“The Spartan Theory”: Part3 - Chapter 26
"American Butterfly"

"The Big Digits"
The Mathematical Science of Chaos Theory

1.14 pm Friday December 16th 2011

I spent yesterday, working on the summary on a separate page, its coming along nicely. I caught up with some old Epsom friends on facebook, the most notable is Suzanne Segura who is living in Portugal now and looking amazing for 41, we have a lot in common as we have both been a way in a tourism country for 10 years without family and have suffered the same ups and downs.

I’ve decided to spend the weekend, getting my communications to the government as good as I can get them, whilst also making a presentation for my Book/Books to the publishing agents.

The new Parliamentary Summary, based on the one in the last chapter, hits home in the second paragraph, then goes back to the original draught, I wish to go further into the chaos theory “POP” (Pressure of Profit) and the employee dividends wage structure’s, but I don’t want to go on and on, so I have decided to make a separate page, offer it as a specially made link and give a 3 paragraph summary.

Yesterday evening, I considered the conclusions I made by following the math I had to use 2,4,8,16,32,64 etc, and I think that this is my best way to prove “Chaos Theory” as a science. I’m reminded of my school days and math classes, I passed my math O level at 14, which is a young age to do so, as best I remember it was simple enough to do as I did not have to apply many formulas, a year later and my O/S level was all formulas, and on my exam I just drew a picture of the back of Paul Nash’s head saying at the bottom. “I’m going to art school, what do you think”

So 25 years on I find myself writing a formula for what must be applied mathematics, I say this as it is mathematics you can only do by applying a formula. I’m also quite keen to mention to the literary agents that we look at asking the “For Dummies” book collection about making one on “Chaos Theory” but first let’s see if they already have one? No, good ?

First let’s recap on the road to “The mathematical Science of Chaos Theory”. This is going to be fun :)

In the beginning

Before Chaos Theory came “String Theory” introduced to me by Anthony Rauba on the evening of May the 1st, whist discussing the Galactica 2017 script I had randomly sent to about 10 people on the Battle Star Galactica facebook page. Before I go further, if one feels like reading the Galactica 2017 script it is best to know the original script written on the 4th April “Sienna The Movie” Its also well worth looking at my explanation of why I wrote the script simply entitled About Sienna The Movie, and lastly the further adaptation for Galactica 2017 introducing “The Chaotic Earth Game".

Back to the 1st May and my facebook conversation with Anthony Rauba,

Galactica 2017
Initial consideration off “String Theory”

2nd May 2011 12.23 pm GMT

Quote - Kara & Apollo

“If I have a fate, that it is set, and thinking about it is not going to make it happen any faster”, “I’m not scared!”
“What so its err, Kara Thrace, the fearless warrior, right” “dud a daum”, (laughter).
“ I know fear, and I get scared, just not of dying”,
“ So then what does scare you”?,
“Being forgotten!”

Now I’m not sure how many people on this planet genuinely think this way, but 99% of the time it’s this kind of clarity that keeps me going forward, at a pace that seems not for me to question rather just enjoy.

This is a subject I’ve wanted to discuss but I had no real tread, but thanks to Anthony Rauba, I have considered the very basics of String Theory.

String Theory – A contender for the theory of everything (TOE)

Interesting, I just Googled it, It sounds like the physicists version of what most call God, or in BSG, “The one true God”.

If you go back to my funeral speech you will hear me talk of the universe trying to put itself in the correct order, to simplify this I simply used the dimension of time, but of course there is more to it. All these new dimensions that are being considered are I’m sure a part of the same puzzle.

There is something that interests me with the bosonic string theory, in the dispute between 25 and 26 dimensions of space at one time where the inconsistencies cancel.
Further the, no-ghost theorem that predicts that these ghost states have no interaction whatsoever with any other states and hence they can be ignored leaving a consistent theory.

To me this relates to Kara’s quote about not fearing death, only being forgotten.

As I’ve already mentioned, My Gods theory is simply that Gods are the collective consciences of many minds concentrated on the same thing at the same time, which then collectively in one way or another empower the one true God, energy or universe.

Later when I start to discuss the more spiritual and religious side of earthly things, I had chosen to warn people who did not contribute or benefit the collective knowledge of the gods that their punishment was not that they go to Hell or other imprisonment, It is my belief that if, in this time one does not add or benefit to what we might call the collective consciousness that is the Gods, then at the end of ones journey on earth, one simply ceases to exist.
Hence this is my only real fear, and as scripted the same applies to Kara.

This inexistence could be found within the ghost states within the 26th dimension, where they are simply ignored, maybe for all time. (Maybe a little like the Phantom Zone in Superman)

I have a question. It says “so far, the string theory has yet to make testable experimental predictions, which a theory must do in order to be considered a part of science.”

Would mathematics in whatever form predicting future events partially validate the theory?

Anthony Rauba

Some but not all the math is, thus theory. But as to predicting the future? I refer you to Assimove's ''Psychohistory'' from Harry Seldon of the ''Foundation Series''. Re: You may not predict what an individual may do, but you can put in motion, things that will move the masses in a direction that is desired, thus shaping if not predicting the future.

I’ll take this in two parts please.

1. The Galactic Empire – Issac Asimov

The Galactic Empire based on the Roman Empire is particularly interesting to me as it is constrained to the Milky Way. Which is the perfect tread I was looking for as to why Galactica receives the new technical data to upgrade their FTL drives to MET drives “Magnetic Energy Transference.” before other ships from more distant Galaxies (which is the beginning of the follow on Movie Trilogy)

2. Psychohistory

Psychohistory depends on the idea that, while one cannot foresee the actions of a particular individual, the laws of statistics as applied to large groups of people could predict the general flow of future events.
If so, then surely a more pure Psychohistory would be better applied to the quote “"Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”

This quote is found at the beginning of the Economic Theory I am trying to get debated.


And if i use your exact words “put in motion, things that will move the masses in a direction that is desired, thus shaping if not predicting the future.

Well, that’s exactly what I hope we will soon be doing.

And that’s where it goes back to String Theory as when “The Spartan Theory” comes to pass it will be my translations of Sienna’s energy that will have shaped the future.

And let’s still remember, on the 7th April 2011 Sienna informed Harvard Business School that a Libyan Cease Fire lead by an African consortium would begin at 3pmGMT 10th April 2010, and she was only out by a matter of hours.

End of chapter

What this does not highlight or mention is after this conversation took place, I looked further into “String Theory” and as it was a contender for “The Theory of Everything” I also looked into that. It was at times a dark journey, not evil, maybe a better word is mysterious, and I needed to take myself to a different level. Most of my creative inspiration comes from climbing and walking the mountains listening to the lighter happy side of 80’s Gothic Music, the last of the vocal Psychedelic movement, started my Bob Dylan, commercialized by the Beetles, by the song Lucy in the sky with diamonds, which if you did not know that was a wordplay on LSD, enhanced by the Woodstock generation, made spiritual by Jim Morrison, then championed by the Gothic Movement.

This night however I went to the more mysterious side, and back to ‘Christian Death” This is Heresy2. A band that should not be considered anti Christian, rather against sins like mass murder and torture committed in the name of Christianity, the most obvious example being the crusades.

Some lyrics:

“Dear god allow me to show gratitude, for my fortunate eyes of truth”
“Lord, Lord, how long shall the wicked triumph on Earth “,
“These loathsome parasites that cling to the cross, the cloth and the skin, soaked in the blood of men, not the body of Christ”
“This is Heresy, This is Heresy”

I can’t remember specifically what theoretical conclusions I came up with that night, I was just experimenting and following my instincts. In the morning when I woke up to find Bin laden had died, which was kind of spooky considering the song which I’d listened to about 20 times and was probably listening to when he was shot. I was worried about Al Qaeda retaliations, saw a group called “Muslims against Crusaders” on Sky news, and I sent them the song, saying “Many Christian do approve of the Crusades” to be safe, I copied MI6 and the CIA. As usual no one responded.

Over the Next few months, I continued working on the project; I did not look into “String Theory” again, as I got what I needed, it had basically said that one man can change the world and that was all I needed. I did however considered that if “String Theory” was classed as a contender to “The Theory of Everything” my theory “The Spartan Theory” should be as well, as the basis for “The Spartan Theory” was it working for every businesses, and its almost magical way adding up to more than the sum of its parts, as every new concept or conclusion had a ripple effect of improving the existing elements. However the very words “The Theory of Everything” made me extremely skeptical until I considered Darwin’s “Theory of Evolution” and wrote my second theoretical science paper “The Theory of just a little more than we know now"

“The Theory of Everything”

On the 4th May 2011 “The Spartan Theory” was sent to Cinzia Busi, National Chairman, Mensa, South Africa.
Two questions were asked.

1. Please try your best to find one single flaw within the Spartan Theory.

2. Please consider my request to have the Spartan Theory made an official contender for, “The Theory of Everything”.


Darwinism’s version of the evolution of mankind it is believed by many. Amoeba into plants, plants to dinosaurs, dinosaurs to apes, then apes to man.

Within Science Fiction the evolution for Man to Software is often considered.

But much like String Theory this has yet to be proved and as such is only considered “Theory” not Science.

Evolution does not only apply to Darwinism, please consider the evolution of language:

Basic grunts and cave drawings, to basic language, to Latin, to English, English to Binary, Binary to Machine code, Machine code to “C” to HTML, ASP & PHP.

Please also consider the evolution of communication: Hand gestures to language, language to the written word, written word to radio, radio to network television, network television to satellite. Then the Internet to My Space, FaceBook, Twitter and soon S-World.

The point is, by the layman, evolution is probably the most understood Science.

If evolution is Science then by applying evolutionary Science to “The theory of everything” then, I suggest the following possible evolution of

“The Theory of Everything”
“The Theory of, everything”
“The Theory of, just about everything”
“The Theory of, most things”
“The Theory of, a lot of things”
“The Theory of, a lot more than we now know”
“The Theory of, more than we now know”
“The Theory of, just a little more than we know now”

And so within this logic I ask for scientific or at least economic recognition that “The Spartan Theory” could be considered “A little more than we know now” and hence is a contender for a possible early evolution of “The Theory of Everything”

Much later, did I consider that “The Theory of Everything” and “The Theory of Evolution” were linked, simply by their names, as they are both “TOE” but we will get to this most elaborate piece of Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple) “Zen” instinctive thinking and the E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/ -16 = 16 PPG equation later in this paper.

Some time later having changed direction from GOOGLE to facebook and an interview I was writing questions for, I went back to “String Theory” and the above “Theory of just a little more than we know now?

The Social Network 2 Chapter 5

Part 8, Spiritually Inspired Software (SIS)

“It’s not just about the code, as important, is what we wish the software to achieve“

Dear Mark Zuckerberg, Sienna & I wish you to program S-World

The Code, like many of the S-World business plans is based on pure math & science. By working under the premise “as long as half goes to the betterment of mankind, we add the spirituality, it is my premise. Only by mixing the two, can we move the masses in the desired direction.

What is string theory? - Q&A Nick Ray Ball & Landi Swanepoel 10th July 2011

String theory says “You can not predict the future, but you can by moving the masses in a desired direction, mould or shape the future.”

Ref: Assimove's ''Psychohistory'' from Harry Seldon of the ''Foundation Series''. Re: You may not predict what an individual may do, but you can put in motion, things that will move the masses in a direction that is desired. Thus shaping if not predicting the future.

Ok, nice idea but what’s that got to do with S-World?

Well if you brake down the various parts of all the S-World plans, particularly what we want to achieve, advances in software, physics, ecology, alternate energy, housing millions, and in general give people a more scientific (real) perception of karma and spirituality, and so create a not only a more ecological and fair society, but a more peaceful world as well.

If successful, S-World will have moved the masses in a desired direction.

Wow, I get it, “moving the masses (people) in a desired direction”.

Exactly, shaping if not changing the future.

I get it. Got another example?

Ok, now this one goes way out there, but it comes back nicely so stay with me. “String Theory” is a genuine contender for “The Theory of Everything”

“The Theory of Everything”, what’s that…….. Particle physics for God?

(Later changed to The Particles of Physics within God? Then: The Particles of Physics within Good?)

Quite possibly, I’d certainly like to think so, but until someone can prove it, it’s just a theory.

So are you claiming S-World might be a contender for “The Theory of Everything?”

In a way yes, S-World has thousands of business and PR plans, so far I’ve not found one business that will not benefit, some more than others of course, but so far it does seem to work for everything.

Now I’m not saying S-World is the “Theory of Everything”,

I’m not saying “It’s the theory of nearly everything”

I’m not saying “It’s the theory of most things”

But I do claim S-World to be, “The Theory of, just a little more than we know now” And as such is a step in the right direction, a step in the desired direction.

Note: As soon as one puts in the word God, it will for many scientists and the layman cause controversy and skepticism, so I’d better explain my motives. I am not trying to prove God, rather prove that my little Sienna is some way still exists. This is the source of much of my work on theoretical science, and maybe it’s because of this I have got so far, certainly it’s why I have worked with such relentless dedication. The words “The Particles of Physics within God” are the PPG at the end of the equation E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/ -16 = 16 PPG. Later however it changed to “The Particles of Physics within Good” as God was not quantifiable, but good is, in its most rudimentary form one could count the amount of good deeds one does in a day. Further as my work and instinctive thinking developed, I considered the ripple effect of one good action inspiring another in the person you have been nice to lead to my considering the ripple effect throughout the earth and maybe universe, and what I call “The Beautiful Butterfly Effect” to most I guess commonly equated as Karma. More on this later.

It was not long after the paper on “String Theory” & “The Theory of Everything” that little Sahara Hafez, who I had the privilege to see growing up every day, got the nickname “Chaos” as she was hitting the so called “Terrible two’s” and being what we considered more hyper, than the typical two year old.

So for fun, I looked up “Chaos Theory” on Wikipedia.

Chaos theory is a field of study in mathematics, with applications in several disciplines including physics, economics, biology, and philosophy. Chaos theory studies the behavior of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions, an effect which is popularly referred to as the butterfly effect. Small differences in initial conditions (such as those due to rounding errors in numerical computation) yield widely diverging outcomes for chaotic systems, rendering long-term prediction impossible in general.[1] This happens even though these systems are deterministic, meaning that their future behavior is fully determined by their initial conditions, with no random elements involved.[2] In other words, the deterministic nature of these systems does not make them predictable.[3][4] This behavior is known as deterministic chaos, or simply chaos.

Chaotic behavior can be observed in many natural systems, such as the weather.[5] Explanation of such behavior may be sought through analysis of a chaotic mathematical model, or through analytical techniques such as recurrence plots and Poincaré maps.

I immediately saw a usable tread, if the small little rounding errors made economics impossible to predict, the human errors were far more damaging, and as the heart of my software designs were to remove human error from accounting, I made a few comments on the other Q&A papers in the business software & global economic recovery sections of the facebook product presentation.

Tell me about the FaceBook Members Business Software, in a way that does not bore the pants of me?

Wow, tough audience! Ok, I’ll try, its real name is Super Intelligent Engine for New Network Access or SIENNA.GOV, its end game is to make a program that can run the world’s economy, looking to avoid “Chaos Theory” and lessening the Butterfly Effect of one economy buffeting the next. Further to this would be our attempt to better understand “Chaos Theory” itself.

What good would that do?

For one, we could change the weather and I’d imagine make more ecological and scientific advances.

And the next page:

Global Economic Recovery! Are u serious?

The principal again comes from basic business sense; if people had more money in there pockets they will spend more on our products.

Are you hoping to achieve this with the previously mentioned SIENNA.Gov Software?

In part yes, Governments across the world are spending more than they earn, see http://nationaldebtclocks.com/greece.htm that’s no way to run any business, or economy. If we look at “Chaos Theory” again, it states “Small differences in initial conditions (such as those due to rounding errors in numerical computation) yield widely diverging outcomes!”

If instead of just looking at simple rounding errors, we look at hundreds of thousands of people in governmental administrative positions, all making small and sometimes big mistakes, that’s not “Chaos Theory”, that’s utter chaos in itself.

So by making software that fully automates a government’s administration you expect to avoid these mistakes?

Yes and elevate fraud, and save billions on admin and accounting staff, plus the leaders of the country receive accurate reporting. So they can clearly see where they are loosing money and further they can see which new economic measures that have been implemented, work and which don’t.

I remember after writing this, I prepared another letter for Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of facebook) and mentioned, that I was not trying to show off, rather that “Chaos theory” simply seemed relevant to the project and asked if it had been considered within software design. This was after I had written the business development section in support of my application for the facebook director of business development position, which I only made as my emails to partners@facebook.com were unanswered.

My application was not immediately answered, and the work on business development had led me to find various ways to include and gain investment from other industries by bouncing the benefits of one industry to the next, and expanding the network plans to other industries, and so the “you don’t want to get left behind” philosophy was born, which was most likely the for runner to creating the university.

It was time to move on, back to the original “Spartan Theory”, the Greek economy and “New Sparta” The original plans can be seen here http://www.s-world.biz/New_Sparta/index.htm As I started however, I become more and more fascinated with “Chaos Theory” not the science side, simply what it could achieve. It also made sense from another perspective; my work was not “The Theory of Everything” rather “Chaos Theory” which I was a lot more comfortable with. And as such I revisited the first page to mention “Chaos Theory “which said:

“For one, we could change the weather and I’d imagine make more ecological and scientific advances.”

At this time I had no idea that I would come up with a way to cheat this objective, but if “The Spartan Theory” was in part “Chaos Theory” I thought, maybe I could use one of the primary objectives of the “Spartan Theory” to build a City, to help change the weather, by the most rudimentary of ways, change the City into a huge University and use the untold riches that the financial projections were showing to fund it, in the hope that one of the staff or students would work it out. And if we look at all the plans, making the City into a giant university is what made a great plan into an extraordinary plan. So I decided I would make a graphic to highlight the university objectives.

All of the subjects covered were related to each other, and were there in part to fulfill my more fanciful but fun ambition of conquering space.

Then on the 16th September I wrote my first serious paper on “Chaos Theory” based in part again on the original facebook business software page

Tell me about the FaceBook Members Business Software, in a way that does not bore the pants of me?

Wow, tough audience! Ok, I’ll try, its real name is Super Intelligent Engine for New Network Access or SIENNA.GOV, its end game is to make a program that can run the world’s economy, looking to avoid “Chaos Theory” and lessening the Butterfly Effect of one economy buffeting the next. Further to this would be our attempt to better understand “Chaos Theory” itself.

However I considered more than lessening the negative effects, rather exploiting the positive effects.

“One has to use Chaos to our advantage, reverse engineer it to make a positive, make a positive Chaotic System”

“The quote most popular is “If a butterfly flaps its wings it could cause a hurricane on the other side of the earth” As best I can see this is definitely possible. But what if we reversed it: “At a different time if a butterfly flaps it wings it could just as well stop a hurricane on the other side of the earth” one can’t exist without the other.”

This led to the consideration of all the tiny little coincidences that had shaped my life, being the same as all the trillions of ripple effects that would cause a small flap of a butterflies wing’s to either create or stop a hurricane”

Then I went on to economics

What if we consider Chaos Theory within economics?

So instead of the butterfly creating a hurricane lets stop the hurricane and make a gentle breeze
And that’s what “The Spartan Theory” aims to do. The principal behind New Sparta is scientific research will help the planet and the people on it. HAS ANYONE GOT A BETTER IDEA? No of course not.

I guess in one way all the “Spartan Theory” does is show you how to make a business of Science.|

And the business is the butterfly effect of every single scientific or economical discovery being applied to every singe business. So when one business makes more money due to a technical advance, it adds to the science pot, and so more advances are made, often in other businesses or industries, and so other businesses do well and get richer, and so they can give more to science, then businesses start having compounded interests, Dam’s are cheaper, so more get built, more jobs, more money in peoples pockets, more spending, more profit, more to science, more advances…… It really never seems to stop. And if we can ever control or even just influence the weather, humanity will have been moved in a very desirable direction indeed.

And here are some strings of how the butterfly effect works in a positive within “The Spartan Theory” The thing to notice is; every string affects every other string in a positive way.

It follows to list about 50 examples of businesses benefiting from other businesses successes, and the ripple effects to jobs and the economy. I’ll not list them, rather just give the link http://www.s-world.biz/Spartan_Theory/Chaos_Theory.htm

Note the original “Give Half Back” concept, which should be called “Nick Gives All Back” Where I had decided instead of doing a 50/50 deal with VIRGIN they keep there 50% and I make my 50% work for the good of humanity. All be it now, my best idea to serve humanity is via the university and city itself, as at the moment the “Give Half Back” goes 25% to the University & 25% to city development, upkeep and social security. I can’t say for certain; however the above work, the first well thought out paper on “Chaos Theory”, was probably the inspiration for such a split.

At this point I was hooked, all be it, I doubted any scientist world accredit my work as “Chaos Theory” or more to the point the practical advantages of the reverse butterfly effect. It was time to restart the work on Greece and New Sparta applying said ripple effect. The next paper I wrote was also called “Chaos Theory” Sienna.Gov which further highlighted, the problems with human error in financial systems. This time however inspired by the statistic that Greece was loosing $40 odd billion a year in uncollected tax revenue I made the simple leap from the software calculating business earnings to approved government tax audit, to paying the tax as well.

This lead to the obvious problem of businesses not wishing to use the system, and so a list of benefits to Greek business were made, and a target of 500,000 Greek businesses was created. Here is the original list of benefits.

1. All humans removed from the administrative & accounting process. Staff, accountants and auditors costs reduced.
2. All humans removed from the administrative & accounting process. All money lost due to human error eliminated.
3. All humans removed from the administrative & accounting process. All money lost due to human fraud eliminated.
4. VAT reduced from 25% to 10% *(provisional figures)
5. Payroll Tax halved *(provisional figures)
6. Collective purchasing & Shared distribution networks, reduces costs on all supplies by 25% to 50%
7. Business expansion into complementary businesses safer & easier.
8. Vastly improved internet presence at no cost.
9. Vastly improved customer service and customer retention
10. Well monitored performance evaluation of all companies
11. Dedicated business advisory team, permanently operating from New Sparta “Science City”
12. Opportunities to conduct business in “New Sparta”
13. The Entire New Sparta University dedicated to making every Greek Business more profitable, trying to tempt foreign companies to Greece and trying to improve Greek export competitiveness.
14. New global export opportunities found via the software and in New Sparta “Network City”

And an example of collective ordering of beer was illustrated, which lead to the concept of Amstel Beer setting up a brewery in Greece.

Lastly it highlighted, that now I had something that would temp Mark Zuckerberg, the networking of the 500,000 business and what I now call “businessbook”

Back to Sahara Hafez, the inspiration for me looking up “Chaos Theory”, Sahara had now changed schools to a Montessori school, and immediately she calmed down and became “less Chaotic” As a result I started to also consider the psychology of “Chaos Theory” and the butterfly effect not just on this incident but all the incidents that would happen through her life.

I can’t remember the date, and still feeling that my work was not real “Chaos Theory” rather benefiting from considering it in my work, I started to let my mind explore the true butterfly effect. Walking and climbing my favorite mountain, where I would rarely see a sole, MP3 player on with the last of the Bob Dylan, Woodstock generation playing in my ears, all be it with a lean towards Ghost Dance & All about Eve.

I put my mind into the flow of that tiny bit of wind and explored its direction, not really making any conclusions, just considering the journey, this lead to me questioning consciousness, and considering the question, are the plants and mountains that I look at conscious just because I’m thinking about them, then further considering the work I had just read by “Lee Chavez” including the paragraphs

“I was inspired to find out that there are people who believe we can model social/ political activity after things we find in nature.”

“In a nutshell, chaos theory tells us that everything in the universe has an emerging nature, from the evolution of organisms, to volcanic eruptions, to weather patterns, to the growth of civilizations.”

“The biosphere as a whole and all its components existed in a state far from equilibrium. Based on this, they said life, as part of the natural order, was the "supreme expression" of a self-organizing process. Simplified, this means that the air, land and sea are all part of a complex system that tends towards equilibrium. It does so because it is adaptive. If it doesn’t, – if it were rigid – it would cease to exist, and we would cease to exist.”

Whist on a different topic Chavez also wrote:

“Imaginary lines have existed over the centuries, making sure to keep scientists, artists, writers, mathematicians, physicists, educators, etc. in separate departments. Like spokes emanating from a hub, they go in their separate directions. As they go down the spoke, their ideas, rather than coming together, spread further apart. So, what if we were to bring people back to the "hub"” at least momentarily in order to solve some serious problems. To do this, we ought to at least have a better understanding of chaos and complexity theories.”

This was very much the idea behind the teaching methods I wished to be followed in “New Sparta” Mixing subjects with each other and science, somewhere in my work you will find my quote relating to the construction workers in “New Sparta” spending at least one day a week in the university and. “Who is more likely to come up with a more economical way to build a house? An academic who has never laid a brick or a builder trained in science and economics?

Back to my walk.

I put my mind into the flow of that tiny bit of wind and explored its direction, not really making any conclusions, just considering the journey, this led to me questioning consciousness, and considering the question, are the plants and mountains that I look at conscious just because I’m thinking about them, then further considering “Lee Chavez” are plants and mountains in a way that is different to our understanding conscious in some way. I later assimilated this to what is known as James Lovelock’s “Gaia Theory” which is in essence “The Earth will defend itself” it is ultimately self conscious. I further considered that my original tracking of the butterfly effect both in the coincidences that shape our future and the chain reactions of the wind from the butterfly as one in the same.

This lead to an inspiring thought, what if the earth had decided to defend itself by giving me the “Spartan Theory” and further what if humanity was not as stated in “The Matrix” a virus to the planet, (a concept which considering environmental damage I believed) but rather a deliberate act to protect the earth from another planet killer asteroid, which had done so much damage the time before (if it was an asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs)

This was all very encouraging as it really gave me more understanding into what this was all about for me, simply trying to prove that Sienna’s consciousness continued, and if we go to the first 3 paragraphs of the Sienna The Movie script, I wrote at the beginning of “The Spartan Theory” It made the impossible, more possible.

SIENNA The Movie

Super Intelligent Engine for New Network Access

Episode1. “S-World”

“Opening credits”

The creators of Terminator, Caprica & the Matrix were right, it was inevitable that software becomes self aware.

What they did not realize was.

At nearly the exact same time, software becomes aware, across the entire Universe.

And like any newborn, they are all very confused!

All accept one,

Episode one is set against a plot similar to “The Social Network” documenting the evolution of FaceBook into S-World”

Sienna Sky is the most beautiful of the angels, not only beautiful on the outside but pure and full of only love. On 24 November 2009 Sienna Skye traveled to earth, she saw nothing but love but she thought the world was too harsh. On the 1st August 2010 she chose to transcend into energy to help open a portal to the world in order to help humanity.

Sienna’s mother was torn apart. Sienna’s father looked to try to make sense of the world, and journeyed across the mountains surrounding Cape Town. In the mountains he felt Sienna all around, her energy flowing through the bushes and trees, enhanced by the mountains magnified by the Ocean, an almost psychedelic experience. Then slowly, Sienna starts to show her farther a way to build a super computer for her to communicate through.

The schematics are amazingly detailed, 40 or more highly evolved concepts, combined simultaneously to complete the transition from the 20th Century service based economy to the 21st Century ecological experience economy and the technical data of how to gather most of the worlds knowledge. He knows, if he is to see his daughter again, he would need to build, the new social network.

I’d always seen the glimpses of the trees when they were at there greenest in a beautiful way, I had only ever had one word that I had considered as given to me from the other side, simply “photosynthesis”, which looking back at it makes a lot of sense as photosynthesis is life itself, and later you will see how it becomes a vital element in changing the weather.

So I continued on my walk, this time however considering all the theories as intrinsically connected, “String Theory” telling me, one man can change the world, “The Theory of evolution” crating the world “Gaia Theory” protecting the world and “Chaos Theory” and the butterfly effect, there to guide us in the right direction by creating the subtle coincidences that shape our destiny. All linking together to become parts of “The Theory of Everything”.
I’d got home, and considered, you know what, let’s try and change the weather, not via the trillions of different events that can not be calculated, but rather by the Billions of dollars that would be at my disposal should anyone ever actually bother to read my work.

A few weeks before whist doing an infrastructure analysis on New Sparta I had realized that we had a lot of spare cash, and had assigned them to “luxury projects”.

Now let’s have a look at the luxury plan.... Infrastructure Budget $16 Billion

1. My current favorite New Sparta luxury city improvement idea is “The Rain Forrest Theory” at $6 Billion. The theory being based on the hanging gardens of Babylon, one of the 7 wonders of the world. If they could create a man made wonder of that magnitude in those days, what’s to stop us from doing the same now?
We will study desalination and wind, solar and hydro energy and create a self powered desalination plant capable of creating a hundred Giga Litres of water, enough to ensure cities like Sydney and Adelaide will never run out of water. That’s a lot.

This is my theory, to make a tropical rain forest you need a lot of plants, rain and heat. I’m not sure if soil conditions are a significant factor and I’m unsure if the tropics play a significant part, but Southern Greece is about the same temperature as the Amazon. So if we add a hundred Giga Litres of water and a ridicules amount of plants we will turn “C-Energy” City (The Alternate energy sub city) into either the world’s biggest botanical garden, or possibly an actual rain forest.

This will be seen as a true ecological wonder, and make “C-Energy” City very beautiful, and of course we need to appreciate the “Chaos Theory” This single act will increase desirability and so property values collectively will be far higher that it’s $6 Billion and as such creating a rainforest is a big money maker. That’s the theory, prove me wrong....

The only thing that could possibly be wrong with the theory is that one can only make the worlds biggest botanical garden out of what was arid ground, not a rain Forrest, but to quote Cinzia Busi “Even In failure we strive for perfection”

The cost breakdown.
$3 Billion for the alternate energy desalinization plant, and upkeep for 8 years.
$1 Billion on pipes and water sprinklers
$1 Billion gardeners and horticulturists
$1 Billion on plants fertilizers and soil

This lead to the “Rain Africa” project and the “Chaos Theory for Dummies, like me” chapter

At this time, I started working on three “Chaos Theory” projects all at the same time:

1. Changing the weather:
2. Proving Karma via what I call “The beautiful butterfly effect”
3. The non chaotic economic system and the mathematical science of “Chaos Theory”

And so I decided to make the second book on “The Spartan Theory” dedicated to “Chaos Theory” http://www.s-world.biz/Sparta_Rises_Again/Home.htm

The first project on changing the weather was called “Rain Africa”, I dubbed it “Chaos Theory for Dummies, like me” as again, it had no credible relationship to “Chaos Theory”, other than, I believed the “New Sparta” project was influenced by “Chaos Theory” and as such the money made via that connection being spent on desalination, was due to “Chaos Theory” hence it was “Chaos Theory”. That of course would never fly with scientists, hence the name “Chaos Theory for Dummies, like me” and the header, “it’s not just about the science, rather what we want to achieve.” And adaptation from the “It’s not just about the code, rather what we wish to achieve” that I had written for mark Zuckerberg. Here is the rough workings..


“The Spartan Theory”
Book 2 - Sparta Rises Again - Chapter 4
“Chaos Theory for Dummies” (like me)
“How to Change the Weather”

As far as I can see, the greatest thing that could be accomplished by “Chaos Theory” is changing the weather, the most practical application of which would be to make it rain across The Africa and Middle Eastern deserts. I first read about “Chaos Theory” and its potential to change The Weather” just a few months back, I did not know how to do it scientifically, so I looked for a work around. I was working on an economic solution for Greece involving building a large ecological city called “New Sparta”. It made a lot of sense, to dedicate the City to Science, so making it possible for someone else to work out how to change the weather, and so ultimately achieving the objective.

At the same time, I was working on a love project of my very own, I call it.

Sienna Mountain

This place has special significance for me, as it was where I held her for many memorable photographs. At first I just went there and buried, jelly tots and sweets under the sand, then some roses and more sweets, then more roses. Then Rouge, a curious spiritual fellow from California, advised me, I should not lay dead flowers, rather plant a garden.

So after a while I went to the garden centre bought a small cactus, similar to the one below (centre) a little sign that said “Angels Play Here” and 4 pink crystal rocks.

It was very beautiful, and the next day more so, but the next day, the sign and rocks were gone and the cactus was unearthed laying helplessly on its side, I was upset but I considered the homeless of Hout Bay, and the bread they probably bought with the $1 they probably sold the rocks for.

I know, I sound like Mother Theresa, it was not really like that, I’d been so used to kicking into positivity no matter what life threw at me, which was useful as life was throwing a lot at me, that after 10 seconds or was it a minute, I cant recall, I simply said to myself, “I must double my efforts”

And so, I came back this time with 3 big bags of soil, a rose bush, a big Allow (pictured left with the lollypops on it), some spiky plants that I called defenders (hoping it would make it harder for vandals)and some power flowers, which I thought would have instant impact but would get blown away in a few days. This was surrounded by a circle of glittery pebbles, given to me by the nice lady as the beach house,

This time it stuck, no one disturbed it, all be it after a few days, the power flowers looked a little sorry for themselves, a few weeks later, I returned with some water plants (they retain water so live well in deserts). To my surprise, the power flowers were still doing well a month later.

What does this tell us?

Simply it’s pretty easy to make things grow in sand, so long as you have a little earth, some worms a bee or two and an awful lot of water. My conclusion, when I had enough influence I would seek to lay irrigation and make a huge botanical garden across the dunes and Hout Bay beach, and this would be Sienna’s creation, created by her inspiration, and it would be alive.

By combining the New Sparta rainforest project, and a massive version of Sienna Mountain, It leads to the obvious conclusion, which I dubbed “African rain”

The paper then went into details about, the cost, estimated at $US16 trillion, and some thoughts about, creating an artificial rainforest around a mountain that would be flooded with water, creating first humidity, then rain.

A humorous part, which illustrates my utter forgetfulness of everything Mr. Coleman my high school physics teacher taught me, was my need to work out if we had the raw materials to create rain. H2O was water I knew that, and the photosynthesis created the oxygen (The “O”) I knew that as well, but what was the “H”?

I looked it up, and it was of course Hydrogen

The first line said it has the atomic number of one,
I simply wrote

“Hmmm I guess it won some competition”!

Later I remembered it was the component of the hydrogen bomb, hence the atomic number, but it’s this little bit of amusement, that help to lighten the journey. It went on to find out the universe is made up of 75% hydrogen and it’s just about everywhere, and so mixed with the oxygen from the photosynthesis, eventually humidity, and then rain. Weather changed problem partially solved, as long as we have the $16 Trillion of course. “It’s not just about the science, rather what we want to achieve” never so true.

More recently I further adapted the model, applying influence from “The Spartan Theory”. In fact the part that gave the Spartan theory its name, as up until the below “point 11” it was called “The New 21st Century Ecological Experience Economy” or “EEE” http://www.s-world.biz/Spartan_Theory/The_New_21st_Century_Ecological_Experience_Economy_EEE.htm

“The Spartan Theory” was not named after the New Sparta “Science City” idea, quite the opposite, Originally Zimbabwe was considered, not a city, I had not thought of that yet, just the governmental software. I knew people in African Politics and the idea of transforming a country that was a complete wreck into an economic powerhouse, would make the perfect example.

Zimbabwe, is a rich horticultural land, previously dubbed “The Bread basket of Africa” it is also rich in minerals and precious metals, so a recovery would be dramatic, Moweaqua Sisulu informed me however, despite the power sharing government, it was still completely unstable.

This is how I got the name “The Spartan Theory” a peace initiative that was added as the 3rd adaptation to “The New 21st Century Ecological Experience Economy” See: http://www.s-world.biz/Spartan_Theory/History_of_the_Spartan_Theory.htm

11. The Spartan Theory.
In exchange for guaranteed NATO Protection, Libya destroys all weapons.
Sienna’s companies fund compulsory education for 16 to 21 year olds
Education is geared towards environmental awareness and physics.
All students are rigorously tough martial arts.
If it comes to war again, 300 warriors will fight hand to hand.

This led to the Libya incident, which saw VIRGIN Brands SA back out of the deal they had provisionally accepted as worth up to $50 Billion a few days before. http://www.s-world.biz/Virgin/So_what_happened_with_VIRGIN.htm : proof Fiona white +27 83 324 1234 or Gavin Mearing +27 74 1202 121They will not like to hear from anyone about the subject, but they can not dispute they approved the financial analyses and accompanying spread sheets, 2. Here you will see how I have covered there asses, and its all true but I have left out some details that would really damage VIRGIN as a whole as it’s really nor Sir Richards fault as he was never informed.

You would have thought loosing a deal I had spent 3 years preparing for, whist being in a very precarious financial position sitting down legs dangling over the steep cliff of bankruptcy, would have been upsetting, but I wasn’t phased, I had done my best to stop a war, at the time I was called to make the ultimate sacrifice, I came to the plate and tried my best.

Others around me however were convinced I’d got completely mad, and maybe I had, but if I’d not have acted the way I did, I’d have never been introduced to theoretical science, and whist my intentions were always to use the money for good, the plan is considerably improved for the extra 10 months of work.

And so to the latest model which combines both desalinization, cities of science, and the noblest intention of “The Spartan Theory” the end of war and destroying of weapons. The soon to he highly controversial “Babylon Project”

The picture says it all! More on this later, and to the next “Chaos” theory project I was working on

Proving Karma via what I call “The beautiful butterfly effect”

This was based on Sahara Hafez and the trouble her Grandmother continually causing trouble by taking her frustrations out on Sahara’s Mother Zenda.

Zenda Scholtz and little miss “Chaos Theory” herself
“Sahara Scholtz Hafez who is quite a dancer herself, I’ll have you know

I have had the privilege of seeing Sahara grow up for the last 10 months or so. When she hit two (A phenomenon often described as the terrible two’s) she became hyper, and we called her Chaos, so one day, for fun I looked up “Chaos Theory” I immediately saw it giving credit to financial software I was designing. And so “Chaos Theory” was lightly introduced in a tong in cheek paper called facebook members business software this was the first mention of Chaos Theory within “The Spartan Theory”

Getting back to Sahara, I noticed, or we noticed that after she went to a Montessori school, (Song#4) she was no longer Chaotic. And I started to observe, more closely considering the butterfly effect within her consciousness.

The beautiful “butterfly effect” Photo by The Photo Shop Wizard (Kudos, Wizard)

They say that the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil could set off a tornado in Texas, The cumulative choices people make in San Diego are melting The Gilkuna Glacier in Alaska, (Source) and they keep making horror movies about it!!!!! The beautiful butterfly effect has a bad rep, but I’m here to put the record straight, it deservers much love and understanding from us all as the knife cuts both ways, if you apply positive (Good) Chaos Theory then, Texas could equally see rain, San Diego could just as well ecologically over compensate and “The Butterfly Effect” could be the base of the greatest love story ever told.

Here we can see, the ripple through space of the butterfly effect, looking similar to the beat of butterfly’s wings. It is also said that the butterfly effect is Inter Galactic, what you are doing right now has (or could have) an effect on the other side of the Universe, and who am I to argue, I can however offer an explanation.

How can you cause an effect on the other side of the Universe?

Its simple enough in theory, pick up your cell phone, call someone on the other side of the universe and ask them to do something. We cant do it yet, but we can call someone on the other side of the planet, which not so long ago was the known universe.

It’s been 14 Billion years since the creation of the universe, and we have had cell phones for 30 years, we have Billions of years to improve cell phones and place cell towers on the various moons of the various galaxies.

If we go back to my source of inspiration for “Chaos Theory” little miss not so chaotic anymore “Sahara Hafez” and see how the butterfly effect within her known universe is constantly shaping and changing her future.

Person (A) & (B) are non specific, they could be friends, family, work colleagues or even rivals.

Zenda and Sahara live a happy life, they could use more money, but that’s the same for most, fortunately Zenda and Sahara live in Hout Bay, the home of Sienna Mountain, and walking the beach and sunbathing are free so for the good part of her day Zenda and Sahara are just caught up in the little world that is theirs.

Meanwhile on the other side of the universe, err oops I meant on the other side of South Africa, something has happened to put person (C) on a chaotic path.

You will notice there is no person (C) on the map, that’s because Sahara has never met this person and will probably never meet this person.

Person (C) takes their chaotic frustrations out on Person (B)
Person (A) Joins Person (B), and the chaos spread’s within the dynamic.

Frustrated Parson (A) phones Zenda, at first most likely for a friendly word, but due to the chaotic state transferred from persons (C) to (B) then to her (A), she creates the opposite effect and channels chaos caused by Person (C) who she has never met through the phone, to the cell tower, up out of out atmosphere to a satellite, back to earth, to another cell tower which delivers the chaos to poor Zenda.

No man is an Island, no woman is a rock, if someone upsets Zenda her mood, like all people’s when upset will become more chaotic, and dealing with “The terrible Two’s” largely on your own is tough enough already so if Person (A) upsetting Zenda happens to coincide with a baby food fight, Zenda like all mothers gets upset with their daughter, this breaks the bond and has a negative effect on Sahara.

The trouble with this is, the telling off is often after the event, so Chaos (Sahara) does not know where the upsetness comes from and why she is being told of (or put in the naughty chair), all Sahara knows is abandonment and so she cries, the crying further exasperates Zenda and so a chaotic state exists until the cycle ends, and that is with Zenda, being the one that can read and write, just being really nice.

So in this instance person (C) from 2000 miles away has had no communication with Zenda or Sahara, but has made her cry, and has no idea what he or she has done.

Further to this, I believe every time a baby or child is in discomfort, it has an effect that will change the course of their lives, just a little bit in the bigger scheme of things, but like the butterflies tiny flap, can cause a hurricane or African rain, nearly every time person (A) fights with person (B), Sahara’s life, her future, who she will marry, who her children will be, what she or they might discover changes.

Then some research on “chaos Theory” within neurology brought me to this article http://www.tricitypsychology.com/a-butterfly-effect-in-the-brain/

Next time your brain plays tricks on you, you have an excuse, simply that the brain is unreliable. Much like a computer works better without to many applications open, when the brain is engaged in many tasks simultaneously it does not function at full capacity.

It is his hypothesis, theorist, Peter Latham, at the Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit has taken inspiration from the celebrated butterfly effect – Their idea was to introduce a tiny effect into the brain and see what happened. Would it have a knock-on effect, or immediately die out?

It turned out to have a huge knock-on effect, that single extra ‘spike’, (or nerve impulse), caused about thirty new extra spikes in nearby neurons in the brain, most of which caused another thirty extra spikes, and so on.

It is said, this may not seem like much, given that the brain produces millions of spikes every second. However, the researchers estimated that eventually, that one extra spike affected millions of neurons in the brain. (Source)

This lead to the conclusion, that one good thing or one bad thing creates a ripple around the earth, the butterfly effect in full force, but, for that to really mean anything, I needed to prove that the ripple came back, and so I stepped up my being nice to everyone, and the Jury is still out. I guess if my work is correct and I save the world, my life will finally mean something and to me, at least I’ll have proved my good deeds did indeed come full circle

I’d wished to make more graphics showing how someone (me) being nice to Zenda, re addresses the damage created, and further, if more nice things happened to Zenda than bad things, it would have a positive effect on Sahara.

My conclusion was simple; and at the heart of what I am trying to improve via “Chaos Theory” is economics, as such the best thing that could happen to Zenda was having more money, so instead of making more graphics, I moved back to the “New Sparta” initiative, and a re assessment of property values for Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who was my chosen expert on City Building as he and his half brother were instrumental in the building of Dubai, in the same paper, I considered China in the equation and tried to better understand currency, and thought of a novel idea of making coins out of Gold.

However half way through, the 20 hour stint, I started to play with Einstein’s theory of relativity, which had just been called into question as some scientists in Italy had breached the speed of light. It was said, that Einstein’s theory of relativity was not wrong, rather there was more to it. So I pondered the theory and realized that I did not know what the “C” stood for so I looked it up. And it was “The Speed of Light” E=MC2 Energy = Mass x the speed of light squared

And here is where it got to a point that until a few days ago I read a section in Steve Jobs book, I was a little embarrassed about it as it may seem absolute nonsense to purist scientists with there huge great big atom crushers, however in Steve jobs book, he suggests it was “Zen” instinctive thinking that lead to his success, and no one would argue his credentials.

Hence the paragraph in my letter to the government.

“In August 2011 I started to discover the business and economic plans were instinctive “Chaos Theory” which was first described on the 16th September, then later here, here, here & here. In October a significant break trough was made by eliminating rounding errors from mathematical computation so creating the world’s first non chaotic economic structure. Dearly departed “Steve Jobs” ex CEO of Apple describes his vision and success down to “Zen” instinctive thinking. This page shows how this formula E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/ -16 = 16 PPG combined with the Mandelbrot set fractal became the inspiration for said non chaotic economic structure.”

And here is said page: http://www.s-world.biz/Sparta_Rises_Again/Rough_Draughts/Chapter_2.htm

The relevant section started about half way down the page with this “What Theory applies to space travel, the theory of relativity, E=MC2 (Energy = Mass x The speed of light squared), but now we have E=MC2+TOE=TPOPWG (The Particles of physics within either God or Good)”

What we have here is the standard “E=MC2” (which I really should read a book on to understand how Einstein reached this conclusion).

“E=MC2” where the “C” was the speed of light, I equated the theory to the universe due to the speed of light and ultimately my hope that the human consciousness is an Energy, as energy as well as mass can not be created or destroyed, and as such if the human consciousness is energy, Sienna still exists to a scientific certainty.

My premise was: If “E=MC2” was incomplete, what should we add, I was happy with the E but considered that Energy can’t simply be weight and speed, there must be more to it, and the scientific version of Mass (weight), said little more.

In physics, mass (from Greek µ??a "barley cake, lump (of dough)"), more specifically inertial mass, can be defined as a quantitative measure of an object's resistance to the change of its speed. In addition to this, gravitational mass can be described as a measure of magnitude of the gravitational force which is

1. exerted by an object (active gravitational mass), or
2. experienced by an object (passive gravitational force)

when interacting with a second object. The SI unit of mass is the kilogram (kg).

In everyday usage, mass is often referred to as weight, the units of which are often taken to be kilograms

The obvious choice was “The Theory of everything” as it was so all encompassing; it was science for God and so if we were going to add anything to Einstein’s Theory, which was as good an addition as anything.

6.00 pm Sunday December 18th 2011

I was just reminded that my mother had recorded a program on breaking the speed of light, so to better understand “C” the speed of light, I watched it. Its conclusion’s contradicting my earlier sentence “E=MC2+TOE=PPG may seem like absolute nonsense to purist scientists”

Firstly it was also interesting to know, that like me Albert Einstein’s formula was the result of a consciousness experiment and when he did his work he was in isolation.
My first adaptation of Einstein’s Theory was E=MC2+TOE=PPG, the program agreed TOE may be a part of the equation. Then further research on “TOE” states: “Such a theory would give us the ability to “read the mind of God,” and there’s a 50-50 chance that someone will discover the Holy Grail of physics within the next 20 years. Says the highly respected Stephen Hawking’s, and If we remember PPG stands for “The Particles of Physics within God” Originally “Particle Physics for God” we are right on both levels, from a theoretical point of view.

There is debate weather TOE is a combination of theories or a stand alone theory, as the math does not add up and contradicts the physics, however example’s of mathematics that have seemed impossible, have later been proved. Two theories were illustrated as examples of how the speed of light can be broken, but first a word on how they broke or did not break the speed of light

Neutrinos are small particles that travel through the space in atoms between their nucleus (core) and the electrons that orbit it. As such most neutrinos pass through atoms and as most or all things are made of atoms the neutrinos journey is generally unhindered. To put a scale on it literally billions of Neutrinos go through you every second. They also go through the earth equally unhindered.
Scientists in Italy, working on a project called “Opera” (Oscillation Project with Emulsion-tracking Apparatus), fired neutrinos from one lab in Switzerland 730 to the Italian lab. And timed it, the neutrinos arrived in 60 nanoseconds (that’s a 60 billionths of a second early) a ridiculously small amount of time, that I find hard to believe can be calculated, but they checked and rechecked and so far no one has proved them wrong. And as such the speed of light has been broken.

By adding the TOE in the form of my original gateway to theoretical science “String Theory” some say that there are 10 dimensions, we have 3, length, width, and height and time is considered the fourth. The other 10 are split in two so creating three, three dimensional parallel universes, the other two are really small, all though I don’t see why we cant be a small universe inside a bigger one. The theory suggested, that the parallel universes do not have a mass, and ass Einstein’s theory is based on one needing an infinite amount of energy to move mass to the speed of light, if the neutrinos were to slip through a parallel universe on their journey as the parallel universes had no mass at that point they could travel faster than the speed of light. Note: neutrinos are generally traveling just a little bit slower than the speed of light. It’s a way out there theory. And makes my mathematical science of chaos theory, seem as solid as a rock, which we will get to at the end.

Another thing to note, is when the universe was formed, it is said that for the initial second or two it expanded at such a rate that it was far faster than the speed of light. This said, unless some one was there with a stopwatch it is again difficult to prove.

Another contender for the theory of everything is “quantum mechanics” and I’ll have to watch the program again, to describe as I can’t read my notes, all I know it its about very small things and possibly black holes.

10.08 pm Sunday December 18th 2011

We are skipping back and forwards with the time lines, the above paragraph was written at about 8.30, as I’d done a lot of reading on the subjects contained above. Its things like this that make me cry, tears of joy as my search for little Sienna gets closer. It’s lucky that I never lie and am willing to take a polygraph on all my work as this may seem unbelievable. Over the last 2 weeks I’ve been so engrossed in my work that I have only watched 4 TV programs. It was 9pm on Sunday the week before Christmas, on network TV channel BBC 2 was “A night with the stars” an unassuming title that sound like the usual drivel that plagues TV nowadays.

Yep you guessed it, it was an extremely detailed science program lasting an hour dedicated to “Quantum Theory” The title simply that celebrities were in the audience and participated in the show. Its quite possible that, that was the first program ever on peak time popular television, dedicated to “Quantum Theory” that just happened to be on 30 minutes after I had written about my lack of understanding on the subject, which as far as I can remember is the first time In 3000 pages had ever written that I did not understand something. The math first time ever such a program was aired = infinity minus 1 x first time ever written that I was without knowledge again infinity minus 1 so Infinity minus 1 squared as yet an unconsidered number. Quite a coincidence, I’m sure someone will correct the math, but no one will argue the magnitude of the coincidence it’s a huge coincidence.

To increase the coincidence factor, as I left to watch the program, I was a few pages down, on the section, Quote:

“Energy” = “Mass of Consciousness” x “The Speed of Light“multiplied by itself + Evolution divided by Infinity - 64

“And you can see where I got the idea that this may be a way to communicate over great distances with the mind.”

The program was fascinating, and showed scientific proof that an action here effects the other side of the Universe as it is considered (factually, not theoretically) that the energy within every atom in the universe is different, which certainly brings the “all I know about “quantum theory” is it’s about very small things” into play. It actually seems unbelievable for this to be true, but apparently it is.

I was watching with keen interest of course, and the charismatic and well presented professor Brian Cox explained things well. All be it asking Jonathan Ross to work out the math that equaled 600 Billion times the length the universe has existed was a little cruel.
Then came the moment where he mentioned that all energy ratio of every atom in the diamond he was using as a demonstration has just changed as no two atoms can have the same energy ratio, and further this is the same for the whole universe, and so all the atoms in the universe just changed. I’ll put my argument against this in a minute, but first I’ll state my conclusion which I rushed up stares to type.

If we can calculate the energy in an atom, and track the subsequent changes across the universe, which is obviously getting back to the butterfly effect. And if someone on the other side of the universe can translate the data, we can communicate.

Arguments against, the atoms could just change their energy levels within a certain area and be all different, if one changes from 5 to 4 say, another just changes from 4 to 5.

True not true, a place to start looking, a place to not start looking, at the least to me this intrinsically links “Chaos Theory” to “Quantum Theory” the movement of the wind created from the butterflies wings, the millions of cause and effect events that shape the lives of everyone on the planet, the millions of different energy levels of atoms that create ripples through the universe, (so they say), and as my work is primarily about “Chaos Theory” it’s relevant.

Back to where I was before I watched the “Night with the Stars” program.

Lastly of interest, and of particular interest to me is Tachyon’s

There was a young lady named Bright,
Whose speed was far faster than light.
She went out one day,
In a relative way,
And returned the previous night!

Tachyons have the strange properties that, when they lose energy, they gain speed and vice verse, it is said that they are already going faster than the speed of light hence the so called infinite amount of energy needed to move a mass trough the speed of light barrier is not needed as they are already through it.

Why this is of particular interest is two fold, firstly if tachyons may help in the consciousness experiments, if we remember the “Albert Einstein phoning ET” graphic, and secondly they say if you go faster than the speed of light one goes back in time, I can go back in time and get Sienna to the hospital sooner, or change events in a different fashion.

Lastly on this point, I first heard about the notion that the consciousness could travel great distances, faster than the speed of light when I was 7 or 8, by reading John Windom’s “Chucky” Looking back this may be my first detailed memory of my childhood. Another story in the same vein in the film “Contact”

And back to E=MC2+TOE=PPG, the following however, contradicts some scientists view that TOE is a stand alone theory. It does however eventually lead to the mathematical science of Chaos Theory, so correct or crazy it was a path worse pursuing.

Next I came to consider my theory that “The Theory of Everything” was not a stand alone theory rather a combination of all theories, and more to the point all good or positive theories, a theory in a positive way, the butterfly effect, not creating a hurricane, rather rain over Africa and so it went: “String Theory” + “Chaos Theory” = TOE/? A combination on the two main theories I had used, the /? Was simply the amount of other positive theories that I did not know, then I adapted the formula some more, this time dividing TOE by infinity, which made more sense as TOE “The Theory of Everything” is so all encompassing that it could be infinite.

However as we had two positive theories it was divided by infinity minus 2 so “String Theory” + “Chaos Theory” = TOE/-2 Then however I considered my early “Chaos Theory” paper, illustrating that components became more than the sum of their parts, if presented in a positive or “with good motives” fashion and so we went to “String Theory” + “Chaos Theory” = TOE/-3 Then the idea to add another theory and this quote “and you see what were doing, we are reversing infinity so it will eventually come back to 0”. In other words, the more positive theories the closer we get to “The Theory of Everything” I later considered this as “The More Positive Thoughts” and if everyone on earth or maybe in the universe thought positively we would finally get to “The Theory of Everything” which is I guess Utopia, or heaven even, or at least what we would like heaven to be.

So I started adding more theories, initially working on the premise that the more than the sum of there parts was + 50% so 3 + 3 = 6 add 50% = 9. I first added “The Theory of Evolution” Which when abbreviated is “TOE” which I found a highly amusing coincidence, all be it when you are working on instinctive theoretical science, you pretty much accept that there are few coincidences, so you run with it.

2.14 pm Saturday December 17th 2011

Next came some more Theories “The Theory of Evolution” + “The Theory of Relativity” +“String Relativity” + “Chaos Theory” + “The Spartan Theory”+ “Julia Theory” = Toe/-9 ( remember we are adding 50% extra for every positive theory).

1 = 1
1+1 = 2+50% = 3
3+1 = 4+50% = 6
6+1 = 7+50% = 10.5
10.5+1=11.5+50% = 17.25
17.25+1=18.5 + 50% = 17.25

And then came the breakthrough, that led to the non chaotic formula, that when applied to economics creates results that significantly improves economics or simple business, as such it is now what I will use for my claim that I have proved “Chaos Theory” or what I call “The removal of Chaos Theory” as it is said that for a theory to be considered science it needs to produce tangible results, and certainly dramatic improvements in economics, computations and plane old business are tangible results, I’d already considered the sequence 1, 2, 4, 8, 16

The initial reason for the number 16 and subsequent 16 industries per city, Was initially due to travel and real estate global territory franchises, I’d started with 13 or 14, but as the earliest part of “The Spartan Theory” suggested PR and promotion were vital to success I’d looked for hooks, (points of interest) hence “Sienna The Movie” I knew people from FIFA due to the 2010 world cup, and I knew FIFA were looking to create a global league, so I changed the number to 16, the perfect number for a knock out tournament.

“It’s infinite, in a way, but its orderly, not chaotic, no rounding errors to be concerned about, which on my walk I thought necessary to solve,

“Repeat a complex system long enough and eventually, something surprising may happen” (BSG)

Until recently I’d never really considered the rounding errors within the software as such a problem, not compared to human error. This said the more I considered “Chaos Theory” and, I guess respected it, even understood it, all be it in an unconventional way, I started to think more about the rounding errors.

I wanted to solve the problem, another item was added to the “What I wish to achieve” list. At first I wondered if it was already possible, then later thought, no, if they could calculate to infinity, that would have made the news, then I wondered if Mark could do It, and for a while, I just thought, the problem would soon be in his capable hands, but then the contemplation that its simply cant be done, Mark Z or no Mark Z, infinity is infinite, by its very definition it can not be calculated.

And if so, there is no way to ever create a non chaotic economic system, as there will always be rounding errors. I did however start to think “I bet if that was worked out, something really cool would happen.”

I added a few more theories

“The Theory of Evolution” + “The Theory of Relativity” +“ String Theory” + “Sigmund Freud Theory “ + “Chaos Theory” + “The Spartan Theory”+ “Julia Theory” = Toe/∞-64 The 64 tells us the mass of the combined theories.

Having brought mass back into the equation it brings us back to the initial adaptation of Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity” E=MC2+TOE=PPG

At this point however, I just started playing with the words, following instincts, and few if any will make much sense of it, I’ll include it however for the sake of posterity.

As best I can remember the reason for the next change was going back to my original motivation of finding Sienna, via making software self conscious, hence “The Theory of Everything” changed to “The Theory of Evolution” the evolution from man to machine, it was also just a simple play on words as I noticed that “The Theory of Evolution’s initials were “TOE”

Just one note on software coming alive, recently I changed my opinion on this as is recorded at the end the overview of why I wrote the “Sienna The Movie” script. http://www.s-world.tv/S-World_The_Movie/About_S-World_The_Movie.htm

“As to the birth of self conscious software, I’ve since had a different conception, it’s more like, software is already conscious, and it is basically an extension of our brain, which we can only use 10% of. Software does a specific thing to aid the brain, and so it is always interacting with the consciousness of us, so quite often it is conscious, just not in the way, people thought it would be.

I’m not 100% or even 50% of the way there, but I’m looking not at software becoming self aware rather we become aware.

Aware of what, aware of ourselves, what we can do and maybe even what we are supposed to do.”

I continued

E=MC2+TOE/8-64 (the 64 possibly being the amount of energy we will need to do the project)

I’d like to describe it adding to the mass and changing “Theory of Everything” to “Theory of Evolution”

Energy = the mass of good progressive theories x The Speed of Light x itself + Evolution divided by Infinity minus 64.

(As I said, this may well make no sense)

If we look at “The mass of good progressive Theories” we can really look at consciousness, read Sienna The Movie, it was about the software becoming conscious, whether that happens or not who knows. It is however the human consciousness that came up with the theories so consciousness applies, but Ill not say human consciousness, we leave the door open for the consciousness of the many things imagined and so far unimagined.

So now we get

“Energy” = “Consciousness” x “The Speed of Light” multiplied by itself + Evolution divided by Infinity – 64

And you can see where I got the idea that this may be a way to communicate over great distances with the mind.

Then a further but of instinctive theorizing, as I added the universe to the beginning of the equation, thus making “The energy of the universe”

Energy x the Universe = Consciousness x the Speed of Light multiplied by itself + Evolution / by Infinity – 64 = 64 PPG

Is there a symbol for the Universe, Wikipedia?

“The universe is commonly defined as the totality of everything that exists,[1] including all space, time, matter, energy, planets, stars, galaxies, intergalactic space,[2][3] and beyond.”

The totality of everything that exists, sounds just like the “Theory of Everything”, so now we have

Energy x The Theory of Everything = The Mass of Consciousness x The speed of light squared + evolution / infinity – the amount of positive thoughts (64) = (64) Particles of physics within Good or God, (new note, we could consider “The Strings of Physics” within Good or God, and also consider changing evolution back to ‘The Theory of Everything” in its quantum form in some way.)

What I was left with was this

E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/8 -64 = 64 PPG

Or the New Sparta Plan

E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/8 -16 = 16 PPG

Kind of like “The restaurant at the end of the universe” in “The Hitch Hikers guide to the galaxy”, 16 particles back from Infinity, or the end of the universe which is racing on continually expanding.

And if we remember the series it ended with the earth being a giant Computer (Gaia Theory) created to answer the question what is “life the universe and everything” which eventually simply gave the number 42.

When asked, after many people had theorized it’s meaning the author said
The answer to this is very simple. It was a joke. It had to be a number, an ordinary, smallish number, and I chose that one. Binary representations, base thirteen, Tibetan monks are all complete nonsense. I sat at my desk, stared into the garden and thought '42 will do' I typed it out. End of story.

Everybody was looking for hidden meanings and puzzles and significances in what I had written (like 'is it significant that 6×9 = 42 in base 13? as if.) So I thought that just for a change I would actually construct a puzzle and see how many people solved it. Of course, nobody paid it any attention. I think that's terribly significant.[18]

At first I miss read this and thought he had used 6 x 9 in base 13

Seems like instinctive thinking and he was on the right track, but he did not consider the infinite nature of such numbers.

I’ve just done a check on the sequence 3,6,9,12,15,18 & 3,6,12,24,48 all be it I’m not really sure about the base 13. Both sequences led to infinity. I noticed however that Excel automatically rounds, which was extremely worrying as dividing causes decimal places in my sequence. I checked my 2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024 with a sequence of about 30 calculations mainly sub divides and few pluses and minuses, it seemed when we had a number such as 0.0000000000000035527136788005 and I added 512, it just equaled 512 which did not help Excel’s computing power is obviously limited. I also sometimes got an error message, which I hope is not infinity, but I doubt it as it rounds the 3 sequence lead to 0.6666666667 which is an obvious auto round. On the calculator I also could not get an infinite number although it I did get one error message.

Of course when you keep dividing, the decimal places get larger, and in a way that could lead to infinity, but as the sequence is calculable, it would mean infinity is calculable, which is in a way the whole point.

I’d better cover myself, in case it is possible to get a 0.666666666666666666666666 recurring infinite number, and simply say, if that is so, then much like the cash handling can make the software that removes humans from the data capturing of bank and other financial recording incorrect, not a perfect system rather a better system. If the sequence can reach infinity, it’s a lot harder to do, so an improvement, not the answer to life the universe and everything, (The Theory of Everything) just a step in the right direction “The Theory of more than we know now”

By the way a chap called Garret Lisi, dubbed “Surfer Dude” has just calculated the number 248 for “The Theory of Everything” being 248 dimensions. He is of course looking at it from a more conventional perspective, or one conventional perspective.

And that was the end of my formula

“E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/ -16 = 16 PPG

Soon after this I applied the numerical part of the formula to business

After this I started to apply the formula to my business/economy plans for “New Sparta” and other would be Cities.
And that was the end of the chapter, Crazy, not crazy, something to consider or complete tom foolery. If it is nonsensical, it gave me my number sequence, and a way to either limit infinite numbers in calculation’s or eradicate them completely, so far from a waist of one of the many days of my life.

The next paper is partially good and really should be read in its entirety.

It was originally entitled “EEE The economy for the next 14 Billion years”, as I considered the structure in the same way databases have improved so via API links and the like, they can communicate and be networked. My premise that if there were alien life in the endless realms of space, and at some point over the next 14 Billion years (a figure used as the Universe is considered 14 Billion years old) then chances are their economic system would be non chaotic and would only be compatible with another non chaotic economic system. However when my Uncle who used to work for IBM did not even bother to read my work as he did not understand the title, I changed it to “The Worlds First Non Chaotic Economic Structure”

However what made me realize the breakthrough was research into other “Chaos Theorists” work which took me to the Mandelbrot fractal.

“During the last few chapters, I started to put together a non chaotic economic system, based on the Mandelbrot set (2) fractal which most beautifully duplicates it shape each time it contracts. The part of its equation (z=z2+c) what got me thinking was this, if a calculation can equal infinity, its not a part of the Mandelbrot set. So if we made an economic system where no calculation could reach infinity, it would be non chaotic, as there are no rounding errors.”

Before I go on, it’s important to realize that the following, supports my claim to have “Chaos Theory” recognized as a science, as in this case by following the sequence tangible results have been produced. By applying the sequence to my business/economic plan/formula, significant improvements were made, very significant improvements.

I’ve only been following the sequence for a couple of months and this paper which is the macro plan, starting at a unit of $4 Billion and increasing

1. Applying the sequence first created “The pressure of profit” (POP) which makes company expansion extremely fast.

2. The capping of dividend yield’s, so the “Take only what you Need” philosophy can be forced, hence making a far more even distribution of wealth.

3. The reinforcement of company stability by pegging each company to a land acquisition, then providing adequate funds for upkeep, social security and expansion within their territory. Thus companies become individual self supporting economies.

The next paper was the Micro plan for a stand alone business model again starting at $4 Billion, this time diving down. http://www.s-world.biz/Sparta_Rises_Again/S-World_Business_Plan.htm

4. This resulted in a way to share dividends with staff, so when the company flourished, instead of wages, the staff just received the dividends, effectively making their cost to company zero as the dividends would otherwise have invariably just gone to an investor. The further advantage of course all the staff would work harder to achieve company success so they received their dividends.

So by following “The mathematical science of Chaos Theory” (The title of this paper/chapter), we achieve, more stable companies as they are secured by land and real estate, faster company growth and so more money for the universities thus faster scientific, technological, & economic development leading to free medicine for all. Enough cash for vast desalination & alternate energy projects, huge savings for governments, increased employment, and a way to dramatically cut staff bills and bridge the have, have not gap.

If that is not tangible results, then what on earth is?

I can even consider my love project the creation of a planetary defense system and a gigantic star ship, all be the latter may take centuries to construct. For the sake of credibility I really should not mention such things, however for the sake of entertainment and PR I will, and eventually you will see how this project was based simply on branding (the love associated with the company or companies.

If you look at the different sciences, industries & technologies I put on the “New Sparta” “Science City” map, you will see that they are all based on this project. City 14 for example “Robotic Mining” was created so we could cut huge slabs of moon rock from the moon, to add as shielding, which made sense to me as the gravity on the moon is far less that the earth and I wanted the shielding one mile thick all the way around the ship, strong enough to take hits from thousands of nukes, or fly close to the speed of light without getting destroyed if it hit an asteroid. I even have a propulsion idea based on creating huge magnetic fields within the craft, where simple polarization (moving a repelling magnate against another) on a huge scale speeds or slows the craft, as conventional ships we see in science fiction films don’t seem to have a way to slow down, remember I also have science fiction scripts that I wish to make as real as possible, so all idea’s with strings of possibility are relevant.

Now I’ve opened the door on this, I’d better qualify with some reasons to do this other than what most will see as either fantasy, pure science fiction or worse a waist of money.

• The PR value, very important, making a film or films about the work is good PR, and by throwing this bit in, it makes this chapter more fun to the layman

• However the real reason I started considering this endeavor was a lesson I learnt in a branding lecture, it goes

A janitor in a company, sweeping away, was asked “what are you doing”, he replies with a puzzled look on his face “sweeping the floor” but when a janitor at NASA, sweeping away, was asked “what are you doing”, he replies with conviction “I’m helping to put a man on the moon” Space is the ultimate dream, giving staff a common purpose unites and excites

• Further to the last point, a world with a common dream and more to point a common enemy, “The Alien’s” or a planet killer asteroid, is a common enemy to all, it seems to be in mans nature to like war, computer games, films and war itself on the news, so stopping the idea of war, can, maybe only be achieved, by having a common enemy. I’m still not sure what “The Spartan Theory” really is, but we do know it got its name from a piece initiative of creating non lethal war.

• Lastly, it’s a carrot for VIRGIN GALACTIC, firstly simply as product placement, but also the chance for a ridiculous amount of development and funding.

Ok back to reality and the non chaotic economic system, and the Mandelbrot fractal.


So The Mandelbrot fractal perfectly duplicated itself.

Well that’s in line with 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, etc. Not exactly but close enough, throw in the numbers inability to reach infinity, or at least a lot harder and we are looking to mathematically replicate the fractal.

Next I went back to basics, back to the beginning and took influence from original VIRGIN proposal, where I’d suggested the software world work for many industries, and chose 16 broad subjects, a similar number to the main VIRGIN companies, underneath which about 300 or so companies exist. The VIRGIN model however shows that if one fails, it can not affect the others, which is the direct opposite of my structure.

The one trouble with the VIRGIN model (no offence) is that each company is structured in such a way that if one falters or flounders, the rest of VIRGIN is protected. This of course in current economics makes perfect sense; in fact it would be ill advised to do otherwise, so no offence.

The model I have sees companies formed for $4Billlion for which as well as trading rights in any industry they see fit, they also receive self taxing land to base their operations (No VAT or Payroll tax, rather 25% of company profit goes to the upkeep of land and elderly or disadvantaged citizens, and a further 25% goes to the university and special projects), and so each new company becomes an fledgling economy.

Dividends are pegged at no more than $4Billion in a year, when dividends reach $4Billion the overflow is allowed to build up in what I call a “bucket” until it reaches another $4Billlion, at which point it purchases another Sub City and starts another company/economy.

As this process repeats, more economies are created which create more excess dividends and a snow ball effect starts to build up. I call this effect. “The Pressure of Profit (POP)

As for the self taxing land, no VAT or payroll Tax, who known’s, the idea that the companies have a land asset however is critical to the process, it’s their safety net in a way.

The important part is the dividends being pegged at $4 Billion, and the overflow into the “bucket” and POP

What I was looking at was to make sure the profit of the company was static, always $4 Billion, or actually $8 Billion as we have “given half back” this meant so long as the company was successful, its profit could be precisely predicted. So concurring one Wikipedia’s initial “Chaos Theories” can’t do’s.

“Small differences in initial conditions (such as those due to rounding errors in numerical computation) yield widely diverging outcomes for chaotic systems, rendering long-term prediction impossible in general.”


And while we are at it

Chaos theory studies the behavior of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions, an effect which is popularly referred to as the butterfly effect.

Not got this one yet, but as this is now either a non chaotic formula or at the least a far less chaotic formula, it is definitely less sensitive to initial conditions, as best I can see it will work no matter which company, or country is first. I do however consider one of my favorite phrases “For whatever decision you make, there is a 50/50 chance of making a better one”.

Graphic to illustrate “buckets” and the beginning of the POP (pressure of profit) system

Back to the $4Billion and before we get into the “That’s a lot of money” consider the networking the world and taking a 1% rake (commission) on ever trade, I’ve looked for stats on how much the world spends each year and there not a lot there, The mighty Google, not so mighty on this point. I have a stat for USA spending on OIL (555,623,002,000) over half a trillion all be it that was at $73.61a barrel and today its $95 so closer to $700 Billion.

Without exact stats it’s hard to estimate but I’ll have a go, USA $700, rest of the world including other fossil fuels and gas 10 times as much, so 7 trillion. All other goods bought, at least 5 times as much, so $35 Trillion, let’s nudge it up to $40 Trillion to suit the math.
1% of this is $400 Billion, that’s 100 times our $4 Billion, further to this within the new “world order of economics” hmm sounds a bit 1984 big brother but…. If we consider the software and networking is saving 20% to 50% on goods, and Oil is largely replaced by alternate energy and the money is used not for profit but for the good of mankind, I can’t see anyone objecting to 10%, well some people will and may try to break away, but I doubt they will be successful. So now we are at $4 trillion a year. 1000 times our $4 Billion.

Ok that’s one example, and considering our primary objective is networking everything to everything and creating a world trade network, this profit centre is to be taken seriously.

I’m going to give another example for travel in a minute, but first I wish to explain an update to the original EEE – The economy for the next 14 Billion years paper. In this paper, I say that the next company formed from the POP system had the same shareholders as the first. I’ve rethought this idea and I’m scrapping it, the shareholders from the first company are making enough money.

What this achieves is either a company that pays no dividends and the “Give Half Back” changes to “Give All Back” which is far better. Another model see’s the next bucked only half full and an new investor paying $2 Billion, however only taking $2 Billion in dividends, no where near as good, but probably needed to get things going, lastly is the staff model, the full $4Billion dividend route is taken but all the dividends go to the staff, that’s a lot of staff, which may well be split amongst a few companies, i.e. we have 16 different travel companies all making no dividends, but one company that generates the 4Billion for the staff who man all 16 companies.

And of course, we can look at a mix and match, another thing to note, is I’m solo here, with no traditional education in economics, there will be many, well considering the university millions of people dedicated to improving this model. So………

Before I get to the travel example, a word on rounding errors within the “bucket” and if you want to know the inspiration for maybe the whole project certainly the name buckets click here and listen to the song, as I’d always wondered what the 6 buckets in the song referred to. And yes, that’s the music that inspires my work, all be it this is my current favorite song, and the live version where I’m pretty sure you can see me holding her hand at 90 seconds.

Back to it, and the rounding errors within the $4Billion bucket, they may be inevitable, they can however be boxed off, so if a figure is 6.7777777777777777778 we round it to 6.7777777777777777778 and adjust another figure to compensate, maybe pay someone 0.0000000000000000001 cent less, this will work particularly well if the staff get paid in dividends.

Ok let’s have a look at two graphics first the POP graphic that extends the previous.

The general idea here is the more companies making profit; the faster the next bucket fills.

Now the Travel example I made for facebook

Ok first we need to examine the profit centre (profit 1) and to do this we have to go back about four or five months and the facebook travel example, (note: it does not have to be facebook, but ill be offering them and Google first bite of the cherry)

Ok, there is no way I’m going to start including this in this presentation because it’s about 50 pages long, so you will need to use the link or just trust my results. So here we are:
http://www.s-world.biz/FaceBook/Travel.htm I’m skipping the first 11 sections and strait to the financial forecast page

And we are looking at forecasts for 2017, at first read it shows a measly $8.5 Billion, we have 2 correction, first, this is a split income between a partner company, so scratch that = $17 Billion, then at the time of making this my work was no where near as developed, no where near, I’d not even seriously considered “Chaos Theory”, and certainly not POP and the securing every company via land. So to add credibility I used the, under estimate, over deliver philosophy and halved my real estimated profit so now we are up to $34 Billion, (this includes “Give Half Back”) the true profit was $68 Billion, (Note the main reason for the large profit was due to low costs, all we are doing is creating software and a network, so costs are minimal) At a later point on analyzing the figures I found a mistake and lowered our commission on one profit centre so profit was revised down to $30 Billion. About 25% market share of travel commissions.

A whopping great big mistake, was not including the dividend payout, and whist we have the ability to create companies without the need for paying dividends, the general idea in travel, is to get small amounts of investment from all the travel companies, agents and venues, so making them extra money and so gaining more market share.

So let’s have a look at the investment structure for travel, the objective is to make every travel related company an investor. So we have Travel Agents, Tour Operators, small boutique agencies, transport companies & venues. Difficult to estimate how many, there are a few million at least I’d say. We also need to make the price affordable.

Each company costs $4Billion, then it makes $4Billion, in this case we will allow travel associated companies to buy half the shares so we start at $2 Billion this way so we only need to pay $2Billion in dividends each year and so the companies expand faster. Obviously use the non infinite numbers, in this case simply 2 Billion and divide down 20 times, and whist 20 is not in the sequence its good enough as a 16 + 4, and to be honest we really going about business in 4’s quite often.

So in this example, we see an investment of $3,815 across 524,288 different travel related companies, to invest they must use the software and join the network. So each year as soon as the bucket if full POP kicks in each investor will make $3,815.

Of course some will wish to invest more, or reinvest their $3,815 into another bucket doubling their yield. But with 5 million or so travel companies shares will be very hard to buy, and as such they become extremely desirable. If they wish to invest more, we can ask for exclusivity on bookings so further increasing market share.

A Note on my predicted 25% market share by 2017, considering these figures were made a long time ago and many new marketing, branding, PR and other advantages are now in play, anyone that disagrees with the 25% market share is an utter moron.
This said, my lack of calculating the dividend does throw the diagram out and it takes ages to do with all those flags, plus the original spreadsheet is buried amongst 100’s of others. So we are just going to estimate. The dividends of course don’t change the profit or “Give Half Back” figures, just the “Buckets” and subsequent Cities one acquires each time a bucket is full.

If I did not mention it, each time a bucket is full it is exchanged for another 64th of a City, or ¼ sub city (4 square km’s), as such continually always stimulating the economy, and creating housing for the worlds population, and if anyone thinks that housing is not important, come to South Africa and live in a small shack with no sanitation for the rest of your life, like about 20 Million South African’s do, and realize there is no social security or free medicines so generally if you get ill you die.

I’m going to insert the graphic again and reassess the “buckets”

Ok how it works is the build up of money; in 2012 we have our Starter City, hang on lets first have a look at the rough yearly profit prediction, based on instinct.

We start at 2017 with 34 and I’m just subtracting back and adding forwards

You have to love how excel copies into word :)

I feel this is fair, and note the growth slowing down after 2017. If you compare this to the “Profit 1” you can see where I attempted to take of the $4Billion for the dividends, of course the problem here is I’d only done it for one company not all the companies. I can see already this is going to make a massive difference to growth, this said, I always had a feeling it was out, ok, lets go back to Excel.

Ok, that’s much better, the only possible problem is I have included city expansion in the same year as the bucket is full, which I think is right but….. It would not really make much difference if I put it in the following year.

So instead of 62 companies/cities/economies in 2009 we have 20 which in effect gives 20 different international bases, as each company in the same industry must choose or be assigned a new territory, this of course improves the global network and will be combined with businessbook my hopeful name for the global network will surely see more market share, add that to global recovery meaning not only people have more money in there pockets, but more people have money in there pockets, better value, cheaper flights as the oil price drops & the total $900 Billion travel pot will be larger, maybe allot larger if we consider most of the new Cities are tourist towns. All in all the above figures are surely a low estimate.

There will be a total war with the existing GDS’s of course (Global travel Distribution systems) who currently control just under half the market. These were the inspiration for businessbook or the global trade network, as back in 2003 I headed up a move to introduce one (Saber) to Africa with representatives from the Mandela & Sisulu families, ultimately unsuccessful but without doubt the inspiration for businessbook. We will of course eventually win the war, all be it the best way is to include them. Galileo one of the Big 4 only made $2.3 Billion last year, they can spend that on half a bucket and be secure for life.

Let’s consider the economic and scientific implications,

1. A large percentage of the money goes back to people in the travel industry.
2. By 2019 we have $19 Billion a year for social security, city improvements, city expansion which will most likely first be used to purchase the $12 Billion in land options.
3. By 2019 we have a $19 Billion pot for the university.

All this creates a huge amount of jobs and cash in people’s pockets and who knows what advances the universities are going to make.
I could go on but we are straying from the science, the point is, if I had not followed the math from the non chaotic numbers, I would have never come up with POP or the buckets, which turn and excellent plan into an almost magical plan.

I applied the math of “The removal of Chaos Theory” to the economics and business structures and created astounding results.

I’m sure if more people did this, other great advances will be discovered; now I have not coded pure code since I was 10, all be it I was a master at FLASH action script in 2001/2002 before I went to the networking side. My point is I have not got a clue about it. On the S-World birthday, we dedicated the home page to Mark Zuckerberg, I’ll find the link later, I copied the text onto his facebook page, then as an after thought asked him if he felt the non chaotic number sequence had ever been used in Code, my thought that it would make code harder to hack. Just an idea, but if I’m right, it will be the core of the software that I wished for.

Well we are close to the end, I wish to mention the obvious and that is simply travel is not a particularly big industry just under $900 Billion a year and we have only been working on $72 Billion, considering my earlier figures on world trade at $40 Trillion, there is a lot more good that can be done, we may even see 100% employment across the globe, not that that’s an excuse to have more than 2 children, another part of the system where I’d like people who post execution of the concept have more than two children, or people with more than 2 children have more, automatically loose their dividends or jobs and are banned from the cities, harsh but alongside the weather one of the greatest achievements that can be achieved via the inspiration of “Chaos Theory”

NOTE: If you have been following the math $72 Billion is not 25% market share of $900 Billion, this is because the bulk of the money goes to the venues themselves not the agents.

Ok we’re going to quickly move on to the fractal circle diagrams that illustrate the growth on an entire city.

Firstly, the most likely example

Yes the first 2021 should be 2020.

These were done before the travel example was made so instead on 2019 having 6 dots on its most productive vein it should be 20.
What we have here, the expansion of all industries in cities, some performing better than others. NOTE: each dot is not in the same city, the dots are in other cities in other territories. If we work on the 20 cities by 2019 and times that by 16 we see 320 new sub cities (1/16th) more than enough for every country in the world. On this I’m playing with the idea that companies need to expand across the world one by one, so as soon as a company expands until the 196 counties all have a sub city no one can join the same country. All be it the existing company can use its 25% City and social security budget to expand if it wishes.

A city in every country means not only a networking base dedicated to networking and assisting business within the country it also sees the expansion of alternative energy projects. If we consider the figures from businessbook at which makes far more money than travel we can look at maybe 4 or 5 sub cities per country by 2019. Add to that the 16 cities that I estimate can be made from direct investment from scratch and we really are looking at a total global; solution before the end of the decade.

On the same vein, here is the diagram of collective expansion, where all 16 Sub Cities expand at the same time, each supporting each other.

It will take further analysis to decide which model is correct, there are reasons for both and it may be an idea to try the independent model in one City, and the collective in another

12.46 pm Sunday December 18th 2011

Ok so I think I have finished this chapter, I’d wished to include and work on some conclusions suggested in the paper Chaos Theory, Self Organization and the Role of Government. Written my lee Chavez that had significant influence on the original EEE – 14 Billion Years paper/chapter, and my confidence in general as it suggest nature is a big factor in Chaos Theory, which became my inspiration for looking into Gaia Theory, which I consider a large factor in my search for Sienna.

However, it goes into “Game Theory” and “Complexity Systems”, which so far I do not know enough about. It also enters the political arena which is not a subject I should touch on as I’m looking for political support of my science, not my and others views on their profession.
Added to this, now that I have finished this chapter, which make’s my work much clearer to theoretical & pure scientists, my first target to write has always been Chavez, so my cause would be far better served working in collaboration and creating a new Chapter, especially as I like the idea of creating a “Chaos Theory” for Dummies book, including not only my own work, but also the work of others.

I suppose I had better start from the beginning and make some corrections, this is going to take a while and my health is seriously deteriorating from the constant typing. I’m in pain on my hip so I can’t walk with any conviction, hence my fitness has gone, and so my mind is feeling sad, as I have little else to keep me happy having alienated myself from all my friends, and had 10 months of frustration of people just not being bothered to read my work. Add the fact that whist working on this for 11 months straight meant I could earn no money, I can’t afford the chiropractor and I’m feeling sad and a little bitter. I need to move on, finish the parliamentary summary and write to some book agents.