“The Spartan Theory”: Part3 - Chapter 39
"American Butterfly"

Dear Diary – 15th March to 3rd April
"The Black Hole"

7:19 am Thursday March 15th

Dear Mr. Farsi, Mr. Chavance & The Corniche Group

This chapter title is in respect of yesterday’s work, which saw the instinctive equation E x TOE = mc2 + TOE/ -16 = 16 PPG, translated to:

“General Relativity” = “Quantum Mechanics”/”Chaos” – “Order” = “Order” within “The Higgs Boson” Equivalent and or “Sting Theory”.

And a suggestion that said this equation may assist in understanding Black Holes.

Later that day, I watched News night on iPlayer, News Night may well have been dedicated to this project as it validated the PQS-PE prediction of a worsening financial crisis, due to Medicaid, Medicare & Social Security, all be it they did not factor in interest on debt.

They did however describe the problem in terms of a Black Hole, here is the transcript:

Political Editor: Allegra Stratton

“Politics likes dramatic metaphors; a government budget has a black hole we say, except in a dictionary definition it’s usually nothing of the sort. A black hole is a void that’s sucks stuff in, there’s no return. Look to the future of the UK’s public finances and this becomes a bit truer. The governments own official forecasters show that on the horizon the costs of the state go way up while our means to pay, shrink. Money gets sucked in now that’s a black hole.

When we talk about the debt and the deficit now, we are only really in the foothills of a much larger impending debate about the public finances. The institute for finical studies thinks that on current costs the amount we will be spending on health and pensions will go up by as much as 5% of national income. In other calculations they have done they think that all in were looking to find an extra £100 Billion every year for a generation.”

Today, I’m due to write the paper: PQS Ambitions, but first I’m going to compile the first of the supporting chapters, to be sent with the American Butterfly:V004.

The chapter will be the business plan sent to Virgin just under a year ago, 18th March 2011. Once completed, I will send it to Tiny for review, from whence it will go to Mike, then put in the pile ready for printing, all be it at some point I will most likely work on a cover design

There will be 4 parts to the “additional information” bundle and each will have a different color cover. The first will be

Pre Spartan Theory: Chapter 1
“The Business Plan”

I’ll try out different font’s doing each chapter, then choose one and work it in Photoshop.
Ok, time to go back in time.

One thing I need to do is decide on the master and sub fonts for the text, I’ve decoded to set the word space at 1.5, I think I will continue with Century Gothic but at size 10 not 11.

1:32 pm Thursday March 15th

“The Business Plan” is going well, I’m half way through, I’m going to start on the “PQS Aspirations” page, and I will start it with some of the text from News Night, as “The Black Hole” is a nice link from the preceding “PQS Inspirations”.

Before the banking crisis, public debt was below 50% of GDP, where the government expected it to remain. Since the financial crisis it has shot up at an unprecedented rate

2:15 pm Thursday March 15th

Moving along nicely, I’m off for a cycle to process; before I do I will send Mike the last chapter

8:31 am Friday March 16th

Did not get a huge amount done yesterday, all be it I did get 3 sample ribbons that I wish to bind the presentation with, I’m gong to take them to the printer later, see how it looks and choose a color, as of now, I’m going to finish the Virgin business plan, then the QPS Aspirations.

1:59 pm Friday March 16th

I just got back from a swim, I got cramped up after 40 lengths, but I did find a good format for the rest of the PQS Aspirations page.

Before I went I added a section, on how the PQS will be able to become a double check for accounts of all affiliated companies, from here I will go into the example written earlier about the Chinese Restaurant.

From there however I will discuss events that are not guaranteed, using the PQS within EEE is great, however using it outside needs cooperation, to be effective in working as a global economic tool, it would need tax receipts, and most businesses using the financial software regardless of their EEE affiliation, something that is only likely to be seen on mass if they scrap corporation tax, which for the uninitiated only generates about 10th of government tax income.

The next stage of course would be to use the PQS within government spending. Both of these concepts need approval so I must put them in such a way that distinguishes the possible use within EEE and the possible use with the cooperation of the PQS actually being able to predict and assist the US and Global economies on mass.

2:39 pm Friday March 16th

An idea for the introduction of previous point.

There are aspirations and there are aspirations, ask any World Cup winner if they dreamt of winning the World Cup in their pre teens’ and all would say yes, ask them if when they were first picked for their countries youth team, if they were sure they were going to win the World Cup one day, most would say, well not sure but I thought I has a good chance.

The PQS aspirations thus far, with successful implementation of EEE bare solid fact, however with government assistance the PQS could be used not just to look for “Black Holes” with the EEE framework but the entire US and Global economies, and much like a footballer called up for his first national appreciate, I’m not sure we will get government approval, but I think we have a good chance.

4:59 pm Friday March 16th

Just finished the Virgin booklet, took a while and I’ve written a very cheeky introduction that I’ll change I’m sure, this said, it was always going to take some time, as the work is old and needed compiling, the more recent chapters are all on one page and just need editing and formatting.

8:40 pm Friday March 16th

Just finished the PQS Opportunities sub section to PQS Aspirations, I’m moving on to the government section I have decided not to use the football analogy, rather consider using it at the very beginning of the presentation; as such I’m going to make it in bold so I don’t forget.

9:48 pm Friday March 16th

Nearly finished, I’ve spent a long time on the PQS pages and I’m only half way through, this said the nest two should be simple enough, I’ve just got to copy in the spread sheets and explain the data.
He says knowing that there is bound to be a lot more to it, if I can get them finished by Monday, for a fresh start on the resorts pages I’ll be content.

Sleep time

7:45 am Friday March 17th

New idea for initial introduction, concept not correctly worded

When considering this project, from the beginning one needs to put facebook and Mark Zuckerberg firmly into the equation. A strong argument has been given that this project will save, Medicare, Medicade & Social Security in the USA. Further I have ceded all monetary benefits to actions and initiatives that will make said saving of Medicare, Medicade & Social Security possible.

I believe there are only so many people in this world that would create a project this concisely and give all the money away. Mark Zuckerberg is one of those people, and I am all but certain that he will be more than interested in participating to the fullest of his and facebook’s ability.

Further I’m of the opinion, that with Mark’s assistance, the entire “American Butterfly: project as it has been laid out, including US government assistance will happen and quickly, after which the entire planet will be significantly better for it. This said if one wishes to err on the side of caution, as is ones right, with facebook on board the worst case scenario is a lot of people get to make a lot of money and we all get to do significant good.

8:03 am Saturday March 17th

I think that sounds quite good, it introduces the concept from the beginning that one is not reading a proposal from someone without significance save this business plan, rather from the start the reader will consider the project from a Mark Zuckerberg perspective, from said perspective the impossible would look highly possible.

Ok, I’m feeling fresh this morning and I’m going straight back to the PQS Aspirations, I’ve decided to change the last section that needs government approval to PQS Dreams

9:13 am Friday March 17th

Ok, the first draught is finished, it will need a little editing, and some hindsight considerations, but I’m happy, and I expect the following will not change much between now and the final presentation.

Part 4: Software Designs and Specifications.
4d.ii: “PQS Aspirations”

In the preceding chapter we have seen, how understanding “Black Holes” via General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics may be aided by the mathematics of “Chaos Theory”. Whether this theory has legs or not is to a point irrelevant to the economic process. “American Butterfly” is a business economic project, and within the economics particularly pertaining to “POP” & “EPC” the mathematic principal is most poignant. Before the specifics, an extract from News night screened 13th march 2012, whilst specific to UK economic problems, the outcome, was the same as the PQS-AM forecast for the USA

The UK government’s economic strategy is as follows: Create the largest austerity measures since World War 2 and hope for major growth in the economy. If this happens the UK is in the black by 2047, presuming of course they stay in power for 25 years.

However these unlikely aspirations do not count for the major factors: The aging population and increase in medical costs. Official government statistics say, that by including this to their current economic plan as outlined above, the debt to GDP ration will decrease slightly until 2027, they rise hitting 100% by 2062. In reality, the chances of sustained growth in the global economy for 25 years without further recessions is close to infinitesimal, as is implementing excessive politically toxic austerity whilst sating in power. As such much like the US, the UK government will likely hit 100% GDP/Debt Ratio in around 10 years, certainly 15

Government and private economist have suggested 6 solutions.

1. More Austerity
2. A lot more growth
3. In its Keynesian form, a lot more protectionism or a lot more state intervention.
4. Inflate the debts away, resulting in people loosing their savings.
5. Limit the places where people can save their money (Financial Repression)
6. Default

All of them either politically toxic or in the case of”A lot more growth” unrealistic, the equivalent of the UK government purchasing a large supply of lottery tickets each week.

Political Editor: Allegra Stratton

“Politics likes dramatic metaphors; a government budget has a “black hole” we say, except in a dictionary definition it’s usually nothing of the sort. A black hole is a void that’s sucks stuff in, there’s no return. Look to the future of the UK’s public finances and this becomes a bit truer. The governments own official forecasters show that on the horizon the costs of the state go way up while our means to pay, shrink. Money gets sucked in. now that’s a black hole.

When we talk about the debt and the deficit now, we are only really in the foothills of a much larger impending debate about the public finances. The institute for finical studies thinks that on current costs the amount we will be spending on health and pensions will go up by as much as 5% of national income. In other calculations they have done they think that all in were looking to find an extra £100 Billion every year for a generation.”

The first consideration of black holes was “Give Half Back” where as mentioned above, money gets sucked in, however within: Give Half Back” it is sucked in only to return, in a more constructive manor that it was before it was consumed. We need to remember, “Give Half Back” is not a charity, not a tax, and it is the profits that would have been afforded to the major share holder.

The PQS, was initially designed, to measure both “Give Half Back” money and general spending alike, for example, the largest expense by far is construction, +/- $2 Billion per resort in the first 4 years, as such it is desired to monitor the flow on money throughout the process. Initially an EEE contractor will be assigned a project, said contractor will have +/- 100 cost centers, the largest individual one invariably labor, at about around 30%.

Traditionally tracking the money flow of staff is just about impossible, one can make estimates based on general spending patterns and the vicinity of amenities, for instance the US Department of labor suggests that the average family unit, of 2.5 persons, earning an average joint wage of $49,638 will spend 7% ($3,465) on food at home.
Here is their graphic:

As such, if there are 3 super markets in said family unit’s vicinity, one can make a broad estimate that the three supermarkets would share the bulk of the spending. This is a part of the logic used within the next section “PQS Actual”

The way we wish to improve this, is by paying staff wages into an EEE bank account, where by a maximum 25% or so of the money can be drawn as cash, the rest needs to be spent via debit card, which too many will not be too much of an imposition. What may be an imposition is insisting that 50% needs to be spent on EEE affiliated purchases, we will see, certainly “Spartan Contracts” will see such a system, as the contracted live in the resorts themselves.

Armed with this data, the PQS will have an accurate account of where a good portion of the money goes, to a certain extent, staff that spend their money in “Black Holes” (places where it cant be tracked, as such are of no benefit to EEE) will be deemed as risks, as this could mean criminal activity, narcotics or even terrorism, but in many cases individuals that are frivolous with money and spending beyond their means, either way the flow of their money is not aiding EEE, as such if his or her work is average or below, their contracts will not be renewed.

Getting back to our contractor, as pre mentioned in the buinessbook section, they are required to order from another EEE company via buinessbook, as such the flow of money can be easily tracked, each of the 100 or so suppliers, will in turn, have their own staff and suppliers. The PQS will monitor their money flow, to both staff and suppliers, the system goes on and on, as each vendor must buy from buinessbook, save staff salaries, all money is accounted for, should money go missing it can be analyzed by the buinessbook team, and the core financial software.

Each business of course exists primarily to make profit, the profit as we know is pulled together, and that is the end of the procedure. From the initial contractor, the money is monitored throughout its entire journey until it is returned as profit, as such if the PQS was 100 efficient, in practice it should see all the initial investment returned, save staff salaries, taxes & maintenance. Procurement in effect should not be a cost, as whatever is procured is so done from another EEE supplier. If we make a broad estimate that staff and taxes come to 50%, before one has even sold an item outside of buinessbook to buinessbook sales, on paper half of all that is spent is returned. After which we have sales to non EEE companies, sales to the public and exports.

Of course it will take some time to perfect; however shortly after launch one will be able to measure the success stories. Ventures that have between the 100 or so company’s involved displayed exceptional transparency and collectively generated great profit. This may be the construction of dams, solar arrays, cars even lawnmowers. When the PQS identify a venture that works within the bigger picture, which will be a venture that either receives more funding/contracts or is duplicated in other resorts

During its mission to identify opportunities, the PQS Robot, much in the same way a search engine robot looks for deal links, will be looking for the previously mentioned black holes. Technically there should not be any, however we are dealing with a lot of humans, and of course cash sales. What we are looking for the PQS to achieve is a debt/profit balance calculation on all vendors. We know where the money starts, and we know where it goes, all the businesses are using the financial software as such, there should be no mistakes, however mistakes can happen, be it a hacker or an overly large expense account, excessive company drawing or an employees hand in the till. By having such a broad overview of all the transactions and orders, and having cost/performance estimates in place, plus100% knowledge of salary and tax expenditure, the PQS should be able to predict profit to about 95%, or if there is no cash involved 100% so long as the financial module is updated correctly.

Further, we need to consider the additional general data from other resorts, if within the 4096 resorts there are 200 companies making window frames, the PQS can not only take the data provided so far, it can also measure against performance of the other companies. As such if an unconsidered anomaly resulted in the majority of companies being 20% below their estimated profit margin, a general investigation would take place, and either the problem would be solved or the general expectancy of profit lowered by 20%, the PQS effectively learning. However if there were just one or two that were below, one could be pretty sure that there was something amiss, as such one has identified a black hole.

By calculation from the inside, via the financial software, performing both, standard monthly reports cross checked by overall balance increase (debt/profit balance). Then mixing this with calculating from the outside (all the orders two and from vendors), one creates a near fool proof financial system, maybe even completely foolproof, either-or it is far superior to what any company or government are currently using.

PQS Opportunities

Tracking the money, identifying black holes and assessing which overall large capital outlays in terms of contracts return the best overall yield, is of course essential information, without such a base, one is continuing the current failing chaotic economic system. However combined with the business book team, the PQS is far from just a watchdog.

We have heard how in the case of window frame manufacturers, (random example typical of all businesses) how they will be collectively assessed, to look for anomalies and improprieties. However the knife cuts both ways, as another random example I will use “Thai Restaurants.”

With two $Billion companies mainly comprised of smaller businesses paired together to make a resort, one can be relatively certain, each resort will have a Thai Restaurant, or at least an oriental restaurant. If fact, the exact amount of restaurants and all other services will be assessed and worked out by the PQS before allocations are made. Too many and supply and demand dictates profits will lower, to few and customer choice and the need to excel and beat your competitor is diminished.

So 4096 Resorts = 4096 Thai restaurants, Not having been in the restaurant business myself, I have no experience in what makes a successful restaurant, however once can be sure that there are at least 100 factors to consider, within a number of main categories: Product (The Food), Service, Marketing/Advertising, Ambiance/Appearance of restaurant, Location, Price, Capacity (Size of Restaurant) etc, etc. Before opening their restaurants, the buinessbook team will have talked to all the owners, and will have been advised of all potential marketing and service strategies, alongside some recipes; these will be input into the PQS and annualized, collectively with the information from the other 50,000 or so restaurants. This is a very good example of the human side of the operation, as at this stage the PQS will have no idea which strategies will work as it has no results data, as such the buinessbook team, will make some general assessments maybe picking 1000 good ideas, 100 excellent idea’s and 10 sure fire winners. The ideas will be presented not only on paper but via film clips, created by the media department displayed via S-World and The Tutorial Game. (Software part 5)

At the end of the day, the restaurant owners will have a good idea of what they want to do, but will sift through the suggestions for some good ideas on how to improve. Once the businesses start to trade, the PQS will know which restaurants are applying which tactics. If say 1000 restaurants thought advertising on facebook was a good idea and 1000 thought Google was a good idea, after 6 months or so, if the 1000 that advertised of facebook were in general doing better that the ones that advertised on Google, the PQS would suggest to the Google advertisers that they should consider changing.

The system however goes a lot deeper, within said facebook advertisers there will be different advertising methods, in general the adverting would have been done by the advertising department not the actual vendor, as such the advertising department can make test groups of different techniques. Say 10 groups of 100, as such after 6 months one will not only know whether advertising on Google or facebook is more effective, they will also know which technique within said portals is most effective.

There is one more level to this equation, if most advertisers stopped adverting on Google and chose to advertise on facebook as per PQS suggestion, it would increase the cost of advertising on facebook and decrease the cost of Google, as such it could over the next 6 months see the advertisers that remained on Google out performed the facebook advertisers, and as such advise users of said occurrence.
It’s a lot of information, especially when you consider that said facebook vs. Google advertising decision is only one of 100 or so improvements that can be made. Over time however the PQS will have by virtue of the trial and error of tens of thousands of restaurants and hundreds of individual methods to make more profit, have solid data on the most effective methods, which when analyzed by the buinessbook team, then conveyed to the individual restaurants will make all, shining examples of profitability, as is desired from all EEE companies.

The majority of initiatives will of course be on food quality, service and experience, as such when one eats in any Resort Restaurant one should have a greater experience than its out of town competitor that has been given no advise or training, as such making the resorts more popular, as such bringing more people in, resulting in more sales from other vendors.

PQS Wider Opportunities

Buinessbook or using its original name “The Global Trade Network” is of course not exclusive to EEE companies, EEE companies simply create a strong foundation in achieving the critical mass of buying power to effectively gain buinessbook a better wholesale price that any other. For instance Coca Cola, supplying 4096 new resorts, where by the resorts collectively by all means necessary continually strive to gain market share of all US spending, will be by far the biggest purchaser of Coke Cola, as such can ask for a 10% cheaper price than any other wholesaler, in time the EEE delivery network will outstrip all others and be well loved for using electric vehicles. As such with competitive pricing and good branding, buinessbook in time will become the supplier for not only all EEE resorts but most of the USA.

This method is desired for all reputable USA companies; as such an immense amount of data on the broader US economy is gathered.
Small businesses stock as well, partly for the sales opportunities, but more likely as they wished to be assessed for entry into EEE. As using buinessbook effectively means using the financial software, added to the advantages of using the financial software, excellent data is collected on small businesses; as such one has an excellent idea which companies would be best as within the resorts or supplying the resorts. Please remember there is an industrial side to many resorts, particularly the ones not in typical tourism areas

PQS Greater Economic Dreams

For the PQS to achieve its ultimate intended goal, “running the global economy” looking for black holes, seeing financial trouble, and putting out fires across the globe before the “butterfly effect” allows the flap of one failed business in Brazil, turning into a banking crisis in Texas. One needs two things to happen.

1st, one needs the PQS business software to audit and pay tax automatically; this concept was first detailed in August as a part of the “New Sparta” Greek economic initiative, and in Greece it would work, the will of the people would easily pass a referendum on making the software mandatory, given all the benefits of the entire New Sparta initiative.

In the USA however, it’s not that easy, the USA is “The Land of the Free” and a “New Sparta” referendum on compulsory use, would not fly. Further, the idea that the software could calculate tax, could be off-putting to many, unless they have an incentive better that the efficiency and cost saving. The incentive needed, is for the USA to scrap corporation tax, for those that use the software. This point is detailed and debated in the USA Analysis, found later in the presentation.

However if the USA do agree, it puts a completely different slant on what the PQS could achieve, given all EEE companies detailing in 95% accuracy, buinessbook trading statistics, outside companies financials and tax behaviour, the PQS becomes corporate Americas economic oversight devise. Where by all the previously mentioned controls and advantages befitting the EEE companies further assist all US Businesses.

The next obvious step, would be to have the PQS become the oversight devise for all US Government spending, this makes a lot of sense on many levels, especially if it has been tried and tested with the EEE framework and had produced tangible results.

10:29 am Saturday March 17th

I’ve got through the first introductory page of the PQS Actual page, a brief introduction, and explanation of why the original investment was cut in half to increase the catchment areas of the resorts, now I’m going to start with the results page and work backwards. Already I can see there is a lot more that I can add to the current data, having had a few weeks working on the wider “American Butterfly” presentation. However I’m just going to work with what I have for now.

10:53am Saturday March 17th

Hmmm, this is going to take longer than I first thought, for the building I was working on the concept of mass orders leading to cutting margins and so cheaper prices, as opposed to suppliers providing service and product at a reasonable price whilst making solid profit.
I’d certainly not considered that all suppliers would be EEE companies, point in question, where as now we are looking for suppliers to generate 50% in profit, the initial figures work on just 5% in year one leading to 20% by years 4. It makes sense to stage profit, working on the principal it will take a few years to fully create the network and become fully profitable, however I feel justifies in amending the figures, from 5% to 20% to 10% to 30%, and still looking at a low estimate.

I’m going to save the current sheet as PQS V1.02 and make a duplicate to work from PQS V1.003

11:08am Saturday March 17th

Hmmm, I’ve found a big error in my calculations, I’d included the build cost 3 times and generated 3 different profit zones, oop’s, glad I cough that. Considering suppliers generating profit not lowering prices, it will make little difference to the final results, but it was a huge error.

Here it is, there is only $50 in year 1 and $100 in year 2, yet I have 3 profit centers

I also need to take of the salary before calculating profit.

Further, do I need to have both builder and developer? In effect the university staff and the land purchasers will jointly work on the development, and logistics.

Further I need to consider the profits made from the land purchase, if there are more plots similar to the Orlando plot, there is great returns to be made. I think I will consider the developer as land purchaser + university staff and make the land purchase profits a separate item.
As such effectively we only have builder and supplier, where by the builders costs are simply the supplies and staff, we certainly cant have builders making 50% profit, that’s not how it is, all be it research suggests they can often make up to 40%.

20% seems to be the acceptable norm, as such if we start with $50m, and take of the 20% profit we have $40m. From here we take of 30% for staff (remembering we have a “Spartan Contract” team, to add to the staff contingent) as such 40m – 30% = $28m which will be used for suppliers. Of which once competent one could assume a 50% profit of $14m added to the builder profit of $10m we are left with $24m, all be it I will err on the side of caution and only go 40% and phase in the profit from 20% to 40% over 4 years.

Ah ha, just got the email for the map of the Orlando plot. Interesting it has its own toll road and a large school.


See attached.
Let me know if you need anything else.
This is a $1 billion build out.
There is also, a toll road component to the property which generates $1 billion over 20 years.
It is the Southport Extension Road.

It’s kind of staggering how one can have a piece of land worth $100 Million and yet this is the best quality drawing they can come up with, but….. That’s how it is.

It looks like at least 50% is zones as woodland, which on the one hand is awesome, on the other lowers the sellable land as such it was indeed prudent to half the potential land profits, for “just in case”

Here is a Google Earth graphic, and if I’ve not presented it before here is the web link, http://www.osceola.org/planning_office/116-8092-7838/green_island.cfm

And the body text:

DCI and DRI Maps and Documents
Green Island DRI

The Green Island DRI is a mixed use development which was approved by the Osceola County Board of County Commissioners on April 28, 2008. The development includes the following land uses: a maximum of 8,500 single family units, a maximum of 4,500 multi-family units, a maximum of 1,550,000 square feet of regional mall, a maximum of 410,000 square feet of office park, a maximum of 840,000 square feet of research and industrial use, a maximum of 1,200,000 square feet of support regional retail-service use, multiple school sites, approximately 1713 acres in preserved wetlands, an 18 hole golf course, approximately 792.0 acres of regional and central neighborhood park sites, preserved upland vegetation and upland wildlife habitat, and miscellaneous open space, and the associated infrastructure elements such as the proposed Southern Connector and Toho Parkway and water management areas. The Green Island DRI has a build out date of 2030.

12:08 am Saturday March 17th

My back is hurting and I need to get a mother’s day present, I’m going to walk down town, get present and go for a swim

2:45 pm Saturday March 17th

Only 32 lengths before my back got a twinge, but I did them faster that before so a fair work out, plus the 50 minute walk there and back.
Got Mum an awesome gold and silver ring, there’s me skint for a week ?, whist I don’t want anything for myself, I want lots for others.

During my swim I decided I needed to do the best job possible on PQS Actual, this means at least 5 days, however the results are actually the financials, as such possibly the most important part.

To start I’ll do the building and construction, working to about 4 levels deep, builder: all main constituents to which we are looking at about 10, then the continuance of those continuance, then the raw materials from the ground.

I’ll work on a fully working operation, in essence by 2017, and I’ve decided to work on a starting date of 1st Jan 2014, effectively leaving this year to get the concept approved, then a year for organization and permits. This way when we start, we start with a fair degree of supply companies, or maybe all supplier companies, that will have had the advantage of buinessbook logistics and financial guidance.

From here I will work backwards applying a percentage of efficiency to profits.

Once completed I will need to do the same for one sector of retail, maybe furniture, maybe apparel, it may be a good idea to factor in general running costs for their operation.

I think I need to look at an 8 year plan, as this will allow for more wow resort items, (stadiums, theme parks etc, alongside the solar arrays. It will also explain the POP principal.

During the process I will put in as many other income streams as I can, I have already worked out the Solar income steam, have a ball park for buinessbook and have the operations for all adverting and media covered so all turnover generated is pure profit.

I also need to look at the cars, medical and education expenses, as they were worked out via average spending vs. people in catchment area, which is a good start but with hospitals not being built for 4 years or so and the cars a completely different animal, the figures are skew.

At the same time as all this is going on, I will be putting together the next, supporting documents chapter, “The Spartan Theory” something I’m looking forward to immensely.

All in all definitely 5 days, pheew

2:45 pm Saturday March 17th

Ok before I start I will need to make a cost breakdown of the various items that make a house, this is not going to be particularly easy.
Let’s see how Google is behaving today; actually I seem to remember making a spread sheet about this. Found it, but not the source web link, it’s written down somewhere, but where I can’t say

I have found a UK website that says that $222,514 gives average build quality, the conversion is £1400

Average £1,000 per square metre.
Low cost construction with no site constraints. Budget fittings and specification.
Average £1,250 per square metre.
More scope for construction choices and internal fit out.
Average £1,500 per square metre.
Standard construction and structural work. Average range fittings and specification.
Average £1,750 per square metre.
More structural complexity such as underpinning. Bespoke joinery or specialist items.
Average £2,000 per square metre.
Complex structures such as basements. Luxury features, handmade kitchens and wet rooms.

This website is also quite useful: http://www.homebuilding.co.uk/buildcosts

This page gives a good section of per sq meter costs: http://www.homebuilding.co.uk/files/ascent-homebuilding/CostsMarch12.pdf

Here we see the difference between Build root (A) (DIY and Subcontractors) is about 19% cheaper that Build Route (D) (Main Contractor) which is in line with out 20% margin. All be it, it does not allow for senior staff salaries.

It also shows that for a 2 story good quality large house, we are looking at between £923 and £1211 depending on area. An excellent house £1161 to £1520

One general rule about building is that the bigger the house is, the cheaper it is, as is illustrated here.

Further, the above are based on building a single house, a one off, building hundreds at the same time would reduce the price by an estimate of 20%, due to 3 factors, 1 smarter use of labor (no one hanging around waiting for someone else to donnish, bulk orders, and convenience, no neighbors walls to impede scaffolding, delivery vans and concrete mixers do not have to park in the street etc.

It is also noted the Architects fees are usually between 7% to 15% which is the same as Cape Town, due to S-World rendering we will not have such fees, we will just have some architects and engineers in the university, tidying up the designs

This US site gas quotes for all hundreds of different building materials: http://www.get-a-quote.net/QuoteEngine/costbook.asp?WCI=CostIntroFrameSet&BookId=1 it will be useful for the second and third levels.

Ok we have a winner, courtesy of http://www.home-cost.com/, they have graphic, with 120 or so cost centers, the quality’s poor and it’s about 4 pages high, buts its very detailed. Hmm I suppose I need to copy it into a spreadsheet,

5.30pm Friday March 17th

I had started to copy the detailed sub description in, but it will take many hours so I’ll just put the main description


First however I’m going to have a break; Sienna’s Angels are just about to get into the Championship :)

6.36 am Sunday 18th March 2012

March 18th 2012, exactly one year ago I sent the first business plan to Virgin; it seems poignant to resend it, to test them. Their Big Ideas vetting branch as best I know is defunct, and no reply is expected, which of course gives me more ammunition as such, should we wish Virgin onto out ship. If they do respond, I will inform them that they will receive the rest of the work only after it has been sent to “The Corniche Group”, their interest of course will assist with gaining The Corniche Groups interest from the word go.

I highly doubt, they will respond, as if South Africa is anything to go by, the division is not staffed with anyone that knows or cares about innovation or businesses. But I may be pleasantly surprised.

Lest check some email addresses

Virgin Big Ideas: corporatedevelopmentteam@virgin.co.uk
Virgin Holidays: special.assistance@virginholidays.com
So what do I put on the introduction:

Pre “Spartan Theory”: Part 1
“The Business Plan”

Dear Virgin Big Ideas London

Please find attached a business plan which was originally geared towards travel (High end sector), Virgin Money, Virgin Retail & Virgin Unite.
A year ago to this day (18th March 2011) the attached business plan was sent to Virgin Brands SA, this document is 99% word for word, the same as the original.

On the 7th April 2011, I was informed it had been checked and approved for senior consideration in London. Shortly after we parted company as when refusing to make a £1 Million charity donation to the “Nelson Mandela Foundation your Constantia office made a poor impression, all be it in retrospect, Virgin should not be held accountable as many in Cape Town have little charity in them and most have a third world, beach town way of doing business.

The financial analysis (“Finances (d) Financial Analysis”) on page 29 shows a potential £734 Billion 12 year profit return, so long as the software and concept could work in other industries. It now works for every industry, from the glass manufacturer to window makers, to the tech company that supplies systems for aerospace rockets.. Your Johannesburg team have already checked and approved the financials, all be it a year ago only a 6 year forecast was submitted.

On sending the project, despite much prior work, only 3 weeks had been put into the business plan. Since submitting, relentlessly the project has been worked every day, whereby there have been but 5 days without content added. It is now thousands of pages long and has a dedicated website.

The original £734 Billion forecast now just a drop in the Ocean, as the project is indeed a global economic solution, tailored initially to the US,
This has come about, via my stated intention to use my profits for the good of humanity, which now comes in the form of university research, creating job opportunities, hospitals and solar arrays. The most immediately significant are the hospitals as their construction and work on no patent pharmaceuticals solves the US “aging population” Medicare and Medicaid issues which in turn solve the Social security and interest on debt issues. Said problems were recently highlighted on News Night specific to the UK, whereby, even the current government admits, there is “no way out”
The project has developed significantly in software, network and media systems design, and sees the largest construction project ever undertaken.
To think that a plan you approved a year ago with only 3 weeks work, would not be significantly improved with a further year of improvements, detail, fact checking and creativity, which claims it is and is, the only solution for the West’s economy and dependence of fossil fuel is not a “Big Idea” worthy of serious consideration, would be absurd.

The work is obviously confidential for generic email addresses; as such I have used my old email address, not my project email.

The work is about 3 to 4 weeks away from stage one compilation, and is destined for a specific equity group, and that is the course that will be taken. However should you show interest, you have my word, you will be the next organization brought into the circle.

Kind Regards

Nick Ray Ball

8.04 am Sunday 18th March 2012

Sent it “LOL” I think its only right to mark the anniversary, I’d lay a bet and have 10 to one odd’s they write back (as they always write back) with a generic email saying “as this is not specific to a particular Virgin company, thanks but no thanks” what are the chances of the reader having the first clue about business or economics, in my experience, very little from big companies, which is why a collection of millions of small companies, all with bosses who own them and will become so much more efficient and profitable that big corporations who hire staff who only work for the money and have no need to actually think.

Yes indeed I have been procrastinating about my data capturing task, but I’d better get on with it, it really will show great detail and demonstrate the basic concept of companies working together but separately on mission profit.

Wow it’s not only sunny, it’s warm

9.28 am Sunday 18th March 2012

Owww, nearly one and a half hours to do a third, that’s another 3 hours of data capturing. I can be sure however of one thing, if someone does this for 8 hours a day, every day, they will make many errors

Well I guess this is what Sundays are for :(

Mum is very happy with her ring and card :)

Apparently it may rain later so I’m off for a walk before it does.

12.11 am Sunday 18th March 2012

Some very interesting thoughts, this will be a little OTT but I can calm it down for the presentation, it pertains to both the current PQS work and the in introduction to the software section rearguing small business.

Here we go:

If you had to put a figure to how much an experienced company owner cares and works on his/her business in comparison, to a average paid employee, working for a large company without out a degree, assuming they have worked for the company for over 6 months, are not making a commission and the honeymoon period is decidedly over, how much more effort and care will the owner have, 5 times, 10 times, or is there such a gulf of difference that its not calculable?

As out of ten, how many such employees will abuse the company in one way or another? Order extra supplies and take some home, make additional sales to clients outside the company framework, gather a collection of clients before leaving to start their own businesses, out right steal or commit fraud if it so happens that their personal life would be seriously troubled without additional money, one in ten, one in five one in two?

It is said that one should never manage more than 7 people, how much more efficient even without management training would a company of 5 persons managed by the boss, than a company of thousands where managers manage 30 or more people. Twice as efficient five times, ten even.
Put it all together in terms of, dedication, oversight, service, trust, elimination of threats and motivation, and few would ague that given the systems, resources marketing and client base a small business would out perform a corporate in term of profit vs. turnover ratio

Let’s pick a random business, a roof time manufacture

However due to the recession, there are half as many orders and clients are squeezing prices lower, As such the company is loosing over $200,000 a year, with no real end to the building slum in sight, the business can last one maybe 2 years at the most before going bust where by the owner would loose his home.

Here is a breakdown of profit and loss

Here we have a loss of $335,300 or 81% out of 100%, a 19% operating loss.

Now let’s see what would happen if the company switched to EEE gaining 4 times its current orders, but at a 20% reduction in price, all be it raw materials are reduced by 20% loosing all accounting and Admin Bills, loosing all property costs and loans, halving regulations, increasing owners drawings/salary by 100%, paying off vehicle hire, reducing general spending by 20% via efficiency and buinessbook advise, but doubling general spending due to increased production

Increasing staff two fold. (When a manufacturing company has an increase in orders, it certainly does not increase its staff by the same factor)

6.37 pm Sunday 18th March 2012

Ok we have hit a snag, the above only leads to a 30% profit swing, to get to 200% or half of cost we need to increase the order to 8 times the current output, all be it with a 20% reduction which should increase “Outside sales” so also have to work on an increase in output of 9 times, all be it pre recession, output would have been double so a 400% increase. I have only doubled staff, and general costs, as in general this is automated, clay, kilm off you go. I’ve also adjusted the initial stats.

I’ve also had to half material costs, either due to bulk order or the company expands to own the supplier companies. All in all this is very much a best case scenario. On the upside however the increase in company profits is considerable, which would be good for companies that did not rely on EEE contract orders. It is also good for the company if it increases “Outside” sales, lots to think about and process. The sales tax is a killer, but I guess that’s what makes it an economic solution, we really are going to have to get rid of corporate tax, or we will be squeezed to the bone.

EEE Model,

Something to think about, I noticed an increase in order, from 6 to 8 times, made a huge difference, what if it was 16 times?
Hmm interesting, whilst moving the raw materials back to normal price and increasing the order by 16 we get

So it is possible. I’ll not work on these figures though maybe 40% or 35%, I wonder how many houses one would need for this sort of order, I’ll be working on a league of 16 so 32,000 houses, maybe 3000 using this type of roof tile

9.02 am Monday 19th March 2012

I went for a mother’s day meal last night, great time, but weight loss knocked back 3 days :(

I’ve been considering yesterdays work and have I got a good idea, I’ve not analyzed it yet but the business would need investment, at the time of creation , I considered, said investment would be taken out of profits in some way. However the investment can come in the form of the large investors, the tech companies, the pharmaceutical companies, the fortune 500 companies etc. If we consider Johnson and Johnson as a random company, and say they invest $16 Billion, a quarter of which goes into factories and all other elements that make medical equipment, the other three quarters is split across the resorts giving $2,900,000 per resort, they may well wish to create a chemist or medical series shop/office so as to have their brand displayed, plus they could have a Johnson and Jonson general store, selling all sorts of things, working on the brand love originally gained if/when they relax their patents to US Gov, EEE & the Third World.

Nope, hold on, they can’t invest $4 Billion of the $16 Billion, as that goes into the building, land, Infrastructure, and Universities.
We are now at a significant point in “American Butterfly” we are going to have to change the initial investment model to allow for both industry and buying into failing or static businesses. So how do we do this, I guess the initial investors can use one of many models specific to what they wish to achieve, so long as the University gets its 25%, and the land is paid for, it does not matter how the initial funds are broken down, here are some examples.

A. Current Model
B. Fewer houses, but Investment in local businesses
C. Fewer houses, Investment in local business and creation of industrial plants
D. No houses, less infrastructure, but a large investment in local businesses
E. No houses, less infrastructure, but a large investment in Industry
F. No houses, less infrastructure, but a large investment in retail and commercial
G. Presence in all sectors, plus increased land
H. Balanced

We need to consider, the companies making profit, investments in industry and local business will accomplish this, we need to build as that is another profit centre, and we need the retail space for people to buy stuff. However as we are looking at the first $500 Million or so reinvested, it may well make sense to go for a greater investment in business and industry from the beginning, then the retail and the real estate last, as the real estate is not a profit centre for EEE rather for the investors.

It’s good of course to have options, as location of resort will be a major factor, if its out the way in a less populated, less affluent area, industry will play a big part, an the other side of the coin, in popular places retail will be the largest cost centre.

10.20 am Monday 19th March 2012

I’m going to write to Mike and ask him to finish the data capturing of the building costs breakdown

Hi Mike

Good looking time sheet, well done, thanks :)

Four things to do, one urgent,

In order of priority

1. I have attached a jpeg of building prices, and a spread sheet that they need to be copied into, I have got half way.

Don’t put a figure in the light colored Sub Total Box (far right) that is automatic.

However you need to make a sum for the darker box underneath, you to this by clicking the top subtotal box, (within the section you have just input) and dragging down to where the dark purple box will go, so there is a square around the boxes, then click “Auto sum” (top Right)

Please do this procedure, even if there is only one item in a category.

Once complete check your Dark Purple total against the one on the Jpeg, to see if they match, they will be a little out but very close, if it not close, you have input some data incorrectly.
This one is urgent, so please do it first, the jpeg is a little hard to read, but you get used to it. It took me about two and a half hours to do the first half.

2. I did not see mention of contacting Matt in the timesheet, before we go further with that, the section you mention that where the links don’t work, is that due to server errors, or simply that they do not work? If it is just that they don’t work, the best thing to do is make a duplicate section, once complete, remove the old section.

3. How is the American Butterfly.net coming

4. Went out for Mothers day with mum and Dad yesterday, managed not to talk about project and a good evening was had, Dad still wishes to transfer the domain, but he wants to do it himself. He is worried if I go abroad again he will not be able to amend it, which is silly as it needs no amending, but its not worth arguing about, when he sets his mind on something, that’s that, and he made the point about this website: http://www.rayball.co.uk/ which is his main one, but he cant change the pictures as its in flash. On the subject of this website, is it possible to change the pictures?

So please do one of your screen shot “how too’s” like you did for the torrents, so Dad can easily work it out

I’m sending the Virgin business plan it to Tiny for him to go through, once done, it will be sent to you for a final check. In total we will be looking at about 12 chapters presented.

OK, lots to do, point one is the only urgent point.


Say Purrs to Tiggs

I’m also going to send Tiny the first chapter for correction

Hi Tiny

Please go though this looking for and grammatical mistakes and spelling errors, once complete please email it to Mike and copy me.
This should not have too many mistakes, as we went through it a lot at the time.

This is the first of 12 or so chapters, which will be presented, along with the main presentation. All will be printed professionally, and I feel such a well researched and well presented offering will at the least get me a meeting, once I’m though that door, its game on.

I hope you find the work interesting, as it goes forwards, telling the story of how we got from this chapter to the final presentation which is called “American Butterfly”


Right I’m off to see if Halfords will fix Panther (my bike) there is a fundamental design flaw, as when the chin comes off, it get’s wedged down a chain sized hole, which means I need to tug it out, it will not be long before the chain snaps and its down right dangerous if your going up and down steep muddy countryside. It’s amazing, this is what these people do, and they made such a colossal error, I bet they are going to argue, make a fuss and claim its not a design fault, to which I will ask from their lawyers contract details and ask them to do a full recall, which buying a fan belt and some glue, and cutting a strip that can be inserted into the groove, so solving the problem.

12.11 am Monday 19th March 2012

Back to our interment models, I’ve made the units in Millions not ten millions

The main consideration is how to generate money as quickly as possible, so as to add to the budget. Per resort we have two companies so $2 Billion, and the forest $1 Billion in profit is spent on the resort or business opportunities or industry.

We are looking at half the money in over the first two years 2013 to 2014 with work on the resort save, clearing starting in 2004, the last investment is from local businesses.

The initial businesses will get the building and many supply contracts. The first companies will also get the building contracts and many supply contracts for the second third and forth phases.

Let’s look at the above spread sheet again including the extra $500 Million.

Their initial villa developments were $300 Million each, all be it I’d like add half $50 Million for houses for immediate sale, trying to make a 300% profit on build price (includes land, mass build, Spartan labor, novelty value (being first, + the whole “saving the world” PR boost) and to a degree choice of best plots.

I’m going to cross reference the resorts full compliment of buildings and attractions (The Wish List)

I think I’m off for a walk.

5.59 pm Monday 19th March 2012

Notes from walk: Its only the companies with contracts, building, building materials, Solar, Medical equipment etc, that need to make 100% profit, or more to the point for every $1 Spent 50 cents is returned.

The rest of the companies do not have to make a specific percentage, just a percentage over their initial investment.

Let’s look at McDonalds: $2Billion split between 4096 Resorts is $488,000, now lets consider a shop for them, in the Mall, say. If a quality house costs $2,000 pet Sq Meter, and we assume the mall is half shop and half mall, then we are at $4,000 a square meter, take of the usual 20% = $3,200, take of another 20% as big houses are cheaper let alone malls, and we have $2,560 per sq Meter. As such McDonalds would get say 170 Sq Meters (smaller that most American ones, but similar to SA and UK. Plus they would have $50,000 for equipment and start up costs.

As such MacDonald would need to make 50% of $488,000 = $244,000 a year, at a real thumb suck, they make $10 per minute, x 60 = $600 x 14hours = $8,400, 30 days = $252,000 minus 20 staff at 30,000/12 each = 50,000 say ingredients are 20% = 50,400 take on another 25,000 for “Other”, take of sales tax $24,000 and we have $102,000 profit each month = $1,224,000 = 250%. Wow no wonder their dividends have increased every year for 25 odd years.

This is very good news indeed.

I do however have to work out how the first $500,000,000 investment will be spit. But not right now, I’m drained after last night

7.40 am Tuesday 20th March 2012

Interesting work yesterday, all be it, it asks a lot of questions as to all companies initial start up funding, as pertaining to: buying into businesses, building factories, shop or office space etc. At a guess 75% of companies will need one of the prior mentioned costs to start with, as such the real estate, becomes an addition, not the focus.

I’m going to do some more exact work on McDonalds, McDonalds were mentioned in the first since/business paper that identified POP, and as a shining example of how to run a business, As such, they will be very keen to jump on board if a plan made sense to them.
I do however need to get more accurate data on how much the Mall shop costs and how much they earn, further I need to consider McDonalds drive through as they would be cheaper than a mall and as effective as a profit centre.
First I need to work on 400M2 not 170, or find a better average size

Let’s look up some size stats

Here we have 4000 sq ft = 372 m2:
China Olympics McDonalds: 3029 sq ft = 280 m2
Petrol station complex: 2530 sq ft = 235 m2
Outdoor Retail Park: 3,642 = 338 m2
Another Retail Park: 3109 sq ft = 288 m2
Ok let’s work on 3000 sq ft or 280 m2

It’s well worth noticing most examples were in retail parks/drive thoughts
If we look at the standard villa development the baseline acre cost is $200,000, 1 acre is 4000 m2, lets say the plot is half an acre at $100,000 and it costs $200,000 to make the roads and car parks etc. = $300,000. Building a 1 story McDonalds should cost no more than $1,000 per M sq so we add $280,000, Outfitting and Equipment $100,000
Total $780,000

Ok, now to find out how much a McDonalds makes?
Hmm Interesting, their franchise is either to buy an existing McDonalds, or to buy the land off them and have them build it: http://franchises.businessmart.com/how-much-does-a-mcdonalds-franchise-cost.php the minimum one must put down is $250,000 cash

Ok here we go http://franchises.about.com/od/fastfoo1/fr/mcdonalds.htm

The average franchise has revenues of $2 Million each year, hmm but only an average margin of 6% to 8% $140,000 that’s no good, what on earth do they spend their money on?

Staff: 1.5Million vs. Stores 31,000 = 48 Staff, av salary $30,000 = $1,450,000 = 73% of turnover. Ok that’s where the problem is, no business should have staff over 50% of turnover, they are thinking of making a rule that football clubs, must stick below 50%.
Another site: http://www.franchisefoundations.com/mcdonaldsfranchise.html says the average take was $2,200,000 a year, $800,000 under my estimate, all be it the more popular the location, the more turnover one creates. One McDonalds made $9,800,000

Operating profits are at the mid to High six figures, so $700,000, take of sales tax & Medicaid of $2,200,000 = - $280,000 thus Gross profit (not including corporation tax) = $420,000 compared to the initial investment cost of $780,000 and we are at 50% profit per year compared to initial investment.

Plus of course there is McDonalds themselves who I’m sure make a tidy some from the supplies.
Ok, I’m going back to my “wish list” spread sheet and cross reference it to companies and their earnings.

9.58 am Tuesday 20th March 2012

I’m dividing the initial 50% of investment between different company types and sizes, I need to consider communal building and projects, for instance, the theme park, does that become a communal draw or do we make them private for the likes of Disney, same question with the Solar Arrays, I think private is best, but I’m not 100% sure.

Hmmm, I’m trying to work out the amount split of the 27,000,000 small (fewer than 500 staff) companies, but the figures don’t seem to add up. The way I’m working it out is via employees, small firms enrolling 60,000,000 and large the same, which in itself does not make sense as there are 140 Million in the US workforce today, and one would presume there were about the same in 2009, when the work was published: http://web.sba.gov/faqs/faqindex.cfm?areaID=24
To make matters more confusing they say that “small firms employed 59.9 million and large firms employed 60.7 million. About half of small firm employment is in second-stage companies (10-99 employees), and half is in firms that are 15 years or older.” This has two questions, why firms over 15 years, does this make them 100 too 500 or 1 to 10. Second if we consider 20,000,000 are one man/woman shows “The latest available Census data show that there were 6.0 million firms with employees in 2007 and 21.4 million without employees in 2008.” Then we would need to split the 60,000,000 in two for (10 to 99) = 30,000,000 and take of the 20,000,000 solo acts = 10,000,000 for all 1-9 and 100 to 499, which makes little sense.

I think I will work on the solo acts were not included initial in the 120,000,000 million employees as technically they weren’t as they are owners, this also tallies with the 140,000,000 workforce

As such we have

And I have cross referenced this to investors, remembering we wish 50% over the first 2 years (one being a set up years, and the other 50% over years 3 to 5 from local businesses or franchises.

Now I need to allocate, industry, shop or office, Spots Park, university, hospital, attraction or Real Estate space to each.
First a break.

1.40 pm Tuesday 20th March 2012

Consideration: If companies do not think they can make their desired profit margin 50% over investment cost, they will need to invest more. For instance, The McDonalds plot and set up cost $780,000, if the sums are worked and it would take $1,000,000, they would have to pay that, whist only receiving $780,000 in buildings and set up costs. Considering in reality the buildings are worth double, it’s not unreasonable.

2.30 pm Tuesday 20th March 2012

I’m off for a cycle to digest and process latest incites.

Ahh, I’ve had an idea, considering, the process, where each page section in “American Butterfly” is taking quite some time due to research and making it really tight, it may well not be ready by the year anniversary of “The Spartan Theory”. However on that day, I can send “The Corniche Group” an introductory email, and maybe the Virgin chapter.

7.17 pm Tuesday 20th March 2012

Slow day today, I have two new considerations, as for the USA, their investment can be the land + Spartan Houses. As for businesses I think I will look up the Top 500, work out the different industries and asses how much office vs. shop vs. research vs. industry space is needed.

7.17 am Wednesday 21th March 2012

Slow day yesterday, indicating I was stuck, half of this is trying to make a final PQS Actual section as opposed to a good draught, and half needing to process the company earnings factors some more. Today I will concentrate on the second of the supporting chapters “The Spartan Theory” This is a little tricky, as unlike other supporting chapters due to its name it will most likely be read by all. It starts with “The Sienna Project” which is a way out there film script to write, and the rest of the work whist technically accurate is less than serious business and economics in places. As such I need to play to its strengths, in essence, make it fun and way out there, describing it as vision and creativity, which of course it is. For each page/section inserted, I will need a page of description.

2.06 pm Wednesday 21th March 2012

Charging through it, I’ve not stopped, it’s a beautiful day outside, but I’m in the zone.

2.58 pm Wednesday 21th March 2012

Finished, the third section (The Economic Football Theory) I just have to insert the actual “Spartan Theory” then the O?????µ?a update that I sent to Mensa. For now I think I will go for that walk after all. If I get all this done in one day, I will be chuffed. ,

5.07 pm Wednesday 21th March 2012

Some great incites on my PQS actual problems.

1. I don’t have to think about how the top 500 will make money; it is up to them to show us, I’d remembered the facebook business development section that basically states businesses will need to join due to the communal technology and software. Added to the investment is backed by property that really is worth double, the business opportunities and branding, it will be a case of businesses supplying a business plan to us for assessment by the PQS and business book staff.
Companies that have a solid plan will be paired with others that they can feed of within the “leagues” (16 Resorts).

What we are looking for is a company that invests $1,000,000 have a plan to be making $500,000 by year 4, if this means an actual investment of $5,000,000 so be it.

2. I need to remember that so long as they make 10% a year the system works as “Give Half Back” is covered.

3. We are going to have to charge for software add-on’s, the basic buinessbook, financial, CRM and recruitment/staff evaluation is free, but all add-on’s, cost, all be it businesses can try them out in the tutorial game, which I still need a name for. We also need to stay out of Microsoft and Adobes way by not making software like Office or Photoshop. Also additional money for both Microsoft and Apple can be made by the S-World TV operating system.

4. Cars, I did some rough figures in my head, if each resort dedicated $10 Million from investment, and $2 Million a year, plus all Spartan contracts included $4000 for a car, plus all employees, get a car allowance, which is basically a $4000 decrease in salary, we are looking at a big guaranteed order for cars, eclectic of course, this is a fair initiative as we are talking about the ECOLOGICAL experience economy. I also considered that $16,000 (4 years at $4,000 is enough to buy a car outright, plus a total overhaul after 2 years, new battery, new technology and a general tidy up.
Let’s do the math, how many Spartans? Did you forget, well its $64,000,000/2/31,588 = 1,049 and about half that again in nurses so about 1,500, times this by 8192 and we have about 8,500,000 cars sold at a minimum of $16,000 a car = $137 Billion, double that for other employees = $270 Billion. Now lets add the resorts $10,000,000 a year times 8192 = $81 Billion a year, over 4 years = $324 Billion = the $270 Billion and we have $594 Billion over 4 years, not including anyone that wishes a car superior to the basic model or any sales to the general public.

That’s quite an order for any car company, plus every 4 years the order will increase. Yearly we are looking at $148, and with new factories, free technology, and no marketing costs, a 100% mark up is easy, add to that the suppliers making same and 75% and loads of jobs created and taxes paid, and all in all it’s a great exercise. Maybe we look at 16 car manufactures, making $9 Billion turnover and $4, 5 Billion profit, add to that due to the technology no other car manufacturers can compete, and a general anti fuel cars campaign, how much would car companies put in to get the license? $16 Billion at least, times 16 = 256 Billion. Half from the US half from elsewhere, I’m liking McLaren, Jaguar, Lotus, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and Mercedes.

I’m liking the electricity companies to run all the power regardless of the fact the money for the solar panels is coming from “Give Half Back”, The Pharmaceutical companies have the Medical; Equipment contracts, someone has the building contracts. Add to that the McDonalds example, consider lawyers and finance firms only need offices and shops, and all in all there are more arguments that the resorts will make between $300 Million a year than they could possibly be objections. As such investment is guaranteed

I’ve had to re evaluate POP, I’d wanted the first $100 Million to “Give Half Back” then $200M to POP, then 50% dividends and 50% other. I think in reality we may have to go 50% dividends after the first $100,000 or maybe a Cape Villas like sliding scale: $110M = 5%, $120 = 10%, $130 = 15% and so on up to 50%.

All in all a good yield from my walk, yesterday I was quite stumped, so I just played FIFA Manager, that plus going over the original “Spartan Theory” and a walk and were back on track stronger than ever. Ok back to “The Spartan Theory”

7.41 pm Wednesday 21st March 2012

I’m detailing the crazy events up to and after “The Spartan Theory”, funny to say the least. But its time for a break, I’ll just be writing notes that come to me, ready for a big day tomorrow, as I finish the “Spartan Theory” overview and get to work on PQS Actual, armed with my new incites.

9.12 pm Wednesday 21st March 2012

New Idea for the introduction

“The Spartan Theory” Presents:
S-World, EEE & American Butterfly

I of course realize the magnitude and even arrogance of claiming to have created an economic theory that will be the most significant positive event in human history; as such it is inevitable that you will be skeptical, highly skeptical considering the source, I ask just one thing of you, for one sentence cast aside your doubts, consider the merits, opportunities and possibilities.

Within “American Butterfly” there is a strong business plan for “S-World”, with so many components, so many patentable items, that economic theory or not, it is worth investigating. Considering my disdain for financial reward and the possibilities, it is inconceivable that Mark Zuckerberg would not wish to be involved. No one will find serious fault within this economic solution, a few items here and there but throw half of it away and it will still work, as such, it will capture the hope of America and brand love never considered possible. As such at the very least one has a sure fire money making business plan, that will undoubtedly be backed by facebook and be the most popular brand on the planet.

Dedicated to Sienna Skye

Wow, that’s good, maybe good enough to ride solo on the fly page (first page, opposite the cover page”
Need some grammar and finesse but its good.

6.39 am Thursday 22th March 2012

Had some awesome dreams, I was in a setting that was similar to “The Social Network” but on holiday, there was a beautiful oriental girl sitting on the opposite side of the table, and I touched the top of her leg with my foot. After I was walking through an outside section of the hotel, and chatted to my assistant, all be it by this time I was George Michael, the girl from the table asked me out and I looked at my assistant, why not but tell her no sex. Next I was in a disco of sorts all be it, it was small, hotel style and it had just opened and a few people were there, by this point was more looking at the scene than actually being George, and as a rather sling dance step was about to be performed I woke up.

Anyway, I’m going to put “The Spartan Theory” aside and go straight into the PQS Actual.

8.52 am Thursday 22th March 2012

All going nicely, I started with the investment breakdown, then explained that investment was not limited to the initial price paid, and came up with a new phase “Resorts Company License” (RCL), which is the share of $1,000,000 where by after 4 years companies must show they can make 50% of their RCL.

Now its time to analyze the top 500 companies, I’ll do the top 8 then the first 4 of each hundred down: Here is the very useful link

10.56 am Thursday 22th March 2012

Finished, now I need to analyze and assess the companies, and what they need in terms of space etc.

Walmart: 629 stores, with 225 employees average size: 108,000 ft sq. = 10,003 m2 = 2.5 Acres, building $1000 per m2 = $10,000,000 add the land at $200,000 per Acre, 4 Acres including Car Park = $800,000 add $400,000 for the car park etc. Total = $11,200,000 x 4096 resorts = $45 Billion, plus whatever extra costs there are, which will I’m sure be extensive. We certainly don’t have $45 Billion of options to give to Walmart, if the technology companies are only getting $8 Billion. However as they are the US’s biggest company I suppose they can go in the Big 16 category. Hmm no they cant I removed it, they will have to fall in with the TOP 500, which I think I should change to Top 100, 200, 300, 400 & 500. I’ll do that now.

I need to get a baseline on earnings and profit for each set, so I will look at the 50th company

Rank Name Turnover Av Profit around this position
50: Lowe’s $49B $3B
150: AES $17 $2B
250: Jacobs Eng. $10 $500M
350: Corning $6.6B $500M
450: Tel Data Sys. $5B $200M

Ok so I guess I should make this as a percentage, I’ll work on profit not turnover

Using this as a baseline I adjusted, the Initial investor’s spreadsheet, giving transport its own section and made this allocation for the Top 500,

Working on the principal that many of the Top 100 will be included in the industry sectors

And readjust the “Initial Investors spreadsheet accordingly.

Back to the Walmart figures, for a store in each resort, which is impractical as its 8 times as many stores as they currently have we would be looking at $45 Billion, however if we work on 2 stores per league (16 resorts) we come to $5,625 which can fall nicely into $5,12Billion investment slot.
So that would be 4,096 resorts / 8 = 512 new stores, the current profit on 629 stores is $16.4 Billion, considering the management structure is already in place, and the resorts will be popular and there is no reason why Walmart cant make another $16 Billion odd, as such whatever it costs above the RCL (Resort Company License) (Includes the land and building) it is well worth them paying. $16 Billion on $5,12 sits nicely around the 300% profit mark.

And back to my Companies spreadsheet

Ok, that’s worked out well, but I cant fit the entire spread sheet on a page, so I will just insert the identified companies, then make an example of Walmart, and talk briefly about the rest, I’m sure there are reason why Wal-Mart will not be as successful but right now I really cant think of one, certainly we have a good argument for +50%

Ok, I’m off for a walk, 6 hours already and its not even lunchtime, early bird does indeed catch the worm, today, the Walmart worm, an impressive worm at that.

2.54 pm Thursday 22th March 2012

Notes from walk

1. As Walmart’s profit ration to spending is low (3%) it will impact against total money spent within catchment area, i.e. if there is only $1,000,000 to spend of kitchen ware and it’s spent at Walmart, it will only return $33,000 in profit. As such one must really concentrate on making good profit from the suppliers and the suppliers of the supplies etc. We can however happily place a Walmart in any resort in or near a big city, as it will attract a lot more business that the PQS has shown as the average yield per resort.

2. For energy companies we will need to work on the future, in 20 years or so, give half back will have created enough solar energy to feed America, and a turnover of $3 or $4Trillion, most of which will be profit. As such if the energy companies are given a 10% rake for administration, and we work on $2Trillion profit that is $200 Billion a year, divined by 16 and we have $12.5 Billion less that the top two make currently but more than the rest. As so a RCL is a must have acquisition, if for no other reason that if they are not involved in 20 years they will be out of business,

9.04 pm Thursday 22th March 2012

Had a little interlude while I organized my FIFA 09 Squad, I’m working the “Spartan Contact” principal, lots of talented teens & 20 something’s, all on long contracts and I’m hovering around in the Championship, whist they hone their skills.

Ok back to the Energy Companies, where was I? Oh yes a pot of $12.5 Billion and business survival for the oil giants. Let’s have a look at the allocations

Hmmm, 100 energy companies, nope best stick to 16.

That’s an $8 Billion buy in, but they will have to invest enough over the first 4 years to generate $4Billion each in power, as such they are going to have to invest just about every cent they have, As best I remember it takes 9 years to brake even on solar power. As such to generate 50% of $8Billion = $4Billion they will have to invest $8Billion x 4.5.

This said, I’d say they don’t have to start for 4 years, starting on the 3rd resort year; As such they have 4 years working with the universities and manufacturers to lower the cost and increase the energy output. They can of course build “non river” dams should they prefer.

It’s a worth wile investment, chances are they need only spend 20 or so Billion dollars, of which they see a return, after which they get a rake of all the extra “Give Half Back” power. Their investment should be enough to completely power the resorts.

6.38 am Friday 23th March 2012

It is time to make a small Walmart spreadsheet, and organize the Top 500 Company’s spreadsheet for Mike to fill in.

8.56 am Friday 23th March 2012

One has to think, if it took two hours to set up the spread sheet, it will take quite some time to fill in; I have however made it as simple as possible.

11.22 am Friday 23th March 2012

Arrr, then it took over two hours to write the accompanying email, how is that even possible? I’m going to go for a cycle, recently after I’ve got back from walk and cycling, my minds been tired, so I’m hoping if I go earlier in the day and get back at about two, it will still seem like natural work time. We will see.

1.44 pm Friday 23th March 2012

New Start for PQS Actual

The PQS starts of with investment sectors and the key players within, the initial process is similar in a way to launching a night club, you go to the best club in town, you identify the groups within the group, you find the alpha male and the beauty and put them on the guest list for the new club, they go, their groups go, and the rest follow.

Before we look for the key players we need to identify the sectors, these will change and adapt as the logistics and profitability forecasts are analyzed, the below spreadsheet however is a starting point which covers the first investment phase, being 50% of target.

Ok, I like this introduction, so I’m going to scrap the current PQS Actual content, but record it here.

Part 4: Software Designs and Specifications.
4d.iii: “PQS Actual”

In this section we are dealing with the specifications of how the PQS will be programmed, up till now, all the software had been upgrades of existing software, linked together with a desire for simplicity; as such a breakdown of specifics is not necessary.

To the best of my knowledge however there is no software like the PQS as such each stage needs to be illustrated to the software designers to follow. As such we will be going through a step by step guide to what we wish to achieve, demonstrated in “Excel”.

This step by step guide, is a working model, all be it as there are millions upon millions of pieces of data to input, we will largely be taking samples of data and results and be using them as a section average, much like a poll for an election.

It is very important to note however, that as we have a working model, that given more manpower to research and input data, there will be no waiting around. For the software designers to program the PQS, we can get going straight away, programmed in “Excel” or programmed on “C” matters not, what matters is delivering results to be analyzed by the businessbook teams, the general idea being that one can make small adjustments, such as changing the timing for building a theme park, and seeing the difference it makes to the overall resort profitability, plus its economic value to the US (jobs & taxes)

The first stage of course is the investment, where we are looking for 50% of the total investment contracted by 2015, assuming the project is publicized by 2013, and development proper starts in 2015. As such we are looking for at least $500 Million per Resort Company, two companies per resort, a total of $4,096,000,000,000.00

Before the breakdown of different investor/business categories, we need to asses, the amount of different sized businesses there are in the USA, the following is not made from raw data, and should be afforded a 15% margin for error.

PQS-AC, 1: Business size and employee breakdown

Followed by a Top 500 profits breakdown

PQS-AC, 2: Phase 1 investor breakdown

With exception of the Pharmaceutical companies, which are simply being given the opportunity, realistic and achievable targets are set in all categories. With the exception on the USA who’s prime directive is to acquire the land, all investors are desired to present business plans that show within 4 years a 50% profit annual margin compared to their initial investment option.

It should be noted, that their investment option, is a minimum, it is the amount of Real Estate, Office Space, Retail Space, Industry or ventures that they receive. In most cases said returns, will be realistically valued at double the base costs. As such if we take a sample industry and brand McDonalds, their usual size of restaurant is about 3000 sq ft or 280 m2, if we consider a drive though in a retail park on a half acre plot. All they are looking at about $800,000. McDonalds turnover varies on location, however it is averaged at $2,200,000 a year, generating an operating profit of around $600,000 a year, thus +/- $400,000 after taxes, all be it the inclusion or not of corporation tax, will have a considerable effect.
As a franchise it is understood that McDonalds would take a 4% turnover rake, thus $88,000 is deducted, so leaving $312,000 net income. As such, their $800,000 McDonalds will receive double that in Real Estate etc. Thus despite an actual investment of $800,000 it will be recorded and their “Resorts Company License” (RCL) will be based on double their net income forecast, thus $624,000. The reason for this is so that when all investors’ are in, the income forecast on year 4 is 50% on initial “Resorts Company License” (RCL). If McDonalds desired one McDonalds per Resort Company, their investment would be just over $6, 5 Billion, if we look at the PQS-AC, 2 investor breakdowns, in the “Top 500” section we see this is 3 times mo
re than there are available options. As mentioned in the first POP paper, in their case exceptions will be made, it does however highlight, that demand will far outstrip supply of options, this is of course both planned and critical to the investment process.

The 50% net income rule is a baseline achievement mark, companies with excellent PR or significant ecological or philanthropic value, will have lower targets, in some cases expected to make a loss. On the other hand, companies that benefit from guaranteed order in the building, solar array and car manufacturing industries will be required to make an operating profit equal to 100% of their initial RCL.

Please note, success of the project does in no way require making such high profit margins, at 20% it’s a desirable model to invest in, at 10% it still accomplishes its economic mission, however as a baseline entry 50% is desired, and if that means a company has to pay $1,000,000 for a $100,000 license then that’s the way it is and their decision to make.

Following the PQS-AC, 2 investor breakdowns, an industry breakdown is preformed on the grouped sections, for example “Top 500 Companies”

PQS-AC, 3: Top 500

Here we see a sample section of Top 500 companies, their turnover and their profits, for each company a preliminary suitability assessment is performed, detailing, their potential investment, what they will receive in the way of Real Estate or “Other”, how many resorts they can be in, what their 4 year profit will be, and profits vs. market share ratio.

The latter Profits vs. Market share ratio, requires a brief explanation. In a standard resort, containing 2 companies, there would be a catchment area of 930 sq miles, or 30m x 31m. This is worked out by dividing the size of the US by the amount of resorts. Within that catchment area all being even (which of course it won’t) there will be 76,400 people, as such, 30,500 family units earning an average of $49,638 after tax spending $1,881 per year on Apparel and services, as such following the logic there is a maximum pool of $1,881 x 30,500 = $57,400,000 to be made, half of which would probably be sold in existing stores within the catchment area. As such if a company such as Walmart were to sell the Apparel (clothes) considering their figures show only a 3.9% profit margin, they would become a “black hole”.

The above resort spending vs. catchment area statistics are displayed in more detail a little later in the PQS Actual presentation.
The above duly considered one can’t work the system without the US’s largest company; as such one must adapt, and consider the greater picture, which suggests that resorts very close or within large city borders will receive untold custom. Another factor with Walmart of course is the stock it sells, if all the stock is made by EEE companies; it matters little if Walmart’s mark up is small.

Here is the PQS Walmart Graphic:

It seems to good to be true and maybe it is, but cut the figures in half, then half it again and it’s still a good deal
(Considering Walmart’s supplies we are looking at a good 10,000,000 factors within the PQS, I’ve only shown 10)

11.26 pm Friday 23th March 2012

Whilst tidying up the PQS Spreadsheet, I found the University staff and Spartan Contracts page, which I remembered initially, had a mistake in the budgeting, so I’ve been tiding it up.

7.30 am Saturday 24th March 2012

I’m going to quickly finish the University budgets

3.41 pm Saturday 24th March 2012

I just got back from a walk, its 20 degrees and sunny, if by any remote possibility there is more to this than just the math, thanks a lot for the weather Baby S :)

Ok I could go on and on with the Uni budgets but I’ll stop here, it’s more concise than it was, and can be used as a baseline, whether we will have enough houses for the 544 Spartan Contracts per resort remains to be seen, also maybe we need more senior staff, I say this with a little added knowledge of the FIFA Manager 09 Game, as I played a season with all the youngsters and got ripped apart, It’s only a game I know, but…… Not all those Spartan Contracts are necessarily for youngsters, rather the inexperienced, but same difference maybe when it comes to accomplishing goals, so we will see, also I will need to verify operational budgets. I’ve not included the medical wing.

Also I had a problem with the math, somewhere there was a tiny error, 0.001 or something, but it was easily spotted, which makes me think, that using this number sequence will make any errors easy to spot.

Ok, long spreadsheet; Mum and Dad have gone to photograph a wedding so I’m going to chill downstairs for a bit.

3.01 am Sunday 25th March 2012

Make music publishing software, lots of songs and arranged pieces, like sampler drum machine, but software.

12.16 pm Sunday 25th March 2012

Do resort plan as per investor breakdown

12.16 pm Sunday 25th March 2012

Right, this morning I had a lie in, I wished to yesterday, but my alarm went of and I had to run downstairs to shut it up, by which time I was awake, but last night I set it to weekdays only.

I’m feeling refreshed, not that I was burnt out as previously mentioned burn out is not an option; however a fresh oversight is useful. Last week has been full of detail, useful detail at that, one could argue the most useful detail, bringing big business into the equation, especially when its big business that will be the first to be consulted, simply going to big business and saying here is a plan for small business, you work out how to make it work for you, would not cut it.

I’ve said this a thousand times before but now its time to get a move on, now I know what I am working towards, I’d initially got stuck on the resorts page, went back to the introduction, then back to the software pages. This was indeed a useful exercise, as now when I do the resort plan, I can use the Orlando plot, and the investment breakdown to itemize all business within the resort, let’s have a quick look at the investor breakdown, adding an extra column which divides by the 8092 resort companies. And add the “RCL” (Resort Company License) which in itself is an utterly essential improvement to the model. I will call the column RCL/RC “Resort Company Licenses / Resort Company

Well that is very interesting, If we look at the Top 500 RCL allocation limit, we are at $15,625,000, which was +/- the cost for Wal-Mart to open a store, as we are looking at only one Fortune top 100 company per resort company, all be it due consideration needs to be paid to the company sectors above, particularly Transport and Auto as I desire, these to be split into leagues (16 companies in 8 adjacent resorts), where by all the resort companies in the league create all or at least 90% of the components for the vehicles. (Or maybe a collection of leagues whatever works out best)

On that point, I’m looking for Wal-Mart, to purchase at least 50% of stock from its league, at $422 Billion in revenue a year, divided by 629 stores = $690m per store, assuming a small mark up and a tight operation, they must buy at least $500m in retail supplies a year. I.E. its league created 50% that’s $250m in orders. If they so desire Walmart can, in resort stores adapt there brand to be called Wal-e-Mart, like a Wal-e-Mammoth or that cute robot, either way “e”: stands for ecology and experience, and all that pay into “Give Half Back” are helping and as such should be recognized for doing same.

Ok I’m going to go for a walk, and think about the connections between the PQS, resorts and US sections, with big business nicely included, it really should be wrapping up time.

3.23 pm Sunday 25th March 2012

Well, another one of those “Holy S***” walks, three important points, which one is the most important I can not say, but it’s the one I will write first then, well……

Firstly the consciousness experiment and a brief update, so far we have both the grid that holds everything together, as per “The Butterfly Effect”

And the “Super Symmetrical “Sting Theory” where by I’ve put a name to the other supposed 6 or 7 dimensions

Well, now I’ve just considered, the consciousness, and for the sake of argument called it the 5th dimension, not to say the others aren’t there, just to say that consciousness is there and it is a dimension.

Now I’ve been considering the cubed grid across all that there is, but I’ve been looking at it like the one surrounding the butterflies, by then I looked, imagined and considering it on a quantum level, first smaller than neutrinos, but that did not seem to fit, then bigger than atoms, maybe 100 times the size of the nucleus. That seemed to work well

This cubed grid, (only way to describe it) is the Higgs equivalent, and it is both orderly and best described to the laymen (me) as the consciousness of the universe, all be it, it is not necessarily universal, as such it is not holding everything together, hence the universes still expanding.

However here on earth it is very strong, earth may well be its strongest place, it is everywhere, its ability to hold everything together is more powerful here than at other places, it is more organized here, as such there is more order here, compared to the outer rim, or even Venus.

It is also getting clever, it is evolving, it is becoming self aware, and that awareness has manifested itself in us. I found myself first looking at all I could see, understanding to a fashion that I am all that I can see, then further I considered the entire earth, and considered I am all of the earth, or I can pull from it, then the universe, and felt I was not, and there was something dark out there, that feels empty.

If this is correct, then consciousness is not specific to one person animal or object, we have memories, and believe, that we are individuals, where as consciousness is drifting through us all the time, learning, interacting, trying to understand itself. As such understanding this, is an evolution of sorts.

In terms of Sienna, and for that matter Jim and Laura, I feel I can pull their consciousness parts, or more to the point parts that were for a time their consciousness towards me, and see it in objects, and it is comforting.
Well that’s all I got so far, but it’s getting interesting that’s for sure.

Secondly I have decided to write that I felt there was more to my decision to try to help Libya and the writing of “The Spartan Theory” than just “that’s how it was”. I’ll not say I had a message, as I did not, but I will say, that considering Virgin had approved the plans, and I’d presumed looked at the financials, added to the S-World concept making Trillions, which I have now shown to be true (on Paper) that I did indeed feel that there was more to things and in some way like the film said, Sienna was present.

This is probably why I then considered the above 5th dimension of consciousnesses in a way that makes theoretical science sense, as I can include it in the narrative.

Thirdly, I have decided to cut the number of resorts to 1024!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and I bet by the time “The Corniche Group” are happy to present it to the next person in the line, it will be down to, 512, and by the time it goes public its at 512.

There are many reasons, and I’ll work on 1024

1. 1024 resorts just sound’s a lot easier
2. It quadruples the catchment area
3. It makes investment really exclusive
4. Logistically easier
5. Easier to find the land
6. It will make all resorts more profitable, for many reasons

I could go on, however, doing it this way and relying on POP more to create the next wave’s makers for the initial companies to be continually strong, thus lessening the need for EPC (ecologically protected capitalism, where outer companies protect the first if it has a bad year, as such outer companies are like layers of bark)

Also one can allow companies to start from scratch, as opposed to having to work on POP, as such just if a company group got together all by them selves and got approval, they could start so even though we are only looking at 1024, planned straight away, it may well turn out that just as many crop up over the first 4 years, and as POP is stronger it may well get to the 16 year targets just as quickly, also even if we are slower it still accomplishes all the goals well before there is any trouble.

I’m going to rest for the rest of today and just scribble notes when the inspiration comes, what I’m going to do is plot out the PQS-Actual page before I start and it will start with the first Chaos Theory paper about the companies bouncing off each other, then show some examples, then probably go into catchment areas….

Firstly again for posterity I’m going to copy in the start of what I had put in the PQS Actual section.

Part 4: Software Designs and Specifications.
4d.iii: “PQS Actual”

The PQS starts of with investment sectors and the key players within, the initial process is similar in a way to launching a night club, you go to the best club in town, you identify the groups within the group, you find the alpha male and the beauty and put them on the guest list for the new club, they go, their groups go, and the rest follow.

Before we look for the key players we need to identify the sectors, these will change and adapt as the logistics and profitability forecasts are analyzed, the below spreadsheet however is a starting point which covers the first investment phase, being 50% of target.

From here we need to consider the major players, in categories 1 to 9 in terms of what they can do for us and what we can do for them. The technology companies will all fall in line when facebook and Microsoft come on board. The Pharmaceutical Companies may or may not have that sort of capital, if they do however, they will make revenue from medical equipment and new ventures. As a part of inclusion they will need to give up certain patents to Medicaid, Medicare and Third World countries. Besides initially tackling the main US economic problem, this gesture will be seen as excellent PR for both EEE and the companies themselves whereby whatever new ventures they explore will be or the more successful.

The Energy and Oil companies have the opportunity to take a management fee from the “Give Half Back” Alternate Energy ventures, predicted by 2034 to supply all USA power, at $3 to $4Trillion a year, most of which will be profit.

The Automobile companies have a monstrous order on Alternate Energy cars, as without converting the US citizens to electric cars, they are still fossil fuel dependant, as such a proposal is on the table that all “Give Half back” funded employees, purchase a car at a minimum of $4,000 a year for 4 years. Plus $10,000,000 per resort per year is spent, the cars going to the companies. As such in years one to 4 a guaranteed order of $100 Billion, doubling every 4 years, without research or development costs. Their investment will pay for the new plants.

Building and Land development is covered later in this section, farming and agriculture are an obvious requirement to feed the resorts, and banking and finance will see merits in the investment and are of course needed to integrate with the software.

And so to the rest of the US’s industry sectors and the TOP 500 companies, these are now broken down into their relevant 68 sectors according to the “Fortune 500”

The first company up in the Fortune 500 is Wal-Mart-Stores, $422Billion in revenue, $16.4 in profits with a 4% profit to revenue ratio.

Given their low profit to revenue ratio, Wal-Mart would be best served in resorts near large population centers, Wal-Mart have 629 stores each averaging 108,000 sq ft (10,000 m2) 2.8 Acres. Including a further 2.2 Acres for car parking at SRAC (Standard Resort Acre Costs) of $225,000 per Acre = $1,125,000. Working on $1000 per m2 for the retail build gives $10,000,000, add to this a further $4,500,000 for car parks and outfitting and we come to $15,625,000. As such if there were to be a Wal-Mart in each resort league (16 companies in 8 resorts) their total investment would be $8Billion, the same as most of the identified sector companies.

If Walmart make $16.4Billion from 629 stores they average $26Million a store, as such on paper this is a good prospect, and worth investigating further. In general we are looking for companies that will project a 50% annual return on their “Resorts Company License” (RCL), each year after the 5th year. In the case of Wal-Mart their “RCL” was $15,625,000 and their currently projected 5 year profit $26,000,000 and “RCP” (Resorts Company Profit) of 166%. Maybe there are more hidden set up costs, maybe their aren’t, but given the current data, Wal-Mart are looking good

However In the case of some/many companies, particularly the energy companies, internal investment will be needed on top of the “RCL”. If the figures are accurate, each of the 16 Energy Companies will be making upwards of $12.5Billion a year (un-inflated) from 2034. All this for just $8Billion, well not quite, the $8Billion is the “RCL” Operations license, along with some land to place Solar Arrays and some peripherals. What will be required of each energy company is a 50% annual return on their “RCL” by year 5. As such they will need to build enough alternate power sources to generate $4Billiion in profit a year, which would likely cost them a further $25 Billion or so. Steep? Not really considering after they get to year 5 they can just sit back, fold their arms and watch at the “Give Half Back” money adding to their arrays, taking a 12.5% management rake and living the easy life, with a lot less protestors on their backs.

An initial appraisal needs to be done for all of the Fortune 500 companies, so as one can get a baseline for what is to be built in the resort, when and by whom, as initially the largest profit centre is the construction process.

6.52 pm Sunday 25th March 2012

Ok, rest day is going well :)

Tomorrow before I start the PQS Actual I will write 4 different orders of its contents then choose the best.

7.14 pm Sunday 25th March 2012

Awesome I thought of a name for the tutorial game, S-World UCS (Universal Conquest Simulator)

8.15 am Monday 26th March 2012

Feeling refreshed, to strart with I’m going to go though the PQS spreadsheet, noting all the components, then try to make a flow diagram of sorts.
As they appear, not including PQS-PE

1. POP Communal profits Graph
2. PQS Actual Results Page 1
3. Infrastructure Costs
4. 1. Building Profits 3
5. 1. Building Profits
6. 2a Residents Std 1
7. University Staff
8. 2b Residents Lux 1
9. Building Suppliers
10. 2c Catchment 1 (Up to 9 Miles)
11. 2d Catchment 2 (9 to 22 Miles)
12. 2e Uni Staff (Resort Spending)
13. Luxury Villa Costs
14. Standard Villa Costs
15. Spartan Salaries + Tax (includes mortgage)
16. How many Cities and Towns $8T
17. Buinessbook 4 years (take up of new businesses)
18. What People Spend Their Money on
19. Old Standard Residents Spend (No suppliers, will fit on Word page)
20. Top 500 Companies
21. Top 500 Sectors
22. Top 500 Companies Sample (1-9, 101 – 105, 201 – 205, 301 – 305, 401 – 405)
23. Initial Investors
24. Resort Retail & Attractions
25. Resort & Opp’s Cost Breakdown
26. Tiling Businesses (Building Industry supplier profits example)
27. Detailed Villa Cost Breakdown

Ok, now let’s group these, and consider an order

First Investment

23. Initial Investors, 20 Top 500 Companies, 21 Top 500 Sectors, Top 500 Companies Sample,

Ok, we could start there, then go into what will be in each resort, in terms of building, we could make a resort specific breakdown of what the different investors will own (land + building) i.e. Wal Mart owns a Store.

Am I going too quickly into the investment, and loosing the point of following the money?

To an extent, the PQS does go round in circles, each lap, tightening up controls,

10.54 am Monday 26th March 2012

I may have found a big problem with the Wal-Mart stats, I’ve looked up another page of there’s that shows international stats: http://walmartstores.com/AboutUs/

This page shows 10,130 stores, far more the other page, ah, interesting, Asda are Wal-Mart.

Ahh, my stat was for Wal-Mart discount stores http://walmartstores.com/aboutus/7606.aspx

Well it’s lucky I found that one out, or there world be serious egg on face.

This makes Wal-Mart look decisively un profitable, lets do the sums again, $422B / 10130 = $41m in revenue and $16.4b / 10130 = $1,600,000, one tenth of its RCL.

It may be a good idea to have a generic superstore, whereby all the suppliers supply direct and the superstore takes a management fee.
Hmm, this is annoying.

12.48 pm Monday 26th March 2012

It’s going well, I’m working on the first spreadsheet to interesting which is the overall investments, but I have adapted it to show the amount of companies per resort, interesting, I looked up farms and there are about 2.1 Million: http://www.epa.gov/agriculture/ag101/demographics.html
There are about as many building companies:

5.38 pm Monday 26th March 2012

Note: When initially referring to the amount of resorts, don’t say 1,024 say approximately 20 resorts in each state.

9.24 am Tuesday 27th March 2012

I’m less than pleased this morning, the first time in months, now being upset over a game to many will sound silly, but when you have shut yourself of from everyone you have ever known, and stopped drinking and “fun” eating, all I really have is my work, my exercise and my game.

Last year I played the 2011 version, managed to get to win the UEFA cup on the mid level, then played again on the hardest level, but after a lot of work it crashed, so I started again and it crashed again. I’d already won the UEFA cup so I was not that bothered and started on the VIRGIN proposal.

6 months later I attempted to download FIFA Manager 2012, the download was so big it took 2 days to download, and every time it got to 95% it crashed and I had to start again, after a week of downloading I gave up.

December this year, I bought FIFA Manager 09 from a second hand shop, and I started to play, I got my team “Sienna’s Angels” up 6 divisions into the championship, but on the way I had been relegated from division 1 to division 2, so I had a “yo, yo club” status, however when I subsequently got promoted twice in a row, I then had a triple “yo, yo club” status, which meant I had to pay higher wages. This was obviously a design fault and I had no way out, so I started again.

Last week, I wanted to extend my training facilities, and I found that I could not, each time it took my money, told me, I did not have enough money and did not upgrade. So I thought I’d better download the latest patches, considering they are 3 years old, you would have thought they would have got it right by now!

I downloaded and installed the patches, yesterday as I got into the Premiership, I decided I needed to make some new training schedules, but yep you guessed it, the patches had messed up the training schedules so you can’t make them anymore, or if you make one, it duplicates 10 times and works under a different name, complete mess. There was nothing for it, I needed to reinstall the original game, so I uninstalled the game, and reinstalled, and yep you guessed it, it now will not install, something about VISTA gaming setting, not allowing it access.

I’m not using VISTA I’m using Windows 7.

This is what these people do for a living; it’s all they do, why on earth do they not pay one person, just one person, to try their product out before selling it! It just seems to be the same with everything I buy. My Dell laptop, the tracker pad is faulty, my bike, they made it so when the chain comes of there is a gap exactly the right size to jam it, FIFA Manager games, constantly full of bugs.

I think I will press harder on the service ratings for all EEE goods (one can go on to buinessbook or S-World and complain, or give a thumbs up, and it will be seriously investigated.

I’m going to order FIFA Manager 2012 from Amazon, let’s hope this one works.

Ok, back to PQS-Actual I started to adapt the resort stats closer to that of the Green Acre site, which despite being smaller, due to the preserved areas, actually had more roads, so I needed to increase the infrastructure budgets.

I then started to look at the mandatory buildings (University etc) and the cost is a lot less than I expected. I have found a good link: http://www.publicarchitecture.co.uk/knowledge-base/files/indicative_building_costs.pdf

Here is my costing, its cool as you can just change the figures at the top to adjust factors, I’ve over budgeted, and put in a large 20% “Other” and an additional 15% “Contingency”.

Cool, now I can use the total cost as an entry in the overall resort costing, while I’m at it I can do the same for the infrastructure.
NOTE, found a very useful cost estimation site www.rixr.com

9.38 am Wednesday 28th March 2012

My work rate has dropped of late, time to lift it up, one problem I have is the amount of work left to go seems like a well sized mountain, and I have found myself procrastinating. Not specifically the “American Butterfly” work, rather the additional chapters, of which I need to write up 15 and have only got through one and a half. So today and maybe tomorrow, I will concentrate on said chapters.

I think it will be a good idea to merge all the components to each “Spartan Theory” (1, 2 & 3) into 3 books, and I really cant worry to much about the grammar and images, they are after all just support.

I’ve been considering the current chapter I’m writing up “The Spartan Theory: Part 1: “The Spartan Theory” in terms of what it is and where it’s going. It is indeed very Mr. Farsi, not necessarily very “The Corniche Group” but very Mr. Farsi as it starts with what must be (logistically) the worlds most ambitios film, followed by the worlds most ambitious soccer, if not sports initiative, closely followed by the worlds most bold Middle East peace initiative. Before proceeding to provide the business plan which shows how to fund and popularize the proceeding.

Ok, back to “The Spartan Theory”

8.43 am Thursday 29th March 2012

Yesterday was spent on “The Spartan Theory”, I re wrote the previous attempt, and I think I’m getting somewhere, I hope to finish it today and start and hopefully complete the Google Chapter, I think once I have the first “Spartan Theory” presentation done, I will feel like there is not such an un-surmountable burden of work to do, so I’m going to concentrate on that till its done.

4.53 pm Thursday 29th March 2012

Just got back from a long walk and a successful hair appointment, John from Tony & Guy Epsom, you are a legend.

Before I left however I came across something interesting, I was going over the 80 or so very short 2 line theories written just after “The Spartan Theory”, and I came across the original letter to “The Corniche Group”, It’s a bit garbled and makes claims not in evidence, it was obviously a first draught, that was not revisited, there is some good stuff there, so I’m going to include an edited version in “The Spartan Theory”

12.05 pm Friday 30th March 2012

Just about finished “The Spartan Theory” review chapter, its taken ages but, seeing as it’s arguably the most important chapter, its time well spent. It’s been quite a trip down memory lane; I really did not realize just how much of “American Butterfly” was conserved during those 2 weeks. Save the hospitals and human interaction within buinessbook, its all there.

I’m at the end and I want to finish with Sienna’s Memorial speech in full, then “The Chaotic Earth Game” and the alternate “Sienna Project” ending, but I’m not sure, I’m not even sure about what I’m not sure about, maybe about how it will be received. I’m really not sure, I’m kind of thinking it may be better to place the passages at the end of the theoretical sciences chapter, which comes at the end of the second book “The Spartan Theory” Part:2 “Sparta Rises Again”.

Yes, I think that makes more sense,

Ok so it’s onto the Google chapter, I’m hoping I can just copy and paste the original work into the chapter, and just give an introduction page, let’s see.

1.49 pm Friday 30th March 2012

I’ve just given it another read through, and I’m pleased, there are a few parts that need some work, but It would be so much easier if this was done by a copy writer, I’m going to look into this.

This website has about 27,208 Copy writers on it: http://www.guru.com/find-freelancers/Copywriters/006-KFXMZ8?gclid=CMLyuonYjq8CFZARfAod4Whcxw

At a glance this lady seems to fit the bill: Watson Writing Service: http://www.guru.com/freelancers/Creative-Writer-Copywriter-Article-Press-Resume-Writing-Ghostwriter/Oregon/Portland/541870/AWfT92DfGtCr5Ctd_2bC1ZAA_3d_3d

I’m going to go for a cycle and consider, apparently it’s the last of the sunny days for a while,:)

4.47 pm Friday 30th March 2012

Excellent cycle, I adventured down a new path, seriously steep, then I found myself in Box Hill town, I followed the contour of the hill and found a path up, seriously steep again, but I managed it in 5 or 6 80 M stints. This path took me to the old route, and on the way home, having done the seriously steep section, the longish hill, was not so fearsome so I did it one gear down from the usual easy setting. I’m happy with my efforts.

I have decided I will write to Watson Writing Service, but had better prepare my initial email well, despite having done little research, her experience fits well. Her writing services include: ghostwriting, resumes, expert editing, experienced professional, which is just what I’m looking for, however her personal experiences include: Consumer Goods & Services, Education, Health Care, Media & Entertainment, and Real Estate. Plus she lives in Sweet Home, Oregon, United States which sounds appropriate.

Further she has worked as an estate agent, and should see the opportunities involved in the real estate side of the project. Of course bringing someone in on this level, really makes them an intrinsic part of the team, I’m really looking for her to put in 150% not just in writing, but also analyzing the work for any errors and even adding content.

One concern is the website given http://www.watsonwritingservice.com/ does not seem to be about her writing, which is odd.
Let’s see|

Dear Watson Writing Service

I am interested with your assistance in editing, part ghost writing and indeed intellectual input into a project I am near to completing. It is far from a normal writing exercise, part book, part business plan, and part economic solution. For now however we shall simply refer to the work as a book.

The book is in 3 parts, the final part dedicated to the US, a country that I have not visited, as such you have knowledge that I will not have, further your experience in Consumer Goods & Services, Education, Health Care, Media & Entertainment, Real Estate are all highly relevant to the work.

Before I disclose any details, I have one question, your profile on the Guru website: http://www.guru.com/freelancers/Creative-Writer-Copywriter-Article-Press-Resume-Writing-Ghostwriter/Oregon/Portland/541870/AWfT92DfGtCr5Ctd_2bC1ZAA_3d_3d, suggests that you are a solo practitioner, however the website http://www.watsonwritingservice.com/ does not give the same impression.

Can you confirm that you are a solo practitioner, not a part of a larger organization?

Kind Regards
Nick Ray Ball

Yep, that will do.

I tried to send an email, via the site and it would not let me, so I Googled her and found her direct website, the other was just a blog site attached to the Guru Website.

And guess what:

She’s a member of Mensa, and I guess I’d better just copy in the last few paragraphs from “The Spartan Theory”

And there we have it, “The Spartan Theory” Vision, Creativity and in general “Trying to do the Right Thing” run amok, or the foundations from which a new economy can be built upon?

Both I wager, after this draught, I decided to put the work on a website, and then set about writing a follow up adaptation of “The Sienna Project” made to fit with the 21st Century Battlestar Galactica series. This in turn introduced both “String Theory” and Mensa, who for a while looked like they were going to assist, all be it a bright start lead to further low level interference.

It was time to move on, time to work the detail, I’d said it myself “The only common denominator is S-World” and yet S-World was in my head, and as it turned out, when I put pen to paper, even those working directly on the project with me, had no idea what it was all about. As such a new chapter opened in “The Spartan Theory” series entitled “The Mighty Google”

This just made things very interesting, very, very interesting, yet another high category coincidence, falling into place.

She has also worked on 2 books for: Andrew Porter, PhD (2) professor of theology and quantum physics. And was the editor for to entrepreneurial magazines: Opportunity World and Money 'N Profit

Ok, I’d better adapt my introduction letter.

Dear Janine

I am interested in your services as a copy editor and intellectual editor for the completion of a project.

I came across your portfolio page on Guru.com and your skill sets: Consumer Goods & Services, Education, Health Care, Media & Entertainment, Real Estate excited me, further research took me to your website, where you are noted as an ex editor for 2 entrepreneurial magazines, have experience working on combination of theology and quantum physics, and are a member of Mensa, all in all an excellent combination.

As such I will not beat about the bush, my work entitled “American Butterfly” is a viable solution for the looming US 2020’s Medicare, Medicaid & Social Security crisis. It also addresses fossil fuel usage, and a number of other problems.

Delusions of grandeur?

No expectations of grandeur, Just over a year ago, I sent a business plan to VIRGIN (attached) that showed financial profit of over $1Trillion. After examination they accepted it for senior review. Shortly after I decided, I was to take no personal profit, rather use what would be my share, to assist the worlds ill’s, in a similar fashion to Bill Gates. In part this is how the Medicaid and Medicare issues are taken care off.

Before the senior Virgin committee could further assess the work I did something rather rash, which saw an end to the relationship. Since that day I closed myself of from the world and have worked solidly on the project

I have diarized all my work, it is now in its 54th chapter, and I am about 4 weeks away from conclusion, at which point I will be presenting it to an ex client of mine, who has expertise in all facets of the project, alongside a few billion dollars and the ability to get a proposal/plan into the hands of anyone we choose to approach.

Alongside the conclusion I would like to provide edited versions of some of the more impressive chapters. They are ordered into 3 separate sections or book’s, each between 8,000 and 15,000 words. In total we are looking at +/- 20 chapters.

The first book starts with the attached business plan, then leads into a 2 week frenzied spiritually inspired creative period that developed the plan into an economic theory. The rest of the book details the specifications of next generation of internet communications.

The second book, details the economic theory applied to Greece, and introduces theoretical sciences, first “String Theory” then “The Theory of Everything” and most significantly “Chaos Theory” & “The Butterfly Effect” hence the name “American Butterfly”

The final book applies and adapts the theory to the USA, and introduces the influence of Quantum Mechanics to both the software and the theology, which is a concurrent subplot, all be it, as an experimental search for knowledge, not a building block.

There are two factors, which may be a problem: Time and money, firstly do you have the time or are you backed up?

Secondly money, ironic that someone with not just a business plan, rather a global economic solution, should struggle for money, but having walked away from the Virgin deal and not working a day since, money is a factor. Your webpage suggests $14 per 1000 words, where as the work to be edited is +/- 240,000 words, as such $3,360. I’ve only got half of that to hand.

However, don’t you love that word; however, it always precedes a sales pitch.

Well, there are a lot of opportunities here; I’ll name just 3, and not even get into the “doing the right thing”, “ask not what your country can do for you”, etc.

1. At some point the work will be published, and I’m happy to split royalties up to $10Million.
2. As soon as the work is accepted by my client, or alternate we are game on, and you will be an intrinsic part of the team going forwards.
3. If my client does not pick up the project, I’m happy for you to suggest avenues of approach, the academic route via a number or Mensorions was desired back in May 2011, and would still be an acceptable path.

Ok, so, these are the parameters, I hope I have your interest enough to wish to know more, if so the next step would be for me to send you 3 chapters.

Firstly “American Butterfly V:001” This outlines the basic economic theory as applied to the USA, all be it, it was an initial draught, and a number of errors are included.

Then, I would suggest reading through “American Butterfly V:003” This is the latest version, its about half complete, but should for someone of your experience be enough to open the door to the possibility that we have a game changer.

Lastly I would suggest reading the pre mentioned “2 week frenzied spiritually inspired creative period that developed the plan into an economic theory”

It will not take more than an hour or two to read, after which, you will either believe the project is feasible, or you won’t.

If you don’t, it will be quite a blow, but I’m used to adversity and it will only encourage me to double my efforts (again).

If you do, well then lets get to work, starting at the beginning chapter and going through one by one at a rate of one every 2 or 3 days. I’m not just looking for copy editing, but also intellectual editing, if something seems implausible or incorrect, it needs to be excluded, there are literally thousands of interlinking business plans, and it will not make much difference if a number are excluded for now.

As for intellectual input, that’s great, but I suggest, making a sub journal, your journal of any ideas and incites you may have, that can be included as a chapter or two.

Where I am looking for direct input is the conclusion chapter “American Butterfly V:004”, having read all that there is to read, your input would be most welcome.

Once complete, I will be printing all the chapters into glossy broachers, wrapping them up with some wide ribbon, and presenting. I’d like this to take less than a month, but as you will read, things always seem to take longer, this said, there is a time factor to be considered, the US General Election.

As for confidentiality, well, if you don’t see the project as viable, you’ll not be telling anyone, and if you do, you will realize the importance for confidentiality, especially as you are in essence no2 in the project hierarchy.

For now I have included the original business plan sent to Virgin, whist researched for 10 years, this took but 2 weeks to write up and got an instant hit, I hope it will suffice to keep skepticism at bay enough to request the next 3 chapters.

Kind Regards
Nick Raymond Ball

Ok, I’ll sit with that and give it a read in the morning.

10.45 am Saturday 31st March 2012

Dave’s wedding today, my first visit to London since returning to the UK, I was due to meet up with Charlie Hodge before but his phone is on answer phone, I’ve not made any decisions about Janine Watson yet, I’ll think about it over the weekend, I also need to check with Oliver to see if we have the cash.

I think I may write to Dumani

Hi D

Sorry I’ve been out of contact, life became intolerable in Cape Town at the end of November and I quietly retreated back to the UK to stay with my parents and work on my project in a less frenzied environment. I did not keep my number, as it cost 3 Rand every time some random bar or company sent me a generic SMS. I have made a complete break, save my work colleagues you are the first person I have contacted.

Time with my parents has been excellent, and amazingly the weather has been awesome, it was +/- 23 Degrees and sunny all last week ? I’ve bought myself a mountain bike and either go for a cycle or a long walk over Epsom Downs towards Box Hill every day, or a swim if it rains, which it has done but 6 times in 4 months.

How have you been? Are you still dating? Anything new been going on?

Keep well

And a quick letter to Oliver.

Hi Ollie
I hope you are Ok, I’ve called a few times and it’s gone strait to answer phone? :(

I’m ecstatic that Easter has picked up; this time of year has always been tenuous.

I’ve been looking at editors for the presentation, and I’ve found a good one in the States, she has expert knowledge of many parts of the subject matter, and is a member of Mensa, all be it her rates are very reasonable.

We are looking at about 20 chapters, at about 30 pages each, and I will be asking her to work at half rate, in exchange for future involvement in the project and a split of publishing royalties.

Weather she takes the deal, I can not say, if she does great, if she does not, then she’s not the person I want on my team anyway.

The work will take about 6 weeks I guess and will be in 4 stages, at her rates we would be looking at R24,000, but at half price R12,000 needed in 4 stages, so R3,000 this week, and the same every 1.5 weeks until the R12,000 is paid in full

Can we afford this?

It will make a huge difference, not just from a literary perspective, but from content perspective, as she will be able to ask her fellow Mensa (IQ Society) colleagues advise on certain aspects.

Ok, let me know, and have a cool weekend.


I’m quite chuffed about the $ conversion, I thought it would be about R16,000 not R12,000, I think If Oliver comes back straight away and says, its all good, I will offer Janine $2,000, it’s more like two thirds of her base fee, and sounds a lot more substantial, all be it we are moving away from the magical number. I know, I will suggest $1,600, but then an additional $4,000 for a re write of the final conclusion, to be done in a generic fashion, after the work has been sent to “The Corniche Group”

12.57 pm Saturday 31st March 2012

Simple way to put the project to anyone that asks at Dave’s wedding do.

It revolves around software and networks; however the investment model sees capital backed up by real estate within a resort development, which in turn acts as a local operations centre for the networks. For my part, what would be my share is reinvested into hospitals and solar arrays; as such the resorts form part of a solution for both fossil fuel usage and the 2020’2 Medicare issues.

The concept is specified to create a global network, and if successful, the resorts will form a global ecological and financial solution. If this happens, awesome, if not, the mere fact it could do, will lead to excellent PR for both the resorts and the software and networks.

Yes, I like it, nice and simple, and remember not to elaborate or I will alienate myself quick sharp.

12.07 pm Sunday 1st April 2012

Slight false start yesterday, Dave’s do is actually today! Super intelligence, maybe be. Super common sense, far from it, LOL

I’m off for a walk, to consider the letter to Janine.

1.30 pm Sunday 1st April 2012
I’ve got a good structure for the letter, discuss the money immediately, lead to a partnership is only worth while if the book or plan will make money, go to Virgin Plan, then a simple overview, similar to the one above. Also I like the idea of her writing her own journal/book about her journey.

I’ve also had an idea for a graphic for the Quantum Mechanics vs. Relativity Black hole anomaly, further I will be describing the difference in calculations as a frequency.

It would of course prove a lot of things if there was more of that frequency on earth than on the moon say, but that’s a lot to ask for.

2.36 pm Monday 2nd April 2012

Great time, yesterday, caught up with Dave and Freddy, all was going well, I’d met this nice girl called Caroline to whom I’d explained what I was doing, in a simple way, that she understood, she was fun and pretty, however when she suddenly brought “String Theory” into the conversation, I did a bit of a double take, thinking to myself. “Id not mentioned String Theory” but the conversation continued in another direction, until it popped up again. So I pulled her up on it, and it turns out she’s really keen on physics.

Well this was a little too much for me and my Tyler Durden persona, decided it would manifest itself into a cross between, the flash back of Will Smith, as a collage student seeing his girl, in a car with another dude in Hitch and Kate Hudson’s “doing it all wrong” persona in “How to loose a guy in 10 days”.

How embarrassing, LOL, oops.

9.34 pm Monday 2nd April 2012

I’m reminded of a great sadness, the edge of despair, it was unwise to go to Dave’s wedding, but it was Dave’s wedding, and sadness or no, I’m glad I went.

Whilst to a degree I am wallowing in said sadness, I know what I must do, tomorrow I must re focus, and once again double my efforts, it is time to make headway on the PQS pages, last week was slow and I need to seriously re focus.

As for Miss “String Theory”, she alongside “The Spartan Theory” and “The Chaotic Earth Game” must be placed in “to be considered, only when the economics are solid” column. I did get her phone number, and I think it would be appropriate to send her a link to this chapter, once it is on the web, with a note to look for this date.

10.42 am Tuesday 3rd April 2012

Sienna the dragonfly is looking particularly vibrant this morning, it’s sunny again, and warm, the rumors of snow were greatly exaggerated.

I’m feeling good for some work on the PQS and a letter to Janine, but first I do need to close off this weekends hi’s and low’s. As best I can tell, It would have made no difference if Caroline was male or female, there is a huge spiritual undercurrent best defined by “Sting Theory” to all my work, and when someone understands my work so easily, to the point I used the “If you cant explain physics to a barmaid” (Einstein) quote, to which they reply with another “Einstein’s quote” then proceeded to express a love for physics and “Sting Theory” I wanted to talk to that person some more.

On not having the opportunity, flashbacks of Landi, Ilene and of course Caitlin came flooding back, add that to the Champaign and I seriously regressed. I think I should write to CJ (Dave’s wife) and that will be the book closed until I can sent this chapter directly to Caroline.

Ok, so message to CJ

Dear CJ

Congratulations CJ, you are a very lucky girl, and from what I can tell, Dave is equally lucky, I wish the both of you every happiness life could bring, and indeed some more on top of that.

I wish to apologies for my outburst/outbursts, Sunday was your and David’s day and I am embarrassed to say the least. I’d like to offer an explanation of sorts.

I’m not sure if I mentioned what I am doing on a daily bases? If not, in short I’m looking to create a global software and networks product called S-World. Just over a year ago, I sent the original plan to VIRGIN, and they found it viable. Tomorrow will be a year to the day that I wrote the plot to a film script, which became the first part of what I call “The Spartan Theory”; this theory turned a global networking project into something much more significant. Since that point I have been writing up the detail, every day, without a brake.

On May 2nd 2011 I was introduced to “String Theory” from which point I included the theoretical sciences in my work, for the best part the work is now a very elaborate business plan, that makes a lot of sense, and in about 2 months I’ll be looking to roll the project out. If successful it will be quite a coo, indeed such a coo, that it asks the question “How on earth did I think this up”, to which the only possible answer is that I did not. And I could really go into “String Theory”, “Quantum Mechanics” and “Chaos Theory” and show a link to new type of physics from where the inspiration was drawn, or alternatively, I could just send you the film script, which I am happy to do, should you ask.

Before I came to your wedding, I was mentally prepared to just “be cool” my journal even reflects a 2 paragraph summation of my work, which was to be all I was to say to anyone. And that was all going well, until I spoke to Caroline, I’d managed to rattle of the two paragraphs, and she completely understood, which was great, as in a way, It was testing out my delivery, at this point however she brought up “String Theory”, and that was that, I was off with the fairies, my mind had flipped from the solid business side, to the spiritual side, and it would have made little difference if it was Caroline or any other person, I wanted to talk more about it. Unfortunately after I had returned from having a cigarette she was talking to someone else, and I never got to finish the conversation.

As time went on, the spiritual need to chat, left and I was reminded of the distress I felt of loosing Sienna’s mother, at which point, I transgressed into an obsessed moron, lost and confused.

It was your day, and I don’t think it was better for my presence, and I’m very sorry, I hope you can forgive me, I’m really quite a nice person.

Kind Regards

Nick Ray Ball

Ok, I think that’s cool, its certainly honest and humble. I’m going to do my stretches and go for a cycle,

2.33 pm Tuesday 3rd April 2012

Ok, time for a song.

Hold on, Dave and CJ, just made the cover of Vogue, I kid u not, how awesome is that.

All About Eve – Flowers in our Hair

Where have the flowers gone sun-children
Your shirts are loud and your hair is long
Now do you ever think we'll make it
Something more than a uniform

And we're almost there
We learn to love and we learn to give
And we earn the flowers in our hair

Where has the vision gone sun-children
Colors glow but your eyes are closed
I swear I still believe we'll make it
In your eyes I see your soul

And we're almost there
We learn to love and we learn to give
And we earn the flowers in our hair my friend
So take my hand
One day is always too far away

I wish we had the hearts of children
Their eyes are wide and their love is pure
But we only dare to say 'please love me'
At the seventh glass of wine...

And we're almost there
We learn to love and we learn to give
And we earn the flowers in our hair my friend
So take my hand
One day is always too far away

And another.

All About Eve – Every Angel

On our own trip, on our emerald ship we sail away,
the ocean holds a thousand tales untold.
With this love, it's easy come and easy go
Just like the way we were, before the fall

I don't see the reason why, every angel must fly
I'm betrayed by the tear in my eye, in my eye...

Hey angel, don't be afraid to earth your heart
When I see love, descending like a dove
Confusion... the song you hear the blackbird sing
You fly to the sun, and you're going to burn your wings

...You're flying too high
...You're flying too high

Just see the reason why, the angel must fly
No more tears in my eye, we can live in the sky
High... High... High...

Before I elaborate, I’m just going to have a quick look at the message to CJ and see if I’m happy to send it.

It seems ok, there is little point in going over it and over it, lets send it and move on to “Don’t go chasing Butterflies”

Ok, that’s that, I can’t change it now, and to the “Don’t go chasing Butterflies” quote.

This is going to be the title of the next chapter; at first it was to be “Don’t go chasing Waterfalls”, but butterflies are more apt.
And I’ll tell you how I got there,

A week or so ago, I recorded my latest thoughts on consciousness as a dimension, where by we can connect with said dimension, and our memories are our interactions with said dimension, there’s more to it but that’s the basics.

This is of course the only possible way to explain any way for me to connect with Sienna, and seeing as tomorrow is a year to the day to my writing “The Sienna Project” its only fair/right that a little further consideration be allowed.

Further to this, even if I am incorrect, and concienseness is attached to one person within their neural network, the “Don’t go chasing Butterflies” principal is still worth diarizing as it is simply psychology of the brain. For now however I’ll be examining the phenomenon, from a super string/quantum theory perspective.

Note I do not include, Chaos Theory as, as best I can tell, Chaos Theory is the mathematics, not the science. Chaos Theory, will provide the ability to measure the item, it is not specifically the item,

Deep hey…..

My train of thought on this particular thread stated two days ago, when I saw a facebook post from Une, who I am glad to say, I was pleased for, when I saw she had a new boyfriend, as such, my December “I don’t know what it is, but it is something” comment very much refereed to her as a business or media friend, most likely both, she was after all cast as Sienna in Galactica 2017, and I am indeed very impressed that she is trying to make her way in the world as an entrepreneur, not just relying on her looks to see her through.

Anyway her comment was, “Listen a lot, but say little” or words to that effect, this is something, I have not been doing, one could even say the quote from Erica Albrecht to Mark Zuckerberg in The Social network: “As if every thought that tumbled through your head was so clever it would be a crime for it not to be shared” could equally be aimed at myself.

Anyway, it was indeed odd, that during the conversation with Caroline, she suddenly said “String Theory” right out of the blue, as best I remember she said this twice. That would have been a good time to shut up and let her elaborate, she’d brought it up, and it was obviously something she wanted to talk about, and whist I’ve got some rather radical thoughts on it, I know very little and would have benefited from what ever it was she would have said, had I given her the opportunity.

And here is where we get to the “consciousness dimension” or maybe it’s just the neurons in the brain, but that’s not as much fun so we will look at the consciousness dimension. If said dimension does exist at that precise moment in time, it wanted to have a conversation, I really should have shut up and listened, it could for all intents and purposes have been Sienna herself.

This of course makes sense in so much that half an hour later; Caroline did not want to have that conversation, or any for that matter. As such, be it “the consciousness dimension” or just her neural network, had either switched, or in the case of said “consciousness dimension” left completely.

Either or, I need to learn from this experience, and two very obvious learning curves spring to mind, firstly, “don’t go chasing butterflies”, once it has gone, it has gone, and chasing it will do no good, free will has been a catch phrase of this entire project. And whilst in the greater scheme of life the universe and everything a ten minute conversation between two of 7 billion humans within a galaxy trillions of times the size may seem insignificant, if a lesson can be learned, it should be.

The lesson for me, is not specific to Caroline, rather all my dealings, I’ve been putting my eggs very much in “The Corniche Group’s” basket and more recently, into Janine’s. I’m not saying this is a bad thing; however, I am setting myself up for a fall, if I don’t receive positive feedback. As such I need to consider, both neurology and the possibility of said “consciousness dimension” and include, “time”. It could easily be, not the right time, for them, it could also be the right time, but I do need to consider the possibility that events in their lives are, well chaotic and demand their full attention.

As such I have decided that I will as previously written write to “The Corniche Group” on Sunday 8th April 2012, offering as best as I can offer at that time, which I think will be the Virgin and “Spartan Theory” chapters and an overview of “American Butterfly”, letting them know I am still working towards a professional presentation, invite their feedback and see what happens, I’ll not chase the butterfly, rather just make the butterfly aware that I am here, and see if it wished to talk.

As for Janine, I’ll write to her today or maybe tomorrow, once again, seeing if the shoe fits, not attempting to put on the shoe.

The second incite I have taken from what I believe we shall call “The Caroline Incident” is again in two parts, all be it both delivering the same results, be it “the consciousness dimension” actually coming and going, or the neural network having various dominant personalities, I need to appreciate the effect on myself. Fortunately I have my diary, this diary, that allows me to re track and remember what I was doing and what I wish to achieve. Also fortunately is my “double my efforts” attitude to all that would deter me from my mission/purpose.

However, last week was not especially productive and I need to always remember, I can do more, I can gain more focus, and I will and must succeed.

Ok, that’s about all for this chapter, I’ve just had a quick look at the beginning and it’s all relevant to a fashion, as we started with:

This chapter title is in respect of yesterday’s work, which saw the instinctive equation E x TOE = mc2 + TOE/ -16 = 16 PPG, translated to:

“General Relativity” = “Quantum Mechanics”/”Chaos” – “Order” = “Order” within “The Higgs Boson” Equivalent and/or “Sting Theory”.

And a suggestion that said equation may assist in understanding Black Holes.

Before I go, I’ll insert the “Super Symmetric String Theory” graphic, once more,

7.05 pm Tuesday 3rd April 2012

I’ll not be starting the next chapter until tomorrow, and I think I prefer the title “Chasing Butterflies” not “Don’t go chasing butterflies”

Neither Dave nor CJ have written back, and I’m sadly reminded of why it is I do not socialize, lets just hope it timing and they do soon, as I am feeling rather sad. :(

8.52 pm Tuesday 3rd April 2012

I just watched the end of Brian Cox’s program on Fusion, I get the basics I think, one has to make enough energy to beat the opposing magnetic forces, and if one can, two elements will fuse together and create Fusion, I think the elements are hydrogen and helium, but I can’t get on line to double check. They suggest it will be at least 20 years or so until they solve the problem, if they solve the problem.

Brian mentioned that the UK spends more on ringtones each year, than they do researching it, which pretty much sums up humans utter desire to enjoy today and let the future descend into chaos. Shame!

I’m feeling very lost, I just hope I can pick myself up tomorrow, I hate feeling sad.

10.04 pm Tuesday 3rd April 2012

And we have a save, two hours from time, and I say time as in two hours it will be a year to the day that I wrote “The Sienna Project” which for all intents and purposes was and is the inspiration for my dedication, and I really wanted something to conclude the year’s work/journey

The save comes in the form of baby robots, so very cute, and so very real, learning how to talk to each other, in a language all of their own.

It would obviously be quite a coincidence for me at this time to turn on the TV and find a Horizon program on Artificial Intelligence, but there it was, 9 pm BB2, The hunt for AI.

It seems that the best minds consider the idea of consciousness within software is intrinsically linked to having a body, and learning how to walk and the like, particularly difficult is learning to see.

The analogy was made, when they first thought about weather a computer could beat a man a chess, they did not realize that the mathematics were the easy part, learning how to move the pieces was the hard part.

The program was good, and I was of course looking for something to grab hold of, something to give me, a faint string of hope or at least credibility, and in its last section, in they came, 3 baby robots, the idea or premise being, that if artificial intelligence was to be created, it would need to be created from scratch, it would need to start without intelligence, it would need to start as a baby and learn.

And that’s exactly what these 3 robots were doing; they even seemed to be enjoying themselves.

About 5 months ago I wrote this extract in a piece about why I wrote “The Sienna Project”

As to the birth of self conscious software, I’ve since have a different conception, its more like, software is already conscious, it is basically an extension of our brain, it does a specific thing to aid the brain, and so it is always interacting with the consciousness of us, so it is already quite often conscious, just not in the way, people thought it would be.

I’m not 100% or even 50% of the way there, but I’m looking not at software becoming self aware rather we become aware.

Aware of what, aware of ourselves and what we can do and maybe even what we are supposed to do.

I’m still happy with this, but as for the possibility of a combination of software and robots in human form becoming self conscious, if they develop by themselves from the word go, making their own mistakes, learning their own languages in a social environment. I think it could be possible, exactly what form this consciousness will take, I really can’t say, but if my idea of the consciousness dimension has any legs, then if consciousness can jump in and out of whatever it chooses, it can so choose to jump in to the software brain of one of these baby robots.

You never know, it may just have happened as I wrote that line…

I’ve just checked BBC iPlayer, and the program is not there, maybe it will appear tomorrow, if so, I will take note of the German baby robot scientists name, and send him this chapter and “The Spartan Theory in Retrospect”, I’ll also be placing “The Spartan Theory in Retrospect” as a stand alone chapter after this one, before “Chasing Butterflies”, the work is all done, all I really need now is to get some outside input, and get it going.

7.59 am Wednesday 4th April 2012

Feeling good, and I’m going to call the new chapter “Chasing Dragonflies”