“The Spartan Theory” Part2, Chapter 21
Sparta Rises Again.

Sunday 25th Sept 9.08am GMT 2011

Dear Diary

Sunday 25th Sept 9.08am GMT 2011

Dear Diary, I’m sorry I have neglected you terribly, there’s been a lot of work done on the project, and its all dated so, It will appear in the book, and its good work, I’m not sure if the idea to make a super university came since my last post, but the idea of the university work on 500,000 Greek businesses definitely did, and that lead to the new letter to Mark Zuckerberg and now the start a good looking letter to Dear, Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan and the phonetic naming of the Oil and Energy company Sienna G: C-Energy.

Sienna.Gov also became workable, the financial software part was already specked out to output to Government Audit, allowing it to then simply pay the tax to the government, turns it into a Government system, not glamorous but workable, particularly as Greece’s main problem is the non collection of Tax.

There’s been an awful lot of good work done, but its getting to a point where it’s just too big a project for me to carry on with just Mike.

Yesterday however I was very down, I need to find a new place to live, which is fine but there is little available furnished, so Mum suggested looking at unfurnished places, which makes sense, but its a hassle, and I’m not sure what’s wrong with me, I don’t seem to have the drive, I’m hiking every day, but I’m always a little tired, maybe its burn out, its been non stop for a long time.

I also got a legal letter from the accountants that ruined my business, which caused the break with Caitlin, and by association, bare some of the blame for Sienna’s position; circumstances would have been different if we were together. This is the company that tried to blackmail me and phoned me 3 days after Sienna left, so it really hits a nerve, such wicked constant obsession with money is wrong and it really has upset me.

The irony of course is Sienna.Gov’s main purpose is to remove all humans from the accounting process, so the entire BDO firm will be redundant in time, the usual process for the unemployed mathematicians to become part of the study process, but I think I might make a rule that anyone that has ever worked for BDO not be allowed to study, its harsh and unjust so I’ll probably not do it, but this company and Ian Scott has really hurt me, we will see. It helps to write about it, vent, get it out, especially as people will read this one day and they will also, I hope despise him, and hopefully that will be enough to see his energy not reused at the end of his journey, or if the David Ike theory is correct, he will be sent back to the dark ages, where people that take and steal for a living are better suited.

Oh “The Spartan Theory” well what is it? It has now expanded past what I thought it was, I’m in the middle of writing a definition, not saying it’ ”The Theory of Everything” and the particles of physics within god, rather until proved wrong, which I cant see, simply saying, “the Theory of Everything” will be the master Theory we explore whist exploring “The Spartan Theory” or something similar.

Wow u have no idea how good it feels to write in journal format again, I wish I could just write in journal format all the time, then give it to a group to write up on the website, soon maybe.

I’ve had a mental block about Sienna Mountain, I love going but, I keep making excuses in my head about why not to go, not excuses just a desire to do something different, the hike mainly, maybe writing in journal format will change this. Where I live is the closest house to Sienna Mountain, it’s a 3 minute walk, and when I’m there I’m always comforted, maybe I feel bad as I have brought no sweets or new plants. Well here’s an idea, Ill go right now, it a lovely summer day. See you in 20 mins xx.

Wow that was awesome, I feel, well, me again, and she helped clarify the E=MC2 wonderment. I’d better back track, On Friday, one, if not the most important discovery was made this century, particle physicists broke the speed of light, which questions E=MC2, do you know what E=MC2 stands for. Energy = Mass times The Speed of light squared.

So how does braking the speed of light change things, we/Sienna suggests, its still correct but we need to include other aspects, such as of course the particles of physics within God.

I’ve never considered God in the traditional way, born an atheist, as life went on I did believe in the energy of the universe, Sienna’s memorial speech suggested we should not try to comprehend, but obviously I did try to comprehend it, and the first conclusion I came to is what I called the Energy of the universe, is similar or even the same as what most people called God.

You see the relevance, I see energy as God and now scientists will be looking for a new scientific meaning for Energy. This adds a string of credibility to my saying “What is The Theory of everything” particle physics for God, The particles of physics for God” the paper “Spiritually Inspired Software” is the only page on s-world.biz addressed to Mark Zuckerberg. All be it I’m nearly ready with the formal introduction page, Dear Mr Zuckerberg.

As things have now progressed past what “The Original Spartan Theories” writings I started to write “What is The Spartan Theory” it’s a subject better written in journal form I think. The main point I have so far, is “The Spartan Theory” is happening all around us, and I guess, when this gets published, it will be the Theory that pulls it all together. Facebook’s collective mainly positive consciousness of 750,000,000 humans is definitely a part. Google are experimenting with collective conscious predictions, which are proving correct, they also have been working on technology to stop accidents in cars, but it can never work unless all cars have GPS, this will eliminate 90% or so of road accidents in New Sparta, it could even automate cars, so you don’t need to drive.

The dudes that just broke the speed of light, that’s so “The Spartan Theory”

The head of the IMF says we need to connect things in new, unexpected ways, European Countries, helping Greece, a lack of demand for fighter planes, suggest budgets are no longer spent on War.

Libya indicating Muslim nations wish to have western politics and sending a message of Muslim Christian brotherhood across the worlds. It’s all The Spartan Theory”.

OK, back to the breaking of the Speed of Light. Well this of course means inter planetary space travel is possible, this changes my New Sparta space ambitions, I still want a defence platform, but now, its possible for us to explore. It also means we will probably meet other beings in the Universe at some point.

Mum said, they are very small particles that beet the speed of light, I pointed out that the universe is 13 Billion years old, and the fist life on either Amino Acids or single cell prokaryotes were also very small and only created 3 million years ago. My point is small things grow, and considering the increasable accelerated speed of human technology, and lets face it, “The New Sparta City of Science” its possible for us to get a ship to break the speed of light in our lifetime. And this comes back to my previous thought on the problems of FTL (faster that light) travel, namely hitting space debris, and so my mile of moon rock and space debris walls are looking good.

And I bet in time, so will my magnetic drive theory, ill explain, first mentioned in “Sienna The Movie” which will most likely be considered prophecy, which is a shame as I die before software or Sienna becomes conscious, but I have no fear, its just when all this comes to pass, life will be exciting, but I’m sure what ever is meant for me is important so…

Anyway, Magnet drives. Put two magnets next to each other and as soon as you take your hand off, one moves through the air, or along the table, depends where you started. The idea first came to me via John Windom’s Chucky, which I read when I was 8 or so.

Anyway, that’s movement without fuel, so how is this important in space travel, well one, without gravity, once the movement starts it won’t stop. So we have our giant space ship, with a mile of moon rock around it for defence or hitting asteroids. I really deed a diagram but I’d describe the system anyway but first I will explain the main essential reason, something no one that I know has considered. And that is, slowing down, the brakes go to sleep, all aircraft are aerodynamic, the only way to slow something down without gravity is opposing force, an engine on the front pushing the opposite way to which the craft was going. Which will be trouble aerodynamics. Plus of course one needs fuel.

So imagine a metal magnetic plate at the front back and sides, in essence the ship is wrapped in a giant magnet. A simple repelling magnet pushed against one part of the ship, will make the ship go that way, or the others way, depending on the polarisation. That’s the basics.

The way I see it is it will be continued acceleration, getting faster and faster, until the pushing magnetic plate is pulled back. This idea may work for cars, if mixed with some form of hovercraft, or of course the roads had repelling magnetic plated to get lift.

Ahh I’m glad I got that off my chest, can’t put it on the site yet, it would distract from the immediate task of the global economy.

And while we’re on the Global economy, yes we have a good way to fix Greece and USA and probably the other countries we build cities in, and I hope it will fix the global economy, but not necessarily, not strait away, I’ve come to a conclusion and it will not be popular with the west all be it they are already on there way with austerity measures.

So the global economy, the west is in a mess, but the developing nations are not, why is this, its obvious, the developing nations either have lower populations, or they spend no money on there citizens, like South Africa where I live, half the population lives in shacks and receives no benefits, hospitals are scarce, often if you are from South Africa and you get ill, you die, that’s just the way of things, and it’s the same in most parts of Africa and the developing world.

The west can not afford the burden of the unemployed people who have had it good, for a long time, but now, its broke the bank, countries have borrowed and borrowed to pay for the unemployed and now there is no money. Or more to the point, it’s not a good investment.

If you went to anyone unemployed in England and said, if you get a job in a week I’ll give you a million pounds, they will find a job, and as so, unemployment benefit in England can be abolished, anyone that really cant find a job should do community service, even if it is simply picking up the litter, and if they refuse, let them live in a shack with no pluming, like people in the developing nations that are not bankrupt.

I guess I’ll be very mush hated in England by the broken society but so what, maybe it will be one of them that kills, me, make it as painless as possible please. I however hope I fly into the sun, voluntarily when I get Cancer which considering I smoke and have no real intention of stopping, so it will probably get me in the end.

Unions are a huge problem and really need to be banned, if pensions can be saved for people who have worked all their lives, that’s good.

On the positive side, New Sparta University and hopefully New Boston, New LA etc, will make more wealth in the world. How, well its simple, if the reason for western debt is supporting the people, many aspects of the Science Cities are dedicated to that, the making of cost price pharmaceuticals will save all governments a fortune and make the people healthy so they can work, there will be many other benefits but the biggest will be the “Chaos Theory” of changing the weather maybe not completely controlling it, but if we can make it rain on deserts that’s good.

Actually when we look at that we already have a solution, its been mentioned in the Science City Infrastructure page that via desalination projects we will create botanical gardens, and maybe rain forest in the Arid Greek land, I’d not written it before, but my plans for Libya are to do this on Mass, turn 1000 Sq Miles into a lush pasture, they did it in Iraq thousands of years ago, it was called “The Hanging Gardens of Babylon” If they could do it then, we can do it now.

Ok wow, that’s a lot of information, its so hard writing pages for the website, when u want to be creative but you have to hold back all the time, to preserve credibility, in the diary its all good, its just ideas, and Its like I’m writing to Sienna, in a way.

So what’s the plan…

Ok, well I have about 6 pages to put on the site, which has been the way for months, whenever those 6 pages are written another 6 are needed, point in question, the recent development of Sienna.Gov collecting the Greek taxes, and the Networking of the Greek businesses, which was not possible without the earlier idea to make New Sparta a university concentrating on practical projects.

But I have written a letter to Mark Zuckerberg that I’m happy with, it needs work but after 10 or so times I think I have something he will like, i.e. the networking of the Greek Businesses and the associated benefits. It’s very similar to facebook in a way.

I’ve also started an investment pitch to Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, he was mentioned early in the Spartan Theory “The Sienna Invitation” which I’ll put on the site in “The History of The Spartan Theory Section” He was the first name on the list, who is he? I don’t know much, but I know he or his family own Man City Football Club, which considering the first economic paper to sat “Theory” was The 21st Century Economic Football Theory” is very relevant, also he is Muslim, and I wish a global balance, plus of course he is very rich and can easily afford the 16Billion.

The letter two him is going well, I think by the end I will have a statement that says, for a $4Billion investment with options for a further $12 Billion you will get between $100 Billion and $300 Billion, and I’ll have a good argument especially for the lower figure, plus of course he I’m sure, would like the good pr, and I hope the spiritual side.

I’m on the part where I value New Sparta which means I need to make a new map evaluating it a double current price so 1Billion per km sq, which is fine considering the infrastructure and prices are still half Dubai prices, which is good considering Dubai was nearly bust and so prices in Dubai could easily be argued at half non recession prices, further to this, and I don’t mean to put down Dubai, it’s a excellent City for world piece or bringing the Middle East closer to the West anyway. But New Sparta had a better plot, mountains, more coastlines, centrally located between Europe Africa and Asia. Greece is steeped in history and culture, its climate is better, cost of living is cheaper, one won’t get arrested for uncontrolled displays of affection, and if we look at the infrastructure, there’s a lot more to do. It’s an Eco City, its working on mass to help the planet, it will be loved for turning the economy around, and it will attract an awful lot of business travel, and with 2,000,000 or so well paid workers expected there will be demand for housing. Finally when it is built the 2,000,000 maximum allowed houses and apartments, demand will always increase.

Wow when I put it like that I have an argument that New Sparta could be work 4 times Dubai, but if just say double that shows that 1 sq km at $1 Billion it has fair potential to grow to $8 Billion, in comparison to Dubai, this is how I got there. $1B, 1KM is half current Dubai price, so at Dubai Price it’s worth $2B, then Dubai is half it’s previous value, so $4 Billion then the 20 or so reasons why New Sparta will be especially popular so doubling again to $8Billion. So a $16 Billion investment has the potential to be worth $128 Billion, that’s good.

Oh if you are reading for the first time, the trick to this is half the investment go’s to building the houses and Infrastructure, which considering out science and Mass order and No Tax should produce infrastructure at half price, so investors get the land free, plus of course the new companies, I’ll write the full proposal in the diary a little later, first the “who, when and how to contact plan”

Ok, Mitsubishi Weapons systems got hacked, simply by getting staff to open a link on an email, I did not know this was possible, but you can bet your life facebook do, and as my proposal is on line, and my communications have asked facebook employees to click links, this could be why I have no response, so, I’m going to send them everything, 16 attachments’ one, two maybe three or 4 emails a day.

1 letter to Mark Zuckerberg, this or the latest chapter from “The Social Network 2” another random chapter and one other direct email, maybe the Dear Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan paper, it shows where the money is coming from and what I wish Mark Zuckerberg to do first, come with me to the meeting. Plus 12 pages from the overall plan, starting at the beginning with the Virgin plan.

I’ll send to the 7 facebook email addresses I have and copy one of the American commerce Ball’s each time. I’d better explain, it’s very hard to get hold of peoples email addresses, in 7 months I’ve sent thousands of emails and had only one response, largely as general emails addresses get too many email’s to monitor.

But looking on the USA Bureau of Economic Analysis there is a link to the individual email address of the USA Bureau of commerce, with thousands of personal email addresses, I looked up Ball and there were 20 people listed, including a Nick Ball and a Ray Ball, I emailed these two a while ago, one was an incorrect email address the other, did not respond. Looking back at it this probably inspired the work on Greece. Anyway, I will copy one Ball with every letter to facebook.

I hope to be ready tomorrow evening. I’ll go slow at first one a day, as there is work to do on the site, corrections need to be made, I really hope I can just pause for a while, not feel the need to write more papers, I could of course write detailed papers for each of the BIG 16, but and I know I’ve said it before, I think I have enough now, and the world is falling apart, so I hope I get answers this time, or questions.

Ok wow I feel so much better writing this way, and it will be good to look back at my feelings through this process, not just paper after paper. My MP3 player died, so it just a hike with me and my thoughts but it’s a beautiful day, so no worries. When I get back I’ll work on the Dear, Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan letter, in side the journal, see you soon xx

Ahhh one last moment of inspiration before I go and it’s for Google.

Dear Google, you have been working on “The Theory of Everything” for a while, maybe u know it or maybe you just think your working on “String Theory” same thing, in a way.

Anyway, so have I and I’ve been spiritually inspired, which is of course the key, or a key, I’m sure there are lots of doors.

My “TOE” project is a practice economic approach, which is awesome”

This is what I desire , your Virtual World, its still yours but it needs to be renamed S-World, and half the money needs to go to “Give Half Back” also you will need to give facebook access to the rendering measurements, to incorporate into the Simms.

This will create healthy competition in S-World as u and facebook/SIMMs (their S-World) Virtual World competes for the travel and real estate and various business opportunities.

I’d also like you to favour “vendor’s websites with good customer service rating scores”

Thanks xx

Hmmmmm more inspiration, relating to the new homepage, it will say

If you are a positive person open to ideas click here

If you consider yourself a realist who believes in facts click here.

The fir

The letter leading to.

Dear Sir madam

Thank you for reading, your input is essential; the other link explores reverse engineered positive “Chaos Theory” and “The Theory of Everything” which are essential but so are the cold hard facts.

There have been so many estimations, some I know are incorrect, facebook figures in the gifts idea should increase by 50% as membership was calculated on 500,000,000 not 750.

On the other side, the assumption that all Greek debt borrowing was at 10% interest and so changing its CCC rating to AAA will save $40 Billion a year and stop it going further into debt (an immediate example, that people will get quickly) was wrong as their debt seems to be at 4%, so making the buying the debt exercise not a good use of money.

I need infrastructure cost values more than anything, but any faults found, and correct figures advised will be extremely important.

So please if I could intrude on your time, please try to find one single fault in “The Spartan Theory” and send me the correct figure.

I have room for a few 100% errors; my worst case investment return for $16Billion for Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan is valued at $100. We can take 3 100% errors and it’s still a good deal.

I’m not saying you will find such errors, but it’s possible and I’ll not be fazed all be it correcting the figures across the site will be a nightmare.

So please help out, even though you are a realist, you will have experienced hope, and so realistically try and find one single thought, in the hope this will work and you will have contributed

Thanks you

These are the pages than need the most scrutiny.

Right that’s was awesome, but I’m definitely off for my hike now. xx

Sunday 25th Sept 3.05pm GMT 2011

Awesome hike, great idea’s, I think I’ll copy the IMF and Greek tax department on the emails.

Monday 26th Sept 9.14pm GMT 2011

Excellent day :) I can stay at the guest house another month, horraaa. Great days work as well, Mike really liked the letter to Mark Zuckerberg, it’s about time it must be the 15th draught, there’s a good argument even this entire book is a letter to Mark.

Here is the link. Hmm its not there

I also worked and uploaded the “I am a realist and believe in facts” page http://www.s-world.biz/Spartan_Theory/Im_a_realist_I_believe_in_solid_fact.htm

This page I hope will make people take this a little more seriously, and it forces an action, no longer is one to read for the sake of reading one is asked to find one mistake, which opens the door for us to make errors, but also considering we are sending it to the worlds best, says, we are confident our work will stand up to the harshest critic or critics

I had some interesting thought on my hike today about currency, one potentially interesting, one very fanciful.

No 1, if New Sparta has its own currency, it should be understood, by all, we do this by valuing the entire land and all the companies. At first when all is said and done, we will say 1 Trillion, and so money will be equal to that, if we say the currency is called Cubits )(BSG) So we print 1 Trillion Cubits. As the overall value of the city and businesses increases to estimate net worth 2 Trillion then we can print 2 Trillion more, and so on.

There really is a lot more to think about, an awful lot more, but the point I’m trying make is, it puts a real value to the currency, you don’t own a share of anything but the money, you just appreciate the value more, the idea here, well one of them is to make other countries respect the currency, I have a feeling I’ll make another link or string to this, and it will help.

The other idea is to make the currency out of Gold, and then people will really respect the currency. It’s really a long shot, that I’ll ever get anyone to go for this and it involves raising twice as much money, so 2 Trillion. Then simply over 8 years we spend a trillion in Gold, and make 2 Trillion in currencies, all gold (or silver) 1000 dollar gold coins, 100 dollars if possible, then silver.

Each Cubit will be worth half its value in Gold, i.e. there is 500 dollars of Gold in a 1000 cubit piece.

Fanciful, and maybe like the magnetic propulsion, not credible to many, but this is my journal and this is where the ideas go, if there’s 100 ideas and 50 are usable, great..

Imagine however how cool it would be if instead of banknotes, gold was exchanged. Of course it’s also a long term investment, as we would need lots of Gold and so the Gold price will go up and up, the more we buy. Eventually a gold piece will be worth its weight in gold then it can be exchanged for two new ones. Lastly, if anyone try’s to forge the coins, a gold detector will be attached to all tills.

Just a thought.

Time for bed

Tuesday 27th Sept 8.00am GMT 2011

Good Morning, nice and sunny, just want to clarify, the currency ideas above are just ideas, and maybe some currency expert will see something that makes sense maybe not.

A big thank you to Rogue de la Fuente, he hired my car, fixed it, he left the country with a promise to pay $900, which if u started on this chapter is a lot of money right now, the Irony ?

Anyway, he paid up, so not only do I get the cash, I also get to believe in human nature again, I’ve seen very few selfless deeds recently.

Ok, so back to the Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan proposal, I think I’ll link to the original proposal, and explain it, so here is the original investment letter sent to Man City FC

NEWS FLASH Greek PM George Papandreou on SKY News, it’s not on line yet

The first thing to note is he seems very presidential, honest as well, and he loves his people, the speech has some excellent bits for me to add to “The Greek Economy” paper. But also one of the following pages in the pipeline “Sienna.Gov”, “Networking 500,000 Greek businesses”, or “Call to Greece”. I was already working on a Spartan rallying call to Greek Citizens,

“In desperate times, Sparta has risen once more. Once more a small group of citizens from Sparta will come to the aid of the citizens of Greece. But whilst we lead the charge we need all man women and children to heed the battle cry. Business is War, Economics are war, and only together can we prevail. But first we must fight the enemy within, go into the streets, and cry the name of those that would turn Greece back a 100 years, go into the street and publicly name the tax avoiders, until we fight the enemy within, we can not fight as one Nation.”

Then I go too say, businesses and economics aren’t really war, EEE economics are good for everyone, but it’s a rallying cry, and it can be one of the most effective ways to make tax offenders stop offending. PUBLIC SHAME. Right this is going in the Sienna.Gov page, which is mostly about why tax avoiders will be better of using the software. Great, I wanted something strong for that page, as it carries Sienna’s Name.

So let’s see what Greek PM George Papandreou had to say, I just typed as he spoke, so there will be errors.

Exports up 40%
Tourism 6.5 million visitors,
Infrastructure and real estate developments,
Harbours and airports wanted by emerging markets, china, Korea, Brazil, Argentina, .. Renewable energy, 10000 Mega What’s, and import to Germany. (that’s actually a lot, I cant find the spreadsheet where I did the calculations but as best I remember 1 wind turbine makes 750Kw and powers 70 odd houses.

We will get back to the Greek PM in a minute, I’ve just found some new stats on house energy usage that is confusing and so I’ll need to work it out, or try.

Right so I went to this website, it has 2 stats
1. 1500Kwatt-hours per month making 50 Kwatt-hours per day and a total of 18,000 Kwatt-hours per year.
2. And on the same page I'm not sure where the originator of this answer came up with 18,000 kWh/yr. Estimates from the US Energy Information Agency put the average at about 8,900 per year,

So 2 different stats 100% apart, plus I’m not sure of the original 750KW’s will power 70 odd houses, I need to look at that. Ok here is one of the original sources A typical house using 8,000 kilowatts of electricity each year will spend €1,450 on energy

I can’t find the other one yet, but the spreadsheet starts with 68,000 houses, which is 1000 per sq Km in Energy City. Then we have the 8000KW per year, (slightly under the new USA estimate). So Ill adjust the spreadsheet to $10,000. We get 680,000,000 KW

Wow there’s one of those 50% mistakes; more actually, it does not affect the share price much but it makes powering New Sparta by wind farms 100 times more expensive... I think..I’d calculated that one wind turbine powers 94 Houses, its looks like it’s actually .94.

This is getting complicated, the wind turbine produces 750KWH, is that 750 KW per hour, that makes sense, if a house needs 50kw a day , then we need to divide that by 24 we will round to 2 KW hour, if that’s right a turbine can power 350 houses.

There’s going to be someone reading this who knows this stuff who will think me really dumb, anyway.. I’ve got 3 stats now, 0.94, 94 and 350. Arrrrr,

It’s not a train smash, I know hydro power will work out, and if we need more money we can just put up the share price, but it’s annoying not knowing. I think I’ll make this a question on the ‘I’m a realist and like fact” page.

Back to the Greek PM

Where is Europe tax money going, paying back loans, + building strengths, we need to rebuild previous strengths. (Pervious Strengths, He’s soooo not looking at Sparta LOL)

In 2010 Greece achieved Europe’s larges annual fiscal consolation ever 5% GDP deficit, Greece is looking at 3% this year.

This leads to something I’ll need to understand better,
The Primary surplus figures if applied to Germany would have either generated or saved 100 B in 1 year. Another 110B from another example.... hmmm I hope his speech is on the web soon.

I like this next bit a lot

Drastic measures, hard working tax payers are making enormous cuts.

Spirit, the spirit of change, constant criticisms is mean, frustrating, as Greece is really trying,
It will take years, but we want respect for our efforts. The Greek people are determined

Lots of applause

Every Greek does want Greece to change; they ask “is there still hope”

Make business not war, only a few years ago, Greece was under a dictatorship, with an arms race with turkey, now Greece is working with Turkey and its old friends in the Middle East.

A green EU, sticks together to work on a green future

Make this crisis an opportunity (love this)

No European nation will survive in isolation; Green growth will provide jobs,

Greece must fulfil all its commitments, I guarantee, we will soon fight our way back to growth and prosperity. (Awesome, this shows he really believes in Greece, people have not really gone into detail of the current deal on the table to half Greek debt (write of) this is $240 Billion odd. For him to make a speech and not hide behind this opportunity is knightly. A warrior worthy or Sparta’s assistance, LOL)

Angela Merkel (German PM) or Christine Lagarde (Head of IMF) “you can not change a country overnight” me “But what if u can change it this year”

Greek PM George Papandreou “What we are doing is nothing short of the rebirth of a Nation” I love this

Sky News say

Closer fiscal integration, similar tax and spend policies, to stop countries spending too much. This makes sense, actually this can only be done by Sienna.Gov, cool another thing for the “What we want it to achieve” list

(A new Stat: Greece is 3 years in recession, next year expected as well)

Tuesday 27th Sept 10.42am GMT 2011

Right where was I? Ah yes.
Ok, so back to the Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan proposal, I think I’ll link to the original proposal, and explain it, so here is the original investment letter sent to Man City FC

Actually, I’ll copy it. Note it’s written on 08/04/2011, right at the beginning of “The History of The Spartan Theory” And if you want to know what was going on with me at the time please read “So what happened with Virgin?” It was a very creative time.

The Sienna Invitation
Super Intelligent Engine for New Network Access

Dear, Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, FIFA, LUCAS FILM, GOOGLE, MICROSOFT, VIRGIN, Kiefer Sutherland and David Beckham.

I wish you all to make an amateur league football club, I will show you how to make it successful.

In exchange I want you to donate $1,000,000 to a foundation in my daughter Sienna Sky’s name.

Then we will consult and choose 16 more brands, these brands will then bid for the last eight places.

Then SKY, Al Jazeera and CNN will make a public appeal to raise money to help Libya

One year later we will invite another 16 Brands

Signed by ____________________________________-

Brand ____________________________________

Position ____________________________________

Date ____________________________________

Time (GMT) ____________________________________

Thank you
Nick Ray Ball
Cape Town
Hopeful Father of SIENNA Skye ?
Jeffery #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Ok so let me explain who and why. But first, I’ll not make a big deal of it, but in retrospect it’s hilarious. This document and its content was in part influenced by Russell Brand in the film, Get him to the Greek”. Note the Jeffery #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

I’ll not go into details, see the film, but the principal was simple, $1,000,000 was nothing to these guys, and the general public would see the same, if this hit the news and say GOOGLE did not donate the $1,000,000 they would seem mean. So if it hit the press all would make the donation.

And that’s the Jeffery making them think they are in for something small, then bang, once they were round the table, and I could show them the ideas, they would see merit in investing more.

Well no one replied and now I’m back, all be it this time, the invitation to invest is not $1M its $16B. And due to the whole, “String Theory” “Theory of Everything” best to follow the original scrolls and prophesies vibe, I’ve got good reason, to follow the order on the document above. And seeing as I’ve been working on Oil City, Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan is still the perfect person to approach.

He was first considered, as I really needed a global balance, VIRGIN from Europe, GOOGLE, now facebook from USA, Myself from Africa or certainly representing Africa, so we needed someone from Asia, and considering the motivation for my memorial speech for Sienna (FB/Sienna Skye Ball) they really needed to be Muslim, and the family/companies that has in my opinion most stretched out to the west was....

Ahhhh interesting, first its HH Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and second, I thought HH Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan (going to have to find an abbreviation) was the brother of the owner of Man City, turns out, he is the owner of the City and his half brother is President of UAE, Emir (ruler) of Abu Dhabi, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. I did not realise he was president, that’s cool. Very cool, it also means they will have immense experience, far more than any other about how to build a New Super City. Wow, that’s awesome ? I’ll best leave my stats very loose LOL
This is actually so cool.

Right ok so that’s why Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan was selected, and a good lot of extra reasons just appeared, there’s that “Theory of Everything” kicking in again. I tell u as soon as u just let go, and don’t question it, it’s very liberating. It’s just where something that seems like a real coincidence a good one, but then the coincidences start occurring more, maybe its because I just do this full time, so statistically making good coincidences more likely, but I just go with its “The Theory of Everything” opens the door to spirituality, whist remaining credible.

Got to go to shops...

Back to “The Sienna Invitation” There was a network reason for contacting HH Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan first.

Back in March, economics were not newsworthy, so I needed to make a story, out came, “Movie Scripts ” which is the obvious reason for adding George Lucas to the invitees, but the first ever paper to say the word “Theory was this http://www.s-world.biz/Spartan_Theory/The_new_21st_Century_Economic_Football_theory.htm . Shortly after the above mentioned “Sienna Invitation” mentions 16 Brands, which was picked as it was the right amount for a Global Soccer league.

We have enough now for it to work, 16 x 4 sponsors, and we will probably by virtue of who invests first gets there choice of territory assign a territory (Joint Nationality) to each City.

We certainly have the right ingredients for a Global league, hence FIFA being 2nd on the list, after George Lucas,
The premise was, the Global Leagues and potential new Star Wars trilogy, would get the public interest. It’s ironic, now 6 months later that the economics will overshadow both such acts, should they come to pass.

So of course I need to mention this in my letter. In fact, much like when I researched facebook, I made it make my letters stronger, the same applies here.

I’ll copy and paste what I have, which deals with C-Energy, not the land or Football, that’s ok, I’ll just start with land and football then do C-Energy.

OK here it is.

C Energy

Dear, Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan

By the time you read this, it’s likely that Mark Zuckerberg and facebook have put there support to this project and your internal team have checked and validated the forecasts.

We have come to you first as it is In keeping with “The History of The Spartan Theory” as the document “The Sienna Invitation” was sent to amongst others Man City Football Club 8th April 2011 named you as the first person invited to invest.

No longer are we looking for $1,000,000 rather $16 Billion, which works better as I’m sure, much like Apple, you do not know of many good investment opportunities right now.

So what is it you will be investing in, first you are investing in the technological and networking future of the energy industry, secondly you will own 25% of C Energy which has an order of over $100 Billion to build alternate energy structures, wind turbines, hydroelectric dam’s etc, third you receive substantial Real Estate in Oil City, and lastly you score excellent global PR and Brand love.

You do not need to invest unless; over 792 Billion is also invested or pledged by others to the Science City New Sparta Project. This said, your investment will set a president, and help secure the rest of the investment.

The $16 Billion is split, $4Billlion year one, then the balance is optioned over 7 years. So your maximum exposure is $4Billlion if you don’t pick up your option it will be open for others to purchase, your 25% share option will be divided by 4, (6.25%) and you will still own 4 square km of New Sparta.

That’s the overview; now let’s get to the 4 reasons to invest

1. The future of the software and networking in the energy industry

Some people are saying Oil will start to run out in 4 years, I can’t see it myself, this article suggest by the end of the Decade, demand will outweigh supply. On the plus side Yahoo Answers say’s 72 years, but no one really listens to Yahoo nowadays.

The bottom line is, your Grandchildren will probably not be in the Oil Business, rather the Energy businesses.

Already for day to day living and working hydro electric power from Dams accounts for 20% of the world’s electricity, and it’s easy enough to build more dams. As for cars, this problem is well address by “The Spartan Theory” and New Sparta Science City. Planes and rockets however, will possibly always burn fuel.

It makes sense however to start conserving Oil now, this way flight will still be possible in a 1000 years time, I’m not saying stop pumping Oil, I’m saying, at the same time, work on a project to make energy and sell it as well as the oil, and if it really works well, then just sit on the oil, consider it money in the bank, and leave the legacy of the gift of flight for centuries maybe millennia.

We have not started to look into the intricacies of the energy businesses, so your investment into part 1 “The technological and networking future of Energy?” is speculative. This said we already have 3 large foundations to build on.

1. Firstly the facebook travel software designs, many parts of which will work for Energy companies, the financial Software, the Consumer Relationship Management software , tutorial games, Give Half Back branding, improved internet presence and virtual business network

2. Add to this the Networking 500,000 Greek Businesses initiative, consider the other cities planned and consider people across the world choosing to use the software, to both streamline their businesses and take advantage of the collective ordering.

3. Further add that all the many, many advances that will be made by all 16 Industry conglomerates at the New Sparta Science City applied to the software and networks.

To put a value to the potential, we need to look at the travel example and see cautious (we halved estimates) dividend forecast.

A $16 Billion payment over 8 years yields a $20.5 Billion 10 year dividend, plus a $10.15 Billion reinvestment and support kitty. For the energy industry this will double, as facebook are not 50/50 partners, so in reality we are looking at a $41Billion 10 year dividend, plus a $20.3 Billion reinvestment and support kitty.

We also need to factor the annual global energy turnover. In travel the yearly pot or kitty is $900 Billion, if the Energy, Gas and Oil industries generate more, which I expect, dividend returns will pro rata increase. If for instance Energy Gas and Oil accounted for 5 times this amount $4.5 Trillion if the software and networks are as successful in energy as they are in travel you are looking at a $205 Billion 10 year dividend, plus a $50.75 Billion reinvestment and support kitty. However this figure does heavily rely of the unknown variable “How much do the Energy, Oil and Gas Industries make each year” So to add caution I will go back one step. So….

If “C Energy” performs as well as “Experience Travel” a $16 Billion investment yields a $41Billion 10 year dividend, plus a $20.3 Billion reinvestment fund.

So that’s the software and networks, we will get to the property valuation soon. First I’d like to look at the new company you own 25% of, and how it will make money independently of the software.

2. New Sparta Contracts for C-Energy

So what will C Energy do, and how will it make money.

Well the first thing to note is research in the university will strongly focus on alternative energy solutions, we are looking at $100 Billion over the 8 years directly invested in research into how to improve the Energy Industry. Statically far more than is spent in any one other company, and as such, Statistically C-Energy will be more competitive that other alternate energy companies.

C-Energy will receive 16 square kilometres of industrial land, with a $4 Billion fund for building factories and warehouses.

C-Energy has the $25 Billion contract to supply alternative energy to New Sparta, it’s expected this will make far more electricity than is needed; this can be sold to Greece.

C-Energy will have the contract to build Dam’s across Europe; this could easily be $50 Billion over the next 8 years.
With all the contracts, the brand knew factories, the intensive research, C-Energy is setting itself up to be the worlds most competitive energy company, add this to zero or low tax and we are looking good to become the world No1 Alternate energy company.

Of course once all the wind turbines and dams are built, there is the matter of the money that will be made by selling the Electricity, but I’ve declined to estimate this.

Tuesday 27th Sept 12.20pm GMT 2011

OK here we go

New Sparta & C-Energy

Dear Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Sir, I require your assistance, the decision to approach you was originally for your assistance pitching a Global Soccer league concept to FIFA. This is still the case but before a proposal to FIFA is credible, the land development plans for Laconia Greece need to be credibly valuated.

Your half brother His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan president of the United Arab Emirates and his associates will have more knowledge of Building a new City than anyone in the world.

In the same way, Mark Zuckerberg and facebook will make the networking and software plans credible; your acceptance of the “New Sparta Plans” will make most in the world agree.

If both you and Mark Zuckerberg, say the plans are credible, Greece will prosper and the next economic age will start.

It’s important to consider this. “It will work, because everyone will want it to work” In other words, Global PR will generally see best case estimated coming to pass

What we wish to achieve is value 16KM SQ of New Sparta Land and buildings at a minimum of $16 Billion, we already have arguments that it will earn a residual income yields a $41Billion 10 year dividend, plus a $20.3 Billion reinvestment fund. Plus 25% of C-Energy primed to become the world premier Alternate energy company, but we will get to that later, your expert knowledge of Building New Cities is what is desired most, after valuing it, if you agree its worth over $16 Billion, we desire your investment, and as such it makes sense to write to you as both investor and expert.

Ok, so here I go a little explanation first.

First New Sparta is split in two; the bottom half is where the most work has been done so that’s where we will concentrate. Please have a look at the Greece, New Sparta and Science City Maps

The difference between this land development plans is returns come from 3 sources. Firstly, software and networks that will be created in New Sparta Science City, Secondly the new company’s that will operate from New Sparta. Thirdly is the land development. Each part helps the other part.

So to the land development of Science City,

The first thing we have to consider is that we will get the money and half of the money will be spent on building and infrastructure, there is no point looking at this in any other way.

No one need commit to invest, until at least $792 Billion is pledged, anyone asked to buy shares, is simply receiving a share option to purchase when that figure is pledged.

So as I say there is no point looking at this in any way other that we have $792 Billion. And a quick note on the mechanics of investors, in general we have limited investment opportunities to four 25% opportunities to 4 companies (or alliances) per industry. This way demand substantially out strips supply, 4 places, 30 or so energy companies that can afford it.

And of course besides the Land Development those companies are from a scientific perspective, really bidding for the future technological and networking within there industry, all be it we will wait until Mark Zuckerberg, gives the thumbs up before making it an issue.

In general we are looking for all four 25% investors to pay $16 Billion, to make it easier, we split this over 8 years and make only the first $4Billion fixed, the other $12Billlion, and options, to take up or leave.

So the maximum risk is $4Billion for a good chance for technological superiority of your industry, and a new company.
To mitigate the risk, we need to give companies a tangible asset, an asset that a bank would lend against. And so “New Sparta”

This idea is not knew, we have been working on it tirelessly since March 2011, for more see “The history of The Spartan Theory “You are personally mentioned.

At first I wished to value, each km at $1/2 a Billion, and came up with this phased subdivision. http://www.s-world.biz/Spartan_Theory/Maps_to_show_how_1km_sq_is_valued_between_USD1_2B_and_USD5B.htm

First it shows the 72KM of different zoning in Oil City (now renamed Energy City), and if we are looking for 64 km sq, this leaves plenty of space not to overly interfere with current settlements.

There a 4 different zones: Resort, Country, Retail and Educational. |

Then we zoom into to see four 2km sq sections, one in each zone collectively valued at $4 Billion.

After this we zoom into the 2 km sq Resort section and see it broken up into house plots and developments, valued at $1.49 Billion.

My valuation technique was simple enough; I simply based it on my home town of Hout Bay Cape Town. A beach town, but not well known, prices are a quarter the price of Clifton Cape Town, 15 km away.

There were some mistakes here, over population for one, two many houses, will decrease demand and in general works against the ecological intentions of the City.

Note. Ok I did not label the spreadsheet property so I need to work it out, I’ll display the results, and I’m going to formulate the letter to Dear Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan but then link to the pages of this journal for more info.

But before I do I need to mention, if one invests $4Billion, they get $1Billlion back in building credits and another $1Billlion is allocated to Infrastructure. So this is not a land purchase this is a property purchase, this is one of the reasons why it works so well.

Right so I have 8 House Types (HT 1 to 8)

House Type one costs $1,600,000 and is 1000 sq m divided 20 x 50, with 20m looking over the sea. This property will have a $400,000 building allowance.

A note on the building allowance and the logistics of building economics, we have great demand, so our orders will be large and so bulk buying discounts will apply, this said, if we create too much demand that we outstrip supply, prices will go up again. We will need to put much effort into working out the most economic way to build. This of course will be studied intensely in Science City.

The objective of the university is to see if we can lower the average cost of building a single home or small development by 50%, remember we start with the desire for no PAYE or VAT, so there are more factors than just supply and demand.

Even if we could credibly say we expect to build at 50% less than usual costs, it’s difficult to know what usual building costs are, there are so many variables, quality being one of the biggest.

Tuesday 27th Sept 16.29pm GMT 2011

I just got back from my hike and Sienna mountain, I had some thoughts, namely if Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan Values 1KM sq of Energy City at $2 Billion we can double the share price, I’m sure if we took 1sq km of Dubai and valued all the Real Estate it would be a similar figure or more, sure, hmm, I hope is a better word, we will see.

The doubling of price is not for greed and of course Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan will pay the presented price of $1B per sq km. The doubling in price is to help the Euro Zone in general, the IMF seem to say 2 trillion is needed. If we look all land costing the same regardless of industry we get to $2.048 Trillion. This is why $2B per km 2 x 64 km per industry/city = $128 Billion x 16 = $2.048 Trillion.

The additional revenue, can go to alternate energy projects, Italy, Spain have mountains and snow, a project to build 25 dams and a ski resorts would cost 100 odd Billion, make lots of power and create lots of jobs, the land of course can be sold in the same way New Sparta is. If you have money, I’m sure someone will think of a good idea for Ireland and Portugal, by helping all 5 troubled European economies at once we will surely steady the Euro Zone. Also $100 Billion can be put into alternate power desalination units in Libya, which will in 2013 when/if Sienna City gets built (I’ve used Sienna’s name, as she seemed very insistent of helping Libya during the Virgin discussions). $100 Billion spent now, adds credibility to the “Gardens of Babylon “Rainforest Theory” (Basically we pump loads of water onto the arid ground and make fertile soil)

This of course all depends on the land valuation, it does however make the first phase investment option at $1B per sq km, a more attractive investment for Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan as he, his family and associated could well pay half the price of the other Energy companies.

OK back to the Map Oh one other thought on building costs, and that’s the development companies projected profit, if its 10% or 20% that’s ok, their experience is worth that, if its 50% then that raises the building price, and we may have to have a kind of nationalised building company. Have u ever!!!

Ok, so House Type 1

House Type one costs $1,600,000 is 1000 sq m divided 20 x 50, with 20m looking over the sea. This property will have a $400,000 building allowance.

Its very difficult to estimate the true comparative value of the building allowance, if we can via, the university really looking at the building economics across the city, take advantage of collective ordering, whist not trying to build to fast. Add this to building companies not paying VAT or PAYE and we have an argument, that a $400,000 of building in an average small scale development in Europe will buy $800,000 of building in New Sparta.

Another thing to consider that definitely contribute to the building process, is rendering the properties in S-World Virtual World. Which can easily be built as a sub world to Google Earths Virtual World, they already have sub worlds to show history.

Why this will make a difference is two fold, people will not be buying of plan in the normal fashion (a few diagrams) they will be able to see every detail of every house. Or many designs, by making the project open source, so anyone can design a house, with a 0.1% reward ($1.600 on a $1.6M house) professional architects can put up general designs for people to look at, at 1%.

This saves architects fees, but more to the point it gives people lots of choice, far more than has ever been available, plus people can see exactly what costs what, see the cost difference in adding an extra bedroom everything is possible in Virtual Worlds.

I’d hope the above points will be enough to double the value of building in New Sparta, and I hope the same can be said for infrastructure, and luxury infrastructure, if this could be ratified, then considering the infrastructure is in their town so directly affecting there property price, then the investment is equivalent to 100% reinvested in their property and the land was free.

I also need to mention, we will be putting footprint restrictions on plots, for aesthetic and more to the point ecological reasons, 1000 M sq of arid land makes a little oxygen and causes no harm, if we have a 200 M sq house powered by alternate energy with a lush garden, we add heat to the world which is not good, but we add more oxygen, and all the other benefits associated with nature. What this means for building quality is the building can me maximum 400 M sq (two floors) The owners can look through all the designs within budget and look at designs for a little more, and if he/she chooses, they can make a cash injection from there own pocket.

Ok so I’m going to make a new map page, based on only 1000 houses & apartments. As the Resort land will be more popular than the Science City land I will need to value it at $3 Billion for the 2km sq. The math being: Resort $3B, Country $2B, Retail $2B Science Park $1B equals half of the 16 km sq allocation. (Land is generally allocated evenly between the different zones.)

OK, this will be fun, I love maps

The method I will use to value property will be to compare to current mid financial crisis Dubai Prices.
Nope first I’m going to take a break; Stoke City Football Manger 2005 ? Nope actually went for the map.

Ok a general point, all the reasons for saying Laconia will make a better location than Dubai, can now simply be there to say why it will be on par with Dubai, and reach for the moon not the stars.

Ok, so I have the map, I want to make the sea nicer, back to Google maps to pinch a nice bit of Sea, hmm not so easy my computers really slow, this will take ages, ok plain blue it is, looks fine.

Ok so now we need to try and find the price of a 1000 Sq Meter Villa directly overlooking the Ocean. This was not that easy to do when I tried last weekend. I’ll try “Dubai beach front villa”

No1 www.selectproperty.com Ah, I came to this site the other day, it’s obviously well ranked in a few categories, and so as good a source as any. Hmmm, no beachfront section, I’ll look in the developments.... There all apartments I’ll come back to this site later.

Zenda says, The Palm Jumeirah, in Dubai and The Palm Jebelali in Abu Dhabi is finished and they have Villas. Let’s see, ill search “the palm Jumeirah villas for sale” Ahhh at second place is Zenda’s old firm, Edwards & Towers Ill look there.

Ok this page (plus next) has 14 villas, interestingly it mentions the price per square foot which is between 2000 and 3500, in US dollars that’s $550 to $950. I’ll look into this later, wish it was in Meters. I expect it’s for the build not the land.

All of the Villas say Sea View, which means little other than they would cost more, probably a lot more if they were directly on the sea.

So prices range from, AED 14M to 33M, what’s that in US Dollars, US$ 3.8 to US$ 9M Wow the cheapest villa, not on sea, is 2.5 times the price of a seafront 1000 M2 Villa in New Sparta, my point is severely strengthened at the first test, but what about the size, maybe these villas have a larger plot? Hmmm the $3.8 villa does not say the plot size. None of them have plot sizes.

Correction, they are directly on the sea, but opposite is another leaf of the development, this is far from perfect as it completely eliminates and desire for privacy. I’m going to look via satellite . Wow it looks like at off world symbol, cool.

OK the plot size looks smaller than 1000 M sq, all the villas are built to the max, with small gardens. There looks to be an awesome hotel.

Ok, I will base an Energy City Resort property with unobstructed Ocean views and large gardens should be at least the same price as the cheapest, The Palm Jumeirah property without a big garden, without privacy and without an on obstructed sea view. So I will raise HT1 from $1.6 to $3.6, this of course raises the building allowance from $400,000 to $900,000

I tried to find a convertor to gauge sq ft building costs, i.e what does someone get for $900,000 and I found this, it relates to the cost of commercial building, but look at the difference in building in New York to Winston-Salem $215 vs $126.

This helps make my point about the ability to build the same for less, if you get the economics right, considering building is the greatest expense, it makes logical sense to make building economics and logistics, a major university project, hmmmm I’m never going to make an argument for the space ship at this rate :(

So I wonder, how much building do you get for $900,000 in NYC , 4186 SQ Feet, this means nothing to me, I need to find a meter convertor. (The irony is I have no idea how tall I am in meters, but I know I’m 5 foot 11.5.)

Ah here’s that trusty convertor I found the other day, and it says 389 Meters Sq, about the size of a standard 5 bedroom house. Well that makes sense I suppose, we are working back from just over standard sized 5 Bedroom Houses in Dubai.

This said, if we go back to the Dubai Sq ft prices between $550 to $950, this way the Dubai house would be half the size, hmm I’ve made an error somewhere. Of course we don’t know for sure how much cheaper commercial building is, and whist I’ve not counted the land, that could be included.

Hmmmmmm, I’ll work it out later, for now what we can rely on, is its safe to value “HT1” at $3.8 and building prices can vary 100% for the same build depending on area.

This site looks to estimate building value but there’s a lot to fill in, ill note it for reference http://building-cost.net/Hcost.asp

This is very interesting, http://www.home-cost.com/construction-cost-per-sf.html#form it has a tool that calculates the average sq ft cost of building in the USA, I went for California and its only $128 per square foot, and it also mentions the average house size is 2,400 sq ft.

By this measure, one will be able to build 7031 sq ft, 650 sq Meters, this is just for the building though, no garden or finishes, driveway or excavation.

Back to the Edwards and Towers website, on the The Palm Jumeirah page there is another section called, Garden Homes. This is very odd, a bunch of properties with ill not say bad but ill not say good architecture, also on water, but a sq m build cost between 1500 and 2250, priced from AED 7,500,000 and AED 11,250,000, that’s $2M & $3M, actually the architecture is poor, this does not make sense, why would they make a part of a development, lower building cost and a general rule of looking.. not great?

Ahhh, I see, there are half sized plots, they don’t look more than 300 M sq, with no garden and just a dip pool, they would be cheaper, and it brings up a point I read earlier, the bigger the house the cheaper the sq ft or meter price. The example being the Signature Villas look twice the size as the Garden Homes and yet the sq m cost only goes up by 50%.

Yep I checked the map, it’s about a 60/40 split, 60% small houses, 40% larger villas, and it seems they have used the same house design again and again.

And so, I can still use the cheapest Signature Villa as a yardstick for price on the 1000 M sq sea facing plot.
I do however have a concern, this development is famous and as such the prices may be artificially high compared to standard Dubai see front Villa’s, trouble is these are the only ones I can find, the sea front is all apartments.

I’ll have another look, but before I do, there’s an array of average looking apartments also on the Palms, lets investigate.

They range from 1000sq ft (92M2) for AED1,100,000 ($300,000) (925 per sq ft) to 2184sq ft (200M2) for AED2,900,00 ($790,000) (1328 per sq ft).

I came across some the other day at a similar price but others about 5 maybe 10 times more, I put this down to build and location, and if the Palms apartments are priced at the bottom end, its reasonable to assume, the Palms Villas may be averagely priced.

Let’s see how the apartment prices compare to my original Energy City Resort Map.

There are 3 different sizes, 100M2 at $150,000, $200M2 at $280,000 and $400M2 at $500,000.

About half the price of the Dubai apartments. This said, I wish to change the layout of the map, moving apartments to the coast, strait down the cliff, there are many cliffs around, and if I look to replicate Clifton’s Eventide Apartments, we will make far more luxurious apartments, I also like the idea of no buildings over 3 stories, unless they are built in the previously mentioned method, except maybe the Hotel.

Also we have to cut the population down to I guess 1500 max.

Lets look at how much Eventide would cost to buy today, and note it’s mainly locals that own these apartments. They are between R20 to R40M each $2.5M & $5M there are probably 40 different apartments, taking up 200M of coastline, (2 block of 1000M2 houses)(10 Houses) original cost $1.6 so $16 Million. If we did the Eventide Apartment development for the same 200M houses would cost between, $100M and $200M (It needs to be noted the building cost is more due to the excavation) but its certainly more profitable. I’ll err on the low side and say $100M.

So if we substituted, 4 such apartment complexes for 8 “HT1” we gain $400M and loose $64M take and were up $334M,
That leaves (20-8=) 12 “HT1” left x by 5 in a block x the new $3.8 valuation (the cheapest villa on the palms) so 12 x 5 x 3.8 gives $228

HT1 New value = $562M

This is awesome, I’m valuing at the lowest prices and I’ve got about 8 times more property to go, we will get to a low price Dubai equivalent of $4Billion or so, over twice the required price.

If Mark Zuckerberg can get behind the networks, Google behind S-World and Sir Richard and Virgin evaluating the profitability from the various businesses, we are well on our way, to going for the 2 Trillion, and that’s not including Network City profits.

Hotels, if I can price an apartment block I can price a hotel, let’s look at some more apartments and back to Select Property

There’s not a lot there, much the same prices as above, interesting they say, now a few areas are excelling

Just property Dubai
, have lots of Villas all be it at the bottom end, this could not be built in New Sparta as the building allowance will allow for more. There about $200,000 (apparently this is the average price for a house in the world,) wait there are more pages, we have two big country Villas at AED18,000,000 ($5M)

Ah ha, they have 2796 villas, they seem to link to all the smaller agents, very clever networking. |

Note Palms Villa floor plan shows 7000 sq ft 650M2, I can’t tell if that’s plot size or building size. Ahh, it’s not on the palms more the trunk, no see view and I did not look there for bigger plots.

I did a search at AED10M ($2.7M) and there were a lot of Golf estate Villas, 6 bed mainly.

Ah ha, here is a good link to see the size of the Villas on the Palms, this is a bigger one, like the other villa I saw it’s exactly 7000 sq ft, so this must me the plot size (650M2)

Point: I built a house once, drew the plans in Photoshop, 600M2 plot, 4 bedrooms, Jacuzzi, pool, all the trimmings, cost $200,000 in 2001 so I have experience with building.

Searching at AED 15M plus sees a lot of Palms resorts, what I need to put across, is the City will have many focus points due to the different industries and collages each will have unique things to offer.

Time to sleep.

Wednesday 28th Sept 6.44am GMT 2011

I’ll make a summary of yesterday’s research, and start to consider the logistics of building 16 cities and making each one desirable, in both its Wow and infrastructure, but also, supply and demand, we want more demand than supply.

So we researched, House Type 1 “HT1” previously $1.6M for 1000, M2 (10763 sq ft) the only Villas in Dubai, that I can find that are sea facing are on the palms, priced from $3.8M upward, (the best are priced over twice as much) This is for only a 650M2 plot (7000 sq ft).

We are still working on the building cost per sq ft, but its been shown that building cost can double depending on area in the USA, which shows its possible, and we have decided that the second biggest project in Science City, will be building economics and logistics to make sure we build at half the usual price.

This gives us a good argument, that what ever price one buys at, it’s a good investment as, ¼ of the investment, goes to building the villa, ¼ goes directly into infrastructure in the town.

If we can get the building economics correct, and build at 50% cheaper for the same quality, this effectively means, the entire investment is put into the investors home, half making the house, half cresting the desirable location.

This effectively means the land is free, also if we look at the first infrastructure page, if available we are looking to divert about $15 Billion of “Give Half back” money (whist we wish no Payroll or VAT tax New Sparta companies like C-Energy, give half their profits back to fund the University and Global Ecological Economic projects, this said, my current thinking, is half the “Give Half Back” money be given, back to C-Energy, first for general upkeep of their territory, the rest really up to them to spend, either infrastructure in their City, or their infrastructure of building in their industrial land, or extra university spending)

The net effect is if one Invests $16 Billion, the equivalent of $16 Billion gets invested in their land and properties, the land is free, and a further $15 Billion is invested in luxury Infrastructure, artificial beaches, Skiing, Botanical gardens, Stadiums etc.

I’ll not count the above in the figures I present, rather include them as reasons why the property could be valued higher, or at the least, why we believe valuing at the low end of Dubai prices is realistic.

Finally we have re-valued the “HT1” property development at $562M, where it was, $160M so we are on track to beat or $3Billion target. This said we are not on target to value it substantially over $6B which would have given a clear signal that we can double initial investment across the board and make over $2T.

And just to point out the reason for looking for $2T was to help other European countries and start building desalination projects in Libya, to increase the value of the land there, with a View to a City project in 2013.

I really don’t think I need to do any more property price comparisons for Dubai villas, there was over 2000 to research on this site.

Ok, before I go back to the amending the Map, I’m going to look at the supply demand logistics, not the building time and cost of supplies and labour specifically , more the phasing over 16 cities.

Supply and Demand Logistics

Ok, this is a very important part, it’s unique as far as I know, certainly on this scale, and it was considered from the outset.

The main aspect that creates the supply and demand, both for shares in the new consortium companies are increased as there are 16 different cities and companies. I’ll explain.

First in most cities, we are not selling to the public, rather (initially to the 4 companies that bid for the company C-Energy, if you like, the land and building are simply a bonus, a source of residual income. In reality of course, the land and building are fixed assets that companies can sell or borrow against, so most people will see it the other way around, you buy the land and buildings and get the new company, technology and networks as a bonus.

As soon as the deal is done, the company can start selling the individual houses, to either their own employees or the general public. But at first the land and building are purchased by 4 Oil or Energy Giants.

This is supply and demand factor one, only 4 out of 30 or so companies that would desire to purchase will get the opportunity.

Now let’s look at the general idea of Energy City becoming the global networking hub for Oil and Energy, and remember above Science City is Networking City, made to aid this.

I’d imagine Dubai is the current networking hub, but there can be two, becoming the networking hub, increases visitors, and as such we increase demand in places for people to stay.

We have also to consider, the staff and executives of the four chosen companies investors (or sub consortiums) that will live and work in Energy. Then consider the Scientists, academics, teachers and pupils at the Energy City University. Also consider the athletes and sportsman competing in the global league.

That’s a lot of demand.

And this is important... The same demand will feature in every sub City, Auto, Pharmaceuticals, Computers etc, etc.

Why is this important? It means we can genuinely look at the principal that we only need to prove desirability in one sub city, as whilst there is more land for sale, it is not for sale to anyone in the Energy industry. (At first anyway, as mentioned, as soon as Energy companies sign, they can sell their houses off plan, to whoever they wish.

In other words, the supply from other cities does not greatly affect the demand for Energy City, so let’s have a look at some logistics, and the phasing of building.

Ok, so let’s start at the end 64KM sq (690,000 sq ft) in 8 years, now I’ll make a list over the years. This will easily be picked apart, regarding building times, where I am estimating.

We will for arguments sake say we start on Jan 1st 2012.

1. 2012
Start on Infrastructure
Phaze 1
8 km sq of houses and construction 2sq km each zone, 4000 houses or apartments, split (resorts, country, retail & commercial plus sports and science.)
1000 luxury resort Villas and Apartments priced from $3.8M
1000 luxury golf estate Villas priced from $2.7M
1000 Apartments and some houses downtown
1000 Apartments and complexes in Science City

Plus 1000 low cost but at least 4 star standard apartments built and allocated for Greek Citizens working construction and studying (Called “The Spartans”). (these are built first)

I cant see any way, save “The Spartans” that anyone can move in 2012

2. 2013
Continue with Phase 1
Hope to have Phase on ready for Occupation mid 2013
New Sparta has 5000 properties, average 4 bedrooms, average usage, 3.5 people per property, population 17500 + 8 Hotel’s holding 2500 people. Total capacity 20,000 citizens.

(Note; we have developed 1/8th of the Zones so Total New Sparta Citizen capacity is 160,000. Total Science City population, 2,560,000. Total building projects for “The Spartans” 512,200 if we double that for Network City we have accommodation for 1,024,000 Greek Workers, nearly the exactly number necessary, “TOE” working again.

(Note; mid 2013, New Sparta Science City will have capacity to house for 20,000 x 16 = 320,000 Citizens, If we work on the principal ½ are studying and working the projects (Networking 500,000) Greek business, Building Economics, Software, Alternate energy, Pharmaceuticals. We have 160,000 at the University, let’s break that down.

60,000 students between 16 and 25, we will try to make education free for anyone that owns a house, take 20,000 Greek Students and let 20,000 students pay, balance the paying students cover the costs of the Greek Students. All we need to pay for is the 20,000 students from the home owners and companies that invested.

So what is the cost per student, not a lot, they have their own accommodation and we already have the collage building and facilities so we are only looking at teachers.

lets look at scientists, economists and academics (not teachers as such, experts in their field, working on the projects in a group dynamic so teaching in a practical environment.) 60,000 would be a good number, lets be generous, and remember we are looking for Zero Payroll tax. Total cost 3.6B

10,000 super scientists at $200,000 a year (this is double net income in 50% tax countries like England) Total cost $2B

10,000 super economists and financial experts, same salary, total $2B

10,000 super academics same salary, total $2B

20,000 teachers covering many subject (if they do not know Science, they will be taught themselves) $30,000 a year =

10,000 Doctors And medical researchers. &.......

Wednesday 28th Sept 11.24am GMT 2011

Best power cut ever!!!
Went for a hike and 3 new advances, then go into a little detail of point 1.

1. Currency Gold, leads to $625 Billion Gold order for a Gold Mine, they pay $16 Cash and 16 Billion in Gold. Gold price stays the same, allowing them to prove more that the quota.

2. The Theory of Everything for Dummies. 1+1 equals more than 2.

Example, 2 humans in New Sparta Science City finds a cure for Aids, 1+1 human = 100,000,000 saved. This is also “String Theory” move the masses in a desired direction. Well still being alive is desired, so it fit.

3. Oh and a little thing I call “The Theory of Relativity 2” E=MC2+TOE = the Particles of Physics within God.

4. China are sitting on $3T Europe is asking for assistance, as if Europe Goes into recession again, China will loose orders in 60% of the world, this is over 4 years probably will cost more than a Trillion. But the Chinese people rightfully wish the kind of well fair state like the west has, which ironically is economically impossible without apply “The Spartan Theory” (The Theory of Everything for Dummies) LOL I love that ? the west has. But chances are by China not investing, there will be less money for welfare state operations. It’s a catch 22, they need to listen to their people.
So what we do is as for $1T for half of Network City (half the size of Sparta with mountain views but no see views.) In exchange, I guarantee to (if required) Make China the 4th City after USA and Libya, but in the same year as Libya on 24th November 2013.

And advice China, the economics of New Sparta will in a lot of cases see The New Chinese City as the manufacturing centre; it will certainly be cheaper than producing it in New Sparta.

To recap on Networking City, all we had was this. $208 Billion, which was simply a figure, lower that half of New Sparta at $792 that added up to $1T.

This said, the idea was not to sell this until Network City was established both politically and economically
The concept was to Give Each Country (196) a square mille, no matter if its, Luxemburg or Russia.

¼ of a square mile is for the contraries Embassy, each ridiculously lavish, as they get to sell, another ¼ to raise money for infrastructure and the Embassy, so we are looking at $100,000,000 on the Embassy. This serves the purpose of taking a diplomatic post in New Sparta, and allows all Countries evenness when it comes to meetings and social affairs, and so creating social political environment.

The other half of their square mile, was to be saved till it was worth a fortune. If we remember the building restrictions of 1000 homes per city, they can only build 500 houses, or apartments, imagine how much one of those will go for in the USA territory, were really looking at maybe $20 Million in 8 years, as New Sparta really becomes the Networking capital of Europe. So 500 houses at $20M, That’s $10B, Add the same for Retail and Offices $20B, If we say, the land price is worth 1/3rd of the sale price, we get a value of $6.6 Billion, if look at the same excursive for Luxemburg, and make a safe average property price at $7,000,000 equalling $2.3 Billion and the avenge is $4.5Billion times 192 is $863B.

Not quite enough, I really need something that the Chinese people will say, yes we think it’s a good idea.

Ahh, one of those 50% mistakes ? LOL only joking, the force is very strong right now as I’m about to plant some plants on Sienna Mountain for the first time in months

I’ve been working on Square Miles, not KMs and I worked on 1000 homes allowed not 4350 (this works out at 5,000,000 citizens can live in New Sparta) So how many Km’s sq in a Sq Mile, there are 2.5KM in a mile so now we work of 1.25 sq KMS and 2/3rds of house build allocation, 2864. That should double the allocation, and seeing as the area is amount 700 sq miles (all be it very mountainous on 400 sq Miles, there is actually room to add 50% size to everyone’s land.

So were at +/- 2 sq Km and 2864 houses allowed to be built and so I can justifiably double the previous $863B land value to $1.75 Trillion, so an excellent land investment for China.

So let’s look at the other benefits, as a country investor, the border rules to only allow Greek Citizens can be extended to The Chinese, Network City can become a kind of Chinas Hong Kong. But in reverse,

And as with Greek Students, 16 to 25 year old Chinese children who are family (same grandparent) can study at the school for free.

This works very well as in the Film: The Social Network” Marx Zuckerberg tell us China has statistically the most clever people, makes sense, there are a lot of them, so lots of clever people at the university.

Now don’t take this in any way anti Chinese, I am not, I Love the history and Martial Arts, and Hilton, Quentin and Winston Chong have my utmost respect, In fact I’d like to know them much better.

Its just statically if the west went to war with any one country, the west would get most punished by The Chinese, even if Nukes aren’t involved, and as such it makes sense of all countries to make political ties with China, New Sparta accomplishes this.

So to sum up

Offer to China

Guaranteed City in 2013 – Objective – to make 500 Million houses.

Many Product opportunities from Other Cities

$1.75T in land

A base in Europe like Hong Kong was toThe UK

Excellent networking and political opportunities.

Plus the money goes to making sure they get continued orders from Europe.

Not on Last, all the $1B will go to EEE projects in Europe. Particularly, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland, $200Million each, should do it.

Right that works and now everyone in Europe will be on my side, plus it makes asking for $32Billlion instead of $16Billion, perfectly acceptable,

So budgets, $1Trillion for Europe

$1.5 Trillion for New Sparta and Greece,

and $0.5 Trillion for Gold.

Do you know where my sudden obsession for gold came from, well that’s exactly it, where it came from, its pieces of an exploded star. That is power, that is wonderful, that is definitely “The Theory of Everything” Good old Scientist Monica Ball xxx MUM

So on to the Currency, idea. And when I say idea, that’s what it is, to be either worked out good or not so good. But statistically we get more good ideas, if we just in general have more ideas, oh, and you have to write them down.

Gold Currency.

All currancies

We estimate what we feel New Sparta will be worth in 8 years (including the companies and all construction, and patents gained) let’s say a modest $10Trillion.

And we aim to have ¼ of this value in Gold Reserves (or a mix with platinum and diamonds etc.)

We have the original drachma
We peg the New Sparta currency to the sum of its parts, so w

Its 6:13
The enormity of the China Theory kicked in, went for celeb with Mike, now going to chill to Football Manager 2005, and the movie channel xx love everything.

Thursday 29th Sept 4.35am GMT 2011

I’m up early, 6.35 (SA is not 2 hours behind GMT)

Ok so, China as an investor, it makes the perfect global economic solution, fixes Europe, increases share price to a point where USA will see immense benefit in a City, so fixing USA, then Libya and China in 2013. Not really fixing the economy as working for peace and unity.

I’d like to facebook Hilton Chong later, Hilton is a good friend who moved to Hong Kong 5 years back, now he is in Beijing. I think Hilton will read pages from the site where others have failed.

Dumani Mandela SMS’d the other day, I mentioned my project, he asked why I don’t want to work on Cape Villas, I said, I don’t want my legacy to be “Nick Ray Ball, owned a Villa rental company” a few sms’s later and he asked about the project, I informed him it was project to help the Greek Economy, he seemed interested, I sent him the link, I bet he did not look at it.

I think Hilton will, especially as I can write why China should invest in 7 points like the original “Spartan Theory” In a way the “China Theory” is like the facebook gifts idea, can be seen in under 2 minutes and shows excellent return for facebook.

I’ll ask Hilton, to do what he needs to do, to check the theory, check with his peers in Beijing, then inform Quentin, his brother, and work on getting it to the Chinese Government. Or maybe another suggestion will be made.
So let me consider pages that need to be competed before I’m happy for Hilton to present to people.

1. Presentation to China, and we will need a Map on Network City.
2. Presentation to Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan and New Maps
3. Networking 500,000 Greek Businesses
4. Sienna.Gov
5. Executive summary
6. 25 Reasons to facebook will say yes
7. Maybe a page on currency and Gold Mine, investors.

Ok, I’ll get back to the Gold Currency

All currencies

We estimate what we feel New Sparta will be worth in 8 years (including the companies and all construction, and patents gained) let’s say a modest $10Trillion.

And we aim to have ¼ of this value in Gold Reserves (or a mix with platinum and diamonds etc.)

We have the original Drachma which will be used for notes under $100

Over $50 will be made of Gold,

Maybe a $250, $500, $1,000, $10,000, $100,000 & $1M

The initial reason for this idea was Glory, in 8 years time, when People talk about “New Sparta’s” they will say, “Yeah there so rich, their coins are pure gold” plus even if it is not a strong curacy. (Which it probably will not be, as it’s a networking City and probably many currencies will be effective, The Drachma and Cubits (Gold Coins) just used within the city, a token currency.

Well the idea is, even if it’s a token currency, as it’s made of Gold few can argue it’s a strong currency.|

The idea would be to try to make the gold coins approximately ¼ their value, i.e. if you melted down the gold of a $1,000 coin you would get $250.

There are 2 huge advantages.

1. It acts as a Gold reserve, or in general a reserve, as if needed we could recall the coins.
2. We have a legitimate argument to say we have an order for $2.5 Trillion to the gold mines.

Note on Gold Mines
1. Almost 50% of the world's gold reserves are found in South Africa
2. China first, then USA, then SA all about 10%
3. If the estimates are correct and there has been 158,000 tones of gold recovered from “Mother Earth” (assuming 24 K purity) then that would translate into 5,079,817,925 troy oz. of the precious metal.
4. Gold is worth $33M per metric tonne
5. Gold per year $12B

So $33M x 158,000 = 5.2Trillion (all Gold)

Hmmm, that’s not a lot per year, if SA only produces 1/10th then they only produce 1.2 Billion, split between a number of mines, that’s not that much, we will need to let gold companies join together.

The big question is this, are all gold companies producing less gold than they could to regulate the price, if so, it means we can effectively buy the gold for the coins, without effecting the Gold Price.

I’m going to leave this for now, others can advise.

Thursday 29th Sept 5.53am GMT 2011

Ok so to objectives.

1. Presentation to China, and we will need a Map on Network City.
2. Presentation to Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan and New Maps
3. Networking 500,000 Greek Businesses
4. Sienna.Gov
5. Executive summary
6. 25 Reasons to facebook will say yes (finish)

All of these have been done, they need to be finished and site ready. I feel like starting with the property dev map.
I’ve found how to make contours on the Map, this makes planning easier, and it looks more professional, I’ve started with the Eventide style apartments that don’t obstruct the view as they go down the cliff. I’ve made the apartments huge 660M, 33M Sea facing, 15M deep and 6 apartments wide

I need to see the Equivalent Dubai Price

The Dubai Apartments at UAE 10M ($2.7M) R20.1M are very large, between 700M sq and 900M sq, so I have adjusted the depth of apartments to 32M deep, so 33x32M gives 1,056M (11,336 sq ft) That’s really big.

This is a good price to use, similar to the Eventide, Clifton lowest end price for much smaller apartment; let’s see what we get when we go up in price.

Hmm that’s odd, at UAE 20M there are all smaller, about half the size.

At UAE 40M they get big again 14,000 sq feet. These are the penthouses at $11M

I really think considering the view and the 20% extra taken of the price for excavation and building, combined with all that is Energy City, in 4 years time, we will be looking at the UAE 20M ($5.4) especially if at the top we make huge resort swimming pools and stuff.

But Ill go for $4M each, the real Clifton Eventide price. I’ve also placed them is coves, their view is just the coastline, save the beach apartments all have unobstructed views, this will be like, the Ambassador Hotel, Bantry Bay view, just without the other houses, awesome, Zen.

AT1 has 22 floors and makes $384M, and I’ve made 2 blocks
AT2 has 32 floors and makes $576M, and I’ve made 3 blocks

Total yield $2,496 Billion. Not bad, and remember I’ve taken off $629Million for excavation and I suppose the resource side, the swing pools etc.

Remember that $25m of the cost also goes into the building, $624 Million and we have a build cost of $1.25 Billion and $1.6 Million dollars is put into building each apartment. That’s a lot, I don’t have a comparison, but I know that’s top finishes throughout, furnished, excellent build quality, big infinity pool & Jacuzzi on a very large private balcony, 3 to 6 bedrooms.

Oh a note on the furnishings, taps, etc, I want 90% of all of this to come from New Sparta companies.
I’d expect 2 maybe 3 of these blocks will be hotels.

Considering no one has to invest unless we have enough for excellent attractions and infrastructure, the best medical and education in the world, and the general phenomena, in a beautiful location with direct see & Mountain views, I really can't see anyone arguing the price of this apartment in 4 or so years. It’s probably double but I stick for now.

Hmm I realised I made a mistake on the population logistics spread sheet, I think I only accounted for 1 company not 4.

Ok now we put the villas some commercial/retail and a big hotel, I also wish to add a lake if possible, let’s look at the contours.

I found a place next to the Greek settlement Agia Kyraki, I also noticed a great place for a Greek Castle or Temple at the pot of the hill.

Hmm some of those apartments are going to see houses, but that’s ok, the lights look pretty at night, I think its seeing another big apartment that gives it a manufactured feel.

Right that’s the apartments done, time to do the villas, first Ill do the sticky out bit, hmm need a better name. Leg. I’ll consider it like the Palm but there’s only one.

12.06am, going to take a brake.

2.38pm Thursday 29th September

A lot has happened, first mountain idea, hmm what were they, err, it will come back later, oh, “New Hong Kong” same shape.

But old business has come up. It seems Simone, who I took her at $300 a month, her previous job in a record shop, within a year she was making $9,000 a both

When I was at my worst with Caitlin, the realisation of final split, she left to work for Seeff, this had been planed, but to try to sink us she wrote to our clients and our network of agents we were liquidating. This nearly killed us and considering my personal situation it killed me. She and our old web designer had made a website with all our photos, I wrote to her boss Ian Slot and he did not reply.

Then Sienna left me and it really did not seem important, I pledged my life to good and raising money for others in similar situations, and I’ve done very well, a credible plan to get the people of China behind a 1Trillion land purchase in Greece. To see “The Spartan Theory” go to the web site www.s-world.biz, it’s kind of “The Theory of Everything” for Dummies. E=MC2+TOE=Particle physics for God=The Partials of Physics within God. So god2 , so it could be E=MC2+God2, oh in case you did not know E is energy M is mass all be it I prefer matter and C is the speed of light, so it was already way out there.

Anyway, a friend has just told be, Simone has been using the Cape Villas website to show agents and probably clients our villas, telling agents to download load the photos and send them to her/their clients, that’s so unfair and utterly immoral, she is definitely dark matter, which I need to explore at some time, as its physics but I’m a little scared, anyway, I’ll copy this bit of the journal as an attachment send it along with a legal demand, plus a press release to all the agents and our old client list, which they definitely stole.

This has happened twice, agent leaves to start there own company when Cape Villas was in the red, and then trying to kill us off, so they can basically take over. Business is war, but I was so nice to her, she knows my circumstances, so its wrong. I’ll not send it till I’m ready for the presentation, as I’ll be sending to lots of rich property owners who can help with logistics of building costs, and get to people I need to talk to.

Oh year, id just like to say, anyone that does business with her after is really wrong, best to go to Oliver at oliver@capevillas.com 082 3013500 Cape Villas, I just cant wait till this book is published :)

Hmmm still cant remember, walk thoughts, I’m going to go to Sienna Mountain which you can see on my facebook page Nick Ray Ball its Hout Bay’s only botanical sand dune, and I’m sure the inspiration of how to make Africa a lush green pasture. (Huge desalination project, huge, enormous) As they say, every thing is easier when you’ve got money (there was a lot of Mike input in that, he is desalination dude. :) xx

Dear Cape Town Villa and hospitality industry.

I’d written to you because of our legal action against Simone Smith for malicious slander and Identity theft. i.e., she is not anything to do with Cape Villas but uses the Cape Villas website to communicate with agents and clients. And if you wish to read it, it’s attached.

But I’d prefer to talk to you about what I have been doing for the last 8 months, its an economic theory that....
Ok now I’m definitely off.

5.21pm Thursday 29th September This needs to be next chapter, last chapter E=MC2+TOE=TPPWG as title,

You would be amazed at how calm I am, set the seen, just got back from hike, Tigers on the floor, Sienna the Dragonfly, Zenda’s seahorse and a now happy but nameless elephant hanging from the ceiling, and by a string of coincidences I’m listening to The Easter CD. (insert Track list)

So just proved Chaos Theory and have a better understanding of “TOE”

The desalination project in Libya, 10

Its all bout what u want to achieve, if I want to make it rain in Africa, instead of trying looking at formulas and stuff, I just make a s*** load of desalination plants and pump it, weather changed, task finished.

And the TOE is simply all the theories working with each other in unexpected ways. You can have good TOE and Bad, by adding the spirituality we add the good, and thus by looking at it spiritually, having faith in its outcome, without really questioning it you will find good or progressive TOE, it was mentioned of a Julia Robert film I saw, where she travelled, let it all go and everything worked out, she said one theory, but I cant remember the first name.

I worked out the math was huge, like the fb gifts idea on one desalination plant+ alternate energy plus a load of pipe and pumps would cost no more than $10B, and by applying the science of building we will get that to $5B I’m sure.

One pump is enough water for Adelaide, but it already had water so we will say it provides a top up of 20% which is enough, but all we are doing is watering the ground, no swimming pools, baths, etc, so chances are we will need 5 times less water so we are back to the size of Adelaide which is going to be ¼ of New Sparta I guess, so 1000 km sq (=/- 400 Sq Miles) ill check in a minute. I’m thinking a budget of 3 Trillion, well worth it for making Africa fertile.

Time to break open excel and save Africa. I’m excited

Wow the Easter CD in on Clan of Xymox, spiritual stuff. And I’ve worked it out an odd way for speed, so might be wrong, but we have enough water for Greece, 5 times.

And I know, if you have water a little earth and some worms you can make a desert flourish, just look at Sienna mountain, the pretty indicate impact flowers are still flowering, what 2 months later. It can definitely be done. I’m going to work it out properly, hope I was right.

So 600,000 km’s, lets Wikipedia the size of Greece

LOL we can take the sand of in Lydia and sell it to New Sparta, beaches everywhere ? That’s hilarious (Note Mike said desalinating the Dead See will change the ecosystem and it makes a lot of sense) God knows they need some unity and rain over there. It’s the biggest problem in my book.

Greece is 131,990 km’s

Wow we can ask China to invest another Trillion, what an investment, when the African countries flourish, and the economies do well, they can pay for the water, that’s going to be awesome.

This means we can look at Starting Libya this year, and then USA and China next year, hilarious, the two most powerful countries with huge populations team up with the two most troubled but loved countries with small economies, a perfect union, Greece Science, Libya Ecology, China Manufacturing and USA Space Flight. That’s awesome. The April Spartan Theory plan showed $64T and that would do nicely, a good 30T odd for China to build houses for its 3M people.

Ok so its 4.45 the size of Greece, better double check the size of Adelaide

Wow, Adelaide is big 1826 KMs sq, this improves things. 8.31 times the size of Greece if that’s not a part of the theory of everything I don’t know what is.

And it’s simple, if the theory of everything is all the good applied to progressive theories and the idea that they all interconnect somehow, we see how the path was set by String Theory, that told us it can be done, and there is a science to it, then by combining reverse engineered (good) Chaos theory we change the weather. What will we do next, Space Travel, we have broke the theory of light so its possible, and it would be good to explore especially if the population gets to big, I already have the defence offence, oxygen and a idea for magnetic propulsion, that’s a start, and of course, its amazing what a few trillion buys you nowadays, but what Theory applies to space travel, the theory of relativity, E=MC2 Energy = Mass x The speed of light2, but now we have E=MC2+TOE=TPOPWG (The Particles of physics within God) and there we add the good again, and so that Theory is also The Theory of Everything and now its intertwined with all the other theories, we add “The Spartan Theory” which is totally entwined in all three theories and you get the economic or business plan to “The Theory of Everything” the more positive theories, or theories looked at in a positive way, the pieces we will have on “The Theory of Everything” So far we have 4, or 5 if you count Julia Robert’s one, which we must.

If we go back to my paper on “The Evolution of the Theory of Everything”, we had the Spartan Theory as “Just a little bit more than we know now, now by combining all 5 theories, we definitely have “The Theory of more than we know now, an evolutionary step in the quest to understand and just be happy.

Awesome ? I’m going to treat myself to a Thai meal, then look at how much of the desserts in Africa we can fill with 8 Greece’s.

I’m back 7.06pm GMT

Too many ideas, LOL, going to look at Google Maps, Africa report and plan game.

Wow that’s a lot of desert.

Lot’s of desert in The Middle East as well.

And yet, India and China look Green. Africa in the Central African Republic, that’s the same latitude as the Rainforests.

Hmmm can’t find the contour function.

Right so Africa, there are some mountains in the middle, I wonder how hard it is to pump the water half way up and just let it run, creating rivers, need a lot of water and power, but seeing as we have a desert and a university to study solar power, we will get there in the end.

Weather change note, earth, worms lots of bees, plants, mainly indigenous, but some areas where we overwater, around mountains so making as lush a Forrest as the heat will allow.

Water becomes tree, tree makes oxygen, which is two parts of water, due to the intense sun photosynthesis will go nuts and the trees will grow and we really are looking at a rain Forrest, put this around a mountain range, like table mountain and the 12 Apostles and the moisture will, as it does mass on top of the mountain, this will cause rain fall and rivers, more water more photosynthesis, I’m not sure what the hydrogen does in H2O, lets Wikipedia, the reason I ask is we need to add it to the extra oxygen, to make the rain, and dew which is what makes a rain Forrest I think, definitely a part.

Hmmm it has an atomic number of 1, so I guess it won some competition, being first and all. LOL

It’s the lightest and most abundant chemical element, cool so there’s loads of it, and all we need to do is make the oxygen. Which we now know how to do

Note, we are also creating thermals so creating wind, which is nice at 50 degrees, the more wind the better, (hmmm not to much that’s the butterfly effect creating the hurricane, we make as much as we need, when we can. Much like the City investment, we take as much as we need, that’s all.

Oh yeah, didn’t think about it, its very powerful, Hydrogen that is, “The hydrogen bomb either is or was the predecessor to the atomic bomb and nuclear power, which I’m not keen on, I don’t think atoms like to be split, with all the water from the mountains, we can make many Dams, which are as effective. Same element same number 1, we just add the Chaos Theory & “Spartan Theory”

Which are the most likely to soon be classed as Science.

Where was I Ahh, Photoshop, time to make another good looking map, making maps soothes me :)

Awesome, do a project in Afghanistan, then everyone there can chill out. Loads of mountains there, I checked it the other day, Afghan is already on the list, bordered with Iran and Pakistan if I remember.

OK, I got the map and the ruler, I’ve got 1000 km by 1000 km = 1M km sq, lets go back to the size of Greece, it looks like we had coverage for only one of these ? nope that cant be right, that’s not . Hmm it’s definitely 1.095M
(Note chaos theory rounding, make software that can round to infinity and something surprising might happen, as opposed to calculating many, many digits to get to infinity which by its very definition is impossible, use a work round, and teach the software what infinite is and see if it can work it out, or something like that.)

Ok so we get to fill one block, how big is Libya, cool we can cover half of Libya, I see some mountains ? I’m going in.
OK to cover all the desserts in Africa, and the Middle East we are looking at 12 Desalination projects, so current 2011 cost 3 Trillion x 12 = 36 Trillion. Also remember this also supplies limited power across the whole area as well
We have many ways in which we are looking to make this process cheaper, Science City working overtime, in 4 or so years,

I’m sure we can improve output of electricity by improved solar or dam tech

Building economics will lower prices over time

Many jobs created

New Industry and agriculture leads counties to industry.

I’m sure they can make a way to get the water out twice as quick at some point, so as an 8 year project I’d say we can half the price and benefit many economies, that is good use of 18Tillion.

Ironically, its USA owes 18 Trillion that makes the idea of raising 18Trillion credible.

So there we are, how to change the weather, using Chaos Theory and friends.

Ok Photoshop playing up, time for game and bed, night night, it’s 8.44 long day. xoxo