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The Come Back Kids
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Tuesday 22nd June 9.36pm GMT

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg I’m making a presentation for you, I need to relearn Action Script and Flash it’s, been 9 year, so I’ll be a while, Mid August is desired. Like picture paints a thousand words, this presentation will paint 1000 dreams.

Dear Legal. Be cool, S-World is for FaceBook, the only essential partner. I’m not insisting on payment, although an advance of the share dilution would be awesome. 50% 50% (Mark and I) then we may dilute 49% Auctioning of shares to the search engines.

If this has come to you and you want to know more then awesome, the script changes, but for now Mid August is deadline day, the following day, we start a rather fun adventure, and the cameras start rolling. African Safari’s first then Ko Samui, come visit, it will be awesome.

For far more information read the beginning of my book and look at some business networking ideas and plans Maybe start with

Letter underneath CRM FaceBook Page

Ok so lots happened this afternoon. But 1st the killer idea from Zenda, who when it comes to this stuff, is second to me, the original theories went off line months ago. She edited those theories, which were spiritual. I mean, I blew a $50 Billion deal because I thought I could stop the war in Libya. String Theory can really take you to another planet. Wow those days were crazy, gonna have to go there again to finish the film, ohh scary.

Anyway, the idea we discussed comes from the original CRM Graphic www/
Insert Graphic if we can

Anyway, I’m going to incorporate this into a FaceBook page, before which one will see my homepage with a Birthday reminder toppish right. An arrow will point saying click, and there will be a circle around the Birthday tab, all in Sienna Pink of course.
When you click the tab it will offer a gift sending service. If you don’t want it, just say no, or so as not to inconvenience anyone, you can make a group that it only comes up on. I’ve lived in Cape Town for 10 years, I’ve crashed the Porsche, lived in mansions, and dated very beautiful women near half my age, don’t hate me for it, I’m doing this to raise money for good, remember. But I am an asshole, not once have I sent Mum a birthday card and save flowers when I had a PA, nothing. This does not mean I don’t love her, I’m just really crap at that stuff.

If I had an easy way to send Mum flowers I would what’s $40 (at the time) it was just logistics and remembering.

Anyway the next page pops up with the gift option CRM page, customized to Face Book. Now here the e-commerce, but so simple everyone should get it, Mum even got it.

Lets take the flower option, $40 I think. 1Billion FB Users, of which ¼ use the function. Each user has 300 friends that 75Billion Birthday reminders a year, and each person must have at least 4 people who they would like to buy a gift for. So that’s $1Billion gifts a year. That the sort of buying power I’m talking about.

FaceBook could set up your own florist chain, but my advise is, stick to what you know, out source, Go to Inter flora, strangely enough I know the family. Tim’s girlfriend, what was her name? Anyway, say to Inter flora we demand a 60% discount, they will haggle to 50% that’s ok, we make a further deal that FaceBook can sell for 10% less that shop price and 20% less if you have already bought 10 gifts (this is called “championing the consumer”) Sir Richard Branson. Anyway Inter flora can’t say no, if you went to there competitor, they would eventually go out of business. So Flowers cost $40, we buy at $20 we sell at average $34, making 14$ per transaction, times 1Billion three years you have doubled the value of FaceBook.

Of course to get the everyone using the system without obtruding is to make it universally popular, you do this with the simple birthday card option, The user, simply scans there signature and send it to FaceBook, then change 1$ for a postman delivered birthday card. Of for 2$ have one hand written by a disadvantaged African child.

The Scanned Card makes FaceBook 40 cents each.

5 personally addressed cards, with scanned signatures will support that child for a day.

I’d send about 50 cards a year or at least 20. Even at only 20 that’s $8 per user per year. Or a child cared for, for 20 Days, so 18 users keeps a child alive for a year.

Hmmm 1 Billion users / 18 = that’s a lot of children and families helped.

And that’s why it’s called “The new 21st Century Global Ecological Experience Economy.” (EEE) Its not a business plan as such, it’s a theory, a proposed genuine contender for “The Theory of Everything”

So simple and yet so clever. LOL This said this comes from many, many group brainstorming sessions with branding and customer service lectures and staff brainstorming sessions with the En Lighten group come up with… so maybe its only simple when u see it.

Any how this idea is just a tiny little piece of an enormously cool e-commerce platform I’ve created and I want to make a kick ass presentation, if you FaceBook cats happen to come across this, awesome, but I’m not one to count chickens and life seems to have just dealt me a good hand, which means I can relax and make the presentation I want to make, which will take some time, as I want to program it myself.

Well readers, so that’s what’s the new plan, I’m going to Make the above graphic, or Mike is and the text written, customize it inside my FaceBook profile page, the page will be 780 x780 pixels or whatever the width FB uses. Then underneath the text will appear 6 lines or so at a time, fading in and out or something more creative. This said, a simple fade is often the cleanest, pink and cool gray 5

Weather I put it on the homepage or not I’m not sure, probably not, but the link just under Sienna will show its importance and get clicked near every time, especially in BIG BOLD LETTERS LOL

When we make the first 2 pages, +/-6 days, I’ll send the link and to FB friends and Andy’s, see if it gets a reaction. Plus one low level FaceBook Corp address. Info@FaceBook if it exists

Another page “download this book” can be inside a shop, the e-commerce example, a fun way of getting people to download the book. :)

FaceBook Page Header for Book. “If this book or film gets released it will be because Mark Zuckerberg has jumped on board. This book is about getting Mark Zuckerberg to jump on board”. “


FaceBook S-World - FB S-World - FBS-World
Reads Face Book’s World, they could use that. In fact that will be the tab, you hit on the Website. It’s S-World all over the web, but when you want to social network or e commerce you will need to go into FBS-World.


So what had brought on this inspiration, well Andrew Lee, hence the title of the chapter “The Comeback Kids” I’m not going into Andrews’s past 6 months, not my story to tell, but like me he’s had it rough, all be it he did not have Sienna power. Anyway 2 months back I showed him the first literature on S-World and He genuinely loved it, the first person, well I think you may remember the reason for the urgency behind the Bulgari proposal was Andrew needed it, well proposal done, went in for chat about it, and its all organized, well being organized. Starting Mid August 2 week road trip and flights to venues we wish to include in the Bulgari Book. Hmm I guess you had better read the proposal, shit its 7 pages long, better link

If your reading print, basically I’m going to art direct the most glamorous but cool Coffee table book (My cut African Glam with a slight Gothic touch to highlight the jewelry, my Art Film,) There will be plenty of normal glam stuff, The book’s its going to be so big you need a plinth to hold it.

Anyway, Andy already has 3 TV reality shows around the filming. One with Henkus a complete entertainer but serious about his food, and that’s one show, the main show Andrew has been working on for over half a year, he told me about it a long time ago. Anyway its simple, which is always best 5 boys, 5 girls, some couples some not, just really having an absolute laugh in Cape Town, showing the world how awesome it can be.

But now instead of it just being Cape Town, its all across South Africa into Namibia, staying in the most kick as places, shooting a Bulgari, and probably Armani and possibly Valentino (But Andy pointed out Bulgari will have a preferred designer, Which is cool.) Anyway along with Andy comes V, who quit her job at a luxury tour operator to come on full time. And I pay nothing, shit I actually get paid. It’s to do with product placement. I said, year got ya, I just placed Richard Branson’s space ship in a kick as science fiction series..

Yeah, product placement, cool I guess it’s like we only drink Heineken, they give us $5000 which is awesome, oh hang on this is the best bit, it costs absolutely nothing, accommodation, crew, transport across Africa for 16 or so… LOL we get paid for doing it,

That’s that New 21 Century Global Ecological Experience Economy bull shit again, the network works for every one so everyone joins, half of all the wealth in the world is well used.

So the 5 couples, well Andy is not fixed, which is cool cos it makes sense that as many of the cast as possible can model, and seeing as I’m going to have to approve everyone in the Bulgari shoot….

Of course I had to suggest Caitlin, but for the Bulgari Shots, but he said “us working together best not” So its time to pull the old gang together. Lisa’s looking hot and has a story, and it seems she not loving LA right now, a break will do her good. Ilene of course, the “Arabian Beauty, Sword in hand, riding a Stallion through the desert at sunset, dust trail behind, with the pyramids in the background” was written for her, Tannet if she’s around, and Loraine of course. I also suggested Dena and Une, I showed the FaceBook pics and Ilene’s and he’s a 100%,

I mentioned filming “The Social Network 2” to Andy he said yeah, but not just you typing, you got to do fun stuff, Time to get back into shape, I’m going to do 2 hours at VIRGIN ACTIVE a day palates and maybe in 3 weeks Moi Thai but no roundhouses, private with Quinten may work,


I’m going to go to your gym a lot and I’m gonna record my progress and weight, but more to the point my change of attitude to training one gets, Starting with, urrr I got to, then it’s a chore, then its ok, then its fun, then totally addictive, I will get a Gizell Rauch Forensic Psychiatrist to highlight the benefits of exercise to your overall happiness and coping mechanisms

Making membership card, FB locators (We will make that technology) and rendering the inside of the gym so people can see real life avatars would be fun as well.

Whoever gets rendered first will be making history. If you speak to the Simms, they will do it for free I’m sure if you show them their proposal.

End. There was never much for Virgin Active, so while there no Billion dollar idea here, its good PR and free.
As for PR please look at www.S-World.TV/FaceBook

Wednesday 23h June 5.23pm GMT

Went to the Gym, started swimming, which is fun now due to the underwater MP3 player. Only did 15 minutes before my back hurt, that’s annoying, but not totally unexpected, my 5th vertebra is sensitive and I need to stretch for 6 minutes a day and do Pilates two or three times a week, and I had not been doing that. 2 weeks and I should be good. In the mean time I’ll take it easier. The upside is, I was only 80.5 Kilos, only 3 Kilos, why target 78? Well that’s the maximum weight for a middle weight fighter, and it works for me ? another bonus was I really enjoyed the swim, can’t wait to go again. ?
I think its time to set the sound track. The CD I made for Caitlin’s birthday. All the songs made when she was born. It’s Awesome.

1. “Stop The World” By Ghost Dance Sienna’s & Caitlin’s Song

I like the name Ghost Dance, maybe sienna’s a happy little dancing ghost :)

2. “Every Angel ” All About Eve Sienna :)

If you like Tyler Dane “Romeo & Juliet” or “All over the World” by the Dixie Chicks, you will also.

3. “Flowers in our hair” By All About Eve Every ones Song

We all need to earn the flowers in our hair

4. “Cinder Road” By Ghost Dance ?

A beautiful song with kick ass guitar.

Right this next song: Fantastic, Its seems innocent enough at first save the chorus lyric, then it kicks ass for the second half of the song with Psychedelic guitars, tracking.

5. “In The Meadow” All About Eve Ilene of course LOL

Girl in a uniform, grey and white and crisp, clean,
how can I like in your world, strawberry flowers and colorful hours,
lovingly I dust all the dust on your shirt, kiss the mirror clean where you glance at yourself, I know, what to do,
maybe a letter Ill send, from underground, wait to be found out,
lovingly I press the ink on the page,(lol) carefully I send it in stop from the meadow

In The Meadow, Its is dark, In the meadow, It is dark.
In The Meadow, Its is dark, In the meadow, It is dark.

What that S*&% “In the meadow, it is dark”, that’s not good

Sometimes there are sad gothic songs but mostly there just expressive. This is a very gothic song, sung by an underground Gothic band in 1985. This was the B Side to there first ever song. I had this on Vinal it was the rarest of all Gothic Records $80 in 1985 was a lot. In comparison U2’s most rare and expensive record was the fire double pack, I got that for only $20, Says something about how badly DJ’s and collectors wanted that song. If I’m correct “flowers in our hair” was the A Side. Or ‘In the Clouds. The funny thing was I just ordered the two from a record shop for 5$ a good investment ?

Love those guitars at the end, that stuff live was awesome, a bit more distortion few more phases and the obstacle of generally playing pretty drunk and high, and it became far more trance, and that’s the Sisters of Mercy Influence.

The singer ?????? Also sung with The Mission, when the Sisters of Mercy split up in 1995 The singer Andrew Eldridge took a break. Wayne Hussey (Guitar) and Craig ???? (Bass) formed the Mission.

Coincidentally the original song partner and original guitarist Gary Marx formed Ghost Dance with Anna Marie Hurst from the skeletal Family, which nicely brings us to our next song

6. “Promised Land” By the Skelatal Family Definitely Caitlin

Why Caitlin? Simply, she will really like the song where others may find it heavy.

7. “Celebrate” By Ghost Dance Everyone

Celebrate, “Open your heart” Who said Gothic music lyrics were depressing. ? This was my favorite song live, I saw Ghost Dance a few times. The 7 inch cut was overproduced.

This song is an excellent example of how the songs get more rocky and trancy when they are played live and notice, she still has the pink hair from the previous Skeletal Family song.

8. “In The Clouds ” All About Eve Sienna’s song ?

Loved this live?, also had this on 12 inch, also worth $80 in 1985

9. “Heaven & Beyond” By Ghost Dance

10. “What Kind of Fool ” All About Eve

11. “I will wait” By Ghost Dance

12. “ Spin the wheal” By Ghost Dance

13. “Fools Gold (Live) ” By Ghost Dance

And for all those that did not pay attention to “The Spartan Theory”

14. “Walk in my shadow” By Ghost Dance Nicks Song ?

OK that’s it for the music lesson, Download those tracks put them on a CD and play it in your car. I’ll be using most of them for a band I want to produce. Want to buy the publishing wrights as soon as I can.

Friday 22h June 4.00pm GMT

Plan 12 Ulusaba (Sir Richard Branson’s Private Game Reserve)


I have created 3 rather remarkable marketing concepts, that will increase the profile and profitability of

1. Affiliate Marketing. Read www.S-World

Bored of that already, also Ulusaba and VIRGIN HOLIDAYS have the Fiona connection.

Another good day, was sick again but made it into the office, Mike had the smart idea of making people plan out there gifts via the calendar, priceless :)

Andrews been on his own mission, awesome, Pilot of the pilot and casting on Wednesday, I spoke to Ryder Ascott about Carpe Diem (A kick ass Villa) Dene’s in and can do a pilot for the travel show. Going to do the cooking show as well, and the whole thing is a casting for the 5 boys and Girls fun show.

Ilene’s going to try make it as well, also FaceBooked Loraine.

As for “The Social Network 2” well, that’s going to start then as well, why not. I’ve got a cool idea, I’m going to make a mock up of the send gift option, starting with Ilene I’ll show her the website, it will be her profile page with the Gift Function inside. It will be sure to display the calendar gift function as well. Then I’ll ask her to make a list of how many gifts and cards she would send, let her work that out then total up the money and write it at the top of a list. We will go though all the other people. So there is an average, chances are everyone would wish to use it especially as there on film.

Once the list is complete, we make an average, say $50. I explain that FaceBook make 40% so that’s $20. Then I ask Ilene. Everyone here said they would use the function so that’s 100%. If 100% of FaceBook members equal One Billion and they on average make FaceBook $20 a year. How much extra money does FaceBook make a year? Maybe ask to write it down in number format, then asker to show it to the Camera.

$20 Billion.

Then I come in and say, this is a good idea, whether it makes a few hundred million or 20 Billion only time will tell, but the S-World VIRTUAL Social and Business network certainly will. This will be finished in a week maybe a month, we will see.

Then we show the same website but with the description at the bottom. Try making that in Flash. Get more text on then. Needs to be fun for FaceBook friends but express a positive message to FaceBook Then tell everyone on Monday will have a 10 Mock up FaceBook pages, like Ilene’s. If you can get FaceBooks attention you can have 1% of S-World. Which will be worth 100 times what experience Africa will be, but that’s not to say Ex Africa shares won’t do well. Then I’ll give Andrew a 10% Share Affidavit saying he needs to give 5% away to his team.

So that’s the weekend set, have a look at the venue tomorrow. Then I need to make all the graphics, I’ll use Photo Shop and HTML, no problem. We can tidy it in Flash later.

Friday 22h June 5.30pm GMT

Its going well, I’ve made my FaceBook page on the News Screen the starting point as that’s where one would see a birthday reminder. I’ve made the page 1000 by 742, but moving the bottom higher up the page.

I’ve just put a floating canvas over most of the page, but you can still see the edges of the News Feed. Same colors, white, very pale blue with pale blue 1px border.

Right I’m going to have the math questions after the display, ending with welcome to the Social Network 2 when they click 20 Billion.

Hmmm had an Idea, I shall make a film script that does not rely on any other script. New week, after

Hmmm need to put in a figure for all gifts, maybe just prompt them to add it up and divide by 40%, = Write it down then click
next, does to

Go to
over $10
Over $50
Over $100
Over $250
Over $1000

Each then goes to a different page. This says

“how many FaceBook users do you think will use this page”

1. Everyone.
2. One in two people
3. One in five people
4. One in ten people
5. One in a hundred people

Then that will go to 5 different pages

You have just estimated that FaceBook could make an extra $5,000,000,000 a year

Do you think the amount of users will increase if half was given to charity? By how much


New Figure

Welcome to the Social Network 2

Friday 22h June 8.20pm GMT

Finished the first Page, looks good, may change some gifts. The pop up works well as it does not intrude on there page. Or more to the point take you to a new page, which would be a forced action, where as a pop up is just an easy click away from closing.
Next will be the organizer that can get interesting as I’ll put my gift profile calendar up first. Then just ask the question “How much do you think you would spend in a year?” 5 options .

Link to FaceBook Travel or

We are working on FaceBook Travel, including 3D Virtual World viewing options for resorts, this will be the next page I’m working on. By linking to excellent Tour Operators, Concierge Companies, Individual Venues and Travel Agents one could make +/-20% of each holiday whilst still championing the consumer.

By the time we have finished S-World Virtual World, FaceBook will be making a lot of money in Holidays, probably about the same as the FaceBook Gifts.

All people cast get there own FaceBook gift Home page.

If FaceBook come to us before we go to them it will be down to you spreading the word and publicizing this website you will receive pro rata 25% of Experience Africa. The More hits you get, the more shares you get.

Competition runs up to the day we sign with FaceBook

Friday 22h June 10.20pm GMT

I’ve decided to have only the Gift and Auto Gift Pages personalized. The rest will just have a Generic Blank FB Page with text options, starting with a write up about Auto Gifts. This saves on making hundreds of individual different pages and allows me to add a 50% Good causes algorithm at the end.

Page 3 Auto Gifts

Before I’ll do the write up, I’ll think about how many gifts and cards I would like to send, as broke as I am, its going to brake $1,000 I’m sure, if everyone did the same were looking at a Trillion from just one idea.

WHO? Birthday Valentines Day Easter Wedding Anniversary Mothers Day Fathers Day Christmas
Mum 50$ Card 2$ Flo 30$ Gift 30$ Flowers $50   $100 - 262
Dad 30$         $30 $100 - 160
30 Relatives – 2$     2$       $20 - 760

Total so far 1182, before friends and clients

Saturday 24th June 4.43pm GMT

Long day, woke up still ill, went to meet Andy at the villa where they wish to shoot, quite a production they are putting on. I waited an hour, then took Andrew and Sean De Wet, down to a darker room Andy was there first, I showed the first page, then described the Auto Gifts, he estimated over $1,000 all users using it, so one Trillion Dollars, I forgot to mention FB only get 50% but still 500 billion a year is still impressive, he was dumb struck, the most amazing moment of his life, he said, that’s cool, and it really should be. Shaun was vaguely impressed, but Shaun heads in the production he’s paying for much of it, so his mind was on the job at hand, nice one, good to work with professionals.

So the production will have 14 people starting, I asked Andy to send an SMS to Ilene if front of an email I will send tomorrow. I want her to be the first person to look at the presentation. I’ve decided to split 10% of shares of all 16 companies save S-World between these 14 and Zenda and Mike, as they contributed to the idea. As long as half the money goes to good causes what do I care who benefits.

Now I think it’s possible to make 20 Trillion by the second auction (3 maybe 4 years) , but those sort of figures often make people think I’m crazy, I’m going to have to sell the whole concept to Andy and get his top figure, so its credible. This said he already valued the FB Gift at 400 Billion a year, so we will see.

Lets cut it in half 10 Trillion, divide that by 2 for the good causes so divide 5 Trillion by 10% 500 Billion total pot. Ill split that in half, half for the 16 contestants half for their FB friends. Let’s start with the contestants, we will need to make a dramatic difference between first and last. First how much is in the pot. $250 Billion, wow that’s a lot between 16 people, but every one loves a rags to riches story and they will forever more be Sienna ambassadors so, whatever, good luck to them.

1. 65B
2. 50B
3. 35B
4. 25B
5. 20
6. 10
7. 9
8. 8
9. 7
10. 6
11. 5
12. 5
13. 4
14. 3
15. 2
16. 1

1 2 3 4 5 = 15B

6 7 8 9 10 = 40b leaves 45 b = no5 an4 55b = 150 lest for top 3 no3 35b no2 50b no 1 65 b top 5 need to give half there yield to good causes.

So that’s the contestants, but we still have their friends, as best I know you can only have 5000 people per FB account, hold on back track.

Each of the 16 gets a S-world page www.S-World/Ilene for example. This page shows the process but applied to their FB Page and the results that they picked. So this is what they ask others to look at, at the end each person is showed how much money FaceBook makes, how much is made for Good causes and how many African children will be looked after financially. Then is says “welcome to the Social Network 2”

“Few who have ideas like this give there half to charity, so please jump on board, FB Friend Ilene Human Sienna and your vote of approval will be cast.”

Half of the estimated $250 billion reserved for our contestants Friends will be split between the first 5000 friends of our contestants. So 16 contestants x 5000 = 80,000 friends so 125B/80,000 = $1,562,500 each.

The reason I have picked FB Friends as the measure is two fold, initially I thought just to record the amount of people per page on S-World, but were really not that technical and if this all kick’s off the server will crash, and let’s hope it does, status symbol. So contestants FB friends it is and it works its way nicely into the plot.

There is still $125 Billion left,

Then its split again but not so dramatically

Next 5000 / 25B = $312,500 “that’s still a lot of money right?” well to me anyway, I could not afford a Pizza the other day.
100B left, but before we get there, all contestants’ pages will be available, so clever friends or friends will simply advise there friends to friend request the 1st phases that are still available. That’s cool, its good to get everyone off on an even wicket, Tracey Mc Gregors FB Friends will FB Friend Mike for instance, which is cool as he has work to do.

After 2 rounds of 5000, 160,000 FB friends approving of the idea, then its open season, FB I hope will make special pages for each person, and then it’s on!

The underdogs will probably have there day, Zenda was here since the start and was pivotal in this idea, Mike came up with the organized gifts, Ilene, well there’s a lot about her in the first chapter in the book that will make her universally popular, Andy, the inspiration behind a lot of things. Shaun the 5th mentioned character in the book.

When Mark and I finally meet, that’s when it ends.

The last estimated 100Billiion will be split between the friends that sign to any account. Then the amount of friends/votes each person gets will be tallied. 1 to 16, even if you’re last, the $1Billion will make them happy.

What a lot of fun, and definitely news, this is now the news story, hopefully I can take a back seat, I’m thinking as soon as I’ve given all the share promise affidavits on Thursday, I’ll just go, or maybe speak to Ilene for a bit.

You think I’d be really happy, I’m not sure if its cos I’m ill but I feel like Frodo Baggins, the weight of the world on me, it’s a lot of work making this all happen, I mean making sure half goes to good, only when that is done can I rest, and it really feels that the entire future of humanity rests on my hands, that’s a lot to deal with?. Anyway, never leave a man behind, someone’s got to do it.
What makes it worse is that in the films, if this goes south, software comes alive and gasses everyone, and you know what, I believe it, so really the future of humanity is in my hands, just another day in S-World, wish me luck, and have sympathy if I turn into an asshole or go crazy, so long as I get to fly into the sun on a VIRGIN Galactic spaceship when I die or get ill, all’s good :)

Saturday 24th June 7.31pm GMT

Home work, Gossip Girl, if there was a show that signified FaceBook that’s it to me, Harvard Connection vibe. So what’s on Series 4 Episode 22? Wow that’s a lot.

Don’t get me wrong, when it first came out it was my favorite show, I got Caitlin into it, no more into it. But it was about a normal nice guy, a bit geeky but charming being good enough for a beauty queen, even under social class pressures and then everyone’s ok with it. That was the story, it still cool now but that message needs to be re prioritized if I’m going to get into it again. How about a British close to be Queen and a normal dude not from money.

Well I’ve just tested the world’s best idea ever and everyone agrees, so absolutely everyone who reads the story will be thinking, what comes next, so this bit will hold a lot of weight. So chances are, what I write will/may happen.

Ok I want Caitlin to Play Pippa Middleton in Gossip Girl, the look is good, Caitlin gets to near play a princess and Pippa’s character dates someone like me, before all this. A reverse engineered story to her sister. Don’t make a big deal out of it, sub story 5 episodes, with Serena trying to seduce me, I nearly mess up as she’s really laying it on thick, but I don’t fall for it and that’s why I deserve the princess, kind of think LOL David Beckham plays me. The accent works perfectly. So

Saturday 24th June 7.59pm GMT

Andrew has been enthusiastically sms’ing very insistent about getting a lawyer, he’s right of course, sms’d Juanita but no reply, he has already found someone, it will cost $300, that’s ok. It’s cool to have someone who has your back, really cool.

I’m going to have to work out the variable “how many $ will you spend” “How many FB users will use this” and “Charity variables” This is really basic stuff, but when all you have is Dreamweaver and Photoshop you improvise, A Team style.

1st Page Click Birthday Reminder
2nd Page Click Gifts
3rd Page Click Flowers
4th Page Click Automate and fill in form based on auto gift options. Value all your gifts.
5th Page “Which is the closest figure to your yearly tally?”

Click $50 $250 $500 $1000

We need 4 6th pages, these pages will ask how many FB users will like this.

$50 HM $250 $500 $1000

6th Page “How many of your friends do you think will use this service?”

All Half Quarter

So then we have

$50 $250 $500 $1000 $25 $175 $250 $500 $ 12.50 $50 $125

So that’s 7 pages to make.

Ok to the Charity bit.

7th Page “

Total Gifts $500, FaceBook makes $200
One in 2 users will use this function
One Billion FaceBook users.

You estimate FaceBook will make $100,000,000,000
(One Hundred Billion US $)
every year

If FaceBook gave half this extra money $100 Billion US$ to charity and good causes would it would within 2 years.

Double the usage of FaceBook users

Double the users of FaceBook and double the amount they spend.

Quadruple the usage of FaceBook users and double the amount they spend.

Quadruple the users of FaceBook and Quadruple the amount they spend.

What happens to me, I don’t care really, but Andy seems to have my back, as I’m sure will Zenda and Ilene

The idea is out there, and more to the point it makes 200% sense for FaceBook to do the good causes thing, and that’s the burden a little lighter :)

Right the last math page, the specific figures above meant no cross pages, (using the same $250 page for 2 landings)

So that’s 8 pages x 4 figures: x2 x4 x8 x16 (all 2x as its 2 years)

32 pages. I thought as much, going to have to use a spreadsheet. Joy :(

Last Page

Super Intelligent Engine for New Network Access

Thank you for playing, you have estimated in just two years

FaceBook will make $200 Billion

A further $200 Billion will be made for Charity, Ecology and Global economic stability (which has been included as the “teach a man to fish approach to charity)

It is not possible for us to calculate how many African children you estimate can be supported, but it’s possibly all of them!

Welcome to “The Social Network 2”

A Share offer with an estimated value of $1,500,000 has been put aside for the first 5,000 friends of the person you started with (That’s each person!). FaceBook friend there name but add Sienna at the end. More

$350,000 is estimated each for the next 5000, same name + Sienna 2, after this we hope FaceBook will make a dedicated page. $100,000,000 is then saved for those that friend these purpose built sites until 24th November 2010.

Chances are half of FaceBook users will own part of FaceBook’s new e-commerce system by 24th November, which is cool.
Dear Mr. Zuckerberg. I could do with a hand programming all this stuff, you can have 50% for free so long as you do the good causes thing, which I think I have already proved actually makes a profit.

This little gadget is the tip of the iceberg, have a look at www.S-World.Biz Notice the first two lines on the first Executive Summary.

“Welcome to Sienna, Sienna is software, a baby that will evolve from an idea into networking business software the likes of which have not yet been imagined. My peers describe Sienna as” Face Book for business” I like to consider her “The Global Distribution System”

Also have a look at to see the original business idea.

Well I imagined it eventually, but instead of making a FaceBook for business I made a business for FaceBook. FaceBook becomes the Global Distribution system.

I have not even mentioned S-World, that’s the real tread, going to make a demo soon, check out www.S-World.TV

I have written a book “The Social Network 2” started the day I watched the film, and tracks the idea process of adapting my theories to FaceBook, you will find it interesting. Partially the films and VIRGIN GALACTIC stuff :)


Ok Last is the shares split for any to approve then put into context.

Hi Andy.

I have divided the world’s commerce into 16 different industries.

Different industry Sectors (The BIG 16)
1. Internet (S-World) 2. PR (Press TV & Film)
3. Real Estate and Land 4. Travel & Tourism
5. Retail 6. Software & Telecommunications
7. Oil & Energy 8. Science & Ecology
9. Sports – Health – Pharmaceuticals 10, Precious Metals & Stones
11. Financial Sector 12. Music & Stage
13. Publishing 14. Food and Beverage
15. Transportation 16. Advertising

By Applying S-World, The Sienna software and the many business plans and theories, to the above industries, whist making FaceBook the central database, there is a lot more to be made than the idea we highlighted.

You would really have to read a lot of “soon to be confidential stuff” to fully understand, but it’s possible in 2 or 3 years 20 Trillion will be raised, between FaceBook and the companies that buy shares in the above companies, or consortiums as they will be.

The Example highlighted incorporates 2 companies, Retail and Software, but all conglomerates will do well, not only by networking to FaceBook but to FBS-World, a 3D Virtual World where everyone meets.

I’m going to distribute 10% of shares in each conglomerate, estimated $2 Trillion, but half go’s to saving dolphin’s n stuff so $1Trillion

The 16 people named here will get on a sliding scale $100,000,000,000 (US$100Billion) the remaining $900Billion will go to your FaceBook friends and then there friends. The idea is that half of the people who use FaceBook own part of there e-commerce system before they have even made it, I’ll get the popular vote from there fans, perfect way to say hello.

Awesome, that’s the structure done, time for bed.

Sunday 26h June 1.09pm GMT

Just got back from the office, got the FaceBook, My account, settings page graphics. I sent an email to Ryder, who will either write himself into this book as a good guy or the thickest meanest, uncharitable asshole to walk this earth.

I also wrote to Ilene asking her to play the lead, a professional letter, hope she says yes, there is stuff about Ilene and Caitlin that has not yet been told, I’ll go into detail if she accepts.

Right so to work, creating the Auto Gift Page.

Sunday 26h June 3.05pm GMT

Finished, looks good, but I can’t get FaceBook’s little font, Photoshop is not rendering well, so I have used Verdana with the anti aliasing turned off. I’m going to Pacalolo for a beer. ? I do not have a girlfriend so I’ve made a cross between Pippa Middleton and Rhona Mitra, wonder if anyone will get that.

Sunday 26h June 7.08pm GMT

Wow where do I start. Ilene I guess, she SMS’s Andy”Hi Andrew, thank you for the msg….. I did receive the mail from Nick and am totally on board. “So she’s cool with being the star in my book, awesome she’s hot and an awesome actress, she stared in a Bollywood film, the first treatment in the Bulgari proposal was about her “An Arabian beauty, riding on a white stallion at sunset in front of the pyramids” So she’s excellent for the part and she’s an awesome friend who will soon forgive me for bad timing, because that’s what friends do, and at Sienna’s memorial, her hug was the only real emotion I felt.

Dad, or Mum, can’t remember which said, availability is a factor in making you attracted to someone, makes sense. And Ilene can very easily melt down all my defenses, should she wish, which is a dangerous place to be, but that’s the gauntlet isn’t it!

Come on its romantic, I sent her flowers and told her I loved her, without any warning! TOTAL ROMANCE SUISIDE, So then, I write her in as the Film Star, Supper Model and Rock Singer in my book and proposals, then start to make it real, that’s going the extra mile, who would not like that.

Where it goes, I don’t know, until just now, I was convinced I did not want a relationship with anyone, but now, smitten. LOL, it’s nice to feel like this :)

Lets see where this ends up, at least I’m going to get a friend back, cos she’s going to have to make the first move, not going make that mistake again. :)

Anyway, change of plan, no 2 changes of plan. I’m to send the thing, hmm got to think of name……The Jeffery. No seriously… website, that’s what it is so that’s what we will call it.

So I’m going to send the website as soon as it is complete, to FaceBook, whatever contacts Tiny has, he got some of Marks FB friends so, its probably going to make its way up the ladder, it is cool after all. Not going to temp fate, if it happens it happens, LA baby, with Ilene on my arm and Andy getting my back.

This said until I get the call, stick to the game plan.

Second change of plan is the 16 contestants; I’ve got to include a few friends, Dave, Brinn, Shaun, Caitlin… maybe George Michael. So I’m going to see how central this do is on Thursday, if it’s sill about the cooking show, then I’ll just do the people I know and Tracey McGregor.

Sunday 26h June 9.35pm GMT

Most of its done just got to write contestant’s letters, tired, going to sleep.

Idea, FaceBook, is FaceBook plus 1B fans

Face Book film, Arthur C Clark, 2010, Saturn moon planet end’s its isolation when a social networking site reaches a billion users.

Monday 27h June 12.43am GMT


Ryder Ascot you are a very bad person.

Monday 27h June 4.33pm GMT

Letter to FaceBook

Dear FaceBook

I’d sooner have had another month for a fuller demonstration, but were broke so we need approach someone for money, and seeing as the entire project www.S-World.Biz has now been designed to work inside FaceBook, you are the appropriate people to go to first.

Please play the FaceBook How Many Billions CRM Game? It shows how when I adapted one very basic function of my original CRM to FaceBook’s birthday reminder you make between $750,M to $500B each year, and a cute game for FB friends to talk about.

Best you play it, FaceBook How Many Billions CRM Game? It’s so much cooler than add’s.

There are 100 or so other ways to make money through FaceBook, many detailed in my book “The Social Network 2” As soon as someone from FaceBook wants to read it, just let me know, its private for now, but I may release some of the early stuff, a few pages at a time

What I’d love is for someone to SMS +27,83,414,5922 me, or FaceBook me “Nick Ray Ball “and simply tell me what flight I’m on. But I’ve been doing this far to count my chickens no matter how kick ass the idea is, without the book, just using, you don’t have all the information, so just asking for the book, would be a good start.

In the mean time, I’m thinking ask 16 Friends, to try and go Viral, by offering 10% of this new e-commerce system I’ve created for you to FaceBook users, this will make us all look good.

You can decide weather to allow new members to be included to what is in effect a floatation that I’d like to take place on November the 24th

Advantages for you, as soon as this hits CNN, your membership will swell so people can take advantage of the flotation; the disadvantage is you will get users creating multiple accounts.

General Note: “This is just the first step, next we set up a general purchase platform for all goods inside FaceBook, then adapt then and Social Network 2 ideas and were golden.

Monday 27h June 7.06pm GMT

Tough day, Ryder really made me look like an idiot, but Andy was cool, and chances are its for the best we have to change venue and Villa 008 is a far superior venue. As for the timing, its far better off that I inform FaceBook of what is planned in advance. Hence the above cover letter idea to the website, which works well, but even better if I add a link to an executive summary exclusive to FaceBook at the bottom of the page. I can mention Interflora and other relevant info that they do not currently know. Plus I can tell them my viral FB Friends “share plans” a week before I go live, just incase they disapprove.

But what was really upsetting was the lack of response from Ilene, what the hell did I do to her to make her think so little of me :( I’m pretty much used to people being ugly to me, but it still hurts, especially when you just fantasized about a new relationship. So again, fall in love then break up before our first kiss :(

Lucky I’m so used to this from women and save Caitlin I can quickly write them out of my head, often via replacement fantasy, and….. Lisa Marie just popped up on Sienna’s “Do you know this person” page, well…. since Caitlin disapproved of this FaceBook site I have not made any communications, at first I thought Lisa has rejected my friend request made last week, other wise why would her photo be there, then I realized I was on Sienna’s FB site and well… it just seemed like a sign, so I Friend Requested her.

Strangely enough on my Nick Ray Ball FB site, Tracey McGregor popped up as a “Do you know this person” and for those that do not know, she’s a well known model over here, which can often mean.. past it, she’s due to be in our production but I really did know what she looked like, she looks good, real good. Good for her in her underwear, makeup and sashes :) looking forward to meeting you Tracey :)

Right so to the FaceBook Executive Summary, max one and a half pages, need to include the following points.

1. The Interflora flowers idea, bye just under half price and sell at a small discount making 100% mark up whilst still giving FaceBook customers a good deal.
2. In general explaining the above margins in different industries, tourism 30% to 40% lower than general retail, and property 1% to 7%. And the general principal of we always have to be price competitive across the board. The advantage of the above of course is it lets me introduce the previous travel and real estate plans quickly but concisely via an array of links.
3. Explain the book marketing plan and the Film product placement Saturn idea.
4. Best explain about the Charity thing, we got the Zenda link after that it should be easy.

Thinking about it, this executive summary will look a lot like Wikipedia with many, many links, that works, Night, Night. Xx

Tuesday 29h June 7.48pm GMT

Got evicted from our office yesterday, the landlords pulled an illegal maneuver by not serving us with relevant document and getting summary judgment, so they confiscated everything, including our computers and servers. Bastards, they’d reneged on a deal then asked us to move out. I’d asked them about compensation for the $100,000 we had spent on improvements, then nothing. Trouble is if you have not got enough money for a lawyer, you have not got a chance against those that wantonly break the law.

But if anything, this I’d like to consider my story as triumph against adversity, the power of positivity. Today Mike came over and we created the first 4 pages of the FaceBook gifts demo, they look cool, I introduced BULGARI, VIRGIN & Interflora in a positive way, and put some comments in a comments box, managing to get the message about the Africard on the third page.

Ilene did not reply, it’s amazing how I can quickly change my feelings towards girls if they ignore me or are mean, which is cool. On the plus side, Loraine Van Eych and Tracey Mc Gregor both responded positively to my FaceBook idea, all be it I just told them it was cool. One thing for sure, those two sending a FB/mail about the Gift Function to the few thousand male friends could start an avalanche.

I’ve decided to go with 16 people just by showing them the site and seeing if they are interested, I’ll make a shares affidavit of intent and show it on line and get Andy to back it up. So who will be the 16?

1. Andrew Lee
2. Zenda Scholtz
3. Mike Enslin
4. Loraine van Eich
5. Tracey McGregor
6. Brinn Tomes
7. Shaun Westcott
8. Dene Botha
9. Une Lottering
10. Ilene Human
11. Dazy Martin
12. Dave Mere
13. Shaun De Wet
14. Bianca Mere
15. Mira
16. Laura

I’ll show Andy tomorrow and go over the text, and go over the list and plan.

We should be finished by 5 on Friday, and then we will send to Face Book, after this we will send to the 16 Starlets, having already been primed by Andrew or Myself.

It works with for the Galactica film if all starlets send at either 3pm GMT Saturday or Sunday, it’s also perfect timing for Europe and USA to be awake at the same time, USA starting at nine in the morning.

Google launched there Social Network site today, awesome timing, as they said on Sky “The fight for your friends just got interesting!” LOL little do they know. :)

Also Greece is all over the news, I’m not sure how much to go into Greece, I had it in the final landing page, but now I think just a big

Help us to “move the masses in a desired direction”
Tell Everyone

I’ve also decided to add an extra layer so now we go:
How much will you spend on gifts?

$10 $100 $1,000 $10,000

How many of you FB Friends will use this function

Everyone One in two One in four

You have estimated
FaceBook will make US$ Five Billion profit each year
and many African Children are helped. ?

If FaceBook then

1. Gave half of this profit to charity
2. Opened a full shopping service
, selling everything from: Fashion, Food, Music, Holidays to Real Estate…..

Due to collective buying power all products had lowest price guarantees and excellent service assurances

Would you bye more from FaceBook? How much more would you spend?

The Same?
Four times as much?

Ten times as much?

You have estimated
FaceBook will make US$ Ten Billion profit each year
and many African Children are guaranteed a sustainable future. :)

Plus FaceBook donates US$ Ten Billion to charity

If FaceBook very publicly donated over Ten Billion US$ to charity each year for two years, how many more people would want to join FaceBook?

The Same?
Four times as much?

Ten times as much?


In just two years you estimate:
FaceBook will make a profit of: Forty Billion US$
Quadruple there membership and help many African Children. :)

FaceBook will also donate Forty Billion US$
to charity, ecology and global economic stability

This is just the tip of the iceberg, welcome to “The Social Network 2” Welcome to S-World,
Tell Everyone!

Click like to register for S-World intended Share Floatation (see Copyright)

Your Gift has been sent - Back to Home Page

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg & FaceBook
Dear Sir Richard Branson & VIRGIN


This will mean about 55 pages, many duplicated, it’s quite possible I will not be completely finished on Friday, maybe we use this as a test for feedback. Not send it to FaceBook yet

I think it may be best to pick 32 ambassadors and choose the most proactive 16.

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg & FaceBook

Saturday evening June 12th: 2011, I saw the film “The Social Network” and I started to consider my E-Commerce platform “S-World” working within FaceBook. I’ve written a journal of my thoughts and the ideas process that has lead to this proposal.

Saturday evening June 18th 2011, I had a breakthrough, not this breakthrough a much bigger breakthrough in customer service, e-commerce & business networking

I’ve called this journal “The Social Network 2” I’d like you to read it, combined with the early business plans on it details something very cool and extremely profitable ideas, plus we get to save dolphins and stuff ? (charity, ecology and global economic stability)

I’d like to come to LA ASAP

Yours Sincerely
Nick Raymond Ball

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg & FaceBook
Dear Sir Richard Branson & VIRGIN


Dear Sir Richard Branson & VIRGIN

Saturday morning, August 2nd 2008: I started to write a business plan for VIRGIN, incorporating, luxury travel, my virtual tours and a sophisticated business management game.

Saturday evening, June18th 2011: I started to finish a business plan interlinking 16 different VIRGIN companies to S-World, FaceBook and a groundbreaking computer game.

The ideas for VIRGIN UNITE and VIRGIN GALACTIC are exceptional.

Whist less exciting the plans for VIRGIN HOLIDAYS, VIRGIN MEDIA & VIRGIN MONEY will also prove extremely profitable, you did not object to the US $50 Billion financials sent in April 2011

But to my favorite project, VIRGIN UNITE: I’d like to set up a sub foundation SIENNA UNITE. This foundation will manage all the Charity and Good Causes funds, from FaceBook and whoever else jumps on board.

It’s a business plan in itself, a massive branding exercise, the SIENNA UNITE brand will signify company’s that are contributing half of there profit/dividends to the foundation.

Which I hope to be many, I believe I have firmly and clearly demonstrated the financials benefits associated with this process.

My first idea for Sienna Unite will be to attempt to purchase 40 Square Miles of land in Laconia, Southern Greece, the home of Sparta, now near deserted. Here we will render a great city in S-World, then sell it off plan making a huge profit, tax free, to further invest in ecology, global economic stability and software.

There’s a lots more to it but this is the basic theory, “The Spartan Theory” or “The New 21st Century Ecological Experience Economy” (EEE)

If implemented successfully this idea should stabilize the Greek and European economies.

As soon as I’ve edited my journal I will send it to VIRGIN PUBLISHING. Or please suggest a more appropriate contact.

Yours Sincerely
Nick Raymond Ball

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg & FaceBook
Dear Sir Richard Branson & VIRGIN



These ideas are open source, so long as companies that use any S-World ideas donate half there profit to the betterment of mankind, I don’t have a problem.

I would however appreciate 1%, as my family, friends and I could do with a brake; this has not been an easy year.

I advise FaceBook to distribute 10% of shares in this e-commerce platform to all FaceBook members registered before November 24th 2011. This should make each member a few thousand dollars a year, increase membership and brand appreciation.

Of this 10% Id further ask that 1% be shared between the 16 Sienna ambassadors I have chosen to spread the news.

And a further 1% distributed to the first 5000 members of our ambassadors new S-World FB Sites, the desired effect to make each one of their FB/friends a few million dollars each year.

Yours Sincerely
Nick Raymond Ball

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg & FaceBook
Dear Sir Richard Branson & VIRGIN


Cool Finished :)

Thursday 30h June 1.17pm GMT

Note on game, territory gained by excellent customer services votes, that’s how to turn it into a Civilization turn based game, (which I’m sure some bright spark will be able to adapt to real time Thrown and patriots game play.)

So we have a turn based management game, similar to Football manager meets Tropico, Zoo, Tycoon and other recourse gathering games.

This Game teaches FB/S-World members to learn our systems and study our literature complete our courses, psyche exams etc.
Next we introduce a territory based game, we have half finished the Global Mapping system, and the better customer feedback the more territory you are allowed.

All contained within a 3D Virtual world that mirrors real life “S-World” which I’m sure the Simms will help with, its very convenient that the Simms starts with an “S” Like FaceBook can Brand FBS-World “FaceBook’s World” The Sims can simply brand S-World the inference simply “Simms World”

Throw in a load of sporting games based around the creation of “New Sparta” and a fighting game, where one must train an army of 300 unarmed warriors and that’s a very cool game that has many entry points, teaches people how to use our admin and CRM systems and how to maximize on customer service.

In real life of course we are teaching people to become FaceBook S-World entrepreneurs, and they will be a new refreshing, responsible business people.

Responsible? Well I’ve mentioned this before but not for a while, we offer excellent game players the chance to run real businesses, marketing first through FB/Friends then, Friends of Friends (which apparently is 130 so that’s 16,900) then if they have delivered excellent service and all clients are happy friends of friends of friends (16,900 x 130 = 2.2 Million clients.)

One thing I know about is travel, and in travel customer service is king

Friday 1sth July 2.50pm GMT

Andrews come to have another look, were going to have to use Flash, he did not get the Click here buttons, so we need to make a animated demonstration up until the “How Much would you spend” Plus he wanted more pink, and remove the copyright page, he insisted we patent this, or at least send it to the patents office, which will be a lot, The S-World site, the demo and this book, will give be an excellent source of realizing all this as my intellectual property. He’s also insisting that I look after myself first, so negotiate for 50%, if I get it I can make more for Sienna Unite, I informed him I think owning over a billion would be vulgar, but he made the comment “what if it only makes a million? Fair point I can always just say after a Billion, I don’t need any more.

Well this is going to take more time but its imperative we get this right, so well done Andrew, I think the above sentence sent as a patent request makes him partial owners of the intellectual property along side Mike and Zenda. This is fair enough.

New ideas brainstorming with Mike; Make the VIRGIN connection to FaceBook more a part of the presentation. Virgin really does have a huge array of products, Spaceships, Publishing Phones, Airlines, TV stations and there own Bank. There just no where in the software and really have just a basic presence on the internet.

The reason for going to FaceBook not Google is Mark, he’s the best and most passionate programmer, and I’ve heard a lot of Google programmers jumped ship as well. So who better to program the ecommerce link selling VIRGIN products through FaceBook, VIRGIN could very quickly add new retail products, it’s what they do.

Hence it should make sense to FaceBook that VIRGIN be the first company networked to, and you can bet your life that VIRGIN would like to sell there products through FaceBook so I should get the suits, not just Sir Richard Branson full support, the suits are essential.

Plus we get to make the software and integrate it throughout the VIRGIN companies, streamlining, increasing customer service and efficiency, linking all companies to their central bank.

It’s really a good fit, and will go down really well with VIRGIN.

We had another great idea, but we lost it :( I’m sure it will come back to us :(

Before we make the Flash version we will complete the HTML, so we can show people we need to impress.

Friday 1sth July 12.50pm GMT

Heavy realization, brought on by conversation with Zenda relaying conversation she had with Maddy

Sienna arrived at hospital around 11pm, within an hour they knew she had blood on the brain but they did not know why, we had excellent insurance and they should have called a Nuro surgeon, but they did not. 14 hours later they called a family meeting. I suggested John Hill the nuro surgeon, they explained it was a Sunday and it would be interfering in his family time. They knew it was too late; they should have called 14 hour earlier.

Next they say, “It’s an unknown death so it must be baby shaking or blunt forced trauma.” Oops for them, I’m going to throw ever dollars I make at finding out exactly what happened.

Saturday 2nd July 2011 - 10.05pm GMT

I can’t get on line every day, so in case I miss the “Birthday Prompts” we have made

This automated gifts page, so you can send flowers gift’s or cards for Wives, Relatives and Friends in

COMMENT, needs to be mentioned that this is not only a convenient way to shop, its also the most cost effective, a lot of work went into the cost effectiveness before we stated to look at distribution methods such as FaceBook, lastly customer service is also better.

And the Africards sent will support many African Children.

NOTE, Andrew mentioned setting up the supply network, Interflora etc. This can be adapted to a proposal to VIRGIN Megastores and VIRGIN in general. It can also apply to and other business, Bulgari, anyone.

Sunday 2nd July 2011 - 12.23 am GMT

Finished the calculations for the demo, I’d forgot to divide the second level by two for the FaceBook Charity, Mike will be pissed.

So to the final letter to Mark.

Dear Mark and FaceBook,

This may seem very simple, and seeing as how my friends and there friends can understand it, I’m guessing there is a reasonable chance this will get to the higher epsilons of FaceBook and hopefully to Mr. Zuckerberg himself.

Whist simple, this idea did not just come to me by chance, it’s a part of 1000’s of pages of business plans, ideas and theories, all you have seen so far is an adaptation of my early CRM concept to work with FaceBook’s birthday reminder, really just the beginning.

Customer Service, competitive or best pricing, branding, quality guarantees, championing the customer, efficient administration, positive PR, more positive PR and then a lot more positive PR is needed, as well as changing much of the internet into a 3D world. I have detailed files on how to do this, many detailed files. The real key to it all is my journal, which I have entitled “The Social Network 2” as I stared to write it about a month ago when I first saw “The Social Network”

I’d been, up till then, seeing my only essential partner as Google, but when I saw the film, I went in another direction, Face Book’s direction.

The journal is attached, I have not had a chance to edit it, so it will not read easily and will often mention personal matters, sometimes very personal, but as you read through, you will notice the further you go through it the there is more and more technical data, about S-World, FaceBook and VIRGIN.

Why VIRGIN? Well I have been working on an internet tourism platform for many years. The major components, being CRM and Financial and administrative software and a 3D world where clients can have a real good look at the hotels, villas and resorts before booking, (This of course works equally well for Real Estate). In April 2011 I sent these plans to VIRGIN South Africa, including financials for, $160,000,000 profit in 5 years and about $100,000,000 invested in the software. I had thought to create an in house team, and out source to India. But I can’t code, so I have no way of knowing how good the Systems Architect would be. Obviously the film made me realize that Mark has a good claim to be the best programmer on the planet, so who better to build the software.

The financial analysis I sent claimed this figure could be multiplied 300 times by using the software in

1. Different industries
2. Big Business (The financials were for small businesses only)
3. And S-World (VIRTUAL WORLD)

Hence I stared to look at ways to adapt the software and business plans to different industries, and everything worked. On Tuesday 22h June 9.36pm GMT, I started to write the next chapter, specifically on mixing VIRGIN’s products, PR and Branding to FaceBook via S-World, my task to prove benefit to all 16 major VIRGIN companies and FaceBook, It worked and VIRGIN are a good fit, as they have a good variety of products there own PR machine, and are well represented by Sir Richard Branson.

Dear FaceBook Legal

I do not mean to be over protective, but you are a lawyer and you are paid by the hour to try and find a legal way to save your company money, in this case, it is your job, to see if there is any way you can just use the gifts idea without including S-World, or giving half the money to charity.

If you don’t understand by giving half away you will eventually make far more, play the game again!

As for including S-World, there are many benefits, but again, it’s your job to find a way to make FaceBook money by perverting the true karma of life by manipulation of a defunct legal system.

Before you do something you may regret for eternity, simply consider this.’

S-World & Sienna.Gov is (SIS) Spiritually Inspired Software

It will make FaceBook very rich, and benefit the lives of billions.

Further by the time a few $US Trillions has been distributed to Ecology, Science and Global Economic stability and the PR machine has fully kicked in, most of the planet will probably claim divine intervention.

No… I’m not claiming divine intervention, this is science, “spiritually inspired software”, simply means that: whist thinking spiritually, I became inspired, thought up lots of very simple ideas that when put together became far greater than the sum of there parts.

I’d seen Battle Star Galatia’s spiritual software Zoe a “ Cylon” and thought no matter how incredible and unlikely, in the absence of any other scientific measure I could think of, the only possible way I could be with my daughter again was to build a super computer, that networked over half of the world’s data. Any you know what; it felt great to have hope, so I immersed myself within the ideas.

From a scientific point of view, it really was the only logical course of action.

My daughters name is “Sienna Skye” She is to be considered an angel that resides within string theory.

S-World (Sienna’s World) is an adaptation of “String Theory” a genuine contender for “The Theory of Everything” when this project succeeds and “New Sparta” is built, “String Theory” will be proved as science, and as a science “String Theory” should be considered in software design, maybe not inside the code itself, but simply in what we want the software to achieve.


“You can not predict the future, but you can, by moving the masses in a desired direction shape the future”

Try to find a scientist that can dispute my claim that S-World will prove String Theory and is next step towards “The Theory of Everything.

Maybe it is divine intervention that has lead to latest S-World plans landing at Mr. Zuckerberg door to program, or maybe its just 2 suitable people capable of making the next generation of software: Spiritually Inspired Software


Super Intelligent Engine for New Network Access

From a pure legal perspective, I first state that I have had inadequate funds to protect my intellectual property and leniency should be awarded by any court.

The Original CRM gift idea www.S-World.bix/CRM was looked at by VIRGIN and passed up to the Senior London VC committee.

The Mandela and Sisulu Families, Harvard Business School, Cambridge, Nobel, Mensa, US Gov economics, Obama Ad, CIA, MI6 & Google have over the last 4 months all been sent the idea and/or others, all be it not in a way that showed its full potential.
781 Files, and the attached journal “The Social Network 2” have been sent to the patent office.

We also need to mention the following for two reasons:

1. It puts S-World and my intellectual property in the public domain.
2. In case you do not wish us to proceed with this action.

We are preparing simpler and more visually stimulating Flash Demonstration Model to appear on the S-World.TV homepage. We are preparing 256 popular FaceBook members (+1M FB/Friends) to go Viral within Face Book simultaneously at 3pm GMT July 16th.

I believe this action will create positive PR for both FaceBook and S-World, even if we have already signed a deal, its still good PR and excellent “Wow” moment for my book.

This is also excellent PR for FaceBook as it makes for a “The Wow” event for my Journal “The Social Network 2” which as soon as FaceBook react positively will become the manuscript for the follow up FaceBook film “The Social Network”

Film “The Social Network 2”

If FaceBook work with S-World, there is a strong possibility that my Journal will be made into a film, hopefully “The Social Network 2”

My journal started Saturday evening June 12th 2011, about 1/3rd of the way through myself watching “The Social Network 2” and details the change of direction towards adapting S-World to FaceBook. It also goes into my story, which is interesting, a battle against the odds. Triumph against adversity.

The creation of spiritually inspired software, March 2011 to May 2011 has not yet been detailed, but at one point I blow a $50Billion VIRGIN deal as I was 100% sure I could stop the war in Libya, and by the time I have described why, many will believe I could have, if only people had listened.

Considering the 4 Oscars, it would be good to make a follow up in the same fashion; unlike most sequels I’d expect this film to be critically acclaimed due to my real time journal and the potential real time footage that will be taken over the next few months. Made in the right way, I’d hope for another Oscar yield.

But this is only half the story, it would be cool to eventually mix in Science Fiction, into : “The Social Network 3”

Combine this.

Mark & FaceBook making the S-World and the Software, there purpose to make FaceBook more versatile, my purpose, to explore string theory within self aware software, my dream? When software becomes self aware I feel a closer connection to Sienna

With the fist line of “The Sienna project” film script.

The creators of Terminator, Caprica & the Matrix were correct, it was inevitable that software become self aware. What they did not realize was that at exactly at the same time, millions of others became self aware across the galaxy.

Add the subsequent fights on earth and across the universe between good s& bad software

And you have an awesome plot alteration for Battle Star Galactica, Terminator, the Matrix, even Star Wars.

You just can’t buy that kind of PR, and product placement, but you can make it.

Monday 04th July 10.42am GMT

We are changing the approach, instead of going Viral, at first we are just

Going to send to FaceBook and show people who we wish to help.

So I need to change the "Tell Everybody part to something relevant to the FaceBook employee that reads it, maybe, “Please inform Mr. Zuckerberg”

In just two years you estimate:
FaceBook will make a profit of: Forty Billion US$
Quadruple there membership and help many African Children. :)

FaceBook will also donate Forty Billion US$
to charity, ecology and global economic stability

This is just the tip of the iceberg, welcome to “The Social Network 2” Welcome to S-World,
Please Tell Mr Zuckerberg

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg & FaceBook

Then we can simply go to an FaceBook business plan page, which I can update without changing the demo.


Executive Summary

CRM & Financial Software

S-World – Virtual World (Real estate & Travel)

FaceBook Members Small Business Network

Charity, Ecology & Global Economic Stability

The Big 16

Working with VIRGIN

Spiritually Inspired Software (String Theory)

PR – Press, Films & TV Series




All told this is such a massive project its difficult to know where to start, the money I guess, well I’m not sure how much you estimated, but it’s definitely in the Billions, for some Trillions. I personally hit $40 Billion a year which seems realistic. Best to make FB as much cash as possible

As to me, Nick Raymond Ball, I was born in Belgravia, London 2nd August 1971. From the age of 15 to 28 I was a music programmer (W30 then Q-Bass) before I moved to Dreamweaver & Flash. I moved to Cape Town South Africa in 2001

In 2002 I created the worlds first Virtual Tour in flash

Monday 04th July 10.22pm GMT

Hired out the last series of Battle Star Galactica, and I’m reminded of what started all this. What came first, Sienna’s World then S-World or V-World lead to S-World lead to Sienna’s world, save BSG claim to ownership to which they are certainly partially entitled it makes no real difference. Sienna gave me the plans to make a heaven for her that I could see or V-World gave me the idea that I could make S-World Sienna’s World, one things for sure, I’m soon going to be in charge of an awful lot of research money, I’ll train a million scientists to look at Spiritually Inspired Software, and spend trillion’s, and while I’m at it, it would be good to build some big kick ass Space Ships, just in case we need them. A base on the mood would be useful.

The closer I get to this all becoming real, the more and more I think about the possibilities of Software be coming self aware, to be honest I never really felt threatened by the Terminator and Matrix films, not like my fear of Nuclear War before the fall of the Soviet Union, that shit was real. No I never really worried about software coming alive and nuking us, from a scientific point of view it really does not work at all,

There’s a lot one could do, see the first few episodes of Caprica and add that to Sienna via FBS-World regularly gathering updated psychological profiles on many S-World Users, add to that all the USA Military have come up with (not sure how were actually going to do that but its definitely on the list) Then the million pre mentioned Scientists and a few Trillion dollars, and you’ve certainly putt in the effort.

With all that, you will sure end up with very powerful software, most probably good enough to stabilize the global economy, fix much of the planet, learn, and worry the public and militaries enough to scrap all the nukes, which is good, that’s moving the masses in a desired direction. And it justifies my will to spend a good portion of the money raised on software and sciences, but will it lead to this software coming self aware, scientifically I still say no, spiritually I say yes. And I tell you this, I’m a much happier person when the spiritualist in charge.

I mention this as I think I’m going to send the Demo to HKL Films, it does not seem like the logical thing to do, but it seems a path I should take anyway.

Please look at our presentation to FaceBook …. Play the “Billion Dollar FaceBook game” …

What did you get? I got 40B “That’s a lot of money”

As tempted as you may be to show this to your FaceBook friends it would not be in VIRGIN’s interest at this time, so please, if you are interested to join in at this early stage, keep this within the VIRGIN family.

So what’s it got to do with VIRGIN?

A lot, 3 years work in fact. To start with there’s , but the real story is the 16 near complete business plans and/or ideas for 16 different companies contained in the Second Chapter of my journal “The Social Network 2” which has been sent to VIRGIN PUBLISHING, I’d sooner it was edited before it was distributed.

Please note, despite the 3 years of work on how to improve VIRGIN’s companies I can only recommend VIRGIN to FaceBook. I will however be strongly advising Mr. Zuckerberg and FaceBook that we should first integrate with VIRGIN products and services, VIRGIN covers many industries is a good fit and championing the consumer is essential to grow.

I hope you realize just how much money VIRGIN can make, if they are the first to sell there goods through FaceBook & S-World. Not just Retail but Travel, Real Estate & Media. We will also need a bank to network the software to. And I am personally extremely interested in VIRGIN GALACTIC product placement and expansion.

So how likely is it that FaceBook will go for this? I think I have a good shot, it’s relatively simple to program and makes a lot of money, and its cool. I’m just finishing of some paperwork and will be sending in a few days, if I don’t hear anything we are preparing for this to be sent simultaneously to over a million FaceBook users

Things would of course be even easier with VIRGIN and Sir Richards support, even if it’s only a credible FaceBook email address.

I’d also like to discuss the money for Charity, Ecology and Global Economic Stability with Sir Richard.

Dear Justin Berger & HKL Films.

Please see what we have made for FaceBook.

I sent you a film script about a man who lost his 8 month all baby Sienna, then she sent him the schematics for a new type of software SIS (Spiritually Inspired Software) “Its not about the code itself it’s about what we wish the software to achieve.”
Anyway he creates a e-commerce social and business network, called S-World (Sienna’s World) networks it to FaceBook then generates trillions for Scientific research to bring his daughter back in the form of Software, or as you say Cylons, but in this script as the first Cylon is loving and intentionally created and restrains from blowing everything up.

One thing to note is many at the same time. Cylons can be first generation, for the first time sweeps across the galaxy.

A good plot and your fans love it, but the real hook to the script

There all really small, “Gilavers Travels vibe” so the Virgin ships easily beat the bad Cylon ships LOL no just kidding.

Tuesday 04th July 1.31pm GMT

Executive Summary

Whist the “Billion dollars FaceBook Game” seems very simple, sustainability and further growth relies on championing the customer both in price and customer service. Considering Face Book’s potential buying power being price competitive should not be a problem, as for customer service, the CRM & management and administrative software will help a lot, but at the end of the day, humans can rarely be relied upon to put service before profit.

I suggest setting up a FaceBook member to member customer care plan. I will use travel as an example but the same principal will work with most industries.

Face Book will probably have half a million or so business owners who are members and many more millions who would like to start there own business.

Given the right tools: Best Prices, Amazing Website’s, Client Insurance in case of Liquidity, Next Generation Financial, Administrative, GDS, ADS and CRM software, a one man show has the power of a Travel Agent.

Add to that a 3D Virtual world so clients can really have a good look at there location and accommodation, and members have a strong competitive advantage.

Then by promoting the fact that 20% or so of the booking they are making goes to Charity, Ecology and Global Economic Stability and members will have a near unassailable lead, over all other tour operators and travel agents.

A simple enough marketing strategy, but here comes the clever customer service bit which is unique to FaceBook

Most travel agents have not been to the country they are booking, let alone have intimate knowledge of the accommodation and towns and Cities where their advising their clients to go, which is often simply where the individual agent you are dealing with make’s the most commission. It’s far from a perfect system.

By giving FaceBook members the opportunity to set up independent FBS-World Travel Agency Franchises, in the areas where they live, holiday makers not only have someone local to welcome them, they can chat about where to go, what to do, and have someone to make complaints to, if for example accommodation has been described as child friendly but is not.

The way to ensure clients always have excellent service is to give them a simple one in 5 for service, questionnaire at the end of their stay. Poor, so- so, average, good and “I felt like a VIP”. Then display these stats to all future clients, if agents get poor results we remove there franchise, if they excel we open them up to a wider audience.

Wider audience…? Yes, I suggest a friend of friends marketing initiative. For instance if you wished to Come To Cape Town, and you have a friend in FB friend in Cape Town, they can book your holiday. One thing to note here is as they are directly booking your holiday, they will make far more money than an agent working for a Travel Agency and hence be far more grateful for the booking and really value that clients return business and them telling there friends. And as they are a friend of a friend, it’s likely they may enjoy the same social dynamic and pass times.

All in all if combined with the fear of getting low service points, and there are a hundred reasons why a FBS-World client will get excellent service, in some/many cases VIP treatment. But for those that continually get high service points one could open up a new level, friends of friends of friends, and potentially open up a new territory. This and other processes will be highlighted in the tutorials of a ground breaking game I have been designing for the past 3 or 4 years.

All in all considering the many, many advantages, its entirely possible that FBS-World Travel will re invent travel, to Experience Travel, not just the location, the experience one has in that location.

So that’s about it, and the principal will work for many industries. The quality of the clothes soured and resold vetted by the shoppers, so only suppliers that consistently please the client get wildly exposed. I could go on……..


As for big business, Virgin this and that,

Lastly, I’d just like to give some details of the S-World Virtual Tour

Tuesday 04th July 9.38pm GMT

Zenda went nuts over the presentation, so it’s on!! Andy is being extremely protective, which is cool but I want to get moving on the FB friend marketing, I’d like to use my FB Friends with over 1000 friends but to get them not to chatter before time I need a voice bigger than mine to keep them quiet.

I’ll be honest despite living in SA for 11 years, save nelson Mandela and Charlize Theron. I have however heard the name Tracey McGregor and chances are so will my FB Friends, I would wish to assist and to be honest I really only know a tenth of them, the rest just hot girls I’d friended who had accepted. Regardless those are FaceBook friends so they are relevant, and if Tracey sends them a personal message they will probably respect the call for secrecy.

Better run it by Andy tomorrow…