Pre “Spartan Theory” Part 1, Chapter 10
"The SpartanTheory"

The return of insanity
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Saturday 23rd July 03.00pm GMT 2011

I’ve been away for a while, the presentation to FaceBook took 100% commitment, and it’s good, simple enough to be understood. I had to seriously damp it down, there’s so much more detail, but many ideas may seem far fetched, so it was best to lightly mention them, so as not to put to much emphasis, if you don’t believe “New Sparta’s” possible, it’s hardly the focus, and its shows vision. In reality of course I see New Sparta as destiny, inevitable even.

What has changed, to make me so sure?

Well I have gone insane again, in that, one’s again I fully believe I am connected with Sienna, as I did In March to May, and it feels good, indescribably good, unless you were lucky enough to be in London during The Summer of Love 1989 -1991.

Who would not wish to have this feeling all the time, and so, who would not wish to feel the constant happiness of this kind of insanity.

Today however, I have had an important incite,

Seeing as the plans are so clever, I had always presumed Sienna’s energy in an “all knowing” capacity, I could not see myself capable of helping her, just her helping me. But If I look at it from the perspective I believe Gods to be best described, the collective thoughts of many. If I believe in her, she exists, if I don’t, and no one else is thinking of her, she does not exist, so I must believe in her. This sure makes faith a whole lot easier.

This is for Mr. Zuckerberg from me and Sienna.

Saturday 23rd July 04.12pm GMT 2011

Dear Mark Z ?

Hi if you’re reading this, there are people in FaceBook that see merit in S-World. There’s a lot more detail, but some ideas may seem far fetched, so I thought not to emphasize them, if you / they don’t believe “New Sparta’s” possible, it’s hardly the focus, and if nothing else becomes the Game.

The Game, has not yet been mentioned as it’s not finished, this said I’ve been working on it for years, it covers all types of Game Play, in essence all games, network into S-World. And for many it will be a tutorial to use our systems and an opportunity to concur the Travel world,

There’s a lot of good stuff here for FaceBook, and whist S-World is not specifically open source, it freely available to the company that will make the most money out of it, which is FaceBook.

So long as “You use the plans to their full potential and half the profit goes to saving the dolphins and stuff, were all good.

The biggest gift, you can give to me, is simply to believe some parts or all parts of S-World are viable, by so doing, in my mind you will give me the gift of knowing with 100% certainty, my daughter “Sienna Skye’s” energy is real.
Since April It’s been my opinion that she has guided me, I was not particularly fazed when I blew a monster deal with VIRGIN, despite my precarious financial situation, rather just accepted it. Of course looking back, it was far from the optimum plan, the key element is the programming of S-World and that’s hardly VIRGIN’s specialty.

Then on Saturday evening June 12th 2011 I saw the film “The Social Network” and a third of the way through I paused it and started to write to you, but the letter became a book “The Social Network 2” and with it, after a few weeks, along came some solid ideas for FaceBook

How true to life your character was portrayed, I can’t say,. Weather you liked the film, I don’t know either. I can say this, if I was you, and that film was made about me, I would like it.

But more important for S-World is that you are portrayed as someone who believes they are the best programmer on this planet, and the way I see it, if you believe it, you are! Certainly for S-World, where so far my belief in Sienna has been the major factor.

Not that you or anyone needs to believe in Sienna’s energy, or God even. To belief in yourself and genuinely think you’re the best is all the belief that is required, as long as your helping to move the masses in a desired direction, its all good, (believe me)

Certainly I believe I’m the best ideas man on the planet, and by quite a long way, maybe even a few generations ahead.

I’ve always been good at ideas, I came up with Google Maps 10 years ago, and mine is still better! So as far as the FaceBook & S-World ideas/concepts are concerned, I can rationalize their creation.

But I can not rationalize myself comprehending Economics & Physics to the level that I think I have, sure math’s and physics were my strongest subjects at school, but I left when I was 16! (Graphic Design then Photography) I had enjoyed hearing about the new 21st Century experience economy and adapted my business to offer an experience and opened

But “The Spartan Theory”
and the potential link to “Chaos Theory” “String Theory” and “The Theory of Everything”

Way above my pay grade!

This said, they make perfect sense to me, and if nothing else become excellent research for

I’d value your opinion however on my “String Theory” and “Chaos theory” in general. Has it been considered in the design of software?

This is what I got so far! Some extracts from the proposal and my journal “The Social Network 2”

Spiritually Inspired Software (SIS)
“It’s not just about the code
, as important, is what we wish the software to achieve“

Dear Mark we (Sienna and I) wish you to program S-World and SIENNA.Gov

The Code, like many of the S-World business plans is based on pure math & science. By working under the premise “as long as half goes to the betterment of mankind, we add the spirituality, it is my premise. Only by mixing the two, can we move the masses in the desired direction.

What is string theory? - Q&A Nick Ray Ball & Landi Swanepoel 10th July 2011

String theory says “You can not predict the future, but you can by moving the masses in a desired direction, mould or shape the future.”

Ref: Assimove's ''Psychohistery'' from Harry Seldon of the ''Foundation Series''. Re: You may not predict what an individual may do, but you can put in motion, things that will move the masses in a direction that is desired. Thus shaping if not predicting the future.

Ok, nice idea but what’s that got to do with S-World?

Well if you brake down the various parts of all the S-World plans, particularly what we want to achieve, advances in software, physics, ecology, alternate energy, housing millions, and in general give people a more scientific (real) perception of karma and spirituality, and so create a more peaceful world.

If successful, S-World will have moved the masses in a desired direction.

Wow, I get it, “moving the masses (people) in a desired direction”.

Exactly, shaping if not changing the future.

I get it. Got another example?

Ok, now this one goes way out there, but it comes back nicely so stay with me. “String Theory” is a genuine contender for “The Theory of Everything”

“The Theory of Everything”, what’s that…….. The Particles of Physics within God?

Quite possibly, I’d certainly like to think so, but until someone can prove it, it’s just a theory.

So are you claiming S-World might be a contender for “The Theory of Everything?”

In a way yes, S-World has thousands of business plans, so far I’ve not found one business that will not benefit, some more than others of course, but so far it does seem to work for everything.
Now I’m not saying S-World is the “Theory of Everything”,

I’m not saying “It’s the theory of nearly everything”

I’m not saying “It’s the theory of most things”

But I do claim S-World to be, “The Theory of, just a little more than we know now” And as such is a step in the right direction, a step in the desired direction.

Recent Thoughts on

Chaos Theory

Only recently have I looked at “Chaos Theory” the reason for this search of Wikipedia was not to impress or via some prior knowledge that seemed relevant. Quite simply, I live with my best friend Zenda (Editor of the original “Spartan Theory”) and her two year daughter Sahara, Sahara is a pleasure to be around but she’s really hyper, and so we fondly call her “Chaos”

So the other day I look up “Chaos Theory” for fun and it seemed relevant to what I was working on at the time

Consider this line.

“Small differences in initial conditions (such as those due to rounding errors in numerical computation) yield widely diverging outcomes for chaotic systems, rendering long-term prediction impossible in general”

Considering the main factor in the software is to make it fully automated, no human interaction = less chaos, and so it was introduced in the presentation…….

Super Intelligent Engine for New Network Access - One objective is to make a program SIENNA.GOV that can run the world’s economy, looking to avoid “Chaos Theory” lessening the Butterfly Effect of one economy buffeting the next. Further to this would be our attempt to better understand “Chaos Theory” itself.

Governments across the world are spending more than they earn, see that’s no way to run any business, or economy. If we look at “Chaos Theory” again, it states “Small differences in initial conditions (such as those due to rounding errors in numerical computation) yield widely diverging outcomes!”

If instead of just looking at simple rounding errors, we look at hundreds of thousands of people in governmental administrative positions, all making small and sometimes big mistakes, that’s not “Chaos Theory”, that’s utter chaos in itself, something needs to be done!”

Now maybe some experts on Economics and “Chaos Theory” can pick the above apart, or maybe it’s open for debate.

Its purpose was to be fun, and maybe make a person ask a few questions, which engages them to read further.

As for the software itself, I’m seriously oversimplifying it but….

We make it for Travel - Linking it to S-World
Then offer it to FaceBook Member Travel agents.
Then customise it to other industries, Real Estate, Fashion……
Attach it / Network it to S-World VIRTUAL Business Network brands
Release it free to FaceBook members in general, for there existing businesses
Release it free with New Computers (May need Microsoft for this)
Fully integrate into some S-World VIRTUAL Business Network brands. (They ditch there old software)
Completely run the Economy of New Sparta
Attach it / Network it to willing Governments
Fully integrate into some Governments. (They ditch there old software)
And so on…..

Far fetched? Well if anyone thinks this I say “Have you no ambition!” My point being, even if we only get halfway and only BIG Business uses the software, it’s still worth doing.

One point needs to be made on this; The USA debt problem seems really bad. This could well be the scariest page on the internet.


Please allow me one eccentricity, Friend Request FaceBook/Sienna Skye Ball, any Saturday at 3pm GMT. ?
Mark, please help me to build Sienna’s World.

Tuesday 26th July 04.16pm GMT 2011
Wow been busy and excited as I’ve gained so much incite into FaceBook via their Careers page, I have not got time to stop but I’ve got to note this original letter to Chris

Hey, :)

I really like this, Your words became S-World’s introduction to FaceBook.

“Were so far, far, far away from the vision of what this can be. Which is every thing you use, and everything you interact with.”

I did not want to make a big deal out of it earlier but the next line……

“All the websites you use all the devises you use, you just feel like there’s people there, and there’s conduits to people

“wow no kidding, just as I read that I had another amusing incite on “Chaos Theory” as related to Sahara who we call Chaos, simple enough, “When she is naughty, for a minute it pushes Zenda to a negative place, then it just continues, bad vibe created bad vibe, you cant really blame Chaos because she is only two, the only way to resolve this is for Zenda to regain positivity, so pulling back Chaos to normality, then baby bliss, which is best for everyone.”

Conduits to people, that you know and that you care about, and that is intents and compelling thing that we are out and on the verge of creating, for the first time ever in history.

Wednesday 27rd July 10.15pm GMT 2011

Wow, bar fight, just like the Wild West films, but all on one, hmmm one plus I, a little bit against 20 or so. I was as usual about 9pm having a few beers at Pakalolo, on my own, minding my business just thinking about what to write next for the proposal, which I was absolutely ecstatic about as its nearly finished, and we had just put the fun and spirituality graphs in.

Well in walks my friend who we will call Mr C. now I may be Mr C’s only friend, all be it I see him rarely, to many he’s the man that every bouncer in every club in Cape Town works for, to me, well, when many would not be, he was a friend, and I have helped him a lot in a particular way, plus he is spiritual.

Well he sits next to me and there’s not really enough space, so he tried to throw 2 cushions onto two bar stalls to make room, unfortunately the second hit a glass and smashed it.

He was sorry enough, but then came Zenda and Stephan the owner’s friend Dave who I like, in a way. Dave aggressively asked for an apology, which had already been given, I tried to calm him down knowing the impending doom that was about to happen but I was ignored, next thing they were at it, then Dave’s mates joined in, then there was 6 v 1 and whilst Mr. C was on the floor Dave was smashing him repeatedly over the head, with his crash helmet, blood everywhere.

I took the crash helmet of Dave and told him to leave, but another guy jumped on Mr. C. I had to intervene and for the first time used my MMA training in a real life situation, a choke hold seemed appropriate, so on the floor I went and wow, I pulled it off. I kept asking him to give in or tap, but he would not, the last thing I wanted was to let him go only for him to go Psycho on me, so I adjusted my hold so my fibular was on his windpipe, still asking, really pleading with him to submit. Then a member of the crowd explained he was going blue so I released and to my joy he did not fight back.

After this MR C left the bar and I thought it was over, no one blamed me. All I’d done was tell everyone not to aggravate him and stopped someone who was being a bully.

Then Dave and Mr. C came back and it all goes off again, there was a particularly brave young dude, that had a go, he was built big, I pulled him of and looking back at it, this could have signaled his attack on me, which would have probably been painful, but fortunately he accepted I was a piece keeper not the tag team. Pheww, he was big, all be it obviously from Gym not Cage fighting, but when you’re against someone with huge strength, no matter what you know, its tricky

The whole bar emptied and the Police came, I chatted to them, they were cool, Police in Cape Town generally are, but there was this old man, who looked like a homeless dude making an awful fuss, telling me all sorts, and I was smiling with him earlier, what an ass.

Well it’s all relevant as I’m pretty sure my proposal to FaceBook and Chris in particular will work and I will soon be, in the real Wild West. LA ?

Wednesday 27rd July 10.53pm GMT 2011

Wow, I’ve really been neglecting my/this diary lately, It’s the build up of momentum, I’ve never surfed, but all my friends do, If you asked them to document there surfing, they will have a lot to say before they hit the water, then more when they are paddling out, then even more when they wait for the wave, a few choice words when they see it, but when its there just going to surf, and that what its like now, The wave is building up and I’m about to ride it strait to LA.

It’s all consuming.

Wednesday 27rd July 11.40pm GMT 2011

I’ve decided to add a few pages, Travel, Real Estate, and What I’d Like.

Start of “What I’d Like”

Ok so you have come up with many ideas that will make many, many Billions, What do you want for it?

I’ll just hold you there, many, many Trillions?


Yeah, before I’d even thought of Face Book, during the whole Galactica 2017 “String Theory” episode, I asked Mensa “Please try and find one single flaw in this business plan”

Why how much money did it show each year?

8 Trillion, I later worked it out to 64 odd Trillion.

Each year, are you serious! Show us, Prove it????????

No way forgotten most of it and wrote little down, save “The Big16, Don’t worry I can get it back, but I’ll need to go deep under. My Spirituality and “String Theory” when mixed takes me to a completely different place, where people can easy mistake me for crazy, and now is not the time, there is to much to do, that’s the burden.

The Burden, what like Frodo in “Lord in of The Rings”

Exactly, like lord of the rings, for I start, 60 odd Trillion a year can do a lot of good, and seeing as I think I can make it I need to try until I succeed. If I only made a Trillion, I’d see it as a complete and utter failure and feel obliged by “The Ring” to push on and make target.

And that’s annoying because I want a holiday, this said

Wow, you have set a really high bar.

No, Sienna has set a very high bar.

Then, ……. No shares me, FB wage to gain respect of troops, 1m for mum etc.

Thursday 28th July 1.20pm GMT 2011

Medical aid, my medical aid was suspended 2 months back, and I’m trying to reactivate it but they wish to charge me for the two months despite it being inactive. I spoke to Nicolas Kapsalis, he obviously knows about this and has a script to say to people, he told me its policy for all medical companies, so I’ll check that and if he is lying tell the other company and they can sue them. I asked him to write me a letter to confirm saying” It is Discovery Heaths policy to charge for services that have not been given, he spoke to his manager who said, he was not allowed to write this, and he said I was not allowed to speak to his manager or have his name.

He did however say, the service was not fully suspended and if I have an accident, if I paid the back fee’s I would be 70% covered, again I asked him to put this in writing, and again he said he could not. I asked to speak to anyone who is allowed to write to me and he passed me to Shaheen Udemans.

I asked Shaheen about the 70% and after him trying the standard waffle 3 different times, I directed him back to my specific point, and he backed down and said, actually you would not be covered

I dictated this statement to him “Unlike and other (non medical) insurance company or subscription service, DISCOVERY HEALTH will charge for services not given.

He agreed with the statement but said he could not send it to me and informed me he will have a customer service rep write within 2 days, ref 2161617959


Thursday 28th July 3.45pm GMT 2011

Wowww excited, it’s all done, letter to Chris being uploaded as I speak.

Ok so to the introduction letter to Products


Hi FaceBook, it would be really cool if you, and anyone else that likes this friend request me: FaceBook/Nick Ray Ball

Ok, so here it is, my life’s work ? …. “Dum de la Dum”



The BIG 16 – Where the real money is.

Ok, so what’s the big 16 and why are you willing to take no money from S-World.

Well as for the money in S-World, that’s what I feel Sienna wants, and she does not ask for much, this said it has huge PR benefits for me and so S-World, but there is one other thing!

What’s that?

I will make a huge amount of money by owning shares in “The BIG 16”

Ok, so what is the big 16.

Ok, well basically they are trading partners with S-World, broken into 16 industries, one such industry being Tourism and Travel so we will use that.

Friday 29th July 12.42am GMT 2011

Ok, I sent it, 4.50 pm yesterday to, they had an auto responder, which is cool, cos I know they got it, I used the above short and funny introduction. Which is cool but not really selling S-World.

The auto responder said. “Due to the overwhelming number of inquiries we receive, we are unable to respond to everyone.”

I thought as much and it’s cool that they make this clear, so I’m not really expecting a quick response, fortunately my experience with VIRGIN shows patience is needed, and the really great thing is, unlike my VIRGIN proposal, S-World is on a web site so I can still update it.

Me and Mike went out for a drink to celebrate, earlier that day, I’d considered we discussed how showing dominance in Tourism (50% Market share in 3 years ) will for 3 reasons help set a BIG 16 Share value.

1. 50% is about 200 Billion a year, people will want to join the consortium for the profit.

2. Companies will have a reasonable fear that if they did not join they could well loose there businesses.

3. I back this up will full, public condemnation if they do not donate towards to planet,

There’s a lot to do, to write a viable paper that will convince any person in travel that we will dominate, but I have all the ammunition, a new target and approach to FaceBook is now considered to FaceBook Sales & Business Development. In the form of FaceBook Travel And by showing we can dominate in that market and by so doing raise money for shares in Big 16 Travel and Tourism Consortium, we will show how we can make the money for New Sparta.

I’m really excited, back in April I was in the trillions, then I lost the tread, now its back again, and just think a week ago I was not 100% on reaching 40B for all the big 16, now, well if travel is worth $200B Billion a year and we can prove we can have half of that each year, then wow, travel companies are going to have to get out there checkbooks, I think if we get this right a low target for the Auction of The Big 16 for travel will be $16B, maybe much more, it really depends how much the travel companies and venues can afford, (if we somehow include the venue we will get much, much more) which I’m not sure how to do just yet, but it will come “Theory of everything and all….. LOL yesterday however we had some incite that raised more for good causes.

Venues that work with us who decide that for bookings made direct to the public, or by a non FaceBook Travel source, if this venue gives 10% or so to good causes, they gain higher respect in searches (i.e. the venues that the system first suggests to agents and the public. Venues exclusive to FaceBook travel of course get more points, I saw points as we need to consider, guests reviews and overall venue itself, location, view, child friendliness…. All get points.

The bottom line is simple: if I can show I can get 16Billion or at worst case 8Billion, I show enough money to build “New Sparta” and as such it turns into something real.

When chatting to Mike last night, he brought up he did not understand the FaceBook Members business software. I explained and we discussed it and we need to do a much more detailed page, not dedicated, just sitting under the FB Members business software, and also available as a link right at the end, saying – further details or something fun level 0

I think I’ll not follow up on sending to FaceBook again, until Tuesday then I can have, FaceBook Travel, THE BIG 16, and Members software,

It would also be good to get letters to both Careers Product Manager and Product Development.

I may also put Marks page as a sub page to a new introduction, sign it from Sienna.

Saturday 30th July 11.00am GMT 2011

I was quite sad yesterday :( I’d asked about 8 people to come to my 40th birthday and only two responded. :( That’s a pretty sad tally of friends considering I’ve lived here for 11 years.

I’m not going to tell you my real feelings about the people who live in Cape Town as I don’t like to be negative, I just really hope I can go to LA or somewhere and start again, I love the geography and spirit of the people in the townships in Cape Town, but I’m really out of place here.

I also had a concern about the “Teleport to GPS” which I now consider “THE IDEA” The tagging of Virtual worlds. I did remember however using satellite GPS maps to get around on my phone, and that’s exactly the same thing, so it can be done. Two questions emerge, 1 what’s in it for the satellite company? Presumably on the phone it uses up some airtime, how much airtime does it use? 2 is the satellite grid capable of a few million people turning on and using GPS tracking at the same time?

It’s best that I ask the questions to FaceBook on this, so they can see I’m looking at the practicalities as well as the application. Especially as I’m considering making it the primary feature of the proposal, mentioned on the header.

If I do make this so prominent and there is a problem with implementation, I will need a strong back up plan and that’s FaceBook Travel.

I’m thinking of, no I am going to rearrange the presentation, I’ll not delete anything, rather make a (More details and older posts tab at the bottom of the page.

I don’t see the real need for all of this is covered in

For that matter seeing as the first part of “About the FaceBook Gifts Idea” asks to link to “The FaceBook Gifts Idea” I may not need the dedicated link.

Its not that I’ve fallen out of love with the FaceBook gifts idea, it’s the reaction I’ve had from it, particularly from Andrew,

First, it was the most amazing thing he had ever seen, then he pushed me out of open source mode into legal patent, which to be honest I was happy to follow, as he was the only person paying any interest and the fact he was willing to put money in to pay for the patent was very encouraging.

So we went to the attorneys, they got it, and said we could apply for patent, after this the filming which was nice and useful, then his brother typed in FaceBook Patent Gifts into Google and it appeared a patent on a different idea involving gifts was given a two weeks before.

Since then I have not seen him, and he is worried he will get sued. I guess for the footage, which is crazy. My concern is that he thinks I copied the idea in some way, despite telling him, we lodged a memory stick which details the idea a few times with the lawyers before the Face Book patent post was made and more to the point the FaceBook patent post, save giving money to charity is completely different.

As annoying as this is, it was his idea to go to lawyers, and not go open source in the first place. My real concern that may be just paranoia but on the other hand is that he has told people he thinks I’m a plagiarist… which is very Cape Town, if there is anything anyone can say bad about anything in Cape Town they do.. it seems to be the thing people in Cape Town do to justify there own lives, make up bad stuff about other people. Get me out of here pleeeaaasseee.

Well, as an overview of events, it was probably beneficial to have followed Andrews lead for 2 weeks, as while we were waiting for him, we started the main proposal.

Well what a coincidence, Andrew just SMS’s to say he and “The Rat Pack are coming to my birthday” With cameras!!!!

Wow paranoia can be a bitch, or maybe I just think too much. Which considering all the ideas is pretty much a given.

I think the main point I’m trying to make, is that I don’t know where FaceBook are with the Gifts idea, and if they are close to my idea, then they may think I’ve been given info from a mole or something, certainly its not going to give as warm an fuzzier feeling I feel as I wanted, so if I play the idea down a little by loosing the dedicated page, just have the about page, that will put less emphasis on the aspect and more on “teleport to GPS” and FaceBook Travel.

I’ll also be changing the Members software page, and moving the Global economic recovery to the “Older Posts” page, I may condense the PR pages into a sub site. Near definitely going to make Dear Mr Z from Sienna and make a new page from me.

All in all, I’ve got a lot to do……. Going to go hike and think about FaceBook Travel :)

Hmmm no Car Keys…

FaceBook Travel

Dum da de Dum LOL

Ah, found car keys :)

Saturday 30th July 03.43am GMT 2011

Awesome hike and I went to Sienna Mountain armed with jelly babies, she put things into perspective, we need a separate section for Business development, including New Sparta” Global economic recovery ideas.

But on the Hike it occurred to me that the beacon at the top of the mountain had relevance, it was there after all that I first felt her energy as described in “Sienna the Movie”

And what better place for her to get a message out than on top of a giant mountain, with her own gigantic broadcasting beacon, towering over the town I live in . ?

I’d been thinking about where to walk on her angel birthday, something I wished to do, and then I remembered my first Sienna Vision, and so a walk to the beacon on Monday it is, which will be awesome but thought, cos its on the top of a huge mountain and I start at See Level and I’m no where as fit as I was last time, but the weather looks good and its game on. ?

Ok so to FaceBook Travel, actually back up, Sales & Business Development section.

1. Introduction
2. FaceBook Travel
4. BIG 16
5. New Sparta

As a Sales and business manager For FaceBook It would be my job to make as much money as possible from relationships, whist making sure all within the relationship were happy.

FaceBook Travel

So far we have 8 new concepts in travel

FaceBook Member Agents:

S-World Virtual World

FaceBook Members Financial Software

FaceBook Members Customer Relationship Management software

FaceBook Members Real “Experience” Websites.

Members Service Ratings/Client approval rating

Members print Media

Plus the yet to be posted Tutorial Game & other ideas we have not thought of yet.

If implemented correctly, any 5 of the above combined, could be enough for me to make a legitimate argument to any travel expert, FaceBook Travel can get 50% market share of all world travel, within 3 years.

With all eight ideas fully researched, well presented and a FaceBook business card, I would be able to convince any travel company on earth that we could have over 90% market share of travel in 3 years.

And let’s not forget, half the money the clients spend goes back to the planet, that’s the tipping point!

That’s not only 100% of world travel, oh no!
That’s The Oxford Dictionary having to add a new definition to the word “Travel”, simply: FaceBook!

This statistic does not mean all travel companies will go out of business in favour of FaceBook Travel and FaceBook Members deal with everything, no, what it means is every travel company and venue will need to network to FaceBook and often, be represented by its members.

To understand how we will start this process of with 1000’s of medium sized reputable travel companies, one had better have a look at the pre S-World travel plans up till where is says S-World.TV

These plans were made late March and were the start of all the many other ideas that are now commonly known as S-World.

The point of all this was simple, I’d managed to get one person to use a duplicate of my new brand and website and give me half there profit, so if I could do it to 10, 100, 1000 websites I’d could create expediential momentum especially if I could get them to also feed there inventory back to me.

There was no point doing all this without solid financial software and if that needed to be created, it made sense to link it to Customer Services Software (CRM) and a “travel” Global Distribution System. (GDS)

To put it in FaceBook terms, when one looks at ones web feed page, we are looking at many peoples feed all on one page, by getting feedback from every company we connected to we could then make our initial feed to companies far more comprehensive, adding Ski Chalets, different locations like Thailand, etc, etc.

This cross linking of data was the expediential momentum element. Not only other travel companies using our web feed, them allowing us to make an API directly into there databases. Please note $200,000 a month budget I allocated for a team of Indian internet programmers (Outsourced) specifically making those API links this shows the importance placed on this exercise.

The bottom line is this, API connections in travel have not been the norm for long, the first person or company to connect all the databases wins, so it’s well worth investing in. linking our web feed to and from thousands of Travel companies website databases making a “Global Distribution System” of the “Alternate Distribution Systems,” which a few years back gained over 50% market share of travel in general.

At the same time we wished to develop industry specific business software to improve our partners businesses, and then released this software open source so it becomes a marketing tool to recruit people to use our websites and start there own businesses, first in travel but then other industries. The more the spread of the software, the more people are introduced to business opportunities. Releasing the software free with new computers seemed an important link to the desired expectation growth.

The final part of the original plan was in Print Media, by getting venues to offer free nights in exchange for magazine space, works, the better the magazine the more free nights, we have done this, it works, by mixing with premium luxury brands BULGARI, ARMANI, we can make millions of magazines for free for the use of our travel agent partners.

All of this works, to add a huge amount of credibility to the financials I seriously lowered my expectation of how many users I would be able to recruit, and further the amount each would make in a year to only 26,000 travel companies in 5 years, making an average of just $15,000 each year.

This plan was sent as a general proposal to VIRGIN BRANDS SA alongside a dedicated proposal to VIRGIN HOLIDAYS.

And the Financial analysis

Which showed a $50 Billion, 5 year return?

They took a while, and how long they really looked at it I can’t say, they were desperately understaffed but they did approve the plans and the financials for there UK Big Ideas Committee, so I’m guessing they must have given it some attention.

Just before this, I’d got possible access to a $200M Dollar VIRTUAL WORLD, This really changed things as GOOGLE, not VIRGIN became the most important partner. (At this time we thought Google Owned both FaceBook and Twitter!) Really, it seems a lot of people do over here.

And despite having a good deal in the bag, I steered myself towards Google, in the form of self sabotaging said VIRGIN deal, in the form of “a gesture of faith or good will “Asking Sir Richard Branson to donate $1Million to the “The Nelson Mandela Foundation”

My reason valid, Dumani Mandela’s family would give assistance and everything could get going a lot quicker.

So if it worked, great and if it did not, I’ve got leverage over VIRGIN.

They blew this deal first time around approved to be worth up to $50 Billion because: Sir Richard Branson refused to make a $1Milllion donation to “The Nelson Mandela Foundation”

Now this makes VIRGIN look both mean and stupid and I’m sure they would not like it publicly known.

No need to worry, can’t blame Sir Richard for a few overworked staff, especially as a 2006 Wikipedia report suggests all profits VIRGIN HOLIDAYS, VIRGIN AIRWAYS and VIRGIN Trains into Sustainable energy.

This said I have now however set an investment target of $1Billion for 10% of The BIG 16 Travel Consortium.

If I can raise $1Billion here, I should be able to raise similar amounts for the other BIG 16 Consortiums, so valuing “The BIG 16” at +/- $160 Billion, more on this coming up soon.

So the target it $1Billion, with VIRGIN the most researched travel company, the only other company I have currently considered is AMEX Centurion, but I’m sure there are plenty of others.

In preparing a proposal to get $1B, be it for VIRGIN, AMEX or other, I’m going to need assistance, the assistance I’d imagine I can call on if I were to have the either the “Director of Business Development position” or the “Business Development manager” position at FaceBook.

If we look at this we can see that Wikipedia estimates $879,546,256,337.36 US Dollars per year.

And at an extremely rough breakdown of this figure would be to say that 1/3rd was taken in commission by the travel industry, the balance directly pays the Venue and transportation providers.

We will of course need much more precise breakdown’s on overall and regional travel, but chances are we are talking about a commission pot of $293 Billion, for safety I have rounded down to $200 Billion, which is still a lot of money.

Sunday 31th July 11.55am GMT 2011

I’d got up, and worked strait away on the above, wishing to talk more about getting help making the presentation to VIRGIN or whoever else seems appropriate in travel. Looking at the FaceBook Business Development page again, either a new job came up or I had not seen it before “Director of Business Development position”

Well this is perfect, panders to my professional ego to say Director, it asks for no qualifications, which had been a possible sticking point, but check this: “Candidates must have strong technical competence as they will be working closely with the product and engineering org at Facebook and must be able to earn their respect.”

What better way to earn respect from product and engineering than inventing the product in the first place ?

I’m obviously aware that today is a year to the day that Sienna got Sick, I’m OK right now, and the previously mentioned Pink Dragonfly seems happy, I’ll be off for a hike soon and Sienna Mountain, but when there’s work to do on S-World there is work to do on S-World.

So back to FaceBook Travel

We will of course need much more precise breakdown’s on overall and regional travel, but chances are we are talking about a commission pot $293 Billion, for safety I have rounded down to $200 Billion. Which is still a lot of money?

And seeing as I claim I can get most of it, $1Billlion for 10% if presented in the right way, is realistic.

Whilst one very important part of S-World is removing Travel Agents who have no idea of locations they are sending there clients to “Package Holiday Companies”

Can not be ignored, what there specific industry market share is I’m not sure. And sure the three year objective it to most all of there market share, But all is unrealistic, rather we make strategic partners. VIRGIN for instance has been mentioned, but really to get a global net we will need regional partners,

We have divided the world into 16 relatively even groups within these regions we will find the strongest Travel Agencies a number of the strongest Tour Operators.

(A Travel agency is typically a large or very large operation with a strong High Street presence, Tour operators range in sizes, and are usually located at the location they advertise, most of there businesses is Internet and repeat custom.)

I guess it makes sense for the Travel Agencies to Pay up, $62 Million per region.

NOTE: Ok this now seems easier, we will now look to VIRGIN to put in the $1B over all sectors, Banking, Media, Real Estate…. It will be a lot easier for them this way, and the bottom line is, if I can get $1 Billion for 1/160 of the BIG 16, it serves the same purpose. Gives it a value and once the value is set, it is set and really only goes up.

On the same topic, we could just as easily do the same measure on Real Estate, hence having 3 ways to make target, $1Billion from Global Travel Agents, Global Estate Agencies and VIRGIN in general.
Please remember the entire FaceBook proposal was made in 2 months; I’ve been making travel marketing for 11 years. I know this!

OK Time for a hike ?

Before I go, one thing that needs to be mentioned is FaceBook Travel in the real world websites will be called Experience e.g.

This website and soon similar ones across the globe will be available to FaceBook Member Agents, customizable to look unique and superb totally customizable content.

This is important!

Sunday 31th July 2.35 pm GMT 2011

Was to hot to walk all the way with jeans on, turned back and sat at Sienna Mountain, we discussed the project.

So we will need to do a little carrot and stick with these Travel Agents.

The Carrot is that they can be the provider for FaceBook members in there area for package holidays, that’s a big opportunity.

FaceBook will over time, pick up a lot of Travel Agents business, there buying power is just too big, but to get things going we will need partners with portfolios of Package Holidays readily available. And the company lucky enough to be allied to FaceBook has a large roll in helping to roll out this new evolution in travel

There is a valid argument that after a few years the other Travel Agencies will not have sustainable businesses, and simply go bust, or get bought up by FaceBook Travel.

The exact split between FaceBook and S-World and the BIG 16 Travel consortium will need to be to be considered. 50/50 is always a good starting point, but at the end of the day, if a different percentage leads to increased overall market shares then that will need to be seriously considered.

As mentioned previously it would be good to know exactly how the $879,546,256,337.36 US Dollars per year is split, for two further reasons.

How much can we ask of Tour Operators & the Venues Themselves?

Few Tour Operators themselves will not have significant funds to buy in to the first round of BIG 16 Travel Consortium. This said it does not mean they should not be included, tour operators that are happy to come completely under our wing, i.e. all the money they make through previous normal business is added to the new money they will make, then half of the profit goes to good causes, the idea here is for me/us to convince them they will be at least twice as profitable with our assistance, clients and technology so they sign a deal under those conditions for some free shares in The BIG 16. Whilst we see no cash injection, we see an immediate profit centre.

As for the Venues Themselves, well these guys have lots of money, and there are plenty of reasons for them to want to get onboard, preferential placement on the “Experience” websites, preferential placement in FaceBook member agents CRM venue suggestion software, 500 Million potential new clients, first to be rendered in S-World.

The trick to venues, is make sure we pick the best to start of with, (boost experience and value) so we are not overexposing a weaker product, this will also have the benefit of raising the presage of the venue overall. By being allowed to invest, they get world wide acclaim simply as they were picked as the best.

In Southern Africa for instance the first 2 venues to be targeted would be “The One and Only” and “Singita” I’d hope to get about $2, Million each, or that amount in bed nights (400) for us to resell.

One way or the other, I feel confident in reaching $64 Million in at least one on the 16 regional territories, and once one is achieved the route to success documented the rest will follow.

The BIG 16.

Ok so I have shown a few ways that when combined should raise $1Billion for 10% of “The Big 16” Travel Consortium, mainly Travel Agents buying in and Venues giving cash or more likely bed nights.

They will do so for three main reasons,

One, we will show them a solid plan that shows we intend to gain at least 50% of word travel in the near future, largely at the expense of Travel Agents, so they will be looking forward to good financial returns as well as steering themselves away from a severe drop in Market share

Two, for the technology we will be providing.

Three, for the branding love associated with the Good Causes initiatives we will be performing.

Sienna Incite:

Sunday 31th July 6.01 pm GMT 2011

Well I’m feeling, Sienna, a serious disturbance in the force, I’m glad I wanted to greave, I have in part re adopted my previous position on the Gods, which was not to try and understand, and so I can greave.

I am however aware that, the world is supposed to change today, and I think it is all linked to what I am writing, particularly “The Big 16” S-World and FaceBook for sure are awesome, but controlling all or most of world trade, that’s what is going to make the money to make a difference, and that’s “The Big 16”

There are more questions than answers.

Who owns the BIG 16? Is it S-World or Good causes in general, i.e. who splits the money? From profit is easy, half to the vendor half for good causes, but from share purchases, if I get 16Billion by November 24th who gets what?

Then the auction of the Big 16, for hopefully a minimum of a Trillion, who gets that, all for good causes or half split with S-World share holders, if that was FaceBook members, its only $1,000 each, is that significant,

The bottom line is 1 Trillion is chicken feed, 1/54th of USA debt, and a while back I had ambitions of 60 or so Trillion a year.

I think what Sienna is saying is I need to set a new target, whatever ½ of world trade is, we want to make this each year and its this new target that changes the world. Not the pre mentioned PR

Wow, so now I have to work out how to make a company that controls ½ of world trade, and that company is called “The Big 16”

I think a line from SIS is needed, it’s not about the code, it’s about what we want the software to achieve. And whilst I always saw it possible, now it seems my mission is to make that happen.

Monday 1th August 09.53 pm GMT 2011

Really nice day with Sienna, mountains, sun, photosynthesis, and apparently Caitlin had a visual on Hout Bay beach last night, so close to Sienna Mountain.

2 things, 1 I am/have decided to be more like Rissel Brand, I have the accent, and can be funny,

But more important I’ve moved onto the USA debt, I will tell them, we will take all there companies (to new Sparta, cos of no tax) or they can make all (state a private) pensions (for those that have over $1,000,000 in assets). Well that’s it, no pensions, for a while. Oh and I’ll go in and talk to the people who are upset in the Middle East, so they can stop the war.

It’s a good start I think. Maybe even a trillion.

I love you Sienna xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Much better idea about US debt, convince all the big companies to pay it off! Latest addition to “The Spartan Theory”