“The Spartan Theory”: Part3 - Chapter 38
"American Butterfly"

Dear Diary – 7th March the to 14th March
The Lead

11:04 am GMT: Wednesday March 7th 2012

Dear Mr. Farsi, Mr. Chavance & The Corniche Group

New day, new chapter, the title “The Lead Out” is a cycling term, if performed well 4 team mates cycle in a line stating about 1200M from the finish line, the front rider pushing as hard, the others riders benefitting from riding in his slip stream, as the riders reach failure they pull off and the rider behind pushes into overdrive, until at about 200 Meters to go the strongest sprinter races for the line. Winning a sprint in cycling is rarely a one man show.

To introduce another member of the “American Butterfly” team I will present the email I just wrote to him.

“Hi Mike

I hope all is well; the summary has come on significantly, the most important part the recently written Introduction/Executive Summary

It will need a little tweaking, but from a business and overall economic perspective, it describes the process in 4 pages.

This is important as it opens the door to reading the balance of the document that can now be a little more detailed.

As you will see I have changed the format, the chapters 1b, 2, 3a and 3b are as before so do not bother with them, just the balance.

I have attached the new summary, named: American Butterfly V_002

I decided to end Chapter 51: Purple Emperor at page 72, Thursday 23rd Feb

The next Chapter 52: Sports Media, Energy & an Executive Summary starts on the 24th, you have already corrected the first 22 pages, so start at page 23 just after is says: “OK Mike the following material is new and needs correcting”

Please do corrections up till page 43, at which point I have copied in American Butterfly V_002

From there, go straight to American Butterfly V_002 and correct remembering that you have already done 1b, 2, 3a and 3b, all be it, it would be a good idea to have another quick read through.

Once complete, copy American Butterfly V_002 on to Chapter 52: Sports Media, Energy & an Executive Summary from page 43, replacing the unedited work.

I’d say it will take about 6 days to finish the summary, and another 4 or 5 to go over it and make it flow. At which time, I will print it at the printers and send it to Mr. Farsi. So as not to be a nervous wreck waiting for his call as soon as it is in the hands of the printers I will move on to stage 2

Stage 2 involves completing the PQS final analysis of the resorts and making a concise USA 16 year forecast, this will take a week, once complete, I will add this to American Butterfly V_002 and re look at all the work involved, from here I wish to track down Peter Huffen ex Experience Africa copy writer and get him to make it shine, during which time I will work on the graphics and start a dedicated website www.AmericanButterfly.net (please buy the domain)

Where after we will have a strong professional presentation, I’m going to look at printers to get prices on pro printing maybe 30 copies maybe a few hundred, depends on the price. With said copies, dedicated website and a CD inserted into each broacher, the world is our Oyster, and we can send them out one by one all at the same time, probably somewhere in the middle, presented in such a way, some one somewhere has got to read it.
As soon as someone gives the green light, I will bring you over to assist, so make sure you have your passport up to date.

On a less happy note, I am very concerned with the progress of the Virtual Tours, these are the only link between Cape Villas and S-World, and they are the biggest pull for people in Thailand and Cape Town alike to working in a preferential way to other companies. It’s been 3 months and not a one, you need to double your efforts on this, 8 was the agreed number to be complete by the end of April, and 8 is what is expected.

You need to think clever, for Cape Villas, (which pays the rent) these tours if done make you indispensable and a valued asset, whist I’ve not spoken to Oliver and have no reason to unduly be concerned about winter finances, for the last 9 years it has been a continuous struggle, as such you would be advised to put yourself in a position that is of immense benefit to Oliver.

Looking at the time sheets, I see you worked on a number of game farms, was this uploading on to the site, or just working on the spreadsheet? Did Matt fix the problems? If not, it is your responsibility to pester him and pester him and hassle him and hassle him some more, until it is working 100%, we paid for the site, he even turned it off losing all the search engine rankings, so he needs to make sure all his coding errors are 100%.

In the same way as the Virtual tours would make you valuable and not expandable, should finances take a turn for the worse, getting this running and being able to get it so we are happy to advertise creates the same effect, as soon as it is working, we can get more enquiries and more money, the time to do this is now.

Ok, I’ll not push the point, and leave you with my last concern, which is that you are working to rule, considering what is at stake, both for Cape Villas, S-World and Experience Africa, I’d hope you were working at full capacity, overrunning the time sheet by 20 hours or so, now is the time that great effort is needed, put the work in over the next 6 weeks and you will better yours and everyone else’s lives, go, go, go…

Cheers Nick Ray

So that’s Mike, who is responsible for the automation in the facebook gifts idea and much of the earlier work on desalination, and a good friend.

The letter highlights the latest update to the presentation and outlines the adjusted timescales, which have actually been adjusted continually for about 6 months, but I am close now, I’m going to have a quick read through American Butterfly V1:002 then come back to the diary to plot out exactly what I want to put in the final 8 or so sections.

5:58 pm GMT: Wednesday March 7th 2012

Its amazing how time flies, I printed out the AB V:002 and went thought it, its scrappy and the earlier work used I not my preferred “the author” After this I went to the chiropractor and to Halfords and bought my new mountain bike and a few accessories. It will be ready tomorrow and I can’t wait to start exploring the Downs.

I’ve got it in my mind to keep up a steady diet, stop drinking completely and the fun of the mountain bike will compensate for missing two things I like to do, the cutting out drinking will of course improve the work, and as has happened in the past after a week or so it will not be missed as I am in general feeling more perky, the food on the other hand will be sorely missed, but that’s life, I have my work, I have my exercise, I have FIFA manager and my parents, which are plenty.

To introduce another member of the team, please welcome Oliver Van Den Heever, whist not directly involved he runs Cape Villas and that’s where the money comes from for me to work on this project without hindrance, and where the money will come from for the printing, and for that matter the mountain bike, of which I had better explain to him as I drew it out without telling him.

Hi Ollie

I hope all is going well, I copied you in on the mail to Mike earlier, asking him to get the Virtual Tours and Ex Africa going faster, he replied in an upbeat way, but is having trouble with the software, I think I have the answer which is simply to use the lens on a less wide setting.

Don’t panic about the cash I drew out, yesterday and last week, I’ve not started a new extravagant lifestyle, I still owed Dad R1,000 for my share of Mums birthday present last week and this week, I needed to give Mum the rent money R3,000 all be it she very kindly bought me a mountain bike with it.

How’s the search for the programmer going? I think I may try to look for a firm in India, as it seems there are a number of fundamental problems with the site.

Ok, keep well

Cheers Nick Ray

And a follow up to mike

Hi Mike

Glad to see you are up beat

I think if you use the lens on a less wide setting, it should solve the problems, it’s an especially wide lens that few would ever have, certainly not standard. So just zoom in a bit, note the amount (will be written on lens) and try from there

I have attached the Purple Emperor Chapter

Nick Ray

With the AM V:002 (American Butterfly V:002) I cant call it the summary anymore so its AM V:002 from now on. Anyway with it being more all telling, I no longer need the Diary chapters as a print back up, as such I can write in a less guarded manor, which is good, for me anyway, makes it all the more fun.

Ok so I’m going to do a critical analysis on AM V:002 thus far, the plot the balance of the pages.

“American Butterfly” V1:002

Part 1: Introduction
1a: Executive Summary

The first 6 paragraphs are a basic introduction half of which can be lost

The next section introduces the resorts and companies is quite good

The following section highlights the software, the SkyNet and Sienna part is risky, but it is an excellent lead up to the concept of buinessbook assistance. If I deem it to risky for the summary I can try it out within the software main section.

The following section up until “After 4 years seems quite good, as it explains the interconnections within EEE, all be it some of this may go into the resorts main section, particularly the bit about the apples.

The POP and 16 year plan, need tightening up, which will of course be easier after I have written the dedicated section.

The final part starting with “All considered” may well be better of as a separate section entitled “Stand Alone Business Plan” I had considered this earlier, I think it would go well straight after the introduction.

Overall: I’ll give it an 5 out of 10, it is however strong enough to stay where it is, I need to loose some parts and add a little bit here and there, It will no doubt be a week until I’ve finished the rest of the presentation, so I can work on it further then

Part 1: Introduction
1b: History

I thought about this page earlier as well, in a printed broacher, no one needs to know where the ideas came from or the history, especially as there a whole book on it. However I do think I need a dedicated page on Greece and New Sparta.

Part 2: US Economic Analysis by the PQS
1a: “Predictive Quantum Software”

I like it a lot, it allows for the introduction to not go into to much detail on the US economy but then hits you, bang, it needs a little more explanation of the PQS results and the chapter title needs to change, as it not about the PQS, it’s about the US economy.

I thought earlier I would have a dedicated page within the software section about the PQS, including the inspirations sighted in Sienna’s chapter “The Angel That Resides within string theory”

The section as per this chapter is a great lead up to the PQS section proper, I will try as best I can throughout the work, to have little lead ups to sections, just the same as I did with the Babylon Zoo Spaceman bootleg I made (long story)

I also think I can happily slip the “Stand Alone business plan” in before it as the second part of the introduction. That may well be the next section I work on.

Part 3:”Give Half Back”

3a: Medi Outreach & Super University Resort Hospitals (SURH’s)

The second paragraph does not make it clear that the dividends I would be due are the Give Half Back and I’m not taking them, it could even sound like I am saying I want 25% of the dividends

I’m using “I” not “The Author”

I’m saying resort, not Resort Company as such the numbers are out

As there will be a “Spartan Labor” section later, I will not try to explain it, just mention the benefits, the rest is good.

NOTE: I should start the “Stand Alone Business Plan” with something along the lines of:

There is a good argument that as this is a non chaotic economic formula it is not sensitive to initial conditions, as such; a single business and resort will in due course lead to the same outcome, the main difference being the initial investors in a micro version of “American Butterfly will make a ridiculous amount of money.

LOL, that’s good, and true.

Part 3:”Give Half Back”
3b: Resort Universities and Alternate Energies

Good but more detail can be afforded, on the universities, maybe with a picture of some solar arrays.

This may well be the best place to introduce “Spartan Labor” as it is a “Give Half Back” initiative, educating and giving a good life and a home to the have not’s, who generally don’t have due to their parents not being able to assist with college fees, or in general not being good parents from a “Childs Future” perspective.

Part 4: Software Designs and Specifications.

4a: Business software

I think the introduction page should be dedicated to small business stats and why this will help, general information.
However as a 2 page read its not bad, maybe it needs more detail, maybe it does not, there is not an awful lot of ground breaking stuff here, just all different types of business software in one box with a few thrills.

There is an argument that the financial and auditing software should be separate to the rest, I’ll live with it for a while and see how it works on further review.

Part 4: Software Designs and Specifications.
4b: Buinessbook - The Global Trade Network (GTN)

Good start, when the third paragraph links to the bulk purchasing we need to make it clear that by making the set of original businesses we alleviate the previously mentioned problem of people not wishing to share there ADS
inventory, plus we don’t need every company, if we get them all, great but its not essential not by a long chalk.

The middle section is a repeat of much of the introduction, I will need to look into that, maybe bring the introduction into this section and leave an edited version in its place.

The end is good, introducing big businesses via the resorts and associated buying power is priceless, and a new addition to the arrows in the quiver.

Finishing with the facebook gifts idea is also good, will some screen shots help? I think they would.

Part 4: Software Designs and Specifications.
4c: S-World – Virtual World, Media Network & Computerized TV Operating System

I absolutely love it, but to flow with the rest of the presentation it needs to be a little more……. A little more something, serious maybe,

I have extra detail to add from the introduction and work in the last chapter about the sports and media ideas.

Maybe a little more work on the tutorial game or maybe an entire section, as by doing so we can introduce the Virgin Galactica concept as a part of a game, then later as a film script before going ahead and mentioning it as an actual ambition.

Part 5: “The Resorts” Property Developments
5a: The Inspiration, History and Development of the “Resorts” concept.

Yes as I thought earlier this section is not necessary, it should be replaces with a piece on New Sparta, weather or not that comes at the beginning of the section I am not sure.

Actually maybe it should, I can use it to also highlight the Greek economic plan In a little detail maybe, either or, it can definitely lead into the conclusion that to work in the use many small resorts are needed, which leads nicely into Location, Location, Location.

Part 5: “The Resorts” Property Developments

5b: Location, Location, Location

Good enough but needs to give a clear budget for all items and explain how and when they will be paid for, by including the second phase of the development in the lists, maybe a spreadsheet list, it ads more wow to the project.

I will definitely need to finish my graphic.

Part 5: “The Resorts” Property Developments
5c: The Spartans – Team EEE

As mentioned earlier, the better place for this is in the Give Half Back, University section

Part 5: “The Resorts” Property Developments
5d: Chaos Theory, The Pressure of Profit (POP) & Ecologically Protected Capitalism (EPC)

First point is that if we hit the PQS science hard in the software section it leads into this, as opposed to it suddenly being “Chaos Theory” out of the blue.

The work is no good here, it explains chaos theory, not POP or EPC, oh whist I have not written it yet EPC (Ecologically Protected Capitalism) is no longer another word for POP, it is the opposite, as such if a founder company does not do so well, the profit from outer companies props it up.

I will need to make a 4 company 2 resort diagram, and have relatively substantiated figures to prop it up, I can make estimates for the Mr. Farsi presentation, then when I write “Return of the Monarch” which is all about finishing the PQS forecasts over 16 years with a revenue stream for all identified revenue streams. This will be a lot of fun to right and in all reality I should give myself 2 weeks, I need to come up with some idea for Big Business other than the threats and opportunities.

Part 5: “The Resorts” Property Developments
5e: “PQS” Resort Profitability Statistics.

Ah forgot about this one, this will obviously work hand in hand with the last section, the last showing the POP through 4 resorts, this showing the POS revenue streams. This may well be a good time to place a load of spread sheets.

If so however I will need to have inserted the resort villas spreadsheet before, as such I need a new page in this section, I guess after Location, Location, Location.

Actually now I come to think about it part (e) and (d) need to reverse as showing how one gets the money, should come before POP

The title of this chapter “The Lead Out” is really having a good influence over the work flow.
As such the new order of Part 5 changes from

Part 5: “The Resorts” Property Developments
5a: The Inspiration, History and Development of the “Resorts” concept.
5b: Location, Location, Location
5c: The Spartans – Team EEE
5d: Chaos Theory, The Pressure of Profit (POP) & Ecologically Protected Capitalism (EPC)
5e: “PQS” Resort Profitability Statistics.


Part 5: “The Resorts” Property Developments
5a: New Sparta - The Original City of Science Concept
5b: Location, Location, Location – Infrastructure & Wow Items
5c: The Bastion of Excellence – Villa Resort Development
5d: PQS Resort Profitability Statistics.
5e: “Chaos Theory”: The Pressure of Profit (POP) & Ecologically Protected Capitalism (EPC)

Ok that’s enough, I’m going to bed, and I’m pleased with today’s work ?

8:01 am GMT: Thursday March 8th 2012

Note the early start

Yesterdays work was well worth doing, I will continue the critical analysis, then work on 4 objectives for today, 1: Micro Plan, 2: PQS page, Getting quotes from printers, 4: Contact Richard Holly regarding Miles.

Part 6: American Butterfly
6a: Resorting confidence in short and long term US Economics
6b: EEE US economics forecast by the PQS

The above two are intrinsically linked, as such they may well merge into one chapter, or break up into more pieces
Do I need to mention the problems with the economy, its already been lightly mentioned in part 2, negativity turns people of and is not the EEE way, I think a retrospective look at the components mentioned so far and how that will assist the economy will be better, by framing problems within solutions they are not negative or demoralizing but still in evidence.

Which problems/solutions need to be highlighted?

1. Medicaid
2. Medicare
3. Social Security
4. Interest on debt
5. Unemployment
6. Rich Poor divide
7. Tax collecting
8. Total Public Debt
9. Social Insurance shortfalls
10. Politically toxic decisions
11. Free Trade
12. Corporate Tax and other Tax Cuts
13. USA internal investment
14. Exports/ Trade deficit
15. Fossil Fuel Dependence
16. Social Issues
17. Increasing GDP
18. Global Warming

Wow that’s a lot of problems and solutions, a paragraph on each, sometimes two will happily fill four pages, and make a great lead up to the 16 year PQS forecast

Part 6: American Butterfly
6b: EEE US economics forecast by the PQS

We definitely need to look at a 16 year forecast at least, maybe with a set of 10 year gaps after i.e. 2029, 2039, 2049, 2059, 2069 etc

I’ll need to be as realistic as possible, making variances, not just relying on averages, i.e. I’ll not use a fixed 4.5% GDP figure rather have it go up and down, following the least 16 years or so, throwing in a couple of recessions for good measure.

Part 7: Brand Love and Public Relations
7a: Ecology, Energy, Health, Education, Jobs and Money
7b: “The Sienna Project”, “Galactica 2017”, “The Virtual Network” & The Author

There is an argument that the above should come before Part 6, I think however that Part 6, becomes a part of the PR, so I’ll stick with this order for now.

Parts 7b and 7c are risky to a certain degree, but to me they are the most fun, so I’ll do them and consider their value to the initial presentation to Mr. Farsi once the rest of the work is complete. Of course as far as Mr. Farsi is concerned parts b and c, may well be the most fun part, on that note I think I will add Global Leagues as a section, as such we have:

Part 7: Brand Love and Public Relations
7a: Ecology, Energy, Health, Education, Jobs and Money
7b: Global Leagues
7c: “The Sienna Project”, “Galactica 2017”, “The Virtual Network” & The Author

Part 7: Brand Love and Public Relations

7a: Ecology, Energy, Health, Education, Jobs and Money

How do I format this page, maybe I make each section an individual page, write up the current threats and problems and go over how EEE will address the problems and give some kind of time scale, I must on one hand be careful not to repeat myself, but mindful of those that have jumped straight to this section.

I also feel that maybe a general introduction is needed.

Part 7: Brand Love and Public Relations
7b: Global Leagues

This will cover the work from the last chapter, the concept of the Spartan contracts will have already been brought up, as will the making of the many TV programs, as such we should maybe look to the Mass PR a FIFA or UFC or Tour De France league will create. I’ll see,

Maybe I should highlight the resorts individual PR, Advertising and film making activities in the next section, it would of course be a good run up to the Movie scripts

Part 7: Brand Love and Public Relations
7c: Film & Media

This will be a budgeting exercise, how much is allocated, which divisions get what, how much is pulled to the main film division.

This also needs to highlight “The Hollywood effect” which basically suggests, if you have all the glamorous and charismatic people from the resort catchment area at the resort, many will follow.

Ok so now we have

Part 7: Brand Love and Public Relations
7a: Ecology, Energy, Health, Education, Jobs and Money
7b: Global Leagues
7c: Film & Media
7d: “The Sienna Project”, “Galactica 2017”, “The Virtual Network” & The Author

Part 7: Brand Love and Public Relations
7d: “The Sienna Project”, “Galactica 2017”, “The Virtual Network” & The Author

Here I think I just describe the film’s main plot lines, and for me highlighting that this project is not about personal financial gain

Part 7: Brand Love and Public Relations

Here I think I sight the NASA janitor example and go into very little detail other than to say it’s an ambition, and ask the question, do others feel this may be something that unites the citizens of earth?
This of course also helps to attract Virgin into the game.

Part 8: Investment
8a: Who & When

Hold on, thinking about it, I should put S-World and the Tutorial Game into the PR section, by illustrating the tutorial games final space ambition it leads up to the films and Virgin Galactica, plus it becomes a carrot for negotiation with EA the makers of the Simms, especially for the Micro Business plan.

I definitely need to find a better name than “The Tutorial Game” and maybe try to find a way for it to go further than the Universe into the quantum universe

Part 7: Brand Love and Public Relations
7a: Ecology, Energy, Health, Education, Jobs and Money
7b: Global Leagues
7c: Film & Media
7d: S-World & The Tutorial Game
7e: “The Sienna Project”, “Galactica 2017”, “The Virtual Network” & The Author

Part 8: Investment
8a: Who & When

This section will obviously change quite a bit from the Mr. Farsi draught AM:002 to the more wide spread update AM:003

I will however have already gone into detail about investment for the small start Micro Plan in the Micro Business plan, so maybe this can just focus on the big picture, I’m going to have a read of what I wrote last time.

Yes the current version should all be contained within the Micro Plan, and this section should look at the bigger picture, along the lines of the “Cities of Science” & Original “American Butterfly” chapters.

Part 9: What Next
9a: Fact Checking, Due diligence, Editing and a Professional presentation

Ah ok, I got the order wrong, the last part was just about investment

Now considering what we have got so far, there is a strong argument for this to be the last section, “The Spartan Theory” is history and not specifically relevant, as for Sienna’s chapter, her message and the theoretical science is already told in the PQS inspiration and The Sienna Project, for the initial presentation AM:002 we are best ending at this section as it concludes with what is being asked of the reader, as such it forces the brain to answer the question.

Having a quick read through Part 11: “The Angel That Resides Within String Theory”
I think it would be a nice touch to include the string theory and Super symmetrical String Theory

Diagram within the Film script pages, along with some other incites, maybe the Viper Mark:3 Yesterday I had a new take on how in the original film “Sienna The Movie” she comes to life, without going against my more recent “it does not work like that” considerations.

Certainly it can be expected that a robot body can be made in the future, in the principal from The Chaotic Earth Game, and the Nirvana Character having 16 personalities, one can use the basic Sienna Software concept of all the businesses on one side, and humans in the university on the other, connected by the software, as such the first prototype can be called Sienna, which is fair as the software that will have created the designs was inspired by Sienna, however her physical form can be influences by many people at the universities at the same time, as such is a fight one person can concentrate on one enemy and another persona on another, as such lighting fast retains as there are many people assisting aided by all the weaponry and gadgets one can imagine, creating a super warrior, when needed.

Of course many personality traits can be built in, and considering my personal Gaia theory take on things that everything is connected anyway for intents and purposes she would be Sienna, certainly a part of her, certainly inspired by her.

This of course helps with credibility problems within the film, which I don’t want, still got to work out how on earth the speed of light can be broken, even the faintest tread of credibility will do, I’ve got plenty of time to think about it.

Ok so there we go Critical Analysis done, and it’s an hour before I usually wake up :)

I think that instead of Changing the chapters around, I will leave AM: 002 as is, and start on AM: 003

So here it is the new index for AM:003 The red indicates pages that have not been started

“American Butterfly” V1:003

Part 1: Introduction
1a: Executive Summary

Part 2: Micro Business Plan
2a: A stand alone business plan

Part 3: US Economic Analysis by the PQS
3a: The problems with Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security & Interest on Public Debt addressed

Part 4:”Give Half Back”
4a: Medi Outreach & Super University Resort Hospitals (SURH’s)
4b: Resort Universities and Alternate Energies
4c: “The Spartans” – Team EEE

Part 5: Software Designs and Specifications.
5a: Business software
5b: Buinessbook - The Global Trade Network (GTN)
5c: S-World – Virtual World, Media Network & Computerized TV Operating System
5d: Tutorial Gaming
5e: The PQS – Predictive Quantum Software

Part 6: “The Resorts” Property Developments
6a: New Sparta “City of Science”
6b: Location, Location, Location: Infrastructure and “Wow” features
6c: The Bastion of Excellence – Villa Resort Development
6d: Chaos Theory, The Pressure of Profit (POP) & Ecologically Protected Capitalism (EPC)
6e: “PQS” Resort Profitability Statistics.

Part 7: American Butterfly
7a: Resorting confidence in short and long term US Economics
7b: EEE US economics forecast by the PQS

Part 8: Brand Love and Public Relations
8a: Ecology, Energy, Health, Education, Jobs and Money
8b: Global Leagues
8c: Film & Media
8d: S-World & The Tutorial Game
8e: “The Sienna Project”, “Galactica 2017”, “The Virtual Network” & The Author

Part 9: Investment
9a: Who & When

Part 10: What Next
10a: Fact Checking, Due diligence, Editing and a Professional presentation

So we have 16 pages in red (to do) and 10 pages done, I think it’s lucky for all that I have raised my game over the last week, other wise this would never get done.

I am however pleased with the format that we are looking at, and maybe now that the format is structured with great consideration, the individual pages will come quickly. It makes sense unless duly inspired to do a different page, for me to start at the top and go down, writing the missing pages one by one,

1:25 am GMT: Thursday March 8th 2012

Back from a very productive walk, ideas on Micro business plan and “The Sienna project” and how to add a slight string of credibility to the traveling across the galaxy, and we need to consider the pre mentioned making of a robot body for Sienna, all be it not just Sienna.

Ok it’s relevant to both Galactica 2017 and “The Sienna Project”, all be it, it works better for Galactica 2017 as it involves building only one ship.

Ok, so we are using quantum mechanics and super string theory, and my observation that the consciousness could be one of the extra 6 or 7 dimensions, and the dimension set has no light, is as previously written similar to a dream state.

We will need some proof that a human can at some point control software with thought, like Firefox with Clint Eastwood, maybe they can do it already, if not we can say it will be done at the City of Science.

As there is no light so no speed limit and consciousness instant it can within the quantum dimensions go where ever it likes, and if the quantum universe is indeed as I suggested basically the Higgs Boson equivalent it is everywhere, holding everything together, this is backed up by both the quantum theory that no electron has the same chare, as such every event no matter how small, changes every other electron in the universes, and the butterfly effect being universal,

All in all, we have enough to say that the consciousness can cross the universe via a combination of the above.
So what we need to do, is build Galactica and build robot bodies for the crew of Galactica, as such when they jumped to earth they are jumping into the bodies built for them, which in turn I guess makes them all suddenly Cylons, no worries that’s just another twist, we are backed up here by quantum mechanics as it states that an object can be in many places in the universe at the same time, as for what happened to the original Galactica in the Cylon ship I guess no one can say, but it probably got blown up and as such the original bodies of the crew are in bits and pieces.

It will obviously be a lot of fun explaining to the crew that the jump to light speed never existed, and each time they jumped, they jumped into different craft in different parts of the galaxy, one could link that to the plan in “The Adjustment Bureau”

It’s thin, but it’s a start,

New on the light sabers

We work on the Spartan Theory principal


11. The Spartan Theory.
In exchange for guaranteed NATO Protection, Libya destroys all weapons.
Sienna’s companies fund compulsory education for 16 to 21 year olds
Education is geared towards environmental awareness and physics.
All students are rigorously tough martial artists.
If it comes to war again, 300 warriors will fight hand to hand.

We suggest that EEE comes to pass and all are better of for it, and this was given great consideration, the only problem, hand to hand combat can easily kill, which leaves grieving siblings and for many the wish for revenge, feeding the warring intentions not finding a release.

As such they use big tasters like swords, you get hit, you fall down and your out, from their the quantum mechanics and magnetism dudes work on perfecting focusing energy on fast projectiles and reversing the polarity or something similar as such they act as a shield, cant nock the bullets out the sky, but if its on it slows them down considerably, a very useful weapon to have, obviously the closer the blade to the bullets the more effective it is, so one must still learn to use it like its bouncing away the bullets, for dramatic effect.

Ok, to the

Micro Business plan

I’m going to work on a budget of $64 Million

The basic principal will be a franchise, once the first resort is planned and the software well on its way and the PR machine has kicked it, we will let others join the network and use the software for their own profit, the franchise owner talking a 4% profit rake of each new resort, as well as profit from non EEE business book users and the financial software. Plus of course whatever is made from the resort and POP.

Not sure about global travel and real estate via S-world yet, that may be better of regionalized to each resort, so one has one in Paris, Thailand etc, cash will still come in via the franchise of the resort profits

First I’m going to list all the possible things to spend money on and assess success and profit,

1. We definitely need to buy some land in California, the two nice plots I saw are gone but a new one has sprung up, all be it they move fast so the time anyone reads this it will probably be a dead link
It’s residential/Hunting and Recreational, whether it can be rezoned commercially I can’t say, it’s only an example. Its 8 KM2 at the bargain price of $5,600,000 it is in Bridgeville North California and has a huge river and many trees, and only 20 Miles to the Ocean.

I think I will need to be cautious with the main plan about the size of resorts, not because of the cost rather the availability, China have been buying a lot maybe look at their portfolio

Indeed having this Micro plan, assist if that is someone’s main argument, however the zoning of commercial may be a problem, not with the Macro plan so much as it will see a lot of governmental pleasantries and local support, but on the Micro Plan, its could be tricky.

At an estimate, with out objection it could easily take 2 years to get the plans through council

Here is some commercial land in California http://www.landandfarm.com/property/Mill_Creek_Equestrian_Center-266764/
26 Acres, 1/10th of a KM $4,800,000

LOCATION, LOCATION! Malibu Beaches 20 minutes Beverly Hills 45 minutes UCLA 35 minutes LAX 45 minutes fabulous shops, eateries, markets 10 minutes.

One way or the other we will find a base, this is just one website, maybe however I can work on a lower figure for the land, for the Micro plan I’d figured on $20 Million, maybe I can get away with just 10 and lower the investment needed to $32 Million, or maybe $5 Million on land an investment of $16, working on the gathering of many partners along the way.

I think the bottom line is due to planning permission, we don’t need to account for the building straight away, also we need to think in a smaller way, as far as accessibility goes, the above 1/10th plot where many can access makes more sense that the big plot, as the big plots all over the place works because there all over the place as such they become famous, in the Micro plan the story of American Butterfly is its biggest PR centre and it will gain interest, but it needs to be near where people are, no one is going to travel miles or more to the point buy in a single resort with novelty value if its in the middle of nowhere, we need to be near Beverly Hills, LA, San Fran or Silicone Valley, or maybe New York or Miami. Actually I seem to remember Rich say Orlando was popular, where is that I wonder, Florida, in fact all of Florida looks pretty Good.

Wow this one would be excellent


rice: $4,900,000
Size: 321 acres
Property Type(s): • Residential Land
Posted: over 180 days ago
Times Viewed: 1,905
Irrigated: No
Residence: No
Cropland Acres: Contact seller or broker/agent
Land and Farm ID: 313043


Just 5 Miles from Palm Beach, about 1.25 KM2, with pre approved lots. You know, I’m going to present this actual Plot in the business plan, shame the photos suck.

I’ll make a quick map

Ok, this is definitelyy interesting as the land is a good deal in the first place, even if it gets sold one could come in and offer a little more.

I can make the Micro Plan and actual investment plan.

Ok so I’m off to pick up my bike, back soon.

1:25 am GMT: Thursday March 8th 2012

I love my mew bike, its amazing how far you can get so quickly, I did not go trailing as it was to late, I just drove home from the bike shop, but I think its fair to say, my bike is one of my new treasured items, I have to think of a cool name for him, its definitely a him.

As to the Micro business plan, I think working at £16,000,000 is doable, and I can start the introduction with something along the lines off: Don’t be swayed or put of by the figures in this introduction, $8,192 Trillion is more than any country has to spare let alone an individual company. The second Part to this proposal, highlight how the final result can be achieved via a £16,000,000 investment.

Note I have changed to Pounds :)

To work it at £16,000,000 it will take a lot of me closing deals and PR chasing, which is cool, I’ve been fantasizing about getting an advance maybe £1,000,000, which of course I immediately spent in my head by giving half to all that are featured in “The Virtual Network” and the other half to my parents, which is in essence giving it to myself as I’m the only air but anyway, they deserve it more that the rest so…..

Of course as is the way with EEE every action with good intention, created two fold return, and in this case its in the PR and the story, being broke, writing a plan to fix the world problems, being given £1,000,000 then giving it away leaving one broke again, is not an every day occurrence, and as such will be news worthy, and opens the door for people to look at the philanthropy, and instantly lets Mark Zuckerberg and Bill gates know that we are on the same wavelength, and if anyone thinks it’s a publicity stunt all they have to do is read my journal to see that whist it has PR value, and a lot at that it comes from the right motives.

Ok so I’ve looked at the land, as far as the actual building is concerned, we don’t need money for that, it will take ages to draw the plans, buying the land is really a statement of intent, once bought, especially by a company with access to billions, all will see this is game on, its happening, the only debate is how successful and how quickly it will be successful.

As for the ownership of the company, I will need to retain 50% so I can be sure that it goes to “Give Half Back” I’ll put it in the contract that I need to give all the money away, or more to the point invest it in a way that accomplishes the main EEE philanthropy targets.

I think I will insist on having Emma at Russell’s as legal representation, advised by Juanita, I cant do an Eduardo Saverin and presume every lawyer I speed to is doing the right thing, as they are not paid to do the right thing, just the right thing for their client, this of course brings George Michael nicely into the equation, and maybe David can get to work programming some of my songs, I’d really like Liam Howlet, maybe I can persuade him. George of course can work on Greece.

Ok so let’s list the opportunities

1. As mentioned the Land development probably £3,010,000 probably take an offer of £2,700,000
2. Ok we need a virtual world, and we need it quick, we can look at the Thought Factories VC Project, they say it cost $200,000,000 which I find a little hard to believe, but chances are its still sitting there and a deal can be done, $1,000,000 and the owner keeps a percentage, unless of course Mr. Farsi, feels it better bought outright, and wishes to go over budget, which is totally his prerogative, all I’m doing with the £16,000,000 budget is showing how to do it for a price that is in relative terms to a Billionaire pocket change.
3. The Price for Virtual World however is “The Simms” and I’m confident given the right approach and the offer of EA making the Tutorial Game, we can get them on board.
Wow EA are a monster $3,3 Billion turnover, that’s a partnership not a buy out, the S-World concept is fantastic so they will like it, the fact its called S-World is also good S-World Simms World, with or without facebook as partners and for this excursive I will have to run with, they are interested but are not partners yet, even without them as partners we can make it a game within facebook
To make it popular we can have people render the Florida Plot, in many ways, and the winning designs get a prize and the winner, gets to see his or her plot made in real life, all be it with practical and discretionary modifications, which they can assist with.
There can be prizes for designing houses, in fact, we can just have all the designs on line and prospective purchasers can choose a design and maybe alter it to their liking. This creates a buzz for buying the Villas as such we can sell all the property via S-World to raise the money to build it and the infrastructure etc, and we can give a 1% or so share to whichever portal it is that brought the client to S-World, facebook, Google, Other…..
One way or another we will get the world on line ASAP so people can start, as soon as there is press momentum, we will need to get products like S-World on line and on facebook quickly before the momentum drops, keep it in the news.
4. Facebook gifts, I’ll make the assumption that it is possible if someone deliberately signs up for it that we can get the facebook gifts idea going, as an application not a partnership, everyone loves the idea, and with all the other stuff going on, it should get press, we can use the original direct charity for 50% of profit root and each time we pick a charity we can make a real big deal out of it, get celebs to give the checks away etc, etc, keeping up the press momentum. Hmm maybe we can get EA to do the programming at cut them in, another carrot for them

Thought: This is a real opportunity, the add for the land says they have already spent $20,000,000, for Mr. Farsi even if he decides against the plan, it’s a good investment, it will be worth more soon. I will write to the land owner’s agent and get more details, and I will dramatically speed up this proposal.

Yes, this is good; it also gives me an excuse to present the work without too much editing, and forces the issue of “getting it done”. I’m buzzing with excitement. :)

Ok I’m going have another look at the add, and write to the property agents.

Posted over 180 days, that’s odd, I wonder when the price dropped. I’d better have a look on Google Maps, make sure it’s not next to a sewage plant or worse.

Nope it seems very cool, it’s close to a motorway, but about 80% is over 200Meters away, so the noise should not travel, it’s definitely in a good neighborhood, on one side is a school with its own Golf Course

South Fork High School (SFHS) is a public high school in Stuart, Florida, USA. It is part of the Martin County School District.

The school's mascot is the Bulldog and its colors are Black, Red and White. South Fork is the only high school in the US to have a golf course on campus, which is used to teach, Golfing and turf management. SF also has an on-campus farm, football stadium/track, tennis and volleyball courts, and fields for baseball and softball.

South Fork High is the only high school in the Martin County School District with the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.

On the other is a plush Golf estate called “The Florida Club” I’ve made a map

These lots above are huge, 2 acres each, I don’t think that will work, I’ve just understood the $20,000,000 original price tag, I was wondering what it was for, it seems to be the original price the land was bought for, so at 25% of the price its awesome

All in all a mighty fine bit of land, I’m concerned about the trees however, each one is a gift. I know about the greater good, but even so,

Ok so time to write to the agent, all be it quite subtle, main object to find out when the price decrease was, if it was a month or so, then no express rush, and no need to tell the agent quite how keen I am, just ask to be informed of other bids, which of course they will lie about, but hey, what can u do, ask them to take a polygraph?


Dear representative for Martin Preserve - Ref: 313043

My name is Nick Raymond Ball

Browsing the Land and Farm website I came across the Martin Preserve plot, it looks promising for a venture that I’ve been planning for over a year, I’m presenting in two weeks to the co financier.

Can you tell me when the price was reduced and is their any offers in, or likely to be in soon, as if so I will have to speed up my presentation, which could back fire, probably not, but best not to rush without due reason.

I have a few questions

1. How hard (if possible at all) would it be to rezone some of the land for retail, a small marina around the larger lake for instance?
2. Same question but about a hotel
3. Can you send me a copy of the lots diagram
4. If one wished to start from scratch and completely re design the resort, how long will it take to push through council?

Kind Regards
Nick Raymond Ball
Cape Villas
Experience Africa

Ok, I think that’s it for tonight, I did not reach this mornings target of 4 objectives for today, 1: Micro Plan, 2: PQS page, Getting quotes from printers, 4: Contact Richard Holly regarding Miles.

Hmmm, not by a long chalk, I did do 4 though, and lets face it, the extra work on the Micro plan is well worth it, its given me vigor to go, go, go, then go some more, then Kill it.

I will work towards a Monday completion of all sections, then asses the feedback from the Plot dudes. As to whether I do the extra week or so getting it perfect, I’d better go buy the ribbon tomorrow and take it to the printers.

Last note and an important one about the start of the Micro Plan

NOTE: Whilst the larger economic plan is my goal, I need to deal with absolutes, given one of facebook, Microsoft, Apple or Google’s full support, the Macro plan is on and unstoppable, however this support whist expected is not guaranteed, and as such it makes sense to press on, as a project underway showing tangible results is far more impressive that a project on paper, as such I present the Micro Plan,

Nope there’s more

I’ve got knots in my stomach about the trees, if I’m happy (well not happy but… I did) to blow a $50 Billion to help some humans, I cant in all conscience kill a load of trees, they can put a man on the moon, they can move trees, maybe we can leave half of them where they are, and move the rest across the road where there seems to be a farm, the land won’t cost to much, probably far less than moving the trees but its natures way or the highway.

God damn it, there is absolutely no such thing as a selfless good deed, the PR from doing this and the nature lovers and activists around the world will rally behind what we are doing. Pheww I’m glad.

The books are ok with recycled paper and an extra plant of trees, but replanting balances out the carbon footprint but, it’s no excuse for killing nature.

7:53 am GMT: Friday March 9th 2012

Notes from dreams

Thought about Maryellen and some other chick

As for the trees, on the Macro plan, we really need to be looking at Farmland, this of course means we will need government assistance and the will of the people, as rezoning will be hard, on mass without doubt a congressional decision. Fortunately I will gain support from both parties as on one side, before President Obama was even the Democrat nominee, I was a signed up supporter, where as I have never even voted for any other party in England. On the other hand my politics in the UK are conservative; I generally see USA considering the recent candidates as the Democrats is the PR and the republicans the business brains.

As for getting the support of the people, I think despite it only being a basic program made in excel the current PQS gives more undisputable useful information than the current USA Gov software. 6 months ago when I saw the US debt clock I was quoted as saying “that is the the most scary thing I have seen in my life, the PQS illustrates a nightmare, bad trip even of how things will be and with American Butterfly as the only solution that also solves global warming, the citizens of the USA almost unanimously will be behind the plan, all be it I’m sure it will be adapted to suit, and with the will of the people one gets the cooperation from congress, who will no doubt like the solution anyway.

As to the moving of trees, well its more jobs, green jobs at that and another profit centre, that we can make 100% profit on, this is the Macro plan of course, on the subject of Macro and Micro I just want to check the definitions, I believe Macro is fiscal and Micro is jobs.

Macroeconomists develop models that explain the relationship between such factors as national income, output, consumption, unemployment, inflation, savings, investment, international trade and international finance. In contrast, microeconomics is primarily focused on the actions of individual agents, such as firms and consumers, and how their behavior determines prices and quantities in specific markets.

Other thoughts: Hmmm forgot one, it will come back soon enough. First I’m going to list all the possible things to spend money on and assess success and profit,

Oh yes the thought, as to investors on the Micro Model, as long term goals are to make a cooperate system, all get paid for their efforts I think I will limit dividends to the original franchise holders to $100 Billion, from which point forwards, the funds become a global bank of sorts.

5. Travel: We are strong here, credible all concurring plan, that greatly enhances both information, experience and service for travelers, I need not go into much detail rather point to the original Virgin Plan and facebook travel, elements and a note that this did not include business travel and can operate just as well with or without facebook. Making further note, that the plan since has strengthened the idea so we are really looking at the original $70.55 Billion a year in a handful of years, with a further note that the figures did not include business travel which in the USA alone is $200 Billion plus, 3 times tourism travel as such if we double the $ 70.55 billion, and round it to $150 Billion we are still leaving about $100Billion as a safety buffer.
6. Real Estate: I just need to highlight the Travel plan particularly the agents, S-World and duplicating websites section, and mention the GBI (Global Building Index) and the (GPI) Global property index where S-World automatically values properties based on thousands of factors,
7. Buinessbook, we will need to plan down for the Micro Plan, still start but not expect an all concurring devise until either congress or facebook come on board.
8. Greece, few would argue that Greece will give 100% support to EEE, maybe not the New Sparta plan in its entirety, just buy up as much as possible and make smaller resorts across the country near population centers,
9. Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland, will also be keen and get government love, as for legislation, id say yes to all with a question mark over Ireland
10. Rest of the world, no western countries will lap it up
11. Other profit centers, well we can manufacture goods for the houses, or buy out or merge with strategic firms in the building industry near to the resort.
12. Films, Galactica 2017 is the easiest, if the Galactica team like the script, I think they made an entire series for $20 Million. “The Sienna Project” is a big budget affair, and “The Virtual network” relies on facebook’s participation and Marks approval of the film.
13. PR: Well “American Butterfly” working as a Global economic and ecological solution and I guess the reaching for the stars is the hook. It seems that for the Micro Plan and build up piece by piece, I will need to be everywhere where as the Macro plan I am best of being elusive, I’m good on camera and public speaking, which is very useful, I have a lot to say all be it the “Saving the World” slips out often, which is fine, makes me quirky, not boring business man, when it comes to debates, I can quickly counter solutions, and if someone says something clever about economics that I don’t understand, I just say, well the reason this works is because I did not learn that stuff so please explain yourself, which most who just sight other work don’t know anyway. I think I can also get away with the band. Greeeeaaat :)
14. S-World.TV, we can go to the original “Sienna Project” concept of filming all the meetings etc and have it running live, and try to team up with broadcasters.

Overall, I need to press the point that many mergers and partners are needed, and the first resort is just the beginning, we can look to start developing and researching all angles, but a certain points particularly the software we will need to let the professional big boys take over, and in general as soon as we get one of the big 4 we are looking at a global solution.

Ok time to go off diary and write up the first draught, I need to consider the order once more, do I go in with the introduction as is but modified then go into the Micro plan or vice versa? I think I will need a one page introduction of both concepts, go into the Micro Plan, sighting that references will be made but not explained as they are found later in the presentation.
Ok team Ray Ball, do it and do it well.

I’ve changed the chapter order and will need to write the new Introduction/Executive Summary before the Micro Business plan

Here is the beginning of the new order

“American Butterfly” V1:003

Part 1: Introduction
1a: Executive Introduction

Part 2: Micro Business Plan
2a: A stand alone business plan

Part 3: Macro Economic Plan
3a: Executive Summary

Part 4: US Economic Analysis by the PQS
4a: The problems with Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security & Interest on Public Debt addresses

Part 1: Introduction

1a: Executive Introduction

Dear Mr. Farsi, Mr. Chavance & “The Corniche Group”

Upon reading you will agree that “American Butterfly” is the most ambitious project ever conceived, It is my hope that you will further agree that as all consuming as it is, it’s mathematics, detail and potential for mass public support are more than credible, if you disagree it is due to a flawed presentation not a flawed plan.

To immediately cut to the chase, I will get to what I desire of your organization, which I would like to stress is the first organization to have received this presentation or any work this year.

For this summary and indeed the following Micro Business Plan, I need to refer to elements simply by their name; all such elements are explained in relative detail within this presentation and in great detail on the www.s-world.biz website.

I desire one of three actions, which can come in stages if you wish to take a cautious approach.

1. As you read this I am working with the PQS, tightening up the figures and projections, this process will take about 2 weeks during which time I’ll also work on the graphics, after this is complete, I will make a complete overhaul of this presentation, and have it professionally copy written, following which I intend to print up 100 or so quality broachers, whether I then individually target key companies (facebook, Google, Microsoft & Apple), go strait to the USA government, (CBO, Congress, Democratic Party, Republican Party) or send them all at the same time including other key companies and the press I have not decided. The process will however take about 6 to 8 weeks to complete.

As a cautious entry into this project, I would greatly appreciate your assistance, you have experience in most key elements: Property Development, Legislation and Legal Matters, Philanthropy, Energy, IT, Football, “Film making” and Middle East Affairs. As such your expert knowledge will vastly improve the next presentation “American Butterfly” V1:004.

In many ways, you can consider this process as the due diligence; you would wish to do before entering into any project. At any point along the journey, you may claim interest in dedicated participation, from which point we will begin the process as a team.

2. Following this introduction, you will find the Macro Business plan, which illustrates an entry level investment of £??,000,000 centering on a particular plot of land in Florida, alongside the software and PR methods of how to market a new resort as a bastion of excellence, in design, popularity and desirability. The Plot offered at £3,600,000 zoned residential at 321 acres has been on the market for over 180 days, all be it has recently been reduced to 25% of its original price, cheaper indeed than farmland. Located next to “The Florida Club” under 10 Miles from Palm Beach.

3. Following the Micro Business Plan is the Macro Economic Plan, which credibly boasts a solution to the USA future areas of acute concern: Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, Interest on Public Debt and Fossil Fuel dependence.

This plan details an investment over 4 years of $8,192 Trillion and the biggest land acquisition ever taken, at +/- $1, 2 Trillion. This acquisition however is what will be paid for the land on successful implementation of the economic plan which is entitled EEE (Ecological Experience Economy). USA land is currently under half its 2006 value and in many cases suitable plots can be purchased for a third of the price the economic plan has budgeted for. This is far from a callus business move, as when the economic plan is published and popularized the land will shoot up in value.

There is much more to the economic plan in terms of profit centers, buying land however shows purpose and commitment and will in essence make “American Butterfly” unstoppable.

I do not expect you to have $400 Billion sitting around, and I’m not sure of your relationship with Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan; however he would be a powerful ally in many ways. A big part of the plan is the story, how a two day flash of inspiration led to what is now known as “The Spartan Theory” turned into a year of reverse engineering to “American Butterfly”. Indeed I spoke to Tanya days after this inspiration, and was due to send the theory, however I decided to work on it some more, not knowing then it would take a year. Within “The Spartan Theory” Sheikh Mansour was mentioned as the first person or company on “The Sienna Invitation”. As such both “The Corniche Group” and Sheikh Mansour are an intrinsic part of “The Story”

Bold an ambitious indeed; however it is the boldness and the total goals of the Macro Economic Plan, which provide the PR and Brand love for the Micro Business Plan.

We have met, which is a detracting factor, had I come to you as an unknown as the chair of a celebrated economics group, you world of course consider the economics with more credibility. Please do not let our meeting and what you think you know of me detract from the work. Please excuse the rhyme, don’t think about the man, rather think about the plan.

At the turn of the 20th century no one thought much, or even thought about a lowly patent clerk, his consciousness experiment changed the world, as will EEE, Indeed EEE and “American Butterfly” are also based on a consciousness experiment, all be it, not in “Relativity” rather its main mathematical science, is “Chaos Theory” and “The Butterfly Effect” with a degree of “Quantum Mechanics” inspired by “String Theory”. And for those that would say “Chaos Theory” is not a Science as it has yet to prove tangible results, they have yet to read the work. Proving “Chaos Theory” as a mathematical science, increases the PR and credibility of the work. The title of this work is of course in respect of “The Butterfly Effect”

One last word, just in case after reading you are some how skeptical of assisting, even in the most basic form as an advisory service. No one has ever thought ill of someone for trying to do the right thing, there is so much good that will come of EEE besides money. Indeed more than any other it was the word “Philanthropy” on your website that convinced me that your organization was appropriate. You will find attached the last 6 chapters of my journal, you will note the last 3 chapters at over 150 pages are addressed to your organization. The journal is a blow by blow account of the development and ideas process. It is quirky and from time to time goes into science fiction not fact, however that’s how it is, and that’s what will make it readable to the masses, if you like you can see it as due diligence of the man. The full diary is available on the S-World Website.

Thank you for reading; I appreciate your time,

Nick Raymond Ball

Yep I like it, work is always better when I just rattle it off in about 30 minutes as opposed to spending days.

Ok to the Micro Business Plan, but first its Bike time, I’ve got the name Timothy in my head for the bike, but I think it want a more power name, More like “Craul The Warrior King” but obviously not. I’ve got it: The Black Panther” which is appropriate as I had the pleasure of partying with him during the world cup.

12:15 am GMT: Friday March 9th 2012

That was awesome, I did my normal walk route, mindful of the saddle hurting, to which I countered by wrapping up my scarf and stuffing it down my trousers so giving an extra inch of padding. I drank lots of water which is great and the trees seemed particularly something, can’t think of the word, not necessarily happy but less like Fangorn Forrest.

Ok, so time to plan out the Micro Business Plan, I considered bringing Dumani in, with credible backing assisting and accrediting the plan, he will be in and that brings the a bran even bigger than facebook The Mandela Family.

I think 4 pages maximum 6, let’s think about the sections

1. American Butterfly as the biggest PR hook
2. The development
3. S-World Rendering the development, then the popularization of S-World & The Facebook gifts (or maybe that should go with businessbook)
4. Travel & Real Estate
5. The Balance of the Software
6. Businessbook
7. PR, myself & other methods

And I need to stress bringing in other companies, will accomplish tasks for zero investment and the franchise idea.
Ok, I’m going off diary

It’s going well, and I’ve had a cunning thought regarding the trees, it will take at least a year to get the plans done, and with the publicity we could sell the trees, at the cost of moving. Or maybe even profit.

Ok I’ve finished showing the resort, described S-World in terms of Travel and Real Estate but left out the virtual business network and S-World TV.

What’s next?

Facebook gifts I think.

4pm, I’m going for a swim and gym.

6:34 am GMT: Friday March 9th 2012

Notes from walk, swimming pool was shut, but it was a nice walk, and I had a sun bed and found they do have wide ribbon in the shop, but it was closing, I definitely needed to get out the house as I was getting… hmm cant think of the word but it was not good.

I need to add to the beginning

1; the PQS predicts, 2027 total meltdown, it cant be argued with an it cant be reasoned with it is what it is and that is its verdict, as is known by the CBO and all USA economists, who have a politically toxic message no one wants to here presented in a way no one understands with a panache rating of Zero.

The PQS whist from a predictive an mathematical perspective all powerful, is simple and can be understood by a 12 year old, its presentation and panache, beautifully styled with the “The Kobayashi Maru GDP GAME”

I mention this first as one may be under the impression that the USA is coming out of recession, and as such an economic solution is not needed, don’t be fooled, borrowing untold money and internally spending it has increased GDP but it’s a false statistic. Without following “American Butterfly” in 10 years there will be total melt down, the knock on effect or Butterfly Effect to the rest of the world catastrophic.

(Additional thought: The PQS (Predictive Quantum software) as explained in detail in Chapter 51: The Purple Emperor, is largely a concept, I have however created a working version as a simple program within Excel, which may not sound impressive, however the mere fact that it is so powerful even in its infancy, shows how powerful it can and will be.

And can’t be argued with and can’t be reasoned with.

Add to end of economic section that Greece will be a very willing partner)

Then I will mention the non chaotic nature of the Micro and Macro plan, making it not subject to initial condition, as such unstoppable

Then I need to explain that I’ve used £16Million simply as a the number is significant, its an example of what can be done, in essence £500,000 would do, with this we can register patents, hire consultants and make an unbeatable presentation,

Add to the current end (at business book section)

I need to mention the resorts suppliers’ plan, whist initially insignificant financial returns compared to S-World Travel and Real estate, it shows the model, as such it highlights the AM plan

I’ll allocate £4 million or so to buying up failing companies, left the owner keep 24%, explaining 24% of his company with us at the financial and marketing help will make him far more money that the current situation, remembering to mention the 600,000 businesses that fail each year.

After this I think I need to mention my part, then the films etc, remembering Nick Hawkes underground gigs pyramid quote
I think we need to plan a university of sorts within the development, and it may be an idea for me to make a mock up of how it will look, we should probably sneak a small hospital in somewhere, and a batch of solar panels

Let’s do some budgeting

Tomorrow, my brain is fried, an early night is in order.

Ah, just heard back from the property agent

Property is under contract and scheduled to close next month.
It sounds like your looking for a mixed use resort type project. have you considered Orlando?
Brian Webster - President
350 S. County Road, suite 201
Palm Beach, Florida 33480
561-835-8350 - tel
561-747-8702 - fax
561-262-4564 - cell
www.webstersire.com - web

My reply

Dear Brian

Thank you for your prompt response, excuse my ignorance of USA property jargon, by under contract due to close at the end of the month, do you mean, its under mandate and available until the end of the month, if so such a timeframe could be useful, a degree of urgency but not a 24 hour decision.

Oddly enough, the reason I came to this property is via a search for Orlando.

Indeed we are looking for a mixed use resort type project, excuse my further ignorance property development is my financiers specialty; I am on the marketing, business systems and software side. When it comes to residential zoning, is it possible to rezone to mixed use, or is it simply not the done thing, I appreciate such actions in the UK and South Africa take a few years. Any advice and knowledge on this subject is greatly appreciated, as would be the same for re zoning farm land.

Either way if you have anything mixed use available it will be of great interest to us, I’m really looking for 400 Acres upwards; it’s a dangerous thing to say but to a certain degree price is not an issue for the right plot of land, so long as it is good value i.e. 50% of its 2006 value.

The right plot of land would need to be within 10 Miles of a known tourist destination, i.e. Palm Beach in the case of the Martin Reserve plot.

On the coast would be fantastic, but I doubt there is and such land.

A selection of different land at different prices would be of use, if by any stretch there is land of around 2000 or so acres, that would be of great interest.

Kind Regards
Nick Ray Ball

8:42 am GMT: Saturday March 10th 2012

Note: remember POP and EPC in small business plan

Feeling a little drained, but that has not stopped me before and won’t stop be now, double efforts time.

Very happy with yesterdays work, I’m going to try to charge through the rest of the Micro Business plan today
Note: I need to add at the begging of the Macro Exec Summary

“To economic purists, this section of American Butterfly whist having Macro Elements is in fact more Micro Economics on a large scale, however to the laymen describing the business plan as Micro and the Economic Plan as Macro works.

Ok time to go off diary and put yesterday’s notes onto AM: V003

Actually I need to do the budgeting first

That will do as a place to start

I’ll probably have to adapt if the next plot is more expensive

Hmm no reply from the Estate Agent, I guess utter slackness is a world wide phenomenon

Update on budget, forgot the solar array, there is an argument that, that is part of infrastructure and building which for this plan will be funded by deposits on property or further investment, it does however stress the importance of the Alternate energy message, and there are tax brakes until 2014

12:25 am GMT: Saturday March 10th 2012

Ok I’ve finished up to the PR, still tired ? and my body aches, I think I may go for a swim stretch it out.

3:32 pm GMT: Saturday March 10th 2012

64 lengths, no breaks, I’m still tired but the brains working


a. Myself, unlike the Macro Plan, where I had hoped to stay completely out of the spot light other than my band, the Micro plan relies on myself to head the charge, interviews etc, etc
b. Ecology,
c. Fossil Fuel dependence
d. Global Warming
e. Films scripts
f. Money in peoples pockets as opposed to starvation, death from cold and lots of death both old and children from lack of medical attention. All be it I’ll put it in a more subtle way
g. Interviews on Economics and Science
h. Debates where if at all challenged by an economist Ill switch the economics to quantum mechanics and chaos theory, and vise versa if challenged by a scientist, switch to economics and business strategy and logistics.
i. My band maybe
j. Facebook and other brands we wish to work with, only need one
k. Peace in the Middle East
l. The spiritual side
m. Improvements in travel, Real estate and retail, for the consumer
n. Underground following
o. Myself willing to take a polygraph on anything
p. Blowing $50 Billion deal to save lives
q. Space ambitions
r. The resorts themselves
s. Jobs, particularly Spartan Jobs
t. Mass Education
u. Better medical care for all, not just Medicaid and Medicare
v. The PQS
w. S-World TV
x. Speeding up technology will benefit all as more efficient and cost effective ways to
y. The Babylon Project/African rain
z. Free Pharmaceuticals

Hmmm that’s far to much to put in the Micro Plan, if its to long it stands the chance of not being read, on that subject I will probably need a 2 page summary of the Micro Plan.

I also need to consider which aspects are easiest to do on the micro plan, not the macro Plan; I can elaborate more on the Macro plan.

Got it, I can copy the above list in the Micro Plan, and just elaborate on 4 key points specific to what can be accomplished immediately referring to the Macro plan chapter for detail on all points.

1. Myself doing interviews, start with James Randal etc
2. Galactica 2017
3. The books distributed across America explaining the doom ahead but the glory of EEE

Maybe Spartan Labor, maybe saving businesses that were about to go down, or Fossil Fuel dependence and Global warming as we are building the solar array

Hmm maybe I should make a section after of companies to approach, and include Galactica 2017 in there, yes do

1. Myself doing interviews, start with James Randal
2. The books distributed across America explaining the doom ahead but the glory of EEE
3. Saving businesses and Spartan Labor
4. Alternate Energy, Fossil Fuel Dependence and Global Warming.

Companies to approach

a. Facebook
b. Virgin Galactic
c. Microsoft
d. Apple
f. HKL Films
g. Johnson and Jonson

Government Organizations to Approach

B. The Obama Administration
C. The Republican Party
E. Greek Government
G. Federal Reserve

Oh I need to mention that the franchising would be another group, starting the same operation from scratch, using our software and networks, and I should put EPC next to POP and mention the layers of tree bark is where it got its name from.

I’m a little tired and I’m going to play FIFA Manager for a while, Sienna’s Angels have just got into the league 2. One day I’ll give some tips on strategy and explain some of the hacks.

I need to mention the duplicating websites as well, and I’ve not touched on the business software, I’ll combine the two and put it in before PR, sighting Virgins approval and mention polygraphs if Fiona lies.

6:26 pm GMT: Saturday March 10th 2012

Strike of realizing the bleeding obvious, The Corniche Group will be able to put the finished, work, broacher, CD etc, directly in the hands of whoever we feel is appropriate. This will change the introduction and the What Next section.

Note: Add Virtual Network book to PR points main category

10:06 pm GMT: Saturday March 10th 2012

Note: Remember to mention I want no money or shares, if the project goes economic.

Note: 6 months ago, when I showed Dumani Mandela, what was the first tangible results created from Chaos Theory in a paper entitled EEE The economy for the next 14 Billion years, he told me he once had theory for good, but advised, within 10 years the west will fall and there will be nuclear war.

12:02 am GMT: Sunday March 11th 2012

Just watched sudden impact, about and E.L.E “Extinction Level Event”, and it has really dawned on me the importance of all this, the PQS results are a best case scenario, and whist I have no data to work from in Europe it will most likely suffer the same fate, the current Greek riots will be nothing compared to when social security and medical aid is stopped, the riots will encircle hospitals, complete anarchy will descend, if not nuclear war, a land of misery.

Its not like South Africa where the population know and are used to nothing, if they get sick, they die, if they cant get work they starve, the West is not used to this, it will not be able to cope and the citizens will not take it with the placid non violent way of the Africans.

To add to this, I feel I need to work harder on the Planetary defense grid, which for those un initiated is basically getting all the nukes onto space platforms and ships ready to defend the earth from the asteroid that will come, maybe in a year maybe in 3 million, but 3,000,000 odds are 5 times better than the lottery. It also has the advantage of unilateral nuclear disarmament.

I must yet again double my efforts, its really sinking in that I am literately saving the world, which is quite a responsibility.

8:19 am GMT: Sunday March 11th 2012

I am suitably concerned this morning, the PQS prediction erred on the side of optimism, as the message I wanted to give was indeed of the troubles, as such I made it so those that would disagree, could not. Its standard setting suggests GDP growth of 4.5% from 2015; I can’t see that happening on the other hand the baby boomers may come a little later.

I think I will keep the introduction close to as is, going OTT (by which I mean telling the truth) may well see The Corniche Group, turn off at that point not to read the balance, I will tell it how it is at the beginning of the USA economic analysis: Part 8.

On the up side, the consideration, that Mr. Farsi, will be able to put “American Butterfly” straight into the hands of CEO’s, or at least members of the board of companies and for that matter governments, means that this root seems unstoppable.

But who first, as far as checking the economics that can be done via a celebrated economics group, or University, informing the CBO is like informing the Government, we really need Mark Zuckerberg on board before that, well I think so.

All Gore is on the board of Apple, he is loved by many his Green credentials superb, Bill Gates is a Philanthropist, and I’m sure duly respected by Mark, I think that is the root. All be it as soon as The Corniche Group come on board it’s a team effort, if they have a better suggestion, it will be well worth considering, high level CEO and big business politics is not my specialty, in fact, I am without any experience in these matters.

8:55 am GMT: Sunday March 11th 2012

I’m going to charge through the PR in a few minutes, first I want to look at the printing, the local printer said 20 pence per page, and I’m in the mind right now to print all the American Butterfly pages, diary included but I’m pretty sure I cant afford it, all be it if I print it from my printer here I will be able to. If so I will then need a company to bind it. One way to shorten it is to edit out all personal parts and to cut down professional content to only the strong work that fits with the presentation, I’m going to go look at the work on the website starting with Chapter 41: And so it begins

1. Chapter 41:And so it begins, (Add Une), 10 pages: Scrappy,
2. Chapter 42: Finding facebook, 10 pages: Scrappy,
3. Chapter 43: Predictive Quantum Software, 25 pages: Scrappy
4. Chapter 44: Applied EEE, 25 pages: Good
5. Chapter 45: USA Profitability, 30 pages: Solid
6. Chapter 46: We have lift off 25 pages: Good
7. Chapter 47:American Butterfly V:001 50 pages: Quality
8. Chapter 48: Times are a Changing 45 pages: Quality
9. Chapter 49:    
10. Chapter 50: The Purple Emperor 90 pages: Excellent
11. Chapter 51:    
12. Chapter 52: Sports, Media & Exec Summary 80 pages: Excellent
13. Chapter 53: The Lead Out 80 pages Excellent

NOTE: If we approach Greece shortly after the USA they will/may be able to make a decision on implement EEE before congress, sowing prescient will assist congress.

10:05 am GMT: Sunday March 11th 2012


This involves Presidential Assistance + Republican

It occurred when considering the PQS figures that the US government should be given an option to buy in. We suggest that in principal (intention to put to congress that the USA underwrite the first 2 Trillion, as such who ever is invited knows they are being given an opportunity, not being asked to assist.

For the USA underwriting the $2T they get options for $500B

Then we consider the first $500B options for 16 companies “The Big 16” four Technology, 4 Pharmaceutical, 4 Energy & 4 Finance

All winds are vital to the process.

I’ll make a preliminary list

1. Facebook
2. Microsoft
3. Apple
4. Google

Stats hard to find, I’ll do it later

$500/16=31.25B each, all can afford this with the exception maybe of the pharmaceuticals, so patents can be a negotiating tool, in general for entry they will need to give away a good degree of patents, to USA Medicare and Medicaid and Africa and other poor nations.

Energy makes sense as we become partners not threat, we can work on the free range egg scenario, have them sell green for more at first and in general encourage all that can afford it to do so

We need the banks to connect to the financial software

Tech companies are obvious, all be it Intel are very important, maybe drop Google

Once the first 16 are in we go public, our first offer as $1B each to the Doe and NASDAQ point top 500, excluding companies with low moral persevered branding

Next $500B to all 92,000 remaining, tech companies and pharmaceuticals, $5M each, Last 500B US Gov

This is a good structure

Back to printing

  1. Chapter 41: And so it begins, (Add Une), 10 pages: Scrappy,
  2. Chapter 42: Finding facebook, 10 pages: Scrappy,
  3. Chapter 43: Predictive Quantum Software, 25 pages: Scrappy
  4. Chapter 44: Applied EEE, 25 pages: Good
  5. Chapter 45: USA Profitability, 30 pages: Solid
  6. Chapter 46: We have lift off 25 pages: Good
  7. Chapter 47:American Butterfly V:001 50 pages: Quality
  8. Chapter 48: Times are a Changing 45 pages: Quality
  9. Chapter 49:    
  10. Chapter 50: The Purple Emperor 80 pages: Excellent
  11. Chapter 51:    
  12. Chapter 52: Sports, Media & Exec Summary 70 pages: Excellent
  13. Chapter 53: The Lead Out 70 pages: Excellent
I also need to add    
  14. Chapter 28: EEE 14 Billion Years 50 pages: Excellent
  15. Chapter 41: The Big Digits 50 pages: Out There
  16. Chapter 48: Cities of Science 40 pages: Solid

Total pages: 570, changing the page width 530, 1.5 line space 700

Home printer £130

Meridian printers: £114 if 20p per copy or £142 if 25p, plus they are bound with a cover, ok How long is: AM:V 003 likely to be? Wow we are already at 53 pages, I guess if its short its short, if its long it may as well be very long, actually no as I can have 2 pages on one piece of paper, as such its only 26 pages long, lets consider the 1.5 word spacing brilliant it already is 1.5 Ok I will just work on the optimum input regardless of length, at least half maybe 2/3rds is done in outline form, so we are looking at 40 pages, when they see the rest of the Chapters at 530 pages all bound they will be a pack about 5 maybe 6 inches high as such a 40 page summary is comparatively small.

Ok letter to various print companies

Dear Company Name

I wish some printing performed, it is outing for a larger print job to be edited

Firstly I wish from 4 to 8 copies of a 40 page (printed both sides) A4 brochure, to be supplied on disk in word format, preferably 300 grams cover and 130 to 150 grams glossy paper. Preferably perfect bound, all pages and cover full color.

Additionally I have 9 individual chapters that need printing, quality is important but price is more important average pages 50 (one side) weather you print on one side or two is price dependant, the less expensive option. The binding as well will most likely be the lesser cost options, all be it if there is little difference the preference is perfect bound.

Grams 100 or 110, mat or glossy, full color, Cover 250 Grams, or the see through cover

For the next job, I would like quotes on the brochure, all be it probably 50 pages, please supply quotes for 64, 128 & 256.

Thank you for your assistance

Nick Raymond Ball

Right lets look up some printers

Sent it to 4 printers

I have heard back from the Land USA Property company

I have 6000 acres zoned for 13000 homes and 4 million sq ft of commercial in south Orlando area
Price is $100 million
Seller will hold a mortgage
Great property
I am getting a lot of interest so don't wait
You need to act now

Brian C. Webster
561-262-4554 - cell
Sent from my iPhone

Hmm 24 KM2 in Orlando, it does not get much better than that, this said it’s a lot of money.

This dude is so unprofessional, he is using standard Real Estate Agent and cheap ad techniques

I am getting a lot of interest so don't wait
You need to act now

Dude, if one has $100 Million one knows this is either bullshit, or there will not be enough time to do due diligence, and how about addressing me with some professionalism, he has not even mentioned my name.

Actually it is sent from a phone, so……

I will reply

Hi Brian, sounds amazing, I will definitely present it, all be it, it will not be till the following week, if it’s gone, it’s gone. I do however need details, the position so I can look on Google maps, no urgency Monday is fine.

There is no need for a mortgage.

Also please let me know if by “under contract due to close at the end of the month” you meant, its available till; the end of the month?

Cheers Nick

Ok, 11.23, I’m going to go for a walk, come back and finish Micro plan, then go for a cycle, then most likely rest this evening, this 14 hour solid, is making me a little weary, not burn out, I was burn out 6 months ago, then doubled my efforts, this is rather important after all, its just that weary does not make for quality work, and it hurts my head.

2:01 pm GMT: Sunday March 11th 2012

One of those Eureka walks,

Big business first

As the share options are limited to $500B for the top 500 companies, we can insist that they use businessbook, both for suppliers and sales, goods must be 10% cheaper than wholesale, as they get more orders and good branding this will not really loose them money.

USA GDP = 15 Trillion, we will estimate the 500 companies make at least 25% of GDP = 3.75 trillion x 10% = $375 Billion/8192 = 45,776Million per resort if all 500 sign up

Hmm its not as much as I thought, and the 25% GDP is debatable as is the10% especially for energy companies and car manufactures that work on lower margins, I’d better half it $22,888,000 per resort, nowhere near the $100,000,000 I hoped to get from big business.

It will of course increase as more companies join up and GDP increases. I will add this figure to the resorts as technology company’s income.

I had a good idea how to assist the companies via buinessbook, in a similar way to full EEE companies that have to use certain suppliers.

Instead of having fixed rules, have a number of points graphs,

1. In need of money
2. Full EEE partner
3. Purchased from recommended (High Rank) partners
4. Quality reviews
5. Imported from needy country
6. Imported from not needy country

Basically when you wish to put in an order for windows say, you have access to all window companies; however each has a ranking made up of the above, and maybe a few more items.

Let’s make it easy and have it out of 16, if a supplier has a rank of 16, and the order company has a rank of 6 say, then by ordering from a 16 Rank company will increase their rank to a 7.

If their supplier has a ranking of -8 say, then ordering would see the purchaser go down to 5, this
Points 5 & 6:

5 will be a plus, 6 will be a minus

This will assist in the trade deficit, and assisting the 3rd world

Second Point: investment and the new $100,000,000 land

I think I will keep the small business plan as an example only, a lead in, and then Go into the plan for the $100 Million land, this plan will go into the software and travel more than the previous, the first really looking at the companies working as a unit

I’ve considered the math and thought for the first EEE resort (if this is it) The Corniche Group can invest in 2 sectors, Energy and Banking $250M as such we need the same from Technology and Pharmaceuticals, then the balance small local companies over 2 years.

As first in and specialist The Corniche Group get building rights for all resort phases, the land at $100,000,000 in EEE Resort terms is worth

Phase 1a: $150,000,000

Phase 1b: $150,000,000

Phase 2a: $100,000,000

Phase 2b: $100,000,000

Phase 3a: $100,000,000

Phase 4a: $100,000,000

$700,000,000 in textbook EEE Terms, reinvested and returned in real estate which in Orlando would be worth at least double = $1,4000,000,000 all be it chances are $4,000,000,000 would have gone to “Give Half Back “so $1 Billion

However we need to add the building profits, which are massive, up to $2 Billion, down to $1 Billion after mandatory stuff = $1Billion + the first $1Billion = $2Billion.

As such I have a good argument that we are looking at a 2000% return, plus residual income from shares of buinessbook and the Solar Arrays etc.

That’s good, its solid, its real and it can be debated, and questions asked, once a question is asked, I’m in.

I’m going to reward myself with a mountain bike session, its hilarious I’ve wrapped about 2 meters Squared of bubble wrap over the saddle.

Oh, I need to consider tempering my excitement about the land opportunities, its like a big present at the moment, I’m to emotionally attached, I need to be grounded and work on the principal there will be many land opportunities as good as this one. (I hope)

5:13 pm GMT: Sunday March 11th 2012

Just got back from Mountain Bike ride, the bike name has be shortened to just Panther, it was so exhilarating, like skiing moguls, the music took on new brilliance. Especially last Train and The Forrest, which is awesome when you are cycling through a forest, for the best part I kept at just over panting hart rate, cycled for 90 minutes so 40 minuets of fat burn.

I’ve decided to scrap the Micro plan from the final AM: 004 but leave it in AM: 003 for posterity, in its place I will insert the plan using the $100,000,000 plot and make it just like the Macro Plan.

I’ve also decided to start my band ASAP with Keira Knightley as first choice vocalist, just looked up on Google and she can sing, she’s not the best singer, but she’s good enough.

I’m going into FIFA manager world, I’m just going to insert the a to z PR on the Micro Plan and move swiftly on to,

6d: Tutorial Gaming
6e: The PQS – Predictive Quantum Software

but maybe tomorrow, not this evening.

7:15 pm GMT: Sunday March 11th 2012

Right this is serious

The order of approach

Dear Mr. Farsi, Mr. Chavance & The Corniche Group

Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan

President Obama

Mark Zuckerberg

Bill Gates

All Gore (Apple)


When present Obama sees the PQS results having been checked and verified by The Corniche Group & Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan. He will realize the seriousness of the situation, I expect he has been kept in the dark.

President Obama, can ask Mark Zuckerberg for a meeting, in a help your country manner, I will close Mark, from there the rest is easy, both Bill and All are Philanthropists, and without Apple and Microsoft Intel are stuffed, from there all will follow.

Offer to The Corniche Group & Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, is that they can choose who gets $250 Billion in options, all be it they must be Arabic, this serves two purposes, 1, with Arabia making substantial money from America, it will make little sense for radical Muslims to attack, that added to what I wish to say to the Taliban and Al Queda plus The Babylon Project will at worst greatly help to stabilize the region, or at best stop the war in Afghanistan and reduce terrorism by 75% maybe more.

Secondly it provides an income for the Middle East after the Oil has run out.

It also makes sense, as both The Corniche Group & Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan are in property development. They can choose to buy up land, all be it, It will be most likely that most of the land comes from Rezoning farmland.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it is imperative that the USA stop corporation tax, they make little and it creates evasion, as such the small business do not pay tax they go underground and so also avoid VAT if they have it and Payroll tax is down, also EEE works on profit, loosing 30% will really hurt.

10:07 pm GMT: Sunday March 11th 2012

Game Set and Match

I will allow The Corniche Group to put a 10% mark up on the $250 Billion, they sell $200 Billion, making $40 Billion, and then they buy the land, which if the earlier figure pans out make at $2000 they make $800 Billion, plus continuous profit, even if its only half, that’s a lot of money in anyone’s book.

I’ve also worked out how the USA can largely receive the $500 Billion without paying, we choose the farmland, buy it for probably $50 Million a plot then pay $100 Million to the government, lets say 5000 plots = $500 Billion on the nose.

I think I can do a one page summary.

NOTE, due to other commitments in the PQS-PE results the GDP Debt Ratio is out, I’ll adjust later.

Hmm adding the other commitments still improves the total government commitments as a percentage of GDP, but it’s not enough, I’ll have to advise that this is just one of a number of reductions.

My leg is killing me; I will just make notes on the one page

Part 1: In One page

1a: How to make $800 Billion

This is the PQS (Predictive Quantum Software analysis of the future of US Finance)

It literally spells the end of the US; it’s highly likely the same will happen in Europe.
This is the EEE (Ecological Experience Economy) based on Chaos Theory forecast if the: American Butterfly economic plan is implemented.

Mention resorts how many and cost

Mention buinessbook and profits per year 300M to 400M to be safe

First 500 goes to building, the balance saved until $500M, and then the next investment pays $1 Billion

Mention 100M a year for give half back and what it’s spent on
Mention the solar arrays

Then investment, including how they will make $800,000,000

Then go to what next, verify all facts, make broacher, the Mr. Farsi closes, Sheikh Mansour, who in turn closes Obama, I close Mark, then we all go to Bill and Brian, then Intel, then pharmaceutical companies, energy companies and banks, creating “The Big 16”

8:28 pm GMT: Monday March 12th 2011

Thought: this is conserving the Arabic Investment, which will be the only foreign investment, in general it’s best all American. However starting with Arabia will go a long way to resorting faith, or more to the point increase Brand Arabia.

It can’t back fire, as we can spin it, whist no one has seen American Butterfly, and chances are no one from Google or facebook read the work, the spin (all true) is this.

I went to Virgin, who stopped communications as I required a $1,000,000 donation to the Nelson Mandela foundation, I sent good plans to Google, who ignored them, I sent many emails to facebook, even applied for the Director of Business Development position, to which I got a generic thanks but no thanks, I went to The British Government who said, its intriguing but they were to busy, I even sent the work to some literary agents, who did not reply save one generic thanks but no thanks.

The West was and still is asleep; we need to thank our blessings, which Arabia was not.

8:40 am GMT: Monday March 12th 2012

I’ve decided whenever I go onto a new topic I will add date and time bar (as above) it breaks it up nicely, I’m going off diary and write u the “In One Page” in AM:V003

I’m going to remove the (All Other Commitments from the PQS:PE forecast)
Ok here we go, I’m just over a page on the AM:V003 (it has smaller margins)

Part 1: In One page
1a: How to make $300 Billion

This is the best case scenario of the PQS (Predictive Quantum Software) analysis of the future of US Finance, (add 13% to GDP for other commitments). Within 10 years the situation will be worse than Greece, within 20 years the US will not function as an economy. You will find no one of knowledge that will disagree. For those uninitiated 18% is break even point, and GDP slows by 1.5% when GDP Debt Ratio = 100%. Whist accurate data for Europe is not available; it is highly likely Europe will also fall, this could trigger and ELE.

Welcome to EEE (Ecological Experience Economy) & “American Butterfly” the only solution. I stress “The Only Solution”. Here are the figures created by the EEE solution for the particular problem areas: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Interest on Public Debt.

8,192 new EEE companies will be created at $1Billion each, most will twin with another to create 4,096 new resort towns. The investors receive the house, commercial building and industrial projects that are built, so creating a capital backed investment, thus making the resorts not reliant on selling property. 50% of investment comes from local small business; all of whom are monitored and advised by logistical and business analysts working within the resorts in practical universities. This is done via an all encompassing software program.

From the sand that makes glass, to the company that makes tractor engines, every component and every item sold within the resorts is produced by an EEE company. By a series of improvements to all EEE businesses, companies will be desired make at least 40% profit each year, as such $400 Million a year is generated. This money is pulled together; $100 Million pays for the University, Solar Arrays and a Hospital. The first $400 above, provides addition features for the resort, the balance from then is saved until $500 Million is available, at which time a new batch of companies join at $1 Billion, and the second phase of the resort is created, and the property again distributed to the investors.

The land is valued at 15% of investment; 20KM2 to 40KM2 is desired, currently 24KM2 is available in Orlando for $100 Million, with total investment in the resort as mentioned above at $5 Billion, that makes the value of this land is $750 Million, reinvested it generates $1,5 Billion. (1500%) Share options are very tight and will be desired, for your assistance you will receive $250 Billion to offer to Arabic people or companies. You can add 10%, so selling $210 Billion, generates $41Billion, reinvested in the land will right now on paper make, $40Biillion x 1500% = $600 Billion. Half this figure for safety in estimates = $300 Billion plus, a large amount of residual income each year.

Please assist me to make “American Butterfly” undisputable and dashingly presented, then you will close Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, he will close President Obama, I will close Mark Zuckerberg, we will close Bill Gates and All Gore (Apple) then jointly close Intel, from there 4 pharmaceutical Giants, 4 Energy Giants and 4 banking Giants, thus creating “The Big 16” After this is achieved we go public. Before doing so, we need a Republican candidate, as for total implementation we need zoning rights relaxed on farmland & concessions on corporate tax, the latter desired not essential.

The next 40 pages explains all aspect in detail, this is backed up by the 600 pages within the 8 chapters of my journal (supplied), this is backed up by a further 50 chapters on the www.s-world.biz website.

I feel it is important to mention, that for a variety of reasons I will not be profiting or owning any shares in this venture, I do however require a veto over “Give Half back” spending.

Ok, that’s good, simple, and in the Einstein philosophy, “if you can’t explain Physics to a Bar maid you don’t know enough about it” and if I wrote (Gross Domestic product = What They sell) next to the GDP it would be understandable by a bar maid. However putting that into summary for serious businessman would be silly.
I do however feel that being able to create a (just over) one page summary, is a significant achievement.

So what next, I think I will insert the A to Z PR Points into the Micro Business plan, not that that will be in the final presentation, but AM:V003 will be recovered for posterity at the end of this chapter and it will be the influence for AM:V004
I’ve just had a read through

Part 1: Introduction
1a: Short Executive Summary

It can be replaced by the new in one page summary, where after I think it best to make a montage of

Part 1: Introduction
1a: Short Executive Summary

Part 2: Micro Business Plan
2a: A stand alone business plan

Part 3: Macro Economic Plan
3a: Executive Summary

To create one introduction, as such the presentation will be in 5 parts.

1. Short easy reading introduction (under 2 pages)
2. Longer Introduction/Executive Summery
3. American Butterfly V:004
4. Presented Diary Chapters
5. www.S-World.biz

So what is next? Let’s have a reminder of the chapter order and what has been completed and what has not. I’ll make the ones that are done in Purple

Part 1: Introduction
1.a: In 728 Words - How to make $300 Billion
1b: Short Executive Summary

Part 2: Micro Business Plan
2a: A stand alone business plan

Part 3: Macro Economic Plan
3a: Executive Summary

Part 4: US Economic Analysis by the PQS
4a: The problems with Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security & Interest on Public Debt addresses

Part 5:”Give Half Back”
5a: Medi Outreach & Super University Resort Hospitals (SURH’s)
5b: Resort Universities and Alternate Energies

5c: “The Spartans” – Team EEE

Part 6: Software Designs and Specifications.
6a: SME’s & Business software
6b: Buinessbook - The Global Trade Network (GTN)
6c: S-World – Virtual World, Media Network & Computerized TV Operating System

6d: Tutorial Gaming
6e: The PQS – Predictive Quantum Software

Part 7: “The Resorts” Property Developments
5a: The Inspiration, History and Development of the “Resorts” concept.
7b: New Sparta “City of Science”
7c: Location, Location, Location: Infrastructure and “Wow” features (Started)
7d: The Bastion of Excellence – Villa Resort Development
7e: Chaos Theory, The Pressure of Profit (POP) & Ecologically Protected Capitalism (EPC) (Started)
7f: “PQS” Resort Profitability Statistics.

Part 8: American Butterfly
8a: Resorting confidence in short and long term US Economics
8b: EEE US economics forecast by the PQS

Part 9: Brand Love and Public Relations
9a: Ecology, Energy, Health, Education, Jobs and Money
9b: Global Leagues
9c: Film & Media
9d: S-World & The Tutorial Game
9e: “The Sienna Project”, “Galactica 2017”, “The Virtual Network” & The Author

Part 10: Investment
10a: Who & When

Part 11: What Next
11a: Fact Checking, Du diligence, Editing and a Professional presentation (Started)

Note: I need too mention that as this and the last chapter were written around creating the presentation, they are very useful, as will the above AM V:003 which I will make a separate chapter.
Ok may as well go in order

5c: “The Spartans” – Team EEE

12:40 pm GMT: Monday March 12th 2012

Even if I do say so myself it turned into quite the masterpiece.

Part 3:”Give Half Back”
3b: The “Spartans” Team EEE

The concept of “The Spartans” was inspired by the first theory written within “The Spartan Theory” entitled “The New 21st Century Economic Football Theory” which details, reaching potential and developing it over time. It has now become a pivotal part of addressing the current US economic frailties. It does so via three main factors.

1. Jobs & Housing: “Spartan Contracts” gives jobs and provides homes to the have not’s, particularly single mothers, In the first phase we are looking at approximately 4,500,000 people employees and on the property ladder, this figure will most likely double if the USA uses its 8th stockholding profits to further assist, for the sake of argument I will work on the presumption they will, hence 9,000,000 at an average family unit of 2.5 we see 22,500,000 citizens housed. With resorts expected to duplicate once every four years to a possible critical mass at 16 years 90 Million US citizens housed, with at least 32,000,000 employed.

There is an argument that a lot more citizens can be housed at the above factors for small but luxurious homes, in keeping with the resort standards at a build cost of $100,000 and $115,000 respectively on 0.25 and 0.3 of an acre.

The effect of the housing and jobs will greatly reduce both Welfare and Medicaid spending.

2. Improving skills: The basics behind “Spartan Contracts” is to improve skills of all who enroll, typically 16 hours each week dedicated to the pursuit of further knowledge, all be it often within a practice environment. By increasing the skill levels of those that were not afforded the privilege of higher education, the USA per capita will be more intelligent, or skillful often both. This will not necessarily save money of the budget, it will however have the effect of improving GDP

3. Decreasing skilled and essential workers salaries: A typical example comes in the form of medical staff, both doctors and nurses; the salary structure particularly for doctors requires them to work for a reasonable salary, considering without the “Spartan Contract” they would not be a doctor. As such we would be looking at a salary of $100,000 as opposed to the average $200,000. Once the contract is up, they are free to work where they wish.

However as medical staff are a priority for enrolment, so creating three maybe four times as many doctors as are currently trained, supply and demand will dictate that the going rate is only $100,000 by the end of their contract

The advantages of this is EEE hospitals “SURH’s” are cheaper to man, and will be able to cope with more than just Medicare and Medicaid patients, this also decreases the cost of medical care across the country. And in general sees a fitter healthier nation, which in turn has effects on GDP.

This is how the basic concepts works

Of the initial investment money each resort company has $62,500,000 for staff and operations at the university; this is usually split into 4 departments which receive each $15,625,000. 25% to Building, 25% Research, 25% buinessbook sales and marketing, 25% software development. Each department assigns 25% (3,906,250) to the Sports, Media and Advertising division, thus its total finding is $15,625,000 and the other departments effectively have $11,718,750 per annum.

If we first consider the Sports, Media and Advertising division, below is the basic “Spartan Contact” salary structure and Mortgage/Bond on a 16 year “Spartan Contract”

The basic salary of $30,518 including medical and dental insurance for their families, the basic salary will be topped up by achievements, and exams passed, Spartans can take year breaks and in many cases move to another resort, should a “Spartan” choose to break their contract, they will loose their house which will be deemed payment for education.

As you can see the houses are not given away, they are paid for. In the case of the Sports, Media and Advertising division after operational expenses, employment for about 64 recruits is available as such after 4 years, sustaining 256 jobs.

The Building, Research, businessbook sales and marketing & Software development divisions with yearly budgets of $11,718,750 each, after operational expenses each division will offer “Spartan Contracts” to 32 citizens x 4 departments x 4 years = 768, which would provide jobs for all EEE positions and 50% of USA EEE share housing initiatives.

The SURH’s (Super university Resort Hospitals) are funded by a non university special budget of $15,000,000 possibly $20,000,000 this covers the salaries of the remaining of USA EEE share housing initiatives.

NOTE: After the 4 years investment money has been spent, money will come from “Give Half Back” mandatory spending; ample funds have been set aside for salary increases.

I’m going for a walk, and will consider

6d: Tutorial Gaming
6e: The PQS – Predictive Quantum Software

Note on T Game, 2003 I specked admin assistant as a plus, now it would be a minus

4:13 pm GMT: Monday March 12th 2012

Beautiful walk, the simplicity of the recent work has made me feel I am looking at a when not if, it’s most calming
Thought on POP and profit projections, I think it best if I work on $300 Million profit, well under what should be, but we all know about the dreaded “Other” so better safe than sorry. With this in mind, I propose the first money always goes to mandatory spending, which maybe can be capped at $100 Million, maybe, maybe not. Then the next $200 Million goes to POP, whereby the next company will need to be upped to $400 POP thins way we know how much POP will be, which helps a lot.

From there the next $100Million is put into investment, either in the university, resort, industry, buying local shops and malls, or abroad. Following that for the next 200 Million its split, $100M Dividends $100M reinvest, followed by the next $200M is split $100M Dividends and $100M POP, from there a continuation always returning 50% as dividends, as such its for everyone’s immediate interest to make 40% or more profit.

OK The Tutorial Game

Let’s consider the main points.

1. Teaches basic business skills
2. People appreciate how the software makes business easier
3. Teaches people how to get the best out of the software
4. Recruiting tool for all EEE employees especially “Spartans”
5. Assist in Rendering S-World
6. Becomes an ecommerce tool when people create there own websites after attaining a certain score, where by after saving up earnings that can trade it for an resort shop
7. Make making money by above method a worldwide game, with the top scores interviewed and followed on S-World.TV
8. In General Conquest games improve learning according to Lee Chazen’s
9. A celebrity businessman and popular figures game can be screened to increase PR and how to win the game
10. It can highlight the Space ambitions within the game, and introduce the concept before we get to VIRGIN Galactica and Mission Gliese
11. Mention, Chess, Risk, FIFA Manger, Civilization and the SIMMS

NOTE: I think I should make it clear from the beginning that whist the presentation mentioned rolls for The Corniche Group, if they don’t wish to be personally involved I would like access to some consultants and a little cash for printing in preparation for Virgin Galactic. I say this not expecting not to be involved but from the lesson learned with Mr. Grayling, if I had not have involved him and just asked to be introduced to the relevant government department he probably would have.

5:39 pm GMT: Monday March 12th 2012

Just heard back from the Realtor


Please give me your fax number so I can send you a confidentiality agreement to sign
This merely is an agreement to keep confidential the 6000 acre parcel
The seller requires this

Brian C. Webster
561-262-4554 - cell
Sent from my iPhone

My Reply

Hi Brain

No problem, with signing confidentiality a agreement, all be it, I’m working from a temporary office in the UK so it’s a telephone/fax and a little complicated, it would be easier to email me the document then I can print it, sign it and send it to you.

If this is a problem, then please SMS/Text me on + 44 755 357 9272 then send the fax when I SMS back

The Fax number is: +44 1372 724844

Please inform your client that I will be presenting the work to my financiers company, which for the sake of confidentiality can be referred to as “TCG”

Thanks Nick Ray.

I also got a print quote back, and it’s a very good deal

Print run 1
4 or 8 copies
80 printed pages, A4.
Colour throughout, printed digitally onto 300gsm silk cover/150gsm silk inner.
Thermal bound (nearest result to perfect binding for small run size).
Printed from artwork supplied.

4 copies @ £64.00
8 copies @ £112.00


X9 individual booklets
50 printed pages, A4.
Colour throughout, printed digitally onto 250gsm silk cover/130gsm silk inner.
Thermal bound.
Printed from artwork supplied.


Print run 2
64 or 128 or 256 copies
50 printed pages, A4.
Colour throughout, printed digitally onto 250gsm silk cover/130gsm silk inner.
Thermal bound.
Printed from artwork supplied.

64 copies @ £230.00
128 copies @ £384.00
256 copies @ £640.00

I have quoted for thermal binding (samples available), as opposed to perfect binding, as perfect binding set-up costs, regardless of quantity, would add £78.00 to the job plus a cost per bind. Let me know if you would still like costs for perfect binding and I can forward these to you.

All prices quoted exclude VAT.
Production timescales are 3-5 working days for the larger volumes.
I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Just over £100 for the initial printing, and if the worse comes to the worst I can afford 128 copies of the next edition. Probably sent 4 each to 32 targets,

I got another quote from

Paul Dawson
Direct 01932 236 128
Fax to Email (Direct) 0871 971 1471

Impress Print Services Ltd
Unit 10, 19 Lyon Road
Hersham Surrey KT12 3PU

Office 01932 236 100

Hi Paul

Hi Peter, thanks for the quote, judging from the price and small increase for volume, your printing is a very professional method, this is not needed for the initial sample of 4 to 8, but would be welcomed for the second run (edited version of the first) which will be between 128 and 256 copies, same spec as the one you already quoted on.

Nick Ray

Hi Brian
Thanks for the expiation, you were correct, it’s a really good deal for the money but it’s far too small

6:30 pm GMT: Monday March 12th 2012

Interesting: I just found some information on Mr. Farsi’s charitable endeavors, and it lists health Care and Education, the only two parts to the plan, I thought The Corniche Group were not experienced at. This is really looking like it’s a meant to be partnership, does one dare to say the word “Fate”


The MSFF is an international foundation and will recognize no barriers of race, religion or culture. The foundation will be active in three core areas: the improvement of healthcare; the advancement of education and the protection of our global heritage.

In particular we focus on:
The advancement of education
The advancement of health or the saving of lives
The advancement of the arts, culture, heritage or scien

Oh, there it is at the end “The Advancement of Science” that’s a full deck.

Duly pleased, I’m going to FiFA Manager 09 and move up to the first division. :)
Singing off, we will just have random thoughts tonight, I’ll start on The Tutorial Game tomorrow.

Ahh on the subject of Technology, I need to stress that in the long term it will be the speeding up in technology and medicines, agricultural methods etc, that will keep the money flowing. As without which one could argue, we are merely transferring money from current companies to EEE companies. On the same tack, I need to throw in the solar arrays and the improvements in manufacturing and industry, while I’m at it, improvements in service and responsibility

Not sure where I’m going top put it, but it’s pretty important, maybe in the Executive Summary.

NOTE: when doing the tutorial game pages, mention the new 21st Century Football Theory was inspired By FIFA Manger 2011, maybe slip in they put my song on FIFA 2000 and were nice to me during the world cup.

NOTE: I think its worth mentioning at the beginning of the Exec Summary, that when I started writing specifically to The Corniche Group, it was for assistance in verifying the economic plan, at the time I did not have a specific business plan for them, the way to make $300 Billion, just a result of working the process.

Hi I got it, first tied 01, just rang, then 001 and an American voice said “The number you rang is not in service” Have you got another fax number?

Note for fly introduction page

9:49 pm GMT: Monday March 12th 2012

Dear Mr. Farsi, Mr. Chavance & The Corniche Group

Just under a year ago, I developed an Economic Theory; entitled “The Spartan Theory”, at the time I called Tanya who kindly gave me a senior member’s email address.

I decided however that I needed to work on the specifics, reverse engineered it into a plausible business/economic plan. The plan is now complete, or as complete as I can make it without assistance.

Just over a month ago, I began working on this specific presentation to you, the notes of which are recorded in chapters 51 to 54 (Attached)

10:47 pm GMT: Monday March 12th 2012

Start for Tutorial game: I have always been good at turn based strategy games, I beat Civilization on its hardest level in about 60 moves, there are probably only a handful of people on this earth that could do that, In many, many ways “American Butterfly” is a strategy game, for all intents and purposes it is “the strategy game”, the game of all games.

When I started writing I desired your assistance in verifying the economic plan, I did not have a specific business plan for you.
At first you will not believe what is on the next page, who would? It is however solid, as the following pages will verify.

This presentation is backed up by the 600 odd pages within the Chapters I have sent you. These chapters are backed up by the 3000 or so pages on Memory stick provided and on the www.s-world.biz website.

Please allow me to present “American Butterfly

Thank you

Dedicated to Sienna Skye

6:57 am GMT: Tuesday March 13th 2012

Note on PQS introduction

The PQS was and still is inspired by a combination of, Relativity, The Butterfly Effect, Quantum Theory and more recently the equivalent of the Higgs Boson. I do not say this to show off; it’s simply how it is. With the exception of the non infinite (chaotic) mathematical number sequence that I have used 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, etc. I have no idea weather my work on Theoretical science has any legs. I simply enjoy it, am in awe of it, and find it a great source of inspiration, that began on the 9th of May, whist a very learned chap read my Galactica 2017 script and suggested I consider “String Theory”

I think its safe to say the first pillar of the PQS was laid on the 7th July, the day the scientists at Cern claimed to have broken the Speed of Light and as such whilst Einstein’s theory of relativity was not wrong, there was more to it, which made sense to me, as I’d always considered energy as more than just weight and speed.

Then start with the equation.

Note on my veto: mention that on examination it is actually a very powerful thing, but let all know I do not wish to use it; it’s just during the set up phase in case someone makes a bad decision that is against the principals of good. Oh and mention buying the publishing rights of the songs

Back to PQS inspiration

Where particle physics breaks down, is within black holes, as best I understand, the mathematics behind general relativity and quantum mechanics does not marry and an infinite number the result. If we consider the black hole as economics and general relativity as fiscal policy and GDP and quantum mechanics as the dollars and cast spent by the population, much in the same way as black holes, the two do not marry as many infinite numbers result.

I have suggested in my work, that particle physicists re run their experiments using a non infinite set of numbers, where by what ever the gap is between the quantum and relativity results is, is where we will find the Higgs Boson equivalency, the object that holds the universe together. In the same vain, when starting to work on marrying fiscal policy GDP with pounds and cents we need to work with the same number sequence and indeed build the software and economics around same.

From 1998 to 2009, as a Q-Bass programmer my occupation my joy was to move objects into quantizes within a 4/16 number set. This led to a music less period from 1999 to about 2005 as I could not listen to music in a conventional way, rather I just listened to the individual elements, and their quantizes . In a similar way today, from time to time, I do not look at the world in a conventional way, rather as a series of perfectly formed cubes, and the energy transference within. This is what inspired the following diagram, which considered the “Butterfly Effect” adage “Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?”

Ok, I’m obviously excited about the QPS so I will do those pages before the Tutorial Game; make the game the last part of the software. I will make the QPS in 2 sections, 1: QPS Inspiration 2: QPS Actual. I will include diagrams and spread sheets, as such we may be looking at 10 pages, which is a lot, but the QPS is pivotal in getting USA government and citizen’s support so…

I’m going off Diary

Note: I’m going to ask mike to sent me all the relevant edited chapters, then cut out the waffle and send them to Tiny, it will be a good exercise as reading through them, I may pick up notes that I forgot

11:42 am GMT: Tuesday March 13th 2012

Actually I did not get to it, I needed to identify all the chapters I wished to print, and ask Mike to sent the edited copies, took a while but its done and all is categorized, once he sends them back, I will edit out waffle and send the to Tiny for a once over.

I’m of for a cycle. I’m absolutely starving, but I think that’s the best way, otherwise I will just burn of the food.

2:48 pm GMT: Tuesday March 13th 2012

Note on possible financial software introduction:

Most if not all big businesses were once SME’s.
Most if not all SME were once small business.
Many small businesses started their lives as one man or woman’s inspiration, along with their life savings.

If one is content to run a one man/woman show, a sole trader, then in general accounting is relatively simple. Receipts, debits and credits recorded by the owner, then given top a local accountant to work out the tax. Save the accuracy of the tax payment, the sole practitioner has full financial control.

In most cases this principal can still work for a handful of employees, however more often that not when ones staff grows larger, there comes a time when either the owner of the businesses time it better spent elsewhere, or he/she is not comfortable dealing with the accounts.

This is where, in a few, many or even most cases it all falls apart, certainly in the experience of the author. Dealing with daily debits and credits is a simple task easily recorded on an excel spread sheet, one can do amazing things with spreadsheets, however when it’s VAT, Payroll & Corporation tax, and the relevant social security payments and files that need to be submitted for each employee, it becomes laborious, and so one does the obvious thing and call an accounting firm.

At that same instant one has lost all financial control over their company and has signed up for great additional expense. It matters not if they are a small but well respected firm, or one of the biggest most prestigious firms in the world, accounting firms have one directive and one mandate. Billable Hours!

The greatest trick the accountants ever pulled to aid them in their relentless quest for an increase in billable hours was their software,

Accounting software should be simple, to quote Albert Einstein “If you can’t explain physics to a bar maid, you don’t know enough about it” Creating simple user friends software that can be used by the finically untrained, is a simple enough task. So why is the software that most accountants use so incredibly complicated? That’s simple, they make it complicated so that the Company owner or CEO can’t use it, as such they become reliant on the Accounts Company, and worse they have to hire a dedicated financial manger and admin team to input the data.

The result is simple, one ends up paying the accountants and the financial staff more that one would have to pay in tax, and in many cases, that results in companies not being able to afford to pay the tax.

To make matters worse, the day one shakes the accountants hands and says, ok you have the account is the day one puts about 4 or 5 people in the position to either steal from you, or loose money via negligence, often both. And because all ones money is now within software that few can understand, one has no way of knowing.

This is what it is like for small businesses that wish to grow, larger firms of 100 or more staff are usually well organized and can afford competent internal teams, but for the rest, it’s a dicey game.

In the USA 650,000 businesses go bust every year, the vast majority have less than 100 staff, if one removed the expenses of the accounts companies, the financial mangers and the data in putters, combined with alleviating the associated fraud, negligence and other foul play, it would be interesting to see the results.

Would that figure half, or only see a reduction of 25%, even at just a 25% reduction is highly significant in terms of GDP and Jobs, as such a new type of software is needed, to be made so simple a 12 year old could use it, connected directly to the bank to avoid most or all data imputing, calculates and pays tax, and the best part, its free and it comes with free on site support to both set up and help you with any enquiries you desire answered.

Sounds too good to be true, well there is a 0.25% transaction fee, but that’s just 25 cents for every $100, which serves to cover part cost of the support staff.

Hmm it’s a bit long, but it’s a good build up, I can add this to the page on small business as a lead up to the business software pages. I’ll see. I added the 0.25% charge as an after thought, may be best not to introduce levies till later. Really need to push the government to seed corporation tax on all that use the software.

7:15 pm GMT: Tuesday March 13th 2012

Back to the PQS

I think I will make 4 sections

1. PQS: Inspiration Detailing the physics
2. PQS: Aspiration Detailing its ultimate objectives
3. PQS: Actual The resorts profits etc.
4. PQS-PE: Actual US PQS Analysis

I’ve got an idea for the introduction

The inspiration for the PQS alongside POP & EPC came from this equation: E x TOE = mc2 + TOE/ -16 = 16 PPG written late September 2011 soon after Antonio Ereditato’s team working at Cern, sped neutrinos past the speed of light, and as such it was said there was more to Einstein’s equation E = mc2

The equation E x TOE = mc2 + TOE/ -16 = 16 PPG was pure instinctive thinking, not based on pure physics rather some old “String Theory” and wonderment at “The Butterfly Effect” and an ever present interest in “The Theory of Everything”

At the time of writing it was said that the mc2 + TOE may not be a plus, rather a divide, times or minus.

Soon after writing this equation, the section TOE/8 -16 inspired the paper “EEE - The Economy for the next 14 Billion Years” Whish turned the project towards “Chaos Theory” or more to the point “The removal of Chaos Theory”, from this point onwards all calculations were made using a non infinite number set, starting at 1 Billion, dividing in half or multiplying by two. This in turn inspired POP (Pressure of Profit) and EPC (Ecologically Protected Capitalism) as explained in the following chapter.

In hindsight and with some rudimentary knowledge of quantum mechanics, relativity and the Higgs Boson, there could well be a lot more to this equation, as TOE (The Theory of Everything) has many different contenders, the equation is very much open for interpretation, further as E is equal to = mc2 they can be canceled out. Thus leaving: TOE = TOE/
-16 = 16 PPG, putting the “String Theory” based 16PPG aside for a minute, we are left with TOE = TOE/ -16

The reason this is particularly interesting is that” TOE”, too many is considered as the unifying theory between Relativity and Quantum Mechanics; where as currently the mathematics is inconsistent. Whist many, most even feel that Quantum Mechanics is “The Theory of Everything” or at least the key to it, Einstein and Reality Theorists believe the answers lie within relativity, as such one can adapt the equation as follows

General Relativity = Quantum Mechanics/8 -16 or maybe the other way around = Quantum Mechanics = General Relativity /8 -16

Where it gets interesting is that the problem physicists have in creating a unified result is that there calculations lead to infinity, where by scientific rules state infinity can not exist.

It will not be long now, before they have proof that the Higgs Boson does not exist, the Higgs Boson, is believed to be the elusive particle that hold all elementary particles together described by many as “The God Particle”. It is said, that when it is proved it does not exist, it will be the search for something that can not be explained by “what we know now”

Simply put, I see this “God particle” or Higgs Boson equivalent, as order, order within the chaos of the universe. The best way to start looking for it is within a numerical sequence that can not reach infinity. As such the equation makes perfect sense

Quantum Mechanics = General Relativity /
- Order

Put simply, one would need perfect order to create a unifying theory of Quantum Mechanics & General Relativity. All be it, the more order you have, the closer you get, as order is in essence infinity coming back on itself.

Has this got any scientific credibility? I can not say, if not it is at least a work of great inspiration to the PQS.

Now let’s have a look at the other part of the inspiration, before putting the two pieces together. “The Butterfly Effect”

Not bad, I had better have a quick watch of that program on infinity that Mum recorded. It would however be hilarious if I was right.

9:10 pm GMT: Tuesday March 13th 2012

I’ll watch it another time had some insights

CORRECTRION: The Higgs Boson equivalent or “God Particle” is the PPG (Particles of Physics within God) as such, the (TOE = TOE/ -16 = 16 PPG) -16 after infinity signifies only a mathematically ordered sequence or system or behavior will find the unifying theory, and all that goes with it.

NOTE: I need to mention that the unifying theory only seems to fall apart when it comes to “Black Holes” (I think) which in turn can be considered “Give Half Back” as money disappears, all be it to return in a greater form than it originated. Further if one assimilates “American Butterfly” to a pyramid scheme, one can say, yes it is, however the “Give Half Back Money” makes it a continuous pyramid.

Note on

2. PQS: Aspiration Detailing its ultimate objectives

I need to discuss the businesses, for instance, we have 1000 similar business types, let’s say Chinese’s Restaurants. 50 of them perform really well, the PQS along side its human counterparts analyses all aspects of the businesses to see what it is that they are doing right, or more to the point what combination of things. It will analyze everything. It may turn out that most of these businesses advertised on facebook not Google, or vice versa, it may be a service initiative, it may be location, hundreds probably thousands of variables, the PQS however will balance up all variables and give suggestions. Say change advertising to facebook recommended, which the CRM will do automatically for them, when companies make the changes , if they improve, the PQS is correct, and gives a stronger recommendation, to all, not just Chinese restaurants, if they don’t, its calls for a reversal of policy.

Applying this to every facet of every business, is what the PQS does, within buinessbook, monitoring figures from the Financial software and reports from NICE (CRM software)

Over time, the PQS itself will create swings, for instance if everyone stopped advertising on Google and turned to facebook, it would make facebook advertising more expensive and Google cheaper, so it would have to reverse strategies, much in the same way the Google robots avoiding search engine optimizers tricks

Note: I also need to add

1. Wages paid mainly via EEE debit card
2. The following of the money from pillar to post
3. I need to find the chapter that lead to the spend $1 get $2 government general projection. I can’t for the life of me remember how I worked it out.

Mike has sent through all the chapters, I think I will go through them tomorrow and fish for useful insights, while cutting out all my waffle.

11:30 pm GMT: Tuesday March 13th 2012

As I look back at the inspiration for the PQS it started with an equation I was working on: E x TOE = mc2 + TOE/∞ -16 = 16 PPG. This was written just after the physicists at Cern claimed to have broken the speed of light. It was noted at the time the + may be a - / or X

As such if changed to an X, the E and the mc2 cancel each other out leaving: TOE = TOE/∞ -16 = 16 PPG.

TOE (The Theory of Everything) has many contenders as such we can interpret TOE = TOE/∞ -16 = 16 PPG as
General Relativity = Quantum Mechanics/∞ -16 = 16 PPG or maybe

Quantum Mechanics = General Relativity /∞ -16 = 16 PPG

When applied to black holes General Relativity & Quantum Mechanics do not give the same results, as such many say that “True TOE” is the unifying theory that will balance the two, the reason General Relativity & Quantum Mechanics don’t marry is the calculations lead to an infinite number, as such the equation is correct as the /8 stands for divided by infinity.
General Relativity = Quantum Mechanics/∞ (∞ is the symbol for infinity.)

The -16, is not specific to the number 16, it is a part of a non infinite number set, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 etc, etc. that was created to alleviate “Chaos Theories” founding problem, “rounding errors within mathematical calculation” within the number set, infinity can not be reached, thus the number set has “Order” as such the equation is written

General Relativity = Quantum Mechanics/∞ - order = 16 PPG

The PPG is within “Sting Theory” and is currently interpreted as the Higgs Boson equivalent, or as it commonly refereed to as “The God Particle” which is quite apt as the PPG stands for “The Particles of Physics within God”

As such we have: General Relativity = Quantum Mechanics/8 - order = The Higgs Boson Equivalent. (The Higgs Boson is the missing object that connects all elementary particles together) (String Theory is so names as it interprets all particles relationship to the universe as if they were a vibrating sting on an interment)

As such a possible way to look for the Higgs Boson equivalents is to run the Black Hole experiments again, but using the non infinite number sequence, as such applying order. General Relativity = Quantum Mechanics will not marry, but within the gap that is left something surprising may be found.

By applying the simple orderly numbers to EEE, many surprising advances were obtained, POP, EPC (Explained in the next chapter) and the PQS, all be it the PQS was further influenced by “The Butterfly Effect”

I think I’m getting somewhere with this, Its even making me think I know what I’m talking about, night, night little S, I’m off to bed.

Nope there’s more

Shortly before or just after writing the equation I was on my usual mountain walk, looking at various plants, puzzling as to when I look at and think about them are they conscious during the moments that my consciousness is thinking about them, I came up with and explanation to the age old adage “Does the Flap of a Butterfly's Wings in Brazil Set Off a Tornado in Texas?”

Then show the graphic….

7:32 am GMT: Wednesday March 14th 2012

NOTE of PQS: per human search results

8:18 am GMT: Wednesday March 14th 2012

NOTE: When explaining the Land investment I need to explain the process, as such in the Florida plot was bought for $100 Million, and in turn was sold to the first two EEE companies for $300 Million (15% of investment) after which for the next stages 10% of investment, as such at +/- $100, Million power 4KM2, so 12KM2 for fist phase including solar array, industrial and commercial, leaving 3 more phases, or maybe two.

Back to initial investment, and the $300,000,000 return, as there is no Give Half Back for 4 years (covered by initial investment) then that $300,000,000 is profit, well one could say $200,000,000 is the profit, but the $300,000,000 goes into the profit pool of which the first $500,000,000 is reinvested in the resort, which in turn increases the value of the real estate, as such it cancels itself out.

Whilst there is a 50% shared and 50% per performance adjustment and the construction and land development companies will be at the higher end, the rebalance would only be 15% or so. As such effectively the $300,000,000 turns to $255,000,000
The $300,000,000 came from a $100,000,000 investment, as such the company only needs to put 10% of the profit into the initial reinvestment, as such $255,000,000 – 10% = $229,500,000 (Note: The calculations may well be, 10% first then 15%)
As such at the end of the first phase (Resort Company has a kitty of $500 Million, which it combines with new investment of $1 Billion, where as the pro rata share is initial company 50% of real estate, new investors 50% of real estate) The Corniche Group receive 22.84% of the new real estate.

Note: the real estate is initially valued not at its true value rather; it is all pulled together, (two housing phases, industrial land and factories, commercial and retail including malls and marinas, and attractions such as golf courses and marinas)
In the first investment phase all buildings are evaluated, and if for instance the value is estimated at $2 Billion, the cost for each individual item would be halved as that is the price of investment. As such when one gets a $3,000,000 house its true value is double.

The second phase however as there is $1,5Billion in investment ($500M via POP from initial investors, and $100M from second) the second phase would work of a $2Billiion value assessment. Which like the initial valuation would be lower that true value, as second phases are always more expansive than the first phase, in a way shows/demonstrates the strength of the development as such the risk factor is removed, further the second phase has the benefit of the infrastructure of the first phase.

As such, the 22.84% is of $2 Billion starting value, where its for sale price is most likely double, sometimes more sometimes less, its up to the experts to verify the figures. If we work on 22.84% of $2 Billion we get $459 Million rated and +/- $900 Million Actual.

At which point, when the new resort is created the next phase of land is sold and the process starts again, all be it a slightly lower figure as the second phase land price is 15% not 15% so a further $600 Million.

We also need to add the initial real estate from the initial $300 Million investment which for the sake of argument we will say is 600 Million actual. Over all just for the land investment we see $900M + $600M + $600M = $2,1 Billion is sell above real-estate, all be it the second phase may well be effected by POP and “Give Half Back” so for safety I will half it, $900M + $600M + $300M = $2,1 Billion

Note: There will be additional money from the companies various endeavors.

8:56 am GMT: Wednesday March 14th 2012

Its worth noting, that this is not a 12 hour a day job for me it really is 24/7 as when I’m not typing I’m process being on walks, swimming, cycling or sleeping, hence the scribbled note this morning

7:32 am GMT: Wednesday March 14th 2012

NOTE of PQS: per human search results

This was what I was dreaming about, it’s for the second section of the PQS pages “PQS Aspiration” and it tallies from last nights work about the search engine robot like manor the PQS will adopt when analyzing data, even being aware that its actions and recommendations will change things and it will need to react to its own changes.

This is thought providing and explains in relative laymen terms, one of the main functions and explains its relationship to both the financial software and businessbook.

However I really need to stress that the decisions made the recommendations, will be per human experience, the PQS will give strong suggestions to the business analyst and all that work at the university, but it is the business analysts that make the call, often within their group of 4. As such we really are looking at self conscious software

I need to further explain the concept of the “per human results” general web and S-World search engine, and for that matter do a page on duplicating websites

The latter first mentioned in the VIRGIN last March http://www.s-world.biz/Early_Tourism_plans/Page_3_Business_Linking_Websites.html was reworked within the facebook travel proposal: http://www.s-world.biz/FaceBook/7_FaceBook_Travel_Agents_and_Reps_Free_Websites.htm

The per human results search engine, also detailing in the facebook travel section, written in August 2011: http://www.s-world.biz/FaceBook/3_Facebook_Travel_Service_Ratings.htm

The idea similar to trip advisor but without the hacking, as well as web and s-world results, the concept is now working in all industries via the EEE debit cards and participating banks debit & credit cards where as when they put in their pin, if it is to an EEE vendor, it asks for a rating (Good Medium, Bad) The software tracks all results so if one generally puts bad all the time, it will make little or no ill effect on the vendor, but if said continual complier made a medium or good, it will to the PQS say, that said vendor has done particularly well. The same applying to those that would always press “good”, if they put a bad, you know there was a genuine bad experience, which would in all likelihood be investigated by businessbook support.

All results are tallied up and displayed on websites, S-World and the vendors stores themselves, as such they are forced to treat the client like gold every time, which in turn improves their business and increases profit.

NOTE: the above works particularly well for service companies, restaurants, travel and the like where, the meal has been eaten before payment, for retail, either an optional vote can be made, with maybe a pop up on their software package saying “would you like to rate your resent apparel purchase”

NOTE: The next chapter will begin when all pages of the rough/lead out presentation are complete; it will be called “The Sprint” and will detail the comprising of the final presentation made from the rough one.

I think this presentation will continuously talk in the first person, I, we etc.

Ok its time to write the PQS pages, I’ll not go OTT with checks and double check as they are only the lead out, I’ve got most on the information already written in various sections of the journal

10:16 am Wednesday March 14th

Interesting, apparently News night (10.30pm March 13th) was dedicated to explaining that whilst the current UK austerity measures will pay of the debt in 50 years (yeah right), the medical bills and aging population will make a 10 year slight dip in public debt/GDP but when the baby boomers reach retirement age, +10 it will see an unwinnable solution.

It would be awesome if the world new they were f***ed instead of me having to tell them

Further Dad showed me a piece in the Radio Times, about how China will suffer the same fate, so increasing nationalism especially amongst the youth, where by the West will be seen as the enemy (no one likes to blame themselves)

All in the entire world seems to be waking up to the anarchy that will reign without EEE

As a personal bonus, Dad seems to have a new respect for my work, as I showed him the PQS results and told him about what was on News night over a month ago.

NOTE on PQS Inspirations:
When we consider the PQS in terms of quantum mechanics and General Relativity creating an unexplainable anomaly where no one knows where the energy goes, we consider General Relativity as GDP and the current “Chaotic Economy” not knowing where the money end up, within EEE we have two factors that tell us exactly where the money goes, for a start there is “Give Half Back” which I like to consider as the energy sucked into the black hole reemerging as a positive force within the realm that it came from, further by the aid of tracking the money and keeping economics with a calculable figure (nr rounding errors = no infinity) we can further see what happens within the black hole (economy) there will of course be particles of energy (money) that we can not trace (cash) however we see a greatly improved orderly system. The next section (PQS Aspirations details said tracking of money)

11:02 am Wednesday March 14th

Email to Mike

Hi Mike

Thanks for sending all the word documents, I’m going to try to do one a day, then hopefully Tiny can read it and check it, before sending it to you for one final check.

Any luck with the www.AmericanButterfly.net website?

What I wish to do, is copy the entire www.s-world.biz site on to it, then rename the specific sections I wish highlighted and make a more simple sight.

The reason for copying the entire sight is so that the internal links will still work.

We will be going for a more cape Villas colors and grid style, similar to the colors on the spread sheets; as such the sight will be similar to the broachers.

Thanks Nick

1:33 am Wednesday March 14th

Ok, I’ve finished the first draught, and I like it, a little more work is needed maybe, but it’s starting to make a lot of sense, and it describes the thought process well.

I’m off for a walk to consider the next section PQS Aspirations and most likely some more consideration of Keira Knightley, who I’m really liking to play Sienna, if “The Sienna Project” get’s made into a film.

Part 4: Software Designs and Specifications.
4d.1: Predicative Quantum Software – PQS Inspirations

NOTE: Before reading the following please appreciate it has been written without the assistance of a particle physicist, as such there may be a few inaccuracies, however it has produced tangible results and as such has a claim to make “Chaos Theory” recognized as a mathematical science. The consequence of which, will make the worlds academic community see EEE from a far more credible perspective. The result of which will see the economists, physicists & mathematicians say it is solid, thus both Governments and their citizens alike will be more comfortable with American Butterfly and EEE in general. As it can be put simply as the author discovered a new type of mathematics that was invariably going to be discovered at some time anyway.

From the following rather high brow PQS Inspiration, we would need a few recognized particle physicists and theorists to add to and if necessary correct the work before further presentation, as a suggestion: Lee Chazen’s, Garrett Lisi, Stephen William Hawking, and Brian Cox

Further detail is found here: http://www.s-world.biz/Sparta_Rises_Again/EEE-14Billion_Years.htm and http://www.s-world.biz/The_Social_Network_2/The_Virtual_Network_2_Chapter_41.htm

PQS Inspirations

The name Predictive Quantum Software was inspired by the relationship between, Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, in layman’s terms, the vastness of the universe, and the trillions of particles of energy that reside within each square inch. As such we are measuring with the very large and the very small, and looking to predict the future (what they may do) via their recorded past and present interactions. In terms of EEE we are looking at Global GDP (+/- 70 Trillion) and individual cents up to 16 decimal places. (727)

This chapter wished to detail, the inspirations behind the PQS, where after the following chapter (part2), describes the aspirations (what it is to do, and what it is desired to achieve). Part 3, shows the basic version, programmed in Excel in relation to resort company profits, Part 4, show’s the same basic version applied to the USA budgets.

The PQS was initially inspired by an equation I wrote just after the physicists at Cern claimed to have broken the speed of light. E x TOE = mc2 + TOE/∞ -16 = 16 PPG. It was noted at the time the + may be a - / or x
As such if changed to an “x”, the E and the mc2 cancel each other out leaving: TOE = TOE/∞ -16 = 16 PPG.

TOE (The Theory of Everything) has many contenders as such TOE = TOE/∞ -16 = 16 PPG can be interpret as
General Relativity = Quantum Mechanics/∞ -16 = 16 PPG or
Quantum Mechanics = General Relativity /∞ -16 = 16 PPG
When applied to black holes General Relativity & Quantum Mechanics do not give the same results, as such many say that “True TOE” is the unifying theory that will balance the two, the reason General Relativity & Quantum Mechanics don’t marry is the calculations lead to an infinite number, as such the equation is correct, the /∞ stands for divided by infinity.

General Relativity = Quantum Mechanics/∞ (∞ is the symbol for infinity.)

The -16, is not specific to the number 16, it is a part of a non chaotic number set, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 and so on, created to avoid numbers that can reach infinity. Thus alleviating “Chaos Theories” founding problem, “Small differences in initial conditions (such as those due to rounding errors in numerical computation) yield widely diverging outcomes for chaotic systems, rendering long-term prediction impossible in general.” As such with economics a primary field within “Chaos Theory” without said order in computation, predicting future economics is impossible. On this topic further inspiration was found within the Mandelbrot set fractal (z=z2+c) which duplicates it shape each time it contracts, where within no number can reach infinity.

The Mandelbrot set fractal

As a result of constructing systems within the number set, infinity can not be reached, thus the number set has “Order” as such: General Relativity = Quantum Mechanics/∞ - Order. As such by using not chaotic mathematics, whist vast, infinity can not be achieved.

Infinity is for all intents and purposes within mathematics “Chaos” as such the higher the “Order”, the less the “Chaos” so the equation leads to. General Relativity = Quantum Mechanics/Chaos – Order = Order x PPG

The PPG was inspired by “String Theory” and is currently interpreted as the Higgs Boson equivalent, or as it commonly referred to: “The God Particle” which is apt as the PPG stands for “The Particles of Physics within God” (The Higgs Boson is the missing object that connects all elementary particles together)

As such we have: “General Relativity” = “Quantum Mechanics”/”Chaos” – “Order” = “Order” within “The Higgs Boson” Equivalent and or “Sting Theory”. (String Theory is so named as it interprets all particles relationship to the universe as if they were a vibrating string on an instrument)

As such a possible way to look for the Higgs Boson equivalents is to run the Black Hole experiments again, but using the non infinite number sequence, as such applying order. General Relativity = Quantum Mechanics will not marry, but the gap that is left can be identified and quantifiable, I suggest a search within this gap will produce something surprising.

By applying the simple orderly numbers to EEE, many surprising advances were obtained, POP, EPC (Explained in the next chapter) and the PQS, all be it the PQS was further influenced by “The Butterfly Effect”

Here are two interpretations, the left having more “Chaos” the right more “Order”

My journey into the world of the “Butterfly Effect” and “Chaos Theory” came from the most rudimentary of ways, my previous girlfriend’s (Zenda editor or the original “Spartan Theory”) daughter Sahara Hafez.

Basically, she hit what is known as “The Terrible Two’s” and we nick named her “Chaos Theory” so I looked it up on Wikipedia and saw it gave great credibility to the financial software designs making economics less chaotic.

Shortly before or just after writing the equation I was on my usual mountain walk, looking at various plants and mountains, whist puzzling the question “when I look at them and think about them are they conscious during the moments that my consciousness is thinking about them”, I came up with and explanation to the age old adage “Does the Flap of a Butterfly's Wings in Brazil Set Off a Tornado in Texas?”

I had been puzzling at it for quite some time, looking into my surroundings, wondering about the path of the wind across the continents and considering the effect within the chance meetings that changes the course of ones life. When I thought of the energy and considered a cubed grid across all that is, and measuring the energy transference within. Such a devise would be able to accurately measure the movement of the wind created by said “flap” I have made a rudimentary graphic using squares not a cube.

Here we see in terms of resistance, how to measure the force of the flap of a butterflies wing, all be they should be in cubes. Obviously we can’t do this yet, and we are very much within the realms of Quantum Mechanics, it was however a big inspiration for the PQS as by monitoring the tiny transferences we can calculate and predict the bigger picture. This tied in with the orderly structure and number sequence, and dictated the only way to accurately predict another “Chaotic” system “Economics” was to follow the basic principals as outlined of how to calculate “The Butterfly Effect”

Note: The inspiration of my introduction to “Chaos Theory” Sahara Hafez after my parents is my favorite person on this planet, which may well explain my fascination and even love of Arabia.

1:40 pm Wednesday March 14th

The weather is amazing again, sunny and warm, I think I remember saying to myself if the weather is really good in winter when I go to England, I would need to give Gaia theory within “The Butterfly Effect” with a little more interest.

4:11 pm Wednesday March 14th

Notes from walk:

1: Regarding Pharmaceutical Companies, or more to the point the Big 4, whist they will make less money from pharmaceuticals, As EEE, Medicaid and Medicare drugs are desired to be free, we are building 32,768 hospitals that will require equipment, lots of equipment and with the general rule, good price not ridiculously cheap prices, they will have huge order, where as their profit is reinvested the same as everyone else’s. When we do the figures, I’m confident it will be in their financial interest to make their patents free to EEE, Medicaid and Medicare companies along side third world countries.

As such the doing of same, especially if another company offers to make and distribute the drugs in the 3rd world will be nothing less that earth shattering.

I’ve been considering how to tell the public, I have some ideas, I think it should be announced, over about half an hour, to much information will lessen the impact.

We can spit the topics and give different people introduce the topics with either Mark Zuckerberg or another as general host.
Before I go on, I just wish to qualify, that if the Corniche Group would rather just assist with helping to get access to fact checkers that will be their duty fulfilled, I really don’t see why they would not wish to be publically involved however I do have to respect privacy if privacy is desired, Grayling on the other hand is a Politician, and he will get what he deserves, Gaya Theory or no Gaya Theory.

Ok so if agreeably I suggest that Mr. Farsi presents the Resorts, Present Obama, the jobs initiatives, Arnold Schwarzenegger (the only Republican anyone seems to like) the Tax cuts, All Gore Ecology, A scientist, maybe Brian Cox Energy, Bill Gates business software, Mark Zuckerberg businessbook, Someone from Battle Star Galactica S-World, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan VIRGIN GALACTICA, George Lucas “The Sienna Project”, Sepp Blatter FIFA Global League, the 4 parasitical CEO’s the free pharmaceuticals, George Michael, New Sparta,

Hmm the list goes on and on, will need condensing but it’s a start.

My second thought from my walk, is that I will add the Virgin, facebook & Google proposals to the list of booklets to present along side the “Spartan Theory” as “Spartan Theory” part 1 S-World

Then the Science and City of Science papers will be “The Spartan Theory” Part 2 “Sparta Rises Again”, the “American Butterfly” as previously mentioned

6:16 pm Wednesday March 14th

2 points

1. I’ve decided that the best date to send the work to The Corniche Group a year to the day, which “The Spartan Theory” was written Sunday April the 8th. Shame it’s a Sunday as there may not be anyone at the office, maybe I can just send it on the 8th.

I’ve watching the News night program on BBC “I Player” which is very cool. The program backs up my work 100% no 200%, it even mentions “Black Holes” (a lot)

Here is the link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01dk03l/Newsnight_13_03_2012/ Unfortunately the download function is not working, it says

There are several reasons why a download option may not be available:
The programme has only just been published
If a programme has only recently become available, there may be delay with processing the various download files. This is most likely if the programme was broadcasted live or close to live (recently recorded) and the files could not be prepared in advance. Try checking again later.
Sometimes we cannot acquire the rights to allow a programme to be downloaded. Sports programmes and films are most likely to be streaming only.
Technical Error
Technical problems can cause a file not to be available. If you feel this is the case and not due to points listed above then please report it to us using the Report Issue button which is located below the playback window on the relevant BBC iPlayer programme page.
To see what programme download issues we are currently investigating, visit our Latest Programme Issues FAQ.

Apparently the programme will only be available in iPlayer for a week, its really important that I either get a copy or a transcript, I’ll write to them and ask, failing which I will get Mike or Tiny to write it all down, LOL they will hate me.
OK I have an Email Address: BBCiPlayer@BBC.com

Subject: Urgent News night Download Request.

Dear BBC I Player,

The programme News night http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01dk03l/Newsnight_13_03_2012/ is of vital importance to a project which myself and team have been working on for a year, our project solves all the problems in the programme, which if you have seen the programme has a direct influence on yourself and all that you know.

It is currently not available for download, can you let me know if it will be soon, or if there is a way I can get it from source, or a transcript.

I thank you in advance for you time and effort, and humbly say your assistance will be of extreme significance not just to the UK economy but the entire world.

Kind Regards

Nick Raymond Ball

Lets see what they say, maybe I can get a Video Camera and shoot it of the laptop.
It was presented by Kirsty Wark.

7:11 pm Wednesday March 14th

Note on possible introduction

Some blurb then

Why have I come to you?

Well it may be opportunity, as you are the only equity company I know

It may be gratitude, as without your booking I’d not have the funds to take a year off to work on the project

However I like to believe it’s the butterfly effect: The coincidences in life that mould our future.

Welcome to “American Butterfly”

7:38 pm Wednesday March 14th

Just had heated conversation with Mum and Dad about population control, not a debate as we all agreed. Dad thinks breeders should be made to where a badge, I’d already considered this, in one of my more stern moments, the bade to be called “Breeder”
The first point I wish to make clear is that people who already have too many children (more than two, all be it that is actually to many) should not be criticized, as they did not know what they were doing.

Earlier today, on my walk, I thought that it may be best just to appeal to peoples better nature, as such, when it comes to the announcement, I will obviously be introduces, whether I will be wearing Armani or whether I look, just like Ian Astbury in this video remains to be seen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoYd08OPvA8 (Note the lyrics – The Kids of The Coca Cola Nation, are to doped up to realize, that time is running out) quite pertinent.

What I do know is that if you have something important to say, its best to say little else, as such I considered this as my speech.

Hi, if you have something important to say its best to say little else, the work that will help all is based on “Chaos Theory”. In all my work, there is one problem that eludes solution, overpopulation, there is little point saving the world today to have our children’s children face the same problem tomorrow.

One thing I can tell you from my incites is that from this day forth, knowing of the perils, it is wrong to have more than two children, from 3 perspectives.

1, Economics, the “Spartan” system does not allow for more without affecting the balance of the family, as such having a 3rd child takes away from yourselves and your first children

2, Ecology, the planet can not take much more, without causing great harm, right now we have balance, to an extent, to abuse nature would indeed make us a virus on the planet as suggested in the film “The Matrix”

3, Love, at best one has only 100% love to give, one child receives much love, but a second halves the love, a third, means all children are deprived of the love they need to lead a balanced happy life.

Ill not labor the point, but we need to work together on this and I will lead by example.

As for EEE and American Butterfly

To quote “Kara Thrace” “I have finished here, and it feels good”

I wish to go back to my musical roots, the songs I play were a big part of what has been achieved, I hope you can come to the shows,

Don’t thank me, Thanks Sienna

That’s All!.

This will probably change tomorrow but it’s a start, of course the idea of not allowing anyone who has more than 2 children after the announcement to have an EEE jobs, or use the hospitals or universities, could be an answer, I often need to remind myself of how I used to be, like everyone else, and that means people not really acting for the greater good rather their good, with their consciousness tricking themselves into believing they are good people.

Another idea that is less invasive is to lower salaries and opportunities for breeders, all be it, it would have to be, that everyone got a bonus for not having to many children, as such it’s not a decrease it’s just not getting a bonus.

One thing I do know is it will be very controversial, which is why Politicians can’t talk about it, no reason why I cant, what do I care, if I get my head blown off by some Christian nutter, that just how it is.

I mention this as Dad just informed me, that apparently there is a Christian rule of having as many children as possible to out breed Muslims, maybe it’s the same on the other side, I can’t say.

I’d better work on the “Super String Theory” some more, come up with something more concrete, I’ve got some good incites but it’s to early to diarize them. I can however say that, for all intents and purposes, within “Super String Theory”, Quantum Theory” & “Chaos Theory” is strongly looking like this is heaven, and we are the most sentient part of what people refer to as God.

Heaven, hell is what we make for ourselves, this is as best as I can fathom heaven, we just don’t know it and have not built it right, EEE will give us a chance to make earth like heaven, and if I’m wrong, who cares, it will have made the journey far more pleasurable.

Hmmm deep, I’m going to play some FIFA manager, my team is doing well, and I’m raking in the cash :)

8:32 pm Wednesday March 14th

Listening to the rest of the news night programme, they are going around in circles, one chap however mentioned creating a healthier life style, I need to stress that the sports villages are extensive and free, and all that work within EEE must do a sport and all that are overweight need to do more sport until they are not overweight.

8:55 pm Wednesday March 14th

I have an idea; I can take some screen shots of the GDP graph

First: Before the banking crisis, with public debt nicely below 50% of GDP, where the government expected it to remain.

Second: The effect of the financial crisis

Third: The result of the governments austerity measures, said to be the biggest austerity measures since the war, this project does rely on the austerity measures being implemented to the letter and working plus economic growth (it has not accounted for any future recessions.)

At a glance this is never going to happen even without the following Baby Boomer scenario.

Fourth: The effect of the aging population and increased medical bills

Interesting that they show a dip at first , ah this based on the other measures being implemented and the economy near booming, take away that factor and we start to see the trouble kick in at about 2017/18, chaos by 2022 and at all falls apart in 2030.

Note this is an official government graph, including George Osborn’s austerity package agreed until 2017 actually happens.
Note: I doubt they have factored in the increase in interest rates

It says the economist only have the following solutions

More Austerity
1: A lot more growth
2: In its Keynesian form, a lot more protectionism or a lot more state intervention.
3: Inflate the debts away, resulting in people loosing their savings, and limit the places where people can save there money (Financial Repression)
4: Default

Political Editor: Allegra Stratton

Politics likes dramatic metaphors, a government budget has a black hole we say, except in a dictionary definition it’s usually nothing of the sort. A black hole is a void that’s sucks stuff in, there’s no return. Look to the future of the UK’s public finances and this becomes a bit more true. The governments own official forecasters show that on the horizon the costs of the state go way up while our means to pay, shrink. Money gets sucked in now that’s a black hole.

When we talk about the debt and the deficit now, we are only really in the foothills of a much larger impending debate about the public finances. The institute for finical studies thinks that on current costs the amount we will be spending on health and pensions will go up by as much as 5% of national income. In other calculations they have done they think that all in were looking to find an extra £100 Billion every year for a generation.

This Allegra Stratton could be useful, she believes in what she is saying and she comes across well on camera.
Right that’s it for tonight, the early bird gets the work, and to be an early bird you need an early night.

I will however leave you with this,

I guess its just coincidence, that the day I wrote the PQS inspiration around Black Holes, this programme came into my life, validating the PQS and at the same time talking of black holes, all be it not in a good way!

Maybe my “Super String Theory” has some legs after all :)

10:04 pm Wednesday March 14th

Hmm, this situation in Iran is getting out of hand, a war will really mess things up, war is after all the most “chaotic” of acts.
I’m pretty sure armed with the Babylon project, the many coincidences of my work and the Middle East (I say The Middle East as I believe Iran is not Arabia) + a hand shake deal with President Obama that he will do all he can to get all his nukes and for that natter everyone else’s on to the PDG (Planetary Defense Grid.) (Asteroids not aliens, I’m pretty sure there are no Aliens.

All this included, I think however my simple saying “atoms don’t like being split” as such it is against earths will, will make the most prominent point, simple and easy to understand. In space, its fine, but on earth, it’s a big no, no.

Signing off, it’s been an interesting day, I wonder what tomorrow holds?

6:20 am Thursday March 15th

Time to get that worm, and I feel a new chapter is on order.

7:11 am Thursday March 15th

Last thought, and quite a good one.

If Coca Cola, like all other top 500 companies are only given $1Billion in options and they split that between say, 64 resorts, they will have a $15,645,000 per resort about 1.35% of the resort company, not a lot. It may well be in their interest to make a cash injection so as to up their profit margin, which in return will give them a larger stake in the second POP resort, and subsequently all that follow.