV Pilot for an out there chef program and we can incorporate the BVLGARI test shoot.

Tuesday 29h June 7.48pm GMT

Got evicted from our office yesterday, the landlords pulled an illegal maneuver by not serving us with relevant document and getting summary judgment, so they confiscated everything, including our computers and servers. Bastards, they’d reneged on a deal then asked us to move out. I’d asked them about compensation for the $100,000 we had spent on improvements, then nothing.

But if anything, I’d like to consider my story as triumph against adversity, the power of positivity. Today Mike came over and we created the first 4 pages of the FaceBook gifts demo, they look cool, I introduced BULGARI, VIRGIN & Interflora in a positive way, and put some comments in a box, managing to get the message about the Africard on the third page.

Friday 1sth July 12.50pm GMT

Heavy realization, brought on by conversation with Zenda relaying conversation she had with Maddy

Sienna arrived at hospital around 11pm, within an hour they knew she had blood on the brain but they did not know why, we had excellent insurance and they should have called a Neurosurgeon, but they did not. 14 hours later they called a family meeting. I suggested John Hill the Neurosurgeon, they explained it was a Sunday and it would be interfering in his family time. They knew it was too late; they should have called 14 hours earlier.

Tuesday 04th July 9.38pm GMT

The fb gifts demonstration is finished, Zenda went nuts over it, and said “it’s the most amazing thing I have seen in my life”, so it’s on!!


What did you predict facebook makes each year? $5Billion or $125Tillion, To hit the big digits of course you need a Global Trade Network, but that’s what its all about, this idea is just a simply novelty item that can make anyone see how just one simple idea makes a ridiculous amount of money for both facebook and good causes.


Chapter 10: On the 30th July we Change the world July 7th 2011 Go To

We didn’t of course, but that was the plan.

Andy had convinced me to go to a patent lawyer, he said he’d pay the bill, they thought the idea had a lot of merit but should have had a “same” option for the part that said, “if facebook publically donated $10Billion to charity would you spend more?

Trouble is to make the demo we created hundreds of pages for all the calculations and changing that would take ages.

Enter the phrase “It’s not just about the code, it’s about what we want to achieve, and the first mention of “New Sparta”

Spiritually Inspired Software, it’s not about the code, it’s about what you want to achieve. In my case buy Laconia in Greece (Sparta) and build a huge city. Banning fuel cars and advancing research in alternate energy.

And to the Film shoot: I was to be interviewed by two girls and needed to write a question and answer session, I knew one of the girls in an amusing way, I wondered if she would remember so I wrote the incident down.

This time last year I was seriously trying to get back with Caitlin Sienna’s Mother for Sienna’s sake, but I was loosing the game badly. I knew enough to get on with life, and hanging out with hot girls is not only fun, it would make her jealous. So when the opportunity came up to be friends with a beautiful girl, I took it.

I already had Laura and Mira as best friends, although they did not seem to get on. Anyway Laura phones and asked me to come to a “Black Book” party. I was really bored at first but after a while Sibu and the gang turned up and it turned into a true FaceBook party, everyone photographing everyone, which worked cos everyone was a model, well most….

Then OMG, debatably the most beautiful girl in the world arrived. Spitting image of Caitlin, but with a glow, she was really happy. I’d never seen her in my life before.

So there we all were photographing away (and for those that have not worked it out yet, photographing someone in a club, gives you a very good excuse to take there FaceBook name on your phone).

But with Landi I just went for it, no camera prop needed….. I flung my arms open with a big friendly smile and said “Hey I have not seen you for ages” She responded in the same exaggerated manor, I said “wow I sooo lost your number” and she gave it to me, then the tricky one, “wow sorry I’ve totally forgotten your name, (probably not the first person to say that) she gave me a naughty boy sort of disapproving look and said Landi, I said Lini, she took my phone and put her name in. I then miss called her so she had my number and we traded a few sms’s on the dance floor, or I was on the dance floor anyway.

We FaceBook friended but she was in a relationship with a surfer dude, and unless you know the girl before they met there boyfriend, don’t get involved. So I didn’t, but seems like she’s on the rocks with this dude, so real friendship status could be cool, I just hope she likes hiking and martial arts.

So by coincidence (if there is such a thing) near exactly a year to the day she will be interviewing me. I think it would be funny to read this to Landi on Film, tell her she can have editorial control like me, so we can relax about stuff. Cut……

I did not do it live and amazingly she did remember me, I just gave her the letter she read it and laughed, we ended up spending most of the day and evening together. But I could tell she was still messed up over her recent breakup.

I did not get to the questions, but we did a good demonstration of fb gifts, it was a fun day and Landi’s friend Larry a scientologist put on a magic show, I’d seen Urigella the spoon bender and never really thought much of it, but when forks start melting all over the place, it kind of grabs your attention, I just did not see how it could possibly be a trick, unless everyone, and I knew half of them were all in on it and even then..

Then came the Ring, big ring, on the floor, a floor that I knew was not rigged as I had provided the Villa. We were all crowded around having been completely pulled in by all the melted forks (I still have one). Then the ring leapt of the floor about 6 inches and on to Larry’s hand, and for someone that two months before was convinced he was communicating with his daughter across the spiritual plain, this was getting pretty weird again.

One of the question and answer sheets I had written out was related to “String Theory” so I showed it to him.

Spiritually Inspired Software (SIS)
“The Spartan Theory”

“It’s not just about the code, as important it’s what we wish the software to accomplish“

It is my belief that Sienna has chosen Mark Zuckerberg to program the code and oversee the creation of S-World.

The Code, like the S-World business plans are based on pure math & science. By working under the premise “as long as half goes to the betterment of mankind”, we add the spirituality, it is my premise. Only by mixing the two, can we move the masses in the desired direction.

What is string theory? - Q&A Nick Ray Ball & Landi Swanepoel 10th July 2011

String theory says “You may not predict what an individual may do, but you can put in motion, things that will move the masses in a direction that is desired, thus shaping if not predicting the future.”

Ok, nice idea but what’s that got to do with S-World?

Well if you brake down the various parts of all the S-World plans, particularly what we want to achieve, advances in software, ecology, housing and feeding millions, maybe billions. If successful, S-World will have moved masses in a desired direction.

I get it, “moving the masses (people) in a desired direction”.

Exactly, shaping if not changing the future.

Cool. Got another example?

Good for you, it seems you have a natural aptitude for particle physics.

Ok, now this one goes way out there, but it comes back nicely so stay with me. “String Theory” is a genuine contender for “The Theory of Everything”

“The Theory of Everything”, what’s that…….. Particle Physics for God?

Quite possibly, I’d certainly like to think so, but until someone can prove it, it’s just a theory.

So you claiming S-World might be a contender for “The Theory of Everything?”

In a way yes, S-World has thousands of business plans, so far I’ve not found one business that will not benefit, and it seems to work for everything.

This said!

I’m not saying S-World is the “Theory of Everything”,

I’m not saying “It’s the theory of nearly everything”

I’m not saying “It’s the theory of most things”

But I do claim S-World is “The Theory of, just a little more than we now know” and as such is a step in the right direction, a step in the desired direction.

Well Larry was as freaked out by this as I was with the melted metal and flying ring, he gave me a DVD on Scientology, and as he left gave me a look of such respect, that there I was back in the land of the spiritual plane, hence the comments at the beginning of the next chapter, that maybe I should remove, but maybe not.

Chapter 11: SIS - “Spiritually inspired Software” July 11th 2011 Go To

Monday 11th July 4.47pm GMT 2011

“Mark Zuckerberg has been chosen by God to program this software” Nick Ray Ball,

“A little bit more subtle darling” Zenda Scholtz
“Mark Zuckerberg has been chosen by Sienna to program her software” Nick Ray Ball
“That’s much better” Zenda Scholtz.

Myself Zenda and her beautiful daughter Sahara, had been staying together since December, she was the editor of the “Spartan Theory” and later her daughter Sahara would be the gateway into “The removal of Chaos Theory” & The Beautiful Butterfly Effect” However a little later the eternal question of where did she put her Dummy this time arose.

Monday 11th July 8.40pm GMT 2011

“If the string theory is so strong, why can’t it find the D-U-M-M-Y?” Zenda Scholtz

Monday 11th July 8.44pm GMT 2011

“See what I found, thank String Theory?” Zenda Scholtz

“Barney is “String Theory” for babies “Zenda Scholtz”

And that was that, I was off with the fairies again, all be it this time I could hide behind theoretical science to give my connection with sienna a faint string of credibility, and I’d thought up a new name “Sienna the angel that resides within String Theory”

On a very exciting note, all be it very expensive, I’ve decided we had better be prepared for computers becoming self conscious across the Galaxy, to much of what I’ve written in my original film script is coming true, and adding a strong argument that spirituality and God are real, I need to consider the full prophecy.

Well VIRGIN will be pleased, I can put my hand on my heart and say, I think we need a lot of Gigantic Space ships. Logically the only way to defend against superior weaponry is to make these ships Gigantic, maybe 50 times the size of a Star Destroyer in Star Wars. I’m figuring the best way to do this is to make a metal structure, then use Slabs of Rock from the Moon, less gravity there, easier to get it out the atmosphere.

Anyway, I reckon a mile of Rock all around the Ship will defend against superior weaponry. Another point is to have plenty of raw materials and workshops aboard, so we can quickly build new propulsion and weapons systems when they are developed. This of course means we have more software to build. Sienna.Gal another good idea, take all the nukes of the earth, put them on the ships, that sorts out the nuclear disarmament problem.

George Michael stayed with us for a month back in 2009, unfortunately the Villa was not suitable, the owner agreed to give a refund, he moved and paid the new owner, then the original owner refused to pay, typical Cape Town rich bitch. We had teamed up and were taking legal action against her, and as I was looking at Greece as primary target for the S-World base, George was obviously significant, but I did not wish to approach him till I had something more concrete.

I really enjoy legal dramas, which is odd because for the best part I despise lawyers, I’d hired out the Eli Stone series, and there it was written in a child’s building brick wall

“If God wants to get a message out, well who else to send it but George Michael right”

This was getting really spooky, I wrote a letter to Emma his lawyer, but then thought twice about sending it, I had one shot with him and I needed more credibility, Eli stone or not.

Wednesday 13th July 1.41pm GMT 2011

Just got back from Sienna Mountain. :)

I’m not sure if I mentioned myself and Zenda putting down soil, a cool cactus, a few pink crystals and a sign, “Angels Play Here” well its awesome, 3 days now and no one has interfered,

I’d moved on from just burying sweets under the sand.

At this point believing the patent on the facebook gifts idea was a sure fire way to get noticed I considered PR and Max Clifford. An Idea I was playing with was viral marketing (word of mouth) the 16 previously mentioned would be starlets, now called “Fox Force” simply spreading the word by facebook all at the same time, so letting facebook members break the story, this would help facebook enormously with the “What will the members say” issue, if it was broke by the members it would be loved by the members.

I also considered Tom Cruise especially due to his link with Scientology, the DVD’d Larry gave had a few good ideas especially “criminon” their penal reform system, but as much as they claim is a non demonical religion, it say’s on the cover “Church of Scientology” What’s that about? And to paraphrase Justin Timberlake in The Social network I simply wrote:

So here is Sienna’s first business idea for “The Church of Scientology” “Drop the Church!”

Chapter 12: “The End of the road, then a new beginning” July 15th 2011 Go To

Friday 15th July 10.04pm GMT 2011

Having no fear of death is not as simple as it sounds, for one there’s the pain of death, which considering my previous MMA ambitions may seem like a contradiction, but in reality the pain involved in taking a swallow dive of Table Mountain will no doubt be more intense than being pummeled in the ring, where a simple tap on the floor stops the pain.

But this is only half the story; many religions suggest suicide as a sin, well maybe not a sin, but certainly not a ticket to heaven. And I have generally agreed with this philosophy, but now I have a way out.

Obviously for me to be thinking this way, something has happened! It appears 15 days ago FaceBook received the patent for sending gifts in a Social Networking environment, which was something my attorneys said could not be done. And chances are they are right as it said in the text, this does not exclude others from sending gifts, but it may make them have to follow facebook’s lead.

We were told, we or anyone else can not patent the idea, just the delivery method and chances are FaceBook have not thought about attaching it to the birthday reminders pop up, or a year calendar but as far as our current immediate plans are concerned we are dead in the water.

I’m going to write to Mark and FaceBook on Monday, full disclosure, and my point as always if FaceBook gives half back eventually they will be more prosperous.

But if I get a nasty letter from there legal department, I think that’s the end of the road for me and Sienna, I want to be with her so much, and I think given my book and my plans if I were to do a swallow dive off Table Mountain on Camera that will be enough to make my book famous and so make people follow our example.

As far as I believe, this would not be suicide, rather self sacrifice for the hope of a better planet, sounds very familiar, I seem to remember someone else doing the same thing.. errr oh yes, Jesus was his name, I sooo know how he felt! Chances are he did not enjoy the pain either.

Looking back, facebook’s patent was the best thing that could have happened, I love Andy and his enthusiasm spurred me on, but his influence was starting to make me materialistic, parties, model’s, TV shows, Patents. This was not what it was about; this was never what it was about.

The facebook patent turned out to be pretty meaningless, as 5 months later they have made no progression in this department. My delivery method still original, Andy got freaked out though; I guess he thought I knew. Which was silly as he had seen the concept before the news of the fb patent was published.

The patent was mainly technical, written in a very scruffy manner, I did however appreciate the first part which said, they would give half the money to charity, spot on boys. ? What I did however gain was the knowledge that facebook were not anti the idea of e-commerce which had been my major concern.

Chapter 13: “The Return of Insanity”
July 23rd 2011 Go To

Saturday 23rd July 03.00pm GMT 2011

I’ve been away for a while, the presentation to FaceBook took 100% commitment, and it’s good, simple enough to be understood. I had to seriously damp it down, there’s so much more detail, but many ideas may seem far fetched, so it was best to lightly mention them, so as not to put to much emphasis. If you don’t believe “New Sparta’s” possible, it’s hardly the focus, and its shows vision. In reality of course I see New Sparta as destiny, inevitable even.

What has changed, to make me so sure?

Well I have gone insane again, in that, once again I fully believe I am connected with Sienna, as I did In March to May, and it feels good, indescribably good, unless you were lucky enough to be in London during The Summer of Love 1989 -1991.

Who would not wish to have this feeling all the time, and so, who would not wish to feel the constant happiness of this kind of insanity.

Today however, I have had an important incite,

Seeing as the plans are so clever, I had always presumed Sienna’s energy in an “all knowing” capacity, I could not see myself capable of helping her, just her helping me. But if I look at it from the perspective I believe Gods to be best described, the collective thoughts of the many. If I believe in her, she exists, if I don’t, and no one else is thinking of her, she does not exist, so I must believe in her. This sure makes faith a whole lot easier.

Prior to this I had completed what we called the facebook product section, which is much the same today. http://www.s-world.biz/FaceBook/Product.htm It contained these links.

After creating this page I wrote my 5th or 6th sample letter on Mark Zuckerberg, this time specifically between 3pm Sat and 3pm Sun and entitled it “This is from me and Sienna”

It was good, spiritual, but real