“The Spartan Theory”: Part3 - Chapter 27
"American Butterfly"

The Agent.
(All About Eve)

4.08 pm Monday December 29th 2011

I have just completed the email and attachment for Eve White Literary Agency, I started 10 days ago, and whilst grueling it was an exercise well worth doing, I will copy in the introduction and synopsis, the we will go back 10 day’s to the beginning.

The synopsis is a particularly good read as it highlights the story thus far.

“The Spartan Theory” Book 1
"The Virtual Network"

“The Virtual Network”: S-World – Sienna’s world: The spiritually inspired evolution of software & networks.

Dear Eve White Literary Agency.

Link to all chapters (source material +/- one million words): Link to main website: www.s-world.biz

Currently Eve White is the only agency approached; the reasons for this will soon be available on line in Chapter 42, or via return of email. I am unlikely to approach another agent before the 9th of January, all be it, I can not promise.

You will soon ask the question, if this is real, how come it is in my hands? The coincidences of life aside, it’s only just become close to completion, confidentiality is desired, the route from agent to publisher to Kevin Spacey (producer of “The Social Network”) seems the most secure way to get to Mark Zuckerberg (facebook founder). As an agent with a book about the next evolution of social networking, it is of course in your interest to assist in this task as it will make the book more popular.

The book itself tells a tale so utterly incomprehensible, that its very incomprehensibility creates a hook. All you really need to concern yourself with is: Is it a good book? if it is, the incomprehensible becoming reality will only make a good book better, if not, at the very least it is a very well researched and interesting read of what has happened and what could be.

Have quick look at what we call “the facebook gifts idea” it’s only a hundredth of the project, it will however grab your attention. What did you get 10, 20 Billion dollars, more?

This is just part of the story; the main networking project “businessbook” looks to create a global trade network and advisory service, tens of millions of staff creating order in world trade, returning a commission that is spent on stabilizing the global economy.

Where to next? Well the plan often adapts, for now our first prize is getting to Kevin Spacey’s “Trigger Street Productions” A potential screenplay aside, Kevin will be extremely interested in the theoretical science: “The beautiful butterfly effect” which in many ways is similar to the concept highlighted in his film “Pay it Forward”.

VIRGIN books are another good route as this will bring Sir Richard Branson in to the fellowship and he in turn with VIRGIN can assist with the business and economics.

Getting to Mark Zuckerberg is the objective, via which ever method presents itself, it may be as simple as a publisher making a call. Trying to get directly to facebook, without someone of influence it is extremely hard as with only 600 staff and tens of thousands of emails a day, facebook read few if any, hence a go between is desired.

The story is a lot of fun with many “WOW” moments, concepts and hooks. I never lie, all
can be fact checked, and I’ll take a polygraph on anything and everything.

With Respect
Kind Regards

Nick Raymond Ball
CEO S-World

5 Elm Grove

Cell: 0755 357 9272
Tel: 01372 724844
facebook/Nick Ray Ball


“The Spartan Theory” Book 1
"The Virtual Network"
General Information

“The Virtual Network”: S-World – Sienna’s world: The spiritually inspired evolution of software & networks.

(The links will take you to pages on the www.s-world.biz website that have more information, you may have to enable the use of links on word, or you could simply copy and paste this document onto an email and send it to yourself. Where you see numbers like this, 2, 3 it indicates more links are available)

Category: Non fictional work, with conclusions yet to be achieved, however when published, pressure and awareness will be applied leading to tangible results one way or the other.

Date of estimated completion: I sincerely hope completion will be before the end of January. The first book finishes when Mark Zuckerberg either agrees or disagrees to work on the project. The chances of him disagreeing are infinitesimally small, this said either way there is a story that needs to be told, the very fact that it is being considered for publishing will open many doors, one way or another “The Virtual Network” will come to be. Once the first book is finished, the next book begins. I desire “The Virtual Network” which will be a trilogy. First the journey to the first company to assist, followed by the process to the first company or individual to use it, lastly the journey to its wide use by the public.

“The Virtual Network lays the foundations for many, maybe hundreds of books on “The Spartan Theory” theoretical science, and global economics.

Full word count: Source material +/- 1,000,000 words, I’ll take advise from the experts (yourselves and the publisher) we can go anywhere between 350 and 600 pages. My current preference would be the shorter route, as when the trilogy is complete it will not be to long, this said we can always edit. I have started an edit which features many personal notes about my journey, with amusing little anecdotes surrounding the three interlinking plot lines: the development of “The Virtual Network”, the journey into Theoretical Science and Global economics. The idea to make the book an amusing read, not just a lesson in science and economics. Separate books will be written concentrating on those aspects, most likely collaborations with experts in the field. |

How much of the book is available: As of this day (28/12/11) 41 Chapters of source material are available on line, with four more in the pipeline. The edit that I wish to be “The Virtual Network” is coming together in a short form, snippets and essential plot lines, five or six chapters condensed into one. I’m at Chapter 13 of source material and will continue to be as frugal as possible, as when we get to the more recent chapters more material will need to be included.

The first 13 condensed chapters are entitled “In retrospect” Chapter 43, which are available as the first chapter I present after the synopsis.

Further topics suggested by Rebecca Swift (Writers and Authors Handbook)

Carefully research market, list competitors in the field: There is only one significant book on the evolution of social networking: The Accidental Billionaires, from which the film “The Social Network” was based.

Explaining why the book is different: It incorporates vast ecological projects, global economic solutions and attempts to scientifically proving the human consciousness does not end after the earthly journey.

Why I am qualified to write the book? : My networking and virtual experience will stand up against any criticism, before facebook was created in 2003 I was on my way to create a global trade network, having created the world first web based 2D Virtual world in 2001. However at that time technology was not sufficiently advanced to complete the project.

The bigger story is my instinctive knowledge of theoretical science, in particular “Chaos Theory” and “The Butterfly Effect” The summation chapter “The Big Digits – The Mathematical Science of Chaos Theory” is included as the second chapter presented.

This chapter seeks to prove “Chaos Theory” as a science; “A theory can only be proved as science if one creates tangible results” It’s a fun chapter, to be condensed into a serious scientific paper.

Note, “Chaos Theory” is by many considered one of the three theories that will define our future, the others being “String Theory” and “Quantum Theory” My work combines all three as a potential evolution towards “The Theory of Everything”. Many will see this paper/chapter as either a step in the right direction or genuine proof of the theory, if so, the creation of “The Virtual Network” and facebook will pale into significance in its presence.

I’m sure you have heard a phrase similar to “A flap of the a butterflies wings is Mexico, can cause a hurricane in Africa” my work looks to reverse this effect, for example “The Flap of a butterflies wings in Mexico can cause rain in the African deserts”. I call this “The beautiful butterfly effect” I have applied it to economics with astounding results.

List of Marketing Opportunities: There are marketing opportunities, all of which will increase incrementally when we get the project to Mark Zuckerberg.

Hooks (in no particular order): Triumph against adversity, Spirituality, Global economic recovery, “The Babylon Project” Middle East peace initiative, “African Rain” project, changing The weather, Free medicines, many aspects of theoretical science explained , proving good/Karma, S-World the next evolution of social networking, “Fox Force”, “New Sparta” “Cities of Science” “businessbook” (World trade network) facebook travel, various PR initiatives, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, David and Vicki Beckham, Mark Zuckerberg, Sir Richard Branson, President Obama, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Star Wars, Lord of The Rings, FIFA, Euro zone, USA Debt Crisis, Greece as an economic powerhouse…..

“The Spartan Theory” Book 1
"The Virtual Network"

1. Synopsis: “Chapter Breakdown” Pages 6 to 11

2. Chapter 43: “In retrospect” Pages 12 to 43 – Double line spaced

A retrospective look at the first 13 chapters, up to the point of the first significant breakthrough: “The facebook gifts idea”. Half the text describes the technical plot; half highlights some amusing extracts from my journal.

I am here to be advised; however this may well be the optimum way to tell the story in an entertaining way. We can condense these chapters into two, or double their content to make four. The later chapters will take up more space. I intend continuing this chapter so as to create a complete “The story so far” book in January.

3. Chapter 41: “The Big Digits – The Mathematical Science of Chaos Theory” Pages - Pages 44 to 127 – Double line spaced

A breakthrough chapter, condensing all the work created on “theoretical science”, to be further condensed for “The Virtual Network”.
This chapter also becomes the framework for a book in itself, all be it I wish to collaborate with various other scientists and mathematicians, John Nash, garret Lisi, Brian Cox, Lee Charez & others.
The chapter follows my journey through Theoretical science:“String Theory” to “The Theory of Everything” to create conclusions in “Chaos Theory” to which, I am stating a claim that “Chaos Theory” be considered a mathematical science as by following its mathematical example of how to reduce chaos, astounding economic results were created. (A theory must create tangible results to be considered a science)

4. Chapter 38: “Cities of Science” - Pages 128 to 191 Double line spaced

An overview of the “New Sparta Science City” project, Euro zone economic recovery initiates, business plans, virtual, social and business networks, public relations, environmental and peace initiatives, prepared for the UK government.

Having decided that the UK government was not suitable, this chapter creates the framework for the all important Chapter 34: “American Butterfly” that is the rough workings of the USA debt crisis solution, which will come into effect if Mark Zuckerberg and others jump on board. Considering the likelihood of Mark Zuckerberg not wishing to participate is infinitesimal, chapter 34 is likely to be the most important economic paper ever written. As such who ever is the first to assist this work in its journey to facebook, will be remembered in history.

This said I hope you understand the importance of “getting on with it” as such, I have not had time to thoroughly examine the chapters for grammar and mistakes. I ask that you judge the work on its message, wow, content, interest, story, amusement and entertainment.

Thank you
I hope you enjoy the work; a prompt response will be appreciated.
Nick Ray Ball
Dedicated to “Sienna Skye”

“The Spartan Theory” Book 1
"The Virtual Network"

“The Virtual Network”: S-World – Sienna’s world: The spiritually inspired evolution of software & networks.

Chapters 1 to 4:
The story start’s in the sleepy village of Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa February 2011 with a business plan sent to VIRGIN BRANDS illustrating the sum total of eleven year’s of experience geared to creating the network of all network’s.

The first line of the executive summery:

“Welcome to Sienna, Sienna is software, a baby that will evolve from an idea into networking business software the likes of which have not yet been imagined. My peers describe her as” Face Book for business” I like to consider her “The Global Distribution System” More Details:

The presentation included a CRM graphic which later became “The facebook gifts idea” which in turn became the inspiration for “businessbook” (The Global Trade Network) (GTN) The business plan and financials showed a $150M 5 year return, (2) in travel and a $50B return if adapted to other industries. During a frustrating three weeks, a number of significant events happened which changed a solid business plan into an economic theory of immense magnitude.

1. A chance meeting with a software development company gave us access to a $200M Virtual World Software for the discount price of $10M (bust VC project)
2. I decided to give all the money I would make (presumably 50%) to good causes, originally under the name “The Sienna Foundation” later dubbed “Give Half Back
3. I wrote a science fiction story about my daughter’s consciousness returning to me, originally called “The Sienna project” renamed “Sienna the Movie” (S-World = Sienna’s World)
4. Virgin accepted my proposal and financials
5. I wrote the first draught of “The Spartan Theory”, (2)
6. I considered “The Spartan Theory” had a chance to stop a war, and acted on it.
7. VIRGIN thought I was nuts and ended the relationship, a potential $50 Billion deal gone south. (can be fact checked)
8. I was not concerned, it was evident by this point a technology company would initially make a more appropriate partner. Little did I realize the immense difficulty associated with contacting technology companies.
9. I started to adapt the software and networking ideas to a Virtual World, adding the economic factors contained within “The Spartan Theory” for an approach to Google.
10. I believed the theory was too good for me to have thought up alone, so with the absence of any other explanation; my conclusion was that I was in some way connected to my daughter “Sienna Sky”.
There will be arguments however that I caught a glimpse, of a very small dimensionally similar world, where its size dictates it would be less chaotic. This is “String Theory”

Throughout the book, I do not mention why Sienna left us, it was originally mentioned in the first chapter of “The Social Network 2” (now Chapter 7) which was started on the 12th June. After reading this chapter my mother was unset so I left it out, choosing instead to let the first paragraph of “Sienna the Movie”, tell the story.

“Sienna Sky is the most beautiful of the angels, not only beautiful on the outside but pure and full of only love. On 24 November 2009 Sienna Skye traveled to earth, she saw nothing but love but she thought the world was too harsh. On the 1st August 2010 she chose to transcend into energy to help open a portal to the world in order to help humanity.”

5a & 5b: During the journey on the 1st May Anthony Rauba, liked an adaptation for “Sienna The Movie” for Battle Star Galactica. He Introduced me to “Sting Theory” all be it in a philosophical way, its message:

“Re: You may not predict what an individual may do, but you can put in motion, things that will move the masses in a direction that is desired, thus shaping if not predicting the future”.

This implied that it was possible for one man, to shape the future of humanity, which kept me going at a relentless pace.

6: A little later a presentation was sent to GOOGLE, highlighting S-World virtual world and the beginning of the frame work for New Sparta, City of Science a colossal land development in Laconia Greece. They did not respond.

7 to 21: I would have followed up if not for seeing the film “The Social Network”. I found affinity with Mark Zuckerberg as like myself he was not materialistic, and was impressed with his 1600 score (100%) on his SAT’s. At this point I started to write a journal about my current and recent past experiences, this journal also diarizes the progression of business ideas and plans.

The journal continues today and will most likely continue for ever, this very synopsis is part of chapter 42 “The Agent”, which will change its title to “All about Eve” if Eve White Literary Agency wish to collaborate.

The book develops as the business plan does, and see’s the creation of the facebook gifts idea, facebook travel and some in general business development. During this period I looked into “Chaos Theory” & “The Butterfly Effect”, all be it at the time I had little idea of its future significance.

Eventually it was time to approach facebook, after emails were not answered I though my best chance of getting their attention was to simply apply for a job, and an application for Director of Business Development was sent.

22. With the application sent, it was time to move on to the next phase of the project, “New Sparta City of Science”. Where over a million people will network, improve and advise Greek businesses. This is the foundation for what we now call “businessbook” “The Global Trade Network” (GTN), its significance to Greek economy and Euro zone is immense,

Then on the 16th December chapter 23 was created, featuring the economics of “Chaos Theory” and “The Butterfly Effect” demonstrating how one business affects another, so creating results far greater than the sum of their parts, I continued to develop the “The Beautiful Butterfly Effect” and looked at the objectives it is said “Chaos Theory” can achieve, whilst intermixing business and economic development plans. 24, looked at how to change the weather, considers China as an Investor, and starts to prepare for a land value assessment from Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan. 25 adapted Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity” E=MC2 to E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/ -16 = 16 PPG. Chapter 26 introduces “The Chaotic Earth Game” an intriguing consideration of the energy of the universe or if you prefer God, which if nothing else creates an excellent plot line for science fiction movies.

Chapter 28 was a significant breakthrough, originally called “EEE – The Economy for the next 14 Billion years”. It highlights POP “Pressure of profit” which in turn show’s how to create company growth at greatly increased speed.

The next three chapters 29, 30, 31, all roll into one as it describes my feelings for Sienna’s mother, whilst creating a small business plan to help save her job. They start looking at the PR, an essential part of the process. I describe the reasons for writing Sienna The Movie.

32, The small business plan for Sienna’s mother, turns into an excellent example of a stand alone business plan (as opposed to an economic plan) that negates the need for facebook or any technology company. Further it also highlights workers being paid in dividends not company turnover.

33, True Romance 2, with the business and economic plans near complete, PR is concentrated on. This chapter highlights the beginning of a plotline for a Quentin Tarantino script, the most out there hook adapting the original save Libya initiative to the Taliban in the aim of getting a seize fire. My pursuit of Sienna mother (Caitlin, who I have not seen since Sienna’s passing), was hurting. I decided to take my mind of this my considering an old friend who had just returned from LA, Lisa Marie, hence the title “True Romance 2”

34, November the 24th: Sienna’s birthday, for this occasion we dedicated the homepage to Mark Zuckerberg.

35a, With PR now the focus, and further distractions from Sienna’s mother required the sister website http://www.s-world.tv/Home.htm highlights “Fox Force ” 16 gorgeous women, some famous, some not who are desired to assist, and a novel idea to have people send ideas to improve S-World is created. David Beckham is highlighted as a potential candidate to be in the Movie if it is made.35b specifically concentrates on Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, David and Vicki Beckham and the roles they are desired to play. Whilst working on an additional plotline for a future book and film for Battle Star Galactica . The controversial “Babylon Project” was envisioned. Chaos Theory in population is considered.

36, Back in the UK, its time to get things moving, an appointment with Chris Grayling MP, during the wait for the appointment I prepared for Russell Brand as an adaptation of “The Jeffery” was a part of the early “Spartan Theory”, then in 37. The begging of a letter to Kevin Spacey was curtailed as the only way to send him work was via PDF

38. Time to get serious and prepare to meet with the government minister, and a stroke of luck in the book on “Steve Jobs” CEO Apple, described “Zen Instinctive Thinking” as key to his success, this allowed me to use the E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/ -16 = 16 PPG equation with a degree of credibility. His book further described the creation of Silicon Valley was at first a practice extension of Stanford University, so giving me president for “New Sparta” “City of Science” as a practical university.

This work is presented as the third sample chapter

39. I met with the minister he agreed to read through the chapter and I specifically asked him to try to find one single fault, and asked to speak to someone knowledgeable in the government about economics and business. Knowing he would not bother to read it I prepared for his inevitable communication of negativity and so the first negative chapter was written, it starts:

“Bumbling Education Minister, Chris Grayling MP examines 3000 page Great Britain & Euro Zone recovery plan, considered “The Holy Grail of Economics” finds it faultless, calls it “intriguing”, and then dismisses it out of hand!”

40. Not to be deterred I prepare a communication for about 80 government ministers and some simple question to each of 16 departments, to highlight how every part of government and Britain will benefit. I start to prepare a “Parliamentary Summary”, to create it, however I needed to write an overview of the work on theoretical science.
41. This chapter becomes “The Big Digits – The Mathematical science of Chaos Theory” this chapter is a book in itself, which may prove “Chaos Theory” as a science as few would argue it highlights tangible results.

This Chapter is the second chapter presented, it has been written in a fun way so as to appeal and be understood by the general public.

I decide the UK government are not worthy of assistance, and start mentally preparing for the USA, which makes a lot of sense as most of the companies I wish involved are from the USA.

42. Having received the Writers & Artists handbook, I concentrate on preparing for a Book Agent, with the hope to get to VIRGIN books and Kevin Spacey. The chapter goes off in a tangent when I watched a documentary on facebook that illustrates Mark Zuckerberg still has no interest in money. This was all I needed, of all the ideas and plans for facebook, our mutual lack of materialism will the biggest reason he will wish to work on S-World, I start to plan a chapter on “businessbook” and an analysis of the USA debt crisis.

43. A retrospective look at the book “The Virtual Network” flying through chapters, taking the most entertaining and important snippets. Currently at Chapter 13

44. USA debt crisis solution (To be completed)

45. Businessbook: the final presentation to facebook. (To be completed)

New Sparta “City of Science”
Laconia, Greece

And so we go back in time.

3.46 pm Monday December 19th 2011

Its time to take a break from the “Mathematical Science of Chaos Theory” chapter, its going well and I’m pleased, but it needs a lot of revising and a little more research. It was originally created so I could add two or three paragraphs to the “Parliamentary Summary”, now at 50 pages it is a detailed summary of my journey through theoretical science. Which becomes useful as it not only illustrates the simple mathematical conclusion, count in doubles 1 , 2 , 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, etc thus avoiding infinity, and subsequent results gained by applying this to business & economics. It also demonstrates the other objectives partially attained, such as: Changing the weather & population control, further linking the butterfly effect to “Quantum Theory” was a nice touch.

It’s been written in my usual amusing sometimes fanciful way, a few pages on my global defense grid and Battlestar. This I hope will help to keep the interest of literary agents & publishers who after a cover letter and a synopsis, usually ask for 3 sample chapters. However and as the first 38 chapters are written largely as reference to be used for the film’s, they do not demonstrate my writing style and as such the chapters I write now will have to serve as a demonstration, all be it about half the agents wish for the first three chapters.

I’m extremely glad I bought the “Writers & Artists Yearbook” It gives short but to the point example of what agents like and the format one should use to address them. This chapter will be the development of the cover letter and synopsis. It is said by Rebecca Swift co founder of “The Literary Consultancy” that I should write two synopses’ (A brief description of the content) The initial pinch, (much like an executive summary) between one and two pages, with a one or two line header, then a description of the book with an argument why a publisher should publish the book and why I’m qualified to write the book, I guess that would be my “B” O’ level in physics before I went to art school LOL, bet they don’t like the LOL, LOL.

She further suggests an overview of other work in the field and an argument why my book fills the gap, hmmm, well, no one else has made the next evolution of Social Networking, a solution for the global economy and come close to proving Karma, so we’re on a winner there. Further she suggests a brief summery between 30 & 70 words describing each chapter, marketing advice (you bet ya) & the hook’s, she must have had the same conversation with Nick Hawkes (signed “The Prodigy”) that I did.

Rebecca continues and suggests a word count as It needs to be over a certain length, which reminds me of the conversation I had with the telephone operator from Sky News back in March when I first discovered the economic formula. The lady was obviously in a bad mood, I said “I’ve discovered a new economic formula and I’d like to speak to someone from James Randal’s team or another economist” She replied, “tell me what it’s about” I relayed “Its an economic formula and I really need to speak to someone who knows about economics” her response “No need to be rude sir, explain it” I relayed that to fully explain it would take some time as it would be as long as “Lord of the Rings” a bit more banter, she raised her voice, and I guess I did too, “There is no need to shout” I apologized saying “Sorry dude, err I mean dudes” “There is no need to be rude” “I’m not I’m from Cape Town, that how we speak here” her reply, “your not making any sense, you are talking about economics and Lord of the Rings” I said “No I just said if I were to write it fully it would be as long as Lord of The Rings”. She did not understand, and the conversation ended.

Eleven months later and its now twice the length of “Lord of The Rings”, there is no way I can fit all this on two pages if we include the +/-50 word description of the chapter’s, 41 chapters x 50 words = 2,050 words, so far we are at 781 words and were at just over a page so +/- 2.8 pages.

I’m going to have to have the chapter breakdown on a separate page.

The second pinch, is to be sent after the agent has shown interest, more information on the subject covered in the initial pitch, a longer chapter break down between 100 and 150 words plus an introduction and first chapter both summing up to between 5,000 and 10,000 words. This puts me in a position I may or may not be comfortable with as whist the current first chapter is just a link to the VIRGIN proposal, myself reading Sienna’s memorial speech in the Church had since the beginning been how I’d wished to start the film, it is the start of the story.

I’ll come back to this later, many other agencies ask for three chapters and one person’s opinion is often different from another. This said, I like the rest of Rebecca’s suggestions, and I’m excited to go through all the chapters and write the short description, all be it will take a few days, and I had been thinking of approaching the 64 or so Governments on Christmas day to improve the story.

It makes sense to write the longer chapter breakdown first, and then edit that down, so 100 words is about six lines and a 150 words nine lines. There are obviously no hard and fast rules, and I’d wished to include the first three paragraphs of “Sienna The Movie” which would be about 350 word’s. I’m sure when the agent sees most chapters in the correct format and one out of sink they will not mind. It’s an advantage of course having everything on line as in the chapter breakdown I can use the links.

Ok and so to it, what do I do first, the chapter breakdown or the cover letter, or the general info? The cover letter may be better served if I have been through all the chapters; however, if I use this chapter as an ironic sample chapter, hitting the details may be more of an instant hook. I’m going to write a sample of the details, then the chapter breakdown, then revise the cover letter, then the shorter chapter breakdown, then the final details page.

OK, where on earth do I start, what did Rebecca say, a 2 line introduction, great from 3000 pages, covering my search for Sienna, the creation of the next generation of social networking, plot lines for a Science Fiction movie based on what I actually wish to achieve, New Sparta, Global economic recovery and a lot of theoretical science, this is not going to be easy.

Well the book is called “The Virtual Network” originally called “The social Network 2” so lets consider the genre and market, I’ll look up “The accidental Billionaire” and see what is said about it. Ok Mighty GOOGLE, lets see how you are feeling today?

Wikipedia: The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal (hmm it does not mention the genre, which apparently I need to present)

Amazon: The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal (Ahha, they say it’s biographical)

NOTE: The accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich, published by HarperCollins J, 10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022: Agent ... M SUSAN ANN PROTTER LITERARY AGENT. 1 10 W. 40th St., Suite 1408, New York NY

Ok so to my summary.
“The Virtual Network”: The next evolution of facebook?
“The Virtual Network”: One man’s journey to save the world.
“The Virtual Network”: One mans journey to find his daughter & save the world.
“The Virtual Network”: One mans spiritually inspired journey to create the global trade network & save the world.”

“The Virtual Network”: S-World – Sienna’s world, the spiritually inspired evolution of software & networks.

Ok five, I’m not 100% on any of them but I’m sure I’ll work it out in my dreams, what’s next?

“A description of the book with an argument why a publisher should publish the book and why I’m qualified to write the book”

Ok a description of the book, I guess one page.

The Spartan Theory: Book 1
“The Virtual Network”

“The Virtual Network”: S-World – Sienna’s world: The spiritually inspired evolution of software & networks.

The Virtual Network was originally entitled “The Social Network 2”, It was and is still designed to be a follow up book & or movie to “The Social Network” and as you follow the story, you will discover that it quite possibly will be. Fortunately I have the whole book, accompanying business plans and proposals on line at www.s-world.biz. The most relevant facebook section is found here. It would be well worth playing “The facebook gifts game” described by the first person who saw it as “The most amazing thing I have ever seen”.

Is this a business plan or a synopsis, well it is both, both are intrinsically linked, as a stand alone book if properly written up and edited, considering my story, my journey and the conclusions that illustrate a possible new world of peace and prosperity, I believe we have enough for a stand alone book. However considering my journey if facebook, GOOGLE or even a venture capital company creates “The Virtual Network” then we have a best seller.

If my ideas are so good why has no one used them? Simple enough, no one knows about them, I’ve sent a few emails over the last 11 months, but big companies don’t bother reading emails, and having been in Cape Town it was impossible to set up meeting’s, hence coming back to London to get things moving. The chapter by chapter description tells the story and there is little point repeating myself so I’d like to further discuss the intrinsic way the book and business plans are linked, as the better and quicker the business plan, the more book’s will get sold.

My biggest problem is getting to meet with a big company, an hour or two with a business analyst or economist is all I need to hook them. Then they can assist in tightening up the business plans and contacting the main targets, facebook, GOOGLE, VIRGIN & Sheikh-Mansour-bin-Zayed-Al-Nahyan

The reason I started to look for an agent was my wish to get my story told to VIRGIN who in March accepted their specific business plan, and the financial annalist that showed between $200M & $50B (don’t worry, this is the fiction section and that can be fact checked, I never lie) What happened? Well it sounds crazy, but when you put it in literary term’s crazy when done for the right motives on this scale is quite a hook. The plans had developed to legendary proportions, so strong I thought I if I could get them to the African peace delegation leaving the next day it would assist them.

Nelson Mandela’s Grandson, Dumani assisted on this very project back in 2003, and I’d informed him that if I got the VIRGIN deal I wanted him as CEO. I needed however VIRGIN to speed up, they had approved the plans and financials and sent them to the senior council. I thought If Sir Richard made a $1M donation to “The Nelson Mandela Foundation”, which would have been simply shifting the timing of a donation he would have made anyway. This would get Domani’s’ family’s interest and the delegation would take along my solution.

However I was a little to forceful in my insistence and my plans to anyone other than Sir Richard would at the time seem nonsense. They did not tell him, the war stopped, but only for a day. Ultimately however I followed my conscience, did what I thought was right, all be it my reward was blowing a deal worth maybe $50B that I’d worked on for 3 years. I was not fazed.

My conscience, I better explain On August 1st 2010 my daughter Sienna (S-World = Sienna’s World) aged 8 months died from an unknown neurological disease. I promised to dedicate my life and raise as much money as I could for good causes. Which is what made and still makes my business plans so strong, what I had done with VIRGIN and for that matter with everyone else since is simply give my 50% to good causes, then found ways to most effectively spend the money, which now form’s the basis for a global economic recovery plan, the only workable economic recovery plan on any table in any land.

From beginning to end the key ingredient of the business and economic plans involve networking everything to everything, a global trade network, which for now I simply call “businessbook” an exercise I stared in 2003 before facebook had been thought of. Three years before, I started the “Virtual Network” which was to be linked. So I have my credentials, unfortunately core business meant I had to suffer the world of business, incompetent, financial managers and accountants that near ruined me, so I only started the project again last year. This time however I included financial software networked to the banks to alleviate fraud and human error.

The first line of the VIRGIN proposal was this “Welcome to Sienna, Sienna is software, a baby that will evolve from an idea into networking business software the likes of which have not yet been imagined. My peers describe Sienna as” Face Book for business” I like to consider her “The Global Distribution System”

They liked it then, they will love it now, my first thought on returning to England was getting VIRGIN BOOK’s to read “The Virtual Network” on the presumption it would get me in the door, unfortunately they do not accept unsolicited scripts, so I needed an agent. I did the relevant research and here we are, in Chapter 42 entitled “The Agent”.

Not that we have to go with VIRGIN, there are many routes a publisher will see merit in assisting me to use any advance to apply for the necessary patent’s I need, so forcing facebook and GOOGLE to the table. Not that I think Mark Zuckerberg will take much convincing, the last chapter “The mathematical science of Chaos Theory” show’s utterly obscene profits for him. Add this to my work on “Chaos Theory”, include this book and of course the amount of good he can do for the world as my 50% works its magic and I feel we have an excellent shot at collaboration.

Another route is a publisher just introducing me to a new ventures department of any big company, then there are my own connections, having run the biggest luxury villa company in Africa I have some numbers. I have however not used them yet, as with these people you only get one shot. If I have a book on the way, I have a much bigger gun.


Assessment: Poor to Medium, to long, I was scared to mention the spiritual side, the PR, there’s no mention of “New Sparta” or details of theoretical science. |

Never mind, it was only a first attempt, something to condense into 3 paragraphs or so, when viewed with fresh eyes. Ok now to the fun bit, the descriptions of the chapters, I’m interested to go through the Old “Social Network” chapters, reading a blow by blow record of events and the ideas process.
One thing I did notice however is its totally fair to call this book “The Virtual Network” as the project really does revolve around networking, from The first line in the VIRGIN proposal, to the work for facebook, to the strings that holds New Sparta and the global economic plan together. So a “tick” there ? the logline, is growing on me as well

“The Virtual Network”: S-World – Sienna’s world: The spiritually inspired evolution of software & networks.

Hmmm, got the Trigger Street update email again…….. I wonder if I should just send them the work when I’m finished. We’ll see.


Early evening, Tuesday December 20th 2011

New idea for intro

In London 2000 I trouble shot for Macromedia Fireworks, UK passed me to US senior development team, and they agreed the faults, but could not fix them any time soon and advised I used their new product “Flash”. A few weeks later they had a lecture which I attended, is displayed a beautiful spinning 360 degree photograph of the Alps. With Kylie Ann Minogue singing “I’m spinning around”. I was amazed and knew exactly what I wanted to do. Connect many spinning photos to a map for the Cape Town Holiday website I was working on.

I called Macromedia and asked how they did it, only to be informed, only the music was in flash the spinning image was in their movie making product Director. They said it could not be done in flash, 2 years later I had mastered it, and the world first Virtual tour in Flash was created, it was beautiful, I’ve yet to see a better example.

The following year I traveled to Johannesburg to promote the idea, and met up with Nelson Mandela’s grandson Dumani along with the grandchildren of Walter Sisulu, Moweaqua and Chukka, we met with Multi Choice, Southern Africa’s only satellite TV network, and they loved it agreeing to air it on their new digital channel. Next we needed to link it to a Global Distribution System that networked to most hotels and airlines. High level meetings were had with Galileo, then a senior Galileo staff member joined us to Bring Saber GDS to Africa, but trouble with my business in Cape Town saw me leave the project and return to Cape Town, and that was the end of that as persistent financial accounting problems plagued my business for the next 7 years.

I’ve just got to the 6th Chapter, this 150 words max, just is not going to fly, I’ve had an idea thought that should work fine. I’ll do a short synopsis and a cover letter and send the chapter review, which will probably be about 30 maybe 40 pages. However, I can just say:

“I’ve read the books and I realize I’m supposed to summarize each chapter in no more than 150 words, but its just not possible, how about this, read the first 2 pages, and if your not hooked, just put in the bin. ?”

I’m extremely pleased with how it’s going, I just want to write and write and write, the story told is such a journey and the relevance to The Social Network is apparent in every chapter. And the crazy bits don’t seem so crazy in sequence.

Note on Kevin Spacey and David Finch: (producer and director of The Social Network) Kevin will see the humanitarian side to S-World, the good that I wish to achieve and can be achieved. The very mention that they are considering making the film, not necessarily as a follow up, just a stand alone movie will open all the doors in such a manor that they can not be closed.

The first one won 4 Oscars, just the mere mention of a follow up, linked or not will be all that is needed. We can immediately kick into the live filming phase, considering not only the profit for the companies approached but also the benefits to humanity will create such a buzz that any company or individual that does not give 110% will be hated by the world and destroyed by the media. In general it is the company share holders that hold much of the power, the head of any public company can not make big decisions on their own, they will need consensus from the board, and ultimately the board serves the share holders.

Further, its quite possible without the film “Pay it Forward” I may never have considered my personal non profit position and my work on the beautiful butterfly effect, so Kevin is an extremely good person to target next.

As soon as I have the work packaged up and ready for an agent, I can send it to the agents, but also Mike Jefferies, to which the original script was intended, and of course directly to Trigger Street productions.

5.55 pm Wednesday December 21th 2011

I’ve decided to write up thought and notes at the begging before the summation of the book, there are so many different time stamps that putting personal notes not related to the story will make everything very confusing. Chance is this introduction will go on for a whole chapter and I’ll make the summation the next chapter.

My sleeping pattern is all out of whack, I just can’t get up in the morning, which is crazy as its dark so early and I’m a sunlight person. Trouble is I get so absorbed in writing that I can’t stop and go on till three or four in the morning. Hmmm I’ll make a special effort to get up tomorrow and try to break the pattern.

Managed to get a nice walk in today and have a new thought about agents and publishers. The trouble I have is no individual person is qualified to asses the work, 50 or so different subjects. I need a think tank. An economist, a mathematician, a theoretical scientist, a land developer, a software developer, a political expert, a travel expert, a networking expert, a branding expert, a few business analysts, a pr expert, a literary expert , and a media expert.

This said, only half will do to get started, the agent will have close relationships with certain publishers, be friends even. Agent informs publisher about project, I’m pretty sure the summation will be enough for any publisher to make a call to any company they know, informing the company, that he/she has a potential best seller, so long as the work can be verified, and ask for a day’s time of the various experts mentioned above. It’s really not much of an imposition especially as the meeting when set up will become a big part of the story, and of course they will be able to write themselves not only into the story but further into the money.

First prize of course is still getting to Kevin Spacey, but if I’ve learnt one thing through this experience it that people are incredibly hard to reach, it is useful however that he is in London as I can go to the production company and camp out until someone has the time to read a one page cover letter that I will create.

Not to say that this is going to stop me looking for an agent, all guns blazing in this latest quest is what I need to do, I have decided at least for now not to work with the UK government, it really would not be a good idea, myself being English to favor the UK government when strategically they are of no use, especially considering the imperial, colonial and crusader history internationally makes Britain probably the most hated country in the world. I think I will change my parliamentary summery to a congregational summary with a view to taking political from the USA, Obama a symbol of peace and equality and any association will do no harm.

Going over the book is great a trip down memory lane, much is boring progression of business plan bit by bit but the personal stuff and the way out there stuff is amusing. I think it may be a good idea to write a cover letter and a synopsis, just based on what I have done so far, which is the 9th chapter. I think any agent will be intrigued and considering it will probably take them a week or two to read it by the time they have I will have finished the overall summary and maybe the next chapter

For posterity and of course the possibility the numbers are indeed magic I will follow the sequence 1,2,4,8, 16, then go backwards again 8,4,2,1 not everyday, just days that feel good.

I have not bothered to read anymore of the Writers & Artists handbook since reading an article from an utter moron, I can’t be bothered to trawl through it and find his name as whist he seems to be an archetypal asshole publicly shaming is beneath me. His article about approaching a publisher was rude and pretentions barking at the reader like they were a naughty pre teen who has let off the fire bell at school. To make matters worse he gave incredibly bad advice.

He twice mentioned that one should double line space every page, which is for every line make a space, firstly err, no just change the leading in word to 2 instead of the default 1.25, that way if you wish to change it it’s a simple as highlighting the text and changing in back, but more to the point, no one reads like that, its awkward, if you have read a thousand books in your life, all with usual leading (the distance between the lines) reading large leading is off putting.

The only people who do this are lawyers, and for one reason, I can’t specifically remember the term, but if you are unhappy with your lawyer you can request the law society to investigate. The law society mainly judge on the amount of pages a lawyer has worked on, and so they all double line space so they can claim double in such situations. Of course such action is unheard of in South Africa. I had a lawyer, I had a good case, and we needed certain witnesses to sign affidavits, the lawyer did not bother to get the affidavits, before he sent the documents to the opposing party.

The respondent (opposing party) threatened the people who were due to sign the affidavits and we had no case, I was advised to inform him I would take him to the law society for malpractice and the next day a huge gangster who had just come back from Iraq as a member of black watch, informed me that if I did not pay the lawyer……..
I’m getting off the point; double line spacing and appropriate margins are of course essential for editing and publishers that wish to make notes. But if you are just sending a sample of work, the publisher is not going to make a load of notes, and ask assistance from an editor. With 20 or so manuscripts a day, more in some cases, one is lucky if you get 5 minutes of time to hook and excite the publisher before it’s put it the file for the secretary to send the well written, thanks but no thanks letter.

I could be wrong, but I doubt it, as an experiment in a cover letter, I will ask some publishers if they want double line spaces in the initial offering. Ironically this may well make the cover letter seem more professional.

So I think tonight I will concentrate on making a cover letter and synopsis, I will find an agent in the handbook and send it, I’ll not target my previously chosen ones, chosen simply as I liked their names the “Robert Smith Literary agency” in particularly. The more I write and revise the better I will get. So I will simply start at Z and work forward.

I had thought to write a separate page for Kevin Spacey so they could see exactly what I want them to do, but for now I’ll just do the two appropriate letters and include what I have so far of “The Virtual Network” if anyone bites, then it was meant to be and I can bring them up to speed in a follow up. I also like the idea of approaching USA agents so I will mix it up a bit, and I see little harm in directly approaching publishers, as it is said it is OK to do so for non fiction books as it is as easy as reading the subject matter to work out if it suits them. If it does, its worth a read, if not, the thanks but no thanks letter is without malice as it is not a rejection as such rather a “Sorry sir, you have brought your Ford to a Saab garage and we don’t have any parts.”

Before I go, just a few more notes from my walk, which is where the ideas come from, nature and fitness. Firstly the experience Africa website is up and I wish to make meeting with travel agents, this is both a back up plan to make some money, which will be useful to have for patents and the like. It also serves to get travel agent opinions on the facebook travel plans. I will write up a letter and send it, like most companies they will be slow, but the sooner I get it to them the sooner they will react; I can follow up with by phone in the New Year.

As for the book and business plans, I think after this chapter its time to write up a new all encompassing facebook proposal. After this a section for all of the following need to be written up, but in what order I am not sure, VIRGIN, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan & President Obama. Also Apple and Microsoft should be considered.

7.36 pm Wednesday December 21th 2011

Just had dinner, Mum is such a good cook, the subject of the double line space came up and Dad informed me the Billy Connolly told him that he always used to double line space, I said, “told you” he said yes, I forgot he used to be a “B” set celebrity with an “A” set girlfriends in the 60’s. I remember my uncle coming to stay with me in South Africa and he told me he once went to one of dad’s parties at this Knightsbridge apartment, every wall has projections of well presented naked women or art on them and there were many notorious rock stars there. Keith moon I bet, Dad’s band was the “Who’s” support band is regular for a few years and before his transcendence Keith would let Dad borrow his convertible Bentley to pick up chicks.

Well the jury is still out I guess on the double line spaces, my principal is, if you want someone to read a long synopsis ,maybe 20 pages, its quite an ask, if it was double line spaced, it would read 40 pages and be more of an ask.

I hope I finish the letter to agent etc in reasonable time, I wish to go over the end of the last chapter and send it to mike to put on the website, so he is not twiddling his thumbs.

Ok before I write the short synopsis, let’s pick an agent.

Ok Susan Yearwood Literary Agency, this is your chance to recognize genuine luck and stop buying lottery tickets. She is in London and likes email, tick, tick, oh dear fiction only, moving on.

The Wylie Agency, London, non fiction good, no unsolicited MMS, now you would have thought somewhere in this book I’d have found out what MMS stands for as well as PP, but not yet. Let’s consult The Mighty Google; ok well some publisher has cleverly called themselves MMS publishing, which does not help. “Microsoft Media Server” nope, “Multi Messaging Service”, doubt it. Ah ha, mighty Google, for the first time in 11 years, you have failed in your task, I hope this does not become a habit. I can only guess MMS is manuscript and PP is pages, and it’s a special code between the brotherhoods of literary scholars taught at collage so they can identify each other, I bet this brotherhood is utterly distraught about “the spell checking devise”

The Wylie Agency want me to send them a letter, well that’s really going to happen, one I’m against wasting paper for ecological reasons, two my book at work is in part about the internet and communications, three having read the W&A handbook it mentions that most agents and publishers still work by post. I can only assume this is because as they work with print and print is there life they feel some loyally to paper and are the last industry on earth to accept computers and email as a useful part of communication. NEXT

Elisabeth Wilson: London, rights agent and consultant, nice clean add, no website or email, firing up the Mighty GOOGLE, come on my longstanding friend. He shoots, he scores but the referee calls a foul as the website is about how to help her? Listing must be in the wrong section. Hmm this is not as easy as I thought, at this rate I’ll be at “A” before day brake. Ok no more reports, Ill just go through and report when I find a good one.

What is it with everyone wanting a preliminary letter and a stamped addressed envelope?

Ok we have a winner, and I take it all back about the double line space, as that is how they wish it. Sorry dude, you know I could have just removed the section, but it’s good to see me make a mistake from time to time.

Ok so we have Eve White Literary Agent, I like her already as they say they have just started going green and so accept email. Ok what do they want?

One email with one attachment
Date of estimated completion
Full word count
Detailed outline of the story (Synopsis)
Three chapters (Double Line Spaced) LOL
Title page
Page numbers
How much of the book is available
Cover letter as short as possible in the body of the Email, containing: A little about the book and a little about me.

Send to nonfiction@evewhite.co.uk

Great, now we are getting somewhere, they have not insisted on the first 3 chapters and asked for a detailed synopsis, which my overview could just get away with especially as it’s only the first 9 chapters.

Ok what 3 chapters do I send? I think the one I sent to the soon ex Minister Grayling, the mathematical science of “Chaos Theory” and this one.

So really all I need to do is write the cover letter, all be it easier said than done.

Ok here goes nothing, or everything, I’ll try to make it amusing and not get to into the saving the world stuff.

Hang on what exactly is a title page; it’s not the cover letter as they want that in the email. At a guess it’s just the blurb on the word count and completion date. Do I put in a graphic, the “New Sparta” map’s always a goodie, I’ll see, lets start with the email cover letter, no more than a page, fortunately I can just make links to my CV and other important details.

“The Spartan Theory” Book 1
"The Virtual Network"

“The Virtual Network”: S-World – Sienna’s world: The spiritually inspired evolution of software & networks.

Dear Eve White Literary Agency.

At a glance you can see the book here some chapters complete, some linking to presentation sections, some just scribbled notes to be referenced at a later point. The book outlines a far wider project that can be seen on the www.s-world.biz website. The synopsis is longer than normal and so far only covers the first thirteen of the forty one chapters. I appreciate this is an inconvenience, unprofessional, even so I would like to simply suggest, if you are not completely hooked by the second page, just delete the email, carry on with your day and have a wonderful Christmas.

At first you will not believe the story, and fair enough chapters 2 and 5 are fiction, to be precise science fiction but as they are written as a PR exercise to promote the project they become an intrinsic part of the story. The rest however I can assure you is all real and can be fact checked. I’m also perfectly happy to take a polygraph on absolutely anything.

The story as you may have guessed by the title is designed as a follow up to “The Social Network” best have a quick look at what we like to call “the facebook gifts idea”. What did you get? People generally average about $20Billion a year. To reach the trillions however, a global trade network is needed and that’s the real goal all be it id prefer to call it “businessbook”.

Facebook can’t use this idea without my say so, not only from a legal point of view but also as I am doing all this for no personal gain, rather half the money goes to good causes, as such it would be a PR disaster for them. More to the point, this is just one of many concepts they will love. So please be assured, this book is extremely relevant to “The Social Network”

Currently facebook have no idea about this, and for that matter neither does anyone else. The game plan is this, you are by chance the first book agent I have contacted, I will of course contact more, but so far you are the first.

The Game Plan is this:

First prize, simply get a meeting with Kevin Spacey, not yet, when I have finished the overall summary, this will not take long, chances are it will be finished by the time you get to read this. Get me a meeting with Kevin Spacey and I can assure you, the deal will be closed, we will make a battle plan and soon after go to facebook. At this point you are not looking at a book, you are looking at the book, as you will see the spiritual journey is intense to say the least. Further to that the idea for businessbook (a global trade network) will change everything for everyone for ever.

If you need to go to a publisher to get the meeting, that’s fine, if the publisher wishes to test the economics and science that is also fine, a think tank of five or six experts in different fields would be a very useful exercise.

As for me, this link takes you to a CV I made for facebook a while back, all be all you need to know about me is in the synopsis. Having run a few travel companies I know what its like to be an agent, the worst part disloyalty from supplier and clients, I have no problem with exclusivity, and save operational costs, I have no need or love for money so if a higher percentage will make you work with more dedication I have no problem with that.

As for Sienna, well your about to read all about her soon.

Nick Raymond Ball
CEO S-World
Cell: 0755 357 9272
Tel: 01372 724844

I like it, and it did not take all night, that means I have time to make the corrections on the Mathematical Science of Chaos Theory page, which I need to do as I’ll be sending it to them.

11.13 pm Wednesday December 21th 2011

Wow, that was quick as well, plus I sent it to Mike along with the spiritual letter to Mark Z, I’m getting tired which is great; maybe I can sleep soon and change my sleeping pattern. Right what’s next? Ok Title page, which I presume I put the details they requested on.

Here goes. But first a reminder of what is needed

Date of estimated completion
Full word count
Three chapters (Double Line Spaced) LOL
Page numbers
How much of the book is available

“The Spartan Theory” Book 1
"The Virtual Network"
Title Page

Date of estimated completion: As you will have read from the cover page, there is more at stake here than just publishing this book, however whist plans often change an adapt themselves I believe this book is nearly finished. What ever route the business side takes as soon as it starts I think we are on the second book.

If we consider, the very mention of this book being published will open every door imaginable I think it’s fair to say, as soon as you or whoever gets an agreement with a publisher, even just in principal, for example “well if he gets a deal with facebook we will definitely publish it” we are good to go.

In this event I will be extremely busy of course but as I consider the story essential to be told and I love writing it. I will be able to type up a relatively concise version within a few weeks; I don’t think it should be too long 350 pages or so, but am here to be advised, you are the professional I am the student.

Full word count: Difficult to estimate, currently of source material we are between 300,000 and 400,000 words on the website and another 200,000 words of backup.

How much of the book is available: in source/rough material all of it except the current chapter I am working on, as soon as a chapter is finished it goes straight on the website. Please remember to press Ctrl F5 to refresh the page to see if new material has been added. http://www.s-world.biz/The_Social_Network_2/index_14-12-2011.html

Synopsis: As mentioned in the email, it is longer than is desired, so far we have 13 chapters at about 8,000 words, but it’s a good read so please excuse the extra length. The general idea will be to make a synopsis of the synopsis, then a pinch. Maybe just consider this a heads up.

Three chapters (Double Line Spaced)

1. Ok, the synopsis tells you the first half of the story, but you will not know anything about the larger global economic recovery plans. I think Chapter 38: “Cities of Science” tells the story the best; this is a more serious chapter and so does not have my quirky comments in it and is devoid of any spirituality. A thing to note is despite the chapter looking horrendously long there are a lot of graphics.

2. Chapter 41: The Big Digits, the mathematical science of “Chaos Theory” now I don’t know if you know much about theoretical science, however after reading this chapter you will be quite the expert. I need to tighten it up and loose all the fun bits before I send it to the scientific community, but it tells a mighty story. If my claim to have proved “Chaos Theory” as science (To be proved as science a theory needs to make tangible results.) If proved it will change the way everyone looks at the world for evermore. Even if they don’t accept it, it sure makes a ridiculous amount of money.

3. Lastly for fun I will put in Chapter 42: “The Agent” the current chapter to which I believe for this evening this is last word.

Happy reading.

10.17 am Wednesday December 22nd 2011

Yes, I’ve broken the sleeping pattern, not 100% but I beat my goal of 10 am by 45 minutes, the sky is a beautiful blue and there are six airplane fuel lines looking like a child’s first attempt at drawing criss crossed against the blue, I can feel a nice long walk coming on soon.

Walking is where I compose my thoughts; assess whatever I am working on at the time and come up with additions. It’s the combination of nature and the elevated heart rate compounded by the music on my MP3 player that combines into inspiration and clarity. I prefer walking up hill or even better up a mountain, but we are lacking the latter in Epsom, however walking up to the Epsom Downs and circling the race course is, all in all a fine walk, an enjoyable experience.

I’m pleased with yesterday’s stint and further pleased about the name of the publisher; I suddenly noticed the name was “Eve” a more appropriate name one could not pick, considering the butterfly effect song “Flowers in our hair” by “all about eve” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lv2f_7-MGg

All About Eve
“Flowers in Our Hair”

Where have the flowers gone sun-children
Your shirts are loud and your hair is long
Now do you ever think we'll make it
Something more than a uniform

And we're almost there
We learn to love and we learn to give
And we earn the flowers in our hair

Where has the vision gone sun-children
Colour’s glow but your eyes are closed
I swear I still believe we'll make it
In your eyes I see your soul

And we're almost there
We learn to love and we learn to give
And we earn the flowers in our hair my friend
So take my hand
One day is always too far away

I wish we had the hearts of children
Their eyes are wide and their love is pure
But we only dare to say 'please love me'
At the seventh glass of wine...

And we're almost there
We learn to love and we learn to give
And we earn the flowers in our hair

Whether the first concert I went to was “All About Eve” or “U2” I cant remember, as best I remember I was 14, and I think I went on my own, which is no great feet, an hour and half on the train and tube. Getting back from Camden Palace to Epsom was a different story, a combination of night busses would get me to Kingston, and from there a ten or so mile walk home, which can be made quicker if you are lucky enough to find a shopping trolley as you can use it to speed down the hills, not that I advocate this behavior in any way.

A couple of years later at 16, I went to their video shoot for Wild Hearted Woman, written about Janis Joplin one “The BIG 4”, Jimmy Hendrix, Keith Moon and Jim Morrison being the others. All be it I think it’s safe to say that Amy Winehouse has now joined the heavenly super group.

The great thing about being a glamour’s Goth in the mid to late 80’s was one’s ability to pick up chicks, especially if you went to the trouble of spending about three hours doing your hair and make up, a task that took ever more time the longer your hair got. We all used to make our own clothes and an assortment on dangly bits and ripped fishnet tights over the torso and arms completed the look.

The shoot was at the London Astoria, a club I fell in love with a few years later, here I met Jody, extremely beautiful and very well presented, we got to chatting and I asked her how old she was, she said 21, she saw the look on my face and made some comment to re assure me and so it was that, whist the lads of Epsom were going to the pub and enjoying the general thugary that was associated with Britain in the pre Acid House era. I was a 16 year old virgin with an extremely hot 21 year old girlfriend, which does not happen too much, or ever?

I’ll continue this in a while, I’m going for a walk, I realized last night my synopsis, is only the chapter breakdown thatis supposed to go into the synopsis, so a page or so of the overview needs to we written.

3.02 pm Wednesday December 22nd 2011

Jody and I dated for a few months, she had a baby and we would all go the Goth Pub in Kingston, I was amazed at how the other girls had no idea how to hold and play with a baby, lots of jiggling, bouncing and holding up in the air like Superbaby, generally does the trick.

She would tell be stories of the old days, the early 80’s when it all began, she was fearless in her own way, once at the bar Wayne Hussey (Sisters of Mercy, The Mission) and Ian Astbury (The Cult, The Doors) were behind her at the bar and inferred that she should make way, she didn’t so one said, “do you know who we are?” she simply replied “yeah, so what” turned her back and waited to be served, with her boyfriend giving her a exasperated look.

One day we were talking about Juliette Regan, the singer of “All about Eve” and I said, with a degree of conviction that I loved her. Jody rightly said, “You can’t love someone you don’t know” and I saw her point and said no more about it. This said looking back, and considering their songs which they classed a “Romantic” not “Gothic” I was in a way in love, maybe not with her but simply what she was saying.


Ok, some thought on my walk, firstly I think I’ll only send the synopsis and chapters to one agent, being Eve. If I just bombard people, and get more than one reply, the ones that were late may well go to the press and it’s not the right time for that. I’d like to finish the entire book in its summary format, and I think it is essential that I make a specific chapter for Mark and the facebook team, going into detail about businessbook, then the other concept, about fifty or so pages. After this I feel a congressional summary for the USA is required, I’ve pretty much completely decided to drop the UK.

Some good news, I spoke to Mike and he’s really loving the “Big Digits – Mathematical Science of Chaos Theory” riveting he said, so I’m going to put that after the Chapter review. Further I have decided to simply make the chapter review a chapter on its own chapter 43, and not include this chapter in the presentation. Ok so I need to do a synopsis, lets have a quick read through what they say in the W&A handbook.

Ok some important points

1. Carefully research market
2. List of competitors in the field, explaining why my book is different and why I am qualified / best positioned to write the book.
3. Chapter breakdown.
4. List of marketing opportunities’
5. I may not need an agent
6. Initial short synopsis “pinch” one to two pages
7. Hooks
8. Second pinch 5000 to 10,000

Ok cross reference submission guidelines on Eve White website

OK, proposal, we have that, but maybe this is the place for some of the above, Hook’s, competitors etc.

For the synopsis they want a detailed outline of the story, however as the chapter breakdown comes next, I think I’ll go two pages maximum, preferably one, all be it, it really never works out that way. Ok so back to the proposal page, I’m going to have to copy and paste it in again, which I don’t like as it makes the chapter repetitive, this said this chapter is more of a “How To” or business plan chapter, that a literary chapter.

“The Spartan Theory” Book 1
"The Virtual Network"
General Information

“The Virtual Network”: S-World – Sienna’s world: The spiritually inspired evolution of software & networks.

Date of estimated completion: As soon as a significant event happens, such as a book publisher wishing to publish, or the story breaking in the media, then the first book is finished and the next book begins I expect “The Virtual Network” will be a trilogy. One thing I am sure of is that there will be hundreds of books on “The Spartan Theory” (www.s-world.biz)

Full word count: Difficult to estimate, source material +/- 1,000,000 words, I wish the final book however to be about 350 pages. The first book on “The Spartan Theory” should be about myself, Sienna and the evolution of social networking, not a science and economics lesson.

How much of the book is available: in source/rough material all of it http://www.s-world.biz/The_Social_Network_2/index_14-12-2011.html 43 chapters so far, all be it until something significant happens it will continue growing.

Further topics suggested by Rebecca Swift (Writers and Authors Handbook)

Carefully research market, list competitors in the field: There is only one significant book on the evolution of social networking: The Accidental Billionaires, from which the film “The Social Network” was based.

To the best of my knowledge there has never been a serious or popular book scientifically proving the human consciousness does not end, certainly not one that that will be taken seriously as non fiction.

This is where we are so far E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/ -16 = 16 PPG or if you prefer the simple version “Be good and count in doubles”

Explaining why the book is different: The two subjects above are intrinsically linked.

Why I am qualified to write the book? : My networking and virtual experience will stand up against any criticism, before facebook was created in 2003 I was close to creating a global trade network, having created the world first web based 2D Virtual world in 2001. However technology was not sufficiently advanced at that time to complete the project.

The bigger story is my instinctive knowledge of theoretical science, in particular “Chaos Theory” and “The Butterfly Effect” The summation chapter “The Big Digits – The Mathematical Science of “Chaos Theory” is included. This chapter seeks to prove “Chaos Theory” as a science; “A theory can only be proved as science if one creates tangible results” It’s actually a really fun chapter, to be condensed into a serious scientific paper. You tell me, do you think I proved it?

However it’s not just the results that make the story, it’s my qualifications, or utter lack of them, after getting a “C” or “B” in physics for my O’ level, I left school and went to art collage. It was only during a deep spiritual journey to try to find my daughter did I suddenly grow an acute but incredibly simple way of looking a theoretical science. “Spiritually Inspired”? Definitely, connected to the other side? I doubt we will ever know, but many will ponder, not least myself.

Chapter breakdown: I stared a chapter breakdown, but as the chapters are in different formats, some written to be a book, others just link to business presentation pages. I started to write the chapters up as a retrospect summary, each chapter averaging about one and a half pages. So instead of a chapter breakdown I decided to make it a dedicated chapter: Chapter 43, I am at Chapter 13 at the moment and have included it as the first chapter for your review.

List of Marketing Opportunities: Kevin Spacey will be extremely interested, not just because this book was originally called “The Social Network 2” (he was the producer of the first) but more as my theoretical work links his “Pay it Forward” film/concept to what I describe as “The Beautiful Butterfly Effect” and possibly “Quantum Theory”.

Ever since I wrote “The Spartan Theory” in March I have been working the pay it forward system on a massive scale, I have proved that the ripple of one good or bad action can span earth, my goal is to prove it comes back, Karma if you prefer. You will read all about this and see some pretty diagrams in the “The Big Digits – The Mathematical Science of “Chaos Theory”

I could write a 1000 page book on other marketing options, but for now Kevin Spacey is the best route, he is a good man.

Hooks (in no particular order): Triumph against adversity, Spirituality, Global economic recovery, “The Babylon Project” Middle East peace initiative, “African Rain” project, changing The weather, Free medicines, many aspects of theoretical science explained , proving good/Karma, S-World the next evolution of social networking, “Fox Force”, “New Sparta” “Cities of Science” “businessbook” (World trade network) facebook travel, various PR initiatives, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, David and Vicki Beckham, Mark Zuckerberg, Sir Richard Branson, President Obama, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Star Wars, Lord of The Rings, FIFA, Euro zone, USA Debt Crisis, Greek as an economic powerhouse…..

Included in this presentation

5. Synopsis

6. Chapter 43: “In retrospect”
A retrospective look, at the story so far

7. Chapter 41: “The Big Digits – The Mathematical Science of Chaos Theory”
Theoretical science from beginning to end, covering:
“String Theory”, “The Theory of Everything”, “Quantum Theory”, “Chaos Theory”, “The “Butterfly Effect” “Gaia Theory”, “The Theory of Relativity” & “The Theory of Evolution”

8. Chapter 38: “Cities of Science”
An overview of the “New Sparta Science City” project, global economic recovery initiates, business plans, virtual, social and business networks, public relations and peace initiatives.

12.47 am Friday December 23rd 2011 (Very drunk after an Indian Curry & a trip to the Pub with Mum & Dad)

Ok, so lots to report, I started the synopsis, and its facebook and Zuck in the lead, a lead that they will never loose, I’ve decided that Zuck is the most appropriate name for Mark Zuckerberg as that’s what his co workers call him, its good, better than Mark Z, and certainly better than Mr. Zuckerberg, if anyone called me Mr. Ball I’d most likely bring my arms around there neck and pull there head sharply to my nee. Serious, no one ever do that!

On the topic of “The Agent” I need to add a little more to the introduction regarding my previous experience. This said I am excited about two new things, so I will briefly mention them before I pass out. Yep it was the weekly drinks night with mum and dad again and I’m so wasted I can hardly type.

Ok number one and its so amazing how the bleeding obvious passes you by until you analyze the things in your life that matter to you. The reason I was so taken with Zuck’s character was not that he got 1600 in his SAT’s impressive yes, but that does not make him infinite, the only one. It was his lack of interest for material possessions, which is a hobby I share owning only my dragonfly, seahorse, rather sad looking elephant, clothes, collection of MP3 players & my music. My cat Tigger of course is a free will animal. I’d always seen fit not to add to this collection not assets, all be it I would like for my family and the few friends that I have to be well provided for.

Now, I had seen the film, “The Social Network” and the reason I related to Zuck’s character was his utter lack of need for material possessions. This said, that was all that I saw and I always queried, why someone who owned a multi billion dollar company who had an apparent disdain for material possessions, had not been on the TV for helping others.

However, I saw a TV documentary on him and Cheryl (hi babe xx) and some dudes about advertising the other day, and since then it has all fallen into place. Firstly and this I can see is going to end up in a bit of a battle between me and Zuck as we are exactly the same, working the same model, but from very different angels. So let me tell you a bit about Zuck, now I’m not sure how nice his car is as I did not recognize the make, but like my car its three years old probably nothing special and he loves it, just like my car.

I’d better tell you about my car, its absolutely awesome, I had an awesome BMW 330 Cab that I loved to death, in fact I did love it to death, when you have as much going on in your brain as I do, and you have the opportunity on a windy day of just driving up the coast road parking of and looking at the mountains and the ocean and listed to your music, you take advantage of your surrounding and do so.

A few moths before, Oliver the man that ran my business ever since I decided to “save the world”, asked me if I’d like a new car, I said “no way I love my car” and that was the end of that. The trouble was my car had on overheating problem, and when I parked cranked up the music, I was as so often is, in the land of the fairies, fantasizing about either Zuck, “New Sparta” or dancing for the masses, most likely the latter. On this occasion however I had forgot to turn of the ignition. Big mistake, I hurt one of my only favorite things badly. ?

Around this same time, as one of my many consciousness experiments, I was asking those that would listen, which pretty much meant Zenda, would you rather be a Lamborghini owned by a rich owner that did not love you or a cheap car with an owner that loved you, I don’t think she impressed me with her answer.

With my beautiful car off the road, I had to look at the only other option that was a work car that I had bought 3 years before, which fortunately had been spruced up by an eccentric client, the same eccentric client that had suggested planting real plants on Sienna Mountain. So enter my life Mr. Tata indica, and soon I loved it, as it loved me for loving it. The stereo was awesome and that’s all I needed, it was also far safer that the 330, as it only had a 1.1 liter engine and as such never went fast, which was good for me as at any given moment I was/am thinking about various bits of the project and as such a slow car is best. Add to this it is a manual drive and if you wanted you could treat it like a Porsche rev it up totally have it, and yet I was still under the speed limit and little or less harm could be done

Once I have fallen in love with something, it sticks, well nowadays anyway, and I’ll not say I would not like to have my 330 back, but if I did, I would alternate, use the 330 for special occasions, and take the Corsa out on usual visits. Of course in South Africa in my book it’s vulgar to have a nice car when there are so many that have nothing. I can however hold my hand on my heart and say this: if you go to the Mandela Park township in Hout Bay and ask, “what do you think about white people” many will say, “Well you know that dude with the accent that drives the white car with the awesome music, he’s ok” and that’s all it takes to make a difference, one man being kind, can change everything for everyone for ever. Yep that’s my new catch phrase.

So I wonder what car Mark drives, as the competition is on, I love my Tata and my Tata loves me, he loves his car, and you can be sure his car loves him. And if you are so naive as to think machines do not have feeling then, stop it get with the program, you have seen terminator, don’t think about what you know, think about what if??????

Zuck of course has got the whole “I’ve been this way since birth card to play” and F*** year you have to give him points for that, my place on this earth right now is all about catch up. This said on April 6th 2011 I worked it out and I’ll tell you Mr. Z this is a competition I am enthusiastic to play.

First let me tell you what I know, or has been reported about Zuck, and at times I’m going to have to use conclusions not in evidence, just my best guess, instinct if you will.

You know what lets do a face mash, kind of thing, his story, my story, I’ll give my score and then, after Zuck approves it we can let the public vote, but first….

Let me tell you why Zuck and facebook are so important: 6th April “Sienna The Movies”, did not mention any company other than facebook, which in turn were not mentioned again until 3 months later I saw “The Social Network”

Sienna The Movie was about consciousness, I wanted my daughter back, and no matter how ridiculous it sounds, the only way I could see it happening was via software, like Terminator or Caprica, or even The Matrix. So I looked at the world and considered that 500 million people were sharing their conscious thoughts, there positive conscious thoughts through facebook, as Zuck, where better to look?

Ok I’m wasted and tired but I need to make some questions as I will have completely lost the tread in the morning. So here goes.

Company ownership. Zuck has +/- 25% of facebook
N Ray wants 0% of any company ever
N Ray 1 Zuck 0
Car ownership 50/50
N Ray1.5 Zuck 0.5
Been un-materialistic for ever N Ray 1.5 Zuck 1.5
Saving the world ambitions N Ray 2.5 Zuck 2
Does not wish to borrow super yachts N Ray 2.5 Zuck 3
Hmmm I’m loosing this battle.  
Can hold down a long term relationship N Ray 2.5 Zuck 4
This is not going well  
Desire for material assets
(Dude you have a house)
N Ray 3.5 Zuck 4
Wants to sleep with the COO
She is so hot!
N Ray 3.5 Zuck 5
Ferries township folk from a to b regularly N Ray 4.5 Zuck 5
Realizes he has a greater purpose in life N Ray 5.5 Zuck 6
Knows what it is N Ray 6.5 Zuck 6.5
Will not compromise what he feel is right N Ray 7.5 Zuck 7.5
Can change the world N Ray 8.5 Zuck 8.5

Ok it’s a stalemate, night, night xxxx

Hmmm just looked to see if Sheryl was dating, and it said, Sheryl was with facebook where people date…. My guess is she is single, this said, it s not like Google are going to really want to help out. Ok, Nick and your fantasy soon to be reality land, move over Megan Fox (sorry babe) welcome to my life Sheryl Sandberg xx

12.44 am Saturday December 24th 2011

Having been so hung-over I was incapable of typing I watched some films and started to come up with a more concise plan, and further that as far as companies were concerned there was only one indispensable company, and for that matter there was only one indispensable country the USA, at the end of the day just after watching Troy, I started to write the first draught off what I hoped would be the final letter to Mark & Team facebook.

Dear Mark

On the 12th July 2011, I started to write you a letter, a million words later I write another. It is said you disapprove of the film “The Social Network” for its inaccuracies, this said the film should also be praised for its portrayal of you as someone not burdened by the love of money or assets. It was this portrayal of you that dramatically made me change course from GOOGLE to facebook.

A recent documentary I saw highlighted this point with vigor, and so I was reminded once again of why it was I sought your wisdom, why it was it seemed Sienna had chosen you for whatever it is she is trying to help me achieve.

Sienna, energy and my story are best explained in my first book on “The Spartan Theory”, entitled “The Virtual Network”: S-World – Sienna’s world: The spiritually inspired evolution of software & networks.

I have also written a significant paper on theoretical science called “The Big Digits – The mathematical science of Chaos Theory” I value your and team facebook’s opinion.

Question 1: How many times have you considered networking everything to everything?

I was close to starting this project and interlinking it to a virtual world in 2003, but having got so close I ran out of cash and returned to the rural isolation of Cape Town and what we call “life”. However since then, I’ve spent an awful lot of time, not only thinking about how to do it, but rather how to make money from it. Then in April 2011 having secured high level consideration from VIRGIN, I realized the real trick was for me to make no money out of it, rather insist that 50% be used for noble causes.

Question 2” How many people do you think it would take and how many years before over half the world were networked?

I’m looking at 50 Million people by 2017, I believe you have 600, that’s a start, add Mike and we’re 601.

11.15 am Saturday December 24th 2011

An interesting last two days, part reflection, part wasted and part hung-over. I know now exactly what I need to do, which I’m sure I have said before at some point, this time however I really hope I am right...

Once again, it all comes down to Mark Zuckerberg, who considering my resent realization that he is still not interested in materialism, even after 7 years of having the opportunity to really do whatever he wants. This is good, he will completely understand the “Give Half Back” or in my case “Give All Back” philosophy.

So this is the game plan, I’m going to finish the book synopsis and send it to Eve tomorrow, Christmas Day. Then I will make a new Chapter “Businessbook” and sum up what I desire Mark and team facebook to do. After this the next chapter will be “Not, born in the USA” where I will attempt to write a way for the USA to be debt free in 16 years.

Some notes on the latter before I go for my walk, but first lets see what we are up against, and the all important, let’s see what we wish to achieve

Wikipedia: The public debt has increased by over $500 billion each year since fiscal year (FY) 2003, with increases of $1 trillion in FY2008, $1.9 trillion in FY2009, and $1.7 trillion in FY2010.[3] As of December 15, 2011 the gross debt was $15.098 trillion,

This serves to remind me that I know very little about USA economics, they have a nice graph further down on Wikipedia that helps

2000 $18 Billion
2001 $133 Billion (7/11)
2002 $421 Billion
2003 $570 Billion
2004 $596 Billion
2005 $539 Billion
2006 $575 Billion
2007 $500 Billion
2008 $1,018 Billion
2009 $1,887 Billion
2010 $1,653 Billion
2011 $1,900 Billion ($633 for 4 months (Oct to Feb)

Ok so we can see a huge jump after 9/11 that never went away, look’s like the world peace initiative that gave “The Spartan Theory” its name is an economic factor after all.

Let’s go to 2008 and see what happened. Ok, first we have the classic business mistake of overestimating income, all be it few would have seen the credit crunch coming.

Total receipts 2008
Estimated receipts for fiscal year 2008 were $2.66 trillion.

- $1.25 trillion - Individual income tax
- $927.2 billion - Social Security and other payroll tax
- $314.9 billion - Corporate income tax
- $68.1 billion - Excise tax
- $29.2 billion - Customs duties
- $25.7 billion - Estate and gift taxes
- $50.7 billion - Other

Let’s have a look at the mandatory spending
Mandatory spending: $1.788 trillion (+4.2%)
- $608 billion (+4.5%) - Social Security
- $386 billion (+5.2%) - Medicare
- $209 billion (+5.6%) - Medicaid and the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)
- $324 billion (+1.8%) - Unemployment/Welfare/Other mandatory spending
- $261 billion (+9.2%) - Interest on National Debt


Social security, not a lot can be done there, we have to help the old people
Medicare & Medicaid, $594 Billion. This we can work on, free drugs and medicine plus university hospitals in the cities. It may make sense to start the entire USA program around 16 cities, 4 big and 12 small and growing. All with university hospitals, this + the meds could save up to $200 B, ok were rolling ?

Unemployment/Welfare/Other mandatory spending $324 Billion, Ok here’s a saving as well were looking to create about 10 million jobs, as such I think we can shave another $100 B off the budget

Interest on debt – GRRRRRRRR

Ok lets have a look at the Discretionary spending.

Discretionary spending: $1.114 trillion (+3.1%)

- $481.4 billion (+12.1%) - Department of Defense
- $145.2 billion (+45.8%) - Global War on Terror

- $69.3 billion (+0.3%) - Department of Health and Human Services
- $56.0 billion (+0.0%) - Department of Education
- $39.4 billion (+18.7%) - Department of Veterans Affairs
- $35.2 billion (+1.4%) - Department of Housing and Urban Development
- $35.0 billion (+22.0%) - Department of State and Other International Programs
- $34.3 billion (+7.2%) - Department of Homeland Security
- $24.3 billion (+6.6%) - Department of Energy
- $20.2 billion (+4.1%) - Department of Justice
- $20.2 billion (+3.1%) - Department of Agriculture
- $17.3 billion (+6.8%) - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
- $12.1 billion (+13.1%) - Department of Transportation
- $12.1 billion (+6.1%) - Department of the Treasury
- $10.6 billion (+2.9%) - Department of the Interior
- $10.6 billion (-9.4%) - Department of Labor
- $51.8 billion (+9.7%) - Other On-budget Discretionary Spending
- $39.0 billion - Other Off-budget Discretionary Spending

Ok well there we have it the USA spent 11 times more on war/defence than they did education, in economic terms, these figures are not finite, salaries for solders for instance stimulate the economy, and keeping the world safe is an important job, to which I am very grateful. It does of course give us something to look at in the future, especially if we can start working on a Global defense force, and I can stabilize the Middle East. Big task you say, yeah well its all a big task, I’m sitting here right now, working out how to stop the world from financially imploding, don’t think I’ll not be equally adept at creating a sustainable peace.

- $481.4 billion (+12.1%) - Department of Defense
- $145.2 billion (+45.8%) - Global War on Terror

- $56.0 billion (+0.0%) - Department of Education

Ok lets have a look at 2009 and see where that extra $870 Billion came from, this said, I expect it was just the recession kicking in and simply less money coming in. Let’s see….

Total receipts
Estimated receipts for fiscal year 2009 are $2.7 trillion (+7.1%).
- $1.21 trillion - Individual income tax
- $949.4 billion - Social Security and other payroll taxes
- $339.2 billion - Corporate income tax
- $68.9 billion - Excise tax
- $29.1 billion - Customs duties
- $26.3 billion - Estate and gift taxes
- $47.9 billion - Other

Total receipts
Estimated receipts for fiscal year 2008 were $2.66 trillion.
- $1.25 trillion - Individual income tax
- $927.2 billion - Social Security and other payroll taxes
- $314.9 billion - Corporate income tax
- $68.1 billion - Excise tax
- $29.2 billion - Customs duties
- $25.7 billion - Estate and gift taxes
- $50.7 billion - Other

Hmmm, my mistake, they went down but only by a fraction, let’s have a look at the debits,

Mandatory spending: $1.788 trillion (+4.2%)
Discretionary spending: $1.114 trillion (+3.1%)

Mandatory spending: $1.89 trillion (+6.2%)
Discretionary spending: $1.21 trillion (+4.9%)

Well that does not make sense, we only seeing a rise of $200Billion

Hang in here’s something

The financial cost of the Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan are not part of the defense budget; they are appropriations.

With projected receipts less than projected outlays, the budget proposed by President Bush predicts a net deficit of approximately $400 billion dollars, adding to a United States governmental debt of about $11.4 trillion. Actual tax receipts totaled approximately $2.1 trillion - significantly less than the $2.7 trillion expected. The actual deficit in 2009 was $1.4 trillion.[2]

Does this mean that the figures above under total receipts were wrong? Yes it does the tax yields say estimated. OK, this is no way to do accounting; this is how Enron went bust. It does however give more arguments for the software to actually interact with government systems, ok, I’m off for a walk, this is exciting, but I need my exercise.

04.58 pm Saturday December 24th 2011

Awesome walk, and I’m starting to realize what “The Spartan Theory” is, half an hour maybe an hour looking at the USA figures and I don’t think I can fix it, I know I can fix it.

Ok first, I don’t even have to look at the rest of the figures, its obvious year on year they have worked on false projections, this is exactly what happened to me, so you cant blame president Bush, so many people told me, I had to do the figures myself, and I’d say, look I’m paying a fortune for professionals to do it for me, and yet year after year the professionals got it wrong and then made it so complicated that they needed more time to work it out just so they could charge more. At the heart of the software is the financial module that removes all financial staff from the accounting process, and software that works, giving accurate daily data to the CEO (President) so the CEO can see what’s going on.

The software was always meant for government systems, hence originally picking a troubled country that would accept it, but troubled countries were troubled so “Sienna.gov” ended up just as a tax collector, having a look at the USA figures, they need it, and they will embrace it with open arms.

Ok to “The Spartan Theory”

Has Sienna ever spoken to me? No, save the word photosynthesis and be nice to Mummy, not a word. We can easily equate photosynthesis to the way I first saw her, through the bright green bits of the bushes on my walks, as for be nice to Mummy, well its pretty obvious that what she would like, so at best a sign, more likely intuition.

Not long ago I wrote an adaptation to “Sienna The Movie” or as it was originally called “The Sienna Project” it went like this: http://www.s-world.tv/S-World_The_Movie/About_S-World_The_Movie.htm

“As to the birth of self conscious software, I’ve since had a different conception, its more like, software is already conscious, it is basically an extension of our brain, it does a specific thing to aid the brain, and so it is always interacting with the consciousness of us, so it is already quite often conscious, just not in the way, people thought it would be.

I’m not 100% or even 50% of the way there, but I’m looking not at software becoming self aware rather we become aware.

Aware of what, aware of ourselves and what we can do and maybe even what we are supposed to do.”

I think, for a millisecond or maybe a month, I was allowed to see something that probably many had seen, I just understood its power due to my many life experiences, and let’s not forget before facebook was even considered I was trying to network everything to everything via a virtual world.

Add to this I was not phased when I blew $50 Billion, and considering my work to date, few would argue that I would have got those digits, and I’d have given half back and it would have probably made more, but $50 Billion is very different to $50 Trillion or $64 Trillion which was my estimate in May, shortly after I’d been introduced to “String Theory” before we had even started on the www.s-world .biz website.

The original work was a secret page on the www.capevillas.com website, as best I remember it added up to $16 or so Trillion when I asked Mensa, the only institution to answer my requests for assistance, I asked just two things.

1. Please try to find one fault in the “Spartan Theory” (at that time showing $16 or so trillion
2. Please consider my request for “The Spartan Theory” to be considered a genuine contender to the theory of everything.

Unfortunately they did not bother to read it and were rude, concerning themselves only on their test.

The week after, in my head the figures were at $64 Trillion, but this was what I could see, and I guess, I needed to write it all down on my own, as academics would have tainted the creative & remembering process with their own ego’s that dictate they are the centre of there own universe, which would never let them consider for a millisecond that any other person could know more than they do.

Ok so its pretty obvious to me now that “The Spartan Theory” is not just “The Theory of a little more than we know now” its the theory of “An awful lot more that we know now” an evolutionary step to “The Theory of Everything” and as such we need to consider that the first “TOE” in the equation E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/ -16 = 16 PPG is “The Spartan Theory” not The” Theory of Everything”, so maybe we need to re write it: E x SP = MC2 + TOE/ -16 = 16 PPG.

OMG that’s absolutely amazing, it says ESP so “Energy X sensory projection” and if you have not been following the story of this equation, its either to create an evolution in copiousness (Note the second TOE is “The Theory of Evolution”) or it is a way for the consciousness to communicate across great distances faster that the speed of light, or most likely both.

Another note is the PPG stands for The Partials of Physics within good, hence we can only do it if we are good, i.e. end war, (and a lot more) but that’s the start. Actually considering the scale of the Universe, we need to review, stop war against ourselves, and prepare for the Universal war, to which if we are following the story, we are the key, which makes sense if we are to consider James Lovelocks Gaia Theory. Which I do from time to time as mixed with “The butterfly Effect and Quantum Theory” as my guide, much like “The Adjustment Bureau”.

Ok enough of stuff that will make people question my sanity, lets fix the USA economy, we will follow the Micro plan (Greece New Sparta) in its basic form and adapt it to suit. We need to make enough money from the sales of shares, or other method, to secure the USA not falling further into debt for 4 years while we network everything and wait for the global economy to recover. It was always estimated at $ 8 Trillion, ask the CIA to show you the message I sent them, and if they cant find it, sorry boys Apple are taking over your software you dumbasses. Xx

The basics here are I need to account for “Other” and we will start other at %100 so $ 8 Trillion x 2 = 16 Trillion.

We can’t actually use these numbers as the numbers have to be in units starting at $4 Billion so let’s add it up, ok 14 levels down. There will be a math war of presenting it but I’m pretty sure its not $4B to the power of 14. I think the BBC dude can explain it to me one day.

I’ll insert the spreadsheet. Note on the number sequence, I think we can’t have one, and maybe two is not allowed either. Here is the spread sheet.

Yep 13, not a particularly nice number, but we are actually looking to achieve 12, we are just working on the principal, that half of everything I work out is wrong, or not achievable.

Ok so let’s see the income sources and saving that can be made.

First let’s just have a quick look and make sure that the main problem (over estimating income) is consistent.

Yep, you absolute morons, once in view of the credit crunch you’d be understood, but exactly the same mistake the next year…. I’m not one to talk having made the same mistake, but every single person in the commerce department of the USA all completely making a mess of it. Actuality no, I’m sure there were some, maybe more that saw it, but no one listened, usually if you look at things, it comes down to just one man. This man globally is responsible for millions of lives, many millions; it would take him and his family ten generations to write apology letters to all who committed suicide due to his utter knowing incompetence.

So 2009, over estimated tax returns by, $600B and the government knowingly got another $800B in debt. I bet this was for there little war hobby. (The financial cost of the Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan are not part of the defense budget; they are appropriations.)

2010, They do not present the data in the same way, Ok Mr. president, doubling the welfare budget in the middle of a recession probably based on democratic election promises, is ARRRRRRRRRR, yes if you make all the unemployed to community service but otherwise NO!

$571 billion (+58.6%) – Unemployment/Welfare/Other mandatory spending

This aside, I’m amazed at the results this year, and let me explain, there is a big argument between austerity (cautioning costs) and spending extra money to stimulate the economy. It’s generally the democrats (labor, left) that spend and the republicans (conservatives, right) that save. And considering the last few recessions, it’s been until now a 50/50 argument. What is amazing here however, is that as the recession got worse, and you would expect the figures to get worse, despite President Obama, going on a spend, spend mission almost across the board. He actually spent less that President Bush the year before,

2009 President Bush over spending =1.887T
2010 President Obama over spending =1.654T

And are we seriously saying that no Democrat has seen this? As the republicans are trying to say that Obama’s got no idea how to run the economy, and yet there he has improved on President Bush considerably, I say considerably as you don’t take the bottom line, you need to factor in the extra money allocated to help Americans.

Not that I’m picking sides, I really like this Romney dude, he has the Christian faith, but he accepts there is more to it. Which is exactly what faith is all about a building block that you should question, all be it only in a positive way.

Ok Christmas Eve, and I’m off to meet Lee, and no one who I see will realize I’m that man that’s about to save the planet. Good night God bless xx.

10.51 pm Saturday December 24th 2011

JUST GOT BACK, been with lee, still likes his ex who is an economist with a rich farther, which means he can afford a think tank. This may be useful and if gained by this most coincidental of ways none would object. BOOO

Ok told lee about “The beautiful butterfly effect, it is better explained when one mixes the Quantum Theory.

But then I told him I would write the “Lee Theory” (LT) and it would be a big part of fixing the USA economy, that was to much for anyone to believe. And so, coming in at 81KMC2 the way to fix the USA economy. Xx

Ok I’m now typing for, I’m sorry I forgot your name, Lee’s Girlfriend. OK…

Hi, you will not have to assume any facts not in evidence, every thing that’s said has happened, everything I say may happen, may happen, it is desired, all that can be, can be fact checked, I have never had a polygraph test and will gladly take one about anything at any time

Too much well I hope you get my point. Ok,

We are creating a global trade network, which will control every trade on the planet, with a 10% rake (commission) that is at least $4T per year. 10% that’s ridiculous, Credit Card companies only charge 2%. Yeah but the credit card companies did not use their profit to build houses and creating huge universities that exponentially increased man’s ability to satisfy its population.

Add to that every company in the world in networked into the global trade network, you know it needs a better name Global Trade Network “GTN” that’s really, really exciting, but no, I know lets call it “businessbook”

Yes, we need facebook to agree to this. Don’t worry about this, leave this to me, and that’s the last I want to here of it, other than, wow you know that %^%$^% idea you had, that would be awesome. We can talk about that.

Ok businessbook, is networking everything to everything both in inventory, sales, banking, everything, individually set up the system with the business owner, work and analyze the data, and attempt to make API links to all inventory and supplier networks, further analyze network. Mean while back at the ranch, the class are ready, waiting with anticipation for their first game.

At the beginning of the year there was more studying than practice, we needed to learn the basics which were to try to apply science to all subjects, this was obviously not what we came here for but we needed the training so we really tried hard in class.
We did, we achieved our first target we knew we would! Target is 90%, if you were in the top 90% you got to play your first round of the game at 6 months.

Our first assignment was an Italian restaurant in a small town by the sea, our first objective to create $5000 GHB, Then $25,000 then $100,000 and it went up at about the same incremental ratio.

Oh “GHB” yeah sounds worse that it is, GHB is “Give Half Back” all companies on the network give 50% of their profit back, in a way that makes them stronger whilst stimulating the economy and invention. As an economist it would be better to consider “GHB” simply as an additional 50% corporation tax. And remember this is “THE GLOBAL TRADE NETWORK” so there are no arguments.

Of the additional 50% corporation, tax, 50% goes to infrastructure, housing and social security of the company’s city. (Each company has a city.) See http://www.s-world.biz/The_Virtual_Network-Chapter_18-Cities_of_Science.htm

The above means the city owned by the company is always expanding and a bastion of what an eco – city should be. Yes all cities run on alternate energy. It’s really not that expensive, we are talking 25% of company profit continually invested. (HELLO ECCONOMIST) this creates millions of jobs. The other 25% goes to the university, mainly on staff. The small city planned for Greece, will give or take have the same education budget that the entire USA has.

This means, pretty much unlimited salary budget and all will wish to be a part of history, that is “New Sparta” City of Science.

We are always in teams of four, always a confrontational mix, but that’s what brings out the best in us. Always four, all be it, often groups would congregate together.

10.52 Am Sunday December 25th 2011

Marry Christmas, interesting evening last night, great to see lee also great to be sitting with six girls. Lee was very understanding of the project; he always has had a good heart and an ability to question life. He did however think I was not making sense when I said I was currently writing the beginning notes for the USA Economic plan and just by talking to me about it his influence is already within it. And so when I came back I wrote about it, and found an excellent point was to tell the story of how students across the world would want to play the game, which was basically to make the businesses they assess become as successful as possible, Lee did like the idea of the Game, and by the time I properly write up the pages, and connect it to the tutorial game, “The Lee Theory” will be a significant contribution.

2.20 pm Sunday December 25th 2011

I’m extremely excited, the idea to make the first ten or 20 pages of my “businessbook” chapter be a retrospect of someone living and working on the businessbook project is really cool, I’d decided to simply say “set in the near future” and base it around a game player I played, “Rise of Nations with” I cant remember his name, but it will come to me.

I’m so glad I’m in England with my parents, if I was in Cape Town I’d be in pieces right now. Turkey in a few minutes, cool! I need to email Lee, I think the “Big Digits” as an attachment and a few links, this chapter and the “Virtual Network” book chapter. If he likes it, then I will contact his ex.

Ok the email will go like this.

Hi Lee awesome to see you yesterday, I hope I did not freak you out. X

Ok first and the most fun is the “Theoretical Science” stuff, I’ve attached it “The Big Digits – The mathematical science of “Chaos Theory” you can also see this by following this link http://www.s-world.biz/The_Social_Network_2/The_Virtual_Network_2_Chapter_41.htm

Attached as well, is the start of a short version of my work, thoughts and life over the last year “The story so far” this is only on the 13th of 43 chapters, the rest are on line here http://www.s-world.biz/The_Social_Network_2/index_14-12-2011.html .

The current chapter “The Agent is also attached, its starts with research and composition of a letter to a Book agent, but then goes of on a tangent first about facebook then “The USA Economy” and lastly the “Lee Theory” which ended up being the idea to write the fist ten or twenty pages of the all important “businessbook” chapter that I hope will be the chapter that opens the door to facebook. This chapter is scruffy but fun.

The USA stuff comes in on page 23 and you influence appears at page 30.

As for the economics, there are three different examples, all tell the same story in different ways.

As you would have, I hope already read the “The Big Digits – The mathematical science of “Chaos Theory” the complimentary chapter, half theoretical science half economics will make most sense


These two are a little more, straight forward.




Oh the main website page is www.s-world.biz.

Got to go and have turkey :)

Obviously it’s an awful lot to read, so start with the fun stuff and if it seems credible to you, I’ll prepare a email for your ex.

Cheers Happy Christmas

1.55 pm Monday December 26th 2011

For Christmas, I got “The Virgin Prunes” got? Well in a way, understood, appreciated and loved. When you get to a point where your favorite band is the Virgin Prunes, you have truly embraced the beauty of obscurity.

Some songs:

Walls of Jericho
Pagan Love Song
Caucasian Walk
Baby Turns Blue
Decline & Fall
Theme for Tonight
Love lasts forever
Sweet Home Under White Clouds
I Am God

The Virgin Prunes – I am God.

Waiting for midnight
Waiting for bad dreams (no silver, no gold)

How can I talk with you
I have no words.
Stranger… I have been here before.
You stretch me sleepless upon my bed
Shut out the cold, kneel and pray
I will go to sleep
Waiting for midnight
Waiting for bad dreams (no silver, no gold)
I have no need for your sweet world
No need for your hell
I have no need for anything
I am God
I know someone happy
I am God
Shut out the cold, kneel and pray
I am God

The year was 1972 when I, Fionan Martin Hanvey, first befriended Derek Karl Rowen and Paul David Hewson…..we all lived on Cedarwood Rd. ….we loved music, we had a similar surreal sense of humor, we liked painting, ….we had no time at all for football… we looked and dressed differently … we didn’t want to be cowboys we wanted to be Indians. We didn’t fit in and we didn’t want to.

“Is there life on Mars?“ asked David Bowie We knew there was… so we went there, and all of a sudden.. Fionan became Gavin, Derek became Guggi, Paul became Bono….and the dull and grey streets of Ballymun became the glittering boulevards of Lypton Village.

Read on
, http://www.virginprunes.com/articles/take-me-back-to-72%E2%80%A6/

All in all I’ve found a good eight songs for my MP3 player, absolutely no present could compare. I’d always known that The VIRGIN prunes were intrinsically linked to U2 in a way that was far beyond just music, their changing of there names, which most likely inspired me to change my name, from Edgar Walter Ball, to Nick Carman, to Nick Raymond Ball. I’d remembered they had changed the name of the town where they lived to Lypton Village.

This All I knew as I was at 14 or 15 a dedicated U2 fan, and followed their story, its funny to come to the same story 25 years later from the other side of the coin.

Time for a walk, and then I need to make myself a task list and completion schedule,

5.43 pm Monday December 26th 2011

Good walk mainly thought about US Economy.

So here is my plan of action, I’m going to start Chapter 44 “American Butterfly” which will be about the USA plan. I will come back to this chapter tomorrow and finish the synopsis and amend the other stuff I need to send to the literary agent, so I can send it tomorrow, at about 11.

Then I will carry on with the US with a view to having the outline for the plan finished by Thursday, at which point I will start the businessbook chapter, to be finished and sent on the 1st Jan, then I will follow the sequence of numbers, send them 2 emails on the second, four on the 4th etc.etc.

On the second, I will work on the Experience Africa back up plan, which could lead to travel companies taking an interest in the larger project. I think I will give the agent until the 9th to respond. During that week I will tighten up the new chapters and some of the old. I also hope to finish the Chapter summation of “The Virtual Network”.

On the 9th if I have not had a response from Eve’s agency, I will start approaching other agencies, publishers and film producers.

Ok so on to chapter 44: “American Butterfly”, I’m quite excited, it’s basically using every part of The “Spartan Theory” added to everything else I know.

7.37 pm Monday December 28th 2011

Still on book presentation, boring me to death, want to get on with USA recovery, my work rate has dropped considerably.

Thought for facebook email which I’m sure they will never read

1. Before facebook was even considered, I was close to networking everything to everything! To ignore my credentials would be naive.
2. A business plan of over one million words on how facebook can make money is presented. To ignore said plan would be stupid.
3. If one inputs world trade figures not just birthday presents into this demonstration it shows ‘businessbook” (Global Trade network) will generate +/- 4 Trillion a year. To contest this would be absurd.
4. A plan has been created to use this money to address the USA debt crisis then assist the world. To ignore this would be genocide.

Of course, with only 600 staff and what… 10,000 emails a day, I doubt anyone ever reads them, but it would be rude of me not to attempt to communicate directly.

This is the current plan, the book “The Virtual Network” is on its way to an agent, who will take it to VIRGIN Books then Kevin Spacey who will inform Mark Zuckerberg.

This is a shame as everyone in the loop, increases the chances of a leak, so if anyone does read this, don’t think you know everything and take this to Mark, who will appreciate I do this for no financial gain.

Please find attached a paper that proves “Chaos Theory” as a science and the letter that is going out to the publishing community which is probably the best overview of the project thus far.

The all important chapters 45, (USA debt solution) and 46 (businessbook) are in production

Thanks you
Nick Ray Ball

PS if you think the links are hacks, just go to an internet café and look.

Note on Sienna and “String Theory”

The most popular string theory is 10 dimensional, with time as a constant it is said, 2 tiny parallel universes exist, and this may be what causes the neutrinos the break the speed of light.

If they are so small they must be far more ordered, less chaotic.

Quite simply, I saw inside, and remembered the non chaotic nature and am now reporting.

Considering at the time I was fixated on Sienna, its fair to presume she is there, String Theory was the first theory I understood, it is so called as it claims the universe it held together by strings similar to an instrument. Music has been my life and still is.

As soon as I understood just a fraction of “String Theory” I claimed, “Sienna is not to be considered a God” simply “The angel that resides within String Theory”

I further consider that many people or all people have at one time or another glimpsed into these parallel universes, but forgot some or all of what they saw.