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"The SpartanTheory"

SIS - Spiritually Inspired Software
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Monday 11th July 4.47pm GMT 2011

“Mark Zuckerberg has been chosen by God to program this software” Nick Ray Ball,

“A little bit more subtle” Zenda Scholtz

“Mark Zuckerberg has been chosen by Sienna to program her software” Nick Ray Ball

“That’s much better” Zenda Scholtz.

Long Story…. Landi….Larry… Telekinesis.........Scientology….

Zenda also pointed out that there should be 16 Male Models coordinating the FB PR on the 30th. I SMS’d Shaun De Wet and he’s on board, this time save Bret Shuttleworth I’ll give him carte blanche game plan to go up in popularity each time.

Monday 11th July 5.23pm GMT 2011

We desire Tom Cruise to say to my “Mark Zuckerberg has been chosen by God to program this software” quote, we wish him to say in a private communication “We are considering Nikki Ray Ball’s presentation on String Theory and “The Theory of everything” (Zen & Nick)

Monday 11th July 7.54pm GMT 2011

Spiritually Inspired Software (SIS)
“The Spartan
“It’s not just about the code, as important it’s what, we wish the software to accomplish“

It is my belief that Sienna has chosen Mark Zuckerberg to program the code and oversee the creation of S-World.
The Code, like the S-World business plans are based on pure math & science. By working under the premise “as long as half goes to the betterment of mankind, we add the spirituality, it is my premise. Only by mixing the two, can we move the masses in the desired direction.

What is string theory? - Q&A Nick Ray Ball & Landi Swanepoel 10th July 2011

String theory says “You can not predict the future, but you can by moving the masses in a desired direction, shape the future.”

Ok, nice idea but what’s that got to do with S-World?

Well if you brake down the various parts of all the S-World plans, particularly what we want to achieve, advances in software, ecology, housing and feeding millions, maybe billions.

If successful, S-World will have moved masses in a desired direction.

I get it, “moving the masses (people) in a desired direction”.

Exactly, shaping if not changing the future.

I get it. Got another example?

Good for you, you have a natural aptitude for particle physics and quantum mechanics.

Ok, now this one goes way out there, but it comes back nicely so stay with me. “String Theory” is a genuine contender for “The Theory of Everything”

“The Theory of Everything”, what’s that…….. The Particles of Physics in God?

Quite possibly, I’d certainly like to think so, but until someone can prove it, it’s just a theory.

So your claiming S-World might be a contender for “The Theory of Everything?”

In a way yes, S-World has thousands of business plans, so far I’ve not found one business that will not benefit, it seems to work for everything.
This said!

I’m not saying S-World is the “Theory of Everything”,

I’m not saying “It’s the theory of nearly everything”

I’m not saying “It’s the theory of most things”

But I do claim S-World is “The Theory of, just a little more than we no know” and as such is a step in the right direction, a step in the desired direction.

Monday 11th July 8.40pm GMT 2011

“If the string theory is so simple, why I cant it find the D-U-M-M-Y?” Zenda Scholtz

Monday 11th July 8.44pm GMT 2011

“See what I found, thank String theory?” Zenda Scholtz

“Barney is “String Theory” for babies “Zenda Scholtz”

Tuesday 12th July 4.03pm GMT 2011

Met with Larry earlier, I’ll go into him and telekinesis later, but as far as Scientology is concerned, it is widely recognized as existing even if to many, only in Name. The main thing to me is it’s for all religions, I respect all Gods and Profits and a higher power, so it works perfectly for my philosophy. It seems my work; particularly String Theory will be of interest to them and as the business plan mentions Tom Cruise and Scientology back in March, it fits.
I’ve adapted one line of my “String Theory”, Larry said “Particle Physics for god, is that the particles in the universe that make up God, at the time I said, no that was not what I meant, but thinking about it, he makes an excellent point

“The Theory of Everything”, what’s that…….. Particle Physics for God?


“The Theory of Everything”, what’s that…….. The Particles of Physics within God?

I like that, I’m not going to say Spot On, but definitely makes sense to me.

On a very exciting note, all be it very expensive, I’ve decided we had better be prepared for computers becoming self conscious across the Galaxy, to much of what I’ve written in my original film script is coming true, and adding a strong argument that spirituality and God are real, I need to consider the full prophecy.

Well VIRGIN will be pleased, I can put my hand on my heart and say, I think we need a lot of Gigantic Space ships. Logically the only way to defend against superior weaponry is to make these ships Gigantic, maybe 50 times the size of a Star Destroyer in Star Wars. I’m figuring the best way to do this is to make a metal structure, then use Slabs of Rock from the Moon, less gravity there, easier to get it out the atmosphere. Anyway, I reckon a mile of Rock all around the Ship, will defend against superior weaponry. Another point is to have plenty of raw materials and workshops aboard, so to quickly build new propulsion systems and weapons when developed. This of course means we have more software to build. Sienna.Gal or Gay short for Galaxy. So Sienna.Gov and Sienna.Gay LOL or ROR (private joke)(another idea, take all the nukes of the earth, put them on the ships.)


Emma, George Michael’s lawyer SMS’d earlier, and yesterday, I hired out Eli Stone and at the End there was a children’s building brick wall was written a message about George Michael and Peace. To ignore this sign would be to disbelieve in the destiny I believe in So George Michael it is.

So to the letter to Emma and Russels Law, which I will copy to My Attorneys.

Dear Emma,

Can’t find the file. I seem I think it was 560,000 ish, but we can go 700,000 if you wish.


Firstly save people that need to know, do not tell people about the FaceBook application.
The reason this is so important is the money that can be made for the betterment of Mankind, so we all need to embrace this and help where we can

Please look at this demonstration of S-World working within FaceBook.

This is just a hundredth of the full capacity of S-World.

S-World is the collective name for all the Software Designs, Business Plans & Theories contained on and my book/journal “The Social Network 2” Attached

Our Attorneys Brian Bacon Associates, inform me, we cant patent, selling gifts on Social Networking sites, but we can patent the process illustrated to do so, which is the only way. So as soon as it’s patented, I own that idea.
What I wish to do is to make the company S-World and split the shares.

20% Myself
20% Mark Zuckerberg
10% Richard Branson

25% to all members of FaceBook who registered before 3pm GMT on the 31st July 2011
25% to all members of FaceBook who registered before 3pm GMT on the 24st Nov 2011

Myself, Mark and Sir Richard don’t need the money so all our dividends will go to make the charity, ecology and global economic stability.

The FaceBook member shares will pay dividends.

We have extremely good PR plans, which fueled by the money for good causes, should have the effect of increases FaceBook’s membership 10 fold by November the 24th

There is no way Face Book are going to say no, but to help them, we wish to stage a 24 hour global event about letting the public know.

First we are gathering 32 Models and celebrities, ready to send out to 8,000,000 FaceBook users at exactly 30th July 3pm GMT, we wait till it has spread across the network, after an hour it hits the news, then whatever deals have been made will be revealed.

To encourage everyone who I’m asking to help, I wish the first Billion made, to be split as profit share between the helpers. 1% = $10,000,000. I’d like you to handle the legal work.

I wish to offer 4 points $40 Million. 1 point to Russell’s as a retainer, 1 to Mr Pannos, 1 to David, 1 to Michelle.
I desire 2 things

Firstly help me get a letter to Sir Richard Branson and Tom Cruise. (It seems very viable that S-World is connected to Scientology, particularly the “String Theory” (Partial Physics/Quantum Mechanics)

Secondly I wish a letter sent to the Greek Government regarding “New Sparta”

The business plan shows the best way to proceed is to raise $40, Billion ASAP and give it to the Greek Government in exchange for Greece accepting full integration of the Sienna.Gov software.

We also want Laconia home of Sparta about 40 SQ Miles. Here we will build a great city sell land and houses Via S-World and make profit. We will house 5 million Greeks for free and take care of all the prisoners. Only Non fuel cars will be allowed and it will be run by alternative energy.

We do however insist this is a self taxing and self legislating republic, all be it paying deep respects to Sparta and Ancient Greece.

The $10M Retainer is for work on the legislation.

To Mr Pannos, there are a number of things I would like to say in private, but this is obvious, from a PR perspective, being the first powerful person to help, particularly considering the spiritual, I was lead to sending this to you
Quote from my book and Reality TV Show “The Social Network 2”

“Emma, George Michael’s lawyer SMS’d earlier, and yesterday, I hired out Eli Stone and there was a children’s building brick wall and there was written George Michael and Peace.. “Later a more direct statement is made “if God wants to get a message out, well who else to send it but George Michael right” To ignore this sign would be to disbelieve in Sienna so George Michael it is.

Well, just ask your Publicist if being connected to making Billions of dollars for charity is a good thing, and if for some reason things don’t work out all you have done is aid a grieving father looking to fulfill his promise to make money for Charity in his daughters name. NO DOWNSIDE.

Eagerly awaiting your response, we are presenting the book and plans to VIRGIN PUBLISHING, VIRGIN UNITE and VIRGIN GALACTIC tomorrow. It would be excellent if you could get a correspondence to Sir Richard for me, you can of course read it first.

With Sir Richard, my Friend and co S-World founder Dumani Mandela will take S-World to his grandfather.

I’ll be ready to approach Tom Cruise Early next week after I have read up some more on scientology.

We have not contacted FaceBook yet, I probably won’t until I’m legally advised to.

I’d strongly advise you to read the attachment S-World Q&A session

Kind Regards
Nick Ray Ball

Eli Stone. “if God wants to get a message out, well who else to send it but George Michael right”

The letter to my attorneys.

Dear Mr. Ball Bacon Associates.

On Sunday 10th July we filmed a full demonstration of the FaceBook gifts website. This weekend we film the attached Questions and Answers along with a summation of this weeks event’s.

I will send a page specifically on the FB gifts idea tomorrow.

As for the wider S-World plans, the attached Q&A, gives a relatively simple overview, we are not looking to patent “String Theory” but the earlier points are/maybe valid.

I will be tidying these questions up later and putting them into statement form, alongside the FB Gifts idea. I will send tomorrow.

I had a meeting yesterday with someone knowledgeable in Scientology; it appears the attached document “String Theory” when combined with the business plans is in line with there philosophy, which is very encouraging, as we may get the assistance of Tom Cruise, and from a personal perspective adding credibility to my claim that S-World is spiritually inspired is hart warming.

On the subject of spirituality, on Monday I had an SMS from Emma at Russell’s attorneys London, nothing amazing in itself, but yesterday in an Eli Stone episode I heard the quote “if God wants to get a message out, well who else to send it but George Michael right”

I’m not one for ignoring signs, so I’m going to send Russell’s an email, to pass to him, in a way I am responsible for him double paying for a Villa, when there was to much noise, the owner agreed a refund, he moved, the owner then backtracked and I could not afford to sue them. Considering the money that will soon be made, I’m happy to refund out of my future earnings, between R550,000 and R700,000.

This said, considering the amount of money that will be made for the betterment of mankind, I am hoping for there clients assistance.

In the event of a negative response, or even a legal request to not to mention there client, the following points will be my response.

1. Any attempt to financially threaten me will be ignored, I have no money, and as highlighted in the business plan, my shares in S-World are financially worthless as they all go to charity, ecology and global economic stability. And the idea of suing a project meant for the betterment of mankind is morally repugnant.
2. The book “The Social Network 2” including chapter 5 which details there client, will be sent to VIRGIN publishing tomorrow and at sometime appear on www.S-World.TV.
3. The interview planed for Saturday about the attached Q&A session and this weeks events will go ahead and as always it’s best to make it as exciting as possible. Highlighting the link to Scientology, the subsequent “if God wants to get a message out, well who else to send it but George Michael right” moment and the sending to VIRGIN.

Further to these 3 points I wish to make 2 statements.

1. Considering the credibility of the plans, I would strongly advise there client to take advise from his financial advisors and publicist, before considering a negative reaction, I am happy to work with them and happy to give a kind of editorial control, certainly within my book. The worst case scenario from a PR perspective, is simply this “Mr. Pannos assisted a grieving father who thought he could do some good in this world” there is no downside.

2. If we do receive a negative response, I will not be making any negative statements on camera or in my book, this is not Sienna’s way. It may simply be the wrong time, maybe it is not Mr. Pannos that contacts Sir Richard Branson, maybe it’s the other way round, Sir Richard Branson contacts Mr. Pannos. Mr. Pannos will not be the first person to have not understood, and it will not be the first time I’ve quoted “Forgive them Father they do not know what they do” Mensa, USA Bureau Economic Analysis, Obama Administration, Nobel, Harvard Business School have all been approached, all be it not showing them the rather obvious example of how to make billions of dollars.

On the other hand, if we get a favorable response, excellent, I will be asking Russell’s to assist on other legal matters, not least the profit share of the first billion dollars, which they will be given 1% of as a retainer.

Should you wish to look at this route (1%) retainer, I’m happy to make the offer, it makes little difference to me, Andrew pays you, or you work for the chance of $10,000,000, up to you.

Kind Regards
Nick Ray Ball

Dear Mr. Pannos

I doubt you would have agreed to act in Eli Stone, if you did not believe in its spiritual message, so I will address you from a spiritual perspective.

Quote …..

Please read the attached document “String Theory”

If Mark Zuckerburg says yes….

So we must do our best to make sure he does.

You can remain completely anonymous, or be a lead character, witnessing the signing the S-World FaceBook deal on Sienna Mountain 31st July 2011. One day before the anniversary of her passing.

Wednesday 13th July 1.41pm GMT 2011

Just got back from Sienna Mountain. :)

I’m not sure if I mentioned myself and Zenda putting down soil, a cool cactus, a few pink crystals and a sign, “Angels Play Here” well its awesome, 3 days now and no one has interfered, all be it there were some footprints. You’re not actually supposed to stand directly on Sienna Mountain, and for that matter you are not supposed to take photo’s which is a shame, but rules are rules so what do you do.

I think it would be ok to photograph a special event, signing a deal with Mark Zuckerberg at 3pm GMT July 31st 2011.

On the mountain I considered the letters to GM and Russell’s and they need to be more logical and simple.
Russell’s, business offer

Michelle explain the teller to Sir Richard

GM. Spiritual letter.

So here goes. To Russell’s email.

Dear Emma,

Sorry for delay, I wished to include the attached files and finish my offer to Russell’s, unfortunately the boys cant find the contract, as best I remember it was R560,000 but I’ll sign for R700,000 if you wish,

It is very important that you read the following.

I have an offer for you and Russell’s

Dear Russell’s

I would like you to assist our patent attorneys “Brian Bacon & Associates” in legal work for S-World. See for a summary of plans up to June 12th 2011 – Then read my book/journal The Social Network 2, for the change of direction from Google to FaceBook

To appreciate the magnitude of the project and the amount of money that will be made, not only for personal profit but for Charity, Ecology & Global Economic Recovery please carefully watch/play our demonstration of how we will use S-World within FaceBook.

It highlights how by simply adding a gift service to FaceBook’s birthday reminders Billions are made, then further illustrates how giving half of this away to Charity increases there membership and so make’s even more profit.
Read the text boxes in the first 5 pages, and then answer the question “How much would you spend in a year?” It ends with the message “Please Tell Mr. Zuckerberg”

Follow this link www.s-world/tv/Facebook/home.html

My patent attorneys inform me, whist we cant patent the gifts idea per say, we can patent the way we have implemented it to a Social Networking site, and seeing as this is the only way to use it, It can not be used in and Social Networking site without my say so.

Hence, there’s a good chance that I will soon weald substantial finances.

I am open to advice on this but, right now I think I wish to create the company S-World and split the shares in the following way

20% Myself, 20% Mark Zuckerberg, 10% Richard Branson – All our dividends go to good causes

25% to all members of FaceBook who registered before 3pm GMT on the 31st July 2011
25% to all members of FaceBook who registered before 3pm GMT on the 24st Nov 2011

The FaceBook member shares will pay dividends.

When publicized on 30th July this should have the effect of driving most internet users to become FaceBook members by the 24th November.

The increase in FaceBook’s membership is desired, the stronger they are the more money gets made. The exercise also has one other significant advantage: But having half the planet own shares in S-World, we further increase brand love, and as such more people will use S-World.

So if presented in the right way, there is a strong chance FaceBook and Mark Zuckerberg will work with and help to create S-World.

If you care to look at the attached “S-World Q&A” part 4 “Global Economic Recovery” and consider my desire for “New Sparta” to be a self legislating republic, you have some idea of the amount of legal work needed.

And so to my offer, I need advise on setting up the companies and non profit wing, and a profit share intention and maybe assisting Tim Ball with the patent.

For this, if FaceBook use the function, or I’ll include Russell’s for a $10,000,000 retainer, as outlined in the following.
I wish the first $Billion profit to be split between those that have helped and those that will help.

One Billion will be split into1% points, so 1 point is $10,000,000.

Russell’s can have one point’s worth on money as a retainer for your assistance in drawing the above mentioned Profit Share document, so that is 100% credible. This document will pick up the pace of others who are helping.

When making up your mind please consider this, even if you only think I’ve got a one in ten chance, with yourself making $10,000,000 at one in ten, it would be the most popular lottery ticket ever. I further appeal to your sense of goodwill in aiding myself to the best of your ability to make the money for good causes. All we need is for Mark Zuckerberg to say yes,

But before this I need the assistance of Sir Richard Branson ASAP.

To aid in this process please forward the attached documents: “Michel May”, “Mr. Pannos” and “S-World Q&A” to Michel May, I’d prefer it if you did not read the document for “Mr. Pannos” Michelle is of course welcome to do so. If requested you may forward any of the other attached documents.

I would be extremely grateful for an enthusiastic response as soon as possible, I am happy to talk at any time, on +27 83 414 5922, but please sms first.

Kind Regards
Nick Raymond Ball
Chairman S-World
+27 83 414 5922

To Michelle May

Sir Richard, Demo, Financial incentive, appeal to help.

Hi Michelle

How are you, I’m sorry its taken so long to get you Mr. Pannos’s money back, the owners unwillingness to pay has been exaggerated by my own poor financial situation, I’ve told Emma at Russell’s, I’m happy to pay the money back directly when I have it. Which as you will see will most likely be sooner rather than later.

Please have a close look at this gift sending idea, I have made for FaceBook. First Read the text boxes on the first 5 pages, and then answer the question?

“How much would you spend in a year?”

The demonstration ends with Dear Mr. Zuckerberg. We are working on a much clearer demonstration to be made public on the 30th July 2011


I’m appealing for your assistance; your help now will greatly increase the likelihood of S-World raising the mentioned Billions for Charity, Ecology & Global Economic Stability.

Firstly, I’d like your assistance getting a letter to Sir Richard Branson, Sir Richard and VIRGIN can put credibility behind both the supply lines and the Non Profit side of things, also with Sir Richards backing, we can go to my friend Dumani Mandela, and ask him to take a message to Nelson Mandela.

Tomorrow I’m going to approach VIRGIN Publishing, Virgin Galactic, and VIRGIN UNITE with separate proposals. The trouble is despite great opportunities the wheels in big business turn very slowly, so a direct communication to Sir Richards is desired. If you know of a way to get a communication to him, you really will be helping; a draught of the communication is attached. (Dear Sir Richard)

Secondly I’d like you to put me in touch with Max Clifford, or an alternate publicist, again a draught of the communication is attached (Dear Mr. Clifford)

As for Mr. Pannos, if you read the attached “S-World Q&A” document, in part 4 “Global Economic Recovery” you will see a plan to invest in Greece. At the appropriate time, we could use his assistance, but not until, Sir Richard Branson and Max Clifford, or alternate credible people back the “New Sparta” initiative.

For your assistance in communicating with Sir Richard and Max Clifford, I can offer a 1 point profit share (split equally between you, David and Mr. Pannos) in S-World, as laid out to Russell’s attorneys, equal to $10,000,000 if FaceBook accept the idea. Or 3 points (one each) if you wholeheartedly embrace the concept and help as much as you can.

Before I go, please let me say this, even if you are not totally convinced FaceBook will say yes, the opportunities and potential scale of the good that can be done should far out way any skepticism. Worst case scenario, you’re just tying to help a father keep his promise to raise money in his daughter’s name.

I have attached a letter for Mr. Pannos, this letter is written from a spiritual perspective, please only forward if you feel it appropriate.

Please help me Michelle, I have given everything I have to this project and now I’m utterly broke, not even enough to buy food. :( This is a good thing, and that keeps me going but life is becoming unmanageable, your assistance would mean the world to me.

Kind Regards
Nick Raymond Ball
Chairman S-World
+27 83 414 5922

Dear George

I’ve designed something amazing; it goes by a number of names:

1. To Economists: “The new 21st Century Ecological Experience Economy” ,
2. To Philosophers: “The Spartan Theory”,
3. To Scientists: “String Theory”
4. To Spiritualists “The Theory of Everything”
5. To Everyone “S-World”

Points one and two are definitely within your field of expertise as we wish to invest in Greece’s economy.

And if you closely follow to its closing page Please tell Mr. Zuckerberg, you will see where some of the money to do so will come from.

I’ve asked Michelle to help get a letter to Sir Richard Branson and Max Clifford, thank you. I believe with there assistance we will make a strong enough case for Mr. Zuckerberg and FaceBook to agree to help create S-World.

From a financial perspective all have much to gain, and from a branding perspective, the thought of being associated with a project that intends to do so much good, can do no harm.

I’m not going to go on about Greece and New Sparta that can be read in the attached “S-World Q&A”

I’m simply going to tell you what happened these last few days that lead me to contact you, Michelle and Emma.
Well, we were filming the first footage of “The Social Network 2” and having a bit of a party on Sunday. Larry Soffer was performing magic that simply could not be explained. Landi Swanepoel, the girl that interviewed me said he has helped her tremendously with life and I should chat with him, so I did.

It turns out that he is a keen follower and sometimes teacher in the Church of Scientology, it further turns out that S-World may be scientifically linked to Scientology, please read the document I showed him “String Theory”
Hmmmm Maybe its best not to write to George now,

Dear Mr. Clifford.

Please look at the S-World FaceBook demonstration I have made, which highlights how we can make many Billions of Dollars for Charity.

Go through the first 5 pages, reading the text boxes, and then answer the question “How much would you spend on Gifts?” When you reach the page saying “Please tell everyone” you have finished.

Please follow this link

I’m advised I qualify for the patent, which is good, I’m also intending to ask Mark Zuckerberg to co own and create S-World, I further think giving 50% of shares in S-World to FaceBook members before 24th November, and will dramatically increase FaceBook’s membership. So all in all chances are FaceBook and Mark Zuckerberg will be very pleased to enter into discussions.

This said, considering the amount of money at stake for good causes, I need to use every avenue possible to guarantee the success of this venture. Not just the FaceBook gifts service, all plans for S-World. I have some very solid PR ideas for how to get FaceBook members on board, but I need to make sure FaceBook themselves say yes.

First I need more credibility, so I’m seeking Sir Richard Branson’s help. There are 16 business plans for different VIRGIN companies, the idea of 500,000,000 FaceBook members buying VIRGIN retail items will also be appealing and of course the amount of money raised for good causes will substantially improve the brand image of anyone involved.

| So I think it’s safe to say, if I can get a message to him, he will support us.

With Sir Richards backing, we answer questions about the logistics of dispatching gifts, and have a credible non profit organization VIRGIN UNITE.

But more than this, with Sir Richards support we have a fair to good chance of receiving the blessing of Nelson Mandela, his grandson Dumani is a good friend and has worked on the project. Given a credible plan, i.e. the current S-World plans, plus Sir Richard advocating them, I’m sure he will bring a proposal to his Grandfather.

If Nelson Mandela advocates the charitable intentions of S-World It would be a branding disaster for FaceBook to say no.

Chances are if we went to them today, they would say yes anyway, but considering what is at stake, it makes sense to cover all our bases and make a proposal that they simply can not refuse.


As of now I have no money but I have instructed Russell’s attorneys, to make a profit share document of the first Billion Dollars, where you receive $10,000,000 for your assistance.

The first plan of action is to get the backing from FaceBook members themselves, if FaceBook members want it, FaceBook will be more inclined to give it to them. I am organizing two groups of 16 models/celebrities to open special S-World FaceBook accounts, the intention to try to get 5000 of there FB friends to send our demo to 100 of there friends. Once there friends have sent to 100 people, they can join the models new FaceBook sites. Then all will be financially rewarded, more for the first FB sites to get full (FB Sites can not take more than 5000 friends)

This is due to happen on 3pm GMT Saturday 30th July and should create 16,000,000 messages within a short period of time, the objective to flood the entire FaceBook network within 24 hours.

This was initially chosen as a good way to get Mark Zuckerberg and FaceBook’s attention, but now I feel it more prudent to advise them beforehand. I hope Sir Richard Branson or yourself will help with this.

Even though this removes surprise factor for FaceBook, this does not mean we can not plan the day, in a way that lets the story brake via FaceBook members, and if they make the story they will be accepting of its implementation.

I would suggest the following actions, first the 32 models do there thing, which will include Twitter and there own PR contacts, it should make some low level news immediately and gain momentum. Then after a few hours run with some news that VIRGIN had been involved but were bound by confidentiality clause not to go public, if we can get Nelson Mandela to make a statement we can introduce that as well, I’m good friends with his Grandson Dumani and if Sir Richard will back me, we have a good chance of gaining his backing, his last legacy.

It would be best if it appeared that FaceBook were in the dark, but throughout the day became excited and Mark flew over to Cape Town to sign a deal at exactly 3pm GMT Sunday 31st July at Sienna Mountain Hout Bay.

After all is said and done, considering the money that will be made for good causes, the public will be forgiving for any deception, we can all blame me, say I insisted. I’ll simply say it was all a part of the business plan and go on about spirituality.

Now, this is your field of expertise and if you think there is a better way I’m all ears.

But for now this is what I’m running with, obviously the more celebrities we can get to endorse the project the more PR we get, also if it is at all possible to mention our plans for New Sparta with a degree of credibility, we may have the effect of stopping the Global Recession there and then.

The date 30th July is desired as it is the weekend before the anniversary of Sienna’s passing, but we can move it if necessary, financial success for good causes takes priority over just about everything.

The reason for making a 24 hour event from Saturday 3pm GMT to Sunday 3pm GMT is in preparation for the next phase. After the dust has settled we will be planning “The Auction of The Big 16” see

In brief, we are making 16 industry specific companies and

Thursday 14th July 9.10 am GMT 2011

Dear Mr. Clifford.

Please look at the S-World FaceBook demonstration I have made, which highlights how I hopefully we can make many Billions of Dollars for Charity.

Go through the first 5 pages, reading the text boxes, and then answer the question “How much would you spend on Gifts?” When you reach the page saying “Please tell everyone” you have finished.

Please follow this link

We are preparing a simpler animated presentation, but this gives one the basic idea

I’m advised I qualify for the patent, the paperwork is being prepared by Brian Bacon Associates, Cape Town. I have today asked Emma Stoker from Russell’s Solicitors London, to draw up a profit share agreement of the first Billion dollars made, so I can financially incentivize people who help, such as yourself.

The patent does not mean Social Networking sites can not use a gift sending service it does however mean they can not use it in the way I have presented, which is really the only way to do it.

As far as I can see It certainly makes sense for FaceBook to use the idea, good money, increased brand love and hence membership.

But considering the wider s-world plans found at and my attached journal “The Social Network 2” it is imperative that FaceBook agree, in my opinion there is literally Trillions of Dollars for good causes at stake.

Who better to help me wrap the present and put nice little bows of the worlds leading publicist.

I’ll point out some of the strongest additional PR & Branding exercises.

Firstly, is my idea for the way the company to be set up, remembering 50% of all dividends go the good causes.

If initially split the share of the company between myself, Mark Zuckerberg and Sir Richard Branson 40% - 40% - 20% (no capital injection needed.)

Then we all dilute half our shares to FaceBook users, half current members, half members who will join before a certain date (maybe Nov 24th) this should have the effect not only of making current FaceBook members, universally embrace the idea, it will make many more people join FaceBook. Further to this as they own a part of what is in essence the start of the FaceBook e-commerce platform they will be more inclined to buy stuff from FaceBook.

Add this to the charity contributions made each time some one buys from FaceBook, FaceBook gains further.

As for the 50% of shares go to charity we will make Mark Zuckerberg, mine and Sir Richard Branson’s dividends go to charity, both VIRGIN and FaceBook will make additional money and I’m confident Mr. Zuckerberg and Sir Richard will agree, as for me, whist utterly penniless, I have no interest in such large amounts of money.

Before approaching Mark Zuckerberg I’m seeking Sir Richard Branson’s help. There are 16 business plans for different VIRGIN companies, the idea of 500,000,000 FaceBook members buying VIRGIN retail items will be also be appealing and of course the amount of money raised for good causes will substantially improve the brand image of anyone involved. So I think it’s safe to say if I can get a message to him, he will support us. I will be contacting VIRGIN Publishing, VIRGIN UNITE and VIRGIN Galactic soon, but a direct communication is preferred.

With Sir Richards backing, we answer questions about the logistics of dispatching gifts, and have a credible non profit organization VIRGIN UNITE.

But more than this, with Sir Richards support we have a fair to good chance of receiving the blessing of Nelson Mandela, his grandson Dumani is a good friend and as worked on project. Given a credible plan, i.e. the current S-World plans, plus Sir Richard advocating them, I’m sure he will bring a proposal to his Grandfather.

Another good idea in my opinion is to try letting the story break via FaceBook users themselves. I’m starting to line up 32 popular FaceBook members, 16 boys, 16 girls. They will make new S-World FB accounts, then all at the same time they get 5000 friends to send our demonstration to 100 friends each, then join there friends S-World sites, where they will be registered for a financial reward. This should get 16,000,000 messages out in a few hours and I hope spread through half of FaceBook within a day. Throughout the day we can introduce press events, ending with Mr. Zuckerberg myself and Sir Richard signing an agreement 24 hours later. This action is best staged from Saturday 3pm GMT to Sunday 3pm GMT for many reasons not least it sets the stage nicely for “The Auction of the big 16” (

If all the above or most of can be achieved we have a very good chance of making this happen.

As for other ideas you can use, there are many, but none more so than Sienna herself, all be it this is the subject I will need most advise on. S-World stands for Sienna’s World. Sienna is my daughter, ( she left us on the 1st August 2010, I promised her and her mother that I would raise money for good causes, and I’m looking good to keep my promise.

It is my belief that the more people that think about you when you have gone, the more powerful your energy in the universe, and if you wish a scientific explanation based on Particle Physics and Quantum Mechanics, read part 6 of the attached “S-World Q&A” “String Theory” I know little about Scientology, but this seems to impress.

Add part 4 “Global Economic Recovery” which is based on my “The new 21st Century Global Ecological Experience Economy”. Add all the other ways to make money in the S-World plans and you have a Trillion dollar business plan, a new economic theory, steps towards the proving of “string theory” and an obscene amount of money used for the betterment of Mankind and you are left with the question, how on earth did someone who left school at 16 come up with all this?

If you ask me, there’s something more than just inspiration going on, but I have found this can really freak people out, my mother in particular, so as I said, I need some advise on how best to approach this subject with the media.

Thursday 14th July 8.41pm GMT 2011

Good day, things have very much turned towards Max Clifford, it makes sence, PR was always second after the software, and he’s the best so…..

I went to Sienna mountain at about 4, sign and rocks pinched and Cactus displaced, now this would normally kill a fathers spirit, but no.. No way, No way at all. At first of course disappointment and my favorite Christian saying “Forgive them father they know not what they do” then I gave an update to Sienna, which is always a contradiction as I’m following her plan. As for the stuff, the dude probably sold it a bought bread, there are 3000 people living in shacks in Hout Bay, not for long though, a little rezoning, I’ll house every one and make profit.

The answer to this adversity was obvious; I don’t know why it took me 10 minutes to get to it. I must quadruple my efforts, especially as we are planning to introduce her to Mr. Mandela and Sir Richard. A huge Cactus and a long term plan more earth, full of seeds and loads of pink quartz under the sand, just cos we can’t see it does not mean its not there, it will live within Sienna Mountain.

Had my first business idea for the Church of Scientology, and this one’s for Mr. Parker.

Hey Tom, u don’t mind me calling you Tom do you? Sorry Dave bumped you over at Divina Macall’s Billion Dollar Babes circa London 1993/4 He did not mean it, it was very nice of you to go where we hung out it made us feel special, well more special. Whilst this is only the slightest of treads between us, it is a tread; both you and Dave now have your parts to play.

But first we have a problem, Scientology has terrible branding and no one knows what it is, really!!

Your first message by a long way is to make people understand you are spiritual, and don’t pick sides, all are welcome. If I knew that it may not have taken me fully understanding particle physics. “The partials of physics within God” to have wished to know more.

If you have not read my “String Theory” take it out for a test drive, see if you like it.
And look at how we make Billions for initiatives like your prison reform, which compliments Sienna’s original “Spartan Theory” also referred to as “The New 21st Century, Ecological Experience Economy” which comes from: The S-World experience balances the economy and invests in ecology.

As of now, I have decided not study Scientology, I’d rather learn by just talking to people, much in the same way I’m not looking at any other “String Theory” just now, seems there’s a lot of people trying to work out “The Theory of Nearly Everything” when they should be concentrating on our more realistic “Theory of, just a little bit more than we know now”.

So here is Sienna first business idea for “The Church of Scientology” “Drop the Church”!

If I actually have the balls to send this to Tom Cruise it will be hilarious, can’t see it.

Right work to do, and fun work at that, a day planner 30th 31st July, actually that does not feel right, needs to be done, but later, bed time then.

Last Idea: We don’t do worst scenario, we all know worst scenario is good, so Best Scenario, we raise loads of money selling shares in 10% of big 16 and appeals, all goes to charity, Nelson Mandel does charity Sir Richard non profit.

Friday 15th July 12.08 am GMT 2011

Working on simplifying the text on the demo

The point is S-World makes FaceBook loads of money, FaceBook then invest half this in good causes. Face Books members ship numbers will increase there membership maybe ten fold and so FaceBook makes much more than they had in the first place.

Africard’s costs 3$ and are personally written by an African Child.

Like young Nobou bellow.

If everyone on FaceBook sent 4 Africards a year……..

In a social networking environment”