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The end of the road
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Friday 15th July 10.04pm GMT 2011

Having no fear of death is not as simple as is sounds, for one there’s the pain of death, which considering my previous MMA ambitions may seem like a contradiction, but in reality the pain involved in taking a swallow dive of Table Mountain will no doubt be more intense than being pummeled in the ring, where a simple tap on the floor stops the pain.

But this is really only half the story, many religions suggest suicide as a sin, well maybe not a sin, but certainly not a ticket to heaven. And I have generally agreed with this philosophy, but now I have a way out.

Obviously for me to be thinking this way, something has happened! It appears 15 days ago FaceBook received the patent for sending gifts in a Social Networking environment, which was something my attorneys said could not be done. And chances are they are right as it said in the text, this does not exclude others from sending gifts, but it may make them have to follow FaceBooks lead.

We were told we or anyone else can not patent the idea, just the delivery method and chances are FaceBook have not thought about attaching it to the birthday reminders pop up, or a year calendar but as far as our current immediate plans are concerned we are dead in the water.

I’m going to write to Mark and FaceBook on Monday, full disclosure, my point as always if FaceBook gives half back eventually they will be more prosperous.

But if I get a nasty letter from there legal department, I think that’s the end of the road for me and Sienna, I want to be with her so much, and I think given my book and my plans if I were to do a swallow dive off Table Mountain on Camera that will be enough to make my book famous and so make people follow our example.

As far as I believe, this would not be suicide, rather self sacrifice for the hope of a better planet, sounds very familiar, I seem to remember someone in the Bible doing the same thing.. errr oh yes, Jesus was his name, I sooo know how he felt! Chances are he did not enjoy the pain either.

I think I will write 3 letters, one to FaceBook, one to Mark and one to FaceBook legal, I think it best to inform FaceBook legal, that if they use the dark side of the force to avoid doing the right thing, my weapon will be self sacrifice, on camera with a smile on my face, my only request that everyone delete there FaceBook accounts.
I’m going to do my best to make FaceBook understand, I’m sure if I can just talk to Mark all will be OK. In fact I’m positive if I can speak to Mark it will be OK, fingers crossed, humanity at a cross roads, I’m trying to work out how to get a Camera Man on Table Mountain when I should be working on the business plan…. I hope there are more chapters to tell.

Friday 15th July 11.47pm GMT 2011

Dear FaceBook

When I made this idea, my biggest concern was not about the legalities, rather whether FaceBook would consider e-commerce as something they could do without loosing there cool status.

Dear Face Book legal

Please read my book, and understand all I want is the best for FaceBook, not just this idea, all the ideas, as best as I can tell Sienna has chosen Mark Zuckerberg to program the ideas she inspired me to put to paper

Saturday 16th July 1.35pm GMT 2011.

(Idea for Virgin Publishing - The band Porteshead’s first album was there best, probably because it was written when they were broke, and maybe from a spiritual or scientological perspective it makes there work all the more special, maybe when people read my book, it makes for a better story.” He did all this under those circumstances on a beaten up laptop?” But I’m tired now and unmanageably broke.)…….

I’m half way through Larry’s Scientology DVD, I’ve just been through the part of how Evil or Anger can drive a man to do terrible things, but how on the opposite end of the spectrum, is the man who will not think bad of anyone no matter how bad it gets. And for the most part, I’m that Man, look at how I always loved Caitlin no matter how mean she was. I’m not perfect, my hatred to my past accountants well documented, and maybe now by watching the CD can I help look at Ian Scott with Pity, my anger was never the financial mess up, just the fact he tried to blackmail me 2 days after Sienna Died, knowing she’d just died. Yes I think from now on I will pity him.

I’m strongly considering, mentioning spirituality in my letters to FaceBook. As for Scientology, it’s risky. It really is a good thing, and very clever but it they have terrible PR. I’m sure this is something Sienna can help with.

It’s been 30 minutes and God has been mentioned only once, it’s much more about positivity and understanding how to be more positive, than anything else, and that makes sense.

I understand now why they would appreciate my String Theory. It makes sense, it appears now that I had it the wrong way around “Scientology is the Science” my String Theory is the spirituality” I think… anyway going to watch some more. ? I guess one point in, is if you have read this far, you will respect me, I think I have much to learn and teach about Dionetics and Scientology. Yep that’s gonna help with the PR.

Dear Mark

When Sienna left earth, I told her mother I would raise money for good causes, I’d been working on a project for travel VIRGIN for many years, by mixing this with the software I wished made, I realized if adapted the software to other industries it made billions maybe trillions. I kept my promises and am well documented in saying my half goes to good causes

I guess few would do that, but I did and by so doing was inspired to look at business, software economics & particle physics in a very pure way, I was inspired to come up with some simple but effective software ideas, a number powerful business plans, some very creative PR plans and the worlds most advanced branding exercises which are now collectively known as S-World.

One thing is fact, most of these plans, were made when I believed, I was connected with Sienna in a way not explained by physics. I have recently released debatably my most important paper yet, which seeks to explain, just a little bit.

Please read my paper SIS “Spiritually Inspired Software” You are mentioned in the first line.

I presume you have seen our FaceBook gifts idea, we have a much simpler animated version with a voice over in the pipeline, removing the flowers and 2nd Question page, as a good number of people would not spend more if you gave to charity, simply because they had already spent as much as they had on gifts.

The interesting thing was most people thought however FaceBook’s membership would increase, a third of people clicking the 10 times option.

One thing is for sure everyone likes it, and our current course of virally marketing it through FaceBook members, letting them brake the story, will Make FaceBook members love the idea even more. My further idea of distributing 50% shares in s-world to FaceBook members ½ now ½ later, will not only swell your members, it will make all FaceBook members consider buying everything from FaceBook, if FaceBook had everything.

I’d like to take you back to the first line of the original Executive Summary sent to Virgin in March. “My peers describe Sienna as” Face Book for business” I like to consider her “The Global Distribution System”

Well instead of creating FaceBook for business the more logical route was making a business out of FaceBook. The combined plans of s-world particularly the BIG 16 and SIENNA UNITE are aimed at becoming “The Global Distribution System” and in essence FaceBook will have everything to sell.

For me it’s all about the money we can raise, and at the moment the spiritually inspired business plan is to Make FaceBook the world most powerful company.

As for s-world, please read the attached “S-World Questions and Answers” S-World is something we should own, I think Sir Richard Branson should also be included. I suggest me and you 20% each Sir Richard 10% (All our dividends go to good causes) then 25% current FaceBook users 25% FaceBook users before 24th Nov 2011. It’s just a suggestion but a good one.

Sunday 17th July +/- 1.44pm GMT 2011.

Dear FaceBook

I have been working on a Virtual e-commerce platform since 2000. Initially based around travel, it is now effective in many industries, not the least retail, see how we have adapted our 2009 CRM gift function to work within FaceBook

Please read the text boxes, and then answer the question “How much would you spend on gifts”. The demonstration ends with the words. “Please tell Mr Zuckerberg.” What we have learnt from this, is whilst members would not necessarily spend more money, if FaceBook invested half the profit to “Charity, Ecology, Science and Global Economic Stability” just about everyone thought FaceBook membership would swell, often ten fold. We will have a simpler Flash version ready later this week, loosing the flowers and “Would you spend more” pages, with a voice over.

On Friday 15th June, we learnt FaceBook had received a patent for “giving gifts and displaying assets in a social networking environment” . Your patented delivery method, is not described, is it the same I wonder? No matter, what’s important to me is FaceBook is open to selling gifts and further that FaceBook is open to e-commerce and its lucky Google did not get there first. As working with Google is not desired at this time.

Before getting to my book and TV Reality show “The Social Network 2” please read through the attached “Questions and Answers on S-World” or follow this link in particular parts two & three, which describe how to make FaceBook members an integrall part of e-commerce within FaceBook, the location tracking via GPS of FaceBook members across the globe and a 3D Virtual World for them to conduct business and play.

I started work on a Virtual World with Macromedia London and USA development teams in 2000, by 2002 we created this the worlds first Virtual Tour to be made in Flash. Is it still the best today? Quite possibly, but what’s important is, I’ve had 9 years to think up ways to make money from it and to make software to improve small and medium sized businesses.
By linking the CRM ideas to this and further connecting to a bank, it gives “would be” FaceBook entrepreneurs all the tools necessary to run there own finances with 100% efficiency and as it will be programmed to only pay said entrepreneurs their commission or profit, it alleviates fraud.

By creating and developing this software and the 3D Virtual World I can say with 110% conviction that the travel & tourism plans when linked to FaceBook are now strong enough to gain 75% market share of all travel within a few years. That’s another $250 Billion a year or so. The same can also be said for Real Estate, the profit however is far greater. See

As for retail and e-commerce in general, to dominate in this sector, no better route can be followed than the one highlighted in the previously viewed S-World - FaceBook Gifts Demo Whist I previously mentioned, FaceBook members polled would not necessarily spend more on gifts this was simply because they had a budget for gifts in a year. If it came to general e-commerce, travel and Real Estate, given an even playing field, same product same price, where “Vendor A FaceBook” gave half there profit to the betterment of Mankind, they would purchase from “Vendor A FaceBook” and hence if you follow this path, it will not take long for your market share and membership to increase two fold so mitigating your losses. And of course, it’s the right thing to do.

As for S-World, at the moment, there is no company as such my journal however currently suggests the company should be made in the following way.

20% Myself
20% Mark Zuckerberg
10% Sir Richard Brandon

(All our dividends go to “Charity, Ecology, Science and Global Economic Stability”)

25% distributed to FaceBook Members on 31st July 2011
25% distributed to FaceBook Members on 24th November 2011

The above method if given the correct PR should have the effect of making just about everyone on the internet become a member of FaceBook, and by virtue of them owning a part of the e-commerce platform within FaceBook become extremely loyal FaceBook shoppers.

I’m not fixed on this, there may be better methods, but on paper it seems very effective.

As for the PR needed to gain the mass public support needed, the path described on the attached “FaceBook Gifts PR page” , also seems very effective. Originally designed to viral market the idea across FaceBook so FaceBook members break the story to other FaceBook members, and so in part take ownership in why FaceBook implemented the idea’s, which of course will make them more likely to use it.

As for long term PR methods, there are many, not the least of which is the attached journal “The Social Network 2” Which adds a spiritual component to not only Mark Zuckerberg and FaceBook but to software itself. Please read the rather tong in cheek “SIS Spiritually Inspired Software”

One last thing to consider, It’s taken less than 5 weeks to make these plans for FaceBook, all made under near unbearable debt and financial pressure. Imagine what I can achieve in 5 years. On the subject of being skint, I’m at breaking point, so I need to get some money; the quickest route seems to be selling book rights to VIRGIN Publishing so I’m going to have to send it to them tomorrow.

It is hoped that this communication will be enough for you to take a good look at the attached S-World Q&A which in turn should be enough to make you wish to read my journal, which whilst rough I’m sure will be of interest to Mr. Zuckerberg.

What next? There is nothing I want to hear more than someone has bought me a ticket to LA.

Monday 18th July 9.51 GMT 2011.

Its time to package everything together and send it to FaceBook, first I need an overview of The FaceBook Gifts Idea

The FaceBook Gifts Idea

First please follow our demonstration, at please read through the textboxes on the first 5 pages, and then choose a figure when you are asked the question “How much would you spend on gifts in a year” The demonstration ends with the words “Please tell Mr. Zuckerberg”

This idea was originally made in 2009 for a CRM I was designing (Consumer Relationship Management) program as a way to send clients presents for there Birthday’s, in the hope it would improve there chances of making a repeat booking and tell their friends. (Viral Marketing)

Step 1, The Birthday or event reminder:

Firstly this is not designed as an application for FaceBook rather a dedicated idea for FaceBook to use and incorporate directly into their website. Firstly as demonstrated it attaches itself to the FaceBook friend’s birthday reminder, by adding the word gifts (or presents….)

FaceBook has two methods of letting one know when it’s someone’s birthday, one: On the day, and two: For everyone whose birthday is coming up the following week, due to delivery times, the latter will be more accurate. It would be a good idea for FaceBook to set a group of friends event gifts reminder function, where it gives reminders for everyone in the group, a reminder a week or so before, which stays there till cancelled.

Step 2, The Gift picker:

When the birthday (or other event) reminder is clicked, up pops the gift picker, showing details of the person you are sending gifts to (which should include, information on gifts previously sent). As with most things, the simpler the better, here we have shown 4 gifts, when you click or mouse over a gift it shows a bigger view and more details.

The back and next buttons will display more gifts. The “Cards” & “Flowers” buttons as seen will go to dedicated pages.

Much like in our original CRM diagram, we have used a floating window, above the normal FaceBook page as opposed to going directly to a dedicated gifts sending page, this has the effect on not disturbing the FaceBook user
workflow or maybe playflow is a better word, if the gifts button is pressed by accident its simple enough to close the window and there is no need for the FaceBook user to navigate back to the page where he or she was.

Note. The sending of gifts via FaceBook is also meant to open the door to wider e-commerce, and this has proved to work nicely as a number of people who we have pooled have asked the question “Can I send a gift to Myself?”

What we have not displayed is the much larger e-commerce engine that is ideally required, where one can open a page with many more gifts, arranged by price and other criteria. Here we would like the facility of making one’s own “Gift Set” (or Variety Set) as illustrated in the automation page. The general idea being one spends an hour or so looking through all the different gift options and makes a shortlist of 20 or so gifts that will be displayed in the easy gift picker.

This will have the effect of making FaceBook members fully aware of all the gift options and introduces the idea of direct shopping without immediately zapping FaceBook users with a shopping function, which may be considered un cool, and over commercial. By introducing e-commerce in a way popular with FaceBook members, one runs minimal risk of loosing membership. In fact as this function has seen a 100% approval rate from all that have seen it, and in many cases, “Wow I love it” it will most likely increase membership, certainly when people around the world start receiving presents and cards, with little FaceBook logo’s on, FaceBook will become even more popular.

Step 3, The Africards:

Here we see the option to send a normal card or an Africard, for the second demonstration (to the public, not FaceBook) I think we will loose the option to send a normal card and lower the cost of the Africard to 3$. The exact cost of postage and card is the factor that determines how much is given to each child, I’d expect especially for automated (not last minute) cards the postage and cost of card can get to below 1$. Leaving 2$ per African Child. Obviously if things go really well, we can look at other continents.

Step 4, The Flowers:

The principal here is the need for FaceBook Gifts and e-commerce to sell at a competitive rate, preferably the best rates.

Step 5, Automated Gifts:

Sending gifts via a reminder, is useful and will make money, but setting up a year planner of all friends and relatives birthdays and other events, not only increases the accuracy of the FaceBook members gift giving, making sure they do not miss someone, it also greatly increases the amount of money that will be spent on gifts each year.

One can either take each friend and relative on a case by case basis or as displayed one can set up Friends and relative groups and use variety sets or Random sets. As illustrated in point 2, ideally one will have the option to make groups of gifts. Once one has selected 20 or so suitable gifts, instead of individually choosing gifts for all your relatives, one just sets up a group and relatives will be sent a gift contained within the Gift set one created.

It’s important to let people know that until the gift has been dispatched, it can be changed at any time.

NOTE: This function has a high chance of dramatically increasing FaceBook membership, my personal experience with relatives is that of the 20 or so, I would like to send gifts or at least cards to less than half use FaceBook, I for one would certainly encourage the rest of my relatives to join FaceBook, simply so I can use the gift service, I’d even go to the trouble of setting up there accounts for them.

More on this, from people we have polled so far, it seems the under 20’s were not likely to spend much money on gifts. This said if they knew how to use FaceBook the over 50’s regularly sent gifts and would appreciate the function, again increasing not only membership but usage.

I’d like to point out once more, the gift function’s greater purpose is to open up FaceBook members to the wider e-commerce capabilities, by introducing e-commerce in a fun, cool way hence recruiting and introducing FaceBook Gifts to the more affluent over 50’s is desired.

Step 6, How much would you spend on gifts each year?

It would have been nice to have more options here, particularly something around the $500 mark, people have generally hit, either $100 or $1,000 one has hit $10 one has hit $10,000

Step 7, How many of your friends would use this?

Just about everyone has hit one in two, this said to really grab FaceBook members attention and love for this gadget, the idea of braking the story to FaceBook users in the manor suggested in makes a lot of sense.

Step 8, How much more would you spend on gifts each year?

This page has seen criticism as there is no “The Same” button. The point we were trying to make was, if FaceBook gave half this money, in this case $62.5 Billion to the betterment of Mankind would it be more likely to make people use FaceBook for general e-commerce, travel and real estate purchases, but this message gets lost in the small print and a lot of people have said they would not spend more, for the simple reason, that as far as gifts are concerned, they are already spending as much as they have.

So as not to over complicate things, for our public demonstration, we will be loosing this page. The wow factor is already there in the amount of money that can be made and the African Children saved. And seeing as the general idea is to open up FaceBook members to using FaceBook e-commerce, by introducing the idea to them in a cool way that everyone likes it’s probably best to just stick to the point.

Step 9, If FaceBook very publically donated this amount How many more people would join FaceBook ?

In general this page has seen people clicking 4 times and 10 times. As the previous page is being deleted, the text will change to “You have estimated FaceBook will make $125 Billion each year” in smaller text. Then “If FaceBook very publically donated $62.5 Billion each year to Charity, Ecology & Global Economic Stability” How many more people would join FaceBook?

One or two people have mentioned, they thought FaceBook was already used by everyone so, I’d like to make mention somewhere that there is substantial room for growth, 500 Million FaceBook users, 7 Billion humans on earth all be it only 2 Billion use the internet at this time.

NOTE: In general the point of step’s 8 & 9, were simply to illustrate to FaceBook the branding advantages of using half the profit for, the betterment of Mankind, has the effect of increasing profit in the long term, and I think the point is made, certainly when it comes to e-commerce in general if not specifically relevant to the gifts idea per say, as for increase in membership, well increasing ten fold is not actually possible with only 2 Billion Internet users, but few would argue in the race to stay No1, increase not decrease, this practice is a sizable step in the right direction.

Step 10, Please tell Mr. Zuckerberg?

2 points to me made here, firstly, this demonstration has been made to grab the attention of Mr. Zuckerberg so please try your best to get our communications to him, and secondly that this is just the tip of the iceberg, as one will appreciate when reading the S-World Q&A and further “The Social Network 2”

Monday 18th July 9.30pm GMT 2011


Dear Virgin Galactic

I seem to have a new found incite in Particle Physics and possibly Quantum Mechanics. Hence I will add Science to the “Charity, Ecology & Global Economic Stability” causes mentioned in our FaceBook gifts demo. This demonstration shows a +/- 50

What this means is I can give u money

Lucky for u seems like good idea

I blew a $50 billion deal when I was skint because I thought I could stop the war in Libya

I’ll put it strait, but hold on, this is not all fantasy and after I’ve told you the plan I’ll show you one small idea for FaceBook which so far shows between 5 Billion and 5 Trillion yearly profit. My only rule for them using it is half must go to Charity, Science, Ecology and Global Economic Stability, my only condition, I have a VITO. It’s well documented that I will do what I believe Sienna thinks right even if it seems they are illogical decisions? For example blowing a $50,000,000 deal, when I was utterly broke, just because I thought I could help the citizens of Libya is looking like a good thing as Sienna wanted Mark Zuckerberg to program her, and it makes a lot more money now anyway.

but I did and if Mark Zuckerberg agrees to program S-World as opposed to the