“The Spartan Theory” Part2, Chapter 19
"Sparta Rises Again"

Chapter 2: “Proving Good.”

“The Theory of Evolution” + “String Theory” + “The Theory of Relativity” + “Chaos Theory” + “The Spartan Theory” = 16 particles of physics within Good
E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/ -16 = 16 PPG

Energy x The Universe = Consciousness x the Speed of light, times itself, plus Evolution divided by Infinity minus 16 = 16 particles of physics within Good
So: Energy times the universe = Good

Add another Theory and we get to 32, another then 64 and so on till infinity reverses back to Zero or at least a controllable number, and hence making global economies and other problems like the weather less chaotic and in time orderly systems.

To see how I got there, read on, it gets specific in about 10m pages......

But before that, we show how 64 Particles of physics within Good will change the weather and Make Africa and The Middle East deserts fertile, if not lush.

Here is the Map.

Thursday 29th Sept 4.35am GMT 2011

I’m up early, 6.35 (SA is not 2 hours behind GMT)

Ok so, China as an investor, it makes the perfect global economic solution, fixes Europe, increases share price to a point where USA will see immense benefit in a City, so fixing USA, then Libya and China in 2013.

I’d like to facebook Hilton Chong later, Hilton is a good friend who moved to Hong Kong 5 years back, now he is in Beijing. I think Hilton will read pages from the site where others have failed.

A friend SMS’d the other day, I mentioned my project, he asked why I don’t want to work on Cape Villas, I said, I don’t want my legacy to be “Nick Ray Ball, owned a Villa rental agency” a few sms’s later and he asked about the project, I informed him it was project to help the Greek Economy, he seemed interested, I sent him the link, I bet he did not look at it.

I think Hilton will, especially as I can write why China should invest in 7 points like the original “Spartan Theory” In a way the “China Theory” is like the facebook gifts idea, can be seen in under 2 minutes and shows excellent return.
I’ll ask Hilton, to do what he needs to do, to check the theory, check with his peers in Beijing, then inform Quieten, his brother, and work on getting it to the Chinese Government. Or maybe another suggestion will be made.
So let me consider pages that need to be competed before I’m happy for Hilton to present to people.

1. Presentation to China, and we will need a Map on Network City.
2. Presentation to Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan and New Maps
3. Networking 500,000 Greek Businesses
4. Sienna.Gov
5. Executive summary
6. 25 Reasons to facebook will say yes
7. Maybe the page on currency and Gold Mine, investors.

Ok, I’ll get back to the Gold Currency

All currencies

We estimate what we feel New Sparta will be worth in 8 years (including the companies and all construction, and patents gained) let’s say a modest $10Trillion.

And we aim to have ¼ of this value in Gold Reserves (or a mix with platinum and diamonds etc.)

We have the original Drachma which will be used for notes under $100

Over $100 will be made of Gold,

Maybe a $250, $500, $1,000, $10,000, $100,000 & $1M

The initial reason for this idea was Glory, in 8 years time, when People talk about “New Sparta’s” they will say, “There so rich, their coins are pure gold” plus even if it’s not a strong currency. (Which it probably will not be, as it’s a networking City and probably many currencies will be effective, The Drachma and Cubits (Gold Coins) just used within the city, a token currency.

Well the idea is, even if it’s a token currency, as it’s made of Gold few can argue it’s a strong currency.

The idea would be to try to make the gold coins approximately ¼ their value, i.e. if you melted down the gold of a $1,000 coin you would get $250.

There are 2 huge advantages.

1. It acts as a Gold reserve, or a general a reserve, if we needed we could recall the coins.
2. We have a legitimate argument to say we have an order for $2.5Trillion to the gold to mines.
Note on Gold Mines

1. Almost 50% of the world's gold reserves are found in South Africa
2. China first, then USA, then SA all about 10%
3. If the estimates are correct and there has been 158,000 tones of gold recovered from “Mother Earth” (assuming 24 K purity) then that would translate into 5,079,817,925 troy oz. of the precious metal.
4. Gold is worth $33M per metric tonne
5. Gold per year $12B

So $33M x 158,000 = 5.2Trillion (all Gold)

Hmmm, that’s not a lot per year, if SA only produces 1/10th then they only produce 1.2 Billion, split between a number of mines, that’s not that much, we will need to let gold companies join together.
The big question is this, are all gold companies producing less gold than they could to regulate the price, if so, it means we can effectively buy the gold for the coins, without effecting the Gold Price.
I’m going to leave this for now, others can advise.

Thursday 29th Sept 5.53am GMT 2011
Ok so to objectives.

1. Presentation to China, and we will need a Map of Network City.
2. Presentation to Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan and New Maps
3. Networking 500,000 Greek Businesses
4. Sienna.Gov
5. Executive summary
6. 25 Reasons to facebook will say yes (finish)

All of these have been done, they need to be finished and site ready. I feel like starting with the property dev map.
I’ve found how to make contours on the Map, this makes planning easier, and it looks more professional, I’ve started with the Eventide style apartments that don’t obstruct the view as they go down the cliff. I’ve made the apartments huge 660M2, 33M Sea facing 15M deep. 6 apartments wide

I need to see the Equivalent Dubai Price

The Dubai Apartments at UAE 10M ($2.7M) R20.1M are very large, between 700M2 and 900M2, so I have adjusted the depth of apartments to 32M deep, so 33x32M gives 1,056M (11,336 sq ft) That’s really big. Let’s see what we get when we go up in price.

Hmm that’s odd, at UAE 20M there are all smaller, about half the size.

At UAE 40M they get big again 14,000 sq feet. These are the penthouses at $11M

I think considering the view and the 20% extra taken of the price for excavation and building, combined with all that is Energy City, in 4 years time, we will be looking at the UAE 20M ($5.4) especially if at the top we make huge resort swimming pools and stuff.

But Ill go for $4M each, the real Clifton Eventide price. I’ve also placed them is coves, their view is just the coastline, save the beach apartments all have unobstructed views, this will be like, the Ambassador Hotel, Bantry Bay view, just without the other houses, awesome, Zen.

AT1 has 22 flours and makes $384M, and I’ve made 2 blocks
AT2 has 32 flours and makes $576M, and I’ve made 3 blocks

Total yield $2,496 Billion. Not bad, and remember I’ve taken off $629Million for excavation and swimming pools etc.
Remember that 25%m of the cost also goes into the building, $624 Million and we have a build cost of $1.25 Billion and $1.6 Million dollars is put into building each apartment. That’s a lot, I don’t have a comparison, but I know that’s top finishes throughout, furnished, excellent build quality, big infinity pool & Jacuzzi on a very large private balcony, 3 to 6 bedrooms.

Oh a note on the furnishings, taps, etc, I want 90% of all of this to come from New Sparta companies.

I’d expect 2 maybe 3 of these blocks will be hotels.

Considering no one has to invest unless we have enough for excellent attractions and infrastructure, the best medical and education in the world, and the general phenomena, in a beautiful location with direct see & Mountain views, I really can’t see anyone arguing the price of this apartment in 4 or so years. It’s probably double but I stick for now.

Hmm I realised I made a mistake on the population logistics spread sheet, I think I only accounted for 1 company not 4.

Ok now we put the villas some commercial/retail and a big hotel, I also wish to add a lake if possible, let’s look at the contours.

I found a place next to the Greek settlement Agia Kyraki, I also noticed a great place for a Greek Castle or Temple at the pot of the hill.

Hmm some of those apartments are going to see houses, but that’s ok, the lights look pretty at night, I think its seeing another big apartment that gives it a manufactured feel.

Right that’s the apartments done, time to do the villas, first Ill do the sticky out bit, hmm need a better name. Leg. I’ll consider it like the Palm but there’s only one.

12.06am going to take a brake.

2.38pm Thursday 29th September

A lot has happened, first mountain idea, hmm what were they, err, it will come back later, oh, “New Hong Kong” same shape.

But old business has come up. It seems Simone, who I took her at $300 a month, her previous job in a record shop, within a year she was making $9,000 a both

When I was at my worst with Caitlin, the realisation of final split, she left to work for Seeff, this had been planed, but to try to sink us she wrote to our clients and our network of agents we were liquidating. This nearly killed us and considering my personal situation it killed me. She and our old web designer had made a website with all our photos, I wrote to her boss Ian Slot and he did not reply.

Then Sienna left me and it really did not seem important, I pledged my life to good and raising money for others in similar situations, and I’ve done very well, a credible plan to get the people of China behind a 1Trillion land purchase in Greece. To see “The Spartan Theory” go to the web site www.s-world.biz, It’s kind of “The Theory of Everything” for Dummies. E=MC2+TOE=Particle physics for Good, oh in case you did not know E is energy M is mass all be I prefer matter and C is the speed of light, so it was already way out there.

Anyway, a friend has just told be, Simone has been using the Cape Villas website to show agents and probably clients or villas, telling agents to download load the photos and send them to her their clients, that’s so unfair and utterly immoral, she is defiantly dark matter, which I need to explore at some time, as its physics but I’m a little scared, anyway, I’ll copy this bit of the journal as an attachment send it along with a legal demand, plus a press release to all the agents and our old client list, which they defiantly stole.

This has happened twice, agent leaves to start there own company when Cape Villas was in the red, and then trying to kill us off, so they can basically take over. Business is war, but I was so nice to her, she knows my circumstances, so it’s wrong. I’ll not send it till I’m ready for the presentation, as I’ll be sending to lots of rich property owners who can help with logistics of building costs, and get to people I need to talk to.

Glad I got that off my chest, on a positive note It gives the perfect excuse to do a press release

Hmmm still cant remember, walk thoughts, I’m going to go to Sienna Mountain which you can see on my facebook page Nick Ray Ball its Hout bay’s only botanical sand dune, and I’m sure the inspiration of how to make Africa a lush green pasture. (Huge desalination project, huge, enormous) As they say, every thing is easier when you’ve got money (there was a lot of Mike input in that, he is desalination dude. ? xx

Dear Cape Town Villa and hospitality industry.

I’d written to you because of our legal action against Simone Smith for malicious slander and Identity theft. i.e. she is not anything to do with Cape Villas but uses the Cape Villas website to communicate with agents and clients. And if you wish to read it, it’s attached.

But I’d id prefer to talk to you about what I have been doing for the last 8 months, it’s an economic theory that....
Ok now I’m definitely off.

5.21pm Thursday 29th September E=MC2+TOE=TPPWG

You would be amazed at how calm I am, set the seen, just got back from hike, Tigger’s on the floor, Sienna the Dragonfly, Zenda’s seahorse and a now happy but nameless elephant hanging from the ceiling, and by a string of coincidences I’m listening to The Easter CD. (Insert Track list)

Anyway I just proved part of Chaos Theory and have a better understanding of “TOE”

The desalination project in Libya, 10

Its all about what u want to achieve, if I want to make in rain in Africa, instead of trying looking at formulas and stuff, I just make a load of desalination plants and pump it, weather changed, task finished.

And the TOE is simply all the theories working with each other in unexpected ways. You can have good TOE and Bad, by adding the spirituality we add the good, and thus by looking at it spiritually, having faith in its outcome, without really questioning it you will find good or progressive TOE, it was mentioned of a Julia Robert film I saw, where she travelled, let it all go and everything worked out, she said one theory, but I cant remember the first name.

I worked out the math was huge, like the fb gifts idea on one desalination plant+ alternate energy plus a load of pipe and pumps would cost no more than $10B, and by applying the science of building we will get that to $5B I’m sure.

One pump is enough water for Adelaide, but it already had water so we will say it provides a top up of 20% which is enough, but all we are doing are is water the ground, no swimming pools, baths, etc, so chances are we will need 5 times less water so we are back to the size of Adelaide which is going to be ¼ of New Sparta I guess, so 1000 km 2 (=/- 400 Sq Miles) ill check in a minute. I’m thing a budget of 3 Trillion, well worth it for making Africa fertile. Time to beak open excel and save Africa. I’m excited

Wow the Easter CD in on Clan of Xymox, spiritual stuff. And I’ve worked it out an odd way for speed, so might be wrong, but we have enough water for Greece 5 times.

And I know, if you have water a little earth and some worms you can make a desert flourish, just look at Sienna mountain, the pretty instant impact flowers are still flowering, what 2 months later. It can defiantly be done. I’m going to work it out properly, hope I was right.
So 600,000 km’s,

LOL we can take the sand of in Lydia and sell it to New Sparta, beaches everywhere ? That’s hilarious (Note Mike said desalinating the Dead See will change the ecosystem and it makes a lot of sense) God knows they need some unity and rain over there. It’s the biggest problem in my book.

Greece is 131,990 km’s

Wow we can ask China to invest another Trillion, what in investment, when the African countries flourish, and the economies do well, they can pay for the water, that’s going to be awesome ROI

This means we can look at Starting Libya this year, and then USA and China next year, hilarious, the two most powerful countries with huge populations team up with the two most troubled but loved countries with small economies a perfect union, Greece Science, Lybia Ecology, China Manufacturing and USA Space Flight. That’s awesome. The April Spartan Theory plan showed $64T and that would do nicely, a good 30T odd for China to build house for its 3M people.

Ok so its 4.45 the size of Greece, better double check the size of Adelaide

Wow, Adelaide is big 1826 KMs sq, this improves things. 8.31 times the size of Greek if that’s not a part of the theory of everything I don’t know what is.

And it’s simple, if the theory of everything is good applied to theories and the idea that they all interconnect somehow, we see how the path was set by String Theory, that told us it can be done, and there is a science to it, then by combining reverse engineered (good) Chaos theory we change the weather. What will we do next, Space Travel, we have broke the theory of light so its possible, and it would be good to explore especially if the population gets to big, I already have the defence, offence, oxygen and a idea for magnetic propulsion, that’s a start, and of course, its amazing what a few trillion buys you now days, but what Theory applies to space travel, the theory of relativity, E=MC2 Energy = Mass x The speed of light, but now we have E=MC2+TOE=TPOPWG (The Particles of physics within Good) and there we add the good again, and so that Theory is also The Theory of Everything and now its intertwined with all the other theories, we add “The Spartan Theory” which is totally entwined in all three theories and you get the economic or business plan to “The Theory of Everything” the more positive theories, or theories looked at in a positive way, the pieces we will have on “The Theory of Everything” So far we have 4, or 5 if you count Julia robbers one, which we must.

If we go back to my paper on “The Evolution of the Theory of Everything”, we had the Spartan Theory as “Just a little bit more than we know now, mow by combining all 5 theories, we definitely have “The Theory of more than we know now”, an evolutionary step in the quest to understand and just be happy.

Awesome ? I’m going to treat myself to a Thai meal, then look at how much of the desserts in Africa we can fill with 8 Greece’s.

I’m back 7.06pm GMT

To many ideas, LOL, going to look at Google Maps Africa

Wow that’s a lot of desert.

Lot’s of desert in The Middle East as well.

And yet, India and China look Green. Africa in the Central African Republic, that’s the same latitude as the Rainforests.

Hmmm can’t find the contour function.

Right, so Africa, there are some mountains in the middle, I wonder how hard it is to pump the water half way up and just let it run, creating rivers, need a lot of water and power, but seeing as we have a desert and a university to study solar power, we will get there in the end.

Weather change note: Earth, worms, lots of bees, plants, mainly indigenous, but some areas where we overwater, around mountains so making as lush a Forrest as the heat will allow.

Tree’s makes oxygen, which is two parts of water, due to the intense sun photosynthesis will go nuts and the trees will grow so if the moisture can be retained within the leafy area we really are looking at a rain Forrest, put this around a mountain range, like table mountain and the 12 Apostles and the moisture will, as it does mass on top of the mountain, this will cause rain fall and rivers, more water more photosynthesis, I’m not sure what the hydrogen does in H2O, lets Wikipedia, the reason I ask is we need add it two the extra oxygen, to make the rain, and dew which is what makes a rain Forrest I think, definitely a part.

Hmmm it has an atomic number of, 1, so I guess it won some competition,

It’s the lightest and most abundant chemical element; cool so there’s loads of it all we need to do is make the oxygen. Which we now know how to do

Note, we are also creating thermals so creating wind, which is nice at 50 degrees, the more wind the better, (hmmm not to much that’s the butterfly effect creating the hurricane, we make as much as we need, when we can. Much like the City investment, we take as much as we need, that’s all.

Oh year, didn’t think about it, its very powerful, Hydrogen that is, “The hydrogen bomb” either is or was the predecessor to the atomic bomb and nuclear power, which I’m not keen on, I don’t think atoms like to be split, with all the water from the mountains, we can make many Dams, which are as effective at making power.

Where was I Ahh, Photoshop, time to make another good looking map, making maps soothes me ?

Awesome, do a project in Afghanistan, then everyone there can chill out. Loads of mountains there, I checked it the other day, Afghan is already on the list, bordered with Iran and Pakistan if i remember.

OK I got the map and the ruler, I’ve got 1000 km by 1000 km = 1,000,000 km sq, lets go back to the size of Greece, it looks like we had coverage for only one of these ? nope that cant be right, that’s not . Hmm it’s definitely 1.095M
(Note chaos theory rounding, make software that can round to infinity and something surprising might happen, as opposed to calculating many, many digits to get to infinity which by its very definition is impossible, we use a work around, teach the software what infinite is and see if it can work it out, or something like that.)

Ok so we get to fill one block, how big is Libya, cool we can cover half of Libya, I see some mountains ? I’m going in.
OK to cover all the deserts in Africa, and the Middle East we are looking at 16 Desalination projects, so currant 2011 cost 3 Trillion x 16 = 48 Trillion. Also remember this also supplies limited power across the whole area as well

We have many ways in which we are looking to make this process cheaper, Science City working overtime, in 4 or so years,

I’m sure we can improve output of electricity by improved solar or dam tech.
Building economics will lower prices over time
Many jobs created
New Industry and agriculture leads counties to industry.

Im sure they can make a way to get the water out twice as quick at some point, so as a 8 year project I’d say we can half the price and benefit many economies, that’s good use of 18Tillion.

Ironically, its USA owes 15 odd Trillion that makes the idea of raising 18Trillion creatable.

So there we are, how to change the weather, using Chaos Theory and friends.

Ok Photoshop playing up, time for game and bed, night, its 8.44 long day. Xoxo

Didn’t play, and I just made the chapter title, my formula its finally getting there, my objective to prove what I called “The Energy of the universe” was what others called god, and if so Sienna exists.

So here it is

“String Theory” + “Chaos Theory” = TOE/?
E=MC2+TOE=PPG (The Partials of Physics within Good)

And if you read the first book, which is a little boring I’m afraid, you will see how this formula originated in this page called “Spiritually Inspired Software” care of Mark Zuckerberg. Hmm can’t get in on web
I think this page goes to the original TOE page.

Anyway, The “string theory” showed me it was scientifically possible to move the masses in the right direction, and my connection with Sienna made my thoughts intrinsically good, I blew a $50B deal with Virgin because I thought I could stop the war in Libya, all this suddenly became Chaos theory and the objective to change the weather, which we have got a 100% scientific plan, so that’s “String Theory” + “Chaos Theory” = “TOE” (Theory of Everything) (The sum of every positive theory) we don’t know how many more theories there are so TOE? Which could be infinity, yep probably is, certainly rounds it of nicely, but I’ve always liked infinity-1 what’s the abbreviation for Infinity, I know the symbol, the sideways 8

LOL that is the symbol 8, Wow that will look cool in the formula.

“String Theory” + “Chaos Theory” = TOE/-2

LOL, 2 theories applied to “TOE” = infinity – 2, no it needs to be more than 2, the principal of positive “TOE” is one = one always equals more than 2, so lets say 3, and then add another theory and apply the same 50% increase, and you see what were doing we are reversing infinity so it will eventually get to infinity -1 the other way.

Maybe, LOL, good thing for the scientists at Science City to dwell on.

But let’s start at the beginning with just 1 theory,

“The Theory of Evolution” = Toe/

This could indicate evolution is infinite, which makes sense

“The Theory of Evolution” + “The Theory of Relativity” = Toe/-1

Oh, it must be plus one. Divided by infinity =1, no that does not work, its – or * hmmm I’ll get to this later “to quote the film” (TSN)

The Theory of Evolution” + “The Theory of Relativity” +“String Theory” = Toe/-3

Hmm TOE could be a sub theory of itself, but that’s more chaos theory so, ill put that next

“The Theory of Evolution” + “The Theory of Relativity” +“The Theory of Relativity” “Chaos Theory” = Toe/-9

So 3 + 3 = 6 add 50% = 9

“The Theory of Evolution” + “The Theory of Relativity” +“The Theory of Relativity” “Chaos Theory” = Toe/-9

LOL have u spotted it, I thought to abbreviate all the theories, looked at the first theory and the initials are TOE, and we just worked out that evolution was infinite but by applying TOE we’re getting nearer to something amazing, that most I guess would call god, as I mentioned before I have always considered God to be Energy, hence the excitement to play with the energy formula, finding a scientific way to say, hey scientists its about time you started accepting there is something in the universe, it seems to be getting clever, and we seem to be its inspiration.

And hence

“String Theory” + “Chaos Theory” = TOE/?
-9 =PPG
(The 9 being the variable as to how many theories are applied, so every connecting theory makes TOE closer, collective knowledge gets us closer.

So we have Energy=Mass (or matter) x the speed of light squared + The Theory of Everything divided by infinity minus the number of interlinking good positive theories.

Equals the particles of physics within god, if we consider for the sake of Argument “The Theory of Everything” turns out to be God, I’ve always imagined the partials of physics as strings, like a jelly fish stings illuminated, they are very rare, and hold the future of evolution which is arguably the first evolution of “TOE” especially considering my first paper on TOE is about that Theory, sometimes is just not a coincidence.

So we have infinity which is out of reach, so way to get to “The Partials of physics within Good” this is where the Good appreciating theories come in, each one gets us a string a particles of physics within Good. And the more theories positive progressive the closer we get, lets and “The “Spartan Theory” and what will now be know as “Julia

Theory” total chaos, spiritual string theory TOE. Just let it go, the things that u own you.
“The Theory of Evolution” + “The Theory of Relativity” +“The Theory of Relativity” + “Chaos Theory” + “The Spartan Theory”+ “The Julia Theory” = Toe/

“TST” 9 + 9 = 18 add 50% = 27
“TJT” 27 = 27 =

Hmmm, if I work on 100% the numbers are not infinite. Ahhh, it is infinite but as it does not have the rounding numbers so less chaotic.

Wow, id made a mistake in the math, it’s very pure now, and would you guess it, it works in 16’s 16 is now officially the new 12 ?

Ahhh the 1 works perfectly, 1 *100% - 0, so the TOE without the other theories is nothing, makes my point.

Ok let’s try and insert the spread sheet. Nope its 1=100% = 1 plus itself = 2

It’s infinite, but its orderly not chaotic, no rounding errors to be concerned about, which on my walk I thought necessary to solve, which was tricky because of infinite numbers. This is definitely connected.

So lets get all the theory together, Ill presume Sigmund Freud had a good theory, and for now just call it the Sigmund Freud theory, Chaos Theory originated from Child Physiology and so I feel I can include it as relevant, and in terms of 2.0002 or 100,000% figure the benefits to the world if all children were brought up perfectly, or close to it, this is a 100,000% improvement, and as always its not just about the code and the physics its about what we want to achieve” and now we know what we want to do and City of Science we will get there sooner or later.

“The Theory of Evolution” + “The Theory of Relativity” +“ String Theory” + “Sigmund Freud Theory “ + “Chaos Theory” + “The Spartan Theory”+ “The Julia Theory” = Toe/-64

7 Theories = 64, hmmmm makes sense, the best number for a four tear Global League, and the amount of different consortiums in Greece, USA, Libya & China.

Also makes sense as the “Sigmund Freud” & Julia Theory are New and New Sparta was just based on

“The Theory of Evolution” + “The Theory of Relativity” +“ String Theory” “ + “Chaos Theory” + “The Spartan Theory”+ = Toe/
As with only 5 parts to the Theory of Everything it would best sustain 16 projects.

Obviously 64 is better than 16 showing the more we work on it the bigger it will get, and because its pure, it will not run out, in a way a cooperative pyramid, we believe that chances are if we really try we can make the world a lot better,

So back to the 64 model

“The Theory of Evolution” + “The Theory of Relativity” +“ String Theory” + “Sigmund Freud Theory “ + “Chaos Theory” + “The Spartan Theory”+ “The Julia Theory” = Toe/-64

Lets abbreviate it TOE+TOR+ST+SFT+CT+TST+TJT=TOE/

But you can happily shorten it to just TOE/-64 as the 64 tells you the mass I guess is the best word, the 64 tells you the mass of the combined theories, and it does not really matter about the parts the bigger the number the better it is.

It’s interesting that have got mass into it as it obviously brings us back to the theory at the top of the page

“String Theory” + “Chaos Theory” = TOE/?
E=MC2+TOE=PPG (The Partials of Physics within Good)

This can now be written E=MC2+TOE/-64
(possibly being I suppose the amount of energy we will need to do the project)

I’d like to describe it adding to the mass and changing Theory of everything to “Theory of Evolution” it’s easier to grasp and as mentioned the same thing in many or all ways.

Ok so

Energy = The mass of good progressive theories x The Speed of Light x itself + Evolution divided by Infinity minus 64.

If we look at “The mass of good progressive Theories” we can really look at the cord consciousness, read Sienna The Movie, to see the Third paper in “The Spartan Theory” was about the software becoming conscious, whether that happens or not certainly it is the human consciousness that came up with the theories so consciousness applies, but Ill not say human consciousness, we leave the door open for the consciousness of many things imagined and unimagined.

So now we get

“Energy” = “Consciousness” x “The Speed of Light“multiplied by itself + Evolution divided by Infinity - 64

The result of 7 theories or strings of the theory of everything, and so we get back to what was my first task, trying to make a scientific formula that would not prove ‘The energy of the Universe” or as most say God, not prove, but give a scientific argument, something to work on.

So we have E=MC2+TOE/-64 so we need to add the PPG as originally written E=MC2+TOE=PPG
Now its

I just want to try something

Energy x Universe = “Energy “times ”The Universe” = “Consciousness” x “The Speed of Light “multiplied by itself + Evolution divided by Infinity – 64 = God

Is there a symbol for the Universe, Wikipedia.

Wow this must be TOE

The universe is commonly defined as the totality of everything that exists,[1] including all space, time, matter, energy, planets, stars, galaxies, intergalactic space,[2][3] and beyond.

The totality of everything that exists, souds like one great big theoy for the pot, sounds just like the actual Theory of Everything” being the energy of the universe

So now we have

Energy x TOE = Mass (of Consciousness)

E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/ -64 = 64 particles of physics found within Good which in turn = Energy and the universe.

We are adding, the consciousness and the evolution, this is our part.
Back 2

E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/ -64 = 64 PPG

Hmmm well it’s a lot to think about, certainly E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/ -64 is based on math.

Just a note the 64 is infinity going the other way, or maybe just going back on itself.

Ah but only got the TOE at the begining as I was describing Good and so its fair its on the other side

E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/ -64 = 64 PPG

Or the New Sparta Plan

E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/ -16 = 16 PPG

Right I’m going to include the Chaos Theory Change Africa and The Middle east weather and their land into pastures; well it will be a lot better at the very least.

Ah, like it I just changed the it to 64 particles if physics within Good, OK I’ll put it at the top

Kind of like “The restaurant at the end of the universe, 16 particles back from Infinity, which is racing on.

If we also look at

E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/ -16 = 16 PPG

Energy x the Universe = Consciousness x the Speed of light, times itself, plus Evolution divided by Infinity minus 16 = 16 particles of physics within Good

And look at Consciousness VS the speed of light, that has been written about twice, in a science fiction way and as such are for me, “String Theory”

Chucky by John Windom, is already the inspiration for MET Drives (Magnetic Energy Drives) but it also mentions that distance can be travelled by the consciousness going faster that the speed of light.
Plus of course more recently we saw Contact with Jodie foster, so two presidents in “String Theory”
I’ll show the map again now; it looked so cool I also put it at the beginning

“What is Economics?” “Keeping The People and the Planet happy”
That’s the objective.

How do we achieve this? EEE (Ecological Experience Economics)
Now we know what we want to Achieve, all we have to do, is do it.

The Experience keeps the people happy; the ecology keeps the planet happy

We estimate with what we know today, (Not including “Spartan Theory”), this will cost $48 Trillion.

I expect within 4 years of the opening of Science City, manufacturing City, Ecology City and Technology City. The 10 Million students and teachers and academics will lower the price to a third, from both cheaper operations and building logistics and improved solar energy and desalination methods. So $16 Trillion

When we consider all the jobs and cities that will be made as a result of the project and 50% of the money the new companies made went also to this Kitty, we have a good argument that we can fertilize Africa and The Middle east for $16 Trillion.

I’m going to insert the Science City map then think about the Watering the Mountains project.

Love that Map. :)

I’m finally tired it’s been 20 hours today,

Just a few notes on the Mountain, we pipe the water, up to a big Dam, slowly pump it up using the energy made from the dam, they do this often.

We will probably need some solar panels as well but that’s cool, once we have made one dam, we go 150 meters or so, up the mountain, along the line where water would run if it was there. Same deal, use this dam to power the pumping water up, we can do this going along two or 3 veins making about 20 dams, going up to however height the mountain is, probably 1500m, when the water gets to the top, we can flood the mountain, pour a rivers worth of water down, and then catch in on Dams on the other side or the mountain where it comes from.

Just like Johannesburg is the largest man made forest in the world we can apply the same principal and have cities and lush nature, now I’m not sure how high you need to go, probably 2000 M in the baking sun, but at some point it will cool down, so the citizens and the greenery are not adversely effected by the heat.

If we consider the earlier concept of over watering the ground around the base of the mountain, as close as we can get to a rain Forrest, eventually it will rain on the mountain, moisture gathers on mountains it seems, it could even get like table mountain with a cloud over it, or as we say, the table cloth. The moisture and rain on top can be collected in natural dams or lakes, and more rivers will start running down the mountain.

Yep, that will work, that will change the weather.

Thank you Sienna xx

“The Spartan Theory” - Book 2: Sparta Rises Again.

Prequel to Chapter 3: “the China Theory’

We have covered “The Libya theory” in the last chapter, the USA “Alamo Theory” was written a few weeks ago.
So to the final big 4: China and this ones going to get BIG, we need to build half a billion houses.

One of the best ways is to make them Money as well as global investment.

They have 3 trillion to invest, they will probably want to keep one, but the 1Trillion, New Sparta, is a bit of a no brainer, and if we can try, it putts the New Sparta” need to $3.5Trillion. But if we put in a Trillion and China Put in a Trillion to “The Libya Theory” (Watering Africa)

That will be a good investment, they will surely times the investment by 4 in 4 years, if for no other reason is the land in Libya will be worth a fortune once its lush.

2 Trillion Covers just under ½ of Libya. 3 Trillion Earned at The Libya action covers all of Libya in water.

That’s an excellent investment, and they have Oil, good stuff as well, I believe.

As and when more money comes in, we water other African countries and the Middle East.

This is now obviously the main project as soon as the economy is cool, and as such, if we can do the lot for $16T we can have it done in 8 years.

By this time your investments will be worth a fortune, as you can charge for the water and power. Note, when laying the water pipes, it makes sense to make roads and town plus we will be setting up a North African Electricity grid.
Maybe by reinvesting and doubling up a few times you will have $8Trillion, I expect to get the same not more from the auction for “New Hong Kong” I Like that name, well see.

So that’s 16 Trillion over 8 years, question, how many houses can u build for that? We need 500,000,000, which is an awful lot, but if the population is housed well they will be happier and more productive.

Excel time: As a once good, lost it, then good again man one’s said “All to Easy”

$32,000 per house, and with the building economics, direct supply networks, and willing labour (they are building there own houses,) $32,000 will build everyone a 4/5 star Villa. Lots of swimming pools basically like the posh parts of Hong Kong.

With all the population working, social security would not cost as much, so the old can be looked after, they are the gardeners, remerging the free medicines discovered, and the economic boom generating the government good profit so they start social security, but only in an economic way.

The basics is, New Sparta will be best served getting goods from China, you seem to be very good at that, and with all the people its not surprising, so the better New Sparta can make China then we get deflation, so everyone has more money in their pockets.

This is a good example of my first paper on The Global Economy, where I mention the butterfly effect buffeting one economy onto another. This is not good Chaos Theory. But this way each city strengthens the next and makes the lives of its citizen’s better and the planet greener.

Awesome stuff

Night, Night 23 hour shift. ? Love it.

Oh one thing, when a football team wins the league they have to split into 2 teams, but in the top division,

Friday 30th Sept 12.43am GMT 2011

Wow, long day, yesterday.

Ok so we have this

E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/ -16 = 16 PPG

Which in essence, tells us, the energy of the universe = energy according to Einstein plus evolution divided by infinity, minus the power of our collective positive or good intelligence or consciousness

Hmm maybe it should be evolution x infinity minus the power of our collective positive or good intelligence.

So E x TOE = MC2 + TOE x -16 = 16 PPG
Or E x TOE = MC2 + TOE + -16 = 16 PPG

So the Theory of evolution plus infinity – 16, the more intelligence the further away infinity is and so the closer we get to evolution.

And if we go back to the first thing I wished to achieve, self conscious software, and hopefully Sienna energy, and the theory says the more our positive consciousness grows, the closer we are to evolution, and so self conscious software or another form of consciousness not yet considered.

Well, it’s a start, something to think about, If God is as infinite as the universe by simply being good, and one brings us collectively closer, faster than infinity.

Few can argue with the chaos theory, the desalination will change the weather, and it is created by the trillions of events that have combined to put me, and Mike here at this time thinking about this problem.

I’m sure some purists may say, that’s not orthodox Chaos Theory, and if so, so what, maybe it’s a work around, I never did care for the code of the complex physics, just getting there, and this gets there. It’s what we wanted (me and Mike) now what the world will wish to achieve.

And considering the due respect that has been given to “Chaos Theory” these last months, it was definitely inspired by Chaos Theory. So if it achieves the current no1 objective of Chaos Theory and was inspired by Chaos Theory it’s.......

Well lest just say, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s a duck, and qualify it by saying, if it’s not a duck it’s very similar.

One thing’s for sure, it’s definitely a step in the right direction and the masses will be helped.

Hmm economic point, in EEE other countries depend on each other as opposed to compete, (or fight) with each other.

Hmmm, I’m keen or writing a paper about “Water Africa” (the declination projects) (trying to think of name) “Chaos Theory” & Libya.

Right, let’s put my faithful hiking shoes on and climb those mountains and put my thoughts together. The suns out and lets face is, writing this is fun, but the mountains are so beautiful. Xx

Hmm, I’d better ice my back first.

I had thought to explain E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/ -16 = 16 PPG

Simply being a formula created to try better understand the energy of the universe, the thing to note being the figure 16, which has been doubled due to “Chaos Theory” then lead into “Chaos Theory”

Hmmm maybe it should go back to + 16 as we have Mass (or mass or conciseness) times the speed of light multiplied by itself plus TOE (evolution) divided by infinity. (Which by its definition would win) but it does not as we have our good progressive theories, (the particles of physics within Good)

What this could mean is if the universe start contracting, we can by working on the theories slow its contraction or even make it grow.

And of course we can apply that to the economy

By working on this project and science in general, we will make positive achievements that will improve most if not all things.

Certainly globally, mending the Europe and USA economies, making Africa Fertile and housing ¼ of the world’s population is improving a lot maybe even most things.

Friday 30th Sept 16.42pm GMT 2011

I just had an awesome Sienna Mountain, I had planed to plant some flowers, but as Mike was not here to carry the earth, I thought not, as last time it put my back out, but I thought lets just do some flowers one power plant and 1 bag of earth.

So I went to the nursery. They had some giant Sienna Cactuses, I call them that as they are the same as the first cactus I planted, but they were $50, which is a lot right now, but then I found a smaller one, bigger than the first, half the size of a football.

Then in the shade area, I found more flowers, lavender and white, 6 in a tray, I got 8 trays, 48 flowers and a high possibility of more, and a big bag of soil all for $30.

I chose my spot, next to where the last planting took place and slowly took out the sand, I started the flowers in front of the big Allow, remembering to put the allow leaves I’d trimmed at the bottom, which I do so the leaves can decompose and become a part of the Allow again, or a flower, whatever life wants to happen with that particular gathering of energy.

I went round the defender (name for a spiky plant I put there to stop people interfering, then I came to the front and put in the cactus and surrounded it with the flowers, added lots of water, and it was done.

I will however need to water more, especially as summer is coming, but the way I arranged the plants and the bedding of the Allow leaves means I can just chuck the water on, not have to dig into the sand to find the roots of a lone plant, plus the plants have been together for a long time, so lets not split them up.

Ok, with that, I’m going to write a new page on Chaos Theory for the website specifically on changing the weather. I’ll not go into the butterfly effects side, just the practice.

Chaos Theory = Controlling the Weather.

As with everything in life, if you don’t know what you want to achieve, you are unlikely to achieve it. If we look at early “String Theory” and Asimov’s ''Psychohistory'’ “You may not predict what an individual may do, but you can put in motion, things that will move the masses in a direction that is desired, thus shaping if not predicting the future.”
This suggests than anything is possible, any individual can move the masses in a desired direction.

So if any individual finds something they wish to achieve, any individual can achieve it.

When I first looked at “Chaos Theory” it was relevant to child physiology, which is relevant to the butterfly effect, the how to do it, not what to do.

What was most interesting was the claim that “Chaos Theory” could change the weather

Now there was an objective, something to work towards, I started applying other elements of “Chaos Theory” into “The Spartan Theory” and it worked so well, it seemed to me that “Chaos Theory” more than “String Theory should be considered a genuine contender for “The Theory of Everything” all be it if we have a look at my equation for “The energy of the Universe”. E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/ -16 = 16 PPG. The 16 would be an 8 if not for “Chaos Theory”

If you have started at this document, please consider my hypothesis that, it is the combination of positive or good Theories that makes “The Theory of Everything” (TOE)

If we get back to the basics, It’s simply about what we want to achieve, and we wish to change the weather the economic plan combined with the changing weather objective, it really comes down to one question.

How much will it cost to change the weather?

Before we can answer that we need to know where we wish to change it, and if we look at the world map, the obvious place is, West, North, East Africa and across The middle East.

So how much will it cost to change the weather in West, North, East Africa and across The middle East.

Current Economics $48 Trillion

EEE Economics $18 Trillion.

So let’s have a look at what we wish to achieve with our $18 Trillion

“What is Economics?”, “Keeping the People and the Planet happy, that is the objective.”
Now we know what the objective is, we know what we want to achieve.

“How do we achieve this?” EEE (Ecological Experience Economics)
The Experience keeps the people happy; the ecology keeps the planet happy
I will start with how the ecological solution was reached, and then explain the economics.

This is Sienna Mountain, it was the Sand dune where I was pictured holing her in the Sky, on the sand dunes of Hout Bay, see www.S-World.TV or FB/Nick Ray Ball

This was an experiment, whist there was grass tufts in places, Sienna Mountain, or the area where I made her place, was simply a lot of sand.

I started with just a bag of earth a small round cactus, a cute little sign that said “Angels Play Here” and 4 pink crystallized rocks.

The next day all was fine, then disaster someone had taken the rocks and the sign, they tried to take the Cactus, as it was out of the ground, but had obviously worked out it was hard to carry.

Now most people would be upset by this and of course I was, but the Cactus had survived, and when things get tough there is only ever one solution, so I said to myself, and of course Sienna “I must double my efforts.

So I went back to the garden centre, got 3 big bags of soil, The Allow (Big Plant) a rose bush, and a indigenous bush with thorns and 3 what I call defenders. They have long spiky branches that cover with red flowers; you can see one in the photo on the right. I also got about 20 individual small mini flowers, plus a circle of while pebbles to go around.
Since then no one has interfered, the flowers, which I’d expected to last a few days are still there today, all be it I planted another 40 odd today working on a more economical watering method.

Its coming to summer now, so I will have to water everyday, but all the big plants are water carriers, so 2 or 3 litres over the flowers will suffice.

So there we are, my experiment worked and I proved to myself, one can grow a garden in the sand.

The inspiration for “New Sparta” came in part from a redevelopment plan of Hout Bay that would house the people in the “Mandela Park” township. Part of this was making Hout Bay more popular so land value would rise, and the idea to lay down sprinklers across all the dunes, and make the entire area an indigenous botanical garden, that’s perfect for a beach.

Mike had been keen of desalination, so it was well considered, when it came time to work out if the predicted $4B to $16B would be enough to make a small city, it showed on the $16B a lot of money left over, and so came the plan to use the water for the land not the people, and grow at worst a huge botanical garden (+/-40KM2) or at best in time a genuine rain Forrest.

With Libya as the Third City, the concept of making the City 100 miles long and only 8 or so miles deep so there was loads of coastline and the whole city could be made green, was a winner, it would really put the land value up, if in 2 years the land was on its way to being desirable.

Then Mike suggested there’s more, and then on the mountain, bang Pipe The water across Africa, I did the math and the price was achievable.

Further ideas to concentrate on mountains areas, lead to the creation of near rain forest conditions that would produce moisture which will retain within the Forrest as humidity.

Creating humidity in a large area is changing the weather, and so we can look at “Chaos Theory” as actual science
So that’s how we do it, now how much will it cost and how will we raise the money.

(Note Chaos Theory or the TOE factor, 1 theory plus one output’s 4, and so on, can be applied to the different parts of the business plan,

So on its

VIRGIN + Google = 4

Premise 1: All good positive theories combine to make TOE, but the very idea of TOE is infinite, and so we need to divide all the theories by infinity, but we have our initial theory.

Premise 2: Put two good positive theories together and they will become more than the sum of there parts, for instance 1+1 = 4. Or “String Theory” + “Chaos Theory = “The Spartan Theory & The economic football Theory” so in total 4 Theories.

Premise 3, every thought is a theory, every conscious consideration a decision, together it’s the collective human consciousness and its getting bigger.
But bigger is not always better, it can get out of control, so we need to move this mass of consciousness in the right direction.

And this is achieved by the above four theories, economic recovery, Rain in Africa, 3 Million Chinese in Luxury Villas

Without the “The Spartan Theory & The economic football Theory” so we would not have achieved how to pay for our objective.

This phenomena 1+1=4 has been considered in both the accumulation of positive good theories, and economies, be it a business economy or a country. By adding “The Theory of Relativity” and The Theory of evolution, to The already considered “Spartan Theory”, String Theory” and “Chaos Theory” I has 5 strong theories that worked better as a whole, and when you apply the 1+1 = 4 math, 5 Theories is 16 hence E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/ -16 = 16 PPG

That’s the output of 5 theories. If we apply this to the companies and countries “The Spartan Theory currently considers we have 10, this has a factor of 512 so E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/ -512 = 512 PPG

The interesting thing to note is PPG stands for “Particles of Physics within God” Good and Positive thoughts are the science of God.

Next day

The theory of everyone & energy equation, is food for thought, but in no way backed by any one so in a serious presentation the will ask questions that we don’t know the answer to.

And the object of the presentation is to show facts,

So, if we just simplify to TOE divided by infinity

Or we say, what is the TOE, Good, The meaning to life the universe and everything, the universe. To put a number to it one would usually consider infinity,

Hence infinity, but the positive theories get us close to TOE and so Infinity

If each theory we combined with another equals double the sum of there parts, that’s how we get the figure.

With companies we are looking to do the same thing, instead of competing, they also work together, the original competing company, is equal to its original parts but the EEE companies or new trading opportunities are also equal to the sum of the original parts, and that’s why it doubles every time.

If I had time, I should write how out of the 16 companies work with each other to double up.

So VIRGIN + GOOGLE, I need to show how the new EEE Company will make as much as they do already probably $50B a year (That’s already been presented and approved)

Then we would need to show that by adding face book, the EEE Company now needs to make $100B a year, well considering the fb gifts idea, that’s possible.

Then we add

Microsoft $200B

& Apple...... $400B

Dubai $800B

Greece $1.6T

China $3.3T


Africa $13.2T

Hmmm, well according to that method, we are ahead of target, maybe that means the target is too high, or maybe another company or country is needed.

It is however interesting, and I can make it into a nice looking spreadsheet that will make a case for it making sense.
Thinking about it, the exercise is to get the point across that when companies & countries work positivity with good intentions, the output is double there individual parts, and use the graph above to show how much the new companies should make adorning to EEE

This is then for Sir Richard Branson, the many companies expert. Awesome, now I have something I can use. Phewww, when I get the formulas and crazy creative stuff, I really have to run with it, but I’ve got papers to write and the sooner the better.

One last thing, maybe we gauge output, by the profits of the company not just x100% so making consortiums. Hmmm I’ve heard that word before

I’m off for a hike, then to photograph Brinn.


Been feeling down all day, Its time to do some papers, the journal is looking like a series of scribbles again, I’ve enough on Chaos Theory to make a publishable paper and then I can get back to the economics, however I’m just looking at the surfer dudes TOE, I’ll just copy and paste the relevant parts, or the parts I can comprehend


"The group of symmetries of this strange geometry called E8 is one of the most intriguing structures that Nature has left for the mathematician to play with," commented Prof Marcus du Sautoy of Oxford University, currently in Auckland. "Most of the time mathematical objects fit into nice patterns that we can order and classify. But this one just sits there like a huge Everest."

What makes this group of symmetries so exciting is that Nature also seems to have embedded it at the heart of many bits of physics. One interpretation of why we have such a quirky list of fundamental particles is because they all result from different facets of the strange symmetries of E8. I find it rather extraordinary that of all the symmetries that mathematician’s have discovered, it is this exotic exceptional object that Nature has used to build the fabric of the universe. The symmetries are so intricate and complex that today’s announcement of the complete mapping of E8 is a significant moment in our exploration of symmetry."

E8 is the symmetries of a geometric object that is 57-dimensional. E8 itself is 248-dimensional.

"E8 was discovered over a century ago, in 1887, and until now, no one thought the structure could ever be understood," said Prof Jeffrey Adams, Project Leader, at the University of Maryland. "This groundbreaking achievement is significant both as an advance in basic knowledge, as well as a major advance in the use of large scale computing to solve complicated mathematical problems."

The ways that E8 manifests itself as a symmetry group are called representations. The goal is to describe all the possible representations of E8. These representations are extremely complicated, but mathematicians describe them in terms of basic building blocks. The new result is a complete list of these building blocks for the representations of E8, and a precise description of the relations between them, all encoded in a matrix, or grid, with 453,060 rows and columns. There are 205,263,363,600 entries in all, each a mathematical expression called a polynomial.

The result of the E8 calculation, which contains all the information about E8 and its representations, is 60 gigabytes in size. This is enough to store 45 days of continuous music in MP3-format. If written out on paper, the answer would cover an area the size of Manhattan. The computation required sophisticated new mathematical techniques and computing power not available even a few years ago.

"This is an impressive achievement," said Hermann Nicolai, Director of the Albert Einstein Institute in Potsdam, Germany. "While mathematicians have known for a long time about the beauty and the uniqueness of E8, we physicists have come to appreciate its exceptional role only more recently - yet, in our attempts to unify gravity with the other fundamental forces into a consistent theory of quantum gravity, we now encounter it at almost every corner," he said, referring to efforts to combine the theory of the very big (general relativity) with the very small (quantum mechanics). "Thus, understanding the inner workings of E8 is not only a great advance for pure mathematics, but may also help physicists in their quest for a unified theory."


This has a cool, animation, I’d love to say I saw something I understood, well, actually I did, it was beautiful.
LOL surfer dude called his work “An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything.” Close to my “The Theory of Everything for Dummies” I can use the fact I don’t know about quarks and the other stuff, to justify my theory.

Here it is


An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything

A. Garrett Lisi

(Submitted on 6 Nov 2007)

All fields of the standard model and gravity are unified as an E8 principal bundle connection. A non-compact real form of the E8 Lie algebra has G2 and F4 subalgebras which break down to strong su(3), electroweak su(2) x u(1), gravitational so(3,1), the frame-Higgs, and three generations of fermions related by triality. The interactions and dynamics of these 1-form and Grassmann valued parts of an E8 superconnection are described by the curvature and action over a four dimensional base manifold.

Have u ever…. This does however probably resemble the best way to make artificial Gravity.
The site has a add paper function, I’ll add my Chaos Theory, that’s a target for me to reach, by Monday,
We have more


So why all the interest? Partly, because Lisi claimed to have found the answer to probably the most important question in science: how to find a coherent model of the universe that works on scales both very large (addressed by Einstein's theory of general relativity) and the very small (dealt with by quantum physics).

This is very much like my Chaos Theory’s butterfly effect.

Ohhh Here we go……

Much of the excitement was because Lisi's theory seemed to challenge string theory – the dominant contender for a "theory of everything", over which there has been a bitter intellectual war. Its proponents (mostly superstar theorists) argue that the theory, which relies on tiny, subatomic "strings" vibrating across multiple dimensions, is too beautiful to be ignored. But there are detractors, from Smolin, who launched a scathing attack in a book called The Trouble with Physics, to doubters, such as Steven Weinberg, a Nobel prizewinner.

James Lovelock, the maverick environmentalist.

No wonder that today, Lisi says things are going "more or less fantastically well". He is now trying to use axions (theoretical particles proposed by the Nobel laureate Frank Wilczek) to describe how particles get their masses. And he is organising an E8 Theory conference with the backing of the American Institute of Mathematics. He feels like he, and others, are on "the right track", and hopes that some of the particles he predicts might be detected by the Large Hadron Collider, the vast atom-smasher that is about to go into action in Geneva.


The weirdness of the quantum world is well documented. The double slit experiment, showing that light behaves as both a wave and a particle, is odd enough – particularly when it is shown that observing it makes it one or the other.

But it gets stranger. According to an experiment proposed by the physicist John Wheeler in 1978 and carried out by researchers in 2007, observing a particle now can change what happened to another one – in the past.

Add to Chaos paper, the strings, and make a point to say all the theories combine.
According to the double slit experiment, if you observe which of two slits light passes through, you force it to behave like a particle. If you don’t, and observe where it lands on a screen behind the slits, it behaves like a wave.
But if you wait for it to pass through the slit, and then observe which way it came through, it will retroactively force it to have passed through one or the other. In other words, causality is working backwards: the present is affecting the past.
Of course in the lab this only has an effect over indescribably tiny fractions of a second. But Wheeler suggested that light from distant stars that has bent around a gravitational well in between could be observed in the same way: which could mean that observing something now and changing what happened thousands, or even millions, of years in the past.

Almost all of the Universe is missing
There are probably more than 100 billion galaxies in the cosmos. Each of those galaxies has between 10 million and a trillion stars in it. Our sun, a rather small and feeble star (a “yellow dwarf”, indeed), weighs around a billion billion billion tons, and most are much bigger. There is an awful lot of visible matter in the Universe.
But it only accounts for about two per cent of its mass.
We know there is more, because it has gravity. Despite the huge amount of visible matter, it is nowhere near enough to account for the gravitational pull we can see exerted on other galaxies. The other stuff is called “dark matter”, and there seems to be around six times as much as ordinary matter.
To make matters even more confusing, the rest is something else called “dark energy”, which is needed to explain the apparent expansion of the Universe. Nobody knows what dark matter or dark energy is.

Things can travel faster than light; and light doesn’t always travel very fast

The speed of light in a vacuum is a constant: 300,000km a second.

There are an infinite number of me’s writing this, and an infinite number of you’s reading it
According to the current standard model of cosmology, the observable universe – containing all the billions of galaxies and trillions upon trillions of stars mentioned above – is just one of an infinite number of universes existing side-by-side, like soap bubbles in a foam.
Because they are infinite, every possible history must have played out. But more than that, the number of possible histories is finite, because there have been a finite number of events with a finite number of outcomes. The number is huge, but it is finite. So this exact event, where this author writes these words and you read them, must have happened an infinite number of times.
Even more amazingly, we can work out how far away our nearest doppelganger is. It is, to put it mildly, a large distance: 10 to the power of 10 to the power of 28 meters. That number, in case you were wondering, is one followed by 10 billion billion billion zeroes

The fundamental description of the universe does not account for a past, present or future
According to the special theory of relativity, there is no such thing as a present, or a future, or a past. Time frames are relative: I have one, you have one, the third planet of Gliese 581 has one. Ours are similar because we are moving at similar speeds.
If we were moving at very different speeds, we would find that one of us aged quicker than the other. Similarly, if one of us was closer than the other to a major gravity well like the Earth, we would age slower than someone who wasn’t.
GPS satellites, of course, are both moving quickly and at significant distances from Earth. So their internal clocks show a different time to the receivers on the ground. A lot of computing power has to go into making your sat-nav work around the theory of special relativity.


Look how far we have come amoeba to ape to man to science and maybe soon to a new level of consciousness, I you we are not the butterfly, we are the result of trillions of butterflies we are just about to either start the hurricane or make it Rain if Africa, economic chaos and global chaos, or serenity, The Spartan Theory is the only economic theory on the table, to stop Greece defaulting, let along Rain In Africa.

And so we will get to the companies and countries individual primary roles.

Needs to be a balance of current economical and EEE especially during the transition, we can not have facebook move to full EE within the new tax system as it would mean USA loosing tax, it also does not mean a new company can excel past there needs as when they do more dividends go to the pot.