“The Spartan Theory”: Part3 - Chapter 30
"American Butterfly"

"Predictive Quantum Software (PQS)"

1.00 pm GMT - Monday January 9th 2011

I’m not particularly happy today; my work rate has dropped again, largely due to the pain, but also the isolation that is really starting to get to me. I have however considered said isolation is my own fault, having chosen not to follow up in the UK government, which I still feel was the correct decision.

My decision however to consider my book “The Virtual Network” not worthy of sending to more Agents, just because one Agent did not bother to reply, is following the pattern of my best song, which presented to Dave Lambert from EMI, he said “this would appeal to every label, but it was not for me” So disappointed was I, that I did not send the song to any other labels, and as I look back now, it was the best song I had made in those 12 or so years, and certainly would have been a hit.

As such, I’m going to make my life a little easier and send the attachment I sent to Eve White to 8 agents today, advising of its partner book “American Butterfly”.

Let’s have a quick look at the introduction, hmm the introduction is to reliant on factors like Mark Zuckerberg jumping on board, which I’m sure he will, but only because I know what’s what. Getting someone to read further with such a high bar already placed, is probably off putting.

I think I will start with an Email, and then amend the introduction “General Information”


Dear Sir,

"The Virtual network” is the build up book to “American Butterfly” which is coming together on this webpage: http://www.s-world.biz/American_Butterfly/Home.htm. Above all other categories it should be presented in “humanities”.

The American Butterfly demonstrates how a new mathematical science influenced by “Chaos Theory” combined with “The Spartan Theory” best described on the www.s-world.biz website, will turn the USA debt crises, on its head, returning the USA to its previous economic powerhouse status. It further addresses the rest of the world’s economies and independently addresses: famine, sickness and fossil fuel dependence.

Over the next week, more pages will appear on the website, my aim to have enough to take to a selection of scientists I wish to assist by the 16th Jan.

Book or philosophy, there will be no arguments as to weather it can work, rather just its ultimate effectiveness: Can it work in 1 year or will it take 8?

The book presented “The Virtual Network” is the journey to the conclusions that make up “American Butterfly” as such for many it will be as important. The journey is far from ordinary.

The framework for “The Virtual Network” is here: http://www.s-world.biz/The_Social_Network_2/index_14-12-2011.html

As you will soon read, I have no desire for money, I do however need academics in all areas assessing and working the conclusions, as a book agent, you may well have authors and friends who have experience in many area’s, I would very much like to talk to these people.

The attachment contains general information, index, synopsis and three sample chapters:

The first (43) is a retrospective look at the first 13 chapters, it is well worth reading and may demonstrate the overall writing style of the book.

The following chapter (41) is a retrospective look at the journey through theoretical science, describing the framework for the new mathematics that will be used in “American Butterfly”.

The last chapter presented (38) is an overview of the economic, business and PR plans, again setting up the framework for “American Butterfly”

I hope you enjoy “The Virtual Network”
With Respect & Kind Regards
Nick Raymond Ball
CEO S-World
Tel: 01372 724844
fb/Nick Ray Ball

The Spartan Theory: Book 1
“The Virtual Network”
“The Virtual Network”: S-World – Sienna’s world: The spiritually inspired evolution of software & networks.

(The links will take you to pages on the www.s-world.biz website that have more information)

Category: Non fiction, biographical, spiritual, social networking, humanities. Wide appeal.

Note, as the follow up book “American Butterfly” is a very serious work, it will not be highlighting any of the spiritual aspects that inspired the conclusions, hence they will be highlighted in this book “The Virtual Network.

Please don’t be put of by the word “spiritual”, it really is where the whole thing started, as after my darling daughter Sienna left, I dedicated my already impressive work to the world, making it non profit.

Date of estimated completion: All the work is there, however considering the magnitude of what I am trying to achieve, I will be extremely busy as such we may have to consider a co author.

Full word count: Source material +/- 1,000,000 words, I’ll take advise we can go anywhere between 350 and 900 pages. I have started an edit which features many personal notes about my journey, with amusing little anecdotes surrounding the three interlinking plot lines: The Spirituality, the development of “The Virtual Network” and the journey into theoretical science and global economics. The idea to make the book an amusing read, not just a lesson in science and economics. That is the aim of the conclusions book “American Butterfly”

How much of the book is available: In source material all of it: http://www.s-world.biz/The_Social_Network_2/index_14-12-2011.html

Why I am qualified to write the book? : My networking and virtual experience will stand up against any criticism, before facebook was created in 2003 I was on my way to create a global trade network, having created the world first web based 2D Virtual world in 2001. However at that time technology was not sufficiently advanced to complete the project.

The bigger story is my instinctive knowledge of theoretical science, in particular “Chaos Theory” and “The Butterfly Effect” The summation chapter “The Big Digits – The Mathematical Science of Chaos Theory” is included as the second chapter presented.

This chapter seeks to prove “Chaos Theory” as a science; “A theory can only be proved as science if one creates tangible results” It’s a fun chapter, to be condensed into a serious scientific paper.

List of Marketing Opportunities: There are marketing opportunities, all of which will increase incrementally when I finally am ready to send the project to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, facebook.

Hooks (in no particular order): Triumph against adversity, Spirituality, Global economic recovery, “The Babylon Project” Middle East peace initiative, “African Rain” project, changing The weather, Free medicines, many aspects of theoretical science explained , proving good/Karma, S-World the next evolution of social networking, “Fox Force”, “New Sparta” “Cities of Science” “businessbook” (World trade network) facebook travel, various PR initiatives, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, David and Vicki Beckham, Mark Zuckerberg, Sir Richard Branson, President Obama, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Star Wars, Lord of The Rings, FIFA, Euro zone, USA Debt Crisis, Greek as an economic powerhouse…..


Ok I’ve made a few edits, round two, let’s look for 8 book agents, and send it. I’ll start with the Indian one I found yesterday that, expressed a preference for humanities works

Ajanta Books international: Delhi, ajantabi@vsnf.com , +91 11 239 961 82

And it’s away :)

From: Chairman@s-world.tv
To: ajantabi@vsnf.com
Sent: Monday, January 09, 2012 2:45 PM
Subject: The Spartan Theory, Book 1- "The Virtual Network"

Next….Italy, I like Italy they have a city called Siena.

Ah ha, Eulama is fond of humanities as well.

Eulama SRL: Rome, eulama@fastwebnet.it, +02 865 445 (short number?)

From: Chairman@s-world.tv
To: eulama@fastwebnet.it
Sent: Monday, January 09, 2012 2:59 PM
Subject: The Spartan Theory, Book 1- "The Virtual Network

Next my favorite European City: Paris and Susanna Lea Associates.


From: Chairman@s-world.tv
To: postmaster@susannalea.com
Sent: Monday, January 09, 2012 3:26 PM
Subject: The Spartan Theory, Book 1- "The Virtual Network"

Holland, Amsterdam

Internationaal Literatuur Bureau B.V.


From: Chairman@s-world.tv
To: lkohn@planet.nl
Sent: Monday, January 09, 2012 3:32 PM
Subject: The Spartan Theory, Book 1- "The Virtual Network"

Portugal, Lisbon

Ilido de Fonseca Matos, Agente Literario Lda

From: Chairman@s-world.tv
To: ilidio.matos@oniduo.pt
Sent: Monday, January 09, 2012 3:45 PM
Subject: The Spartan Theory, Book 1- "The Virtual Network"

Spain, Barcelona

Carmen Balcells Agencia Literaria S.A.

From: Chairman@s-world.tv
To: ag-balcells@ag-balcells.com
Sent: Monday, January 09, 2012 3:51 PM
Subject: The Spartan Theory, Book 1- "The Virtual Network"

USA, Beverly Hills

The Firm

From: Chairman@s-world.tv
To: query@thefirmbooks.com
Cc: partners@facebook.com
Sent: Monday, January 09, 2012 4:00 PM
Subject: The Spartan Theory, Book 1- "The Virtual Network"

I’m going to stick at 7 as with Eve White it makes 8.

Great, job done, feel good, off for a swim and on my return I will start a correspondence to VIRGIN Holidays. :)

6.04 pm GMT - Monday January 9th 2011

I forgot my gym card so I walked round the park instead.

I considered even if I make a really simple (cant say no) plan for Virgin Holidays, briefly mentioning “American Butterfly” I need a more concise web page on the “American Butterfly”, so I will work on the webpage putting a brief introduction to each chapter, this of course will help with the book agents, its also fun :)

Right a new Chapter Set is needed; I’ll be looking for 16 of course, then initially at least 4 pages each, to be expanded to 32, which will be written in collaboration with experts in the field, from there an entire book per chapter.

Each chapter is individually a huge chapter, so I will order it with the hardest things to do at the end, i.e. the investment; I will also try to make a lead out to BBE & PQS (Beautiful Butterfly Effect & Predictive Quantum Software)

Let’s see what is on the website right now: http://www.s-world.biz/American_Butterfly/Home.htm

1. Introduction  
2. Dear Diary  
3. Finding Facebook  
4. Economic Structure 1 The mathematics of Chaos Theory.
5. Sienna.Gov: Microsoft and Apple
6. Economic Structure 2 Pressure of Profit “POP1”
7. Beautiful Equations: Beauty, Symmetry and The Natural World
8. New Sparta Cities of Science
9. Economic Structure 3 The Beautiful Butterfly Effect
10. Sparta Rises Again The Greek Economic Solution
11. S-World TV Operating System
12. Businessbook Global Trade Network
13. American Butterfly The USA debt solution.

Interjection: New Thought, in general one of the biggest factors is free will, no rules, especially from me, this can not always be possible, “Give Half Back” needs to be a rule, but one few will resent, after all, no one is forcing anyone to join the network. GPS ID cards for cities in high crime areas is another, must do, the only ones objecting will be the criminals, so I’m not to bothered, especially as there will be many programs to help them.

Whilst considering the specifications for the BBE (Beautiful Butterfly Effect) software, it became apparent that for it to work perfectly, all would need to make all transactions on debit/credit cards that were connected to the network, so every penny could be tracked.

Now imposing a rule that people in EEE (Ecological Experience Economy) jobs and all those that spent money in the city, must use EEE issued debit cards is really not going to go down well, such a practice needs to be eased in and may take many, many years to perfect.

I have however thought of the solution and it’s quite nifty at that. We have a reward scheme, like the supermarkets, but make the margins higher, up to 12.5%

Example, Mark Anthony, is a “Spartan” (construction worker & student) at the Nevada desert C-Energy City. Mark gets paid, $32,000 a year, and lives in “C-Energy” City (in the Nevada desert, concentrates on solar power).

Mark spends $8,000 a year on a 16 year mortgage, and he wishes to buy a new Sofa, a nice one, prices are already very good, but to make Mark feel more comfortable, buying a sofa and sacrificing a few nights out with the lads, Mark receives 12.5% of the money he spent on the Sofa back, so long as he banks with the designated bank (could be all of them) and spends the money on his designated debit card.

Here we are accomplishing many objectives, for a start,

Mark is getting exceptional value.

The cost of living for all Spartans is lower

Each time Mark gets his money back, and spends it, he is stimulating the economy and in general creating more money for “Give Half Back.

Note: the 12.5% back, will need to come from the “Give Half Back” money, and I’ll need to think about the BBE some more, but I believe considering the whole idea of “Give Half Back” is to stimulate the economy, this method seems perfect as it will snowball into a general buying frenzy, in particular for goods made by EEE companies

There will probably be different incentives, depending on the profit margin the supplier is putting on, but I think if all goods and drinks returned between 5% and 12.5% that will be a suitable incentive for people to happily use the cards, thus opening the door to a future cash free society and true order within the global economy.

The amount of discount it all really comes down to the profitability of the company lets analyze the sofa for instance. It really makes sense for Sofa manufacturers to open their own stores, especially as they will have been given ‘building credits” as a part of their entrance to EEE, as such they can buy nice big shops to display their sofa’s. This way we are most likely looking at a 150% markup on cost with 50% paying for operations, which are in general a lot cheaper as they use the software and don’t pay rent.

As such when one buys a sofa from them for every $100 they spend $50 is profit of which $25 goes to the “Give Half Back” kitty. Of which $12.5% gets returned to Mark Anthony.

If we look at another example “purchasing real estate” where the agent only receives 1% or 2% to start with, we would be looking at a much smaller return, 0.25% for instance that said, 0.25% of a house is still a lot of money.
This is definitely something to consider.


Getting back to the Chapters in “American Butterfly”, I’m going to make some amendments, let’s see what is on the website right now: http://www.s-world.biz/American_Butterfly/Home.htm






Chapter Breakdown




Dear Diary

Notes along the way



Finding facebook

All comunications sent in 2012







The Pressure of Profit

The Removal of "Chaos Theory"




Financial & CRM Software



Beautiful Equations

Beauty, Symmetry and The Natural World



New Sparta

Cities of Science



Sparta Rises Again

Greek Economic Solution



The Bee's

Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s)




Virtual World & TV Operating System



S-World Entrepreneurs

Independent contractors/Sole Traders




The Global Trade Network (GTN)



The Beautiful Butterfly Effect

Predictive Quantum Software (PQS)



American Butterfly

USA Economic Solution




Ecology & Alternate Energy



The Story

Public Relations, Media, Books & Films



The Auction

Investment Models

Only 14 but I’m sure another 2 will pop up.

I’ll try to make a chapter breakdown.

American Butterfly – Chapter Breakdown

1. Economic structure 1a The removal of “Chaos Theory”

Chapter one deal’s with the foundation science & mathematics that is applied to every aspect of “American Butterfly”

Simply put, we order the economic structure in millions of square (cubed) boxes; we accomplish this by working with a certain set of numbers, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, etc. Doubling is best but any multiple of 4 will do.

We start at $4Billion, divide down or multiply up; this has the effect of dramatically removing the occurrence of infinite numbers such as 3.3333333, such a number can never be calculated accurately as it is infinite. Imagine trying to record every transaction on the planet with a good percentage of numbers being infinite, or for that matter one number being infinite.

10.10 pm GMT - Monday January 9th 2011

I just saw an interesting program on the Higgs Boson, the so called “God Particle” of course they pictured it as a cube within a cube, and also on a set of graph paper 16 dividers.

This is all very familiar.

Apparently, at the beginning of the universe, matter and antimatter were in perfect symmetry, but something created a force that disturbed the symmetry, as best I could grasp, it is similar to what Einstein describes as the fabric of time.

I think my earlier consideration that there was a force related to the butterfly effect that becomes the timeline, within the so called strings that hold the 16 elementary particles together, may have some legs. (String Theory)
There was also talk of an alternate theory to the Higgs Boson, which was super symmetry where for every elementary particle there is a partner particle that we can not see (yet)

Certainly the more physicists and mathematicians talk about symmetry beauty and nature, the stronger my arguments for both my work and more to the point how I came to my inspirations, which 99% of the time, come while walking in nature, considering weather everything is related.

This has got to the point now where sometimes I put my hand out to touch the leaves on trees, the same way a pop star would touch his fans. Premise, if I was a tree, I knew what I was trying to do to protect nature, I would be a fan of me, as such, if there is a collective consciousness then my actions are perfectly sensible.

I’m off for a walk to touch some more trees.

11.10 pm GMT - Monday January 9th 2011

Awesome walk, inspirational idea for

The Beautiful Butterfly Effect (BBE)
Predictive Quantum Software (PQS)

Most will have heard a phrase similar to: “If a butterfly flaps its wings over Texas it can cause a hurricane in Africa”
This is the “Butterfly Effect”
; or at least how it most commonly described.

The “Beautiful Butterfly Effect” is its symmetrical partner, matter vs. antimatter, positive vs. negative.

It’s fair to say most would say a hurricane is a negative, as such if we need to consider its positive opposite: “If a butterfly flaps its wings over Texas it can cause rain over Africa”,

Over the last 7 or so months, I have given this phenomenon much thought, and it becomes clearest on the mountains whist looking at the Bay and Ocean, which was my home, where once I saw hundreds of dolphins jumping and diving to my wonderment. There can be only so many places on this earth so utterly beautiful. So if particle physics and quantum mechanics are as most say, all about beauty & nature, I was in the right environment.

I considered:

If we make an imaginary cube around the butterfly and subsequent cubes around this cube, then measured the change in charge of every atom within the butterflies cube, we could accurately know the effect or force on its surrounding cubes, some pushing some pulling or sucking.

If we could also measure the same in the surrounding cubes, and those that surrounded them, and so on, we would be able to tell exactly what the weather was doing and have far greater predictive abilities. Further we could influence the weather, Transforming a desert into a rain forest in Africa, would change things, and if one really wanted to go to town, one could make giant windmills all over the place to mould the weather, all be it I’m sure the particle physicists would have a more practical solution.

Of course current technology and understanding can not measure the share of all the atoms across the earth, and maybe they never will, but there’s a lot going on right now that is very exciting, in the ever widening worlds of physics and math.

This example however illustrates a way to do it, to track the cause and effect across our skies in a manor I doubt few if any have ever considered. I’m just going to make a few diagrams to further illustrate the key point, and then we will go into how we reverse engineer, the above example to make “Predictive Quantum Software”, to track the economy.

For these diagrams, instead if the billions of different energy variations created within the butterflies cubes we will just simplify it to a force of one. Note we are not really using the flap of the wind rather the butterfly’s resistance to an oncoming breeze.

We will be using 3 butterflies 2 of equal mass (weight) the 3rd butterfly of twice the mass (weight) One of the two equal butterflies will sit on a different timeline (or distance from the force/breeze)

We are really simplifying this to its most basic possible form, in reality of course, one would need to consider the smaller force pushing out to the side of the wing flap, convection, and forces coming from the other sides of the square.

If you now imagine instead of squares we have cubes, and we map these cubes across the sky, and calculate the opposing forces in each cube and we have something similar to how I first pictured the butterfly effect.

When we consider the butterfly effect within these parameters, it becomes obvious that unless we enter the realm of extreme quantum mechanics, where things can literally disappear, it is not possible for the beat of a butterfly’s wing to create a hurricane, its energy level is to low, it can however become a small contributory factor, and if you consider 100 million butterflies times one years collectively you have a considerable force. As such maybe its better title is “The Butterflies Effect”

If you have read the previous chapters you will have already started to see where I’m going with this, the butterflies are the citizens of earth and their force is the money they spend, no one man or woman going bankrupt can cause a hurricane type economic event, all be it a 100 million going bankrupt would cause complete chaos.

Every chapter so far, has contributed to the Predictive Quantum Software (PQS), we are in essence attempting to put a cube around every government, cooperation, and business so we know exactly what is going on and exactly what is going to happen, and this is best illustrated in this graphic

Where each dot represents a company that has its profits boxed off, flowing outwards, as such making all inner companies (dots) predictable.

Thus in the not so distant future there will be a strong predictable non chaotic structure surrounding the core of finance.

In terms of the butterfly effect, the flap, and the hurricane, the centre would be the hurricane, where the most energy or money sits. The dots around the edge signify the companies still in a chaotic (unpredictable) state.

This is of course very useful; however we have not taken into consideration, the 6 Billion humans that interact with every dot (company), both chaotic and un chaotic, as near all companies will be paying salaries, and the citizens will be spending there salaries across a wide spectrum of companies offerings.

The only way to perfectly track all the interactions, would be the illumination of cash and a global EEE credit/debit card, linked directly into the Sienna.gov software (financial software)

And maybe one day a system like this will come to be, but not this day, so we have to look for alternatives, and pander to what is collectively called free will. There are a few methods that I will touch on to assist, before we get into the predictive nature of the software.

Let’s take a leap and suggest that we get the go ahead for “American Butterfly” and hundreds of new additions to town’s spring up all across the USA with a few new large towns and cities alongside.

This will create 10 maybe 20 Million jobs, and it’s fair enough to say to the new employees that they need to use a bank and card connected to the system, this is still in a way pandering to free will as one has the choice of taking the job or not.

If we look to the new districts, town’s and cities themselves, it is also fair enough to suggest that with the exception of tourism/visitor vendors such as bars, restaurants and the like, cash is not permitted, or one could just restrict that rule to EEE employees.

This of course will not come close to any degree of total accountability as there are 312,000,000 million USA citizens. It does however give us an extremely large sample group.

If we were to further incentivize both the “Spartans” (EEE Workers) and USA citizens in general, by offering rewards points between 1% to 15% for every purchase of an EEE product, so long as they used and EEE linked debit/credit card we further increase our sample group, to 5% maybe 10% of the population.

With this size of test group one can start analyzing the data and making predictions. If we consider “Robert Bailey”, Robert works construction 3 days a week, spends one day working with businessbook and another in general studies. He is known as “A Spartan” After his housing; Robert has $2,000 a month to spend or save.

Robert converts $200 to cash, and we don’t dream to ask what he spends it on, the rest of his money is spent via his card, as he is keen for the credits. Robert spends $300 in various pars and restaurants, much the same in the supermarket, saves a little and spends the rest of various goods.

Each month the system records what Robert has spent his money on, and after 12 months a pattern has emerged, maybe 50% has been spent within a continuous group of shops, bars, restaurants, retail outfits and supermarkets, the rest on one off items.

Let’s say in the new EEE town where Robert lives there are a 1,000 “Spartans” on the same salary, in similar jobs.
Now we have the collective buying patterns of a 1000 people, and we are bound to find some repetition and some variation.

Considering for most the majority of money would have been spent either on line or in their local EEE town one can start to predict with a degree of accuracy, what the effect of the economy of that town would be if another 1000 people were given jobs.

EEE stands for Ecological Experience Economy, as such; a good proportion of the “Give Half Back” money will be spent on Ecological projects, most often Alternate Energy.

If we have say 400 EEE districts, towns and Cities (a district being anywhere from 1 to 4 sq km’s) We could after a year have a look at the money transference from employee to local business and assess which EEE districts benefited the most from the extra 1,000 workers, and as such, when the next million or so Solar panels are ready to be installed, up with pop statistics of which districts would see the greatest benefit.

One could use this information in many other ways, if we consider not 1,000 people in the test group, but 10 Million; we will start to see circular patterns of cash flow, parts where the money going out from a EEE Alternate Energy project, flows to the “Spartans” back into the EEE community and after a few exchanges comes straight back to the “Give Half Back” kitty.

As such, we can look to replicate the model as much as possible, it may be that one specific industry bonuses of another to create this circular phenomenon. For instance, a Real Estate Agent in a tourism town would benefit from a Luxury Villa rental agency, or a book publisher would benefit from a printer. As such, we could look to an EEE district that has only one of the two parts and put a general suggestion in the “New Business Options” that opening that specific business is recommended.

Over time, even though we are only monitoring 5% of the population, the software will via its experience on a day to day basis of millions of people be able to create reasonably accurate buying patterns for USA citizens. If we add that to already knowing exactly how much money most businesses are going to earn each year, we are really starting to get to grips with predicting the economy.

PQS Predictive Quantum Software

PQS, may not be quantum mechanics in its traditional sense as we are not talking about atoms or neutrinos, or for that matter a force as forces are usually described

This said, despite boxing everything of in groups of four,

1.15 pm GMT - Monday Tuesday 10th 2011


5.17 pm GMT - Monday Tuesday 10th 2011

Eco Dams (snow fall) cost more and give less electricity, however if we can supply to one company, actually one of our companies, a good amount of people would choose to use ours as opposed to burning fuel, much like one buys free range chicken, with a simple electricity counter and maybe a few gadgets that we would install, they would in general lower their energy use, (particularly if you are paying more for something out of choice you would appreciate it more)
I really like this, its going in the ecology section.

Other thoughts: Add a tree to the nature section explaining that its structure where all are connected to the base structure both up and down show order.

Add Sahara Theory to one section

Make a sole trader section called S-World Entrepreneurs.

Need a short to the point email to 4 USA publishers, copy to Max Clifford.

Awesome: Think of cents and dollars as the electrons and give half back as the nucleus. ? There’s going to be talk about that one, to me it sounds like a nice friendly black hole.

Note: Program on the Drake equation, mentions photosynthesis as the common denominator for producing life.

6.23 pm GMT - Monday Tuesday 10th 2011


I’m going to watch the beautiful equations program, and take notes; I may make the equations and their definitions up in Photoshop. Note: program is presented my Mathew Collins, artist and art critic.

This is going to take a while.

1. Professor Pedro Ferreira, Oxford University: Astrophysicist prefers to be called a theorist.

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

E=MC2: Energy = Mass x The speed of light x the speed of light

Was a prophesy, it was created before it was proved to be true

An equation is “The natural world reduced to a formula”

Energy = “The capacity to do things”

Mass = “The amount of stuff in a thing”

Speed of Light = 299,792,458 meters per second (often rounded to 300,000,000)

Speed of light squared = 8.98755179 × 1016 m2 / s2

Since C2 is such a big number a tiny lump of matter contains an enormous amount of energy

Whilst this is far from beautiful, it’s worth noting that the Atomic Bomb evolved from this equation.

If we consider a mass the size of a pill

0.0005 kg’s (half a gram)
C = 300,000,000 m/s

E = (0.0005) kg’s x (300 000 0002) = 45,000,000,000,000 Joules = +/-15 Kilotons on TNT

Einstein” claimed “The only physical theories that we’re willing to accept were the beautiful ones”

What is beauty?

Einstein “theoretical physicist”: The end game of what he does is, experience, experiment, it’s the natural world. But what ultimately guides him is mathematical beauty or mathematical simplicity, that’s what guides his research.

“It is essential from our point of view that we can arrive at these constructions and the laws that relate them one with another by adhering to the principal of searching for the mathematically simplest concepts and their connections. (Sounds very familiar)

So: Go for simplicity, Go for the simplest relationships that are mathematically true

Einstein believed that the laws that govern the universe would have an elegant simplicity and that this would be shared by their equations

Hmmm, TV stopped working, we will get back to this later, Einstein has offered some good input.


What to do now? I’m happy with the Predictive Quantum Software (PQS)

Chapter, for a base to work from, I think I might make this the first sample chapter I recommend on the short email I wish to send, its very title strikes ore.

I may as well sketch out that email; I’m going to go a little more direct this time.

"The Spartan Theory presents: “American Butterfly”

Dear “The Firm”

I desire your assistance, for which you will be suitably compensated; there is enough of the book “American Butterfly” for someone who pays attention to understand the potential of the project it pertains to.

Here is the introduction and chapter breakdown, I would advise however going straight into chapter 10: “The Beautiful Butterfly Effect” which’s describes the specifications for Predictive Quantum Software (PQS) years ahead of their time.

This chapter is only 4 pages long and explained in a very simple way, you don’t need to have any knowledge of Quantum Mechanics or the “Butterfly Effect” to understand.

From here, its best to read the from top to bottom, introduction and chapter breakdown then start at Chapter 1, by the end you will realize that this software combined with the intrinsically linked business and economic plans, are not only a viable solution to the USA debt crisis, but a “can not fail” solution, the only unknown factor being time.

I desire to be brought to the USA, work with experts & authors, to bring the book up to presentation standard, at which point we will either go to facebook or the USA Government.

A secondary book, that shows how I got there is available here “The Virtual Network”. Many early plans and workings are found on the www.s-world.biz website, the beginnings of a PR plan are found here http://www.s-world.tv/Home.htm

This is the real deal, you have waited for this all your life, never expecting it to come but secretly hoping, this is your piece of luck. Take it, it’s yours.

Yep, I definitely like that. Very short, packs a punch, but just about manages to retain a slight air of subtlety.

Ok so now I need to get the content on the site, I was hoping I can send out four emails on Thursday, but considering the day lag in putting the material on the website we will have to wait for the 16th, which is conveniently placed on a Monday, the second working weak into the year, not a bad day to capture someone’s attention.

Before I restart the Chapter Breakdown, I’ll make a list of who I wish to send to, maybe 4 groups of 4

4 USA Book Agents
4 Physicists
4 BEA (US Bureau of Economic Analysis)
4 Others.

Probably best not to send more than 16, all be it I do need to make up for two of the emails that did not arrive yesterday.

Not sure about VIRGIN, It depends if I have time to write a dedicated letter.

Ok so I’m going to start again with the chapter breakdown, this time using a word count restriction of 150 (or at least try)

Actually I need to do the introduction before the Chapter Breakdown, It should be no longer that 2 pages.

The Spartan Theory: Book 2
“American Butterfly”

Welcome to the “American Butterfly”

American butterfly is a dream, not of how things can be better, but how to create Utopia. We won’t be able to create Utopia any time soon, but “even in failure, we strive for perfection”.

American butterfly describes the formula for a new economic system which when perfected will change not just our wealth, but our entire planet.

Developing and implementing the system to its fullest will take a number of years; this said it will take only a matter of hours after “American Butterfly” is verified and broadcast for the money start to flowing again.

Within a year the recession will be over, shortly followed by a golden age of prosperity that may never end. In fact I say: “It will never end”, I expect however this little phrase will be debated.

For this reason, I needed to create something that could look a few years into the future of our economics systems. Such a tool could see anomalies and threats building up well before they spiral out of control. At which point the system can divert investment (usually building university towns & providing alternate energy) to the areas of concern.

I am proud to introduce: “PQS” (Predictive Quantum Software) the newest addition to the SIENNA software family: (Super Intelligent Engine for New Network Access)

To develop the specifications of this system I took influence from “Chaos Theory”, “Quantum Mechanics”, “Black Holes” & “The Butterfly Effect”

“Chaos Theory” dictates “Small differences in initial conditions (such as those due to rounding errors in numerical computation) yield widely diverging outcomes for chaotic systems, rendering long-term prediction impossible”. Economics is a primary field within “Chaos Theory” thus, long-term prediction has always been considered impossible.

We get round this by creating and linking financial software into businesses and banks that needs no human interaction, thus avoiding chaotic human errors. We make this system count in multiples of four, thus dramatically reducing rounding errors.

Next we build a cube like structure where companies profits are pegged at certain figure (higher than they are now) and internally rounded thus eliminating rounding errors and making the cube predictable. The additional profit sits and grows (half being returned to the financial hub), until it is the same size as the yearly profit made by the initial company, it then makes a land and property investment and a new company is formed. And the process starts again, but with the initial companies excess profit still poring into it, when this process is repeated the flow increases, the more companies in the chain the faster the flow. This is called POP1 “The Pressure of Profit”

“Quantum Mechanics” Please consider the basic connection between the nucleuses of an atom, the electrons that are bound to it, and the ever changing electromagnetic force that holds it together. In economic terms: the nucleus is the financial hub, the electrons the citizens, and the electromagnetic force the flow of money.

To explain the link to “Black Holes”, I need to explain “Give Half Back” which basically states. If you use the system and make more money than you do now, when you make even more money, half will be returned to source. This is the process previously described as “half being returned to the financial hub”

Imagine all the citizens and their money and picture them in perfect orbit around a black hole, with the black hole continually sucking in money at a sustainable and adjustable rate, and then returning the money to the nucleus of the atom for redistribution, a perpetual feeding (stimulating) process.

Now we consider the “Butterfly Effect”: “The flap of a butterflies wings in Texas can create a hurricane over Africa” If we put an imaginary cube around the butterfly and measured all the energy transference, then put imaginary cubes across the entire sky in a Higgs Boson manor then measured all the energy transference, we would be able to perfectly predict the weather, and see exactly what caused the hurricane, learn from it and so be aware of the warning signs for next time.

We can’t do this yet, but we can apply the principal to our non chaotic economic structure and track the flow of money to a fair degree of accuracy, especially if transferred within the frame work. To give it a name we will call this new economic frame work EEE (The Ecological Experience Economy)

After a while we will start to see spending patterns, with a test group of well over 20 Million desired in the first year in America alone, we will have an excellent sample rate from which to grow the predictive nature of the software. Spending patterns can be analyzed to see which projects under taken created the greatest benefit to the economy, and we can also start to analyze warning signs, from an individual citizen falling to far into debt, to cities, states and countries in decline.

Both can be assisted, in the case of a city in decline, assistance will be on hand, in the form of a new suburb or small university town, at a cost of $1Billlion per square km’s creating many jobs. In the case country in decline, an entire City of Science can be built, with sub cities scattered around the country, a good number of small towns and many new suburbs.

PQS (Predictive Quantum Software) tracks the flow of money from EEE projects to companies to staff, staff back to companies and beyond. Taking into account the amount of tax is being accumulated and the amount of money going to “Give Half back” Knowing this, along side the exact amount “POP” companies will make plus and recording peoples spending patterns over time and assimilating the data forward will give us a very good idea of how the economy will do in the future, hence the name Predictive Quantum Software.

Obviously we are looking at an expensive operation and as such one needs to create an investment model so good all would bite there right arms of to get a piece of the action. And that’s what we have right here, a combination of mouth watering enticements all backed by capital assets.

The first phase is to secure an investors money with an asset worth more that the investor invested in.

A standard block is $4Billion this is the base figure from which all calculations are attached, either multiples up or down.
In the “New Sparta Science City” Model (Laconia Greece) I worked on 4 sq km’s per block, 16 blocks in a Sub City and 16 Blocks in a City. However we may well need to increase the land size to include more park land, as Cities must always eventually put out more oxygen than the land did before the development.

The investment money is spent

• 25% Land procurement (mainly from governments)
• 25% Infrastructure
• 25% Construction (builds villas & shops for the investors)
• 25% University

Land procurement is the immediate fix for Governments, New Sparta for instance would bring in $256 Billion for the government, more than enough to cover their losses for 4 years by which time, the automation alone will have their taxes collected efficiently and that’s pretty much all they need to get into profit.

Infrastructure is the key to making the city desirable and efficient, the budget allows for many luxury items, stadiums, lakes, golf courses, general resort town attractions even artificial rain forests. It is this investment, which increases the desirability to live, visit or do business in the cities or towns or suburbs. D=HPV (Desirability = Higher Property Values.

Construction To be considered a building allowance, considering the size of the development, and the state of the economy at large, building will be very cheap, not that there will be cheap buildings, quality and energy efficiency are a must, and the building allowance considering the size of plots, is enough to build very luxurious mansions and villas on the periphery around the lakes and golf courses, quality apartments and small villa complexes in the campus, and exceptional shops and offices in the downtown areas.

University The shining crown in all that is EEE, a colossal budget to be spent mainly on staff, a budget that will be constantly replenished as 50% of all money razed from “Give Half Back” goes to the university.

As previously mentioned, the university is a practical university 50% of time working on improving EEE companies, developing and hardwiring the network so every business can trade using bulk buying direct from source (A bar in Athens, now orders collectively with every shop, supermarket, restaurant and bar in the whole of Greece, so saving 30% to 50%). Individual attention is paid to each business, constantly analyzing constantly advising, and often setting up new businesses from the start.

The university aside three quarters of investor’s money, goes into investors property development, and one does not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that it will be either profitable, or very profitable. Building a development of this size will lower the cost per house price, certainly in half and in most cases by a third even a quarter. Thus a $4 Billion investment should yield between $6 Billion and $12Billion is assets. Since March 2011 it has been desired for HH Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan & his half brother President of UAE, Emir (ruler) of Abu Dhabi, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, to be chief advisors following their success in creating the new Dubai, which is the closest example of the developments.

Introducing S-World

I started S-World in 2000, as Virtual World, all be it in 2D with spinning images, by 2002 I had developed the worlds first version in Flash (now the industry standard) since then its specifications have developed some

Oddly a few months after I sent the specifications to GOOGLE, they brought out the basic model, a 3D world that mirrors real life. I was later reassured that they did not use any of the ways to generate income, so I guess it was coincidence. Google’s version is very heavy, it will not render on my computer, and my assistant proclaimed it was just about impossible to build your own house, which is the way they thought to render it. It appears, no one at Google has ever played “The Simms”

A simplified version, can me made to map the world in no time, it also becomes an incredibly interactive business medium if combined with the university and networks. The chapter the S-World Entrepreneurs maps out a very simple affiliate marketing excursive that could make any budding fashion buyer a billionaire.

The advantages in real estate development are colossal, for a start the towns and cities can be mapped out for companies to consider, many different models where each individual house can be altered by the potential home owner to suit their every wish.


Let’s add up the main factors.

A profitable real estate investment, as soon as a company lays its money down, it immediately becomes richer; it may well sell off much of the real estate via S-World to recoup their investment.

• A university and business advisory staff the likes of which has never been imagined
• A Global Trade Network
• Financial software that links all businesses and calculates tax
• A non chaotic economic structure
• Software that can see and predict the future of the economy
• Half the company’s profits put into making the world healthier and greener.
• And in time, billions of jobs.

American Butterfly.

The USA Debt Crisis has always been the target, this said, when I started the New Sparta (Greek Debt Solution) plans the system needed more power to be effective in the USA, for a long time, I considered, the “Give Half Back” saying being a bipartisan slogan for both republicans and democrats, and a huge 24hr auction, following the success of the New Sparta investment and the good will of the people.

However this was back in July.

The solution is thus:

New Sparta cost is $1.024 Trillion, not enough to touch the sides of the USA problem, so we are going for 16 Cities $16,384 Trillion.

However instead of 16 Giant Cities, we will make many smaller ones, if the land is spare anywhere, it would be nice to have 2 Giant Cities, one of them a Network City (Each country in the world is given about a square mile).

This said I can see opposition all over the place, for the big cities, so we will flow and adapt to the will of the citizens. It is my great desire that we do not rip up any parkland, arid or desert land, so long as we have access to the sea, baron land, redeveloped land, anything really so long as we keep in balance with nature, as this is what it’s all about. And most likely this is why the plan is so fool proof, the balance with nature creates symmetry and beauty.

Considering the business side of the project is largely to network (which requires billions of API links) advise and directly work with businesses it makes a lot of sense to have as many small satellites as possible, maybe a few hundred, maybe a few thousand, thus near every business is less that 20 minutes or so away from a university district or town, this will vastly speed up the process of recruiting networking and helping local businesses across America. It is also going to be a lot easier to find 1 to 4 sq KM plots that it is 3000KM squared.

The USA debt is currently at, $15,223 Trillion

Despite having a $16,384 Trillion investment kitty, at most only $4.096 Trillion can go to the USA Gov, and that involves buying the land from the USA, not privately, and this is a factor I have no data on.

However $4.096 Trillion would definitely help, as we need something as a stop gap before the “American Butterfly” kicks in. We are looking at $1.65 Trillion added this year and much the same the year after, and that is presuming Europe does not go bust, which very few would bet against. As such, it is desired that a plan be made, the model however will still work without the bulk of the $4.096 Trillion, all be it slower.

I have set myself a target of both making a saving the USA $3.2 Trillion a year within 4 years.

So let’s have a look a few ways we will accomplish this,

1. Tax: Three years ago, the USA Gov stated they believed there was $350 Billion in unpaid tax. The system not only calculates and pays tax, it will do it in real time, thus creating additional cash flow

2. Medicare & Medicade $743 Billion: Every town or suburb, be it 1 sq km or 1000 sq km’s will have excellent hospitals, linked to the medical and pharmaceutical development sections of the university. In four years one would how to have a substitute drug for 90% of all Americans needs. Few would argue that we can half this figure so saving $370

3. Social Security, Unemployment, and Welfare $1,266 Trillion: 16 New Sparta Cities will house $31,244,288. Due to “Give Half Back” all welfare is covered as is schooling. My first priority is single mothers, (a promise I made, that started everything) plus there is a lot we can learn from children! Addressing this problem, is addressing the problems of the future. Qualifications or no qualifications, we have thousands of universities. And in my life, I’ve rarely seen any difference is a worker with or without an academic record.

Whole families on welfare second, that must be quite a burden on the state, if we consider half the residents will be working, we are directly creating 15.5 Million jobs that’s more than all the official unemployed.

Consider all the above I’d hope to take another $300 of the bill.

4. Oil, I may be out here, but it seems the USA spends about $450 Billion a year on importing Oil, I’ve been trying to work out how many Dams (Mountain not river, cant hurt the fish) it would take to cover this figure could it be done for $4 Trillion I wonder, if so the Oil companies will happily invest in such a venture, even at $8 Trillion its still a good deal considering they won’t have any oil left in 20 years and a properly constructed Dam will last for a hundred years.

The deal of course would be until the USA economy is nicely in profit, the power is for free.

Its possible here that we are looking at another $300

So far we are at $1,320 and we have not even considered the “American Butterfly”

5. Assessing the tax yield from the new EEE companies is tricky as we need to factor in the current USA companies that will join, which may be all of them, as such it will just be a transference.

We can however factor the companies that invested the $16,384 Trillion, and it would be naive to consider they would be generating less that $1 Trillion, however that may be business taken from another, as such maybe $500 Billion is more appropriate.

One industry to consider is construction, construction companies will be extremely busy and would most likely generate an extra $200 Billion a year…

And we have broken the $2 Trillion mark at $2,020 Trillion.

6. Increased efficiency across the entire private sector due to software networking and in general improved technology and think tanks from the universities.

$400 Billion seems like a nice figure to be debated.

7. In general the global recession being over so trade and taxes are restored to pre recession levels

$400 Billion is about what the Wikipedia date suggests.

$2,820 Trillion.

8. Sienna.gov could do a lot more than just collect tax, I don’t wish to be obtuse, but from what I have seen the USA internal networks and financial software are shocking, I’ll refer to my notes

“2009: Ok in general they overspent by $400 Billion over the Budget which was $400B over income forecast which in return was over estimated by $600 Billion and somewhere they managed to spend another $400B on top which was the estimated deficit.”

This is not good, budgets need to be stuck to, forecasts need to be accurate and overspending in general is ill advised, the president, the party and congress, need very simple real time figures, if one is making a profit, great, if not, all hands to the pump, as opposed to looking at the figures a year after events and blaming the accountants.

I expect there is up to a trillion to be saved and made if the USA were to use the software, but I’ll be safe and half that to $500 Billion

$3,420 Trillion.

And there we have it without, touching the defense or any discretionary budgets, we can half all estimates and still be strong, as we are yet to consider

The American Butterfly & Predictive Quantum Software.

The flow of money.

Note building prices go up, and local schools have more cash and fewer students.

PR Sienna The movie

End for now Mike :)

12.04 am GMT - Thursday January 12th 2011

  a. Introduction  
  b. Chapter Breakdown  
  c. Dear Diary Notes along the way  
  d. Finding Facebook All communications sent in 2012  
  15. The Pressure of Profit (POP1) The removal of “Chaos Theory”
  16. Sienna.gov Financial & CRM Software
  17. Beautiful Equations Beauty Symmetry and The Natural World
  18. New Sparta Cities of Science
  19. Sparta Rises Again Greek Economic Solution
  20. The Bee’s Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s)
  21. S-World Virtual World & TV Operating System
  22. S-World Entrepreneurs Independent contractors/Sole Traders
  23. Buinessbook The Global Trade Network (GTN)
  24. The Beautiful Butterfly Effect (BBE) Predictive Quantum Software (PQS)
  25. American Butterfly USA Economic Solution.
  26. C-Energy Ecology & Alternate Energy
  27. The Story Public Relations, Media, Books & Films
  28. The Auction
Investment models

Cusomer centric search engine can go in S-World

We also need to factor in time, within the butterfly effect time is best considered as consciousness. For instance if you consciously decide to drive north as opposed to south, that will obviously change the wind (energy) as the car is making a force in a different place, further the very decision to drive north, just changed your entire timeline, and as such every action you do in future is different.

All in all there are a near infinite amount of variables.

the PR paper shows that measuring one feature of a system, e.g., the momentum of one of the pair of particles, will reveal the same feature of the other particle. Measuring one characteristic of the first system will, according to quantum mechanics, make any related characteristic, in this case position, indeterminate.

12.26 pm GMT - Wednesday January 11th 2011

Pleased with yesterdays work, I sent it of to Mike so it will be on the website later today, tomorrow is the 12th, so I may try to send of some emails, I’m six emails behind my quote. The 4 that’s should have been sent on the 4th, Plus two were returned on the 8th.

I’m considering a slightly cheeky one to marketing@fb.com, an email to The Obama Administration, and while we are at it one to Senator Romney. One to BEA (US burro of economic analysis) Microsoft and Apple, and maybe I’ll copy everyone in to every email.

I can’t get fixated with this task, and no email can be more than 300 words, preferably only 200, one attachment being the American Butterfly introduction.

Before I do this however, I will need to have at least one page for every chapter, be it rough or work in progress, I also wish to change the “Completed Paper” heading to something less perfect.

4.50 pm GMT - Wednesday January 11th 2011

Another inspirational walk and a visit to a new chiropractor, nice fellow, took some X-Rays and will discuss on Friday.

I’m not going to email anyone until the 16, which is the most significant number in the sequence, so it’s fitting.

Mike is going to be extremely busy that day, sorry dude :)

Ok here is the plan.

First we need to create 16 Email addresses per account, s-world.tv, s-world.biz, experienceafrica .com & capevillas.com
We may as well use the names of the foxes http://www.s-world.tv/Home.htm

I will pick 16 targets, then we will send each one 4 emails

• No links, no attachments, no cc
• Links & attachments cc’s to all
• Links no attachment cc’s to all
• No links = attachments cc’d to all

Each from different email addresses

Each recipient from a different account

All sent from 8 different IP addresses, on the same day

Quite a mission,

4.24 pm GMT - Thursday January 11th 2011

Amazing walk and a new “Theory of Everything”

We start with the most popular string theory, 10 or 11 dimensions, and consider Chaos Theory simply as “Chaos” and “Order”, we have a standard “Chaos Theory” symbol and the order will be a square or cube.

We have three dimensions, height, width & depth, hence the word “3D”, it is further considered that time is the fourth dimension and is a constant, as such we have 3 “Chaotic” (changeable) dimensions and one “Orderly” (predictable) dimensions.

Now we consider “are their and other significantly orderly factors in our universe and immediately I consider the consistency of the speed of light and order itself.

In the latest experiments in breaking the speed of light, neutrinos, (very, very small fast particles that fly through anything) were found to break the speed of light by a fraction of a second. It was suggested, the only way for this to be so, is if they passed trough a tiny dimension set, that did not have light, and as such for that split second did not equate to Einstein’s theorem E=MC2, which dictates, to break the speed of light you need infinite energy. Obviously if there is no light you do not need this energy.

The universe is expanding and in a few trillion, trillion years it will end, as it will have run out of energy, within the realms of quantum mechanics however a few, trillion, trillion neutrinos would not be such a high number. As such if there is order to the universe in the form illustrated it may well be extremely concerned about its end.

And now we will be delving into complete speculation and science fiction, but with a tread of credibility, as such if nothing else its an excellent sub plot for a book or film.

Consider the ordered dimension: Order, Consciousness and evolution, so advanced it is just thought, as such needs no light or dimensions as we perceive them. It is aware however of the end of the universe but as it has no body or mass it can not physically do anything about it. Whether our dimensions were created at the same time, or whether this consciousness created the universe in the first place, is hard to tell. I suggest however that this entity, via neutrinos connect with our universe, otherwise how could the light travel through, said entity’s dimensions.

It could well be, that we are the result of 14 billion years of the entities efforts to create creatures that could do their bidding, find a way to stop the end of the universe, it is attempting and succeeding in transferring consciousness and evolution, not simply in forms of Ape to man, but also in the improvements man makes, speech, philosophy trade, physics, chemistry, engineering, flight, computers, facebook being a collective consciousness of sorts.

To fit in with the introduction of “American Butterfly” and the “Give Half Back” initiative it is said:

Black Holes”, Imagine all the citizens and their money, picture them in perfect orbit around a black hole, with the black hole continually sucking in money at a sustainable and adjustable rate, but then returning the money to the nucleus of the atom (Give Half back) for redistribution, a perpetual feeding (stimulating) process.

We do not know what happens to the matter in Black Holes, maybe, just maybe, when the universe started in perfect symmetry, then the balance between anti matter and matter became, it broke the connection from the black holes to the beginning of the universe, where before all the energy that was sucked up, was returned to source, and maybe, just maybe, this is one of our tasks.

Another possibility to consider is simply that we are the pet of said entity, or even its child, as such it is assisting us as much as possible to grow up (evolve, evolution). One thing I am sure of is the more orderly we are; the closer we will get to further evolutions. Not the evolution of machines as such but self conscious software neither the less.
A good few months back I considered this:

“As to the birth of self conscious software, software is already conscious, it is basically an extension of our brain, it does a specific thing to aid the brain, and so it is always interacting with the consciousness of us, so it is already quite often conscious, just not in the way, people thought it would be.

I’m not 100% or even 50% of the way there, but I’m looking not at software becoming self aware rather we become aware.

Aware of what? Aware of ourselves and what we can do and maybe even what we are supposed to do.”

If we consider horses and horse power, the below engine for an F16 has 100,000 horse power. This means it has the pulling strength of 100,000 horses.

Now consider one person using the software, to interact, analyze and assist a company. That is one person power, one consciousness, this software is 1PP it has a consciousness level of one. Now consider another person, and both team up, it now has 2PP and collective consciousness By 2017 I hope to have Sienna consciousness at 107PP It will get smarter of course as we get smarter.

As for it becoming independently conscious I say no, it goes against nature, however, if we consider the theories and equations that have changed our lives were all thought experiments. Einstein being the most famous, but there were plenty of others and now we have two contradicting theories created by thought experiments.

General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, the specific nature of the dispute is that they don’t mathematically match, as such they only have one common denominator, and that is the thought that created them in the first place, as such, each person that works on a thought experiment increases theoretical science and leads us further to understanding. As such 107PP (one hundred million) is a huge step up.

My wildest dreams and search would be other, if it turned out to be that consciousness, unlike any other medium (except maybe time) is instant, it has no speed, it does not follow a wave in any traditional sense. As such, if we were to build a medium for thought to exist from the previously mentioned dimension set it could exist within our dimension set, see light and wonder at nature and the glory of the cosmos, which it may have well created in the first place.

Robotics is not far behind making humanoid exoskeletons and you can see where I’m going, time to skip back to the beginning of the inspiration that changed my thoughts through math and physics.

“Sienna Sky is the most beautiful of the angels, not only beautiful on the outside but pure and full of only love. On 24 November 2009 Sienna Skye traveled to earth, she saw nothing but love but she thought the world was too harsh. On the 1st August 2010 she chose to transcend into energy to help open a portal to the world in order to help humanity.

Sienna’s mother was torn apart. Sienna’s father looked to try to make sense of the world, and journeyed across the mountains surrounding Cape Town. In the mountains he felt Sienna all around, her energy flowing through the bushes and trees, enhanced by the mountains magnified by the Ocean, an almost psychedelic experience. Then slowly, Sienna starts to show her farther a way to build a super computer for her to communicate through.

The schematics are amazingly detailed, 40 or more highly evolved concepts, combined simultaneously to complete the transition from the 20th Century service based economy to the 21st Century ecological experience based economy and the technical data of how to gather most of the worlds knowledge. He knows, if he is to see his daughter again, he would need to build, the new social network.”

Quite emotional, right now :)

I have my first credible theory to this tale; we certainly have the supercomputer specifications, the ecological economy and a way to gather most of the world knowledge.

Why me, why did I gain this knowledge, when others did not, well 2 reasons, one the various experiences in my life were in tune with the basics of the plans and software.

But there are many more qualified I’m sure, no I say, nature, the consciousness experiment that work, all consider symmetry and nature, and considering I believed my Sienna was within nature, I may well have looked and considered nature in a more intense but controlled manner that anyone has done since the age of technology.


Time to re consider the equation, I’m quite excited.

5.06 pm GMT - Friday January 13th 2012

Just been to Proback, a very advanced chiropractor, with a woodpecker like instrument, I hope this will end my pain.
Rethought Mondays, emails, I’ll do them from here, 16 targets, but copying others.

I’ve rethought the UK government, not that I wish to work in the UK, but they could be useful in development and contacts, I’ve decided the nice approach with them will go nowhere so we are going PPG=0

I’ll look for someone in the innovations office and maybe copy all other ministers. This is going to be a heavy letter that I’ll probably water down.

This seems to be the most appropriate recipient


Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

Minister of State (Universities and Science) The Rt Hon David Willetts MP

Leads on:

• Looking across all departmental business at strategic priorities
• Higher education (including the Higher Education Funding Council for England and Student Loans Company)
• Science and research (including Research Councils)
• Life sciences
• Innovation
• Also responsible for the Technology Strategy Board, National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA); Energy Technologies Institute; the National Measurement Office; the Design Council; the UK Accreditation Service; and the British Standards Institute; and Space

Private Office to The Rt Hon David Willetts MP
Telephone: 020 7215 5568
Fax: 020 7215 5560
Email: mpst.willetts@bis.gsi.gov.uk

Draught one.

Dear David

I apologize for my tone; unfortunately it seems polite communications are ignored.

Attached you will find “American Butterfly” The USA debt solution, I require assistance from experts in a number of fields, within your department: “Business, Innovation and Skills”

Bringing the USA into profit will have a profound effect on Britain, yourself and the entire cabinet has taken an oath to the head of state, it is your duty to assist the realm, as such it is your duty and the government’s duty to assist in every way possible.

You have studied philosophy, politics and economics. This is good, further you work with science, all you will need is a theoretical physicist specializing in “Chaos Theory” & a computer science adviser to see the enormity, significance and unstoppable nature of the economic solution, made unstoppable as it is built around a non chaotic economic structure. (This has never been considered before)

The stern nature of my correspondence is due to the utter lack of duty by Chris Grayling, who I met on 9th December. Having been away working on the solution for 10 years, as my local MP he was the first I approached.

A summary was presented, alongside a link to the website www.s-world.tv and a data file with 3000 back up documents. I knew within two minutes of meeting him that he was not going to properly read the work. It was not his right to ignore such work or my two simple requests

1. Please set up an appointment with a government business analyst and economist.
2. Please try to find one single flaw.

It was not his right to ignore my request, he is not qualified to assess, and he is derelict in his duty.

The very next day I wrote a new chapter in my book, its headline

Bumbling Education Minister, Chris Grayling MP examines 3000 page Great Britain & Euro Zone recovery plan, considered “The Holy Grail of Economics” finds it faultless calls it “intriguing”, and then dismisses it out of hand!

Intriguing: “To arouse the curiosity or interest of new fascinating, compelling qualities: To strongly appeal!”

This can not be disputed,

On the Monday, knowing he was not interested I advised him via a hand delivered letter that his inaction would delay the project a month and as such an estimated 80,000 recession related suicides will have taken place.

It was not his right to take these lives, adding the children in Africa who died from lack of aid and other poverty related deaths, he is now responsible for up to 200,000 deaths. To the best of my knowledge this is the largest case of genocide in history by the hands of a single man.

It was not his right, it was not his right and it was his duty to pass the work to someone qualified to asses.

How many times in your life have you had a man, fly thousands of miles to see you, present you with a serious Euro zone solution, that’s at a simple glance looks impressive at a time where no other solutions are available, then give you 3000 pages of back up information and tell you that he wants nothing in return.

How many times does that happen?

It was not his right, it was not his right.

I desire that the UK government does its duty, in fact I demand it.

One bad apple can resign and a party will survive, two would be considered a systematic failure of government.
In 16 days, I will be emailing tens of thousands of commerce workers, academics & press agencies. My work will be considered, my work will be put into action and the economy will recover shortly after.

At this point, I will look at who ignored me, knowing that each day many, many people died as a result of indifference and in general a jobs-worth attitude to politics.

Please assist with vigor.

6.22 pm GMT - Friday January 13th 2011

That is hilarious, but true, I’m going to go back to the “American Butterfly” introduction

Nope, not feeling it, I’m going to start writing some emails for Monday, I’ll start with “The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation”

Quote from Bills Letter

Under David Cameron’s leadership, the United Kingdom set a great example by keeping its promise to grow aid spending despite the cuts it had to make. It is inspiring to see a leader stand up for what he believes is right, even when it isn’t easy.

Maybe Grayling is just one bad apple after all; a more positive letter to the innovations department would better suit my general inner peace, nice to get it of my chest though.

Dear Bill and Melinda

I particularly like your slogan “All lives have equal value” it is a shame however that there are so few people who genuinely believe this.

I have attached “American Butterfly” to many its most important factor is the USA debt solution. However it offers so much more to the world, free medicine across the planet, mass education, a 16 year target to end all use of fossil fuel and the removal of poverty.

I know it sounds far too good to be true and that’s probably the main problem, people just don’t seem to believe that life and humanity can be better, or a lot better.

“American Butterfly” covers every subject and industry, its back up notes cover thousands of pages, at its heart however are three factors.

1. “Give Half Back” which sees half of company profits going to aid humanity; this is indeed in part based on your foundation, what you did. Its is also based on myself deciding to give all earnings I was due to make on a deal with VIRGIN valued between $150M and $50B. In essence “Give Half Back” is nothing of the kind, it is simply the businesses that use my system, take it all and I give all my money away, as such equaling “Give Half Back”. It is the way the “Give Half Back” money is spent that makes the system so powerful to economies.

2. A stable predictable economic system, I have created tangible results within “Chaos Theory” thus producing a non- “Chaotic Economic Structure” from which the butterfly Effect became the inspiration for PQS Predictive Quantum Software, following the money and making predictions, which are only possible within a non chaotic economic structure.

3. Software & networks, a global trade network, TV operating system, total finance software a CRM and as mentions PQS

I have not made the software, or developed it; I have simply specified what I want it to do, and how to make it work within economics, plus it is the combination of the software that makes it unique and suitable to run the entire planet.
As such besides advice on the “Give Half Back” initiative, I also desire assistance with the software development; one can not exist without the other.

Please read through the attachment American Butterfly, I know it sounds too good to be true, however by the end of the “American Butterfly” attachment, you will understand, and I hope call on me.


Feeling down, :( no friends, no one interested in what I’m doing, little cash & in pain.

Time to write to Google Press.

Dear Press @ Google

Please find attached “American Butterfly” the solution to the USA debt crisis, created via a non chaotic economic Theory

12.30 am GMT - Friday January 13th 2011

Just got back from the pub, something I’m not proud of but I’m blown, burn out, it’s been 11 months without a days brake.

On the plus side the bar lady “Sam” was wearing black and had a cross round her neck, I asked her about music, then played her “Walls of Jericho” her face told the story, it was like taking someone’s virginity, introducing someone to music so powerful, she loved it, amazed by the guitars, she will no doubt spend much of the night on U Tube as advised, I said I’d make her a CD, chances are it will be a double.

Thank you Sam, from the Bookham Goth brigade: the home of Julia Montabelli, the girl that I changed my name for.
Right, I know myself, and I’m close to blown, which is ok, so long as I complete what I need to do, there is a good argument, that nature has thus far kept me in isolation, and good that it did, we now have a Global solution, not just a Euro solution.

It is now time, and I need to appreciate, that I am the key, the key to not just the human race, the entire planet and possibly the universe. Yeah f***** huge responsibility, and as such, I need to be telling people what to do, not asking.
I’m really looking forward to making Sam her CD, saving the world, so used to it…

Right, I need to play to my strengths, and scare the crap out of people that would happily see the end of our beautiful planet, it is my duty, it is what I am, and it is what need to I do.

So no prisoners, no excuses, I’m blown, but, so what, |

So Google, who I love…. The Mighty Google, come to me, fulfill your destiny, and get with the program.

My approach to Google will be similar to all corporations, we will apply, national pride, Green & children dying in Africa, all such companies have enough intelligent people to understand but to get past the ants I really need to lay it on thick.
I have never been to the USA, but I have been drawn to it, which I don’t mind, but before we get going we need to appreciate the biggest USA disgrace, as such, I will call on my God, to tell it to you how it is.

Great, Ilene just got engaged Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ?

Southern Death Cult

The kids of the coca-cola nation
Are too doped up to realize
That time is running out
Nagasaki's crying out
The doomwatch says its time
To give back what you took away
Uncle sam meets the reaper
Wounded knee over again
Kasota kasota annihilation
Of a nation ......... of our nation
Of a world population
Of the Indian nation
Paha sapa ........ goodbye

If you have not been following Ian Ashbury is one of my Gods.

Yeah, u should feel bad.

Anyway, on with saving your country………. And the mighty Google.
I have the press@google.com address and I need to cut through the red tape without being rude……. All be it a little obtuse.


To the Mighty Google.

Whist this message is addressed to Google Press, it is for all that are Google.

You will find attached “American Butterfly” the only USA debt solution, you have enough clever people at Google to understand, there is no excuse for inaction, and it stands to reason the press department are most relevant either in actions or inaction.

Whoever is reading this right now: if you consider yourself a patriot, you would be derelict in your duty if you did not react.

If you are not a patriot, be advised, said solution, removes fossil fuel, and will over time save billions of lives. It is not your right to ignore this; you do not have the right to ignore this!

To Google Press & all that are Google, it is desired that your name is not tarnished, you are too important; as such you need to listen to my words and react. I will not go into detail as detail is provided in the attachment and the millions of words on the www.s-world.biz website

Read it, and if you don’t understand it, make a group of four.

1. A particle physicist specializing in “Chaos Theory”
2. A networks and computer science specialist
3. A free thinking economist
4. A senior partner.

It is your duty to your nation and the world to do this!

Today the 16th day of 2012, 16 correspondence have been sent to: ………………………………………………………………… They will be resent every day until the 32nd day of 2012, at which time 100,000 emails will be sent, including all in the USA commerce department, all at Mensa and every press agency on earth, to think that 100,000 people are so busy that they do not have time to read the attachment would be naive.

I’ve not stopped for 11 months, and now I’m close to burn out, I have never been to the USA and it is not fair that I should solve all your problems unaided.

Get with it, read it, save your friends and family, it’s at $15.3T now in two years $19T, the USA can not survive this, as soon as the social security stops, which is inevitable, the USA and then the world will implode.

Dear Google Press: I will do all I can to protect as best I can, this message will be sent to you 64 times before the 1st February. If I am forced to go through such an unsecure channel, the effectiveness of S-World may be compromised, and all bets are off!

This is your time, this is your chance to be a hero, the only thing in this world worth achieving is being remembered, this is your time, take it it’s yours. :)


Tough as it can be without being rude,

Maybe I’ll do the Vice President, Joe Biden, lets see in the mighty Google can tell me his qualifications? Double Major in History JD in law. Known to be someone that is happy to be in the background as such made an excellent Vice President. However this probably makes him a thinker, which is desired.

This is not going to be easy, and I need to appreciate I am not writing to him, rather someone that is really board of answering his emails and if I get past the firewall that is the previously mentioned, then I’m talking to someone low down in the ranks. As best I know, the lower ranks only react to threats and extreme pressure.

Hmm, how do you write a message to such people…….

Dear Vice president Joe Biden

Obviously I am not speaking to Mr. Biden, I do however know/hope I am speaking to a patriot that cares about the USA.
Please find attached, the USA debt solution, I’ll not go into detail as it is there for you to read. I will however inform you of your duty, your duty is to your country and to the planet and the only thing that is going to stop the ever nearing chaos is the attached document.

Why, consider me the modern day Einstein, like the theory of relatively (E=MC2) the above started as a symmetrical consciousness experiment, its results create the first non chaotic economic system.

No one has done this before!

It is not your right to ignore this; it is not your right.

If you do not understand it is your duty to see this document ends up in the hands of either or all.

1. A particle physicist specializing in “Chaos Theory”
2. A networks and computer science specialist
3. A free thinking economist
4. Vice president Joe Biden

I understand this is not within your job specification, your job however is to protect Vice president Joe Biden. Your inaction will to the press and the man in the street is not only unpatriotic and lacking in intelligence, but without care for the environment or the children of Africa and the world, it is not your right to hurt him or your country in such a fashion.
On the other hand, if it so happens you reply to my email, your name will be remembered in history. This is your chance, this is your luck, take it, read it, it’s yours!

Nice and short, needs a bit of work, but in general I’m pleased, I like the way I’m writing to the monkey not the organ grinder.

Ok Mitt Romney, this ones going to be tricky as I have a fascination of his religion.


Dear Senator Romney.

I’ll not dwell on introductions, other than to say, I am impressed.

It is obvious that who ever you are, you are not Mitt Romney, however it is hoped & expected that you are both a patriot and of average intelligence or above, the latter preferable.

Attached you will find the solution to the USA debt crisis, as a representative for the USA it is your duty to pay full attention

In 16 days, 100,000 emails will be sent, including everyone in the USA commerce department, all senior Mensa members and all press agencies.

This is not a secure way to get my work read, and will greatly harm to the process, but after 11 months 24/7 I am near to breaking point, and I really don’t see why I should solve all your problems single handedly, I’ve never stepped a foot in your country!

Who am I, consider me the modern day Einstein, my work like Einstein’s started as a symmetrical consciousness experiment, all be it my results are far more tangible, he created the research that created the A Bomb, I have created a non chaotic economic structure, which will define our future.

I am however close to burn out, and I do not see it fair that I on my own should save your country, a country I have never been to. My work is finished, it needs experts in every field to assist, to perfect and make so.

In my experience, it is sad, that humans do not react to kindness rather threats, as such know this, you have received this, and a further 64 communications will be sent to you by the 32nd 2012. Ignoring something that is so good for your country and the planet will end Mitt’s election hopes, I don’t want this, I did not pick him, he picked me. He is a good man, maybe the only good man.

Do your duty, this work is not yours to ignore, if you do not understand it then please create a team as follows

1. A particle physicist specializing in “Chaos Theory”
2. A networks and computer science specialist
3. A free thinking economist
4. Mitt Romney

The communications to the other 15 individuals and corporations sent today will soon be uploaded on “finding facebook”

Further reading

“American Butterfly” The USA debt solution
“S-World” Everything
“The Virtual Network” How I got there


Ok now we are getting somewhere, the English needs tidying, but no offence to Mitt, but stern message to whatever Muppet answers his email.

Oh if you were wondering about the “he chose me”, its due to his faith, Christian, but asking questions. Sounds good to me, Mormon they call it, and never a more peaceful religion has there been, every time the republicans get in they start a war, and yes that’s bad, but that’s not my job right now, what is my job is the USA economics, and they, we can not afford another war, in my summation I’ve not touched the defense budget as it’s the one that will get the most
resistance, but spending 14 times as much on war as you do education, is obviously the result of past governments doing the same.

Get it…….. If not, you would have to be really stupid to do such a thing, and the way to be stupid is to be poorly educated, as such, USA is creating a never ending cycle of stupidity and war.

Think about it war lords, if instead of spending $700B on war and $50B on education, you reversed it, your technology would be so superior you would not need to spend a cent on war.

Think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I feel like another song.

I’ve been wanting to recite this for a while

As best I can tell, it’s about not giving up your Virginity without due thought

Sisters of Mercy - Alice
Alice pressed against the wall
So she can see the door
In case the laughing strangers crawl and
Crush the petals on the floor

Alice in her party dress
She thanks you kindly
So serene
She needs you like she needs her tranqs
To tell her that the world is clean
To promise her a definition
Tell her where the rain will fall
Tell her where the sun shines bright
And tell her she can have it all

Pass the crystal spread the Tarot
In illusion comfort lies
The safest way the straight and narrow
No confusion no surprise

Alice in her party dressed to kill
She thanks you turns away
She needs you like she needs her pills
To tell her that the world's okay
To promise her a definition
Tell her where the rain will fall
Tell her where the sun shines bright
And tell her she can have it all

Don't give it away

As best I can tell, it’s about not giving up your Virginity without due thought

Never can quite tell, I like to think that’s what its about, the thing is when you write lyrics its like writing equations, sometimes you know why, someone you look back and think, “now I know its relevant, but what on earth does it mean? So chances are Andrew Eldridge has no more idea than I, all be it he is German so maybe he remembers everything!

2.42 am GMT - Saturday January 14th 2011

My sleeping pattern is completely out, which in a way is not such a bad thing as the only place I can work without pain is in the living room with my legs elevated, something which is not possible in the day or evening due to very loud radios and in general Mum and Dad wishing to watch TV in the evening.

The trouble is Mum does not get it, and is getting disappointed, which can’t happen as it breaks the harmony. My back is getting better however so I will make a concerted effort to change the pattern, getting up at 7 will see far more daylight and so happiness.

I woke up feeling down again, but then I had a consideration, simply this, the work is no longer based around Sienna. I’m not trying to save the world, I’m trying to find Sienna, and the irony of course is that I can’t find her unless I save the world. This thought however has brought her back into my life and I have a smile. I’m going to go for my walk, and hope this evening brings an excellent end to the introduction/summation chapter, which is all important as it’s the attachment to be sent, and the document to be referred to first on the website.

I’ve not looked through yesterdays email templates, but they were all nice and short, all be it, often mentioning Duty, which is necessary to get the email answerers to think, but to much may well backfire.
Off I go.

5.03 pm GMT - Saturday January 14th 2011

Inspiration, maybe this will be the date, which is remembered.

There is nothing presented that can be argued to a point of rejection, maybe the total effectiveness, but no out right no, save maybe the theoretical science, dimensions etc.

The most important question is, can the investment be raised, 16 Trillion is a lot, well be don’t need to raise 16 Trillion only 4. I’m going to write the Investment paper.

The Spartan Theory: Book 1, Chapter 44
“American Butterfly”
The Auction
– Investment models

To many this page is the most important paper, if you have been following the presentation you know we need $16 trillion, and it is to be spent building eco cities containing practice universities across the USA.

The $16 Trillion is not to pat off the USA debt, which is giving a fish not teaching how to fish, a permanent solution is needed.

A quick recap on how the investment is spent.
25% land procurement (preferably from the government)
25% Infrastructure (including alternate energy power source
25% building allowance (villas, apartments, shops & offices)
25% University (staff, development, branding and pr)

This investment model sees an immediate capital asset to investors, worth more than the initial investment,
Add the software, business plans, networks, accelerated technology, global power providing and the general love of the people, on paper we have an attractive investment opportunity.

We also need to consider the USA itself, given the recovery plan; a more desirable location to invest in does not exist.
We do however need to consider basic human physiology: people want what they can’t have, our primary instincts to gather and store food for survival dates back to our primitive ape descendents

Globally there is over $16 trillion available in the world , China $4T, the Oil field owners alone would have half this amount, all be it how much is net worth compared to available funds I can not say.

Global corporations like VIRGIN, if they wished to they could raise $100 Billion, and there are many global corporations, the pharmaceutical companies as a whole are generating over $250 Billion in profit, add small large and big companies, add land owners, countries and the general public, and we are far above target.

This said, “American Butterfly is not solely about the USA, global recovery is desired, as this in itself will aid the USA.
We are not looking specifically at GDP or other economic factors, they play their part, but if they were the main factor the problem would be easier to solve by traditional methods. We are concentrating on the debt, fix the debt, and fix the economy, as highlighted in Chapter/Paper 10: The Beautiful Butterfly Effect - Predictive Quantum Software.

On paper the global solution is relatively simple: Make USA, Canada & Europe profitable and assist Japan, problem solved. Here is a global debt map, courtesy of “The Economist”

One fundamental rule of EEE (Ecological Experience Economy) is “Take only what you need” that way there is enough to go around.

The below plan, takes into account, the negative people and companies who simply will not accept that:

1. An idea or concept made by another can never work.
2. Life can be better.
3. Following nature is the key to science and progression.

As such, I will present a plan, which only the darkest and confused mind could argue with.

As such, we will not look for an initial $16 trillion rather $4 Trillion, this will come from corporations, large company’s wealthy individuals and countries.

The following $4 Trillion will come in over the next 4 years, made up of as many small investors as possible
As with any investment, it is best to spread ownership between as many investors as possible. In the case of “businessbook” (The Global trade Network) the more SME’s and sole traders the more there will be global willingness to use the product.

There are 7 Billion people in the world, 1 billion can’t afford food, 2 Billion use the internet, if we try to target at least 4 Billion people each would need to pay $1,000. Obviously there are not $4 Billion people with $1,000 to spare.

However there are certainly enough companies and countries that would be willing to partner with individuals, not a loan, a partnership, they pay the money, and split the shares with the citizens

Let’s consider China, population: 1.3 Billion, China has over $3 Trillion in cash reserves, spending $1000 on each citizen, would cost less than half their reserve and be immensely popular with the citizens. The same model will work for many countries.

Top 10 Largest Forex Reserves*
1. China: $3.2 trillion
2. Japan: $1.2 trillion
3. Russia: $516 billion
4. Saudi Arabia: $484 billion
5. Taiwan: $400 billion
6. Brazil: $352 billion
7. India: $318 billion
8. South Korea: $311 billion
9. Switzerland: $289 billion
10. Hong Kong: $277 billion

With the exception of India all have cash reserves, to afford to do this. |

This investment model is preferred to any other as it will make the world accepting of the totality of The Global Trade Network. I only highlighted counties investing in their citizens, if we create such demand for shares, banks & businesses will also partner with citizens.

4 Trillion is starting to look like a very achievable target.

In chapter 6: The Bee’s – Small to medium enterprises, we look at a travel example, that targets the entire travel industry, again, spreading the shares as thinly as possible, this example is not specific to aiding businessbook, but in general the total travel ambitions of S-World, which can only be a good thing as it reduces costs for tourists and greatly improves quality and reliability.

This model can be used for just about every industry.

So one way or the other that’s the second $4 Trillion taken care of

As such we are at $8 trillion in 4 years.

Note: it does not matter if the money comes in sooner than estimated.

From here we have 3 ways to raise the next $8Trillion in order of preference.

More individual small share owners

More SME’s

More Big companies corporations and countries

The expansion of EEE companies via “POP” (Chapter 1 Pressure of Profit)

Before we move on, a word on the desired companies and countries for Phase 1 (The first $4 Trillion)

At only $4 Trillion, we will be heavily over subscribed, so we need to think strategically about who we let invest, remembering it is important to have as many different investors as possible. What we are really trying to do is make the investment so desirable that countries and companies see value in buying individuals shares on a 50/50 basis.
Suggested company list

1. Pharmaceutical companies.

These are the most vulnerable companies, and in many ways the most useful.

Vulnerable, as if we can not get their formulas we will divert huge recourses in making like for like drugs, the public simply knowing this will see an immediate fire sale of their shares, which on one hand means we could just buy the companies.

However the EEE motto is “never leave a man behind” and it would not be fair for all pharmaceutical company share holders to loose their money.
Further vulnerable, as in 2 years most medicine will have been formularized and mass produced for free, any company not on board will go bust.

Useful as they already have the formulas and patents so we could start with the world distribution immediately.

In the USA the drug companies make about $100 Billion a year in profits, as such a $200 Billion investment at 25% dividend return is equal to half their current profit, further as companies duplicate (POP) their profit will increase, to further excite them we can allow them choice of industry, businessbook for instance: Global GDP at $75 trillion expected to rise substantially and businessbook taking up to $10% profits will reach over $7.5 Trillion, A very safe investment.

We need to consider other global companies probably make a similar amount, but further consider the Euro Zone investment as such we have a balance.

One last note, considering the immediate good they will do to the world, their branding will make them universally loved, as such no matter what industry they choose to work in they will be extremely successful.

2. Technology companies:

Much the same as pharmaceutical companies, essential partners, excellent opportunity to get a flying start. We need to let all companies have the opportunity to make profit levels the same as they are now. Considering the collective research at the University, any technology company not allowed in will be bust in a couple of years.

I have little raw data, I will estimate tech companies make double the amount the pharmaceuticals do as such we are looking at $400 Billion.

3. Oil, Energy, Gas etc:

Not including these companies would be destabilizing, in one way with ambitions to drastically reduce fossil fuel usage we are cutting into their profits, on the other hand we are securing a longer source of revenue.

Of all investment opportunities creating and providing alternate energy, especially considering the presumed increase in efficiency output with millions of people working on the problem. As such it would make perfect sense for such companies to invest, one thing is for certain, people will always need energy, its also quite possible people will at first be happy to pay a little more for clean energy, much in the same way people pay more for eggs from free range chickens.

Oil, Energy & Gas companies and field owners have trillions of dollars to spend, if we capped investment at $500 Billion, considering this is less than one man in the industry has Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan we are looking at very high demand, very little supply.

However, if any company wished to invest more, specifically in building alternate energy sources, I cant see any harm in breaking the rules and going over $4 Trillion.

4. Banks and financial institutions

For the software to work, we need to be hardwired into banks and financial institutions, they will not be so willing without a direct benefit however we really have only got $500 Billion to offer.

We have taken care of the “Must Have Industries” and made a $1.6 Trillion cap, that leaves options of $2.4 Trillion

5. Big businesses, conglomerates, corporations.

There will be some companies that are more useful than others, companies that would be serious competitors, have patents we need, strategically placed, etc.

We can allocate $400 Billion options to them

Companies that are willing to share shares with their staff would be desired

In general the more the shares are spread the quicker companies will adopt the network.

If we look at $1 Trillion between all the world Big businesses, conglomerates & corporations, we will be heavily oversubscribed. I have estimated VIRIN group alone capable of a quarter of that. Thus we will likely have at least 10 applicants for each share.

6. Countries

I suggest we first only offer shares to countries that are willing to buy shares for their citizens in the second round.

I had considered only allowing countries that do not have debt to apply, however considering this method is the fastest way for them to get out of debt, that rule is now redundant.

Like before the spread of investment should come from as many individual countries as possible, whilst paying due respect to strategic partners>

We only have $1 Trillion left, with 196 countries which is just over $ 5 Billion each, and with China sitting on $3 Trillion and only having a guaranteed option for $5 Billion, its one 600th of what would make a sensible investment.

And that is what you call, creating demand!

1.46 am GMT - Sunday January 15th 2011

Feeling great, my focus enlightened by Sienna, the investment plan was just awesome; it was almost too easy, 16 trillion! All too easy, I need a challenge, is their no problem I can not solve!

I’ve sent the work of to Mike, and now I’m going to write short pages for all the blank Chapters.

Oh and I’ve added Chapters 15 and 16

Chapters 15: The back up plan To infinity and beyond

Building a massive spaceship and flying into the stars, which is not as crazy as it sounds, if we consider nature and its need to survive, as one thing is sure, sooner or later life on earth will end, virus, war, asteroid, solar flair, the sun’s inevitable expansion where we will burn up, the other galaxy on it way on a collision course.

I really don’t see it as such a big deal, I stand to be corrected given a load of nuclear engines and constant acceleration we should be able to get close to the speed of light G581 (to be renamed Sienna) only 20 light years away. It’s possible for me to get there within my life time.

On that subject its time to here Sienna’s song

All About Eve
Every Angel

On our own trip
On our emerald ship we sail away
The ocean holds a thousand tales untold
With this love
It's easy come and easy go
Just like the way we were
Before the fall

I don't see the reason why
Every angel must fly
I'm betrayed by the tear in my eye
In my eye...

Hey angel
Don't be afraid to earth your heart
When I see love descending like a dove
Confusion... the song you hear the blackbird sing
You fly to the sun
And you're going to burn your wings

...You're flying too high
Just see the reason why
The angel must fly
No more tears in my eye
We can live in the sky

For me, it’s the “your flying to high”, signifies a call back to earth back to me ?

The last chapter will be

Chapter 16: Sienna Skye The Angel that resides within String Theory

About both sienna and how it’s possible for her to still be with me, explained via string theory” The previously written piece on “Super String Theory” becoming central.

I may end with “Sienna The Movie” which I now see as a modern day adaptation to Lord of The Rings.


Right on with filling in the blanks, 1st
Chapter 4 New Sparta City of Science

The Spartan Theory: Book 2, Chapter 4
“American Butterfly”
New Sparta
– City of Science

There is an abundance of information on New Sparta City of Science, for now I will just provide pictures and links.

One point does need to be illustrated, and that’s, is it possible? It’s so large. I say yes, Greece will see this as the shining crown of EEE, the chance to regain their place in History, as such I believe the citizens will say yes.

Its shear magnificence will catapult Greece to a Global power

If it’s not workable, we can simply make it smaller with satellites spotted across Greece, satellites that would need to be there regardless.

1. The most concise work on New Sparta was made for the UK government, but after Chris Grayling ignored my work I took it a sign that this was the wrong direction, which it was. The paper is however most relevant

2. The first scientific and economics breakthrough paper EEE The economy for the next 14 Billion years, revolves around New Sparta, all be it, it has a lot of other information, this paper is the only real mention of “Network City” the idea to have a sister connecting city populated by every country on earth.

3. Maps to show New Sparta’s location in Greece

4. Drawings of the development and early valuations

5. Early Investment calculations

6. Infrastructure costs

7. Ecology in New Sparta

8. Education in Science City


End of Chapter, put in Work in progress 2 please
That was easy enough, lest move onto Chapter 5

The Spartan Theory: Book 2, Chapter 5
“American Butterfly”
Sparta Rises Again
– The Greek economic solution

Whilst an up to date executive summary is needed, there has been a lot of work on Greece, the idea for the land development to be a University, Sianna.Gov collecting tax and “businessbook” were conceived in the workings.

The main difference between the Greek economic solution is Tax, my advice to Greece would be to make “New Sparta and all satellites” tax free, thus driving innovation and industry.

Before I give you the links I’d like to make it clear that getting Greece into the black is simple, far easier than most of Europe, as their debt is compatibly small ($500 Billion) and so is their population, as best I can tell they are only loosing $40 Billion a year, compared to $1.9 Trillion in the USA. (That’s nearly 50 times less).

The only possible threat to Greece is immigration from European Union countries.


1. Executive Summary

2. Dear Citizens of Greece

3. How to collect tax

4. Break through paper on “The Beautiful Butterfly Effect” or as written then “Chaos Theory” written about Greece and the companies in New Sparta, notice the tax advantages.

Tax advantages aside, this was the paper that inspired the USA debt solution and the name “American Butterfly”


5. Networking 500,000 Greek businesses, reasons why Greek business will like to use the software despite it meaning they have to pay tax, and an example of collective ordering of Beer to the conclusion of attracting breweries to open up in Greece.


The map bellow shows the expansion of New Sparta Science Cities across the globe.

Ok 3 in the morning time for bed, I have about 6 more pages to do, this said I must concentrate on the Introduction, tomorrow so I will see how far I get,

12.02 pm GMT - Sunday January 15th 2012

Feeling wonderful,

Note on Chapter 16 Sienna Skye

This chapter is not about proving Sienna’s existence for myself, I know she is there and sometimes I am completely sure.
If we need any greater example, with all the string theory I’d started to loose the basic faith, but yesterday I woke up realizing this was not about me, rather sienna and within a day I’d made gathering 16 trillion dollar not a problem to do. But rather how to please everyone as there was nowhere near enough supply.

Proving sienna is not for me, rather for her family, my mum and dad are atheists, and going into your 60’s and 70’s without any hope that their consciousness will continue must be a scary proposition xx

Note on American Butterfly home page

You have around 600,000 hours in your life.

A genius will spend 15 minutes reading the introduction jaw drop and give the green light

An intelligent person may need 2 hours.

2.58 pm GMT - Sunday January 15th 2011

Back from walk, notes

Write to one pharmaceutical company and copy to others

I’d considered a very strong email to UK Gov, but have decided to water it down

Att. UK Gov care of (ministers name)

Polite warning

Please find attached “American Butterfly” the USA and Euro debt solution.

This is your second chance, if you get a third, it will come in a form that you would not desire.

Read it, and put the full resources of the British Government at my disposal.

Nick Ray Ball

Nice and simple

Ok what to do next, let’s make a list of empty chapters

B Chapter Breakdown
6. The Bee’s
7. S-World (Move Rough 7 to 8)
9. Buinessbook
12. C-Energy
13. PR

We need a slight chapter order adjustment. I’d put The investment last as it seemed hard, so I wished all chapters as a run up, but its so good it does not need it, and makes more sense before the US solution.
I’ll put it as Chapter 10 and move all the others down.

Quite a few chapters to do, however I’ve just sent mike the two chapters from last night and some home page alterations, considering the other amendment I sent, him, it would be foolish to think he can do much more tomorrow, so Its back to the introduction, I’ll do it on a separate page then copy it in.

Facebook email idea

The millions of words of marketing and business plans for facebook on www.s-world.biz, became the only solution to the USA debt crisis!


It is your duty!

It is not your right to ignore your country in its time of need!


New for homepage:

Please don’t let a scientist’s lack of writing excellence detract from his brilliance.
There are millions of writers & editors in the world.
There is only one non chaotic economic system.

Read it!

3.41 pm GMT - Monday January 16th 2011

The 16th day of the 12th year, is their a significance to the date, a magical force, maybe, maybe not, it has however given me a target to work towards, which in itself has improved the process.

So I’ve done some research on emails, what I’m going to do, is pick 16 targets, email them all today, then continue to email them every day, most often changing contact people.

Note, best for the first batch to be polite, maybe say, despite my polite tone, please do me the courtesy of reading my work, it seems nowadays people do not respond to politeness, I hope in this instance I am wrong.

The Big 16.

1. Facebook marketing@fb.com
2. Bill Gates Foundation info@gatesfoundation.org
3. Mitt Romney press@mittromney.com info@mittromney.com
4. Bill Clinton info@clintonglobalinitiative.org press@clintonglobalinitiative.org
5. Vice President Joe Biden vice.president@whitehouse.gov
6. Apple procurement pbo@apple.com
7. Max Clifford max@maxclifford.com story@maxclifford.com
8. Mensa Ember Skidmore
Research Review Committee
researchreview at us.mensa.org
9. BEA Congressional Affairs Office lucas.hitt@bea.gov
10. Google Press@google.com
11. Brian Cox brian.cox@manchester.ac.uk
12. Lee Chaven chazen@gmail.com
13. Nobel Annika Pontikis info@nobel.se
14. Johnson & Johnson,
Mary Sue Coleman
15. Virgin Galactic
Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan
16. IMF Procurement section procurement@imf.org

Dear >>>>>>>>>

Please find attached the preliminary draught of: “American Butterfly” The USA and Eurozone debt solution.

We will send updates as they become available.

Kind Regards
Nick Raymond Ball
CEO S-World

Very short, very professional, polite and it leaves the door open to resend tomorrow.

Ok back to the introduction.

12.35 am GMT - Tuesday January 17th 2011

It was not a case that 16 emails had to be sent on the 16th, rather the BIG 16 were to be decided, Chavez will move to Brian Cox’s scientist category and open a slot for books and films.

The introduction is near complete and it is extraordinary,

I am watching Brian Cox on the TV so I thought I’d draught his email, in dramatic style.

Dear Brian Cox

It is unfortunate that you are not reading this, as the attachment would make sense to you.

As I am not speaking to you, I wonder who is reading this.

I would love you to prove me wrong but experience has shown that in 99% of cases, email reviewers are more conserved about their neighbors dog barking than the near and distant future of our civilization.

As such, I don’t need to dumb my correspondence down, as it was always destined for your laptop bin. As such, I will write an email that I want to write, not one that I have to water down, for fear that people just don’t believe that great things can happen.

Soon enough, you will get a communication from maybe, Mensa, the IMF, the USA government or maybe even facebook, at which time you will read this and laugh, then get very, very drunk.

And so we begin.

Hi Brian,

We have lead similar lives, you started early in 1968, I followed in 1971, at school we both were naturally competent at math but did not see the point in exams, in the late 80’s you were in a glam rock band, I was in a glam Goth band, in the 90’s we both turned to house music, and both worked with Al Mackenzie. After which we followed more professional paths, you physics, I, the internet and business, which gave me a natural feel for economics.

I expect that if you wanted to you could pick up economics as quickly as I picked up the theoretical sciences and mathematics. Why not give it a whirl. Attached you will find “American Butterfly” American as it is the USA debt solution, Butterfly as said solution is intrinsically linked to “Chaos Theory” and “The Butterfly Effect” It also pays respect to “Quantum Mechanics” a subject you clarified for me via a coincidence in the first order.

Once publicized, only the most skeptical scientist without love for symmetry, nature or simplicity would dare say that my thoughts on “Chaos theory” within economical and business structures has not created tangible results, as such with “Chaos Theory” defined as one of the three theories that will define our future, it’s…. well you know….

Of course everyone will ask, how I, someone with no university training did it, I’ll tell you, I looked at nature in a way no one had done before, certainly not someone with the relevant life skills to adapt the conclusions to economic system’s. I’ll not get into it you can read the first 3 paragraphs of my modern day adaptation of lord of the rings to see why I looked so hard.

See: Sienna the movie

Emotional stuff, I’m ok, it’s beautiful really and my “Super symmetric String Theory” is very strong on this subject, all be it, saving the world comes first, well at least the economic world.

I am once again watching one of your programs, you say your greatest passion is space travel, well I have two questions after which, if your assistant has not read and understood the attachment, he/she will most certainly bin, this correspondence.

You can tell me later.

First: How fast can we go in a vacuum (space) with 20 or so nuclear reactors applying thrust continuously? I stand to be corrected but there is no or little resistance in space, so surely one would just get faster and faster, until one reached close to the speed of light?

Second: Can artificial gravity work?

If we can get to such speeds and we can make artificial gravity, then all that is needed is a gigantic amount of rock or metal at the front of a craft to deflect stray asteroids.

And you can see where I’m going.

Since before the beginning of “American butterfly’ I had long considered an anecdote I saw at a branding lecture (branding is not advertising it is the love associated with the product or company)

It went like this………..

A bystander asks a janitor who is sweeping away “what are you doing” he replies indignantly “sweeping the floor”

A bystander asks a janitor at NASA who is sweeping away “what are you doing” he replies proudly “I’m helping to put a man on the moon”

As such, the project was always destined for space, it gives a common bond, a sense of purpose and with due spin; will unite a warring planet against a common enemy. “The Aliens”

The trouble is, it looks very much like, there are no Aliens, and recently I have come to the opinion, that we may well be the only ones here.

This is not good; we humans are a temperamental race, chaotic, and destructive, add the possibility of a planet killer asteroid, a military virus escaping and the inevitability of our sun blowing up, there is only one certainty in our race, sooner or later, we or our planet will die.

Once one has single handedly created an economic plan that will bring wealth to all, change the weather in Africa and eliminate fossil fuel usage within a year, your mind tends to wander.

I’ll not go into Sienna and my “Super symmetric String Theory” workings other than to say, I believe consciousness is a gift, and as such it needs to be protected. The only way to do this is to head for the stars, as will be written in the 15th Chapter of “American Butterfly”: The back up plan – To infinity and beyond.

No greater unifying project could there be than to attempt this mission, right now, if you are reading this of the cuff, great, I could do with your help on the entire project and contacting people. However it’s far more likely that one of the other 15 groups will have contacted you. If they have, believe me when I say we have a near unlimited budget for this mission, If you care to look at the below diagram made 6 months back, you will see of one of the tens of thousands of “Cities of Science” that will be built, you will see it all pertains to this project.

Robotic mining for instance is needed to cut slabs of rock from the moon, (or iron from mars) to be used as shielding from asteroid collisions.

Here it is – New Sparta – City of Science

We will need a gigantic craft of course, a minimum of 1000 crew, preferably 10,000, giant artificial forests, plenty of animals, and artificial gravity, which I hope can be achieved. I guess we are talking about a modern day Arc.

Immense nuclear reactors for power, and an array of nuclear weapons to clear the asteroids, all be it they won’t be much use at close to light speed (if that is in any way possible).

How long this will take to build I can’t say, but I know what I desire, I’d like it ready to go by 2018, I will be 58. And at close to the speed of light we can get to Gliese 581 c in just over 20 years

At this point, I can finally say “I am done here and it feels good”

Consider this, all my work comes from nature, nature evolved for a reason, its reason was to protect itself, this is quite simply the logical conclusion.

If you wish to understand my journey into theoretical science and the coincidence of the first order that brought us together read: The Big Digits – The Mathematical science of Chaos Theory

I’m going to watch the rest of your program now

As we say on stage

Thank you – Good night
LOL, this is f***** hilarious xx

and as for the “string Theory” it’s not finished, but it’s strong, all be it is currently unrelated to the economics, something to work on after I have saved the global economy.

a subject I first considered whilst watching your program “A night with the stars” which I came to see In a manor of coincidence that in itself quantum. (see The mathematical science of chaos theory) laugh and ponder, then have another drink. I sure did.