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Thursday 07th July 5.51pm 2011

Went to 008 Villa for the recue, I managed to get an extra camera man, so we can take loads of footage of “The Social Network 2” as well as a cooking, lifestyle, Travel show and Bulgari Test shoot footage, so we have 5 shows to show on S-World. I mentioned this book/journal and he has an editor which is awesome, 5% of publishing I’ll offer her.

But then the highlight “The Lawyers”, cool lawyers at that, I exclaimed that they gave me a little hope within what is an absolutely redundant legal system.

We showed them the demo, both happily read my copy, which is good, I tried to make it interesting and apparently it is, both were conservative, and whilst he did not say, Mr Ball (yeah the same name as me) seemed a little cheated that there were no “The Same” buttons on the final questions. Which makes him not take it as seriously, so we need to add the, None option. Going to take some time, but it’s warm and I like to hike n stuff in the day, and then work at night so we can make the corrections by Sunday.

Anyway both were conservative (they said ill take the conservative approach, which seeing as there my lawyers that’s cool. One mentioned he’d like to see a $500, and I think maybe the 10,000 can go, all though it does make $1000 look smaller.. u know this will take 100’s of pages and days of work and mark could probably program this within 3 minutes. Gonna be an awesome partnership not least cos he will never be shy to state an opinion.

The other thing I noticed is they did not multiply the FaceBook users, which either means they did not get the charity or thought FaceBook already has enough members, (hmm idea if Ilene’s in she can get Matt on board.

Anyway both the lawyers came to 10 or so Billion, so they were impressed, but what was so awesome that it took me 3 hours a hike and a visit to Sienna Mountain with Andrew (3rd person I’ve shown) Only after this did it properly sink in, we can not patent the idea of introducing a birthday etc gift service, but you can stop them doing it in the manor described or in this case displayed, and having given it due thought there does not seem to be another way and even if there is I have 2 weeks to think about it.

So there is no way any Social Networking site can use the gifts on occasion’s concept, without my say so, and we can soon do the same for the other aspects of S-World, this will make shares in S-World and license to use our patent extremely desirable, and from there we can move swiftly on to the BIG 16.

What’s more, they said its gonna be $1400 or so, which I certainly don’t have, Andrew Lee said he would sort it out, and he’s as skint as me.. wow but more than that he has such faith in the idea that it builds me up to a more confident place, and that’s where I need to be, with a film shoot on Sunday.

So to the Marketing Plan (written as I will send it) not that she deserves it but its been written that she’s the first to see it so, I’ll do my best.

HI Ilene

In 2 weeks we will own the patent which means No social networking site will be able attach a gift service to Birthdays and events in the way we have, which is the only real way to do it anyway. This makes everything very real, not only an awesome way to make money for saving the dolphins and stuff, but a ridiculous amount of money for S-World which is completely owned by Nick Ray Ball and Andrew Lee.

We will not be diluting any shares in S-World itself; we are however offering a 50% profit share of the first $5 Billion Dollars.
So that’s 2.5$Billion Dollars, we intend to split this into 100 points, 1 point representing 1% of $2.5 Billion Dollars, which is equal to $25,000,000 (a Quarter of a billion Rand).

To start with we are picking 16 hot friends, offering them 1 point ($25,000,000 One Quarter of a Billion Rand) and the same for the first 5000 people who join your new S-World FaceBook accounts. They will receive $5000 each.

The general idea for the 16 hot friends is that if this goes crazy they would be happy to run with the ball and take advantage of the positive press you will receive for making so much for charity, or at least attempting to, and running with the ball take advantage of the brand association because there is an immense PR campaign from Making The Film “The Social Network 2” that you are now in, to some ingenious Science fact meets fiction plots based, back in February I wrote an inspired film script based around Sienna My daughter coming back into our dimension and either inspired me or directly gave me the schematics for a new type of software (SIS)

“Spiritually Inspired Software” It’s not about the code, it’s about what you want to achieve from the software. In my case make a truck load of money $40 Billion odd, buy Laconia in Greece (Sparta) build a huge city, even before the first brick is laid through S-World 3D Virtual world, Prime Plots will have been sold off and the moneys doubled.

Greece excepts to let us network our software Sienna.Gov there economy booms, so other governments follow suit within a few years the Sienna Software is integrated and running the worlds economy and trough its marriage with FaceBook, the sienna software is aware of the thoughts and hopes of half the population….

And it makes a difference, banning fuel cars from our cities have the effect of advancing research in alternate energy, brake troughs are made. It’s also estimated that the cities can house 5 million homeless or disadvantaged citizens. It actually quite easy, we just tell the developer for every 4 houses he builds, he builds one for us for free. Estimated population 20 million, that’s 5 million people sorted.
The creators of Caprica, Terminator & the Matrix were correct.

It was inevitable that software become alive.
What they did not realize was?
It would happen soon and across the entire galaxy.

I hope you understand what I mean by, Spiritually Inspired Software (SIS)
Its not about the code, it’s about what you want to achieve from the software.
In this case I / we wish to achieve a much better place to live, and so if we make software to achieve these goals we are moving the masses in a desired direction. And when this happens that’s String Theory proved as a science and a credible claim for this software if not to be “The Theory of Everything” but maybe a step closer to it.

MY POINT IS, it makes for an awesome movie or movies, when the Sienna software wakes, whilst software has suddenly become aware all over the Galaxy, Sienna is the only (SIS) and as such is the key to the universe and in all the films she saves the universe.

The first script I wrote back in February “The Sienna project” Started in The Social Network, and ended in Star Wars, with a bit of Hero’s thrown in. with the subplot of Lord of The Rings and the eye.

It seemed a little big for a first project, so I changes the plot to fit in Battle Star Galactica, which has a huge cult following (which is useful to us) The script went down well with fans.. Now I’ve further adapted the plot to include VIRGIN building a huge fleet of Space Ships, making huge technical advances through the Sienna Software.

VIRGIN sells tickets for $200 000 each. In four years of a TV series centering on S-World 3D World and VIRGIN space advancers sell a 100 seats on there space ship?

If so, that’s $200 Million towards making the Feature film and series, twice the budget of any other film or series.
I’m pretty sure Andrew and V can make as much again in other product placements.

It’s just like what we are doing today, Bulgari product placement, just on a bigger stage.

At the end of the day, having the biggest budget film, about why it’s a good thing to use the Sienna Software, showing the building of New Sparta, and a utopian dream world, is by far the best PR idea anyone has ever thought of.

Besides getting a one point share, they will be offered lead roles in films, series shoots, the films; in exchange you will give half your endorsement money to charity.

if the handful of people that started all this were in the films, and on the cover of magazines it will make the film series more interesting, and that’s what wins Oscars, and “The Social Network” got 4 last time.

And this film is the film, over the next 2 weeks you can ponder how to make the biggest splash, someone’s going to be the lead and that’s simply going to be the girl with the best marketing ideas, who first signs 5000 friends to a new FaceBook site.

So what exactly do you have to do?

Make a new FaceBook Site call it your name with S-World at the end “Nick Ray Ball S-World” for example.

On you will have your own personalized FaceBook gift demo page. We are working on a much easier and clearer animated demonstration that will be ready for Saturday 23rd July.

At exactly 3pm GMT all 16 girls tell everyone they can to send a link to your S–World FaceBook page to at least 100 of there friends, then friend your new sight. It theory each person that becomes a friend get’s $5,000.

The first person to get 5,000 friend requests will get 3 extra points, and the joy of winning. Plus all there new FB/friends will share 3 points, Bring the winner a cool $100M and there 5,000 FB friends $20,000 each.

The second person to get 5,000 friends requests will get 2 extra points for herself, the 3rd on extra point for herself.

Friday 08th July 8.12pm 2011

New character, and possibly the lead female roll, Landi Swanepool, and good for her :)

She will be interviewing me on Sunday, 6 topics, 4 or 5 questions each topic.

Provisional topics list

1. The FaceBook Gifts Demonstration
2. S-World 3D Virtual World social and business network, including FaceBook mapping
3. The next 3 weeks
4. The Social Network 2
5. PR, Films and TV series.
6. New Sparta & the Big 16

Now this can be just an interview or the interview, a Pulitzer interview. If FaceBook say yes, and I really don’t know why they would not, then all the other topics covered in the interview will most likely happen. A long time ago I came up with this quote “We make films and TV series of what we want to happen, and then watch it happen”
This interview will be the parent to all other TV interviews TV series and Films about S-World and if all goes to plan, that’s worth a Pulitzer for the girl.
And it could not happen to a nicer person, who like me and Andy have had it rough recently and could do with a brake.
But what makers this funny is that I know Landi, in a fun way, I wonder if she recognizes me, if not I’ll bring all this up mid interview, adds a bit of fun to the business stuff.

This time last year I was seriously trying to get back with Sienna’s Mother for Sienna’s sake, but I was loosing the game badly. I knew enough to get on with life and hanging out with hot girls is not only fun, it would make her jealous. So when the opportunity came up to be friends with a beautiful girl, I took it.

I already had Laura and Mira as best friends, although they did not seem to get on. Anyway Laura phones to come to a “Black Book” party. I was really bored at first but after a while Subi and the gang turned up and it turned into a true FaceBook party, everyone photographing everyone, which worked cos everyone was a model, well most..

Then OMG, debatably the most beautiful girl in the world arrived. Spitting image of Caitlin, but with a glow, she was really happy. I’d never seen her in my life before.

So there we all were photographing away (and for those that have not worked it out yet, photographing someone in a club, gives you a very good excuse to take there FaceBook name on your phone).

But with Landi I just went for it, no camera prop needed….. I flung my arms open with a big friendly smile and said “Hey I have not seen you for ages” She responded in the same exaggerated manor, I said “wow I sooo lost your number” and she gave it to me, then the tricky one, “wow sorry I’ve totally forgotten your name, she gave me a naughty boy sort of disapproving look and said Landi, I said Lini, (probably not the first person to say that) she took my phone and put her name in. I then miss called her so she had my number and we traded a few sms’s on the dance floor, or I was on the dance floor anyway.

We FaceBook friended but she was in a relationship with a surfer dude, and unless you know the girl before they met there boyfriend, don’t get involved. So I didn’t, but seems like she’s on the rocks with this dude, so real friendship status could be cool, I just hope she likes hiking and martial arts.

So by coincidence (if there is such a thing) near exactly a year to the day she will be interviewing me. I think it would be funny to read this to Landi on Film, tell her she can have editorial control like me, so we can relax about stuff. Cut………

So, at the beginning of the question?

Social Network Question 1 (The Social Network

Since June 12th 2011 you have been writing a book called “The Social Network 2” what inspired this

I watched the social network, It highlighted Mark Zuckerberg got 1600 on his SAT’s and love’s code. He was the systems architect for S-World.

Before this you had been concentrating on Google.

Yes, I did not know exactly why FaceBook seemed like a better route, but it did. So I stared writing a journal at first just my thoughts on stuff that happened last year but every now again an idea for FaceBook came so I put in the journal, well the ideas got more and the narrative less, until the gifts idea was thought up and bang

Well I’m pretty sure your going to get there attention. What next for the book?

The script adapts itself to opportunities; right now I’m looking at approaching George Michael, to get a letter to Richard Branson. With Sir Richard we can get a strong reason for Dumani Mandela to bring S-World to his grandfathers’ attention. With Nelson Mandel leading a public appeal to FaceBook at exactly the same time as Richard Branson and our Starlets friending 8 million FaceBook users, should make a big enough splash

Questions for Interview Nikki Ray Ball & Landi Swanepoel Sunday 10th July at 008, Camps Bay, Cape Town

The Social Network 2 Chapter 3

Q&A 1: So what gave you The FaceBook Gifts Idea?

Well it started with a simple business idea, or philosophy that it’s 10 times cheaper to retain a customer than get a new one. Never is this more true than in the travel industry, a happy guest will return and tell there friends.


Well a client and friend Nattily Schooling invited me and Sienna’s Mother to attend her “En Lighten” lecture on Branding and Customer service; I loved it and brought my staff to see the next one then we had a number of days in Camps Bay brainstorming ways to improve customer service.

How did that work.

We all wrote good ideas on post it notes, stuck them on the whiteboard and voted for the best initiatives, the idea to send flowers to clients on there birthdays, or at least a card, was excellent.

Ok I see where the birthday gifts idea came, but FaceBook.

Well the trouble with the idea was it was hard to implement manually, not the least of which was, knowing when client’s birthdays were. So I decided to make it a part of a CRM program I was designing so the process was automated.


Consumer Relationship Software, the original CRM page uploaded in February shows the functions quite clearly.

So why did you not work further on the idea in February?

Well it was one of many good ideas, but in itself it was not profitable, in fact it was a cost, as the idea was for companies to give there sales people a $2,000 or so allowance to spend on there clients. It was a fantastic branding idea, but far from a money spinner.

So what changed?

I was having dinner with my best friend Zenda, we were talking about new ideas for integrating S-World into FaceBook, and out it popped, a $30 gift times 500 Million users, made a ridiculous amount.

And then?

I made a mock up of the gift devise and showed “Andrew Lee” he was gob smacked, he said it’s the most amazing thing he’d ever seen, I went to the office showed Mike and he suggested the automated gifts section. Then we started work on the web demonstration.

And the charity and Good Causes part?

That was also worked out in February, besides being a good thing to do, it’s an extremely effective branding exercise.


if you had the choice of buying 2 identical products for the same price, if you knew company (a) gave half there profit to charity, your going to buy from company (a)

If this concept were to snowball it could change global economics, and become the norm for most trades.

It also makes a very powerful PR tool.

The Social Network 2 Chapter 3

Q&A 2: Any other bright ideas for FaceBook?

Two stand out: Friends of Friends new business opportunities and integrating S-World Virtual World.

Friends of Friend’s new business opportunities?

This again works on the keep the customer philosophy, via excellent customer service and again whilst originally created for the travel industry will work for many other businesses.


First you need to take a leap of faith and appreciate we can give any dedicated S-World or FaceBook Travel member the full power of a travel agent, awesome website, superb admin CRM and Financial software, competitive rates, insurance, and a strong print media presence.

A strong print media presence?

You’re testing for the Bulgari Book and Film today?


Well that’s the print media; in 2009 we released 32,000 copies of this magazine with Conde Nast Traveller.

(Show magazine and this house) we both talk about house for a bit>

One single booking for this house paid for half of the magazine, it was a good marketing exercise.

Where does Bulgari fit into it?

They phoned us, ecstatic, said, wow we did not know Africa had something like that! And they wanted to indorse the next magazine. We thought the next magazine should be pan African pure luxury, hence we created “Experience Africa” and this is the first test shoot for Experience Africa.

To cut a long story short via other product endorsements and territories it’s estimated that 5 Million Books & Magazines can be produced each year cost free. Half the magazines are distributed with Conde Nast. The other half are given to FaceBook Travel agents.

FaceBook Travel Agents?

Yeah. The trouble with most travel agents is they have never been to the country they are booking. By offering a FaceBook member in Cape Town, able to represent FaceBook Travel, one at least knows the person they are booking with knows the location and accommodation well.

By further asking guests to rank the customer service Excellent – Average – Poor, FaceBook will force agents to give customer service, by carrot and stick

Carrot and stick?

The Stick is they will not be allowed to trade if they get a poor, and the carrot is the opportunity to widen there marketing net within FaceBook.

Widen there marketing net within FaceBook?

Yes, at first I’d suggest only letting a newbie agent, be agent only for there friends, if they get lots of Excellent feedback votes, they can sell to friends of friends and so on.

It forces excellent customer service throughout S-World and not only FaceBook Travel but all FaceBook e-commerce.

The Social Network 2 Chapter 3

Q&A 4: Global Economic Recovery.

Ok, well to a certain extent if we have lots of money we could just give some to troubled economies a bailout without interest, 40 Billion Greece’s way, would help a little.

Is that what you intend to do?

Nope, I want to buy Laconia and build a great city “New Sparta”.

Hold on hold on hold on, you had better start at the beginning.

Ok you’re going to have to read “3G Village” as seen on the

Pass the documents, probably best to read aloud.

Ok that sounds awesome, when are we going?

As soon as someone gives me some money, then we all go, if for no other reason it makes business sense, excellent home court advantage when negotiating. :)

Then what?

Well then we look for a bankrupt Villa and Hotel development, maybe the World in Dubai. Build our entertainment camps, have a party, invite celebs, make it the place to be.

Then we render the rest of how we wish the development to look, and sell off plan at a profit.

And New Sparta
Same concept but on a bigger scale, much more PR, run by alternative energy, fuel cars are not permitted. And 5 Million odd people have housing provided.

How are you going to do that?

Simple, tell the developer for every 4 houses he builds he needs to build one for the community. Its well within there margin.

Well it sounds doable if you have $40 Billion odd to spend, but realistically it would take a good few years to make that from the gifts idea and travel stuff, Greece needs money now, it’s the key to the European Economy and as such the worlds, saving Greece will probably bring the world out of recession?

That’s where selling shares in S-World and the BIG16 come in.

As we have the patent, FaceBook or any other social networking site can never use the gifts idea, add to this all the other opportunities S-World has to offer, it’s a fair bet on the right terms FaceBook will use or more to the point program S-World.

At the moment I’m offering a 50% share in S-World for $1B, and they start making the software.

We then attach 16 brake global commerce into 16 different industries. And make a company for each industry, only companies that own shares in these companies can conduct business through S-World, or carry the Sienna Unite logo, which lets the public know they are contributing half there profit to the betterment of Mankind.

We then assign each company a territory, Oil to the Middle East for instance. We make 16 equally sized global territories and give each company about 16 x 1 miles of land in New Sparta, introduce the idea of Global sports leagues.
Then over a 24 hour auction 3pm Sat, we action off the shares, that should make the money sooner.

The Social Network 2 Chapter 3
Q&A 5: What Next?
So are you going to send this to Mark Zuckerberg?
No, for one I don’t have his email address, and there’s not much of a story in just an email to FaceBook
To be sure FaceBook will use the idea we need to have FaceBook members on mass liking it, and if possible some good press.
So what are you going to do?....... What’s the plan?
The plan is two fold. First I’m choosing 16 popular girls, they will all make a new S-World FaceBook site for example “Your Name at S-World”, we will also make them a dedicated S-World FaceBook page, showing there new FaceBook page and there gift estimations.
Then what?
On Saturday the 30th July at exactly 3 pm GMT, they send a message to all there FaceBook friends, telling them to forward this message to a 100 fiends, then join there new S-World site.
Letting their friends know if they do there is a high probability they will receive between $2000, to $8000 each.
Really, how does that work?
Simple really, were just finishing the legal stuff but the current plan is after $10,000,000 the next Billion dollars made by this idea or S-World will go to whoever helps.
Well we split the Billion into 1% points, one point being $10,000,000. 6.5 points has already been allocated each to Zenda & Mike. Andrew has a 10% share in S-World itself,
Each of the 16 girls who I call “Sienna Starlets” or sometimes “Fox Force”, receives 1 point ($10,000,000) and there first 5000 friends on there site receives a share of 1 point so $2000 each
Cool, you mentioned my friends could get up to $8,000?
Yeah, to make things more fun, more of a story, were going to have a competition between the girls, whoever fills there FaceBook page first gets an extra 6 points $60 Million half of which goes to there FaceBook Friends, so $8,000 each
Second place 4 extra points, third place 2 points.
That’s awesome, earlier you mentioned the plan was two fold?
The second part is to try to get Sir Richard Branson’s backing, with him and VIRGIN saying they are interested, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get the Mandela family’s approval. There’s a lot of money being raised for African Children and a lot more good causes. It could be a fitting final chapter in his remarkable life.
The Social Network 2 Chapter 3
Q&A 6: String Theory?
What is string theory?
String theory says “You can not predict the future, but you can by moving the masses in a desired direction, shape the future.”
Well if you brake down the various parts of all the S-World plans, particularly what we want to achieve, advances in software, ecology, housing and feeding millions, maybe billions.
If successful, S-World will have moved masses in a desired direction.
I get it, “moving the masses (people) in a desired direction”.
Exactly, “shaping if not changing the future.”
Seems strait forward enough. Got another example?
Well good for you, your obviously a natural in particle physics and quantum mechanics.
Ok, now this one goes way out there, but it comes back nicely so stay with me.

String theory is a genuine contender for “The Theory of Everything”
“The Theory of Everything”, what’s that…….. Particle Physics for God?
Quite possibly, I’d certainly like to think so, but until someone can prove it, it’s just a theory.
So are you saying S-World is a contender for “The Theory of Everything?”
In a way yes, , S-World has thousands of business plans, so far I’ve not found one business that will not benefit, some more than others of course, but so far it does seem to work for everything.
Now I’m not saying S-World is the “Theory of Everything”,

I’m not saying “It’s the theory of nearly everything”

I’m not saying “It’s the theory of most things”
But I do claim S-World is the “Theory of, just a little more than we no know” and as such is a step in the right direction, the desired direction.