“The Spartan Theory”: Part3 - Chapter 29
"American Butterfly"

"And so it begins"

10.29 pm GMT - Monday January 2nd 2011

Instinctive thinking is not as hard as one would think; you don’t have to take LSD, live life and travel to India, you don’t need to be a Zen master, just Zen, for some of the time at least.

One simple way to “instinctively think” is simply noticing coincidences, it won’t necessarily mean something, but you need to consider, two things in your life are coming at you at the same time: Symmetry is often beautiful.

11.46 pm Monday January 2nd 2011 (GMT)

Notes from the UK TV program “faster than the speed of light”, about the Italian dudes that broke the speed of light at OPERA (Oscillation Project with Emulsion-Racking Apparatus)

Most noticeable, they described the main contender for “The Theory of Everything”: “String Theory” as a possible explanation for how the neutrinos (really small partials) (Bad boys of physics) broke the speed light.

It is said that we have our three dimensions: up, down, side to side, in out …. Time is the 4th, there are a further 6 dimensions, so making three sets of three dimensional universes or places if you prefer. The position of the other two is described as adjacent, in the simplest of terms: We are three slices of bread, next to each other.

It was put forward, that the our set of dimensions can see light and another cant, so when the neutrino, that was flying along at a pace just behind the speed of light, went into one of these other set of dimensions it sped up as there was no infinite resistance to energy. (To brake the speed of light, you need infinite energy says Einstein’s theory of Relativity). As the neutrinos passed through these other “places” as there was no light there was no resistance so they sped up sped up thus breaking the speed of light all be it just by a fraction.

It is claimed that these “places” are incredibly small, as are the neutrinos, of which many billions have past through you and the earth since you started to read this page.

This makes sense as the neutrinos only sped up by a fraction, what I have taken from this simply: If these “places” are so small, they must have incredible self order to stop them continually expanding in the most chaotic way our universe is.

It is quite possible that these places are completely un-chaotic; I think few would argue that they are less chaotic. As such looking at “Sting Theory” combined with “Chaos Theory” or my “Removal of Chaos theory” may well yield tangible result or at least a greater understanding.

Another explanation which I prefer is this: If the neutrinos that broke the speed of light traveled through one of these other dimensions “places” then these places are most likely all around its just they are incredibly small, and of course very well organized.

If so, we probably come across these tiny little dimensions all the time, and possibly like many people had a brief glimpse, many people have probably been influenced, a song lyric for instance, or maybe an I Mac, maybe I was the first to remember the structure as it fitted perfectly with my experiences and needed to be without profit.

07.38 pm Tuesday January 3rd 2011 (GMT)

Note on start of America Butterfly

When I first looked up “Chaos theory” on Wikipedia it immediately gave me scientific credibility behind my financial software designs

After 7 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars, the all mighty Pastel was installed and working, it did nothing other than make room for lots of accountancy and Staff fees.

I know how a CEO want data presented, and this was not it. Simplicity is one key, the other is linking the enquiry to the admin to the bank and back, nicely displayed in a software denied not only for my specific industry but for my specific business.

Yes this will take a lot of staff, but we are currently looking at 100’s of million so that’s about one for every 10 businesses, over hundreds of years.

Removing humans from financial systems makes them far less chaotic, fewer mistakes possible,
But this is only half the story, by working within a non chaotic economic frame work where no number can reach infinity; we also remove rounding errors thus creating the framework for the first non chaotic economic system.


I’ve had 15 years of working within the non infinite number sequence 2,4,8,16 etc. in music,

Imagine this; non chaotic numbers are the key to the strings in “String Theory” which in turn give order to the 16 particles that make up everything.

Think of Chaos Theory as en engine, a computer for the universe

I’m not sure how, as I have not thought of it yes, and for that matter do not know enough about the subject, but I would not be surprised that via “Chaos Theory” (no number can reach infinity) we will find a unifying Math Vs Physics theory.

String Theory connected to Quantum Theory via “Chaos Theory”

Within the string’s the computer/thing that plucks the notes is best operated in an un chaotic manor as such Chaos Theory must also be considered a factor in time, in music all a computer does in sequence time and notes, or to relate it to string theory, the 16 elementary partials are sequenced by time,

Considering Chaos theory the more erratic or energized the particle the more Chaos It contains.

Something to think about, Ok

04.11 pm Monday January 4th 2011 (GMT)

I had a look at the 2 emails for Lee Chazen’s and Brian Cox, they are average, but well worth doing yesterday, as they have made me realize I need a serious paper on the results, so I will do that and it will begin “The Big Digits’”, “American Butterfly” & businessbook.

5.06 pm Tuesday January 3rd 2011 (GMT)

I think tomorrow is Lee Chazen’s and Patrick Cox day,

Lee Chazen’s wrote the paper that has most impressed me to date:
“Chaos Theory, Self Organization and the Role of Government “.

Patrick Cox is a UK celebrity scientist, who seems to know his stuff from a purist sense,

The first thing Chazen’s would say is, there needs to be another person who has a different perspective so we can work at the edge of chaos, I say as much as Lisi is the most qualified, it needs to be a really clever hot chick, witness the power of mans helplessness in their presence, that’s mixing it up as best I can think.

Dear Lee Chazen’s,

Your discretion would be greatly appreciated.

I am close to putting the final chapters to a paper claiming “Chaos Theory”, is at the very least mathematical science.

Most simply put, if we don’t use infinite numbers and stick within the framework of counting 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 etc. It is harder to reach infinity, or maybe impossible. This creates a non chaotic financial and economic building block, the world’s first non chaotic economic structure

Maybe someone hasthought of this before, great that shows president, what they won’t have done would be to have applied it to “The Spartan Theory” or if you prefer S-World www.s-world.com,

I have attached the most important science papers/chapters, they are also on line.

The Big Digits - The Mathematical Science of Chaos Theory

EEE - The Economy for the next 14 Billion years.

The first is an overview of my journey through theoretical science that is designed to amuse and inspire all that read it.

The second is the paper specific to the non chaotic economic system and POP “Pressure of profit, which is the most tangible result so far.

Both papers mention you and your paper “Chaos Theory, Self Organization and the Role of Government “. Thus far, this has been most inspiring.

Chapter 46: finding facebook is also attached, this chapter will explain, my current plans, of which the current objective is to get to Mark Zuckerberg,


Ok, that’s nice, short and to the point, I hope he writes back ?
Ok to Professor Patrick Cox
First how easy is it to contact him?

Brian Edward Cox, OBE (born 3 March 1968), is a British particle physicist, a Royal Society University Research Fellow and a professor at the University of Manchester.[1] He is a member of the High Energy Physics group at the University of Manchester, and works on the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)[2][3] at CERN, near Geneva, Switzerland

Ok, Manchester University will have a contact address, I’ll call them tomorrow, I need to stop now as I’m in a lot of pain:(

9.01 pm Tuesday January 3rd 2011 (GMT)

The Spartan Theory: Book 1, Chapter 45: The Virtual Network – “Finding facebook”

Dear professor Cox.

On the 1st December I came to the UK to gain interest in a project

Whist back in the UK, I had the privilege to watch four of your programs, most enlightening, thank you, as I’m sure you know, “If you can’t explain physics to a barmaid, you don’t know enough about it (A.E)”

I have however noticed that you have not yet mentioned “Chaos Theory”?

Please note the attachment: The Big Digits - The Mathematical Science of Chaos Theory (see on website), I have also included its economic predecessor: EEE – The economy for the next 14 Billion years. (See on website) The title’s premise, once we create a non chaotic building block for our economy it will last forever.

In one paragraph, if one works within a framework of numbers that can not reach infinity (or are harder to reach), you create a non chaotic system, when you apply that to economics truly amazing results are generated, few would disagree the results by applying the math to the investment model are significant, tangible and as such well worth applying to other problems.

This is of course just the very basics, the framework.

My work on the butterfly effect within economic systems however is earth shattering, the kind of math that could solve the USA debt Crisis

I would benefit enormously from scientific accreditation,

Lastly a word on symmetry and beautiful math within chaos theory, consider a coincidence as two events coming at you at the same time, this is symmetrical, and symmetry is beauty, and as beauty is so respected in math, so should symmetry in events, even if you cant explain it does not mean it has no significance.

Oh are you still friends with Al Mackenzie, I was writing with him just after D Ream. Q Base programmer, 13 years of 4/4, within 16, no wonder the non chaotic numbers are so instinctive.


5.19 pm Wednesday January 4th 2011 (GMT)

I’ll not have time to send the 4 emails today

Ok this is going to be fun, in essence an executive summary considering by “Chaos Theory” The beginning to “The Big Digits” & American Butterfly”, maybe “businessbook”

I need a title, and then I’ll look at the structure.

“The Beautiful Butterfly Effect” Perfect

Let’s look at 8 topics, no more than a page each, then try and work out an order

1. Economic Structure 1 - The Mathematics of Chaos Theory,
2. S-World, companies & Sienna.Gov
3. Economic Structure 2 Pressure of profit “POP”
4. The natural world
5. New Sparta & “Science City”
6. The Beautiful Butterfly Effect
7. Greek economy
8. Businessbook
9. American Butterfly
10. E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/∞ -16 = 16 PPG

I like that, flows nicely, we may see some swaps im sure but its a start

The Spartan Theory: Book 1, Chapter 4?
“The Virtual Network”
The Beautiful
Butterfly effect

1. Economic Structure #1: The Mathematics of Chaos Theory,

2. Sienna.Gov

3. The Pressure of Profit “POP1”

4. Beauty & The Natural World

5. New Sparta: “City of Science”

6. The Beautiful Butterfly Effect

7. Greek economy

8. S-World

9. Businessbook

10. American Butterfly

11. E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/8 -16 = 16 PPG

1. Economic Structure 1#
The Mathematics of Chaos Theory

The mathematics of “Chaos Theory” is very simple, use numbers that are not infinite 4, 8, 16, 32, etc, but before I go into detail, let’s have a look at what “Chaos Theory” is:

Chaos theory is a field of study in mathematics, with applications in several disciplines including physics, engineering, economics, biology, and philosophy. Chaos theory studies the behavior of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions, an effect which is popularly referred to as the butterfly effect. Small differences in initial conditions (such as those due to rounding errors in numerical computation) yield widely diverging outcomes for chaotic systems, rendering long-term prediction impossible.”

Within this paper/chapter, we will be dealing with “Chaos Theory” and the “Butterfly Effect” as two separate sciences.

Back to basics and the first man to notice something odd.
Edward Norton Lorenz (May 23, 1917 – April 16, 2008)[1]
An American mathematician and meteorologist, pioneer of chaos theory.[2]

Lorenz was trying to predict the weather, using a very basic computer; he ran two sequences that should have created the same results. The results however were wildly diverging. The cause of this was due to Lorenz wishing to save time, so on the second run of the sequence or simulation he asked the computer count only two decimal pales instead of six: As such a figure of 7.777,777 would now read 7.78. These tiny differences threw everything into chaos.

Enter: Benoît B. Mandelbrot and: The Mandelbrot set (2) fractal

The Mandelbrot set fractal beautifully duplicates it shape each time it contracts. Its equation (z=z2+c) dictates no part of the equation can reach infinity.

So we have, rounding errors, causing chaos, we have a non chaotic fractal where its mathematics can never reach infinity that duplicates itself with perfect symmetry.

Following this to its natural conclusion we need to take rounding errors out of what ever discipline we are currently focusing on, in my case economics and business structures.

The simplest way to do this is to follow the fractal and build company structures and economies around numbers that can not reach infinity, thus largely or completely avoiding rounding errors. Further we follow the Mandelbrot fractal’s summitry in duplicating itself.

So we need to work within this sequence of numbers: 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 etc

If we consider all the other chaotic factors in economics: Human error, fraud, creative accounting, mischievous behavior, negligence, and general mistakes. One would be forgiven for thinking “what difference will a few tiny rounding errors make?, and it’s a fair question, but I wanted to solve the problem, so I did, at the time however I did not expect tangible results, a claim to suggest “Chaos Theory” is science.

So to the question, how does one build a business or economic structure around those numbers? Fortunately for 14 years I was a music programmer working as such I already had over 10,000 hours of experience working within a 4/4 framework, playing with quantizes within the discipline. That’s a lot of fours;

if I had to guess it was most likely this that inspired the resort development project I was linking to the project to be structured around this number sequence, before I knew what “Chaos Theory” was

New Sparta City of Science
was already nicely divided into 16 Sub Cities, each containing 4 separate territories, each of which would cost $4 Billion. (More on this later)

So I had a starting figure of $4 Billion, what I needed to do was look to solve another riddle of “Chaos Theory”, four little words “long-term prediction impossible”.

Long term prediction, how do you predict a companies profit, or a countries profit, it seemed impossible, however…
The solution was actually very simple, box a company profits off at $4Billion, that’s plenty of dividends, all excess profit goes to staring a new company that will not form until it had $4Billion, which in turn is exchanged for 64th of one of the “Science Cities” and rights to start a new company and use the open source technology created in Science City.

This significantly increases the growth of Cities and as such the amount of staff and students, in return more advances are found, so companies become more profitable and more wish to join for the free technology so more cities are created, more science.

This model seam’s to be infinite, and maybe it is, one thing for sure it is definitely the basic framework for a Non chaotic Economic Structure, with results largely predicable as for +$4Billion companies we know exactly how much each company will make = $4 Billion

2. Sienna.Gov

If we can just skip back to a section from the last chapter:

If we consider all the other chaotic factors in economics: Human error, fraud, creative accounting, mischievous behavior, negligence, and general mistakes. One would be forgiven for thinking “what difference will a few tiny rounding errors make?”

Let’s skip back a few years: Running a small record company in the UK was simple enough, you or a team would make a record, give it to the distributor if it made money we got paid, remixes came as a result and a simple up front fee was received.

Moving on to a SME (Small to medium Enterprise) was however extremely chaotic, largely due to financial controls, at first I just worked on a simple spread sheet, but when the company expanded and my time was better placed elsewhere, the administration was put on the hands of a dedicated book keeper and accountant, who introduced me to Pastel accounting.

Later when my company www.capevillas.com started to manage the villas, things became even harder. The bigger the company got the more need for a fool proof financial system. Various accountants and financial managers came and went, each time, professing their skill with Pastel, informing me, the last team had set it up wrong, and all data for the last few years needed to be re input, then later making such a huge mess they had to go.

After 5 years of losses despite being the most successful company in our field, I bit the bullet and gave a “no limits” budget to “BDO Spencer Steward” to install and work the Pastel Accounting Software.

Including the dedicated staff needed, it cost about $150,000 to install and set a program that only cost $200 in the shops. At the end of the process, it did none of the things I wanted it to do, was so complicated it needed $80,000 of dedicated financial staff, but worse it was prone to human error, in particular data capturing and reorganizing. I tested it one day on a booking that had changed payment recipient and sure enough, they had paid both recipients making a loss of $5,000

There was nothing for it, I would not do this size of business without the right software and I needed to program it myself. I downsized the business from 38 staff to 2, so I could work full time on the software designs and complimentary business plans.

Over the 7 years trying to work with Pastel, I considered how I would like the financial software to behave and what I’d like to network it to.

And if we look at the very start of the S-World business plan and a proposal to VIRGIN you can see that a financial module connecting to the CRM (Customer relationship management) was and is still the very heart of the project.
The CRM gifts idea, was the precursor to the facebook gifts idea, a very simple way to show how to make an awful lot of money. The finical software plans were further described for facebook alongside the CRM within the facebook travel section, this time however interlinked with many other functional pieces of software.

No system is perfect, businesses that handle cash, will still be vulnerable to human error or fraud. However the general design is to simply record all information from an enquiry or sale into the CRM, if it’s an on line enquiry it goes in direct. Before moving to the admin phase, the customer needs to sign of on his order.

Once the client has signed of, no human touches it, unless the order is changed. From the CRM it goes straight into the financial model, which is linked to the bank, as soon as the money comes in it is recorded automatically, so no data capturing errors. The money is either paid directly to the supplier or put in a payment cue to pay on the last day of credit, so gathering some interest. The profit, nicely and neatly recorded.

The real trick to making this work for all industries all sub business types and all different sizes of company is customization, or more to the point the lack of it, the lack of customization the end user has to do. This means over 10,000 different variations of the same software, it also mean’s the software most compatible with a business is installed by a representative of the software company, as each individual business it tweaked, the software in general improves and more our of the box solutions are offered.

And now we start to see the scale of the project, you wait till be get to businessbook, where we then network all 100,000,000 different businesses to a central distribution system.

The real key to the success of the software is simple reporting, it needs to be designed so that any average 12 year old, could quite easily advise on the USA Economy. (Not kidding?)

An easy overview and really useful pop ups, as illustrated below

There will be many clever people thinking of ideas, for me in particular we are looking for some double checks.
The simplest would be to double check overall company worth (Assets, land, all bills recovered VS. debts and commitments)

If a CEO had such a report in real time, and the company is happily making profit, The CEO knows his team is doing well, and he has time to concentrate on other matters. If it’s making a loss, then it’s all hands to the pumps until it is well.

On a smaller level, (not including assets), simply checking the company month end profit figures against total company worth increase should give identical stats. But as the stats are calculated in a different way, if there is discrepancy you know something’s wrong.

At this point, support will be called for and a dedicated person will assist you on site.

Note, the software and support (within reason) are free. Microsoft and Apple will make revenue from a small transaction fee (less that 1%)

Yes that’s exactly who we need to make the software, the most trusted brands, in terms of innovation and technical skill in computing and software.

Bill Gates will be extremely enthusiastic about the “Save the World” ideology that he himself inspired, Apple will also see much merit and many opportunities.

I’d like Apple to concentrate on the CRM “Be nicer to everyone” brand improvement, communication in general, sociological tests... The list never stops; it is best described within the facebook travel section.

Microsoft and Apple need not spend money on developers as this will be done in the “Cities of Science” They do however need to make all parts work on both operating systems. We will get to the S-World operating system later.

This was the basic software design, I’d wished to create, to become the financial and communications pillars of S-World & businessbook (TV and Networking)

If small companies were to start up solely using the systems illustrated in facebook travel the mother company would have total control of all sub companies. In travel & Real estate, one could realistically expect to create 100,000 new companies & sole agencies.

According to this statistic that’s more new companies that are in existence in the entire world! Add that to other industries and…… we are looking at a total “Global Trade Network” with every transaction routed through the core financial system, for which we will probably need to write a new software language, easy but pure, fast and of course structured around the non chaotic number sequence.

Another part to the initial design requirements was that it output to tax approved audit, without any accountancy fees largely automatic but with staff on hand if necessary.

When the Greek economic recovery plan was first committed to paper in September, the first statistic everyone was throwing around was $40Billion lost each year in unpaid taxes. It was not much of a leap to connect the dots and have the software automatically calculate tax, and while one is at it, one may as well do it in real time, far better data to analyze, plus instantly generating a lot of extra cash flow.

And this is where the name Sienna.Gov, named after my daughter. The software had become possibly the most essential government system, Tax collection. I’ll be honest when the objective (Network into Government Systems) was first considered in March 2011; it was a little bit of an anti climax to see the first integration would be the highly unglamorous IRS, no matter how useful it is.

Over Christmas and New Year, whilst everyone was having a party, I was working on the USA figures, we will get to the results in “American Butterfly” nearer the end, for now, believe me, they desperately need the system integrated through everything save the weapons systems.

They don’t have to of course, I’d suggest a referendum, but I can imagine some resistance.

One thing is for sure, The Greek government will allow us to completely integrate into theirs, with the 99% approval of their citizens.

So one way or another, Sienna.Gov, will be born, as I said, it’s a job for Microsoft and Apple.

What has this got to do with the mathematics of “Chaos Theory”? not a lot, its inspired by the idea of “Chaos Theory” in that by removing human error from financial and economic systems, we make them less chaotic.

It is when this far less chaotic financial structure is planted within the Non chaotic economic structure highlighted in the last chapter, that you can start to see the basis for a spectacularly well ordered economy, where one can make long term economic predictions possible.

Now we will go back to the pure mathematics and look at the company that we only allowed to make $4Billion the excess profit going to create a new company and what I have called POP1 (Pressure of profit)

Of all the hundreds of examples “influenced by Chaos Theory” many will say, yes it certainly seems to make sense to remove as much chaos from my life and business as possible.

However the following was a direct result of just following the basic math and applying it to the problem, the result of which is between solid and extraordinary.

So, on this basis, I claim “Chaos Theory” as a mathematical science, as it has created tangible results when applied to an economic problem.

3. Pressure of Profit (ideas)

03.47 pm GMT - Thursday January 5th 2011

Just got back from the gym, some great inspiration:

POP page, after fb travel, work system so all travel companies and individuals invest, work on 30% of travel $B300 (commission) and work back, advising that travel will increase after recession and when it’s better organized and more economical.

We need to consider “Give Half Back” so we are left with $150B as such that’s 300B in dividends each year, 12.5% is an excellent return, especially when secured with property. As such we can multiply $150B by 8 to make 100% = $1.2 Trillion investment is very reasonable.

Make investors as small as possible, all must be in the travel business or wish to join; all must use the full software.

Note, as the investment is secured by land, banks or investors can lend the money to companies or individuals, secured by the property, and wait for 8 years until they have doubled their money before the share holder sees dividends.

I’d prefer shares not to be sold, on passing an 8 year dividend will be paid to the family and the shares get resold.
The property stays in the position of the original share holder

Note, as every Travel City will be a tourist city, and all will have houses or factional ownership, the properties in the new City will mostly be tourism related, a well priced luxury travel resort, a residual income will come in from bed nights stayed, or for the bigger stake holders they can run there own operations.

BIG reminder, the property value one gets is greater than their initial investment and they can sell it, do business in it, rent it….

Oh and of course the immense good they are doing to the planet and economy

Not to mention they are getting software designed and business advisers with an initial budget cost of $256 Billion.
Where after $75 Billion a year will be spent for their Cities, this includes welfare for citizen’s municipal bills, upkeep, constructions, luxury infrastructure and further land acquisitions.

A further $75 a year to the universities, business support and special projects, thus in general increasing the economy.

Note on USA Cities

We will divide down instead of 16 x64 km sub cities = 1024 km2

We will have 8 x 64
  8 x 32
  8 x 16
  8 x 8
  8 x 4
  8 x 2
  8 x 1

Math is wrong but that’s the point, try to have 512 individual 1km plots, it will make zoning a piece of cake, creates lots of hospitals and universities creates the support framework for businessbook, S-World & Sienna.Gov
Let’s do the math

2 full Cities 128
2 half Cities 64
4 quarter Cities 64
= 512 + 128 + 64 + 64 = 768: 1024 – 768 = 256
8 eighth cities 64
16 Towns 64
64 half towns (2kms) 128
256 quarter town 512

That’s awesome, excellent coverage across all of USA, stimulating the entire USA economy with building and other befits, all concentrating of proving enough power to run not only itself but the nearby towns as well

Half of the project could be complete in a year, all satellites well on their way and enough of all bigger cities to operate businessbook.

Zoning really becoming a small issue, I was looking at the Map yesterday and there did not seem to be the space without going near national parks, which is of course a big no no, next to them, awesome, but in general I’d prefer to build on arid land to increase the oxygen production by planting lost of plants, so the environment is actually better of with the city.

Note the divide down makes 4 sub companies; excelent way to create wage structures or companies small to big ration (Chaos Theory Math). Ok, must press on, I need a one page summary

American Butterfly (in one page)

For me to summaries in one page, one will need to consider “the fact in evidence”, as previously presented. Fact facts will stay as facts until adjusted on advice where upon they become facts again.

1. It will be extremely easy to raise $1,024 Trillion in investment for New Sparta in Greece. 1, 2, 3, 4, (+/- 200,000 words). $256 for the land, $256 for infrastructure, $256 for Real Estate and $256 for the university.
2. The University becomes a City of science with over a million staff and students, all very well paid. 50% of their time will be spent on businessbook and Sienna.Gov, Networking and financial business software, analytics and business advise, If there were 1 million businesses in Greece, each would have one dedicated advisor!
3. This will make Greek Business very successful, add the $256 Billion cash and a construction order of $512 Billion and we are looking at total recovery then excellence. Quite possibly the most profitable economy within 4 years

4. Mark Zuckerberg & facebook & Microsoft will be very interested in the University and the non profit initiatives, facebook plus tens of millions of residents at the universities will network everything to everything, Microsoft will financially link everything to everything.

5. This solution is based on a new Mathematical science

The Beautiful butterfly effect is vastly improved by working within a non chaotic frame. It is predictive math, an example mentioned above $512B on Construction = say 250,000 jobs = Saves 2.5B on Social Security = Saves $125M on interest. At the same time 250,000 people earning twice what they did on social security, there by further stimulating the economy, the shop owners that received the extra money spend it; this cycle goes on and on.

Given time, I could make hundreds of sectors for this cause and effect action, and that’s what were all going to do, estimate every ripple, how much each person will benefit and what they are likely to spend it on. It’s not an exact science, but with everything automated, one can see all fluctuations and the software will adapt. This is of course extremely useful especially as one will have warnings when one big expected ripple was not made. May be someone’s cheating, or someone needs extra assistance. Add this to the Non Chaotic structure so you know how much the profit of most companies will be and you have an excellent way of predicting the future of the Global economy.

The software could be making 1,024 trillion prediction fluctuation each day that’s what they call “the Butterfly effect”

12.50 pm GMT - Saturday January 7th 2011

Philosophy at its finest is to simply explain in a feasible way, how things can get better.

So if at the very least you would wish to place “American Butterfly” within that genre then we have the beginning of a fruitful relationship.

The philosophy is best described with a simply slogan: “Give Half Back”. An example relevant to your industry would be for me to ask you to give half of your 15% back to the planet. This however slows down innovation as you are less motivated. As such the model improved. You get your 15% I simply match your 15% and give that money to good causes.

This works better, I have no care for money, and you get your full commission knowing that you have also helped the planet, which is nice. To improve further I have two models that I am working on.

The simplest is for me to pick four international agents: USA, India, UK and somewhere else. Now we are looking at a 2.5% cut in your commission, to 12.5%. BUT and it’s a big BUT, now you get paid 12.5% no matter which of the four agents makes a sale (gets a book published)

The math being 12.5% + 12.5% + 12.5% + 12.5% = 50% to the Book agents whenever a book is published, and 50% to good causes.

We can also look at 16 international territories 15% for the agents that get the deal, 2.34% for the other 15 agents and again 50% to good causes.

I expect the book industry is not to dissimilar to the music industry in the 90’s with which I am familiar, if we have say a USA big record company like Interscope wish to release our record and spend some good money on a video etc. That very release and Video created demand in the UK, if the record does well more demand, as such the better each individual agent does, not only does each (partner) agency make their money they also have a more marketable product. No knocking on doors rather just get taken out for a lavish lunch by the publisher

This is what I call “The Beautiful butterfly effect” the ripple of one deal leading to another, one form of promotion effecting all within the group.

Another example of “Give Half Back” is presented for both VIRGIN & facebook, they are not aware of this yet, as soon as they are, they will also see merit, add a few more industries and we have a significant amount of money being raised by “Give Half Back” enough to buy land, build a resort town around a university of Science and general studies.

It gets better, now you have a choice of reading through the million plus words on the www.s-world.biz website, or trusting me when I say I have many other free offerings for many other business types, so much so that after a while we will be building a university, and as you have contributed to the university your staff or writers can attend.

There are many other business types that will be running this model, as such

I hear an objection in that most people maybe would not be willing to give away their intellectual property for free, well that’s what the university is for, for providing you with well researched, literally advised works, for free, or maybe just for less, so long as 50% goes back to the university, I’m not fussed how the deals are structured.
And so I present “American Butterfly’ & The Virtual Network”

04.30 pm GMT - Saturday January 7th 2011

Another great walk, it’s my favorite thing :)

Ok time to get serious, I’m going to write a 200 word email, showing the extra agents and teasing the reader into reading a 4 page example of how their business can flourish,

Then write a 4 page synopsis and chapter breakdown for “American Butterfly” and at the end introduce. “The Virtual Network”

But first I just want to write about the admin staff not having a job due to the financial software, which will become a part of the 4 page business plan which will become a part of a new chapter on Small to Medium enterprises and sole practitioners.

Ok so we will say the agency has 4 people in finance & admin positions, one person stays with the firm, the other three have the choice to travel to the nearest S-World base camp, (less than 20 Miles) in which case depending on the skill level a salary top up is given to the employer, so reducing their cost.

Let’s have a look at the university salary structure.

Intern : #1 $ 7,451  
Intern : #3 $14,901  
Intern : #4 $18,629  
Teachers #1 $29,802  
Teachers #2 $37,253  
Teachers #3 $44,703  
Teachers #4 $52,154  
Specialist: $59,605 and upwards
Internationally known: $238,419 and upwards
World Leading: $476,837 and upwards

For instance, a mid level book keeper (we will call her Sarah) costs the agency $40,000 a year, Sarah is offered a: Intern #2 position, as such the Agency received $14,901 a year, lowering their cost to $25099

Sarah is now a level 2 intern at the University, living at home or on the Campus.

Note: The campus is an extremely fun, ecologically balanced, luxurious and affordable, designed specifically to drive
innovation. In essence as close as one can get to an awesome holiday resort.

This employee still works for the agency, their time spent 50% on the practice side of S-World “businessbook” and 50% doing what ever classes or practice projects they wish.

Sarah will work within a team of four that in turn become a team of four alongside three more teams of four, so making a team of 16.

I’ll give an example of a team

1. Sarah

Intern #2

Book keeper, knowledge of book publishing

2. Brian

Teacher #2

Particle physicist who wishes to publish his work

3. Mobeao

Student #1

lived in a tiny shack all his life, cant write English

4. Leonardo

Intern #1

Software & Networks

I diverse group with lots to learn from each other, a lot of fun things will come down to a vote, and student’s despite their level still gets a vote, as such if Sarah wants Mobeao’s vote she is going to have to explain her point in a simple way, as such simplifying and refining the structure of her idea, so as to explain it in a simple way, not just for Mobeao for everyone of the larger group of 16.

Einstein: If you can not explain physics to a barmaid, you do not know enough about it.

Sarah’s primary purpose at the university is to increase the profit of her Agency which we shall call: C-Agency

This she can do in many ways, one of the first tasks it to network “C-Agency” this is obviously a team effort, Sarah explains the basic set up to the team, Brian as a level 2 teacher will have intimate knowledge of what all the various options and model’s, Leonardo, will have the understanding of how to create the networks and integrate the current systems into the network. Leonardo is learning all the time, in a few years, he will be mentoring another.

A basic plan is formed and a meeting with the owner, directors and staff it made, and the basic plan is presented, parts are liked, and a number of new reports are requested.

The team goes back to the university, re draught the plan to C-Advantages particular specification then presents it to the wider group of 16. It is further brainstormed, further refined, then back to C-Agency, for further discussion, at which point most of the C-Agency staff and directors have thought of a lot more extra bells and whistles.

So the plan is widened and once written up its back to the group of 16, one last trip back to C-Agency, this time just for corrections not new factors.

At this point we have a very well thought out plan, conceived not just by Sarah, but Particle Physicists, MBA, Economist and others.

C Agency is one of many international book agencies, and one of hundreds of commission based agencies in general, as such unless C-Agency has some radically new way of doing things there will already be a tailor made “Agent” version of the software that can be made to fit with “C-Agency” some of the extra bells and whistles already available, some need to be programmed, of course ones programmed, they are available to all others on the system as such, the system just gets better and better.

Chances are a number of API (network) links will need to be made, and a few more sight visits made, but after a few months, the system for C-Agency.

Whilst Sarah has been working on this project, she has also assisted Brian on the basics of how to get his work on Particle Physics published, at the same time she sets up an affiliate readers network.

I think it’s safe to say that my example with Eve White (not even a work said, no questions, just a standard rejection email) I think its safe to assume, that with tens of books to read each day on top of a full workload from time to time, or maybe more often than not, agents miss good books, or at least books with potential.

If one sends an auto response, they loose nothing by sending it to Sarah, to have it more carefully read by someone with more time who is a specialist in the specific field it is written, and here we come to self contracted armature agents. If you would like more information on the set up read: http://www.s-world.biz/FaceBook/2_FaceBook_Travel_Reps_&_Agents.htm

What we are doing, is looking for people with a passion for reading, which have time to read maybe one presentation a week, maybe a lawyer who reads through the synopsis and sample chapters of a law book, or maybe his wife who has a passion for romance novels.

Now imagine 100 or so part time reviewers all starting their specialist fields, so if one had a book on social networking, theoretical science, spirituality or maybe a solution for the global economy, instead of just sending the “Thanks but no thanks” to a book that one has no professional experience in and as such does not understand, one can send it an expert.

Chances are only one in ten books picks up the interest of our amateur agent’s, and maybe that one book needs more work, as such, the finishing touches can be applied at the university.

Eventually one will have a book worth publishing, as the author really has had a lot of help, and without said help would have no book to publish its fair for them to receive a smaller commission, especially if they were paid to go to the university.
We are giving half back of course; this pays for the university, but 50% Give Half Back, 25% author, 12.5% part time agent, 12.5% C- Agency

This has cost C-Agency absolutely nothing, not even time as Sarah is organizing the entire process for you.

Note: The publisher also needs to work the Give half back system as such; the entire agent author cut may be smaller.
Lets go to the system and the network, firstly you will have access to any successful books any other publisher or agent using the system has made, including stats on, how quickly it sold, how were the reviews, how many it sold over time, plus probably another 1000 or so stats that others have thought relevant all packed up in an easy to see, format.

One can search through genera’s choose authors that pay a higher commission, look for new alerts that may indicate, the author has just been asked to go on Larry King, all sorts.

There are many other advantages, but I have to summarize this so, lets leave it there and go onto how C-Agency can become a full EEE member. (Ecological Experience Economy)

08.00 pm GMT - Saturday January 7th 2011

I’m going to make some diagrams I think.

Nope I did it on a spread sheet, awesome, going to translate in a minute, first note at the end of “American Butterfly” synopsis. Here we will put the Billion books marketing plan, make a graph of books in order and remember to try and get the books printed for free in return for contracts, or at least done at the very best price.

Ok to the spreadsheet

First we look a Literary Agency, lets call it C-Agency, lets suggest that C-Agency made $90,000 profit after tax last year, is intrigued by “businessbook” and see’s both savings and improvements can be made by using the software and they understand all that goes with it.

We ask C-Agency to join a set of 16 other companies, all of whom have common business treads, i.e. an agent, a publisher, a media company, a film company, an actors agency, and so on.

Or they may be, 16 Agents in different locations in the world, or any combination there off

For the sake of making the math easy we will assume that all the partners make $90,000 profit each year.

All are informed that once their profit has reached $119,202 per year, the excess will be collected alongside that of the other 15 partners.

16 partners start at $1,907,349 profit cap per year, with all excess going into a container to be used when an excess of $1,907,349 is collected (This container is called a “Bucket”)

Here it is calculated which company produced the most profit and 50% of the $1,907,349 = $953,647 is pro rata split between all 16 on a sliding scale, the lowest maybe $30,000 the highest maybe $200,000

The other half = $953,647 is split evenly between the 16 = $59,605, so on average a company will receive $119,202. C-Energy however is not given $119,202; they are given $119,202 of Real Estate options,

We shall call this the first round and estimate it took two years.

For the first round, one needs to buy Real Estate to compliment your business, very luxurious offices within the nearest S-World University resort, the most obvious choice, but moving over the pond and buying the luxurious office near California may work better.

NOTE: Every time anyone does this, it stimulates the economy.

The second round: Each of the companies now has their own very luxurious office space

During this process, the C-Energy group of 16 will have grouped together with a number of other groups of 16, in complimentary businesses, but for now we will just concentrate on the C-Energy 16.

If we look at round one, we estimated it would take 2 years for all companies to make a 100% increase in their profit, via the affiliations, networks, software, and in general all the help from businessbook and the university. Most likely: 25% year one, and 75% year 2.

Now on year 3 it should be presumed that each company will make at least a 100% additional profit of this however half is redistributed, 25% to C-Agency as dividends’, 12.5% to the universities, for which you receive credits for special projects. 6.25% goes to the upkeep of the town or City where you office is, 6.26 goes to you to spend in the City, plush office furniture, A “Steve Job’s” glass staircase in your office, a large wall of TV’s, what ever you wish.

The other half remains in the bucket.

Year 4 and we would expect a min $125% as such you get the dividends again, and the credits and the spending money, plus you have filled up the bucket and so have a new real estate option, this time you can pick whatever you wish, another office abroad, a holiday apartment or fractional ownership of a Villa.

25% has already over flown into the next bucket, if you wish you can now start another company, of your choice using any technology available from the Universities.

Let’s say one is the entrepreneurial type, an obvious choice may be a publishing house, or even a book print set up, quite possibly 16 others may wish to join in, and if new printing press is made, using the very latest technology and its clients and owners are the same, it can run at full capacity and as such be profitable.

Year 5 Now you have two companies making profit, returning dividends and accumulating profit, as such you expand that very year, now you receive 2 sets of dividends and another piece of Real Estate and the rights to start a 3rd company, maybe this time a publishing house, or an agency in another country, as you own the properties there are no rent prices add the technology and assistant from businessbook, C-Agency is a slick money making machine.

Note: None of your businesses can ever fail as they are secured by you 15 partners, who are secured by their 16 partners and so on.

Year 6 Now with 3 companies making profit all overflowing into another bucket we start to see incremental growth, more than one expansion a year. This is what we call POP “The pressure of profit” which dictates that by year 8 you would have expanded between 8 and 16 times, (lets use the lower)

You still have your original business making: $119,902 per year
You have 8 sets of dividends returning: $238,404 per year
Real Estate initially priced at $929216
Plus 8 branches of the same company all making profit, which considering the software and businessbook, is a lot less effort compared to the old days.

Plus of course, you just saved the world’s economy and start to spread free medicine and alternate energy across the world.
Now Read “American Butterfly”.

4.47 pm GMT - Sunday January 8th 2011

Just got back from a swim, getting stronger, managed 32 lengths, if I keep this up I will be fit again in a few weeks.

Made a graphic earlier:

Not bad, but I need to place the text directly into Word, this is obviously taking longer that the time allocated, I was due to send to a 4 or 8 agents today, and that’s not going to happen, but its well worth getting this bit right as I would have need to have done it for the “The beautiful butterfly effect” chapter, which is kind of “The Chapter” so its far from time wasted.

The way it will fall within the “The beautiful butterfly effect” will be from the source predictions of where the investment money goes and the ripple: A $252 Billion alternate energy project in USA, creates jobs, worker has more money so buys a book, the book store makes more profit, the publisher makes more profit, the agent makes more profit and the author makes more profit.

Further a $252 Billion alternate energy project will create millions of jobs, and at least half employees live close by in the newly constructed S-World City, where all shops will be S-World (EEE) partners and cash is highly frowned upon. Let’s say over a year one in ten people bought a book in the town. Now we have 50,000 book sales and as such more money flowing through the system, as the system is linked to a central financial hub, when worker “Brian” buys a book, it is connected to his recent salary payment, made as a result of the job, created by the investment.

And this is how we can start to accurately predict not just the economy, the more companies within “EEE” the more accurate the prediction.

As the years go on, we will be able to track, maybe half of all payments that went to the Author and so on from there, track what he spends his money on and so on and so on.

What this achieves, is letting us know the full butterfly effect ripple from Alternate Energy project to 20 maybe 30 levels of exchange.

The end game, is to remove cash and to half just about every company on earth using the system, which considering it returns half the money back to continually re stimulate the economy, make free medicines remove fossil fuel and many other wonderful things, will be a club most would not feel threatened by.

Note: need to assimilate the sole traders into the model.

Let’s try starting with the email