“The Spartan Theory”: Part3 - Chapter 24
"American Butterfly"
“Cities of Science”

“We need to look for solutions in unexpected places” Christine Lagarde - IMF Chief
“Think Different” Steve Jobs - CEO Apple
“We are so far, far, far away from knowing what this is” Christopher Cox – VP facebook
“The highest order of intelligence is simple” Albert Einstein

In the early 1950’s Stanford University dean of engineering, Frederick Terman, created a seven-hundred-acre industrial park on university land for private companies that could commercialize the ideas of his students.

First came Hewlett Packard who made semiconductors, then came Intel who made microprocessors and in 1971 they created the first microprocessor. This lead to Don Hoefler of Electronic News reporting the region using the name “Silicone Valley USA”

It’s extremely odd that no university ever repeated this model!

New Sparta “City of Science” – Big Problem, Big Solution

Welcome to S-World and EEE “The Ecological Experience Economy” This document is an overview of a project whilst vast & spectacular, very simple.

The www.s-world.biz website is extremely creative and has been designed to attract and appeal to computer people (geeks) as well the man on the street, its conclusions however are staggering and on the 1st December I came back to England to team up with, Politian’s, Economists, Businessmen/women & scientists (both pure and theoretical) to create a professional business/economic plan, as many would say the most significant part of the plan is the creation of large practical universities.

Thus far, you are the only person of influence to see the plans both business and economic.

Where you see links, this indicates further data is available on the specific points mentioned, in some cases up to 50 pages on a single subject, the general idea is that if something I have written seems implausible or if one just wishes more information on the subject simply click the link.

So what’s it all about? Well the simplest way to explain is to consider the best way to spend investment money, The primary business activities were software and networking related, and as such once created, the various businesses have few costs except for programmers and business analysts, and as such, one can afford to spend investment money on capital assets (Land & Property) and large practical universities that double up as business and technology operation centers. In essence giving investors a fool proof investment with such immense potential the world will rally and one can pick and choose partners.

The software and networking plans are revolutionary in many ways, from creating business software that connects directly to banks, giving essential easy to understand real-time information to company owners on profit and loss, forecasts and the ever essential bottom line profit/debt balance if all debts were paid and all credits received.

It goes further to create tax audited accounts and lastly an option for government to allow the software to automatically pay tax. And so eliminating data capturing errors and in most cases, especially for small SME and medium sized companies, elevating the need for any financial or administrative staff.

Here is the original software plans described for VIRGIN http://www.s-world.biz/Early_Tourism_plans/Page_6_Finance.html and later for facebook http://www.s-world.biz/FaceBook/5_FaceBook_Travel_Financial_Software.htm whilst written around the travel industry, it is the intention to customize the simple designs for all industries. The only place one can make errors using such a system is in the handling and recording of physical cash. Further to this we have created a revolutionary system that removes rounding errors from computation and so creating the world’s first non chaotic economic structure.

The financial software is then linked to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software http://www.s-world.biz/FaceBook/4_FaceBook_Travel_CRM.htm and it is all bound together via the next evolution of Social and Business networking, S-World Virtual Social and Business Network. http://www.s-world.biz/FaceBook/Product.htm Hence the name at the beginning of “The Virtual Network” This is the 18th Chapter

In Travel alone, the currently undisputed profit margin is staggering. http://www.s-world.biz/FaceBook/How_Much_Money_Will_FaceBook_Travel_Make_Each_Year.htm you will note the designs have been made to fit within facebook and I hope for their assistance, we do however have solid contingency plans http://www.s-world.biz/Sparta_Rises_Again/S-World_Business_Plan.htm should they make the disastrous PR decision to abstain.

Getting back to the investment model, the principal behind S-World & EEE (The Ecological Experience Economy) is once money has been raised, we spend a quarter on building houses, a quarter on infrastructures, and a quarter on running a practical university, which also acts as a business and technology base of operations.

The final quarter is spent on purchasing land and assisting the country where the new City & University is built, for the past 9 months, we have focused of Greece, and it is still our desire to work with Greece.

We will of course be looking at many countries around the world, and whilst the UK has been rarely mentioned, we can easily add the UK as a primary location. (One of the first 4), The others being the USA and possibly (just possibly, but we will gain many points for suggesting it) An immense desalination project on the
Iran/Afghanistan/Pakistan border entitled “The Babylon project” (all be it Babylon was actually in Iraq) This incident that seemed crazy at the time with VIRGIN and Libya will buy both myself and the project immense respect from all who live in the Middle East. http://www.s-world.biz/Virgin/So_what_happened_with_VIRGIN.htm

As for my UK politics, I reserved the right to swap parties depending on what I feel is best for the country at the time, right now I would not say I’m pro conservative, rather extremely pro conservative as chapter 16 of “The Virtual Network” reflects a very scathing and worrying psychological profile of the party that in my opinion has become a danger to this fair land.

I know about austerity all to well, having shaved costs from $130,000 a month to just $8,000 a month over a 18 month period and so turned one of my companies Cape Villas from an unmanageable monster into a slick profit making machine. I find it hard to comprehend that parts of the electorate do not understand, that “The West” are loosing money, lets face it, lots of money each year, and without good business practices being applied to Western Economies (Simply make a profit) the West will become bankrupt. And whilst blindly spending on Infrastructure will create Jobs, borrowing even more money to accomplish this, without a solid profitable business/economic plan the situation will worsen.

I’d like to make myself clear from the start, my work is not about how UK should spend its money, and no investment from the UK is required, rather private investors and cash rich companies and countries. This way we create the jobs and stimulate the economy without getting further in debt, plain old good business practice.

S-World, New Sparta and EEE

What I have created is an investment plan that concentrated on 4 main areas: Software and Networking within all industries, Land Development, Practical Universities & Ecological Projects. This plan was started 11 years ago with Macromedia (now Adobe), its aim, to create a virtual network, which connects everything to everything and create a Global Distribution System for all goods.

About this time last year my small team and I started to commit the various concepts to paper and create a fledgling business plan, in February 2011 we submitted them to VIRGIN BRANDS SA http://www.s-world.biz/Virgin/Pre_Spartan_Theory_Travel_Software_Proposal_to_Virgin.htm. After a few weeks the plans and financials http://www.s-world.biz/Early_Tourism_plans/11_Financial_Analysis.html (which showed a potential $50 Billion yield) were analyzed by the South African team and accepted for senior review in London, all be it my overzealousness and emotional attachment to the project saw a brake down before the VIRGIN senior committee reviewed the work . http://www.s-world.biz/Virgin/So_what_happened_with_VIRGIN.htm

I’ll give a little more detail, as it needs to be mentioned, my plans are unique as I made them from a non profit perspective, not for investors, just for myself, my darling daughter Sienna (S-World = Sienna’s World) left us in August 2010 and I made a promise to dedicate my life to raise money for good causes, so rather than asking for 50% of the plan that I had been making to fit with VIRGIN for the previous 3 years, I was to use it for the good of mankind.

I developed a concept called “Give Half Back” (which will be a very catchy election slogan) initially described in an open letter to Sir Richard Branson: 12.02 GMT, Wednesday 6th April 2011

"I promised my daughter I would dedicate my life to good. Since then I realized that if you consider Advanced Economics from a Non Profit perspective one can achieve anything."

And further described in a Private SMS to Dumani Mandela: 18.39 GMT Friday 20th May 2011

2. "This is a good business plan and I deserve 50 Percent. But I give all my money, every last cent to "The Sienna Foundation" Charity first, Then Ecological improvement and Economic stability.

Its well worth having a look at this short paper from which those quotes originated: http://www.s-world.biz/What_exactly_is_it_that_you_want_to_do.html, the concept was further described for facebook a few months later: http://www.s-world.biz/FaceBook/9_Give_Half_Back.htm

Skip foreword half a year and a few thousand pages of research and analysis of how best to spend the money, and we see a similar idea to Bill Gates’, where a reinvestment process is more efficient, we all know the phrase “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”

So instead of just blindly giving money to countries and charities, spending the money on large scale land building & construction projects stimulates the economy by creating millions of jobs. The science and education further stimulates economies creating even more jobs, doubtlessly wonderful advances that will benefit not only the parent country but the world and has the advantage of over time improving countries citizens’ academic skills.

The research software and networking improves business efficiency and creates global solutions. The free (open source) medical and agricultural research will help the citizens across the globe. And lastly by building the Cities as Eco Cities and researching eco solutions we protect the environment, hence the name EEE (Ecological experience Economy). I’m known for saying “who would have thought it, investing in the environment becomes the key to financial success

Building “New Sparta” City of Science

The idea for New Sparta, was simple enough, as all good idea’s are, having shown how to make profit via various adaptations of the software and virtual networking concepts, if instead of just taking investment based of forecasts and what could be, we reinvested 50% of the investment funds into land development, so giving investors a capital asset alongside future industry returns. In the case of the Micro plan, which acts as a business plan not an economic plan 75% of cash is reinvested. http://www.s-world.biz/Sparta_Rises_Again/S-World_Business_Plan.htm

But for now we will look at the Macro plan as it came first, http://www.s-world.biz/Sparta_Rises_Again/EEE-14Billion_Years.htm this particular plan starts with Greece, however it can be adapted to most countries, Greece however worked perfectly for many reasons. Firstly in the South East they have lots of land with few people, and at the time Greece was on the news everyday and so saving the Greek economy would be excellent PR, plus the greatest problem Greece has is poor tax collection and the software networking plans automatically calculate and pay tax. The plans on this section of the s-world.biz site are a little out of date and serve really as initial research not a final solution. http://www.s-world.biz/New_Sparta/index.htm

The basics are, to create a City, a very large city, but with lots of open spaces and parkland, restricting the amount of homes that can be built. The city comes in 2 parts, in the South and the costal region “Science City” and in the North “Network City”.

The trick of course is to make the Land Development independently profitable, and so a secure investment is created for all. I have experience in land development having and still owning what many consider to be Africa’s leading luxury Villa Company. Over the 10 years that I steered this ship, many clients, both owners and guests have shared their knowledge with me, often presenting investment opportunities that I could not afford only to see the first phase cost a third of later phases, the Pearl Valley, Jack Nicolas Signature Golf estate was a particular example of missing the boat, as was the first phase of the Waterfront Development, and The Century City, mall and residential complex. In general, the routine is to quickly sell of the first phase at cost, then leverage of the popularity, create demand and sell the next phase at a higher price and so on and so on.

We all know the phrase Location, Location, Location but a location’s popularity is not simply its aesthetics, all be it very important, exclusivity, what is in the city, its story (PR), accessibility, investor presentation and of course cost are all important factors in Location, Location, Location.

Let’s have a look at those points one by one.
Location: Laconia Greece

Population 100,871- Size 3636 Square Kilometers, 1403.9 Square Miles

Yes it’s very big! But, big problem, big solution, and it’s a suggestion not a demand, a stepping stone not set in stone.

As far as a location is concerned, New Sparta has lots of coastline, some good beaches (more to be made artificially) and plenty of mountains, I have spent the last 10 years in Cape Town, it’s not solely the City and the beaches that attract, the glorious backdrop of mountains play a major part.

Temperature and climate of course become an intrinsic part of Location, Location, Location and Southern Greece hits the spot

Climate (Source Wikipedia)
Laconia has a Mediterranean climate with warm winters and hot summers. Snow is rare on the coast throughout the winter, but very common in the mountains.

Hot during the summer, but notice the April, May & October temperatures, still hot in comparison to most of Europe, and it may even be possible to Ski in the mountains around Network City. (North New Sparta)

• Exclusivity: Creating a development this size would usually create so many villas and apartments that supply would outstrip demand, however as we have created 16 different industry specific territories, we create exclusivity, if one was an oil or energy man, for instance, one would wish to be in the energy sector.

Our desired population limit for New Sparta Science City is 2,000,000, divide that by the 16 industries and we get 125,000 further divide by two, as we consider 2 people per house (may be more, but with many houses owned by people who are not permanent residents, I consider two people per house an acceptable average) so we now have 62,500 houses/apartments in this sub city “C-Energy City”. We further divide by 4, as there are 4 companies per city so now 15,625. Then we consider the phases, an 8 year plan the first phase ¼ of the land creates 3906 houses, Villas and Apartments. Lastly we consider the zones: Hotel & Villa resort, Golf Estate, Commercial/Retail and the Science zone (University)

It will be up to the investors how they split their zones with a limit of 1465 in any zone, a good bet however would be

• Hotel & Villas 1465
• University 488
• Golf estate 976
• Commercial/Retail 977

Note: The numbers may look a bit odd, but they are scientific in nature, more on this later.
Originally I was looking at 8km sq and very cheap prices, since then I’ve condensed it to 4km sq at prices +/-1/3rd less than Dubai. Obviously the more land, the larger gardens and parkland spaces, and we will need to look carefully at this as its essential that the City creates more oxygen via photosynthesis than the current arid land currently puts out, there needs to be no carbon footprint at all rather the City becomes an part of the carbon emission solution. So if needs be we can adjust or look at the coast of the neighboring provinces.

3. What is in the City
, to properly explain this I need to go into some detail as to the investment structure.
First for each of the 16 Industry sectors we (in general) are looking for 4 companies, or a company operating in 4 different sectors, with industry related partners.

Each company initially needs to invest $4 Billion per sector (1/4 Sub City) and then has Real estate Options for a further $12 Billion, which will be realized by the general appreciation of property values on the second third and fourth phases and backed up by company earnings reinvested if necessary . In total over 8 years this adds up to $1,024 Trillion.

It is split,

¼ for building allowance, this goes directly into building the Villas and Apartments
¼ for Infrastructure
¼ for the practical University
¼ to the Greek economy (if needed) this is also initially used to purchase the land.

Lets look at the ¼ Infrastructure budget of $256 Billion over 8 years, split into one sub City $16 Billion: http://www.s-world.biz/Spartan_Theory/Infrastructure_Costs-16th_Sept_2011.htm Whilst this is an old model its still relevant, without a large research team its hard to get everything right, but In general we’ve over estimated. The bottom line is, for a City +/-64 sq KM with a population of 125,000 (just under twice the population of Epsom & Ewell) $16 Billion buys enough to make a wonder city. Each of the 16 Cities choosing at least one different super project, the idea being New Sparta City of Science becomes a modern day marvel. And so increases desirability and of course real estate prices.

What Else is in the City? The main draw is the super university, similar to Silicone Valley. This is obviously your area of expertise,

The Super University

I’m keen for advise and we really should see my comments as a building block from which to work on, not a final solution, some times I see things in a rather utopian way and the reality of practicalities means adjustments to the plan need to be made, so far there have been hundreds of thousands of adjustments.

New Sparta Science City. (Wish list)

As mentioned ¼ of all investment goes to the university, much/most of this is spent on staff as the buildings are included in the infrastructure budget and if we break it down over 8 years and say 50% is spent on staff and 50% on “Other” we have a yearly staff budget of $16 Billion.

And a quick look at how that may be spent.

General Teachers $40,000 50,000 $2 Billion
Academic Teachers $40,000 50,000 $2 Billion
Science Teachers $50,000 50,000 $2.5 Billion
Computer Science Teachers $50,000 50,000 $2.5 Billion
Database & Networks Teachers $40,000 50,000 $4 Billion
Business & Economist Teachers $80,000 25,000 $2 Billion
Interns $10,000 100,000 $1 Billion
World Leading Scientists $1,000,000 1,000 $1 Billion
World Leading Business & Economists $1,000,000 1,000 $1 Billion

Total Staff compliment 377,000

At first this may seem excessive and of course in reality we will only be able to have such a compliment in the latter years of development as there will not be enough houses and university buildings to accommodate everyone.

However we need to focus on the word “Practical”, Science City is a practical university and if we go back to grass roots, the very beginning of the business plan, before it became and economic plan we had the bold ambition of networking everything to everything. 50% of the time staff will work on software, networks & business development, the other 50% of their time spent on teaching, learning and “special projects”

If we add 633,000 students also splitting their time 50% 50% we have 1,000,000 people working to achieve our goals.
The first order of business in Greece is to network all Greek Business, then set up teams to further monitor the business, in part to assist their development, in part to perfect the software. I’ve made a very general assumption that will need to be revised that there are 500,000 Greek businesses, networking businesses is not as simple as making one connection to each business, some businesses will have hundreds of different suppliers or inventory holdings. This is why no one has attempted to do this before, one person could spend a week maybe a month, maybe a year working on just one business, and then we need to consider the after service, the monitoring of the business to ascertain the success of the network and the software, then offering business advise to all business individually based on the data.

The hope is within 4 years the lions share of the work is complete, advantages of being communally networked, are many, collective purchasing power is however one if the greatest, I’ve used a tong in cheek example of beer before so I will highlight it again. If one has a collective network where all Greek restaurants bars, hotels, shops and supermarkets purchase together it would not only reduce the per case price by 30% to 50 % it would also make it in the interest of a brewery setting up operations in Greece, especially if it was given some tax concessions, all be it we will get to the highly controversial tax system a little later.

Another major advantage to Greek businesses is the financial & customer service ambitions of the software itself, designed firstly to eliminate human error and accountancy bills and secondly to vastly improve customer service and so without having to know what branding is the business improve in that department.

Again, these links could do with updating, and are structured around facebook (if you’re thinking networks, who better?) They do however tell the story, we touched on this at the beginning but it’s highly relevant to getting Greece in the black so I will repeat.
1. Financial Software: http://www.s-world.biz/FaceBook/5_FaceBook_Travel_Financial_Software.htm and to summarize, we make the software very simple, connect it directly to banks, give real time reporting on profit/loss (here is where the after network monitoring and advisory service from the University comes in) and finally output to government accepted audit.

Of course having created the specification, as soon as we heard that Greece was loosing $40 Billion odd a year in unpaid tax, the obvious solution was not only to have the software output to government accepted audit, but to have it automatically pay tax.

To achieve this we would need willingness and cooperation form Greek businesses in general. And this can be achieved by firstly creating a Tax amnesty, and lowering the VAT threshold from 25% (I believe) to say 15% or 10% or whatever figure seems appropriate, this added to the advantages of using software would I’m sure see a willing public, they could of course go further and have a referendum on making the use of the financial software compulsory.

2. CRM (customer relationship software): Here we see just a few ways to improve business efficiency, public image, employee recruitment and customer service.

All in all, not only will Greece collect its taxes, their businesses will perform better and more businesses will consider setting up in Greece.

We mentioned 4 years, and we think if we analyze the data, this measure alone combined with the Jobs created in many areas within “New Sparta” we should have Greece making profit by 2016, not in the Black as they have the $377 Billion or €340 Billion to pay back. (Figures differ via 2 debt clocks http://www.economist.com/content/global_debt_clock?page=7 & http://nationaldebtclocks.com/greece.htm )

One statistic we have not been able to find, is the amount of debt Greece is incurring each year, we’ve estimated $50 Billion, by the most basic method of counting the debt clock.
If so and we look at 4 years and a decrease starting after 2 years

2012 $50 Billion
2013 $50 Billion
2014 $30 Billion
2015 $15 Billion

We have $145 Billion and whilst we have put aside $256 Billion to aid the Greek economy this is phased over 8 years, and so not sufficient. However as over these four years we will not be able to run the University at anywhere near full capacity, we can top up from those funds, plus there are plenty of other income sources, not the least of which is “Network City” North New Sparta. Which is best described on the Economic Paper http://www.s-world.biz/Sparta_Rises_Again/EEE-14Billion_Years.htm and touched on at the end of this presentation.

Note 1: This paper has been designed to be understood by the man in the street and so it is often animated in a light hearted way.

Note 2: This paper highlights an investment plan from China, on reflection and from advise from Dumani Mandela, It may not be such a good idea to give China such power, it is issues like these that have stopped me communication with anyone about this project for a few months, as I need solid political advise on China and other countries globalization.

The general idea for Greece is not to give them loads of cash, rather ring fence their debt so they can not fall further into the red while we assist them to become independently profitable, with Greece we really have an excellent chance of success as they have been hitting austerity hard, and their population is only 12 Million people.

In reality of course, when this plan comes together it will be such a coo that Greece will see mass investment from all quarters, business owners will see value in paying their tax, or be nervous of being caught once networked and so Greece and recover far sooner. However this plan is not specific to Greece it is a Global Solution, so the get there at the beginning bonus will only apply to the first few countries, which as mentioned now includes Great Britain.

We have spent a lot of time on the benefits of the practical university, its intentions and its benefits to Greece and all the trade with Greece, I’ll not labor the point much further other than to relate it back to the Land Development plan.

377,000 teachers and 633,000 students creates the need for 500,000 or more houses and apartments, and so added to the wonders of what can be achieved with such a large infrastructure budget, we are really starting to create demand & desirability for property, include the concept that property owners can send their children to the university for free, and all that live in New Sparta may study if they wish.

As for tuition costs, I require advise, on the Micro Plan http://www.s-world.biz/Sparta_Rises_Again/S-World_Business_Plan.htm we looked at $15,000 a year, but that was only 10,000 students. I’d like to offer free education to All Greek citizens aged between 16 & 23 and also look at taking maybe 100,000 of the worlds brightest on free scholarships, with the balance paying, until we did the Micro plan; we’d not factored in tuition fees. If we look at a simple $10,000 a year and 200,000 paying students we have an additional income of $2 Billion not a lot in the greater scheme of things but it all adds up. Remember the University always spends 50% of its time, on projects that financially reward EEE companies, the balance making wonderful discoveries and advances that help the world, and as such Science Cities become the PR gift that just keeps giving.

One last consideration, what happens after 8 years when the ring fenced education budget has been spent? Simple enough all New Sparta Companies pay 25% of profit to the University and Special Projects. (This is part of the original “Give half Back initiative”)

And before we continue to analyze the land prices and go into detail of the Investment model its time to look at a rather radical Tax Initiative.

A rather radical Tax Initiative.

Here we are looking at a possibility, we could be wrong, however we could be very right, this falls in line with 3 of the various quotes made at the beginning

“We need to look for solutions in unexpected places” Christine Lagarde - IMF Chief
“Think Different” Steve Jobs - CEO Apple
“The highest order of intelligence is simple” Albert Einstein

Throughout the work we often use the word “desire” it is unobtrusive, non committal but yet expresses our wishes.
We desire for “New Sparta” or for that matter all EEE (Ecological Experience Economy) Cities, whist supportive of their parent country to be self taxing.

Having analyzed the USA debt clock http://www.usdebtclock.org/ (which is hard to follow) it appears that corporation tax is a very small part of their overall tax yield $192 Billion only 10% of payroll & income tax, add the state and local revenue and we are looking more like 4% we could be wrong, and may well be, but that’s what it looks like.

The tax system we desire turns everything on its head, sees no VAT or payroll tax in fact no tax what so ever save corporation tax, or what was originally called simply “Give Half Back” where “New Sparta” companies pay 50% of their profit to non profit causes, which in turn creates global branding of such magnitude it effectively doubles their profitability.

This 50% is then split in half, 25% going back to the companies section of the City, to pay for general upkeep, social security, purchasing further land options (if they are not independently profitable) further improvement in Infrastructure and in general building better houses, this of course continually stimulates the economy and address lack of housing problems.

The Other 25% goes to the University and “Special projects” thus far all special projects are all ecological in nature and may well always be so. Alternative energy either via wind turbines, solar panels and the big out putter plain old simple dam’s which already account for about 17% of the worlds power needs.

Desalination also plays a big part; we’ve only just started on “The Babylon Project” having adapted it from the “African Rain” project, http://www.s-world.biz/Sparta_Rises_Again/Rough_Draughts/Chaos_Theory_for_Dummies.htm
here is what we have so far.

The Babylon Project

40000 KM 2, 10 times the size of New Sparta, First estimate to Flood with Water

Desalination Plants 64 at $1 Billion Each
This will produce somewhere in the region of 10 Trillion liters each year.
Enough alternate energy to power them another $64 Billion
Pipe, Irrigation and River building another $64 Billion
Plants Trees, Crops, farmers and gardeners another $64 Billion

Stabilize the Middle East $256 Billion.

Making everyone’s lives a lot wetter “Priceless”.

Of course to do this, and to create enough money for companies corporation tax (“Give Half back”) companies need to make considerable profit and maybe now its time to introduce the theoretical side, “Chaos Theory” or as I say “The removal of Chaos Theory” We have seen this link before and again I highlight, the paper is meant to attract both business men, economists, scientists and computer people “nerds” so please excuse some of the more science fiction like graphics.

I call it “EEE the Economy for the next 14 Billion years”:
for privacy issues (not wishing the media to find it) I’ve not sent this to and scientists for accreditation all be it they will most certainly accredit it.

In this paper we see what I call “The Pressure of Profit” or (POP)

Which illustrates a company growth structure where by the profit from the company is boxed of at $4Billion then the balance allowed to flow into “bucket” only to be used when the bucket reaches $4Billion where it is exchanges for more land and the rights to start another company either in the same field in a different location or a new enterprise all together.

Point to note: All research and potential patents created at Science City or independently are open source, free to use by any EEE company. This creates the need for companies to rely on efficiency, enterprise, branding and good old customer service, rather than technical superiority. This also of course greatly speeds up the world’s technological and economic development, particularly in alternate energy, agriculture , building economics, health & pharmaceuticals the latter being a loss leader, as it is our intention is to make all discoveries free to the world not just EEE companies.

Another point that I wish to stress is that EEE is not designed to make some companies and countries strong and their competitors week rather all companies and all countries benefit, all be it, it is of course best practice to start with the strongest.

As we continue with the POP (Pressure of Profit) “buckets we see as time goes on with more companies formed, the pressure builds as we have more and more companies pouring their profit into the next “bucket”
And for an industry example for travel

Here we see, by 2019, the company has expanded 62 times, nearly creating an entire new City of Science.

This particular model was based on the figures created on the facebook travel section http://www.s-world.biz/FaceBook/Travel.htm

As mentioned in the Micro plan, we are not bound to facebook all be it, it would be better for all if they are involved.

For every company created and new territory made we are looking at $4Billion a year from “Give Half Back” (Corporation Tax) split 50% to support the citizens within their City and make improvements and 50% to the University or “Special Projects” and so we are looking at $2 Billion kitty for social security and city maintenance, with the population within the ¼ sub City at a desired maximum of 31,250 and an estimated 50% employment rate. If we allow for $20,000 social security per citizen costs total only $312,500,000 (1/6th of the budget) this tax system will easily cover all costs. And of course one has the advantage of companies paying no VAT or payroll tax and so being more competitive than there non EEE companies.

I’ll just make one last points on this section and that is to say, its possible that the reason corporation tax seems to be such a small part of the USA tax yield may well be plain and simple creative accounting and tax avoidance, all EEE companies can in no way do this as the software automatically counts and calculates corporation tax, and there is a team of 1,000,000 at the university spending 50% of their time making sure all companies perform as best they can, no company will ever fail as they are supported by the rest.

To finish this section, we’d like to re emphasize my key word “desire” this is not set in stone, and one could always look at a compromise of simply lower VAT & payroll tax, great change is however needed to economic systems and this system may well help.

VAT is a killer for new businesses not only the tax but director’s time & administration costs, the 15% VAT bill effectively costing 25% or more by the time you have paid the dedicated staff members accountants and auditors. 80,000 Greek businesses went bust last year, and a further 80,000 are expected to go down this year, if there were no VAT, no Payroll tax, and no accounting bills for struggling or new businesses we would be looking at very different statistics.

Even if the businesses just brake even, and pay no corporation tax, chances are 50% would have survived, and if each business employed 4 people over 2 years we are looking at 80,000 x 4 = 320,000 lost jobs and a saving of $3.2 Billion in social security costs, possibly more importantly 320,000 people not rioting as they have nothing to do, and of course business owners have time to improve there businesses and so in time be profitable and pay corporation tax.
Running a business is not easy, there is a lot involved, I’ve seen many previous sales staff set up rival businesses only to see them fail as it was not as easy as just selling. I started my first business, a record company back in 1991, and it took me 20 years to really understand the intricacies of business. So I’d imagine anyone with a few or zero years experience in this financial climate is facing an up hill struggle.

I’ll not go on further about “The highly controversial tax system” other than to say, it was based on my good intentions of “Give Half Back” and so in a way becomes the heart of the project.

Back to the Land development points and point 4
The Story - PR

4. When EEE come to pass, never will such a story be told, and there are many, many PR initiatives to help tell the story. If we have a quick look at the www.s-world.biz sister site www.s-world.tv you see some nice pictures of Sienna and me. If however you look at the hidden page http://www.s-world.tv/Home.htm you will see the beginnings of a PR plan that I wish Max Clifford (or alternate) to assist with.

Let me copy in the relevant section, from the Micro business plan.

Public Relations: Free Medicine, Gaming, Film & TV Production, Media & TV Networks, Music, Charity & Global Sports Leagues.

PR 1: Free Medicine

I heard a ridiculous statistic on Boston Legal (series 5 ep 2) the other day; Pharmaceutical companies in the USA spend almost twice as much on TV advertising as they spend on research and development, the average USA TV viewer sees 16 hours of pharmaceutical adverts each year, more time than they spend at the cinema.

That’s not clever pr, that’s just spending a lot of money, and as no one publicly loves any particular pharmaceutical over another so it’s not clever branding either.

It is our noble ambition to dedicate from 10% to 25% of Science City University time on medical research, not at first looking for cutting edge cures, in time yes, but at first, the masses are best served by making copies of existing drugs, not the chemical formula, simply what they can achieve so creating anti malaria drugs, HIV retrovirus, psychiatric drugs like Seroqual & the expensive cancer drugs that most can not afford.

Once we have created an alternative that does the job, we release the formula open source (free) to national government health offices for them to make and distribute for free, if the government is not capable, we will get them made in China (or alternative), and have them distributed, 1,000,000 small pills probably costs less than ten dollars in the real world, I really cant see why we can not make free drugs for the entire planet.

Free drugs and medicine to the world, millions, over time maybe billions of lives improved, governments across the globe saving fortunes. It’s the PR gift that just keeps growing and giving and growing and giving etc……

PR 2: Gaming & Tutorial Gaming.

I’ve recently been giving more though to the already extensive gaming plans, as tutorial gaming has now been advocated by Lee Charez. http://theglobalchallengeproject.blogspot.com/

Considering we have a virtual world, we can adapt many games, for instance Call of Duty can be played within S-World, the difference being, they can play the game in their own street and town. The real point to the gaming section is the Tutorial Game, best described at part 1 of the facebook travel section.


If considering the “EEE – Economy for the next 14 Billion years theory”, we have a lot to add to the original game idea. The bonus of course, the game shows people what we want to achieve and how we are planning to get there and teaches them to use our systems and become a part of the team. The ultimate recruiting tool and considering Charez’s work it may well be a part of the perfect educational system.

PR 3: Film & TV production,

Creating a new mini Hollywood, will attract celebrities and in general lots of glamorous “would be” stars who could study at the same time, just in case that brake never comes. Celebrities and glamorous people create the Bridget Bardot, St Tropez effect, the desirability to visit or live in the resort increases and the property value increases once again.

In the infrastructure budget a large film studio and hospitality village has been accounted for, and a generous start up kitty is available. Not to be spent frivolously, rather working with existing excellent but lower budget Film and Series professionals like HJK Films who with studio free costs and a little more cash than they got before will be able to compete with the big boys. And we get to place our products, ideas and dreams within the productions.

PR 4: Media & TV Networks: S-World.TV

The idea for S-World TV was at the very beginning, a host of reality TV shows about the project and a number of science fiction & action series. Now we have a university and a TV Studio we can also make many programs of the research going on at the University. The Tutorial game also becomes its own show, following the gamers turned to entrepreneurs is a priority, as it shows people the benefit of S-World and how to easily make money from it, as such we wish to recruit 16 top business or IT leaders to play the game against each other.

All in all we can fill maybe 20 or 30, 24 hours TV channels without to many repeats. Note that our preferred brand partners include, Universal, Sony & Virgin, who all have there own TV networks, and if we end up working with these companies we can combine networks and offer a world class selection of programs.

PR 5: Music

My favorite industry, no one makes money from making and selling records, even when they still had records, music publishing is where the money is. Think about the USA public watching 16 hours of pharmaceutical ads a year, then work on $100,000 for every minute. That’s how much it costs to play a popular song. That’s 96 Million dollars, just from the pharmaceutical industry.

The best way to popularize songs is for people to here them a lot, so it makes sense to give the songs a way for free. It makes sense to buy up excellent back catalogue and create a cross between record and publishing companies, where the publishing companies are in charge of the business and the record companies just do A&R and PR. Once established one can look to develop new artists

We will always use songs from our own publishing company in all our media companies.

This has the effect of lowering the music costs of the media company and guaranteeing income for the record and publishing companies. So come the pop and rock stars to record in the special Music Villas and once again, we make another income stream and further increase the desirability of the town this time due to the Rock Stars.

PR 6: Charity

Have you noticed on the news that there’s not a lot of good things happening, or is it there are not enough good things being reported, never mind, when we do good things and charitable deed’s there will always be a camera there and a team to really make a meal out of the happy moment.

PR 7: Global Sports leagues.

This section deals more with the macro plan so I will not go into detail other than to say there are some excellent plans for Global Sports Leagues.

Added to this of course if we get the go ahead for New Sparta in Laconia, considering Greece was the creator of Economics, this tale will live on in history for ever hence the title of my second book on “The Spartan Theory” http://www.s-world.biz/Spartan_Theory/History_of_the_Spartan_Theory.htm

“Sparta Rises Again”

http://www.s-world.biz/Sparta_Rises_Again/Home.htm, this book is mainly in note form at the moment as is dedicated to my work on “The removal of Chaos Theory” and “The Beautiful Butterfly Effect” and shows blow by blow how we got from this rather complex equation E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/ -16 = 16 PPG (which will not make sense to any academic scientist) to the paper “EEE – The Economy for The Next 14 Billion Years” and the worlds first non chaotic economic system.

What we are really looking for from the PR is simply to get this message to the world:

“It will work, because everyone will want it to work”

Back to the Land development desirability points.

5. Accessibility: Southern Greece is one of the most accessible places in the world, close enough for European budget airlines to reach, and at the same time, close to Asia and Africa.

6. Investor presentation: Here we have the trump card, being S-World Virtual World: http://www.s-world.biz/FaceBook/8_S-World_3D_Virtual_World.htm where not only can we design and show the entire city to would be investors, would be investors can choose from hundreds of different house or villa designs and change and adapt said designs to suit their personal tastes.

7. Cost: Considering we are building such a large development in the middle of a recession, building and infrastructure costs will be at least 50% lower than a small property development, and so the 50% of all funds that are allocated will effectively in comparison to smaller developments or individually built houses see exceptional values as effectively all investors the money is spent on building and the land is free.

All in all, few if any would argue that the real estate initiative would create a capital investment equal or greater to company’s investments. For an expert opinion I desire Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan and his family to advise, having been instrumental in the building of Dubai. I would of course gladly talk to anyone in the UK government about this matter before such a meeting, in fact such a meeting is greatly desired.

The Investment models.
Will businesses invest, which ones, and in what order should we approach them?

NOTE: The numbers for the companies below do not correlate with the numbers on the map. The Brands are not set in stone by any means, and some more may have to be added, if companies can not afford an entire sub city, rather just a quarter.

There are a number of different investment models, priority is facebook, and then Apple, with these two on board, the rest will fall into place. New to the investment model however is the idea of creating a slingshot effect from the New Sparta investment, to immediately gain the same for the UK, but we will get to that later.
First and most importantly facebook.

Facebook: BusinessBook, facebook gifts, facebook travel, facebook realty & S-World Virtual World

Everyone is watching facebook to see what comes next, and with them involved in such a project, success is guaranteed. One thing to note is the investment model and the price of participation could have been far greater, but we used the “take what we need” philosophy so as there was plenty of money left in the world for other countries.

As I’m sure you know, the problem with the economy is not that there is no money in the world, rather there are no good investments, and recently this has worsened too few safe investments. For instance last we heard Apple was sitting on $75 Billion as they simply don’t know where to put it. China of course has $4 Trillion odd, this said China’s globalization could back fire on everyone; hence we have first looked for political advice rather than going strait to VIRGIN, or our billionaire clients.
So to facebook and something that needs to be organized to perfection as one only gets one chance to make a good first impression.

The trick to facebook is to make them an offer they simply cant refuse, 10 months back, whist working the initial VIRGIN model it was pointed out that the way VIRGIN prefer to work is for one to bring them a concept that works and needs no capital investment, their part simply to consult, brand and make it work within their group, a new Travel company for instance will team up with VIRGIN airways etc, and as such, we have worked a number of ways for important companies to join for Zero cost, I’ll go into details a little further down.

Another trick with facebook is not to ask them to use their brand name unless they wish to, and further not to ask them to change facebook in any way. Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg (COO) are all we need, they are considered by most the heart and sole of facebook, and as such we don’t need to go for the brand, just those two, and maybe Christopher Cox (VP Product)

As for Mark Zuckerberg, the book (this book, as this paper is the 18th Chapter) “The Virtual Network” makes him look very good. Added to this he will I’m sure be extremely interested in not only the various business plans for facebook, but also the scientific theoretical work accomplished so far.

So what businesses opportunities are we offering facebook? How much will they make? and how do we get the start up $16 Billion needed without them having to put their hands in their pockets?

So far we have 5 businesses, they will pick 4, or if they collaborate directly with Apple, they jointly will pick 8. And immediately one sees one way which the money can be raised, Apple pay the cash and split the land, company rights and dividends.

So what are the 5.

1. facebook
1. Firstly, and most importantly we have what we call businessbook, all be it, as mentioned earlier they do not have to use their name, or similar names.

The idea of Buinessbook is of course the very core of the project that I started with Dumani Mandela, Shaka and Moweaqua Sisulu in 2003, before facebook was even created. This is also the very core of the VIRGIN proposal and was mentioned in the first line of the first executive summary. http://www.s-world.biz/Early_Tourism_plans/Page_1_Executive_Summary.html

“Welcome to Sienna, Sienna is software, a baby that will evolve from an idea into networking business software the likes of which have not yet been imagined. My peers describe Sienna as” Face Book for business” I like to consider her “The Global Distribution System”

We later changed the name to S-World, and simply presented it as the concept of networking everything to everything, 50% of all students and teachers at all Cities of Science will work on this project until it’s complete.

Of course it’s fair to make a profit, the more profit, the more money for “Give Half Back” or cooperation tax if you prefer. The ambition for every single non cash trade and purchase to be done via the network, and with collective purchasing, it’s no stretch of the imagination to consider this viable.

The inspiration back in 2003 was travel GDS’s (Global Distribution Systems) myself and the team had approached “Saber” one of the “Big 4” to take over their Africa operations, as they had none, but they were not ready for such a move. I’d say the closest to what we are looking at today is “The World Trade Centre”

What the travel GDS’s do is put a $1 to $4 fee onto every booking, hotels, airlines, car hire, you name it. Whether that root is preferred to a small percentage 1% charge we will need to analyze eventually however this will create an unfathomable income for both facebook and “Give Half Back” all be it, stake holders and shareholders will only see the $4Billion in dividends each year the balance going into creating more companies or supporting loss leader companies using the POP (Pressure of Profit) method as describer earlier.

2. The facebook gifts idea, best described by the on line example/game http://www.s-world.tv/Facebook/home.html, no one who has played this has hit under $20 Billion a year, some much more. This concept is best served directly on facebook, Google Chrome, S-World, My Space etc existing networks. As a stand alone idea as things are now, it would not reach the really big numbers as it relies on the network to offer unbeatable prices, and delivery. This idea becomes a gateway to creating a full blown e-commerce option for all involved. PR also plays its part, however all will agree we have the PR covered.

3. Facebook travel, or whichever name one wishes, this concept it well described on the www.s-world.biz website under http://www.s-world.biz/FaceBook/Travel.htm and one would expect to make big digits, most likely more than forecast considering the awe that will be associated with the project. If we remember the graphic earlier, we say an expansion of 62 times by 2019.

4. Facebook Realty, a plan only half completed, similar in principal to facebook travel, surprisingly, this only projected 2/3rd’s of the income that facebook travel did. Economically however it is an absolute monster as what we describe as “The House Price Index” and “The building price index” has the power to raise and lower property values across the globe.

5. And of course we have S-World Virtual World and business network, which was considered even before the networking plans. Started with Macromedia in 2000, by 2002 the first example in the world was proudly unveiled, it was this example that lead to the interest from the previously mentioned Dumani Mandela, Shaka and Moweaqua Sisulu, and became the inspiration for S-World.TV as Multi Choice (SA’s Sky) wished to air it as a digital channel.

What happened to the original networking and virtual plans back in 2002, 2003? Simple enough, I personally ran out of money had to return back from Johannesburg to Cape Town to concentrate on core business.

The S-World Virtual World and business network, whist in many ways key to operations, and my personal favorite, it most likely better left for Google as they have already done a lot of work on their version, all be it, they have no idea how to make money from it and they have made it far to complicated.

For more information Q&A 3, 4, 5 on this link http://www.s-world.biz/FaceBook/Product.htm

Before we go into to Apple, a quick word on investment models

We have 3 choices

• Direct investment from facebook, which they will most likely wish to do
• Take on a partner, considering the returns, any company with the capital will happily pay the $4Billion and split 50/50
• Slower but ultimately more effective, is to take on many smaller investors, the reason being, simply the various partners will be more keen to use the network. Bellow is a model for such a process, based on the non Chaotic, Economic structure, this time however dividing down, not multiplying up. It also has the advantage of effectively paying salaries for over 20,000 staff with an effective cost to company of $0

The idea here is that we divide the $4 Billion into various tears, and create voting shares, then pick 21,072 Staff/Assistants all of whom work on vetting various inventors. When the right investor is chosen, said investor purchase 87.5% of the voting shares for 100% of their value. Still a very good deal, then, as soon as the company reaches is $4Billion dividend threshold, the Staff/Assistants receive the below $ value each year, either topping up their salary or paying their salary in its entirety, and so effectively making their cost to company $0 as the money they receive would other wise have gone to the investors.

The trouble with the above investment method is that it is a slow process, which does not fall in line with the surprise element of the roll out plan illustrated later.

However Travel and Real Estate investment is definitely best served using the above method, this said, when I analyzed the POP (Pressure of Profit) model for facebook travel, it made sense for the new companies to also be travel, but in different territories, and so we can get away with the original company working on direct investment or shared investment, then expand in the multi investor root illustrated. Some more models are found here http://www.s-world.biz/S-World_&_EEE-THE_LINK-Brands_and_Share_Structures_1.htm

2. Apple
Apple, are (or were) the world’s biggest company, but without Steve Jobs their cutting edge ideas and innovations may well dry up, and once one are first, no one likes to fall back to 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc.

Originally tasked with creating the CRM software (Consumer relationship management) as best described within the facebook travel section http://www.s-world.biz/FaceBook/4_FaceBook_Travel_CRM.htm Apple also now stand as the perfect backup to facebook, and as they have $75 Billion sitting around they can also become financiers.

One idea that we have been playing with is for facebook and apple join forces and work on 2 sub cities. Apples brand love is legendary, and they will be very excited at the various software and networking designs, all be it they are so simple they will say, “Why on earth did we not think of that?”

On the Brands map featured at the beginning of this section, they have also been placed in the computers section, apple are advanced, very advanced, but considering the open source nature of the university, and the brand love associated with the project, Apple will see a need to become part of the collective to share in the future technologies that will be developed and to stay globally loved.

As the business plan was originally created for VIRGIN’s various companies, there is a plethora of ideas for many of VIRGIN’s companies. I’ll briefly mention a few.

• A bank is needed to network with the financial software
• Once a number of Cities are made, VIRGIN Airways, can fly from City to City, as opposed to just back and for the from the UK, this will meet some resistance, however is it not only more economically efficient it is also a more ecological way of flying.
• VIRGIN publishing: The Book “A Virtual Network”
• VIRGIN holiday: Joining with facebook travel, or crating a travel company from scratch using the various concepts described in the facebook travel section: http://www.s-world.biz/FaceBook/Travel.htm
• VIRGIN Media: team up with S-World.TV
• VIRGIN also recently closed down a real estate project and will be keen to succeed where once they failed
• VIRGIN Galactic: Product placement, technology gained from the universities, and the possibility of working with a large budget to further their space ambitions
• VIRGIN Mobile: technology from the university
• VIRGIN Unite: assistance with ecological and charity endeavors

Despite the original plan for VIRIN http://www.s-world.biz/Virgin/Pre_Spartan_Theory_Travel_Software_Proposal_to_Virgin.htm being adapted to a non capital investment plan, I’d imagine, between all the companies they can muster the $16 Billion, if not they can take partners, or just go for ¼ or ½ of a sub city, a harsh lesson however as they had at all for a $1,000,000 donation to the Nelson Mandela foundation back in April.
This said, as Sir Richard Branson is our preferred first person to address after the UK government, I’m sure together we will come up with something that works

4. Google
• S-World Virtual World & Business Network
• The “Per human experience search engine” adapted from http://www.s-world.biz/FaceBook/3_Facebook_Travel_Service_Ratings.htm
• Google Realty
Do Google have $16Billion, quite possibly and if facebook are in, they will need to follow

5. Microsoft
Tasked with the financial software: http://www.s-world.biz/FaceBook/5_FaceBook_Travel_Financial_Software.htm
Much like apple, the technology created by the universities is a must for them
Bill Gates, has been working a similar system to “Give Half Back” I actually think his is more like “Give Most Back” and I can only see willing participation.

Whether Microsoft have $16 Billion however I can not say, especially as Bill Gates has given most of his personal fortune away, we may need to make a plan here, as Bill Gates is a big part of the inspiration for the whole project.

6. IBM
A late inclusion, but very important however as IBM have been working on software to run cities and planets, I have no idea about their finances, they will most likely have to work with partners, on a 25% IBM 75% Partner basis.
They will of course be tasked with automating the cities, a huge but extremely exciting task.

With facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft & IBM involved or for that matter any two of them we see what I call POP2 (Pressure of Participation)

Quite simply, added to the University, no one could argue that the future of technology lies with the new “Ecological Experience Economy”, or jointly with “Silicone Valley”

From this point onwards, investors would be lining up, all be it, its best for all if this is kept totally secret from the world until the right time.

7. McDonalds,
Mentioned in the EEE – The Economy for the Next 14 Billion years” as a bastion of how a business should be run, when that paper is tidied up and accredited, hopefully proving “Chaos Theory: as a science, their share price will rocket, so long as they are involved.

Experts in property development, of which there will be a lot of, and also experts in running restaurants, it would make a lot of sense for McDonalds not to set up Burger Bars across New Sparta and other cities, rather manage all kinds of restaurants, maybe all the restaurants.

8. Man City Football Club
Owned my Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, desired main partner alongside, Sir Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg. Expertise in Energy/Oil, hence being placed in the Energy Section, and with orders for Billions and Billions of dollars of alternate energy projects, the energy sector will be extremely profitable.

Lover of Football, the original Spartan Theory was greatly influenced by Football http://www.s-world.biz/Spartan_Theory/The_new_21st_Century_Economic_Football_theory.htm as was the non chaotic Economic System, as it was initially described as a reverse knock out football league. The concept of global leagues, including soccer, be it FIFA, FA or independent will greatly appeal.

He and his families experience in building Dubai will be priceless.
Net worth estimated at $650 Billion, definitely considered as financier if other brands need partners.

9. Chelsea Football Club
Somewhere within the thousands of files it is recorded that Chelsea and Roman Abramowitz in the Music Sector was self indulgent, (just for Nick Ray). However it’s important to include Russia, and another football club, adds to the Global Leagues initiative.

The self indulgence was having Music as an industry, however there is method to the madness, it has been mentioned that a competition between the 16 Cities, reality TV if you will, be held with a chosen business leader for each sector, the aim of the competition is simple, make as much money, and do as much good as possible. Just because one starts of in one industry, it does not mean one has to stay in it, after making a success and creating a new “Bucket” (Company) one can pick any industry.

Nick Ray wishes to champion the causes of this industry and feels Mr. Abramowitz a perfect partner. Considering Nick Ray is largely responsible for EEE, the music industry consortium will do well, but we will see what Roman says, its most likely that it will be split into 4 strait away, choosing 3 other industries, so for not considered, maybe fashion, maybe retail.

I doubt Mr. Abramowitz has $16 Billion to hand, so I expect we will see a consortium, and if it’s all Russian, that a stabilizing factor, for all concerned,

10. Universal

Film & Media, essential for PR, whether we choose Universal or a collective or another is to be decided. A press or many press companies, SKY, CNN etc are also desired, we do not desire to control the media, just have them report our positive deeds and our failures equally, however we are confident our positive deeds will out way the negative.
Considered not a loss leader, rather a loss equaler and as such much like the Music consortium other industries may well be set up to make the investment attractive.

11. Transport
With a transport infrastructure budget of hundreds of billions, an attractive consortium for any company, especially as it is desired that once the Motorways, roads, cycle paths railways and maybe underground systems are built, the intention is to further expend into Greece or which ever country is host.

However the transport consortiums main purpose is to create non fueled cars and transport. Originally tasked to German car manufacturers, a recent dispute has seen me ditch Germany for England, I’m not 100% on which British car manufacturers are still British so at a guess, McLaren, Bentley, Aston Martin & Jaguar.

I very much doubt these car manufacturers can afford the $4Billlion each, but considering the Transport infrastructure budget and the 100% rule that as soon as physically possible all fuel cars will be banned from all EEE cities, with a view to same being so across parent countries, the future for this consortium is very bright indeed.

Considering the impact to Oil, we will of course offer Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan first partner investment option.

12. Agriculture
At its heart another loss leader, the desire to provide free fruit and vegetables not only to all within the EEE City but parent country as well (this will obviously need fertile land outside EEE City)

Whilst this noble intention will create considerable cost, all other food and drink and associated goods will be for sale, and considering the collective purchasing and hopeful non tax status, profit will be achieved.

We also need to consider the story and PR, if we are providing free fruit and vegetables to an entire country, said country will be grateful and most likely favor an EEE branded (may be called Sienna Unite) beverage or another.

Coca Cola, were mentioned as the first brand in the original facebook business development plan, the link in many ways to the many other industries now included, as best I know they generate about $3Billion a quarter and as such can afford one quarter sub city, probably four, all be it may well be in the best interest of the project to have four partners in this consortium.

13. Manufacturing
Whether we include China to the scale mention in EEE – The Economy for the next 14 billion years or not is precisely the reason I have first come to the UK government for advice.

As far as manufacturing is concerned, 4 Chinese manufacturing companies seem the logical choice.

Money of course will not be an issue,

14. Electrical
With China in, Japan needs to be in and few would argue their companies skill at electronics, whether companies like Sony who made less than a billion last years can afford entry is debatable, so maybe this consortium will need to be re thought.

15. Pharmaceuticals

I’ve gone for Glaxo as the USA companies, are better suited to the USA cities. Glaxo are making about $6Billion a year and may well be able to afford the entire $16 Billion.

This said, this consortium will be allowed to pick 2, other industries of their choice, and industry related partners, which would bring their buy in down to $8 Billion.

The pharmaceutical industry in EEE is largely a loss leader, the intention to make all saving heath drugs, patent free to the world, non heath saving drugs however created and sold as normal.

It is the intention to devote, 15% maybe 20% of university time to aid this research, the other industries they pick are meant to keep their profit margins the same or more than they are now, as this initiative will see the current, “sell health drugs” disappear within a few years, as free alternatives are created.

First prize of course is Glaxo or other partners, simply giving away the patents to the drugs they already own

16. Mining, Metals and precious stones
A cash rich industry, why BVLGARI, loyally for one, they were the first major brand to approach one of our companies, and this entire project may well not have got of the ground without their influence.
BVGARI of course can not afford entry being worth under $2Billion; however they may make a perfect broker for the various Mining, Metal and Precious Stone companies across the globe.

In what order should we approach companies?

Best suggestion, first we work together (UK Government & S-World) to tighten up the presentation, then strait to VIRGIN and Sir Richard Branson.

Whether we then go strait to facebook, or Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan will need to be considered carefully, one does not wish Mark Zuckerberg to feel out of the initial loop, however Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan adds a lot of credibility, capital and had President Obama’s cell number on speed dial, that said, I expect so does David Cameron.

A trump card we have to play is of course Nelson Mandela, with his favorite Grandson entrenched deeply in this project in 2003 and to an extent this year as well, all be it he has only seen the theoretical side, of which he highly approves, added to Nick Rays wishes that considering Sienna is/was South African and the inspiration for the entire project, and the project was largely created in South Africa few would argue that it would be suitable to offer the project to Mr. Nelson Mandela as his final legacy. No Nelson Mandela, no project.

A combination, of Nelson Mandela, President Obama, Mark paying nothing, the opportunity to save the world both economically and environmentally plus untold riches really can not fail. And with Mark Zuckerberg, everything else will fall into place very quickly.

Stock market manipulation or insider trading?

I could well be entering into a grey or illegal area here, so consider this a suggestion only

It is possible if we have complete secrecy and a well put together PR plan, to make entry for most cost free.

Now I’ll just mention this lightly, and if it’s legal we can look into it further.

We pick a date, for arguments say Saturday February 12th 2012

Most major brand partners the UK, Greek, USA and maybe SA governments are all briefed and investments are pledged.
We pick say, 10 partners, on Monday 31st Jan, suddenly out of the blue Apple and Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan buy VIRGIN stock, a lot, maybe $16 Billion if that’s possible, this will create a run on VIRGIN stock, as the price goes up, they slowly sell their stock back.

The next day, VIRGIN, Apple & Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan buy stock in another company, everyone in the world, will know something is going on, and follow, they will probably start buying Apple, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s companies and VIRGIN stock as well knowing that they are all collaborators, this process continues, until the day before the 12th (announcement day) All the companies but facebook stock. The markets will go crazy.

Whilst this is going on a few bits of information can leak out, Global Leagues, Alternate energy projects, enough to keep the interest up, and so the share prices keeps going up. Then on the Saturday all the plans are announced. The world shakes and on the Monday, the stock prices of all the companies shoot through the roof, all the original companies’ sell the stock they bought at a huge profit and use the money to pay for the New Sparta options. Bang, entry cost reduced or even fully covered.

As I said, this may be illegal, we don’t know, it may also be ill advised, it’s a relatively new concept, and this is the first time its been committed to paper.

The UK Slingshot

Simple enough, with near all or all investment options in “New Sparta” gone, many will be distraught at missing the boat, so we immediately announce plans for a similar exercise in the UK and the money will flood in, maybe even all the options will be sold in a day.

The USA Auction - Big problem, big solution

$1,024 Trillion over 8 years will not touch the sides in the USA, we really need to look at a minimum of $8,192 Trillion, and if we can double that all the better, and here is where the election slogan “Give Half Back” comes in.
To raise this kind of money we need to appeal to people to pay more than they normally would for the good of the USA, and the world, the USA has about 2 maybe 3 years before it’s debt problem implodes, followed by the West, then as Dumani predicts Nuclear War.

And here we need to go back to the plans made in May, “The Auction of The Big 16” and “The Great 24 Hour TV Spectacular” http://www.s-world.biz/The_24_Hour_TV_Stage_Spectacular.html The work is old, but one gets the idea, a huge 24 hour money raising spectacular, not just in the States but across the world, with celebrities, royalty and anyone with influence appealing for companies and individuals to bid more and more, to pay the maximum than the investment is worth.

One of course needs to make the land investment more attractive and so it would make sense to create 4 Cities, maybe “New San Francisco”, “New Boston” “New Miami” and “New Seattle”

“Network City.”
North - New Sparta

Network City is about 700 sq Miles, but it’s mountainous at the top and on the sides, and we have to account for settlements that are already there, not least of which is “Old Sparta” population +/- 16,000

The idea behind Network City was simple, to increase the business opportunities of “The BIG 16” industries in Science City, by creating a networking city/hub in North “New Sparta”, where every country has a small base, and a voice. We split the land up into even sizes (about 1 sq mile each) and then further split that land into 4. Give one quarter to the country to build their embassy, and then give them another quarter mile to sell to developers, the proceeds from which can pay for their embassy and the infrastructure, the remaining half mile, to be parkland.

I like the idea, that each of the new settlements in Network City, are surrounded by nature, one would have to walk through 300 maybe 500 meters of trees, or parkland to get to the next. This concept was originally created for old town (existing Laconia settlements) so as to minimize the inconvenience the Laconia citizens who simply “like things the way they are”.

I’d like to go to Lee Chazen’s Paper: “Chaos Theory, Self Organization and the Role of Government “.

It mentions: Stuart Kauffman a researcher at the Santa Fe Institute concluded (a) sparsely connected networks showed internal order; (b) densely connected networks go into chaos; (c) networks with a single connection tend towards a frozen, dull kind of behavior, and finally; (d) a chaotic system is very sensitive to small changes.”
I came to find this paper by Lee Chazen’s as my original work for Network City, saw massive investment from China, that did not go to Greece, Rather pay 25% of the cost for 4 more cities in Europe, then Italy, Spain, Ireland and Portugal.

I sent this to Dumani Mandela, who was rightfully concerned about China having such a high stake in the future of the Euro zone, and so I looked for political work on “Chaos Theory” If we note the last line (d) “a chaotic system is very sensitive to small changes.”

At first this did not seem to matter as from an economic perspective we have created the world’s first non chaotic economic system. However “Chaos Theory” according to Wikipedia applies to just about all walks of life, including politics. Whist we have created a Non Chaotic Economic System we had not created a non Chaotic Political system and so the rule still applied. “A Chaotic System is Very Sensitive to small changes.

We know a lot and have a very simple way of analyzing things, however when we get to the politics and the future of Global dominance, We are out of our depth, and need advise as a wrong move here could save the economy today only to see political & global disaster tomorrow, hence, the first move I made on my arrival in England, was to make an appointment with you.

I like this idea, but is it wise?

Here we see, China purchasing +/- 100 Square miles of Network City, there are benefits to all of conserved, in just the same way, Britain and the Far East benefited from Hong Kong

Currently the idea for Network cities is they become the difference between the many Cities that will be built around the world, when divided into 16 even territories, only one city per territory will have a Network City, and each network City sees one of the other 15 territories have a larger presence within it than the rest, as illustrated above.