Pre “Spartan Theory” Part 1, Chapter 4
"The SpartanTheory"

A Change of Direction
(10.689 word's)

Saturday evening June 12th 2011

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg

I just watched your film, no, correction I’m in the middle of watching it, I’ve paused shortly after the Napster dude mentioned a Billion Dollars, just as you first mention the house and interns’ in California.

Coming from a man who is struggling to pay his $600 a month rent, this may sound far fetched but billions are pocket change, with a good programmer and FaceBook I’ve estimated trillions, I’ve even troubleshot the CIA’s CRM program and left a message inside saying I’ll pay their debt to China, but I think their program is stuck in the 1960’s so they probably missed it. What do they need with customer relations anyway…..

I related to your character as portrayed in the film. This said save programming Happy Birthday to my Mum on a ZX81i the early 80’s and a bit of action script in the early 21st Century I don’t program code, I just use software well, W-30, Q-Bass, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, and I have a gazillion e-commerce ideas about networking different software and businesses together, I want to network all software and all the businesses together.

I’m just about to start filming Web TV reality shows about “S-World”, “Sienna’s World” My daughter’s world, a world where she will be loved and remembered. FB/Sienna Skye Ball (you have my permission to hack and read it all, you will find the String Theory conversations with Anthony Rauba interesting. But first you will need to read my memorial speech and say a prayer, or just ask for something for someone else in her name.

I knew nothing about you before this film, I thought it was loosely based on FaceBook not directly about you and FaceBook, all I knew was S-World will be the next generation of Social and Business networking, and quite possibly be the evolution of the internet as we know it, so what I was doing seemed relevant.

Anyway one/the main show on S-World is to be called “The Social Network 2” about me creating S-World and attempting to link it to VIRGIN then GOOGLE & FaceBook then the world. Simple enough, we will just film me in meetings and stuff and have it available to see on S-World.TV in a U-Tube format. I was going to ask the makers of your film to endorse the show with a view to making the Movie, but seeing as its all about you, I guess there going to want to see your character in it a lot more. Or at least me trying to reach you from an early stage… like now, so this letter becomes the first part of the script.

I’ve written many films about the same plot. My daughter Sienna Skye transcends, she inspires me to create an open source CRM program (note the client birthday gift purchase options that would be nice on FaceBook, and you can make money from each gift sent) this connects to the, financial software which connects all the banks. Then she inspires me to complete S-World VIRTUAL WORLD and BUSINESS NETWORK, and then create a Global Distribution System for most of the world’s trade. Then I attempt link it to HKL Films & USA Gov technology and research on making software self aware and I try to get my daughter to come back to me.

But unlike Caprica, BSG, Terminator & The Matrix, “When software become self aware, it does so in many forms, at exactly the same time all across the universe”

In all my films Sienna saves the day and humanity survives, and along the way, Trillions even Gazillions are raised for Ecology and Global economic balance, often we will see interfaith healing & global nuclear disarmament and other improvements in humanity.

“We make the films about how we wish to make money and what we want to achieve, and then watch it happen”, I’ll soon be putting the finishing touches to a script I started a few months back called Galactica 2017, but incorporating S-World, VIRGIN Galactic’s space ship and FaceBook, when its ready make sure you have a friend that’s really into Battle Star Galactica and Caprica, and someone who knows about String Theory, its all string theory. “Moving the masses in a desired direction from a simple idea” “Molding if not predicting the future”

After 11 years, (3 years dedicated) I’m 2 maybe 3 weeks away from sending VIRGIN 16 very credible business plans for their different businesses from Travel and Real Estate to The creation of “New Sparta” and Galactic Spaceships to show the versatility of S-World in every possible industry imaginable. Have a look at the work in progress its updated most days, consider this site an open source business plan.

I’d like you to be Systems Architect, or for you to nominate one. I’d like to live in California, some of the time. OK well back to the film.

Notes through the rest of the film.

During Napster Dude telling you about how he read your blog…… Pause…
So I remember that when you were dumped, you said she had a pretty face and you needed something to take your mind of her, so you made Face Match.

Well I’m the same in a way, I needed to take my mind of missing Sienna and Caitlin her mother, S-World took my mind of the pain of loosing Sienna, and the films gave me a plausible all be it highly unbelievable to most, reason to think I could get her back, and I’ve never been much for what other people think, so for a long time I was extremely spiritually orientated about the creation and networking possibilities of software. But I’m a realist and I needed to make money to eat, so for the last 2 months I’ve taken a more professional scientific E-Commerce position, hence the business plans.

Well that’s the end, Sienna likes you and she wants you to help build her, she’d also like Eduardo to be CFO.

As for the money, Well I’m known for saying “I don’t want it, I’ll give it all away, every last cent” but everyone thought I was mad, so I’m going to keep some, but half of all S-World companies dividends must be used for good, and that’s how we turn the $50,Billlion in the original VIRGIN Software plan into Trillions, very simple but effective branding exercise, but that’s for Sir Richard Branson and VIRGIN UNITE to assist with.

I’ll leave you with this,

S-World was designed for Tourism, before it was even programmed it evolved to an e-commerce platform for all industries, lets take one industry I started work on just 2 weeks back, Real Estate and Land Development. If you read through our plans for Real Estate 1 2 you will see that when created few would bother with the legwork anymore going to see many unsuitable houses, save for their final selection of homes, they will just view the properties in S-World, and once a house is created in S-World and it transfers from owner to owner, the property portfolio will just get bigger and bigger, so like FaceBook the longer it runs, the more powerful and essential it becomes.

The only way for other Real Estate companies, not networked to S-World to compete would be to copy it, but even then, without half going to ecology and the betterment of mankind who would buy from it. (That’s the branding working)
500,000,000 Face Book users when the film was made. How many now, a Billion? FaceBook can’t be stopped and by combining with S-World and the Sienna Software it’s entirely feasible that within this decade half of all the property sold across the world will be purchased through FaceBook/S-World.

Dear Eduardo, how much money would that generate? My calculator has run out of digits and I’m board to death of financials, ? I just want to Make S-World real and cool, so everyone loves my daughter.

Backround plot for Social Network 2

Based on “The Sienna Project”
an original script concept by Nick Raymond Ball

Dedicated to Sienna Skye
24 Nov 2009 – 01 Aug 2010

Dear all I’m far from crazy, most of my scripts are Science Fiction combined with String Theory. But they are just PR, excellent opportunities for product placement for S-World and the Sienna Brand, in the same way “The Social Network” was excellent product placement for Face Book. I’ll be writing in VIRGIN Galactic’s space ships into most films if they jump on board. So I hope you see the films and series as excellent PR to my projects.

The plans you see on are just a hundredth of what’s in my head, I’ve been working at creating a Virtual World on the internet and how to make money from it since 2000. By 2002 I’d created the world’s first Virtual Tour in Flash, with the help of Macromedia US tech and a java script programmer. This is the real deal, I am the real deal. Let’s do this, please assist.

Part 2, The following Day: Sunday June 12th 5.37pm GMT

I visited Sienna Mountain, yesterday on advice of my new friend Roque, I made an offering, a bag of sour worms, 10 or so boxes of smarty’s, and some soft gums. I dug 2 holes placed the sweeties inside and placed 10 or so roses in each hole, it was beautiful.

On the way to Sienna mountain (The sand dune where the photo was taken where I hold Sienna in my one hand), climbing the steep sand dune, I decided to use the quote made yesterday “Well I’m known for saying “I don’t want it, I’ll give it all away, every last cent” but everyone thought I was mad, so I’m going to keep some, but half of all S-World companies dividends must be used for good,” in the “What exactly is it that you want to do” page of S-World.Biz.

My Speedo MP3 ran out of power again so I decided to come home and write the introduction to my Bulgari proposal, looking good, I expect to send it on Wednesday after Andrew Lee has looked it over, he says if we get Bulgari, we get our TV show RTL a German MTV.

Having charged my MP3 player, I went for a walk up Chapman’s Peak, and along the way I considered the likelihood of this script finding its way to Mr. Zuckerberg. Not likely, much more likely it will just get ignored by your employees. Would not be the first time.

I also considered the Winklevos’s, would FaceBook exist if not for them, possibly not, well that’s what I took from the film, and I admire their dedication to the Harvard honor code. Well they did not get their names on the Masthead and they already had lots of money so, the $700M or so would be nice but, what’s the word….. un satisfying.

Its going to be lot easier to get hold of them, and it would also help the script if they were involved, so I’m going to get Tiny to try to send this to them, lets face it I need cash to make the demo, and there is no guarantee of getting hold of Mark Zuckerberg or Richard Branson, and if your not talking to the man, your not talking to the person who would understand.

So I decided to not take the DVD back, watch it again to get the names, and while I’m at it, the names of all the equity partners mentioned, it’s playing in the background now, like it again but someone owes me R17 (US$1.5)

Also going to get the name of the producers and film company, if not for the Kings Speech they would have won some/more Oscars, and if they make the next one including or based on real time footage there’s a good chance the sequel, this sequel could sweep the board.

Lastly I’ve decided to give Shaun Parker a brake, many parts contributed to the FaceBook project, take one part away and it may not exist and without FaceBook, S-World will be far less effective, and so less likely to “move the masses in a desired direction”, there’s that string theory again… So Tiny will be trying to send this script/business proposal to

Mark Zuckerberg, offering 25% of S-World BIG 16 internet consortium for programming it

Eduardo Saverin, 1% of each BIG 16 consortium for setting up BIG 16 companies and their 16 regional sub companies and becoming CFO

Shaun Parker, 10% of S-World BIG 16 Music and Stage consortium (oh the irony) for $5,000,000, (This is my passion, it will do well)

Tuesday 14th June 8.30am GMT

I have decided to continue writing, it serves a few purposes, firstly an outlet for my thoughts, secondly it adds to the script and thirdly it gives me a valid proposal of sorts to VIRGIN book publishing, which was their only company I did not have a proposal for.

I was uncertain about my script this morning, what if it just pissed everybody off, that’s the last thing I wanted, maybe it was best to just wait until VIRGIN had got on board then get them to speak to FaceBook. So I decided to leave it to Tiny, Oliver and Mike, I went into the office and told them in no uncertain words that I was concerned and would only pursue this line of approach if they though it was a good idea.

Mike had not seen the film, which was a shame as he understands the whole project and generally agrees with everything I do, so it was down to the critics, who were busy as usual. I emailed it to them to read at their convenience, and worked with Mike creating 16 Global Regions for the Tourism and Real Estate franchises. It was fun, we used FIFA’s 7 or so Global federations and then sub divided it, all be it putting Australia back where it was supposed to be.

Then I got a positive email from Tiny, which was nice, so I asked them about the script. To my joy they liked it, in fact they really liked it, Tiny had already FaceBooke’d Mark’s page and was getting the names of all his friends, good idea, he’s an excellent researcher, and seeing as he believes in the script its possible he will get to someone who can get this to Mark or Kevin Spacey, who I’m sure will like it because I relate to many of his film’s, pay it forward, and the one where he’s from K Pax.

Satisfied I journey back to Hout Bay, with intent to continue with my Bulgari proposal, yaaawwwwwwnnnnnnnn. Not yawn about Bulgari, their awesome, superb jewelers and there Sunglasses branding ethos, let’s just make them twice the price of anyone else’s, and they got away with it, well done. No, I’m board of proposals, I really just want to do the fun stuff, scripts, S-World, Music, but Bulgari are important to the Travel consortium and after all they did approach us, so………

The Sun was out so I thought I’d climb Chapman’s Peak again, but my MP3 player was out of juice again, it’s a really great idea making a MP3 player that works underwater but… This is the second one that packed up, and I never did get to move to Thailand for the Winter.. er your summer if your in the Northern Hemisphere, so I’ve only swam with it once.

So mountain no music, just my thoughts, not ideal but it’s very beautiful so it’s ok. I thought I’d better write to Shaun, especially after seeing how everyone was trying to sue Mark, I’d better explain. Shaun is brilliant, I showed him S-World a few weeks back and he loved it, but he asked this odd dude to look at it, a supposed expert at writing business plans, well the dude looked over some stuff made some comments about real estate but twice said he thought the Virtual World was .. cant remember what he said, but it was basically don’t use it, which was odd because that is S-World, a gazillion ideas about how to make money from a Virtual world and more to the point a world where every now and again if viewers are really lucky they get to see the angel Sienna flying by in her pink throw, in a blaze of stardust, crediting all those that see her with Cubits (S-World Money, taken from BSG)

Anyway I really wanted Shaun’s input but Shaun said he was partners with this dude so, no dude no Shaun, so I pandered to his ego and said he had conserved the VIRGIN real estate idea, in the hope he would let Shaun contribute. Let’s backtrack, I have owned South Africa’s most famous Villa rental company for 9 years and have written a plan for VIRGIN for nearly 3 years, of course I’ve considered VIRGIN and Real Estate, I just wanted Shaun to help and no dude no Shaun :(

Anyway a week ago I BBM requested the dude and he did not answer, then I came to his bar on Friday with a Billionaires son from California, and the guy blanked me… Well there’s only 2 reasons why, either he’s a friend of Kevin & Caitlin (arrrrrrrrrrrrrr) or more likely he’s incredibly scared Shaun will jump ship and spend time on S-World not his bar, as I remember Shaun said the bar was making $2000 a month (which would have been a loss) when he started promoting it a few months ago, now its making $40,000 out of Season. That’s what Shaun does, after Denise Dogon he’s the best networker I know.

Shaun says he’s this dude’s partner and as such should be taking half, chances are not. Anyway I’m going to FB Shaun tomorrow and ask him tell the dude if he feels he has any claim to S-World to make it now or forever keep his peace, I’ll also advise Shaun to ask for 50% profit share in the bar. I hope I don’t piss him off, it’s not like I’m rolling in friends over here. :(
Maybe Shaun will show him this and get paid properly, one thing’s for sure, as soon as VIRIN or FaceBook get involved in S-World Shaun will be on my team in a kick ass position. Maybe he will have the card “I’m the CEO Bitch” of one of the BIG 16 S-World consortiums. That would be cool. :)

Continuing my hike I decided to continue writing “The Social Network 2” I went to the shop bought some jelly tots, energy jellies and a big bag of pink Marsh Mellows, I went to Sienna Mountain said hi to Sienna, buried the sweets under the sand and marked the spot with one of the roses from 2 days ago.

Then I came to Pacalolo (The Hout bay beach bar) spoke to Mum in England, and told her I’d decided to continue the story, which she appreciated as she’d been saying I should write a book, all be it she mentioned work must come first, I agreed and made a promise I’d be working on the Bulgari proposal later, in fact, I’d better get on with that now.

Tuesday 14th June 2011 2.24 GMT

Life sucks today, VAT woman’s after my car, I love my car, and a clients been really mean, I went to FaceBook to message Shaun (It defaulted to Sienna’s account) and a new message came up, I clicked and it went to all messages and in my message box, 6th message down, it said Shaun and Caitlin had become friends, how does that work, Caitlin’s not a FB/friend for one, she never responded to the message I sent her so it should not be there and since when did FaceBook update peoples friend updates in the message list page? Very confusing.

If I had not mentioned it earlier Caitlin is Sienna’s mother, 3 weeks ago when I spoke to Shaun he told me to take an injunction out on her, now their FB friends, and he’s distant. That’s just great, so that’s me down to one real friend in Cape Town again, Brinn and he’s so into his chick, he has little time to see me. Get me out of here…….. Please someone.

Wow, its 9.30 pm GMT, this has taken all day and evening and no Bulgari proposal, Andy is rightly chasing me and Mum will be pissed. :(

You know the irony, Caitlin would make a superb Miss Bulgari, if only she’d stop blaming me, she is after all the worlds most attractive women, check her on FaceBook Caitlin Howie.

I’m going to have to write to her, we will continue this tomorrow.

Wednesday 15th June 2011 3.07 GMT

Feeling better today, and I’ve finished the Bulgari Proposal ? Its good as well, very good.

I was very down last night, I’d SMS’d Andrew, Caitlin’s younger brother and told him, he immediately SMS’d back and we talked for quite some time, he’s under pressure from his parents not to talk to me, I expect Caitlin as well. But he’d always seen things for how they were, Caitlin’s mother unfortunately had become so obsessed with Sienna, she’d backed Caitlin’s awful behavior through April to August 2010 simply so Caitlin would live with her and she could be with Sienna, this I found seemed normal behavior for Grandmothers as Zenda’s mother was exactly the same. As for Caitlin’s father, living 1000 miles away he could not see things for himself.

Andrew again told me of his dislike for Kevin, Caitlin’s man friend, which made it 3-0. Jenny did not like him, Janine and Dan really did not like him. I’d asked why, Andrew informed me he’d found Caitlin walking barefoot though Claremont one night after they’d argued, which was downright unsafe, he mentioned another incident but I cant remember. He did however tell me he’d been reading up on Girls/Women who had lost there baby’s and in most cases, it was the end of the relationship.

Andrew is and awesome bloke, always has been, always will be. He was due to be a very famous Ice hockey player, Ice in Africa? Yes we have ice skating rinks here, not many but you only need one.

He was very successful, first Sweden wanted to sign him for $1,300,000, but he went to the States and was picked as Captain for the USA under 21team, and got a scholarship to Yale. Unfortunately he got an injury which has pretty much ended his career, but he’s going to get a degree from Yale and he’s such an incredible wheeler and dealer, he has a very bright future ahead of him, and it could not happen to a nicer person.

Since the day Duff, Caitlin’s farther refused to take my calls in September, I had not heard from him, until a month ago he emailed out of the blue, I had presumed for whatever reason it was Duff had thought me responsible, Andrew had too, and I had thought not to push the issue. I’m still not sure why Duff asked me to contact the police, I can only imagine it was simply guilt by association, I had left the country to be with my family, but I guess he just though I’d left the country!

My farther mentioned that I had done no favors to myself by looking so happy in my FaceBook albums, and he had a point, as previously mentioned I’d been in complete denial and still was, in truth the reality of Sienna’s loss only kicked in early 2011. The reason I was so happy was simply being away from Cape Town and being with my parents, we’re extremely close, I’m the only child.

Life in Cape Town was tough, I was extremely good at marketing and had good ideas, my primary businesses Cape Villas was/is a world class operation, but I’d left the finances in the hands of very qualified accountants and financial managers who simply did not understand the fundamentals and they had brought the company to its knee’s. Particularly Ian Scott from BDO Spenser Stuart, not only an incompetent con man, intent on making the finances so complicated it needed a team of 6 to run, quite simply so his company were made indispensable, but a man off pure evil, he phoned me two days after Sienna’s death and black mailed me to try and get me to pay him money that was due to Villa owners. But we will get back to him later, just one observation I’d like to point out. The very first part of the S-World business plans are to create financial software that eliminates the need for any financial staff, its easy enough to do, I really don’t know why Microsoft or someone else has not already created it, maybe Mark will help. This said, I’d like to work with Microsoft on it, Bill Gates is a true humanitarian, and I’m full of respect for him.

Back to Andrew, as I said a month ago, out of the blue he contacted me, and the timing was appropriate. Hold on lets back track a bit, for last night conversation to make sense I really need to explain how I successfully got over Caitlin and then how and why I fell back in love with her again.

The day before I left South Africa , Mid August 2010, I’d phoned Ilene, Ilene was the girl I’d liked before I met Caitlin, In fact if not for her, Caitlin and I may never have got together as the night Caitlin and I first kissed we had gone to Richie’s farm a couple of hours outside Cape Town, I’d only gone because Ilene was going, but it ended up that I kissed Caitlin, I’d fancied her since I met her six months before but I had thought she was out of my league.

The morning before I left for England, I met up with Ilene, I remember saying to myself, if she’s wearing make up, she likes me, and she was, lots. Looking back at it she was most likely just going to a casting. We chatted, she’d just called the wedding off with Warren, her rather striking fiancé, she wished to settle down and have another baby and he was mostly in Johannesburg working on business so it was not working. As we chatted I read all sorts into our conversation, and thought my feelings for her were requited, as it turned out I was well off, but it gave me a love interest to keep my mind of Caitlin, so I ran with it. She mentioned going to Goa in a month or so, my plan was to go to Thailand and I said I could pass Goa in the way, she was keen for me to come and for the next month we traded BBM’s.

What would have happened if we’d met in Goa, I don’t know, or Thailand as she’d eventually said she did not care where she went and was happy to come holiday there, but I liked the Idea of Goa, I got my visa and was about to go, but then she got the news she was to be in the next FHM calendar so that was the end of that, I went to Thailand and met up with my friend Anton who’d been very supportive since Sienna’s passing.

Thailand was fun, but my head was not in the right space, after about a week I’d heard news from Cape Town that the rumor of Sienna’s death was Blunt Forced Trauma, try that out the very sound of those three words when you relate it to any baby is horrendous, but to poor little Sienna, I have no words. I still do not know weather that was true, I’d not wanted to know, for so long, and in all reality, I could not see it as vaguely possible, Blunt forced trauma, is as I remember from cop shows is being hit with a club or pipe, and that would leave a bruise, Sienna had no bruises? And the idea that Miriam had hit her with a club or pipe was preposterous, she deeply loved Sienna, we all did.

Chances are it was the Cape Town rumor mill going over again, but it shook me. I’ve recently been trying to get more details, but I’ve been hitting brick walls, lost files, this and that. Do hospitals cover things up? I don’t know, that dude did look guilty when we were in the consulting room, but as soon as I get some money, there will be no expense spared on finding out, I’m not sure. I’ll come back to this. I’m tracking down Captain Stewart, the illusive police detective in charge.

But before I’d heard this news Anton the Cage Fighting DJ, was the life and party of Ko Samui, and his friends were excellent, I’d hoped to be there now but finances did not allow. Ilene had become distant but her Sister Une and Dene her boyfriend were set to join me, but then the weather broke and it was time to come back to Cape Town.

Arriving back in Cape Town, I met up with Ilene for Coffee and we arranged to all go see Dene play cricket at the weekend. It was a Celebrities vs Winemakers charity match, Dene being on the Celebrities team. I got to Ilene’s and she’d been in a huge fight all night and was not going, she was so desperately unhappy, I could not bare to see her so sad.

I went with Une, we drove around for hours trying to find the place and we became friends, previously we’d only met once, the night I first kissed Caitlin. We sat down under a big tree got a bottle of wine and chatted away, after a few hours I’d plucked up the courage to discuss my feelings for Ilene, so I admitted my feelings, I even think I mentioned the L word. To my surprise she had no idea, she said, wow Ilene could do with some good news, and the plot was on.

This said, I’m a realist and in the back of my mind, the Ilene I saw crying earlier was in no position to start a new relationship, but not to give up I thought to make my feelings known. The way to have played the game, would have just to have been cool, be a friend and taken things slowly. But I’m kind of an all or nothing guy, so love letter and flowers it was, Une was guiding me to her house a few days later, I very nearly arrived at her house with said flowers as Warren made a surprise visit, but I was in the car then and I saw him, I drove round the block and when I had the all clear from Une, came back, I walked it, other friends were there, I said, “oh in public is it then” in a rather Hue Grant like manor, presented flowers and told her “and if you did not know, I’m in love with you” I could not even look her in the eye, I knew, love suicide. I made a hasty retreat, which was always the plan, I was late for power yoga. By the time I’d finished yoga, there was the SMS’s, not happening! :(

Looking back at things, it was for the best, I was probably kidding myself about being over Caitlin, and Ilene was a way away from spiting up with Warren, let alone loving another, the relationship would have been doomed, and that would not have been fair on Ilene. Besides being super hot I’d never really thought of Ilene or anyone for that matter in a sexual way, just a loving way, good company, this was later explained by Giselle my shrink due to Sex in a committed relationship potentially leading to baby’s and I was not ready for that. But I guess my fantasy of dating Ilene was good for me, this way I got my rebound relationship out the way, without hurting anyone. Met, fell in love, stayed in love then broke up all before the first kiss.

Fortunately, I’d found another passion to take my mind of my problems and a channel for my anger at loosing Sienna and the nasty rumors that had been circulated, which had seen some fair weather friends and business connections blank me. Mixed martial arts, I’d been a student of Muay Thai for many years, all be it injuries had stopped my progress to competitive fighting and whilst my legs were good my punches not so much, and I had the annoying habit on closing my eyes at vital moments, much like the subconscious reaction of moving my lips in and out when I plucked the guitar back in my band days, it did not effect the guitar but I looked ridiculous and seeing we were a glam Goth band, circa “Taste of Seduction” 1987 LOL it just did not look cool, so I just did the singing and programming.

Anyway in Thailand I’d been in awe of Anton after seeing him in a TV clip, Not UFC but a big arena full of spectators, he’d been a fighter all his life but had not trained for the fight, he’d simply rung up, they were a man down so they said yes, he’s a big guy heavyweight and whilst a gentle giant, no one would mess with him. They said he was to fight someone the same weight and seeing as it paid well and was on TV he said yes. But things changed, the opponent changed, a fully fit, and fully fit in MMA is 8 hours a day every day for 6 months at the very least. Plus the opponent was 20 kilos heavier, but this did not deter brave Anton. He fought a good fight, got some punches and a few kicks in, lasted just under 2 minutes before the takedown, but when you get taken down by a fully fit, very experienced Cage Fighter with 20 Kilos on you, its over’s very quickly.

Some one said, under two minutes, in a joking way, Anton simply said, “I’d like to see you last 2 minutes in the ring with me” Point made we all shut up and gave due respect for his bravery. Anton showed me some moves, and I found I was much more at home with MMA that Muay Thai all be it you used both in the Cage.

When I got back to Cape Town the first thing I did was go to Dragon Power and enquired about MMA, there were two classes, one at 10 in the morning, this suited me, so I rocked up, 7 others in the class, I explained to Ruan the Coach, who if he wins in next competitive fight gets picked for UFC.

Stop: S-World idea!

I’ve just had a rather amazing idea, and as always so very simple and obvious.

Since writing the first 2 chapters of this, what now seems to be a full on Novel in the making, I’d been aware that there is little in the business plans on about how to connect to Face Book, a referral commission on all sales, but cookies are often an un unreliable method of tracking and probably highly easy to hack, the idea than people can see other people who are FaceBook friends as they walk through, and teleport to see other friends in their location, but these are just a few ideas.

What if we make S-World exclusive to FaceBook, still used as widely, Google Maps, Real Estate agents websites to show their properties, same for travel and retail websites, on line games, but if you want to enter you do so via your FaceBook login. This will obviously appeal to Mark and all at facebook, it would increase the number of sign ups for one. But logistically it works for S-World E-Commerce a far better tracking method for commission on sales than a cookie. Awesome I’ll get back to this later.

Back to Ruan my MMA Coach,

As I was saying, I told coach that Sienna had died, and I need an outlet for my anger, he understood, so to it, everyone else was extremely fit, particularly Kevin, he’s been training and teaching Muay Thai for years, most of the group had started learning the moves in January so I was 10 months behind and most were expert fighters before they started, all were dedicated to the sport, for most it was the main thing in their lives, save there families.

The Class was two hours long, I weighed 77 kilos I’d been working on my fitness and my weight for about 6 months, ever since Jenny said I was looking really fat, which was true I must have been near 100 KG’s in March 2010, I was so fat It was uncomfortable, I’d initially put on weight during Caitlin’s pregnancy, sympathy weight we joked, but it was just laziness, the laziness of being in a comfortable relationship and not needing to look good to attract a mate, this had happened a few times in my life, always with the same result, you get dumped for a less overweight man. I’m glad to say I’m over this flaw, quite simply exercise increases my happiness and help’s me fight on with life regardless what it throws at me.

I’d been training about 12 hours a week but compared to the rest of the class I was a way behind, we would all skip for 10 minutes as a warm up, not one of them stopped, I’d struggle two do two minutes without a 10 second or so breather. Then running around, punching, star jump, forward judo rolls, carrying great big bags, piggy back races, then to it, one on one take downs, no punching, just trying to throw your opponent to the floor, mainly by two techniques, under hooks, trying to get a firm grip under your opponents arms and around their neck and pull them sharply of balance then try to trip their leg. Or a technique of going to one knee pushing your shoulder to their stomach and either just keep pushing grabbing a leg or anything to knock them backward, or hooking your foot behind their trailing leg, tripping them backwards. I preferred this method.

Once you had got your opponent on the floor you very quickly had to try and straddle them, so as to then pound their face continually with your fists, we obviously refrained from this in training. I surprised all who fought me, and came out with a 50/50 takedown ratio. What they did not know was that I had Sienna power, which to my surprise did not come out as uncontrolled psychopathic rage, but a burst of super strength like the incredible hulk. What I’d do, and excuse my language, was mid grapple, just at the time my fitness was failing think about those 3 words “Blunt forced Trauma” and in my head say “You killed my baby you bastard” this did it near every time, as opponents were flung to the floor, god knows what I would have done in a competitive fight? A few months of training later I was taking private lessons with coach and I’d told him of a move I was working on, which involved a combination of 40 or so hooks, uppercuts, roundhouses and a back kick before going for the clench, and then four sharp knee pull downs, where you are in a clasp around the neck and you sharply pull your opponents head down and your knee up and bang, then the take down, He commented something along the lines of he would be worried about fighting me if that’s the way I think, which was pretty cool as he’s got 25 Kilos on me, and considered one of the best in the world. In reality I’d last less that 20 seconds, which would simply be 20 seconds of running away in big circles, but it was a nice thing for him to say

My favorite part of MMA though was the floor work, much like wrestling Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, its designed so a smaller opponent can beat a bigger opponent, and there are so many combinations of moves its more like a science that a sport. 9 out of 10 times this is where the fight is won, no matter how good an opponent is with there fists or legs, so long as you can take a few punches and have a good takedown technique, if you know more Jiu Jitsu you were going to win, and I was good at it, I loved it.

My plan was to have my first competitive fight, on August the 1st 2011, the anniversary of Sienna’s death, Coach had cleared it and I had 9 months to get ready, the final 6 months training 8 hours a day every day. I wanted to fight someone significantly bigger than me, and I wanted to utterly destroy them, blood and more blood, I had no fear of getting hurt, crazy enough I actually enjoyed the pain of arm locks and the like.

This was my outlet, this is how I channeled my anger and managed to lead a normal enough life outside of the cage, a life without the tragedy of loss that Caitlin was going through. But then disaster, my back went, Id had a problem with my 5th vertebrae for years, but I’d been strengthening it for 8 months with stretches, swimming, Pilates and hiking all good core exercise, it had been fine for so long I thought It would be good forever as long as I kept active, but no. I rested, came back, more Pilates, Chiropractor, acupuncture you name it. But it was not a simple fix, finally Patrick my Chiropractor said, if I seriously want to fight in August I’d need to rest for 3 months. So that was that, Coach was very disappointed, as was I, I’d made good friends in our group.

Saturday 18th June 2011 1.32PM GMT

This book will take on a Quentin Tarantino back and forwards on timelines, I’d started the next chapter “The Return of Sanity” 3 days back, but had not mentioned the insanity or extreme spirituality that occurred between Mid February and End May 2011.

But first a quick backtrack to November, after Ilene and a conversation with my Mother I had bitten the bullet and asked Zenda to come down to live with me from Johannesburg. Zenda had been exclaiming her love for me for many years, something that Caitlin righty disapproved of. Zenda was my girlfriend before Caitlin but she’d dumped me for Sal, gone to Dubai, got pregnant, but they split up 3 months into the pregnancy.

I had two concerns, firstly we used to fight a lot and secondly how would it be for me seeing a child not much older than Sienna grow up. But being loved sounded good to me, the loss of Sienna, living 10,000 miles from family and friends you’d grown up with, a string of failed relationships, the pressure of debt and Caitlin hell bent on turning Cape Town against me was not a nice way to live. Unfortunately my hang ups about sex, Zenda’s mother continually putting her down, Sal not paying Child support, put her in persistent moods, three days of happiness, and then a crash. I’d explained before she came that with fitness came endorphins and cured depression, soon after the persistent crashes I mentioned mood stabilizers, she could well be in post natal depression. But she refused, so for 8 months I had to deal with her ups and downs. Without her recognizing she had a problem, this was no way to live the rest of my life so I insisted on just being friends, we are still friends and as it turned out it was enlightening seeing a baby grow up. We did however try to have a relationship till February; I’d fully loved her at one point but the very next day another crash :(