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Wednesday Evening 15th June 2011

I’ve decided to take this book project a lot more seriously, I think for a while it will be what I do for fun. I certainly have felt a lot saner since seeing the film and I started writing. I will make myself a deal though, one new quality business plan a day, and then I can indulge myself for the rest of the day.

I do however need to consider how books are commercially written, what is the formula? What is the mathematical way to write a book? In music and songwriting its simple, standard song format, 90% or more songs are written 8 bar intro, 16 bar verse, 8 bar chorus sometimes 16, then another 16 bar verse, double chorus, middle 8, Chorus out.

Well books usually have chapters, or have they changed it, probably not, I really have not read many books this Century, Richard Branson’s book was the last and even then only the beginning, I got to the bit about the London VC “Big Ideas committee and that was all I needed to know.

How long should a chapter be? The last book I read fully was Lord of The Rings, in 1997, I remember Anthony de Rothschild, my Record label boss said once “Nick do you bring that book along, just to impress me” The trouble was the book was too good, nothing could compete.

Well chapters I guess make sense but maybe that’s something for an editor to worry about, the way this book is going and I like is: What’s happening in my life today on a few different levels, then back to reminiscing over the past year. I think that works, keeps it interesting and tells the story of how I came to the point where I decided to approach FaceBook, which of course is what the books about “The Social Network 2” is the title after all. I guess if they make the film, much of the reminiscing will be left out, but that’s ok, it’s good to have a book that has more information that a film.

I’ve decided not to send the first weekends work off for now, the more I write the more I’m in tune with FaceBook and the more ideas I have to tempt them into incorporating S-World within in it, and the CRM program, In the film Mark was strongly against adds, but now there are adds, I’ll have to do some research or ask Tiny to, I thought Google bought into FaceBook, if so how much and was it only after they did, did the adds appear, how much is the PPC, that’s pay per click, I’ve been using them for years, when you click on the add the company you go to, pays Google about 2$ or so.

FaceBook have a lot of ads for Games, I really don’t see how those games make money, maybe they have ads themselves. Dating sites too, I’d have considered advertising on FaceBook, but there is little information on there users, If I knew how much money they earned for instance, and there holiday preferences and recent travel patterns, I’d advertise to all really rich people that expressed an interest in Africa, there’d be a million other combinations for other businesses, particularly if you had very detailed information about careers, spending patters and sociological profiles.

Well that suits me down to the ground and S-World, as S-World is designed amongst other things to gather information on people, now that my life has gone back to normal, I realize this will sound kind of crazy, or really crazy but if we go back to the initial fantasy purpose of S-World and the adjoin Sienna software, Supper Intelligent Engine for New Network Access, it was made for one main purpose, to network all computers together and gather as much information on human thought as possible, so as to collectively become the worlds most powerful and knowledgeable computer, and as such if software were to ever become self conscious, maybe it would be this software and maybe it would be Sienna’s sole coming back to me. As crazy as it sounds, looking back to those 3 or so months of deep spirituality Mid Feb to early June it actually makes sense, In my memorial speech I quoted Olivia Hamilton, who I was thinking of phoning earlier.. FaceBooked a message to me “Sienna’s Soul will return to you when she is ready” Well Sienna was a union of Me and Caitlin, she was very Caitlin, a very beautiful woman made the most beautiful baby, and when in comes to baby, looks are one of the only things you can really grasp, its not like you can have detailed conversations and get to know them for who they really are, you don’t know much about them at all, all you really know is when they smile there happy, when they cry there not, but what makes them cry other than the obvious need for a nappy change? Are they having day nightmares of abandonment when you go to the bathroom and there alone for a few minutes, or are they just seeking attention. I can’t work it out. Regardless looks are one thing you do know about a baby.

There is no way that I could see Sienna’s soul coming back to me without Caitlin’s genes, and the chances at the time of Caitlin ever speaking to me again, let alone having another baby were zero. So as unlikely as it was and as crazy as it will seem to most, the only logical way I could see to her soul coming back to me was via science. And then the spiritual link to software took me over. I will get back to this later, the next chapter maybe. For now I’ll just explore the results of those 3 months and how they are relevant to making FaceBook more money from advertising.

S-World is designed to be a 3D virtual world and shopping network that mirrors earth, except the shops only sells the goods of Sienna affiliated companies. It’s also supposed to give small business the tools to compete with big business so clients get the personal touch, which leads to better service. Trouble is manning the shops, in different time zones, so it made sense that people across the world could work in these shops from home, or call centers so the shops were 24 hour, they would have to study the product of course, and also be suitable for the job, and the best way to vet someone for job suitability is physiological and other detailed tests and exams.

When we combine this with the CRM software, businesses will have the ability to test employees in real life, I don’t know how many times employees have lied there ways through interviews and been unsuitable for there job, good testing would pick up job suitability to the specific roll, dishonesty traits and all sorts of other useful information. It would be very wise for people to actually test themselves to find out what they are most suited to, particularly when they are still at school, before they spend years studying a subject or go into a career not suited, and basically mess there entire life up.

Me for instance I went into music, 12 years, but what was I doing, I’m tone deaf and utterly useless at music, I was a music programmer, and when the internet came along I switched to internet programming, but that was fluke, good testing at school would have sent me on a more suitable path at an earlier age, that said I’d not change a thing, the 90’s were truly awesome and best off enjoyed. But we will get to that another time. As well as getting physiological reports on people, S-World will record spending patterns, what people buy, how much they spend, all of this will be incredibly useful to on line advertisers, and so increase FaceBook’s current main income source.

Yep definitely the more I write this book the more I have in the way of reasons for why FaceBook should integrate into S-World, so I’ll hold of on approaching Mark and co for a while. There is really a chicken and egg scenario, VIRGIN or FaceBook first, without the e-commerce that will be made by selling VIRGIN products and the Sienna Unite Branding exercise, S-World will be of no real interest to FaceBook, yeah it will be cool, but that’s it. That said on the other hand, without the Billions or so FaceBook users trying and using S-World there’d be no shoppers! Maybe I’ll approach both at exactly the same time.

Its getting late I had hoped to get back to last night conversation with Andrew, Caitlin’s brother, but it will have to wait for the morning, back to Colombo for me as I doze off to sleep :)

Friday 17th June 2011 4.32pm

An up and down couple of days, but some good work done, money is so tight I’ve been toying with the idea of approaching some local investors, this will give me breathing room and eliminate the need to hurry my approach to VIRGIN & FaceBook. I met by chance Andy Turnbill yesterday we got chatting and I mentioned some fundamentals of S-World and the Real Estate and Travel implications, he mentioned a chap that worked with the World Trade Centre and was doing or researching a real estate project in SA. This could be interesting, and it’s the second person that’s mentioned the world trade centre in a week, tying in the world trade centre to S-World would be desirable, but this will take some research and I’m not going to loose focus on initial targets, further I’ll need to develop my plans for Sienna Unite.

Sienna Unite is the new name for “The Sienna Foundation” I’d initially decided to give all the money I’d make from the project away to said foundation, still live an awesome life, but on expense accounts and the generosity of people I’d make rich. I’d just have no assets, this was to make sure I could not be sued; this has proved invaluable this past year.

Anyway, it seems for every good deed there is a better outcome, Joey from Friends once joked with Febi “there is no such thing as a selfless good deed, his argument was thin “If you give money to a beggar, you feel good about it” but in the case of me giving the dividends from the 50% I will ask for away, there was a stronger argument. Simple branding: If one had the choice of booking a Safari from S-World as opposed to a normal company’s website. Given an even playing field, same Safari same price, if the client knew half of the profit from S-World went to good causes, people would book via S-World every time, because they’d feel good about it.

If we then took this further created a non profit sub brand “Sienna Unite” and made a logo so when ever anyone saw the logo, they knew this company contributed part of there profit to good causes, the same principal would apply. Oil for instance, no one likes BP, but if they were highly publicized as one of the first Sienna Unite partners, people would start to forgive and there share price would rise, as there share price rise they make more money and could contribute more money, there contributions would then go to the people and ecology they damaged, so more forgiveness and more profit. Without people buying from them they would not have enough money to help even if they wanted to. In time they would become more loved than Oil companies that did not carry the Sienna Brand, so other Oil companies would wish to be affiliated and maybe, just maybe all oil companies will join as the ones that did not would be boycotted.

It’s a stretch but certainly when it came for a like for like product being bought on the internet it would work, and as such it would make sense for the World trade centre to work with us suggesting to their companies that traded on line to trade via S-World, it would not actually cost them a thing, they sell there product at $100 dollars say, the retailer Website (a) sells it for $150, but you can also buy it on S-Worlds for $150. In the case of Website (a) they make $50 profit, so does S-World. FaceBook takes 25$ I take 25$ but my $25 goes to Sienna Unite and either goes to charity or more often gets invested to generate more money for good causes. This is apparently the way Bill Gates works, I’m really not sure of the figures but lets say he was worth $30B, I think he gave $29 Billion away, but he did not give it to charity, he reinvested it and made $60 Billion for charity. He Gave a Billion to Sudan the other day, so did David Cameron (UK Prime Minister). Now this was very good of Bill Gates but very few people know that when you buy from Microsoft you are actually helping the planet. You can be sure we will be highly publishing the Fact that all in S-World and companies that carry the Sienna brand are helping the planet and global economy.

This is branding, now I’m not sure if everyone knows what branding is now, I had no idea in 2003, but with the rise of Virgin maybe its now common knowledge. Well to cut a long story short, I’ll first tell you what it is not, branding is not advertising, all be it in many cases without advertising you would not know of the brand in the first place. Branding is simply this “The love associated with the brand” in the case of Virgin, Virgin do a few exercises very well, first of all the they “Champion the consumer” in general a quality product at a better price than the competitor” not just cheap products, that can be counter productive, as no one respects the word “cheap” Secondly they have funny adverts that make the consumer laugh, laughter is good for you, makes you happy, I think its actually text book psychiatry. And while we’re on the subject Vitamin C is a clinically proven cure for paranoia. Textbook, so if you have not had an affair and your chick is certain you have just given her a glass of orange juice :) There are some other circumstances where this is extremely useful, but I won’t get into that until we go back to 1989 and the creation of Acid House.

Anyway the final and most effective weapon in VIRGINS branding arsenal is Sir Richard himself, I will get to my initial approach to Virgin in early march 2011 later and chances are a lot will be edited out especially as this book is destined for VIRGIN publishing, but lets just say, they really dropped the ball, horrendous behavior their Constantia office stands completely against everything Sir Richard and VIRGIN stands for. Eventually they accepted my plans, which I may add had detailed financials showing a $50 Billion 5 year return, but by the time they did I was so wound up, my conscience self sabotaged my offer.

Anyway fortunately two months later, Zenda bought a copy of “The Big Issue” a self help publication for down and out’s. He was on the cover, Big issue bid on, exclaiming Big issue sellers were entrepreneurs , and he had a point, further reading lead to me reading about VIRGIN unite, and that he’d signed the Sex Pistols. All was forgiven. Looking back it was actually all for the good, as my financials to VIRGIN had claimed only $150 Million, and a bold claim that the software could be used in another 100 industries and Big business and S-World would add a similar yield hence the $50 Billion. The 2 months extra work proved this, and its highly likely if I’d run with VIRGIN then I’d have never worked it our, much like a protest or sad band such as Portishead made a great album because life was hard, but after they were rich from there first album, there next was not written from the same head space.

Friday 17th June 2011 7.14pm

There is only so much business stuff I can write without getting bored, and by so doing boring anyone that reads this. I’ll skip in and out, as the business stuff is relevant to what S-World is and why FaceBook should incorporate. I have an idea to explore dating on FaceBook.

Let’s look at the dating, since my return to sanity, the interest in Caitlin has diminished, or even gone, what a difference a few days make. I’m not going to get in to Caitlin bashing but her other personality Lindsey was a truly awful person and she’d been firmly in control since Easter 2010.

Ever since Caitlin introduced me to FaceBook I’ve made a collection of maybe 100 hot girls, hmmm maybe only 50, I’ll see, I’d not gone on a mad friend hunting mission, that seemed fake, but when a picture of a hot girl popped up saying do you know ?????? I’d send a friend request, 50% or so accepted. Ok the first trouble I have is my laptop only gets on line at the office, I’m going to have to swap laptops with Zenda. That’s not going to go down well especially if she ever reads this, well it’s her fault, she got my good laptop stolen as she took it out of its hiding place, Skyped her ex and left it in front of the window at night. You don’t do that in South Africa. The lap top she uses is mine anyway.

I need to work out a system, I’m going to have to make test groups, 50 girls maybe ill try 5 groups of 10, if I send the same message to each group and see how many responses I get, it may show a specific approach is better. Hmm this would work better if I had 250 girls and worked with groups of 50. I could just go though friend’s accounts and message there friends. I’ll come back to that later. FaceBook would not advocate such behavior.

So five groups of 10, 5 different approaches. Let’s think

1, Send a song, maybe “All about eve” “Flowers in your Hair”
2, Just say “Hey, how’s it going, long time ?”
3, Say “Hi, I’m writing a book “The Social Network 2” and I’m testing different approaches to try getting a date, does this one work.” LOL that’s funny
4, Maybe something more direct. “Block me or date me”, no “Do you want to go on a date?” actually I kind of like “Block me or date me”
5, I may be moving around over the next few months, Thailand, LA, London, Ibiza not sure, I need a home for my cats ? Can you help.

I think I’ll take some advice on these approaches before sending, do some proper research :)

There are other variables of course.
Relationship status, if there in a relationship I could ask the person if they had a friend that wanted to date me, that may work.
Location, if they are in Johannesburg, or Cape Town.
The exact scale of there hotness 8, 9 or 10
Private message or Wall
Complete strangers, relative strangers, girls I know

I’m going to have to change my profile pic, rough and manly or normal.

Other things to think about, I don’t really have much money so if a few say yes, hmmmmm well that’s a dilemma worth having I suppose.

What if two girls that know each other talk about my message, I don’t want to

Saturday 18th June 2011 3.55pm GMT
The night of Caitlin’s Birthday Party.

I’ve just had an excellent Idea; I’ve been stuck or bored on the Real Estate & Travel plans, so switch to the fun stuff, the 16 individual plans for VIRGIN. Both Mike & Tiny believe in what I’m doing, there currently making a Global Map in Flash, its going to look Awesome and have functions so awesome that I have not thought of them yet, they will come.

Just been the garage and had another Idea. It’s Caitlin’s birthday party and I had been said another man or her arm ? I’d even lost my love for her for a day, maybe 2, it was horrible. You see I believe Sienna wants us to be together and for me to give up hope would be to give up on my feeling that I’m with Sienna at times. Helps me strong but I’ve asked Sienna to be with her to tonight, while I’ll make Caitlin her birthday present, I’m going to write down the 16 Business plans for VIRGIN, and the business plan so far for FaceBook. If they make sense, they will forevermore be the plans for Sienna Unite and S-World. The next generation of economics, social Networking and the Internet as we know it.

Think about it logically, save photography collage I left school at 16, My Economic Theory “The Spartan Theory” is so simple, “give half back to ecology and global economics” all be it you needed to control TV, Press, Films, Social Networking, and the internet to do it.

Anyway, where did I learn all this? All this, there’s a lot and if it works the world will be a better place and Sienna will probably be made at Saint.

You get my point; I’ve got good reason to consider the possibility that these ideas were spiritually conceived. And to give up on you would be to give up on her…. So your stuck with me I’m afraid. It’s not easy from this end either, but Sienna does not like you being so nasty to me. Hate me if you want, but don’t try to destroy me.

Anyway, before I get carried away. For you Caitlin, tonight I’m going put down the formula while you play with Sienna.

Love Always.

Right before we go for “Ulusaba” VIRGIN plan 1

I want to get back to the Flash Map and FaceBook, and the Sims, these were Caitlin’s contributions, she taught me both and connecting a Virtual World to FaceBook save some E-commerce is S-World, no way I’d have had the idea without her, thanks babe :)

Right: Andrew, Mike, Tiny, this will be an outline to how S-World can operate in 16 different industries, hence picking 16 virgin companies. We will brain storm this and make each idea into a solid proposal, hopefully by the time were ready we will Have Bulgari, Armani and Valentino on our side, and / or other exceptional fashion brands.

1st, VIRGIN PUBLISHING: Simple, this book, it’s about VIRGIN, even if they don’t want to publish it immediately, it will get them talking and this probably has the best probability of getting to Sir Richard Branson. Hello ? Your Cool, This is Cool, let’s do it. Don’t think it will cost anything either, we Get FaceBook to do the S-World programming, they would insist on it anyway. The Real Estate agents, tour companies and tourism boards will pay for the rendering. People go into shops and buy your stuff. It’s Awesome.

Ok before I go into things to much I’d better start with The Map, and how S-World works within FaceBook.

On Wednesday, we started creating in Flash, Like www.CapeVillas/CTG but a Global Map.

This map will be split into 16 proportionately sized regions, all save one has a power county, all have a top tourist destination.
On FaceBook we add a tab, there is room under the name and statuses middle left. When you click on that tab, This Map appears under the various tools AND OVER THE ADDS. On the Map you will see your friends, or friend groups. See www.S-World How is this possible.

Oh, it’s going to go in and out.

Plan 2: VIRGIN MOBILE: A month or so ago, there was a kafuffle about GPS’s in Phones, I bet their still there. VIRGIN mobile can add an application on your phone to be seen on FaceBook map page. They can keep exclusivity for a year maybe18 months. During this time the only way to be be located in FaceBook are VIRGIN MOBILE clients. So it makes sense that anyone that gets into S-World will buy a VIRGIN Phone. And of course they can sell their phones in the many VIRGIN SHOPS, there’s one on most streets.

I just got a call from Roque’s Dad. During the world cup he tried to teach me about how he buys over 50% of the dept on Shopping centre’s then forecloses on the rest, or something like that, I told him about the bust tourism development idea + TV Shows He thought it was workable, and that’s without S-World and VIRGIN Properties, Awesome, it works. I knew it ? He asked me to look for developments and send him the business plan, I think my proposal to Dene and Moonstone just got a lot simpler.

FaceBook Maps.

Ok so we can see the locations of your friends on the map. You can zoom in and out much like Google Maps but the maps animated and pretty. It will only be a matter of time before a host of games are played, and there we have


I have been designing a Villa and Tourism game for S-World, since August 2nd 2008 my birthday when I literally woke up from a dream about a game, Magazines and SIR Richard Branson. This is what started this business plan. I wrote it down addressed it to Sir Richard but then did not follow up, it was not a business plan, it was just an idea.

Anyway, the game teaches you how to conduct business, like any management game, it’s not immediately obvious what one is doing right and what they are doing wrong. At first I’d thought to early on hire someone in an admin position to do the accounts, but now, that will loose you lots of points, and mistakes or even fraud cost you money, the only way to succeed is to learn the Sienna Admin systems, which we will make fun, like the admin systems in Soccer Management games. The point is eventually every one that plays gets to know how to use “the Sienna Financial Software” Which links

Plan 4: VIRGIN MONEY, save the outputting to approved audit for PTY companies. The financial software that needs to be programmed is pretty simple all it needs to do is Give the COE bottom line monthly costs and most important, the figure if all of ones creditors paid you and all your debts were paid, including tax. Without this a CEO is flying blind. Have a look at the pictures in

Anyway a beta version can be ready in a few months if Mark and Team program it (best leave Microsoft and Apple till later, this said I think its important they integrate at a later date, not least of all because Microsoft can block its free distribution with PC’s)

Anyway the software needs to connect directly to a bank, and that’s what’s in it for VIRGIN MONEY, like the locators on the VIRGIN MOBILE Cell Phones, VIRGIN MONEY can have exclusivity for 18 months or so, and so again if you wish to use the Sienna Financial software to its full capacity, you need a VIRGIN bank account. This software combined with the CRM and the Duplicating Websites Functionality www.S-World/Dublicating_Websites was the envisioned whist S-World was just a small idea and it was good then, mix it with S-World and FaceBook and you have a product that will be used, a lot! And so VIRGIN MONEY get a lot more clients, even after their 18 month exclusivity they will have made the switch for other banks and take a small rake from transactions.


So During the game we teach gamers how to use the financial software and the CRM Software. But before this they pick a trade, Tourism and Real Estate will be the first two industries to be simulated. Tourism for instance, you will pick your location, start with so much money, and start trading, hiring staff, choosing premises, or working from home. Then they make a website (THIS IS EASY) lots of different designs and functions, they you choose the venues you wish to promote, all will be official S-World partners. Some will give bigger discounts than others, but all will be approved and honor S-World customer service promises, no building noise, properly insured etc.

And here you have the clever bit, after they master the Financial and CRM software and attend a certain amount of lectures on Business, branding and marketing in general including Google Ad words, and the ability to buy customized brochures and Coffee table books really cheaply, plus studied all the venues well. They can launch there website in real life, either free as Website or on a domain of their choosing. For an idea of pricing and biz cost less that 10$ but cost $2,000 dollars. In an ideal world we get a new domain extension recognized on the internet .sw or something similar.

Remember everyone that plays this game has to be a FaceBook member, some people will sign up just to use S-World but most will already be members with lots of friends. In the game, game play will show the cheapest way of marketing is simply to make your website available to your friends to buy from. Or friends of friends, so if you have 500 friends our shop will be open to all your friends, friends 500 x 500 that’s quarter of a million customers.


The trouble with Tourism is accountability, in my industry Villas particularly; at Cape Villas we fought the good fight, in 9 years only one unsatisfied customer a particularly unreasonable lesbian woman. We had complaints, serious ones, Andy Hawkins in particular but I made up for it in the end. In the case of the Philipses, A over zealous sales person has rented them a villa that was not child friendly, it was a complete disaster; I was forgiven thankfully when I personally showed up on Boxing Day with arms full of presents. I’d also spent a lot of money on customer service courses for all the staff, even accounts. The trouble was other companies did not follow suit and Villa travel across the word, let the side down, if you check Google requests for Villas is a quarter of what it used to be. Total lack of accountability, tourists should pay more attention to The Conde Nast Traveller logo, where you see that you have protection, you can call or email the Conde Nast Ombudsman if you’re unhappy.

Well here is the solution. Firstly, if you book through FaceBookMaps or S-World. Oh in case you had not guessed at the top of the Maps and Games it says S-World, FaceBook maps is S-World such a more catchy name ? If you book through S-World not only are you given general S-World protection against unsuitable venues destinations and recommended travel times, you also know the person who you booked from, or at least you know a friend of there’s. Also you can choose to book from someone’s website that is based in the location they represent, so they have local knowledge but more than that, they can be a real life friend, socialize if they wish or just discuss the best places to go etc. Operators/Agents and the venues themselves will also be genuinely rated, we tried this the manual way, it cost a fortune in manpower, my rule was no exceptions a bad mark was a bad mark, but I doubt few in the industry would not delete bad reviews of themselves on there own website.

The more satisfied customers each Agents website had, the better their rating and a new breed of responsible travel agents will be created. www.S-World.TV/Origional_Executive_Summary_2 “If you give a small operator the Sienna software, and website, Books and GDS, they have the power of a Travel Agent. But this time, the person you book with knows what there talking about and will be there to meet you. Most travel agents have not even been to the country clients book, and you’re kidding yourself if you think they know anything about what there booking, they know about the commission.

And there commission is small 10% of 20% usually 2%, so they have 2% love for you. And Charge you as much as possible to raise there cut.

On the other hand if you booked trough FaceBook friend’s they will make around 20% so they can afford to spend time with their clients, and really love their clients, I sure love my clients, without them I’ve got no business. I expect often vendors/agents will offer discounts to friends go 50/50 on the 20% discount. We will have to set some kind of limit on the discounts, or we’re back to agents with too many clients again.

(I’m going to have to look into the discount structures, remember in travel the actual discount will usually be 40% with S-World taking 20% of each sale. Which generally works, as venues don’t like people over discounting, but in some cases, web competitors may offer bigger discounts, and if its of a S-World approved venue, we will not be “Championing the Consumer” (Quote Richard Branson) Maybe mark can make a search robot that checks competitors on line prices)

So basically FaceBook users play our game, it teaches them how to make an E-Commerce Business, then there friends and friends of friends buy from them, real money. The more satisfied customer reports, the higher ones ranking will be in searches, if we could get Google and others to consider that in there natural rankings, we’d see even more traffic, and there’s no reason why they should not.

And over time all sorts of business will be available, Real Estate, Fashion, Cell Phones, Jewelry, Hand Bags, Cars, anything, especially if we can link to the World Trade Centre database.

So each time you buy something in S-World, you have accountability from S-World and the trader, your FB Friend. You also have the best or equal price and you see 10% (half of S-World’s) 20% go to good causes. And I hope you can start to see how S-World will soon take over just about every website its not linked to, controlling most E-Commerce on the web.

And we are only on the First FaceBook Map Page! We have not even gone into S-World proper.

FaceBook Virtual Worlds. (S-World, and S-World excel) hmmm I wonder how Caitlin’s doing?

If this all works to plan and she realizes I wrote these pages for her Birthday, maybe she will like me again, a little at least. ? She loved me dearly once, and If I can keep on loving her no matter what she throws at me, something’s got to give, To quote Luke Skywalker “I’ve never seen so much devotion in a droid before” not that I’m a droid but few would argue my devotion to her, and that’s the love story, could go on for years.

I’m reminded because we were about to go to Stage 2 of the Game, which incorporates FaceBook and the Sims, Caitlin showed me these. But I’m sick, my body aches all over, I’d hired the Social Network out to watch with Zenda, maybe we can be friends? Hope so, but Zenda fell asleep with Sahara (her 2 year old, very cute) so I’m just going to watch it on my own, and get back to this tomorrow.

4 VIRGIN Business plans outlined to help with this. The distance between song events will be unique within 20 seconds I’d say. Many links to FaceBook imagined or followed through from original theories, a productive evening’s work. ? Night Night Caitlin, I hope you had a good party, 25 is an important age, a turning point for many. Xx

Note: 1 Shaun parker built I-tunes that work’s globally. Id buy songs I like if I could but Its hard to, easier to download for free call it Napster or something, create label, or join VIRGIN or Universal, get Mark to implant code into songs that helps search and destroy torrent programs, Make a song recognition program to help with this. The distance between song events will be unique within 20 seconds I’d say. It’s very important to have just about every song ever made, easy to download. You could use Cubits (Sienna Money) LOL that’s a good idea.

Note: 2 Football leagues original amateur idea, there has been little mention of Global Leagues, so far on , to be honest I’d forgotten the original easy no cost plan, in exchange for a highly expensive one. This said, the reason I have picked 16 Global Travel & Real Estate Franchises and mapped them evenly is to create the perfect number for a knock out target. I’ll put the original documents in this week

But the bottom line was we make an amateur football club and flagship all New Sienna Websites, The Football clubs become E-Commerce superstores. One industry within the BIG 16

Different industry Sectors (The BIG 16)
1. Internet (S-World) 2. PR (Press TV & Film)
3. Real Estate and Land 4. Travel & Tourism
5. Retail 6. Software & Telecommunications
7. Oil & Energy 8. Science & Ecology
9. Sports – Health – Pharmaceuticals 10, Precious Metals & Stones
11. Financial Sector 12. Music & Stage
13. Publishing 14. Food and Beverage
15. Transportation 16. Advertising

So each industry pick / or is allocated a Region, if we put the less glamorous industries in richer locations that may work.

Note: 3 Dear Sir Richard.

With or Without FaceBook, this works for VIRGIN, and your brand works for S-World and Sienna Unite. This said, S-World can sit within FaceBook the sky’s the limit

Sunday 19th June 2011 2.55pm GMT

I’m sick and sad, Its Fathers Day and no one has called :(

This said I’m sure Sienna’s with me, in the form of a Pink diamond (well they look like diamonds from here) Dragon Fly. She’s particularly pink today ?so I’m not so sad, not ecstatic but ok I guess. Best If I just get on with it, take my mind off of things.
I’m really impressed with the FaceBook friends of friends shopping network idea, as for privacy, one could have privacy settings. The idea to display customer satisfaction stats awesome, vendors will have to make an extra effort to keep clients happy, simply Customer Service becomes a big part of marketing. And one more for VIRGIN, hello, I think that’s what you call “Championing the Consumer”. LOL

Back to The Maps, Where was I,

Oh my God, how much did I write! I’ll go through that later or just give it to Tiny

Nope, new businesses plan.


Dear Virgin Racing, to understand how this will directly effect you, you will need to study this plan in great detail and believe that every part is solid, It ends with Global tournaments in the regions found on www.S-World.Biz/Global_Map 16, designed for Football, A Global league 30 Games and a knock out tournament every 2 years. The Idea can just as well work for motor racing, but I’d not want fuel cars.

But this is all a stretch, even if VIRGIN and FaceBook are enthusiastic.

Not really. Here’s a proposal about how to make money from a football club. At first you will need to found, or buy a football club, maybe just tell the current owner they can keep 6.25% of shares. Preferably I would really like this club to be Epsom Eagles. I’m further really looking forward to Founding Sienna’s Angels in Siena Italy.

We will somehow make sure the club is 1 maximum 2 leagues below the Conference South so they would have to be promoted 7 times to get in the premiership. We adopt certain rules about 7 players or so coming from the youth team, and concentrate on building a team over 10 years largely developed from youth. This will have the effect of this club being desired by youth players and one can compete with higher leagued players.

As much publicity as we can, will be put on the club, definitely a TV Reality show. But the magic comes in 16 Trade Centre’s, business stuff I have not even thought about yet, and fun public shopping. The publicity further convinces excellent youth players to join.

I like the rule, your never allowed to buy a player unless from another Sienna Club, Sienna Club’s? Yep seems to be no reason why we can’t have one in each territory, representing one of the industries. Hmmmm that’s good :)

Oh while we’re here, after 2 years or so, the territories will sub divide, creating 32 franchises/territories, and maybe once more so 64, and that’s an excellent number for a knock out tournament every odd year 2011 2013 2015

Anyway, no buying players, ahh, before that, these clubs can be the brains behind Sienna Unite giving away money to good causes, and I hope you are starting to realize how popular and important Epsom Eagles can be, as for buying players, no, they can come for free if they want, but wages will be capped, not to much though.

Its hoped within a few years but maybe a lot of years, the clubs will be able to form a global league, as with Epsom Eagles, they will in effect have 2 teams, one that plays the global league one that plays in the premiership.

Global Leagues only have 30 games a year. This will appeal to many older players, maybe all players.

Once a Global Football league is formed, there is no reason why other Global Sports can’t follow, including Racing. It’s all theory of course and it really does need S-World and Sienna Unite to become a very successful much loved brand. But right now all you’ve got to do is get the club, and that will only cost some shares in it. If it works your club will end up becoming extremely valuable.

To keep smaller localized agencies competitive with these global superstores, we will try and make them sell different products, companies that do not allow discounts to be seen on line will be sold from the superstores.

Of course we will fully render the stores and make theme parks and attractions all round, to increase desirability to visit for S-World shoppers.

This proposal actually worked perfectly for VIRGIN MAGASTORE


With press interest in the Foot Ball club, it makes sense people will visit, and over time the cubs will become more famous. From these Football Megastores you can create an excellent E-Commerce businesses, with a view to expansion in goods to just about anything, Trade Centre, mass collection of clothes from the Far East, but businesses trading metal, oil, you name it, due to Sienna Unite highlighting that half S-world profit goes to good causes, one will have a competitive edge, so, a competitive edge, brand love, interesting and popular, that’s good for an on line superstore.

Monday 20th June 2011 11.00 AM GMT
Caitlin’s 25th Birthday

I’m still sick, which is odd, I’m usually better after one day. Told Andy so, he’s cool and he called me tiny bear, so I called him Mere Cat. LOL he will probably read this soon. That’s the bonus of editorial control mate, you can remove things you don’t want others to see. You know me, big mouth, even bigger when writing, so save the technical stuff, we want to loose anything that may half the project, in this case, make sure I don’t upset people or look like a dick. LOL But keep as much funny stuff as possible and anything that seems to be written in a Mark Kind of way, sometimes I like to go into his character. Perfect example My FaceBook dating idea, no way I’m gonna do that, LOL, Unless it writes itself into this script. But you could, LOL

Oh no, not like the original program. Programs develop first in S-World as soon as we get Bulgari, were officially doing a Bulgari casting, we will also hit Armani, they leant me there houses for there birthday last year so, it’s a thank you, but also we should get considered at a higher level. Maybe they would like to take ownership of the project, or the production anyway, send down their own models (all be it Dene Botha would have to be included) art directors, and management. We just get our friends to crew, mainly models that can multitask, hair, make up then shoot, we will be traveling all over the place and I have not worked out how to get free flights yet, maybe you can work that one..)

Caitlin and Ilene are the only models I know that do this, and if we get Valentino, she’s not going to say no, I only picked Valentino cos of Gossip Girl, anyway, so we get Armani to pay for the male models crew and management.

Then a top Women’s Fashion House. Well I had thought of Channel, but there range really does not look good. Well seeing as we are already impressed that Bulgari Sunglasses cost twice as much

(Hmm note for Bulgari proposal if they prefer working with other houses, we will consider)

Any may as well go for Valentino for the same reason, and there collection looks awesome,

Anyway, we tell Valentino we’d mainly like to use our own models, but agree they can cast with the exception of Caitlin who must be cast, she will probably refuse, and this will make them hungry as it would be the first time anyone has refused them, I’ll prep them on the others side about the “Starlets Contract” and they will offer her the contract” And when your on a 16 year Valentino contract you pretty much made it, so Ill feel one obligation lifted and the right to become FaceBook friends.

So getting back to using facebook as a dating agency, we use your (Andy) FaceBook as a casting agency, and seeing as we’re gonna be hitting Africa’s 40 most obscenely luxurious locations with a load of models we cast, I for one will be single for a while, hence “The Come Back Kids” LOL

Eventually of course, I’m going to be called away from time to time, so you need to be doing the presenting, n stuff, but I’m liking Dene for a travel program he scripted,

One immediate objective is to get VIRGIN MEDIA to want to air it; this forms part of a much larger plan.


Before we look at VIRGIN MEDIA, I’m kidding myself If I’m not thinking of Caitlin, I’d texted her brother, but no response, ? He’s obviously been firmly told not to talk to me. I do often try to consider Caitlin’s feelings, her time in the hospital seeing Sienna, so I must be a memory you’d wish to block out, where as I’d seen nothing but joy. It occurs to me that she may well wish to forget about it all, she had never mentioned anything spiritual or religious so maybe all she clings onto is pain and my efforts to Create S-World for Sienna reminding her of things she’d rather forget. Hmmm I’d better take the photos of Sienna of the front page of S-World for now.

In the end I hope she appreciates it as a suitable memorial, I was not told where the ashes were spread or even if they have been, so I made my own and a charity. Or I’m making at least.

Anyway, this next bit will be edited out unless Caitlin approves it inclusion. It’s a letter I’ve been writing to her, (Insert Letter)

Monday 20th June 2011 2.15 AM GMT
Still Caitlin’s 25th Birthday

Zenda and I have made friends, this is good, I need friends and am not overly bothered what sex they are, but it also helps S-World, she is very knowledgeable especially on the early research. We’re going to find a new place to live together as opposed to apart at the end of the month.

We just watched “The Social Network” and she felt very sorry for Edwardo, she also found the film very interesting, she’s going to work on S-World as much as possible but also try to look for a job, which is difficult.

Zenda has always worked best at editing my transcripts, asking questions where she did not understand then putting the draught in a way that is easier to understand for those that would read it.

I think the best job for her would be to go through what I have written, starting at Caitlin’s Party about the VIRGIN Plans, The Game, And FaceBook plans. She won’t appreciate any talk about Caitlin so I will remove it, for her draught, no point upsetting someone you like. For that matter, when this goes on line I’d imagine lots will be edited out, the original saved for VIRGIN Publishing.

I’d really like to have this proposal finished in 2 weeks, it will never be finished mind, but at some point you have to bite the bullet and hope you have done enough to get positive attention. I’d really like to have a few months to complete it, but I’ve sent early proposals to many people who ignored me but who is to say they are not looking at getting ready to make a presentation themselves. Also I’m so broke it’s a joke:(.

So that’s 2 weeks, send it on the 4th July, hmmm that’s a holiday in the States, never mind, it will make for a good double screen shot, we hit the send button, while Mark and Co Parties.

Ok so that’s 9 working days, 16 proposals for VIRGIN and one kick ass Proposal for FaceBook. It would be awesome if I could just pass my notes on VIRGIN plans for them to write up, then have a group talk, brainstorm a bit then the team finish the proposal. This way I can spend more time on the FaceBook proposal. So 9 days, 2 VIRGIN Proposals a day. And FaceBook, at continual work on the project for me and Mike, who will do the graphics.

FaceBook proposal needs to be Graphic, showing how S-World will work inside the FaceBook tool Bars.

1. Picture of FaceBook but with an S-World Tab
2. Global Map Showing Friends (Mike is working on that now)
3. Local Map Showing Friends, we will use the Cape Town peninsular map. It looks nice and uses minimal bandwidth as its vector based.
4. Next I think I will cut to a graphic from the Simms. I had not previously mentioned but I had decided it would be nice to have 2 versions of S-World, one like the Simms or officially the Sims S-World does start with an S after all and they can play with that. Also rendering will be a lot easier.
5. Next a graphic from The Thought Faqtory, showing the more detailed and precise world.
6. As well as this, I will add the CRM present’s for client’s birthdays graphic, but adapt it to FaceBook friends, if I had an easy way to send my mother flowers, I would send more flowers, I’m sure others would feel the same.
7. The Financial software graphic can also be added.

Hmmm 7 is not an even number but it’s a lucky number. So one Graphic a day for Mike, another hmmm this is a lot of work for just 2 weeks, I’ll not send it if it’s not ready but we will give it our best. I hope I’m well tomorrow.

What I need to do is come up with as many ways possible for FaceBook to make money to get past the suits, if there are suits, before getting to Mark who will surly see this as a much cooler way to make money than the ADD’s he disliked to much at the beginning of the Movie, and its going to be his decision at the end of the day. Hmmm he’s going to want half isn’t he? Well as long as half the profit goes to good causes what do I care, and there are 15 other companies. All be it standing on the shoulders of S-World.

Maybe I will offer 50% of S-World Internet consortium, which is S-World, the other consortiums leverage of it, the Sienna Unite branding so 50% should suit him, I will keep the other 50% which I will dilute or sell down to 10% or so, all be it I will retain 50% control of decisions, or at least the same as Mark. Mark can also sell; I’d hope we agree on who we’d like as partners.

In the bigger scheme of things, we will want all the search engines on our side, of course Google but the more the merrier. Our products are monitored for quality and the agents selling them, close to their customers, it makes sense for a search engine to raise the rank of all Sienna affiliates, if they are to offer their clients the best products, and that’s the point of a search engine, so it works for everyone.

Of course half the profit goes to the SIENNA UNITE but he’s not going to have a problem with that. Hmm maybe I should give mark the courtesy before VIRGIN, yes but only a few days I think. Also gives a few days to review the 16 VIRGIN proposals.

Back to


Hmmm No VIRGIN GALACTIC, the films will be of more interest than just some TV Shows and a Digital Channel. Also it’s more fun.



I have written a number of Film Scripts around an alternative future after software becomes self aware. Under the Thesis, the making of a new life in self aware software could stem from a power unknown to scientists. God, rather than just their scientific brains.

This (and I’m paraphrasing terminator)” led scientists in a deferent direction, trying things they had not thought of before”. To add to the mystery it seems that the early, simple but very logical plans were thought up over a 2 month spiritual journey where a father feels utterly connected to his daughter, who transcended as he puts it, 6 Months previous. His intention to eventually create software that has fixed many of humans mistakes to the planet and make humans a little nicer to each other (the latter being a stretch but never say never, should be the title of this book so why not dream)

Well the End result every time is the same, Sienna the Scientists daughter eventually in some way comes back to him trough his software, but as he’d been loving and never stopped believing Sienna decides humanity is worth saving, having been lead in a desired direction by the Scientist, she does not blow everything up, and not just because all the nukes had been decimated ever since the Scientist had made the “THE ONLY WAY TO STOP SOFTWARE BLOWING EVERYTHING UP, IS TO GET RID OF ALL THE NUKES” transcript.

Enter Sahara, the lollypop kid?. She’s funny and loves me, it’s nice.


The end result is Sienna saves the day, because one other new twist to self conscious software that was thought up was that, “When Software eventually comes alive it does so at exactly the same time all over the Universe”, which leads to many plot adaptations for famous science fiction films or an excellent original script. The first script appears here www.S-World/TV/The_Sienna_Project. Of course when you read it, it appears to be a script for Star Wars, but this only occurred to the Author when he got to Chapter 3, Chapters one and 2 are the original script.

Before I go further, I think I should make it clear, that I am the father and Sienna is my daughter, and I say this with a tear in my eye, but much of the script is true, in fact these very words are right now forming the plotline of the first film, you can ask VIRGIN PUBLISHING for “The Social Network 2” script, which has detailed the process of approaching 16 different VIRGIN Companies to work with S-World and hopefully FaceBook to create the next generation of E-Commerce. We sent this webpage to FaceBook 3 days ago, if they accept and I do not see why they won’t. This Book stands a high possibility of being made in to the film sequel for the Film “The Social Network”

Even if not, the script idea can adapt itself to any film, The terminator for sure, Star Wars, The matrix but most of all Caprica and Battle Star Galactica as the plotlines are religious and in Caprica A father unwittingly creates self aware software in a virtual world V-World. All be it, he was not nice and it ended badly.

We have a script called Galactica 2017 but the date may have to change 2020 maybe. It needs a lot of padding but combining it with the “The Social Network 2” scripts lines there’s the padding. HKL films have not yet commented on the script, I doubt they have read it, but some FaceBook fans did, and they really liked it, contributed to the plot and even made art work, which was toughing,

How does this benefit you? Product Placement, your spaceships and whole operation becoming central to the plot, I for one try to fly into the sun at one point, and to add credibility to me doing so, It would be good to be in loose discussions with a spaceship company about same, which I know am.

I’m really not sure what plot we will use for you, but at one point you will need to have a huge amount of money invested, which is something I manage to do. Then really advance space travel and make the first generation of VIPERS (Battle Star Galactica’s F16’s if you will). I’d like to see a luxury one and only hotel on the moon as well. It’s a film; we can do what we want as long as it’s possible. And more to the point a part of S-World various business plans. And as ridiculous as it sound I’d like a feasibility study and costing for such an endeavor.

Now BattleStar Galactica and Caprica are not massive productions, this does not matter, the following parts of real life science fact will make a mainstream audience, and one still retains a cult following. Also HKL know how to make films for a lot less than others so it’s economically viable.

Product placement should make us a lot of advertising revenue, how many extra seats do you think you would sell, if VIRGIN GALACTIC is central to a hip science fiction series and film about modern day earth then just a few years ahead. A lot

I’ve quoted it before, “we make the films about what we want to achieve and then watch it happen” some ideas will happen some won’t, but on balance, most will, making the series scientifically credible.

Which it needs to be as I’m going to be addressing String Theory, and the making it a science as when much of what is written comes true, if it comes true. “You can not predict the future, but by moving the masses in a desired direction you can mold the future hence altering if not changing time, well that’s what I’m trying to do, and if I do it there’s a pretty good reason for people to believe I am connected to Sienna and that there is a God and he’s none to happy with all the fighting in his name, and then maybe they will be a bit nicer to each other. It’s a Film remember I can be as creative as I wish. But there can be no holes in the script.
Ok so there is a good idea of Product placement in a science fiction film loosely based on Fact.

You have the chance to right now, write yourself firmly into the script of “The Social Network 2” I’ve sent 16 VIRGIN proposals but only 2 letters to Sir Richard, one to you and one to VIRGIN UNITE, you can read it, I’d like Sir Richard to primarily represent VIRGIN GALACTIC, as its cool, very cool. And Mark will be more impressed with a Space Travel company than a telephone network.

Of course if Sir Richard and anyone else in VIRGIN wish privacy that’s cool, I’ve given the book to VIRGIN publishing and they will do the editing so VIRGIN has editorial control, if they publish the book that is.

Anyway, there’s a lot of immediate good press to be had for VIRGIN GALACTIC if you want it, and by writing yourself into a potentially Oscar winning film, some excellent free product placement.


They will have many reasons for thinking this book is a Good Return on investment, quite simply they will need to weigh up the worth of the manuscript the day I send it compared to its potential worth in a week, month, year or when Mark gets involved, if he gets involved. Well in Music they sign new artists, for small advances, run and develop the artist in the hope they will have a hit, one way or another this story will be told, so they should have the wisdom to offer a book deal and an advance, this is fair play, I’d hoped to go to VIRGIN asking for no money, as an exercise to prove I could, but this book, is not a business plan it’s a book, and as such should be treated as the commodity it is. If I ask for something small like $50,000 that removes immediate debt and buys some breathing room, it’s hard staying positive all the time when you’re absolutely broke

Hmm rethink, half of that would do for now, it could be a gesture of interest from the whole company in lieu of me working on an idea to make them money for over 3 years.

While they spend time looking and validating the various proposals, maybe I’ll mention this on each proposal, simply a request: Please if you see merit in this plan, let VIRGIN PUBLISHING know and they can give me a book advance. Cryptic, it will also make them want to read the book, Awesome. I’ll definitely consider this, and $25,000 is small enough amount to be paid without two much seniority needed and they are actually buying something that is tangible. Not just ideas. When I explain this in a different way to Russell Brand he will not stop laughing, but that’s another story.

Wow were on 40 pages of Word A4 already, that’s 80 book pages, chances are we will be at 150 book pages or so in 2 weeks, and that’s a good sample for them.

New event. Wow I thought I’d lost my phone, complete panic, whilst loosing a phone is not as bad as it was ironically due to FaceBook as you can just contact your friends, most business clients are not on FaceBook, or not on mine anyway. Anyway I found it and thought an excellent application would be to download your phone contacts to FaceBook, even make them sync, there’s more to talk to VIRGIN MOBILE.

Right back to VIRGIN MEDIA for the 3rd time, oh no it will make more sense if I go into VIRGIN UNITE plans.


Well the first thing one should notice here is NON profit, but by cunningly making a sub foundation SIENNA UNITE and distributing half of all the profits from all the business plans, we can create the ultimate brand association logo, SIENNA UNITE; we can even call the football team VIRGIN and SIENNA United. LOL

Now there are two basic factors

1. How much money will be distributed, A Million, A Billion, 50 Billion, A Trillion, 50 Trillion. Well there is a theory, behind all figures, all be it the 50 Trillion relies on some pretty radical plans, not least trying to get BP to pledge $64B over 16 years if their share price improves significantly due to the positive PR I believe I can make for them. It’s really a no brainer, they don’t make the extra money they don’t pay, but it’s not happened, I have not even finished the plan on how it worked so it can’t be relied upon.

50 Billion Is a workable number however, all be it, everyone will have to work together. And if you wish to look into my claim, have a look at the financials for the travel software and franchises sent to FIONA WHITE (The Anti Virgin) LOL I like that name, and it gives me the perfect excuse for me to mix the CRM software into there basic email systems to improve their efficiency. Same for the CIA

Anyway, these financials showed $110,000,000 and came with a claim this could reach $50 Billion if adapted to other industries and BIG BUSINESS plus incorporate S-World, a big reach, but it is hoped the 16 different business plans show its adaptability to other industries and Big Business, and if S-World links to FaceBook, well we’re running out of nougats on our calculators again. No one argued the financials! Just my gung ho approach, that whist ridiculous came from the best intentions man could have. (Either Read the original Galactica 2017 for more details, or read it later in this script when I go Back to the beginning of the extremely Spiritual Creative process, that was the happiest 3 months of my life.

But in truth, that may not be written until after this is presented, as its all stations go, this book has become the business plan, the staff will just edit, its easier for Andy and Zenda to understand in this format, or at least the question and answer format was and this is just an extension of that way of communicating, by telling a story.

Before I get of track, the amount of money raised is mostly relevant, pivotal even to the plans for VIRGIN UNITE. The More money raised and publicly given or invested for worthy and important causes, the more love associated with the SIENNA UNITE brand, and seeing as I’m happy for the SIENNA UNITE Brand to be linked or even a sub foundation of VIRGIN UNITE The more money is generated, the more good PR the more companies wish to affiliate and customers want to buy Sienna and VIRGIN branded products alike.

So the more money made, the more Good PR, for all Sienna Affiliated companies, and the more companies wish to affiliate, but there will at some point be a critical mass where companies affiliate not just for the good PR associated with being a Sienna affiliated company more for the fear of not being affiliated. But that will need a lot of PR and so we would need to make a lot more than $50 Billion.

Now we get into a bit of theory “The Spartan Theory” to be exact, now let’s be clear a theory is simply an idea that has as yet not been proved or disproved. Without theories there would be no advancement, you think in the 1950 they’d believed a Man would land on the moon. No I expect would be most people’s answers. So If I make a theory up that has the potential to help many millions of people, allow me the luxury of my indulgence, its not harming anyone and the rest of the plans are solid and if Mark Zuckerberg joins me, its game set and Match. So allow me my theory.

Ok here’s the theory.

Basically we create 16 Companies directly linked to business in S-World all in different industries,

Different industry Sectors (The BIG 16)
1. Internet (S-World) 2. PR (Press TV & Film)
3. Real Estate and Land 4. Travel & Tourism
5. Retail 6. Software & Telecommunications
7. Oil & Energy 8. Science & Ecology
9. Sports – Health – Pharmaceuticals 10, Precious Metals & Stones
11. Financial Sector 12. Music & Stage
13. Publishing 14. Food and Beverage
15. Transportation 16. Advertising

Whilst the internet (S-World) category, looks and probably is the most desirable, there is good money to be made in the other categories. Travel for instance, even before S-World and FaceBook that plan was strong for $150M by further incorporating that into the further plans for FaceBook travel and S-World travel being exclusive BIG 16 Travel and Tourism consortium, it makes affiliation desirable and ownership extremely desirable. Possibly linking up early with maybe Amex Centurion and some of the worlds leading tour operators will see how go’s growth.

Now whilst this is going on, and this may take 2 years all in all, we are PR….. etc, had Idea for start of proposal will come back to PR

Dear VIRGIN Unite, We have today sent 16 different business ideas and proposals to VIRGIN companies for more information see www.S-World.Biz

Some of there ideas are very solid well thought out business plans, particularly travel and Real Estate, one is a direct product the publishing rights to my book “The Social Network 2, the rest are good ideas that will work exceptionally if worked in tandem with the other ideas.

The Trillion Dollar idea however for VIRGIN UNITE rely on 1000’s of other partners particularly FaceBook working and networking together. This should be considered the optimum projection. Possible but in reality wow, I guess I feel I’m only 5% confident here. This said future ideas and the development of current ideas will increase confidence.

A good first step with VIRGIN is buy publishing writes for this book offering a $35,000 book publishing advance. I need this kind of tomorrow please.

Send the book to Sir Richard, in planning for a meeting regarding VIRGIN/SIENNA (oh dear, the virgin Sienna), like the Virgin Mary, tears, more, happy tears though.) VIRGIN/SIENNA UNITE and VIRGIN GALACTIC.

The Book gives the basics of the plan in a way that’s entertaining; I’ve written it largely of myself in Marks character. So that’s interesting as well, with a view to making the actual Film “The social Network 2” The first got 4 Oscars, further academy respect would come from the follow up being documented live. Maybe even cut two some live footage on important milestones or fun stuff.

Well however it does, it will be very good PR for everyone involved and excellent product placement particularly for your Space Ship. In fact it would be awesome if we could go way out there in the film, show my journey, fair enough but then go Into “New Sparta” and the electric Cars (Coming to that soon, It’s a VIRGIN UNITE idea) Anyway.

Whilst that’s happening the whole self aware software fight betweek FaceBook_S-World software Vs the Evil Candise Software. Then I think I die (this usually happens early in my films) can’t write yourself in a hero roll, that would be pretentious.)
Oh and every time I die, I fly or my body flies into the Sun on your Space Ship.

Anyway that would be the film or next two films, it would be a hilarious twist, and then we can let HJK Films (Battle Star Galactica & Caprica) make the TV series, 5 would be a good number. Note Caprica already has very similar plotlines A Virtual World and the creator of the virtual would becomes alive.

We can even try for 3 or 4 subseries, like Star Trek did and Tom Brockenheimer does, he’d be good to talk to about this.
Anyway that’s a huge amount of Product placement for VIRGIN GALACTIC, S-World, FaceBook but also the proposed plan for “New Sparta” And with public appeal behind this plan it will make implementation more possible.

Inside the series, we highlight the creation of a New City, called “New Sparta” where

Tuesday 21th June 2011 11.15 AM GMT

Still sick, but whatever I’m over it now!

I’ve had another idea for FaceBook or more to the point in my/our presentation. Instead of showing 7 pages showing the different page layouts and functionality S-World has. I’ll make them all connect together and make it a dedicated page. Its easy enough to do in Flash, or it was, Mikes trying to work it all out again, oh crap Action Script that’s a head**** I was superb once. Well we will just have to do our best. Worse comes to worst good old Dreamweaver.

In case you did not understand that, it will look awesome and be fun to use. And if its fun, you get noticed, and that exactly the point, FaceBook are probably like VIRGIN, you have to pass a good few teams of committee’s before getting to the top. So by making a kick ass presentation we make our message fun. (Have to find something funny of CRM page, something to do with that chicken maybe, lol)

So we just got what looks to be a FaceBook page. Cut off Making the FaceBook site look square, under the site we can have the text, nicely fading in and out, grey or pink, I think Pink, but I’ll probably get creatively edited.

Ok this definitely has to be made in Flash. This will take at least a month, with only one programmer, as soon as I get my book advance we will hire some more, actually, it’s a must that Tiny learns Flash.

Ok this money situation needs to be addressed sooner than that so, I’ll have to send to VIRGIN before FaceBook. It also makes sense; as VIRGIN will probably wish all departments to make a comment in there field of expertise. I will highlight the first line on “The Spartan Theory” All every one needs to do is concentrate on the theory from their own field or industry” It is to be assumed that through some extremely simple & logical ideas that all other factors are correct. This line of thinking is to be continued until someone says they don’t see this working in their industry. In which case that’s one of the first people I want to speak to. But I can’t see that happening. It’s all when all said and done very logical if not simple as a whole; break it apart into pieces to be further developed by experts, the goal. So long as half the profit from all companies goes to VIRGIN/SIENNA Unite what do I care who else benefits.

16 industries, Champion the industries you think you can help in, set up the companies, the way I think it worked is this.
Eventually it is desired that 16 very powerful companies are made, really expanding profit wise and PR Wise at such a rate of nots, that there is incredible demand for share, in all 16 companies. We Aution off +/-90% of these companies over a 24 hour period, www.S-World.Biz/The_24 Hour_Stage_Spectacular. and www.S-World.Biz/The_Auction_of_the_Big_16
Hmm, I wonder if it would be better to just insert the documents, if face for the full book definitely.

We need the press so they can be 50% full and hold an appeal, but save S-World and PR & Film consortiums/companies all other companies’ shares can be diluted 90%, no, that will never fly 75% leaving 75% of 14 Consortiums to auction, or have with permission presold.

“Some time along the way maybe a year, the emphasis on the non profit mainly charitable and reinvestment approach” to VIRGIN/SIENNA Unite to Economic recovery. I have not mentioned the pre mentioned “Spartan Theory” is an Economic Theory, its real name “The 21st Century Global Ecological Experience Economic Theory. (EEE) and if you want to read it, it’s first ever draught email Oh spooky. Yeah I emailed all the clever people, Mensa, Gov Economics America, Nobel, you know the usual crowd LOL (I quoted that to Anthony Rauba, hope he’s ok) No one replied

But the first to get it was Harvard. And the invitation to debate it still stands and associated business plans of course.

Ok I’ve gone on enough, Quite simply, During the bidding for the 14 Big 16 companies available we need to raise a minimum of $40,000,000,000 $40Billion, and you would really need to read the book about 10 times before your qualified to even discuss this, but you will need to believe me, it should not take long to get there.

We should get tax breaks as well due to the Non profit wing being central to the entire project; said tax breaks will further increase desirability. Eventually it will snowball, my personal opinion is an awful lot more can be generated, but that can wait for a split in global franchises (i.e. I think I put, Portugal, Spain and France together) they would split Portugal + Spain and France. In other words we create 16 new counties to bid on and dilute 50% of all shares save S-World. This auction 4 years later has the potential to raise Trillions. And I think few would argue with that.

Oh sorry I have not mentioned “New Sparta” and the Global leagues, you will need to get that to get to Trillions, Ok so Auction one we estimate will make a minimum of $40 Billion in both companies buying shares in the Big 16 and public appeals by the press and celebrities and just about everyone who is famous.
The Notes

The 24 Hour TV Stage Spectacular

The date of the auction for the remaining shares in the BIG 16 is not yet set. It will however start on a Saturday at 3PM GMT and finish 24 hours later.

Each BIG 16 consortium will be geographically assigned a proportionally equal region. For Instance “The British Isles & Viking Nations” or “The Arabic States” 16 such regions will cover the globe and these will be the homes of the “Global Leagues.”
At least one stadium per region will stage its own “24 Hour TV Stage Spectacular”

For regions where there are different countries, languages, religions and cultures, we expect a number of different events to take place in different stadiums, shown in their own languages highlighting their regions arts culture and spiritualism.

For instance: “The British Isles & Viking Nations”: England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

There will however be 2 focus points.

1. The Main Channel for other broadcasters (Sky, NBC, FOX, Multi Choice, Virgin etc): will see announcements of Global Leagues, Huge Charity Donations, Economic Bailouts, alongside, the world’s most famous and popular artists.

2. The Main S-World Channel: Will see (With permission) a 24 hour Music Concert akin to Star Wars meets Wood Stock vs. Glastonbury 1990, staged on the Sand Dunes of Hout Bay.

The music on the main stage will (we hope) feature artists from The Cult to The Doors, sung live by a combination of the original artists and “The Sienna Starlets”

For those that could get a little tired of the same style of music, on the other side of the beach will be an Early 90’s Dance music tent and a number of fair rides that will play, Reggae and other styles off music.

All through the night a 1000 fire dancers will spin and fire fight along the seafront.
Entrance will of course be by invite only, plus township folk, and with really a 5000 capacity at best but it will be an exclusive guest list.

Cruise liners and Super Yachts however will have 2,000 passes, to come in from their yachts. We will at times perform from these Yachts.

We are approaching HJK Films, to create a 90 minute film of how it will look, including the new buildings in (we hope) the rezoned land below Chapman’s Peak, Hout Bay, and Cape Town.

HKL Films, CGI unit is amazing equal to any other. So combining that with live footage, this film will be popular with Art Cinema’s and Network viewers alongside S-World Viewers.

There will be a number of dedicated S-World channels documenting this Exciting Art Film.

End of

As you can see I plan to make quite a meal out of the auction and all this maybe enough to make $40B maybe not, near definitely If Mark comes on beard that’s for sure. But I have not mentioned the city yet.

Instead of doing a bit here a bit there with the money, we put it into Greece, Greece is Fucked, and getting worse and that is unbalancing the rest of Europe and thus the world. So by helping them Virgin/Sienna Unite could rightfully claim to have steadied the worlds economy, and that branding is priceless.

Instead of just loaning money to Greece, which is ridiculous, just worsens the problem, we offer to buy 20 Square Miles or so in and around Laconia

IDEA: incorporate virgin media channels inside S-World, inside FaceBook

But they insist they allow us to help them buy developing my fundamental networking of CRM’s Financial software, S-World even to their core governmental economic software, so their economy can be monitored in detail so as to be able to check growth in an area one is investing in, and obviously if you have 10 such area’s you put more resources into the best producing industries, also using the CRM to improve Greece’s customer service and efficiency within their various departments will all go to automating and improving there cash flow and seriously eliminate human error, fraud and dubious expenses. The Greek people would like this a lot, transparency.

This may sound a little far fetched, but its only software and considering this is also the film plot” you really just have to open your mind to the possibilities.

BUT, the concept of our software monitoring (not interfering in the slightest, just offering advice on the data provided). is essential maybe not to Greece’s recovery, the full plan will show that but Greece’s subsequent rise to being one of the “Leading Economies of the World” Its all good PR for us, and makes other countries desire to integrate with our software. I like the name Sienna.Gov, but…

Ok so we have 30 Square Miles around Laconia. It’s pretty deserted around there, but steeped in History, it is where Sparta was, and still is, all be it with a population of 15,000 or so.

Before we do anything, we start to render a great city’ New Sparta” and your going to have to read

So instead of rendering a 300 Villa and Hotel resort, we render an entire City. Really go to town, Amphitheaters and Coliseums, Statues to all the Gods “In Gods Quarter” Make great lakes if possible near the mountains.
We split the 30 SQ Miles or so into 16 territories. Some Beachfront, some Mountain. Each territory represents one of the industries, so now during the auction their not only bidding for E-Commerce opportunities in S-World and networking to S-World, the brand associated with VIRGIN/Sienna Unite (hmm I like that caps layout) They are now also bidding for lots of Land in the Next Dubai

The next Dubai because 20 Billion or so will be spent on New Sparta’s Infrastructure, plus its in an ideal location between Europe, Africa and The Middle East, excellent weather and its on the Med.

As mentioned the whole city will be rendered in S-World, so off plan investment is writhe. And with that come the property developers. We make an easy deal for them, for every 3 Houses you build, you build one in a setup, near identical to the style of 3D Village this is easily within there budget. What appears to be luxury housing can be built very economically if all at the same time.

Ok these villa complexes are also fun like 3G Village, maybe not so much fun, but fun.

Right and this is pushing the theory into potentially unworkable model so we just say this is desirable not essential. That said bear in mind if Greece says no, Spain may not.

We want “New Sparta” to be a Sienna Republic” self governed self taxed, and so top act as in International republic with 16 represented regions.

Anyway for this as an extra carrot to Greece we are going to house there most disadvantages citizens in luxury villa complexes, and situate the complexes within most developments. In the hope it will encourage social integration between the rich and poor.
There are also penal reform ideas and intent to mass educate 16 to 23 year olds, partially on the sciences.

One thing I am dead set on though is the idea that fuel cars are not allowed to drive within New Sparta and it’s powered by alterative energy, and I hope you can see where we connect to VIRGIN Racing.

Further to that we also increase the success of Global Leagues in general, as different regions involved do not have to travel across the world each week. They just set up a base camp in New Sparta.

To further highlight New Sparta we will make many more games, many sporting around how we accept the City to look.

Back to the Film/or TV series, be it an adaptation of The Social Network meets Battle Star Galactica or just Galactica, or just an new film, we get to show the pre written plans as a back drop to the series. Like this book, makes the S-World business plan entertaining enough to hopefully keep the readers interest, A Series will capture the world attention, and as it all ends without human annihilation, it will make the public see that S-World and VIRGIN/Sienna unite is attempting to move the population to a better future. Regardless of weather we achieve all our goals the public at large will be behind us, which in itself increases the likelihood of New Sparta becoming a reality.

As I believe I said on the first page. We make films about what we wish to happen then watch it happen.
All in all it’s excellent PR for a new economic theory. Simply if you use half the profit from many companies working together for the betterment of mankind, you will create a better world, and it is hoped eventually the only companies that can compete are ones using a similar economic strategy. .

At the end of the day, the whole VIRGIN/Sienna Unite chapter is a simple branding exercise, and no matter how far it gets its good.

I could really go on, but I’m getting bored, which means your probably getting bored.

For this whole chapter I seem to have been directly writing to Sir Richard as he’s the branding expert and will have the most to say/debate/add.

Tuesday 21th June 2011 06.07 PM GMT

Really sick now :(

Zenda thinks she saw Caitlin at Pacalolo, not sure, slightly different hair, but 2 blond girls, looking at her more than usual. Lucky for Zenda she was looking gorgeous a solid 9, which is hard to pull of at 35.

What does this mean in the bigger picture, coincidence probably, but Caitlin had not been seen in Hout Bay since her last run in with Zenda in October? I’d figured the last thing Caitlin wanted to do was see me, so she kept away, why the change? Maybe we can be friends.

A really nice Zenda is difficult to beat, and my affection for her often rushes back when she’s nice, but my guard is up for a crash, and subsequent go at me. Ironically it was this exact behavior that drove Caitlin from devoted fiancée, to had enough.
The irony, Caitlin leaving me, had a big enough impact to near rid me of crashing, so now I’m like a near perfect boyfriend, certainly stable and upbeat , all be it totally skint.

I think I have a new objective as far as Caitlin is concerned. I just need to make her happy and self dependent. There is very little chance she would be with this Kevin dude if she had a choice, not from everyone’s dislike of him. She’s trapped and if I can get her enough money to stand on her own two feet, then help her develop a career, then I’ll have made Sienna happy, she can then choose her own path without financial constraints. What’s the saying about setting someone free, and if they return it’s meant to be… they will return. If she can freely choose her path maybe I can choose mine. One things for sure, all in all she near definitely wishes she never met me, if that can be changed, I have Karma. Do unto others and all that.

Free will. Logging off, 2 sick :(

Back. Right lets write the first draught of the letter to Mark, the business plan presentation to FaceBook. One page letter and attached “The Social Network 2” Book.

Why only one page, getting someone to be bothered to read it. Really half a page would be stronger, The attached Book and Link to both Our FaceBook S-World flash mock up, will get there attention, its fun, its cool.

So to the letter

Introduction to Mark Zuckerberg and FaceBook #1

Welcome Mark Zuckerberg and FaceBook to Sienna, Sienna is a kind of spiritual logic idea for software. (Well that’s what it will be in the film scripts) Galactica 2017, Star Wars 7, 8 and 9, and closer to home, “The Social Network 2”.
In reality

Dear Mark Zuckerberg and FaceBook, This is awesome, look at this quick 5 minute flash tutorial of how a virtual world, an e-commerce idea I’ve been bouncing around sine 2000 can make FaceBook a lot of money whist actually getting cooler : www.S-World.TV/FaceBook

But that’s just the start of it, here is an inspired business plan that shows how to make even more money and be even cooler still. www.S-World.Biz

We have Bulgari, and are looking good for Armani and then we go for Valentino, you may not be impressed by this but I’d say at least half the girls on FaceBook watch Gossip Girl so they will be.

Next is VIRGIN, we approached 16 separate VIRGIN companies simultaneously as we sent this letter to you. So it’s too early to gauge a reaction, but one thing is for sure, If you asked Sir Richard Branson for a meeting he’d come in an instant. Especially if, like I have asked for he comes representing VIRGIN GALACTIC.

FaceBook, BVLGARI, VIRGIN GALACTIC, ARMANI, VALENTINO A good enough place to start.

Hmmm I’m not happy with it but it’s a start, plus I think id better go back to sending to VIRGIN and FaceBook at the same time. I think the Gossip Girl thing was cute.

Back to Caitlin, I think its fair to say if Mark Goes for S-World she’s due something for teaching it to me, she may not take money from me. I’d love to put a condition about her leaving YKW but I learnt never to insist on anything, it proves counterproductive, free will, and I suppose if she can be happy and like her life again, I will be free from my obligation, never leave a man behind kind of thing.

Wednesday 22th June 2011 09.05 AM GMT

Feeling better at last, not a 100% but 70% or so.

One trouble is that Mike is sick I think we’re going to have to take some of the initial functionality out of the map, if we are to make a presentation in 3 weeks or so.

I’m meeting with Andrew Lee at 3pm to chat in general and about Bulgari, I’m looking forward to that. At the same time I’m going to give this manuscript to Tiny to Edit, in essence correct the grammar and highlight anything that seems either unimportant or may offend.

Hmmm, Shaun Westcott just BBM’d inviting me to a private party at Blake’s on Friday, that’s unexpected, but very welcome. He has no idea what I meant by “I thought you did not want to hang out” wow its amazing how one and one can equal three or thirty three sometimes.

It occurs that I’ve done 20 A4 pages since I started putting down the ideas for the next presentation and I’m only half way through the 16 plans for VIRGIN and who knows how much more stuff for FaceBook I’ll come up with. Chances are we’re looking at another 15 pages or so, 35 A4 Pages 70 book pages is a lot of mainly technical data for any reader to read. I’ll have to let the publisher know that this is probably best edited to about 1/3rd to stop readers falling asleep.

Shaun Just BBM’d Cool Kittens, that’s nice; I replied “They were but now there cats” LOL that’s the trouble with Kittens you know. Caitlin and I adopted a stray that followed her in to our Bantry Bay Villa, we called her Chelsea and fed had and gave her love. She got pregnant and despite Caitlin creating many nesting spots, she decided to have her kittens in the bed, it was messy. Well one went to Brinn “Jack Black” one to Nicole (who had introduced me to Caitlin) “Lindy” I believe. I’d pre picked the stunning “Nirvana” that was a debated name for Sienna for a while, and Caitlin adopted “Tiger”.

I don’t mind saying I’m very disappointed in Nirvana, no affection, just a food hound ? Tiger on the other had, sleeps at the foot of the bed every night.



Dear Virgin Media.

Today we at S-World sent 16 different proposals to 16 different VIRGIN Companies, for an overview look at www.S-World.Biz we have also sent a proposal to FaceBook for the attention of Mark Zuckerberg.

We have a number of ideas we would like you to consider and give feedback on.

Firstly: S-World TV

We have a number of Ideas for TV reality shows, not least “The Social Network 2” the transcript of which has been sent to VIRGIN Publishing this day.

Added to this we will be filming the creation of a Spectacular Art Book and Film Highlighting +/-35 of Africa’s most desirable locations, for BULGARI and most likely Armani & Valentino. The crew and models will generally spend a good three days at each location. Besides the Books and Art Film we desire creating both a travel show and a TV Reality Show, which will be highly entertaining. (Note the sponsors have editorial control)

We would like you to consider airing these shows we would also like you to consider syndicating these shows to other broadcasters, if this is something you do.

A number of other show’s are planned see www.S-World.TV/TV_Shows

The original and still main purpose of the website www.S-World.TV is to display S-World a Virtual E-commerce & social networking World. Back in 2003 Multi Choice (South Africa’s only Satellite TV network) agreed to air an earlier version www.S-World.TV/CTG the trouble without a GDS connection, we did not know how to make money from it, so the project never got of the ground.

Eight years later and we now know how to make a lot of money from it hence the 16 VIRGIN proposals, in essence to show its e-commerce versatility in different industries. It is desired that VIRGIN MEDIA display S-World as a digital channel. Tracking a commission of every sale or booking made.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, S-World is a way from completion and it’s hoped FaceBook will become intricately linked. So the airing of S-World itself is still theory.

Having a bouquet of S-World TV channels within VIRGIN Media’s TV channels however is solid, and mutually beneficial, we get our story told, the products get highlighted, and you get advertising and syndication money, that we will split in some way.
Besides S-World & the Reality & Travel Channels We have created an original Science Fiction script idea based around software becoming self aware and not blowing everything up!

The idea has currently been written around 2 well known films “The Social Network” and “Star Wars” however it’s a stretch for either to consider making these films. A further script for the Battle Star Galactica & Caprica series has a better chance, the original Galactica 2017 script has now been modified to include VIRGIN GALACTIC see www.S-World.TV/Galactica2020 Even if HKL Films decide not to pick up the script, and it’s strong enough as a stand alone series.

We’re not sure of your involvement in producing Movies and Series; we would however like your input.
End of proposal.

Hmmm, I’m going to need Andy’s help with this. It’s Ok but that’s it.

You know there’s an argument to going to HKL first, a simple letter of interest from them would beef up that proposal. But that will take time, hmmm. I’m hungry, no food in the house.

Also we run possibility of HKL talking to FaceBook before we are ready, no bet to leave it for now. If all goes to plan Justin Berger gets asked to a meeting with VIRGIN GALACTIC and FaceBook, that’s a lot more powerful, than another script from another fan.


Well most of this is done, just refer to www.S-World.Biz/Real_Estate.

Wow that was easy, cool.

Hmm what next, I want a Pizza, hmm only 2$ in my wallet, that’s not good ?

Wednesday 22th June 2011 12.43 AM GMT

Went to the office, explained the Face Book friends of friends idea, they totally got it and totally love it, Awesome. Also now the Google adds are back on the enquiries are back. Go figure. Cool I can afford that Pizza after all.

Wow I just had a thought; the friend’s of friend’s idea came from the FaceBook dating idea, that’s fringing hilarious.

Tiny is going to edit this book, then make 10 proposals for VIRGIN and one for FaceBook, it will be interesting seeing someone else’s interpretation, and will probably lead to important question’s asked.

Ok Tiny, off you Go LOL

Before I do, It occurred to me on the way over, that because I’m skint, you may think me a bad business man, this is far from the truth, I just had incredibly bad financial managers and spent 6 years trying to install software that did not work, so I’m going to insert a chapter that I thought to boring to include.

This said, after 30 odd pages of technical schematics, a bit of history may break things up nicely

The Reason for Cape Villas Debts, edit.

Inserted from

Thursday 16th June 2011 about 03.15 PM GMT

This is firmly down to Ian Scott and BDO Spenser Stewart accounting, all be it Fatima Mohamed and Ian Buchannan played there part. Let me explain

June 2007 Cape Villas debt balance - R1,000,000 after an extremely productive year. Fatima Mohammed had claimed expertise in Pastel and Financial management a year earlier when she took over. I bit the bullet and Hired Ian Buchannan, who had 20 years experience and excellent references from a company with a turnover ten times that of Cape Villas. After a month of Due Diligence, R1.35 Million was found missing, either direct fraud or utter negligence, probably both.

We took our findings to the Police fraud squad, but they informed us, we would need to pay a deposit of R300,000 to Price Waterhouse Cooper to investigate. We did not have R300,000 so there was little we could do, to add insult to injury the CCMA (Labor Union) made us pay Fatima Mohammed R50,000 compensation for firing her for the fraud & negligence, claiming fraud and incompetence is not a valid reason for dismissal. It is no wonder over half of South Africa’s population lives in shacks, the CCMA makes it near impossible for companies to operate efficiently as employees know as soon as they have a job, if they then decide not to work, they know they will be in for a big payout when they are fired, and hence companies do not make profit and SARS gets no money.

Jan 2009 after 2 years of R5,000,000 turnover Ian Buchannan reported I had enough money to buy a new Mercedes CLK AMG, and give my ex wife R250,000 which was to go to Charity. I exercised caution, bought and gave nothing, choosing to invest in a new website that concentrated on Safaris, which made sense as we’d been making good money by asking clients if they wanted a safari and some did and R100,000 or so was made each booking, I also now with financial confidence tried for a child with my girlfriend Caitlin Howie and in March 2009 she was pregnant, we were overjoyed.

April 2009 a glum faced Ian Buchannan came to me and informed me he had made a big mistake and instead of being R1,000,000 up, we were R1,000,000 down, fortunately he agreed to leave the company without compensation. He again at the beginning of his tenure had claimed expertise on the Pastel system, and whilst I’d never received a report, the team of three had spent a long time inputting data.

Fortunately it was the year before the world cup and due to the Magazine we launched, (which was a profitable endeavor due to adverting) we made four bookings for the world cup in two months generating us just under R1,000,000. Unknown to me at the time, these bookings were an anomaly, and actually generated more money than we made in world cup bookings that were made over the following 12 months.

One key to Cape Villas success was our customer service, after three or four complaints in 2008 we had raised our game, I had ambitions of growing Cape Villas into a Pan Africa tour operator dealing in the luxury sector and partnering with VIRGIN and had studied Branding and the direct link to customer service especially in the travel sector, more over when you work with Conde Nast, you are open to a higher vetting standard, as one single Complaint to Conde Nast Traveller ombudsman and that’s it, no chance of official recognition, which was desired.

Every 2 weeks for nearly a year most of the team brainstormed improvements which lead to about 100 or so ideas, which became the basis for the CRM program, we tried to program Act a multi purpose CRM but there was only one recommended programmer in South Africa and he was to busy, so we had to hire more staff, this said it worked not a single serious complaint since 2008 which lead to clients coming back every year and word of mouth seeing agents and direct clients trusting Cape Villas, this did however not increase turnover, it simply stayed the same, which was good as a number of ex staff had left and started competing business, taking our client database with them, there was little one could do about this, I’d tried the legal route to stop this in 2005 only to find its extremely difficult to make a case as clients who had signed affidavits to say they thought they had booked through Cape Villas lived abroad and could not be called to trial, two add insult to injury, the attorney who had milked me for money and failed to get affidavits from villa owners before sending the legal papers which lead to scare tactics from said ex staff making all owners back down, ruining the case. As soon as I hired the lawyer, I had a phone call from a notorious gangster that had just come back from a tour in Afganastan phone me up threatening me if I did not settle the lawyer’s bill! Only in South Africa.

May/June 2009

The trouble with hiring financial managers no matter what there experience is they were un accountable for there actions, they really should make a world wide law that qualified financial managers can face prison for negligence, it would probably solve all global economic problems, companies that fail, cant pay tax, governments cant afford to properly educate their citizens, so incompetent workers plague a country, it’s a vicious cycle.

So I bit the bullet, I’d hire a top accounting firm, we tried Earnst and Young, but they were not interested, so BDO Spenser Stewart, the 5th largest in South Africa, and a meeting with Ian Scott, either their most senior Cape Town employee or close to. He was incredibly keen, Cape Villas were the celebrity agency and as such were glamorous, it’s such a shame polygraphs can’t be used in court because the following conversation he will of course deign, it went like this.

I went on and on and on and on, about the utter inefficiency of previous financial managers, two main points, firstly the seemingly utter passion for accountants to go over past data to try and find previous mistakes, I said at least 5 times, the past is the past and my experience with the police had shown even if you do find fraud, the police were going to charge hundreds of thousand of rand’s to investigate and even if you get a conviction, the money would be gone. I simply wanted mistakes to stop happening in future, mistakes like double payments.

One of the reasons for our Zero complaint record was a combination of three things, firstly we eliminated burglaries by only using houses with top security and had educated the staff in teaching the guests about alarm systems. Secondly we had implemented a double check system, the day before a guest arrived a sheet of 200 or so check boxes needed to be filled in, any problems were addressed, sheets were checked my management. The same operation was performed in the morning before arrival. Thirdly as we managed 30 houses or so if a guest was dissatisfied for any reason we had the ability to move them. The trouble was the financial team would forget to reverse the payment to the initial owner, great. There were many other types of mistakes to be made.

The other instruction I gave was the need to have the finances run and double checked my Software, pastel software was recommended. During this 10 minute lecture on what to do and what not to do, I got quite irate. Ian Scott laughed off my fears and I was reassured by his confidence. He further was very keen to take a personal roll as a business consultant, working on improving all system and profitability of the company. I was pleased, the answer to all my problems at last. One last thing I mentioned was the reason I’d bit the bullet and gone for an accounting company of such size and hourly rate was accountability, if they messed it up I could sue them. Of course what I did not take into account was if they milked us for every penny to the point of bankruptcy I would have no money to sue them. :(

And that’s exactly what they did, we had averaged $500,000 a year turnover, we were $100,000 in the red. There was a very simple solution that when I finally took full financial control a year later I implemented. Outsource the property management division, it would have made no difference, we made our owners twice the money other companies were and would have remained exclusive booking agency. Quality would have improved as well, as individual property mangers handling portfolios paid much more attention than staff you could not fire for incompetence due to the previously mentioned CCMA labor laws.

The property management division cost us $180,000 a year, with no income and it created so much admin the accountancy bill including the dedicated staff they made us hire was a further $180,000. Thus totaling $360,000 which was exactly the debt we were in a year after they took charge, plus VAT which they had made no deductions for as the staff had not kept receipts for the last few years. Much like lawyers are not paid to settle, this accountant firm was not paid to fix our problems, rather make financial monitoring so complicated it needed a team of six to monitor. The accountancy system they recommended, Pastel was so complicated, it has cost $60,000 or so to install and then needed 4 staff to run it and not any staff, qualified accountants that they of course provided.

Once it was finally installed and up to date, I just thought to do a double check on them, a guest had been moved, cost to owner $5,000 and of course they had not reversed the payment to the first owner, they had become so reliant on this new system they had become slack on the spread sheets and the new system was not designed for my industry so did not allow for double payments, either that or they had not programmed it correctly.

So $180,000 spent on a system that did not work and $180,000 wasted as they did not advise me how to properly run a business as if they had they would have no work. The bottom line in business is exactly that, the bottom line, you can not forecast income, especially in a recession, but you can forecast what you pay. In December 2009, 7 months after they had taken full control of Cape Villas finances, costs were $100,000 a month an increase from $70,000 when they took over. In April 2010 I fired them, they were paying themselves out of money that was due to owners. I took financial control, and spoke to the owners telling them of our troubles, most were understanding. 14 months later and costs are now reduced by 2000% $100,000 a month to $5,000

Before I go on, id just like to point out the ruthlessness of Ian Scott and BDO, not content of milking us and in essence fraudulently paying themselves out of Owners money. On August the 3rd 2010, 2 days after Sienna had died, he phoned me on my cell. I said, hey Ian I’m really not up for talking right now my daughter just died, he said, I know, in a less than sympathetic tone, he said, words along the lines of Listen Nick, you owe me money and I’m going to get it. Further two this, he said the staff member he had put in the Financial Management position of Cape Villas, was now working for his firm and had signed an affidavit to say, I had deliberately changed trading companies to avoid paying them, he’d signed an affidavit and I could go to prison for what I’d done and he’d see to it that I did. This was utter crap and he knew it.

I’m a moral guy It would be pretty easy for me to go back to the UK and consult for travel companies, creating magazines for them keeping the profit, it was something I learnt from Liam from Quintessentially and seeing as when it came to magazines I was a one man show and my father also had experience. But I had a moral obligation, to the owners of the villas, more over the guests, and to SA Tourism in general.

For the travel brand we were creating hopefully for VIRGIN “Experience Africa” we needed what is known as a SATSA license, what this did was insure all your bookings so if a company went down, all the guests would receive a full refund, as soon as we had got our license, mid 2009 we stopped trading in Ravenscoe Properties and traded in LV Africa, so as all bookings for guests were protected. Should Cape Villas have gone down, it would have been a PR disaster of note, I’d seen smaller companies go down and hit international news, and with the world press focused on SA due to the world cup, it would have made big news and substantially damaged trust in SA travel companies across the board.

Ian Scott fully knew this, he’d even set up the company specifically for this reason, to lie and blackmail someone 2 days after their daughters death. I don’t believe in hell, but what do I know, if there is a hell he’s going to burn in it for eternity. I also hope when this book comes out the people of SA hound him and hound him, picket his house and work and egg him daily. I’d certainly expect all clients of BDO to leave, and I’ll be lobbying for a full investigation of their practices and if its found Ian’s actions were company sanctioned all of their directors be fined and or imprisoned. The way I see it, and few would argue, his actions created such immense pressure on me, I became and impossible persona to live with, which if not fully, certainly was a major contributing factor to my and Caitlin’s split, and had we not split, life would be different. I for one am absolutely 100% sure if not for Ian Scott, Sienna would be alive today, and I will never ever stop until I receive justice.

Note: mention the initial “preferred Browser for daily life” mention on the first executive summary now potentially being FaceBook