“The Spartan Theory” Part2, Chapter 17
"Sparta Rises Again"

The Introduction of "Chaos Theory”

  16th September 2011

Wikipedia definition:

Chaos theory is a field of study in mathematics, with applications in several disciplines including physics, economics, biology, and philosophy. Chaos theory studies the behaviour of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions, an effect which is popularly referred to as the butterfly effect. Small differences in initial conditions (such as those due to rounding errors in numerical computation) yield widely diverging outcomes for chaotic systems, rendering long-term prediction impossible in general.[1] This happens even though these systems are deterministic, meaning that their future behaviour is fully determined by their initial conditions, with no random elements involved.[2] In other words, the deterministic nature of these systems does not make them predictable.[3][4] This behaviour is known as deterministic chaos, or simply chaos.

Chaotic behaviour can be observed in many natural systems, such as the weather.[5] Explanation of such behaviour may be sought through analysis of a chaotic mathematical model, or through analytical techniques such as recurrence and Poincaré maps.

The first thing to notice is studding “Chaotic Behavior” may lead to controlling the weather, no single more important advance could their be? Possibly increasing global economics ten fold and see an end to hunger and poverty. My only credible contribution to this is my dedication to have many, many people work on achieving the goal.

If we back track a bit we see an example of what creates “Chaos Theory” “small rounding errors in numerical calculations – e.g. 9.6 being rounded up to 10. If that can cause Chaos imagine the effect of 50,000 humans working with numbers every day of their lives, and imagine the amount of careless mistakes, or sabotage (fraud) Absolute Chaos.

But that’s how countries and business run their administration and finance. Greece definitely, USA definitely, one single human in administrative or financial positions is one two many. Luckily we have software designs to eliminate all Humans, (the out of work financial workers will be further trained in mathematics and science)

So by automating the finances, you seriously reduce Economic Chaos.

But that’s eliminating Chaos, that’s not the path to changing the weather, one has to use Chaos to our advantage, reverse engineer it to make a positive, make a positive Chaotic System

I’m sure most people have heard about the Butterfly effect, I wrote an early paper suggesting the spread of economic turmoil was caused by the butterfly effect of one economy buffeting the next.

The quote most popular is “If a butterfly flaps its wings it could cause a hurricane on the other side of the earth” As best I can see this is definitely possible. But what if we reversed it: “At a different time if a butterfly flaps it wings it could just as well stop a hurricane on the other side of the earth” one can’t exist without the other.

(When I told this to my mother she was skeptical, so I simply explained it, if it’s the wind from the butterfly’s wing that blows and creates the foundations of a hurricane, it equally possible that it could at another time maybe just a few seconds, blow away a foundation so preventing the hurricane, or at least making it less severe.)

What if we consider Chaos Theory within humanity?

Take me for example, in 1990 I went to Glastonbury in 1990, it changes my music and social perspective so myself and my friend went to Oxford street to find a nightclub that played indee music, the first club we saw had a “Sanctuary” logo we recognized and went in, here I met Adrian, 9 years later Adrian introduced me to Kate and we decided to emigrate to South Africa, 11 years later I write a paper that is a part of something wonderful.

This paper, S-World, Give Half Back, New Sparta, “The Spartan Theory” “Spiritually Inspired Software”, would not exist if I had not gone to Glastonbury.

I consider this in the same way a million no billion, no trillion different reactions happening to the gust of wind from the butterfly’s wings to create a hurricane.

It’s highly unlikely that a beat of a butterfly’s wings could cause a hurricane, trillions to one maybe.

But it’s the same for life, it’s highly unlikely that a music concert can create an economic revolution and golden age, but it’s looking possible right now.

What if we consider Chaos Theory within economics?

So instead of the butterfly creating a hurricane lets stop the hurricane and make a gentle breeze

And that’s what “The Spartan Theory” aims to do. The principal behind New Sparta is scientific research will help the planet and the people on it. HAS ANYONE GOT A BETTER IDEA? No of course not.

I guess in one way all the “Spartan Theory Does” is show you how to make a business of Science.

And the business is the butterfly effect of every single scientific or economical discovery being applied to every singe business, so when one business does well it makes more money due to a technical advance it added to the science pot and so more advances are made in other businesses or industries where they get richer and so can give more to science, then businesses start having compounded interests, Dam’s are cheaper so more get built, more jobs, more money in peoples pockets, more spending, more profit, more to science, more advances…… It really never seems to stop. And if we can ever control or even just influence the weather, humanity will have been moved in a very desirable direction indeed.

And here are some strings of how the butterfly effect works in a positive within in “The Spartan Theory” The thing to notice is every string affects every other string in a positive way.

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1. Workers are not taxed, and have a host of benefits.

• Butterfly effect increases production an competitiveness of all business

2. Business don’t pay VAT

• Fledgling businesses have more chance of success and all business are more competitive.
• Businesses save money on financial staff.

3. Business “Give Half Back” (profit) after City maintenance and services (mass transit, health care…) all money goes to teaching science and ecological projects.

• Businesses are applauded for their contributions to Science and Ecology as such their brand love increases.
• Businesses directly benefit, not just from their contributions to Science but from the contributions from every one and every company, thousands of companies millions of student’s teachers and scientists, through technology and efficiency companies forge unassailable leads against their competitors

4. One business makes a breakthrough it affects others. Example a breakthrough in energy efficiency in jet engine power to fuel ratio.

• Fuel costs for all affiliated airlines are reduced by 25%,
• Flights are +/- 5% cheaper whilst increasing profit margin by +/- 5%
• Affiliated airlines are more competitive in the general marketplace
• Travel will be cheaper, and so tourism will increase

5. Mass investment into medicines

• Statistically a higher chance of curing HIV
• Expensive patented medicines, replicated (same result, not same chemical composition, see’s a way to provide free or inexpensive medicine to all affiliated cities and countries.
• Healthier and happier workforce
• More mentally stable population
• Increases other countries desire to create similar Scientific Republics

6. Creation of human free administration software

• Countries companies automatically pay tax
• Companies save all financial and administrative costs, CEO’s and Single Traders have complete knowledge of their financial position.
• Fraud eliminated
• Many citizens (presumably) good at math can further study mathematical problems/objectives

7. Creation of linked CRM (be nicer to each other) software

• Companies communication systems improved
• Companies brand love increases
• Companies employee recruitment improved
• Staff job compatibility improved
• Happier Staff
• Happier Bosses
• Increased efficiency
• Increased profit
• Increased money to “Give Half Back”
• Further investment in improving the software.

8. Give Half Back initiative to invest 1 Trillion in Hydro electric dams over 8 years, half in the UK , a university dedicated to making them more environmentally efficient, cheaper to build and more power efficient

• Due to mass order of materials and tax free well looked after workers, dams (Usual cost $1Billion) Construction costs half.
• 50,000 citizens and academics collectively work on the economics of building them cheaper, the target, to reduce costs by a further 50%
• Construction advances are shared with all construction companies, houses and infrastructure are cheaper to build
• A further suburb sees 50,000 citizens and academics work on doubling energy output.
• 1 Trillion spent = the equivalent of 8,000 hydro electric dams
• Energy is cheaper from Dams than fuel.
• Electricity is sold at profit
• Towns and ecosystems built around the Dams
• The 1 Trillion spent soon turns into profit
• Oil companies own the Dam’s and cap many wells for future use.
• Oil is saved for when it is needed

9. As soon as is logistically possible fuel cars are banned from Republics with a long term view to replicate the practice across their mother countries (Greece, USA…..)

• Another suburb is dedicated to the improvement and mass construction of electric cars
• The infrastructure of the city is created with power points, more desire for electricity, Oil companies make more money (Energy is precious, and as such should be expensive)
• 4 Automobile companies only allowed to produce 4 cars each, with shared factories and technologies, with 5 Million people expected in 8 years, the mass order for cars will see cars available from $2,000, these cars can be sold to not affiliated countries for twice the price and still be competitive,
• Citizens save money on cars, cost of living is lower, increases happiness and money to save or spend on other things
• More cash in citizens hands increases orders for manufactured and electrical goods
• Citizens must spend 90% of their money on “Give Half Back” Goods.
• Increased orders for affiliated manufacturing companies, leads to still cheaper prices and more money for Give Half Back
• More money for science into further improving electric car efficiency and infrastructure to parent country
• Connecting Motorways and roads created throughout parent country with relevant power points and layovers, until no citizen of parent company is out of range of a PowerPoint.
• Parent country banns the sale of new fossil fuel cars.
• Huge increase in orders for new cars.
• In 16 maybe 32 years we see the end of all fuel car production
• Due to technology, only affiliated car companies will be competitive
• Environmental improvement, sees happier citizens
• Further saving oil consumption, more oil wells capped for future use.

10. A Credible reason to save Oil is, Space exploration, there is nothing new in a space station, but a Battle Star defense craft will give everyone on earth a joint goal, a sense of human pride and achievement.

• No one likes building something at great expense then dismantling it, when the world agrees it is desired that all nuclear weapons be taken to the ship.
• Its human nature to have enemies, the symbolism of such a craft will give a credible argument that not only do we have a potential enemy in the stars, we have a credible way of defending ourselves, its logical from current human behavior to presume there’s a 50/50 chance if there is other life of it coming in peace or not, and if such life exists it would be naive to think that the universe is at piece.
A communal enemy will in part unite the people of earth.
• A load of nukes with no armor is no good, a wall a mile thick around the Craft will be a good defense.
• All The space junk can become part of the armor, but the rest will be some form of rock or concrete
• That much rock and concrete in to the atmosphere, will take a long time and use a lot of fuel.
• Oil price goes up, Energy companies are happy.
• An obvious improvement is mining rock from the moon, another 50,000 citizens and academics work on Robotic Mining, Another on creating a moon base.
• Advances in Robotic mining, benefit mining companies and construction in general, and we are nicely back to the main land and infrastructure development again.

The US Government Economics department sees this as possible and after communications agree it’s credible. Barak Obama is informed.

• A personal phone call from President Obama will see all of facebook, Google, Microsoft and Apple come to the table, and it’s a really good deal for those guys.
• Sir Richard Branson is brought in about VIRGIN GALACTIC and other businesses
• The Greek prime minister is consulted, and an agreement in principal is made
• A joint press conference is called.
• The $800 Billion is pledged within a week, and it begins, once we have the money it’s really simple.

I set myself a target of 10 points, but have already added one more, as time is precious, but I could go to a thousand. That’s 1,000 reasons why reverse engineering “Chaos Theory” within “The Spartan Theory” will create such spectacular results. Can you imagine how many jobs are created? And that’s just one City, imagine every country in the world having a Science Republic in 16 years and contemplate the advances in science and economics that will be made, each one making everyone’s life better in one way or another.

And maybe then we can look at “Chaos Theory’s claim to be the key to controlling the weather, and if a whopping great big asteroid comes our way, we are well prepared.

Thank you, now we go to the “String Theory” which is already introduced by the strings that connect the advantages communal or individual that are intrinsically linked.