“The Spartan Theory”: Part3 - Chapter 41
"American Butterfly"

American Butterfly

Part 1: Introduction

1.a: In 728 Words - How to make $300 Billion
1b: Short Executive Summary
1c: History

Part 2: Micro Business Plan

2a: A stand alone business plan

Part 3: Macro Economic Plan
3a: Executive Summary

Part 4: US Economic Analysis by the PQS
4a: The problems with Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security & Interest on Public Debt addresses

Part 5:”Give Half Back”
5a: Medi Outreach & Super University Resort Hospitals (SURH’s)
5b: Resort Universities and Alternate Energies
5c: “The Spartans” – Team EEE

Part 6: Software Designs and Specifications.
6a: Business software
6b: Businessbook - The Global Trade Network (GTN)
6c: S-World – Virtual World, Media Network & Computerized TV Operating System
6d: Tutorial Gaming
6e: The PQS – Predictive Quantum Software
Part 7: “The Resorts” Property Developments

7a: New Sparta “City of Science”

7b: Location, Location, Location: Infrastructure and “Wow” features
7c: The Bastion of Excellence – Villa Resort Development
7d: Chaos Theory, The Pressure of Profit (POP) & Ecologically Protected Capitalism (EPC)
7e: “PQS” Resort Profitability Statistics.

Part 8: American Butterfly
8a: Resorting confidence in short and long term US Economics
8b: EEE US economic forecast by the PQS

Part 9: Brand Love and Public Relations
9a: Ecology, Energy, Health, Education, Jobs and Money
9b: Global Leagues
9c: Film & Media
9d: S-World & The Tutorial Game
9e: “The Sienna Project”, “Galactica 2017”, “The Virtual Network” & The Author

Part 10: Investment
10a: Who & When

Part 11: What Next
11a: Fact Checking, Due diligence, Editing and a Professional presentation

“The Spartan Theory” Presents:

S-World, EEE & American Butterfly

I of course realize the magnitude and even arrogance of claiming to have created an economic theory that will be the most significant positive event in human history; as such it is inevitable that you will be skeptical, highly skeptical considering the source, I ask just one thing of you, for one sentence cast aside your doubts, consider the merits, opportunities and possibilities.

Within “American Butterfly” there is a strong business plan for “S-World”, with so many components, so many patentable items, that economic theory or not, it is worth investigating. Considering my distain for financial reward and the possibilities, it is inconceivable that Mark Zuckerberg would not wish to be involved. No one will find serious fault within this economic solution, a few items here and there but throw half of it away and it will still work, as such, it will capture the hope of America and brand love never considered possible. As such at the very least one has a sure fire money making business plan, that will undoubtedly be backed by facebook and be the most popular brand on the planet.

Dedicated to Sienna Skye

Part 1: In One page

1a: How to make $300 Billion

This is the best case scenario of the PQS (Predictive Quantum Software) analysis of the future of US Finance, (add 13% to GDP for other commitments). Within 10 years the situation will be worse than Greece, within 20 years the US will not function as an economy. You will find no one of knowledge that will disagree. For those uninitiated 18% is breakeven point, and GDP slows by 1.5% when GDP Debt Ratio = 100%. Whist accurate data for Europe is not available; it is highly likely Europe will also fail leading to catastrophic results; some have suggested wars and even an ELE.

Welcome to EEE (Ecological Experience Economy) & “American Butterfly” the only solution. I stress “The Only Solution”. Here are the figures created by the EEE solution for the particular problem areas: S Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Interest on Public Debt.

8,192 new EEE companies will be created at $1Billion each, most will twin with another to create 4,096 new resort towns. The investors receive the house, commercial building and industrial projects that are built, so creating a capital backed investment, thus making the resorts not reliant on selling properly. 50% of investment comes from local small business; all of whom are monitored and advised by logistical and business analysts working within the resorts in practical universities. This is done via an all encompassing software program.

From the sand that makes glass, to the company that makes tractor engines, every component and every item sold within the resorts is produced by an EEE company. By a series of improvements to all EEE businesses companies will be desired to make at least 40% profit each year, as such $400 Million a year is generated. This money is pulled together; $100 Million pays for the University, Solar Arrays and a Hospital. The first $400 above, provides addition features for the resort, the balance from then is saved until $500 Million is available, at which time a new batch of companies join at $1 Billion, and the second phase of the resort is created, and the property again distributed to the investors.

The land is valued at 15% of investment; 20KM2 to 40KM2 is desired, currently 24KM2 is available in Orlando for $100 Million, with total investment in the resort as mention above at $5 Billion, that makes the value of this land is $750 Million, reinvested it generates $1,5 Billion. (1500%) Share options are very tight and will be desired, for your assistance you will receive $250 Billion to offer to Arabic people or companies. You can add 10%, so selling $210 Billion, generates $41 Billion, reinvested in the land will right no on paper make, $40 Billion x 1500% = $600 Billion. Half this figure for safety in estimates = $300 Billion plus, a large amount of residual income each.

Please assist me to make “American Butterfly” undisputable and dashingly presented, then you will close Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, he will close President Obama, I will close Mark Zuckerberg, we will close Bill Gates and All Gore (Apple) then jointly close Intel, and from there 4 pharmaceutical Giants, 4 Energy Giants and 4 banking Giants, thus creating “The Big 16” After this is achieved we go public. Before doing so, we need a Republican candidate, as for total implementation we need zoning rights relaxed on farmland & concessions on corporate tax, the later desired not essential.

The next 40 pages explains all aspect in detail, this is backed up by the 600 pages within the 8 chapters of my journal (supplied), this is backed up by a further 50 chapters on the www.s-world.biz website.

I feel it is important to mention, that for a variety of reasons I will not be profiting or owning any shares in this venture, I do however require a veto over “Give Half back” spending.

Part 1: Introduction
1a: Executive Introduction

Dear Mr. Farsi, Mr. Chavance & “The Corniche Group”

Upon reading you will agree that “American Butterfly” is the most ambitious project ever conceived, It is my hope that you will further agree that as all consuming as it is, it’s mathematics, detail and potential for mass public support are more than credible, if you disagree it is due to a flawed presentation not a flawed plan.

To immediately cut to the chase, I will get to what I desire of your organization, which I would like to stress is the first organization to have received this presentation or any work this year.

For this summary and indeed the following Micro Business Plan, I need to refer to elements simply by their name; all such elements are explained in relative detail within this presentation and in detail on the www.s-world.biz website.

I desire one of three actions, which can come in stages if you wish to take a cautious approach.

1. As you read this I am working with the PQS, tightening up the figures and projections, this process will take about 2 weeks during which time I also work on the graphics, after this is complete, I will make a complete overhaul of this presentation, and have it professionally copy written, following which I intend to print up 100 or so quality broachers, whether I then individually target key companies (facebook, Google, Microsoft & Apple), go straight to the USA government, (CBO, Congress, Democratic Party, Republican Party) or send them all at the same time including other key companies and the press I have not decided. The process will however take about 6 to 8 weeks to complete.

As a cautious entry into this project, I would greatly appreciate your assistance, you have experience in most key elements: Property Development, Legislation and Legal Matters, Philanthropy, Energy, IT, Football, “Film making” and Middle East Affairs. As such your expert knowledge will vastly improve the next presentation “American Butterfly” V1:004.

In many ways, you can consider this process as the due diligence; you would wish to do before entering into any project. At any point along the journey, you may claim interest in dedicated participation, from which point we will begin the process as a team.

2. Following this introduction, you will find the Macro Business plan, which illustrates an entry level investment of £??,000,000 centering on a particular plot of land in Florida, alongside the software and PR methods of how to market a new resort as a bastion of excellence, in design, popularity and desirability. The Plot offered at £3,600,000 zoned residential at 321 acres has been on the market for over 180 days, all be it has recently been reduced to 25% of its original price, cheaper indeed than farmland. Located next to “The Florida Club” under 10 Miles from Palm Beach.

3. Following the Micro Business Plan is the Macro Economic Plan, which credibly boasts a solution to the USA future areas of acute concern: Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, Interest on Public Debt and Fossil Fuel dependence.

This plan details an investment over 4 years of $8,192 Trillion and the biggest land acquisition ever taken, at +/- $1, 2 Trillion. This acquisition however is what will be paid for the land on successful implementation of the economic plan which is entitled EEE (Ecological Experience Economy). USA land is currently under half its 2006 value and in many cases suitable plots can be purchased for a third of the price the economic plan has budgeted for. This is far from a callus business move, as when the economic plan is published and popularized the land will shoot up in value.

There is much more to the economic plan in terms of profit centers, buying land however shows purpose and commitment and will in essence make “American Butterfly” unstoppable.

I do not expect you to have $400 Billion sitting around, and I’m not sure of your relationship with Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan however, he would be a powerful ally in many ways. A big part of the plan is the story, how a two day flash of inspiration lead to what is now known as “The Spartan Theory” turned into a year of reverse engineering to “American Butterfly”. Indeed I spoke to Tanya days after this inspiration, and was due to send the theory, however I decided to work on it some more, not knowing then it would take a year. Within “The Spartan Theory” Sheikh Mansour was mentioned as the first person or company on “The Sienna Invitation”. As such both “The Corniche Group” and Sheikh Mansour are an intrinsic part of “The Story”

Bold an ambitious indeed; however it is the boldness and the total goals of the Macro Economic Plan that provide the PR and Brand love for the Micro Business Plan.

We have met, which is a detracting factor, had I come to you as an unknown as the chair of a celebrated economics group, you would of course consider the economics with more credibility. Please do not let our meeting and what you think you know of me detract from the work. Please excuse the rhyme, don’t think about the man rather think about the plan.

At the turn of the 20th century no one thought much, or even thought at all about a lowly patent clerk, his consciousness experiment changed the world, as will EEE Indeed EEE and “American Butterfly” are also based on a consciousness experiment, all be it, not in “Relativity” rather its main mathematical science, is “Chaos Theory” and “The Butterfly Effect” with a degree of “Quantum Mechanics” inspired by “String Theory”. And for those that would say “Chaos Theory” is not a Science as it has yet to prove tangible results, they have yet to read the work. Proving “Chaos Theory” as a mathematical science, increases the PR and credibility of the work. The title of this work is of course in respect of “The Butterfly Effect”

One last word, just in case after reading you are somehow skeptical of assisting, even in the most basic form as an advisory service, no one has ever thought ill of someone for trying to do the right thing, there is so much good that will come of EEE besides money, indeed more than any other, it was the word “Philanthropy” on your website that convinced me that your organization was appropriate. You will find attached the last 6 chapters of my journal, you will note the last 3 chapters at over 150 pages are addressed to your organization. The journal is a blow by blow account of the development and ideas process. It is quirky and from time to time goes into science fiction not fact, however that’s how it is, you can see it as due diligence of the man.

Thank you for reading; I appreciate your time,

Nick Raymond Ball

Part 1: Introduction
1c: History

After 11 years creating, researching and financially analyzing the various components that are presented in “American Butterfly” on March 18th 2011 a basic business plan, financials and profit forecasts were sent to VIRGIN brands SA, who had been chosen as the recipient in August 2008. The first line of the executive summary stated:

“Welcome to Sienna, Sienna is software, a baby that will evolve from an idea into networking business software the likes of which have not yet been imagined. My peers describe Sienna as” Face Book for business” I like to consider her “The Global Distribution System”. This was true; the full potential had not yet been imagined!

At the time of sending, I decided to seed all financial reward to the betterment of mankind, a significant gesture as the financial analysis showed $170 Million over 5 years increased to $50 Billion if the basic designs could be assimilated into all industries and big business. Time passed and on the 7th April they informed me, the work was to be sent to the London Big Ideas Committee.

This sparked a phase of heightened creativity, and “The Spartan Theory” where the concept of creating operations basses to assist the network in the form of resorts envisaged, from here my share of profit could be used to assist the local communities, as such creating unlimited perpetual PR for the network, this exercise was later named “Give half Back”

Disputes over my wish for the project to assist the ceasefire in Libya led to an end of talks with VIRGIN, I had by this point realized that a technology partner was essential to the process, all be it I had no idea that communication with the likes of Google and facebook was so hard, I spent the next 5 months refining the software, networking and business specifications and made presentations for both Google and facebook 2, 3 then created a website to display the work www.s-world.biz.

In September, it was time to apply the software and networking concepts to economics and a Greek economic plan was developed involving the creation of “New Sparta, City of Science” The idea to make the resorts into a gigantic practice university was brilliant, it basically meant that there would be no research costs and millions of people to assist in creating the network, it was considered that we would need to network 500,000 individual Greek business and it would take 2 million people 4 years to do it. Further it was decided instead of just making the financial software calculate to audit, further pay tax, thus solving the main Greek economic problem, tax evasion.

Since writing “The Spartan theory” I had been working in tandem on a consciousness experiment and indulging in theoretical science first “String Theory” then “TOE” then “Chaos Theory” and “The Butterfly Effect” the former led to “POP” (Pressure Of Profit) and some astonishing results in company growth, the latter becoming the foundation for the “PQS” (Predictive Quantum Software) now the major tool in all financial and economic analysis.

It was time to go to the UK and find some allies, all be it throughout November I deviated and considered some fledgling PR idea’s based around product placement in some movie and TV series scripts written about the subject, intertwined with a think tank to further the ideas process.

Arriving in the UK it was time to get serious, leave the theoretical science and concentrate on the Economics, for many months I had been considering how to apply “The Spartan Theory” to the USA, but had not cracked it, then the inspiration to go back to basics, instead of what was then 16 “New Sparta” type cities, split it up to about 8,000 small resorts, as such no business would be more than 30 miles away from an operations centre.

Analysis of the USA problems, showed that whist the debt seemed to be the major problem, the bigger concern was Medicare, Medicaid and to an extent Social Security, combined all were underfunded by $55 Trillion or so. As such a hospital paid for out of “Give Half Back” money to accommodate the recipients would cost just 10% or so of funds, whist creating excellent PR and drawing people to the resort. Analysis from the PQS showed this single measure would solve the problem; there are 9 other solutions to add, not just fixing but empowering the USA economy to profit and eventually zero debt.

Part 2: Micro Economic Plan
2a: Executive Summary

This section, along with the last, will be written in a personal way, “I”, “We” etc. The balance of the work is written in the 3rd person, “The Author” etc. It has been written specifically for you over the last 2 weeks, as such unlike the Economic plan has not had the benefit of 12 months consideration, and it outlines the basic principles, which will no doubt be able to be improved upon. It is however a good lead up to the Macro Economic plan, as in many ways it explains the same story in a different way, as such as a lead up it will help to explain the basic business model behind the Marco version.

Before I start, I wish to stress the importance of the Macro Economic Plan; it is this plan that will provide the interest, PR, the brand love. The PQS (Predictive Quantum Software) is in its infancy as of now a program within Excel with a few thousand variables. The PQS cannot be argued with and it cannot be reasoned with, it exists as undisputable mathematics. Its results show a near complete meltdown of USA government financing within 10 years, even if from this day forward they did not borrow another cent.

The result will most likely be halving Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security, the later social insurance programs, now close to $60 Trillion underfunded, having paid all their lives and 50 Million people relying on same for their very survival the inevitable cuts will see the USA implode, never to recover. The only possible solution is “American Butterfly” and EEE, times right, the next US Election will be fought on who is more EEE. Do not be fooled by USA current promising GDP figures, they are the result of both fiscal and monetary stimulation funded by more excessive borrowing, a quick fix to reassure the public at this time.

You will not find one single economist or organization in particular the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) that disagrees, all be it despite all their collect knowledge and systems, without seeing the PQS results many will not be aware the problem is so immediate. The hardest struggle for the above is telling the public a politically toxic message that no one wants’ to hear presented in an overcomplicated manner without a hint on panache, The “The Kobayashi Maru GDP GAME” however is engaging, tells the story and allows users to input their own data, within reason the best case verdict, is a lose, lose situation, “The Kobayashi Maru GDP GAME” however when applied to “American Butterfly” EEE Economics shows prosperity for all.

Here are the results of the “The Kobayashi Maru GDP GAME” on its standard settings

PQS-PE, GDP Forecast:

Government Tax Yield Usually Equals 18% GDP
GDP Typically reduces by 1.3 to 2% when GDP Debt Ratio = 90%.

Government assistance, largely in the form of relaxing rezoning laws for farmland, will solve the problem immediately, if however this becomes a slow drawn out process, working the system within current legislation, is very doable, and with the public fully aware of what is at stake, all ventures form building resorts, to creating Global Trade Network’s will see mass support.

As EEE is constructed around a non chaotic economic system, there is a strong argument it is unstoppable no matter which way its starts at, text book “Chaos Theory” dictates, Small differences in initial conditions (such as those due to rounding errors in numerical computation) yield widely diverging outcomes for chaotic systems, rendering long-term prediction impossible in general, American Butterfly has removed 90% maybe 99% of current chaotic systems within its economic structure, including rounding errors. In other words $100,000 investment or $8,196 Trillion, the same result will occur, the only difference, the speed of said result.

For this particular Micro Business Plan, I have plucked an investment figure out of thin air, all be it the number 16, is often mentioned, as such I will structure this plan around £16,000,000, please remember this is not being asked for, all that is being currently asked for is advise, and assistance creating a professional presentation, which to all intents and purposes is for your organization.
Here is a breakdown of how a £16,000,000 investment may be spent

We will start with the resort, as it is the largest capital outlay, regardless of EEE as a standalone investment.

Martin Preserve

Pratt Whitney Road N of Bridge Road, Hobe Sound, FL | Martin County, FLORIDA

Price: $4,900,000 (£3,100,000)
Acres: 321 (1.25KM2)
Borders: The Florida Club, Gold Estate
90% over 200M from Freeway
Add Text:

Position within the USA
Close up of Plot

Whether or not we use this plot, it not particularly important, it is simply a working reference, the biggest problem with this particular plot is the abundance of trees; one cannot start a project that looks for wholesale public support, entitled the Ecological Experience economy, by cutting down woodland. However Trees are a commodity, particularly for Gold Estates. Getting environmental groups support is essential and incredibly useful.

What is important is how the resort gets marketed and promoted, and how it makes money, and whist the main profit centers on a Micro plan would come from software, in time the resorts become the bigger picture.


S-World Virtual World and Business Network, combines many factors: Social Networking, Communication, Real estate and Travel Tools, Gaming, Retail and Media. Started in 2000 it is currently a concept that needs either: Programming from scratch, Purchasing or partner purchasing from the VC backer of The Thought Factory, or Partnering with EA Games, in particular “The SIMMS” Quite possibly all three. Entwined throughout EEE is a gaming concept that would appeal to EA Games, as would the use of “The SIMMS” as a real life application.

The Thought factory is the most immediate and controllable route, they already have a Virtual world at a claimed cost of $200 Million, a VC project that went bust, I’ve not been in contact for a year, however on last contact, they expected $10 Million would purchase it, however $1Million for 75%/25% (in our favor) considering the plans, may well surface.

The concept as far as the resort is concerned is to render the entire development in S-World, however we will not use an architect, rather we will make a facebook application, so users of facebook, can design the resort and indeed the individual houses, within “The Simms” this is an easy feature to achieve for 12 year olds. Facebook is not the only route to the game, Google Maps may be interested and it will be on the web directly. It becomes a competition, the winning design, gets adapted to our tastes and build and the designer receiving a house on the development.

There will be many second prizes, as the individual houses designed are displayed for all potential purchasers to choose from, one chosen purchasers can redesign the template to their heart’s content. All in all, a very novel and useful way to display and promote the Real Estate and considering the larger economic plans very newsworthy. Especially when the winner wins a $6,000,000 house, quite a prize, possibly the biggest prize outside of the lottery ever won.

The further Real Estate and travel possibilities are endless, as the game will extend across the globe, with gamers rendering their local area for fun and prestige. Who will ever book a Hotel or Villa via a normal website when they can see it in glorious 3D, the added advantage; we actually improve Travel for the consumer. In July 2011 a 12 point travel plan was written for facebook, which boasts $8.5 Billion a year by 2017, all can be done without their partnership using “apps” The facebook Travel plan left a 50% margin for error, allowed 50% for what is known as “Give Half Back” (which in many areas nowadays makes a profit) and 50% and split with another company, further it did not include business travel and of the additional concepts created since both technical or PR, If the plan were to be redone today it would now show profit per year after 2017 at closer to $150 Billion. Best to read the work and decide for yourself http://www.s-world.biz/FaceBook/Travel.htm

In the Macro Plan, travel figures are rather insignificant as they are divided by 8,192 resorts/operation bases times 3 for the rest of the world, this said, in this business plan, I am suggesting we work on a franchise basis for other operation basses (University Resort Towns) at about 4% of profit.

Realty sees a similar concept to travel, in creating the network of agents, and in general offering a better viewing platform than a number of pictures on a website, whist few will buy a house directly from S-World, many would use it to make a short list, in an hour one could visit 50 local houses, and choose the best 3 to look at, via a S-World approved agent or a partner agency.

“Teleport to GPS” within S-world, is the social networking hook, in short an app is made for cell phone that switches on its GPS, from where one can zoom/teleport to your friend’s location, on top of a mountain, on a beach, at a concert etc. .This concept needs patenting as soon as possible, to a degree I have a de facto patent against facebook and Google, having sent them the work including legal claim, where I received an acknowledgement of delivery, however there are millions of companies working apps for facebook, that are not covered by my de facto patent, the work was lodged with two patent attorneys 8 months back, and my journey records the ideas creation process in blow by blow detail, but I’ve not had the funds to officially apply for patent. Another concept that urgently needs a patent is the facebook gifts concept. Facebook have a technical patent on gifts within social networking but there is no published work on this delivery method.

Facebook Gifts

The basic concept is particular to social networking, and can be implemented on facebook as an app, without official partnership, considering the totality of PR arriving from the “American Butterfly” concept, it can be independently publicizes and successful, the basic idea revolves around attaching a send gift tab, to the “Its your friend’s birthday” reminder.

The real money however comes from the automating of gifts then in general getting people to purchase for themselves, basically turning in to standard e-commerce retail, the sooner this is patented and indeed created the better as other who create apps may have the same idea. To understand it, it’s really worth playing “the facebook gifts game” http://www.s-world.tv/Facebook/home.html Above all it’s a useful tool, that everyone loves and as you will see by playing the game, is incredibly profitable, if you consider the “How Much Would You Spend” in terms of general e-commerce as opposed to just events gifts, the Billions turn to trillions.

As for the vital supplier network, this will come from what we have dubbed “businessbook” or its official title the GTN (Global Trade Network”). Whilst pivotal to the Macro Economic plan, a slower start would be expected in this Micro Plan, all be it, it depends how quickly the franchising goes. Far more than just a GDS (Global Distribution System) or World Trade Centre network, the GTN, is an internal supply network for affiliated companies.

Initially for this Micro Plan the GTN, which I will refer to as businessbook, is a human process, on one side businesses with competent directors/owners at the helm, who do not have particular skill at running a company’s finances. If we look at the resort building process as an example, using the £3,500,000 reserved for Purchasing and assisting companies we would aim to recruit 40 or so local companies under our umbrella, mainly small operations.

In general we would wish for a 76%/24% holding, there are over 650,000 such companies in the USA that will go under this year, further working with us, and under our umbrella, a 24% holding will generate more profit for the owner than it would even if the company was not failing. Companies are assisted in the following ways

1. No need for admin, financial staff accountants or auditors, initially this will be done by the businessbook team, assisted by rudimentary software, over time the human element from businessbook will remain, however the software will improve,
2. Greatly improved branding & customer service. (mainly via software)
3. Improved recruitment and current staff motivation and assessments (mainly via software)
4. Vastly improved internet presence, and an S-World presence
5. Dramatic cuts in marketing expenses
6. Guaranteed orders with a healthy mark up.

The latter being a key ingredient, as they are building the resort, most likely one of many, they have guaranteed orders, rather than using elements 1 to 5 to cut the price of the supplier/contractor we work on a fair/reasonable price. At the end of the day, when people purchase property on the resort, if it is said that this villa, mansion or house was built for $1,000,000 and the land value compared to other local estates is a further $1,000,000 and the house is selling for $2,500,000 that to most seems reasonable.
Where as if we use the network to make building more economical than the norm and say the house cost $600,000 and pro rata to its initial purchase price the land cost $250,000 and we are selling it for $ $2,500,000, it would not seem particularly good value. With S-World letting all clients know the cost of building i.e. once a basic house design is rendered and a client likes the design but wants to increase the swimming pool size. S-World will automatically calculate and display the cost, as such pricing is transparent and for all to see.

The above is a consideration made for this plan, the real motivation for suppliers working at a fair rate, is to increase their profit margin, all 6 points considered, by at least 50%. The way the corporation works, is to pull profit, all companies expected to make at least 50% profit. You will notice that the cost of buying and assisting companies is the same as the cost of the resort. When purchasing or partnering with companies it is expected that with assistance the profit level of 50% is equal to half the value paid or invested into the company. As such within 2 years the companies are expected to generate £3,500,000, some will go over their target, some under, the 2 years is not fixed, nor for that matter is the £3,500,000, what we are looking to do, is basically a very organized version of the McDonalds business model, there are no dividends or profit taking by the businesses, the profit building up until another plot is purchased, where after the process starts again.

Before I continue, I’d like to point out the Macro plan, sees investors and companies buying into the conglomerate with a license to operate a business and their return is the property itself, this model is an adaptation, which will most likely require tweaking.
During the time it takes for the building companies to create the £3,500,000 which in all likelihood would take 3 years considering planning permission and set up. More companies are recruited, either via the above 76%/74% method or by direct investment; these companies will be the companies that trade from the resort, from retail to restaurants to agencies. Further IT development companies are welcome to work from the operations centre, which in some way will double up as a university, most likely by training up some of the laborers.

Again 50% profit is required, as such when the resort is complete; it still provides substantial yearly income, this income is divided part dividends, part operations (businessbook staffing) the balance flowing through to the next resort, as such, before the next resort is built it has an income stream. Companies profit is pro-rate split, 50% communal, 50% performance. The below is a graph for the Macro Plan, it does however illustrate the principal.

There are a number of ways to work the second resort model, the cost of building the initial resort coming either from, selling the Real Estate directly to purchasers via S-World, or via companies investing. The second resort however is funded by the flow of profit from the original resort, as such half maybe all the resort can be built without investment.

So the real estate and shops can be distributed to the companies from the first resort, the retail and commercial companies taking retail and commercial property, from where they set up a second operation without, having to pay rent, the building companies (76% owned by yourselves or initial investor) take a considerable portion of the real estate.

From here the process repeats, this time however the 3rd resort has the profit from building and the profit from the first two resorts flowing into it. This is what we call “The Pressure of Profit” the more resorts, the faster the money flows and the quicker the next resort gets funded, working on this model, within by 2020 one would see a new resort funded and started every month, all the time returning real estate to all the companies involved, as such the resorts are not reliant on selling property, rather the operations that happen within.

Whist all this is going on, more companies get added to businessbook, which can be accessed to the public or any company, as more companies come on board, including creating a 100% build solution from iron mines to steel foundries to micro chip companies to computer manufactures, the network becomes stronger, and in the case of companies partnered, one can control who one purchases from, as such working in such a way as to create maximum profit for the collective, which protecting companies that need. There are many other ways to promote and lure “outside” companies to use businessbook, this method however expelling its core.

Whist impressive, this is the Macro Plan’s main profit source, for this plan these returns are insignificant to the returns from S-World in Travel & Real Estate, the profits from which used in the same manor, just with larger resorts.

Pr and Branding

The bulk of PR and branding is associated with the economic plan, so save time a quick list of topics have been illustrated

a. Myself, unlike the Macro Plan, where I had hoped to stay completely out of the spot light other than my band, the Micro plan relies on myself to head the charge, interviews etc, etc
b. Ecology,
c. Fossil Fuel dependence
d. Global Warming
e. Films scripts
f. Money in people’s pockets as opposed to starvation, death from cold and lots of death both old and children from lack of medical attention. All be it I’ll put it in a more subtle way
g. Interviews on Economics and Science
h. Debates where if at all challenged by an economist Ill switch the economics to quantum mechanics and chaos theory, and vice versa if challenged by a scientist, switch to economics and business strategy and logistics.
i. My band maybe
j. Facebook and other brands we wish to work with, only need one
k. Peace in the Middle East
l. The spiritual side
m. Improvements in travel, Real estate and retail, for the consumer
n. Underground following
o. Myself willing to take a polygraph on anything
p. Blowing $50 Billion deal to save lives
q. Space ambitions
r. The resorts themselves
s. Jobs, particularly Spartan Jobs
t. Mass Education
u. Better medical care for all, not just Medicaid and Medicare
v. The PQS
w. S-World TV
x. Speeding up technology will benefit all as more efficient and cost effective ways to
y. The Babylon Project/African rain
z. Free Pharmaceuticals

Part 3: Macro Economic Plan
3a: Executive Summary

NOTE: Whilst reading this introduction (Executive Summary), you may be tempted to switch of, feeling it is too fantastic, impossible or bold. This would be to ignore mathematics and science, as that is what is being presented, of course there is no time to give detail within a 4 page summary, however that is where the credibility lies, mathematics and meticulous detail, for each page and point there are hundreds of pages of detail, theory and mathematical conclusion. If you don’t like the concept, feel free to switch of move on and enjoy the rest of the day, however if you are intrigued but skeptical, don’t give in to negativity, read the balance of the presentation, it will take just half an hour and the math will show how the impossible is not only possible, but at a grass roots level simple and beautiful, as all good science should be.

In 2003 the author of “The Spartan Theory”: Nick Raymond Ball chaired a bid alongside the family of Nelson Mandela and Walter Sisulu to bring SABRE GDS (Global Distribution System) to Africa. It was to be married to S-World the world’s first mapped internet Virtual World, which had been granted its own Digital TV channel. In 2003 the intention was to create a global travel network displayed on the Internet and TV networks across the world, unfortunately the technology was not ready. 9 years further of development in concept and specification and the technology is available, particularly the intention is not to create a global travel network, rather the creation of a global network of all business; “The Global Trade Network” (GTN). The GTN whilst significant is but a part of a far larger project which on paper backed by mathematics will over the next 20 years largely eliminate fossil fuel usage, make pharmaceuticals largely patent free and create a well structured economic system that is prosperous for all.

When considering the totality of the “America Butterfly” ambitions, we are in many ways, looking at a “what comes first, the chicken or the egg” scenario. What comes first: The Resorts, The Software, The Social and Business Networks, The PR or the Philanthropy? All be it the last two are much the same object. As a first time reader it may well appear one cannot exist without the other, and maybe they can’t, however this is of no real consequence, as all are specified and all enhance each other creating a new form of economics, or business plan if you prefer, which is far, far greater than the sum of its parts. It may be best to think of EEE (The Ecological Experience Economy) as a puzzle, or even a game, a jigsaw that needs to be completed, with just the foundation pieces laid, a corner maybe.

However said corner illustrates the placement of many pieces, hundreds of software ambitions, specifications, and schematics, some working versions, all envisioned and practically combining to act as a single unit culminating in “The PQS”, (Predictive Quantum Software) so named as it predicts the global economic future, by measuring the very large “Global GDP” and the very small “individual minimum wage earners spending patterns”. Also considered is the relationship and deft organization of hundreds of thousands of small to medium sized businesses feeding of each other to fulfill a single purpose, to create profit. Said profit invested wisely to the benefit of the business owners, the US economy and the individual citizens within the company’s local catchment areas. Part of this profit is invested in an ultimately profitable network of hospitals and solar arrays; this alone solves the five greatest USA long term economic challenges: Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, Interest on Public Debt and Fossil Fuel Dependence. Implementation will see the immense love of a grateful nation as all leading US economists’ talk of the necessary politically toxic draconian spending cuts and tax rises disappear without a trace. As such the USA can continue as both the economic powerhouse of the world and for the best part the democratic flag carrier suitably funded to sustain its mission.

No doubt there will be many more pieces to this puzzle yet to be considered, not yet imagined, all improving and increasing momentum, fortunately however after 12 years work we have reached a point that makes mathematical sense from a business prospective. All future pieces (particularly big business consideration) simply an addition to an already competent economic formula, that has reversed engineered the chaos within current economic systems turning weakness into strengths to create something akin to “The Theory of Everything”, or at the very least it’s “Removal of Chaos Theory” economic constituent “The Theory of Every Business”.

Across the USA 8,192 companies within the EEE corporation are to be created at a cost of $1 Billion per unit, the majority of which are paired with another. An initial $250 Million per company unit is reserved for the identified “Big 16 Technology Companies” alongside the other 95,000 USA technology companies, followed by another $250 Million round for strategic business partners, in particular pharmaceutical, energy and media companies. This is followed over 4 years by the 27 Million small to medium enterprises within the USA.

For each of the 4,096 $2 Billion company units an all encompassing resort is built, where by 82% of the investment goes directly into the land, building and infrastructure, investors are then given the real estate and commercial units. This accomplishes four goals:

1: It creates the concept of a property resort development that does not rely on selling real estate to be successful, indeed if not a single house, villa, shop, office or attraction within the resort development were sold it would still flourish.

2: It creates a risk free investment, as Investor’s gain an immediate capital asset, which at the least would be to the value of their investment and at the most represent an 600% ROI (Return on Investment).

3: The creation of the resorts creates enough jobs and flow of money to pull the USA out of economic weakness, indeed there will be more jobs created than there are unemployed people in America (23,000,000)

4: In the case of the 27,000,000 small to medium businesses that would operate within the resort, they will have no shop or office rental costs and as such increase their potential profit margins. The major factor to success of EEE is the many millions of companies with and supplying the resort company generating profit, most make profit now, pro rata make a far greater percentage than their big business counterparts.

Of the 27 Million small and medium sized companies only a fraction of them are required to make EEE and the resorts successful, said companies can either invest directly, incorporate their current businesses into the resort company using its current “outside” profits within the first 4 year period to pay for investment, or in many or most cases companies will be rescued from failure (+/- 650,000 a year in the USA) and turned into profit, again using “outside” profits within the first 4 year period to pay for investment. Once the 4 years is up their profit pool is considered their investment and they receive a shop, office, venture share or industrial unit, in the case of companies that have done well, real estate on top, at the end of the day their investment and efforts in real terms are a real estate acquisition, which in the majority of cases will be worth two or three times their effective purchase price.

If we take a look at the two main sources of expenditure; building and the creation of solar arrays, combined from the earth upwards there would be many thousands of components used, from light switches, to sand, to iron, to microprocessors, add all the other goods and services that will be made for and or sold in the resorts, and exported from food and drink to precious metals and couture and per resort millions of different components are needed.

Currently we are looking at 4096 US resorts; this gives each resort a catchment area of approximately 30 x 30 miles and a catchment population of 80,000. It is not necessary or for that matter possible for each resort to house every single business and industry type to make all that is to be sold, in general resorts will split into groups or “leagues” of 8 from where the majority of elements can be found or produced , the balance imported from resorts further afield. The combined businesses within all the resorts becoming the backbone of “The Global Trade Network” (GTN) which we have simply dubbed “businessbook”, considering the opportunity, software and network ambitions, philanthropy and the authors financial ambitions to think Mark Zuckerberg would not be interest in assisting would be naïve, and with Mark Zuckerberg, the biggest brand in the world as an ally “facebook”

Businessbook companies make / spend their profit in a different manor to normal companies, within the resort, profit is pulled together 50% is divided equally the balance as per performance as such if one company (a) made (pro rata to its initial investment) $100,000 and another (b) $900,000, company (a) would receive $300,000 and company (b) $700,000. This money is then divided into (I) Mandatory Spending, (II) Dividends, (III) reinvestment in current development (IV) A slush fund for a new development, where the company receives more Real Estate (V) A continuous cash injection into said new development, of which the founding development/company owns half, and as such gets returned dividends and more real estate, commercial property, share of solar array, venture or industrial unit.

Due to (III) reinvestment in current development, when all is said and done, over the first 4 years, excluding land costs an amount of over $2 Billion would be spent on construction. Instead of using the “businessbook” network to dramatically lower the cost of all supplies and implementations due to the vast orders, it looks only for good value, as such leaving all suppliers and contractors room to make a healthy profit margin, the businessbook system will however largely dictate which suppliers of components each business will purchase from, generally offering a choice of a four, sometimes only one, if said company is lagging behind in its profit quota.

Over the last 12 years, the various specifications for the businessbook, “S-World” and the “Sienna” software family have been envisioned, to dub it, next generation would be less than fair, next generation was the work completed up to August 2011 and given time to examine the various concepts especially what the software achieves, none would argue. The work since August culminating in the “PQS” (Predictive Quantum Software) skips many generations, it is in effect “self conscious software”, software that thinks independently, and within 16 years it is desired to have the equivalency of 100 Million free thinking human minds, capable of emotion, rationality, compassion and making decisions based on human instinct, not just mathematical precision and prowess.

A turning point in the creation of all that is EEE was in early April 2011 and the writing of “The Spartan Theory” its first constituent a film script named “The Sienna Project” designed to counter the concern of the public that the totality of the software and networks were akin to SkyNet, (Terminator). The story tells of an 8 month old baby called Sienna, lost to this earth that “communicates the schematics of software to her farther for her to communicate through, to help open a portal in order to aid humanity”. The moral of the story solid, if software is to become self conscious, then it is inevitable, and better its consciousness akin to an innocent baby than a military computer that has never known love.
In October 2011, the author wrote a follow up article entitled “About the Sienna Movie Trilogy” its conclusion

“As to the birth of self conscious software, I’ve since had a different conception, it’s more like, software is already conscious, it is basically an extension of our brain, it does a specific thing to aid the brain, and so it is always interacting with the consciousness of us, as such it often conscious, just not in the way, people thought it would be.

I’m not 100% or even 50% of the way there, but I’m looking not at software becoming self aware, rather we become aware, aware of what…? aware of ourselves, what we can do, and maybe even what we are supposed to do.”

As such, when it is mentioned that the software will have a human equivalency of 100 Million people, it is just that, on one side of the software will be global business, on the other 100 Million people, assisting the businesses, in the middle, the software assisting the process, helping people overcome the fact they can only use but a tenth of their brain, so assisted by what their brain created.

The software links the businesses with the “businessbook” employees that work at the universities within the resorts, 25% of investment money is split pro rata over 4 years, then continued via the pre mentioned mandatory spending of resort profits, $62,500,000 per year per company, $125,000,000 per resort, year 1 to 4 $512 Billion a year leading to $2,048 Trillion a year, by year 12 to 16 multiplied roughly by 4 for the rest of the world equals $8,192 Trillion a year roughly 1/9th of current Global GDP, at $60,000 per staff member 100 million staff and $2,2 Trillion for operations. An immense global think tank, largely sharing technology and patents, the advances that will be created would take centuries using current economics.

Initially businessbook university investment per resort is split, 1: 25% building and construction employees, from craftsmen to building logistics specialists, 2: 25% software and networks developers, 3: 25% scientific & pharmaceutical research, 4: businessbook sales, logistics and support team. Each department has an analytics division that works with the PQS, each department spends 25% of its budget on a sports media and advertising team, which works as a single unit, global sports leagues are created, the number of resorts (4096) is specific to a global league, with 6 divisions, from top to bottom.

It is highly likely that FIFA will seriously consider this framework as the basis for the FIFA global league they have been craving for tens of years. It will certainly be the founder of the next wave of motor racing, one cannot eradicate fossil fuel usage in the USA without converting the population to electric cars, considering the research funds within four years technology should have moved on to the point of creating powerful electric cars for both racing and domestic use, each resort has a race track, that interlinks with the street network, soon the stigma of electric cars will be gone, to assist the public an idea that each house comes with a car is in the air, and as is the heavy taxing of fossil fuel cars within the resorts.

The sports leagues help to promote the resort and bring the 160,000 local resident to visit and spend, to further reinforce this point, the more charismatic of the sports stars will present and sometimes act in documentaries and TV series made within the resorts, combined with the 7 other resorts in its “league”, local TV will have about 20 new interesting, well produced TV channels, with access to over 10,000 made across the country, this forms part of S-World.TV

S-World was started in 2000, originally a 3D virtual world, by May 2011 it was to be considered a virtual business network made exciting by the “teleport to GPS” function where one can jump to friends locations and see all that they can see. Since this time S-World ambition have progressed significantly. Its intention to be the operating system for digital computer televisions which in a handful of years will be the norm, with the 3D world, tens of thousands of free channels and most major TV broadcasters and media companies investors in EEE, S-World TV will in all likelihood will be the future of all broadcasting and media, made stronger by a generous portion of pulled funds in excess of $50 Billion a year allocated to assist in creating commercial movies and TV series, which of course will only be available on resort cinemas or S-World TV, besides the extra cash available to top producers, the EEE story and the good it can do will entice most popular program makers and filmmakers to S World. Without programs and with the public knowing that standard TV networks operate for profit only and do no good in the world, an utter monopoly is on the cards, as is right.

The sports media team also double up as the advertising and media companies for all EEE companies, whist initially the money comes from investment and mandatory spending as the prime function and directive of the sports and media department is to assists the promotion of EEE business products and the popularization of the resorts to the local community, it is highly likely, considering advertising, product placement, sponsorship, gate receipts and contract ownership that the division makes profit independently as opposed to being just a well thought out essential PR loss leader.

The businessbook sales, logistics and implementation division, will work largely hand in hand with the soft ware and network development division, going on site to businesses in the local area, assisting them with tailoring the software and networks to their business, assisting with accounts, analyzing data and advising of threats and opportunities, with no business more than 30 Miles away personal onsite support is frequent, the support and the software costs to the businesses, nothing!

All told, by increasing business analysis, offering advice, advising of opportunities, improving financial systems, reducing the need for financial or administrative staff, removing the need for accountants and auditors, offering free technology, assisting with government regulations, providing guaranteed orders at a healthy profit margin, removing rent as a cost, investing in new factories and alleviating or gaining more value from marketing and advertising costs, it is desired and expected for most businesses to operate at a 50% profit margin, considering all factors many will make far more.

Failure rate is zero, as all businesses are combined and monitored, if a business is falling short, they are prioritized in the businessbook order system and their goods sold faster, or for a greater margin, whist the business annalists assess and correct the problem. This works with both components and retail as on line sales will of course play a major part, and with original concepts like “The facebook Gifts Idea” simply making one suppliers perfume, or flowers first in searches will increase orders, for apparel an increased presence on the S-World shopping network, for other retail goods, prominent places in EEE hypermarkets and shops that will pop up all around the resort local towns within its catchment area. Whenever deliberate action is needed to make sure a supplier or retailer is making its quota, an immense effort from the businessbook team both in logistics and media will be made to fix the problem.

The software and logistics team working as a unit, alongside the media units, all will be advised of new opportunities and threats to look out for, as such, new opportunities can be applied to the weaker companies first, the opportunities come from others across the USA who have successfully applied a new technique or logic to their endeavors, for instance a farmer in Ohio discovers a new trick to making organic apples really tasty, and it’s made excellent profit for him, the process is analyzed by the PQS and advised to the businessbook team who inform a California orchard, who implement and become stronger for it, without in any way effecting the profitability of the Ohio farmer. It’s a small example but a million small examples a year, and in time a billion improvement each year will make a big difference, in all areas.

After 4 years or sooner in the case of excelling resorts, the second phase of the resort is created, half using the profits from the first resort and half from new investment or assimilated companies. As such a continued state of building is sustained and as such substantial profit, the second phase however introduces SURH’s (Super University Resort Hospitals) and an increase in production of solar batteries. The second resort also has a substantial amount of profit from the first resort following into it; this is called “POP” Pressure of Profit” and besides its immense growing power of future resorts as the POP gains momentum, it also compensates for the initial resort building companies gaining the contracts for the next phases.

After 4 years the process repeats, all be it on a different site, or in the case of resorts on the circumferences of cities an expansion into the cities themselves may occur. After another 4 years the last mandatory resort or “place” is made, during the process companies can expand abroad, so long as the company is on target to create the 4 resorts over the time period, all be it if it takes a little longer it still accomplishes the economic purpose of removing Medicaid and Medicare Bills, so by reducing interest on debt and allowing for the current promised social security payments to be made without harm to the USA economy.

After 4 years each resort is obliged to spend +/- $44 million (9% of projected resort profit) a year on its solar array, within 16 to 24 years the arrays will power the entire USA, during this process for every $1 the resort spends it generates 75 cents returned as profit (50 cents by companies making the arrays, 25 cents via sale of energy), at the end of the 16 years investment per resort, 25 to 50 cents per 1$ spent will be recouped each year in pure profit from the sale of power, generating close to $4Trillion each year.

All considered save examining the math and detail which is extensive, accurate and solid there can be only one question: Can the investment be raised $8,192 Trillion over 4 years, or more to the point $4,096 Trillion over one year? The answer is an easy yes, the top two banks in the world alone hold over that amount, and it will not be the author asking, rather the likes of facebook, Microsoft, Google, Apple and the USA Democratic and Republican parties.

Besides from a here and now investor point of view considering EEE, “American Butterfly” and “The Spartan Theory” are an economic solution that substantially lowers fossil fuel dependence and assists with most of world’s health problems, even a slow start with a handful of resorts, or just one will see immense public backing, the advertising of such simple and cost effective, print 30 Million books (recycled paper and double trees planted) and distribute them for free across the USA one per 10 people.

Considering the software plans and available patents and the POP growth system, initial investors would make considerably more from a slow start, simply as there is less competition. This is text book, the PQS has already shown the profits considerably increased by halving the original 16,384 individual resort companies to 8,192, cutting the number further increases company profitability but slows US economic growth. In all likelihood, 16 companies would be the most effective profit generating scenario, if you are reading this now, and your prime motivation is money not glory and a place in history, you would be better off if this were a small $16 Billion business investment plan rather than a global economic solution. Either way, one has nothing to lose and much to gain, by assisting the author, and bringing “American Butterfly” to the next stage, which is simply to create a quality presentation, undisputed by experts.

Especially considering the current need for said presentation, is for those that were reading now, in many ways, the author is simply requesting assistance in the due diligence that an investor would need to perform.

Part 2: US Economic Analysis by the PQS
“Predictive Quantum Software”

To fix today, one must fix tomorrow, as daunting as a $1, 5 Trillion yearly increase in debt may seem, it is the bleak economic forecasts of the 2020’s and 2030’s that the economist say are the main threat, fix that and the economists will give the green light to current debt levels, and with future economic confidence follows current economic strength.

In 2007 Ben Bernanke the Chairman of the Federal Reserve was asked: How urgently should the U.S. put plans in place to address its budget challenges? His reply: "The longer we wait, the more severe, the more draconian, the more difficult the objectives are going to be. I think the right time to start was about 10 years ago.”

No one disagrees, particularly the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) however they are sending a message no one wants to hear and presenting it in a very boring manner, without alternative. The measures that need to be taken in current economics are politically toxic and will not be implemented, as such this will happen.

PQS-PE, GDP Forecast:
Government Tax Yield Usually Equals 18% GDP
GDP Typically reduces by 1.3 to 2% when GDP Debt Ratio = 90%.

If you are not familiar with GDP (Gross Domestic Product) (What the USA sells) consider the 2009 figures, 25.1% of GDP $14 Trillion = $3,514 Trillion, then consider the usual tax yield is 18% $2,520 Trillion, in effect in 2009 it was only $2,105 Trillion. As such they had to borrow, $1,413 Trillion. The higher the % of GDP needed for commitments, the more they have to borrow. By 2021 its pretty much game over and the previously mentioned “draconian cuts” will be enforced not by political will, rather out of necessity, much like Greece is today, but with a population 30 times the size, of which half will rely on medical aid and social security that the USA cannot pay for.

If you have the spreadsheet “PQS” (Predictive Quantum Software) to hand, please open it, the first page “The Purple Emperor” is presented as a game, “The Kobayashi Maru GDP GAME” named after the unwinnable war game scenario created by “Spock” in Star Trek” you can change all the relevant figures (in purple) as such, no one can argue with the PQS results as the variables are changeable. You will see no matter how you play the game (within any reason) it is unwinnable. Even if the USA borrows not a single cent from this day forward, it can’t meet its obligations.

The “All other commitments” are in a fashion safe enough, all be it wars add an unnecessary burden, the main threat is Medicaid & Medicare as the enrolment in Medicare will soon increase from 48 Million to 80 Million, add to this the rising costs of medical technology and pharmaceuticals and the associated borrowing costs and we see the sharp rise. Cutting both Medicaid and Social Security, is not only harmful, it’s unfair as they are social insurance packages, the recipients having paid into them all their lives via various Parole taxes. The trouble is, the money was spent on tax cuts and wars and now a $55 Trillion deficit is in effect.

One cannot change Social Security, which is mainly pensions, relied upon by over 30 Million citizens and rising, one can however address the Medical plans. This is done by attacking the problem with three initiatives, 1: Build hospitals in the resorts and staff them, 2: Use “Spartan labor” to significantly reduce salaries, 3: Use the universities to create patent free pharmaceuticals and medical technologies. This is the PQS results for these initiatives…. (Page 2 of Spreadsheet)

Part 3:”Give Half Back”

3a Medi Outreach & Super University Resort Hospitals (SURH’s)

To avoid confusion over the name and sentiments, Give Half Back, stands for Giving half the profit back to better mankind, however as it turns out, in many cases the money spent makes substantial profit as such mandatory spending is more only about 20%, which in turn is a good price to pay for the associated brand love and as such from financial terms it really should be called give nothing back.

More than just a catchy political slogan, “Give Half Back” is ingenious branding, especially if targeted to maximum effect. Mark Zuckerberg owns just over 25% of facebook, and no one complains if he receives 25% of the dividends. By the time the analysis has been done, whoever is reading will realize the combined software, business, economic & branding plans contained within “American Butterfly” and on the www.s-world.biz website are worth an awful lot more than facebook is. The work is in effect decades ahead of its time, and considering its philanthropic and ecological ambitions arrives not a minute too late, as such no one would argue its creator was due at least 25% of its dividends.

“Give Half Back” is a very fluid concept right now, most likely it always will be, I’ve not yet correlated all the data, and can only make estimates, we know how much each resort plot will cost $1Billion, and so far the PQS is showing about the same generated within 4 years (not including real estate) after which, we are looking at somewhere between $350 and $700 Million a year.

Eventually by 2029 there will be 80 Million Medicare patients and 45 Million Medicaid patients to look after, 125 Million in total, all be it with extra employment created by the various resorts universities and hospitals, particularly focusing on dependant mothers, the Medicaid numbers will fall by as much as 20 Million, as such 105 Million. Starting with 8,192 resorts most will duplicate within 4 years (explained on page 8) from there by 2029 a further duplication is likely, as such 32,768 resorts and resort hospitals, estimating 10 bed nights per patient equates to 89 beds per resort, all in private rooms, or indeed on site private nursing villas.

In general to staff 24/7 the math works out at one nurse per patient, to create an improvement, as improvement is always necessary one can double this number to 2 per patient. By using Spartan labor the average salary for a nurse would be $40,000 as such x 220 = $8,800,000. Doctors salaries using “Spartan Labor equal $125,000 a year, A generous 1:5 doctor patient ratio equates to $2,75,000, add auxiliary staff and maintenance costs and yearly operations are under $15,000,000, under 5% of worst case scenario yearly profits.

Spartan Labor” is an initiative to recruit approximately 400 persons per resort of no means, often single mothers with children and laborers. A fixed mortgage for a house will accompany an Intern/Resident/Professional contract; in general workers will work for 30 hours study for 16 and do sports for 4. Once professional the contract last for 16 years, however all are still in a perpetual state of learning, as such many of the nurses in the hospitals will be proficient if not qualified in doctoring, “Spartans can move between resorts and take year gaps, free will is essential however should they wish to brake their contract and education fee will be levied against their property.

Pharmaceuticals, within the universities (covered in the next chapter) and within the SURH hospitals themselves (Super University Resort Hospitals) medical & pharmaceutical research will be one priority, the results “open source”, not just to associated companies, but the entire world. By 2029 with over 100,000 global SURH facilities at least 90% of all pharmaceutical and medicines will be patent free, probably all.
To kick start the process we could look to Johnson and Johnson, with 5 of their 7 big pharmaceutical patents running out in two years and only a 36% of their money coming from pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson would be open to new revenue streams. J&J make about 7 Billion a year from pharmaceuticals, possibly reduced by half come 2014, given the opportunity to make similar or greater figures via the opportunities afforded to “American Butterfly” investors; a carte blanche patent free pharmaceutical license to “American Butterfly” companies from J&J is not an unrealistic goal. Such a gesture would greatly increase their brand love, which is needed as there are protests against their failure to put urgently needed HIV drugs in the medicines patent pool. It’s quite possible other pharmaceutical companies would also follow suite, in part via opportunities in part in response to the threat.

As for medical technologies and equipment, all can be researched at the universities and created in the industrial parks (page 10) as such medical technologies become a profit centre. As indeed will the SURH’s themselves, with the building paid for, and twice as many doctors and nurses than is needed, set within a cross between a hospital and a 6 star resort hotel, which is exactly how it will be, by expanding the hospital to be able to cater for regular health insured patients, one creates an income source. 6% of US citizen’s money is spent on health care; it is a huge profit centre.

The other benefits of course are attracting local citizens to the resort and its retail section, plus attracting house purchasers to buy property that is linked or near to the SURH’s. Not to mention the brand love associated with a resort that freely assists all that need to be assisted, especially the 230,000,000 children and grand children of the Baby Boomers who would otherwise, well, I guess there no better way to put it, be dead.

As such like most “Give Half Back” initiatives, overall the Medi Outreach & SURH’s initiate is to the overall profitability of the collective “American Butterfly” plan a profit centre.

Part 3:”Give Half Back”
3b: Resort Universities and Alternate Energies

Before the “Give Half Back” process begins, 25% of the initial investment money is allocated to the universities, all be it about 8% of these funds are too dedicated to the oversight of the construction and building, for which the balance of 75% of investment is due.

The universes are practical in nature where by roughly half the time spent by teachers, specialist, interns and students alike is spent working on the software, S-World & Businessbook. (All explained over the next 3 pages.)

Investment being a minimum of $1Billion per resort leaves $250,000,000 which is pro rata split over 4 years, thus $62,500,000 per year. The exact make up of how these funds will be spent will vary some, as a loose estimate 25% will be dedicated to businessbook, 25% software, 25% General research and teaching and 25% Spartan labor (construction)

The software will aid recruitment, assist research & teaching, create the backbone of businessbook and assist with building economics and logistics. Businessbook will aid recruitment, lower costs and increase profits. Spartan labor will greatly increase the quality and cost of construction. All of these departments will effectively have internal research and teaching elements and will bounce of each other.

General research and teaching will initially focus on pharmaceuticals, medical technologies and alternate energies, with a $15,625,000 budget multiplied by initially 8192 and greatly increasing over time, we have an annual $128 Billion research and teaching budget, greatly assisted by an equal software development budget. This is enough to make significant advances in pharmaceuticals and alternate energy, far more that the top 5 US pharmaceutical companies combined.

Once the four years are up and the initial investment university funds are spent, we rely on “Give Half Back” for funding, as such $62,500,000 a year. Add to this $15,000,000 for the “SURH” and we are at $72,500,000. When analyzed, broken down and the money followed, this $72,500,000 generates far more than $72,500,000 for the resort and EEE, however it is still a figure that needs to be accounted for. Considering we are looking at between $300,000,000 and $700,000,000 a year (explained in Page 11: The “PQS” Resort Profitability Statistics.) we are not close to half, as such there is enough proverbial fat on the cow to invest heavily in Alternate energy equipment, all of which will in itself be manufactured by resort companies, from the very iron ore from the ground used to make the farms to the sand that creates the glass in solar panels, as such creating orders for many, many companies, and as such profit for many, many companies, all told roughly half of the money spent on alternate energy components will be turned into profit.

Having done some rudimental research on alternate energy solar is preferred; this is the Ecological Experience Economy, and as such wind turbines are out as they kill the birds as are river dams as they kill the fish, mountain dams largely collecting melted snow water are acceptable, but regionalized to where there are snow covered mountains.

The USA spends about $2.8Trillion a year on energy (loose statistic), currently a 500 KW solar array becomes profitable over +/- 9 years as such discounting inflation over nine years the USA will spend $2.8Trillion x 9 = $25.2Trillion on power. Divide this by 32,768 resorts and each resort needs to spend $770 Million on their solar array. Devide this over 16 years and we get $48 Million a year, factor in a 150% increase of energy usage = $72 Million factor in a two third decrease in cost due to improved technology both in power output and manufacturing and we are left with $24 Million a year, to power the entire USA.

Further consider that the manufacturing and technology will be from grain of sand to complete array created by EEE companies and we should expect a profit of $12 Million a year, add to that the income from selling the power and we add 5.3 Million. The latter being a bonus yearly income once all the arrays are built.

For total effect the USA needs to convert to eclectic cars, which in itself is another source of profit, by heavily taxing cars in resorts and not having petrol for sale, we discourage usage. You may have wondered at the number of resorts 8,192 and the persistent use of the number 16, this is a part on a non chaotic number sequence, inspired by the creation of Global sports leagues, if you divide by two, 14 times you get a winner. Sport and sports leagues are a big part of EEE, all resorts have been given a generous allowance to build a race circuit and integrate it into the resort proper. Creating a league and popularizing the racing of electric cars will remove the electric car “fuddy duddy” stigma, and in time the universities will have created sufficient power output to make the races truly exciting.

Overall, we are at a mandatory spending of $15,000,000 for the SURH (Super University Resort Hospital) $62,500,000 for the university proper (split $15,625,000 building efficiency, businessbook, software development &) plus $24,000,000 for the solar arrays. All told $101,500,000 under 1/3rd of the lowest profit estimates.

And that’s the basics of “Give Half Back” it’s very fluid constantly evolving; basically it’s the best way to “do the right thing” with what would be my share of the dividend income. Its money that no one would have had, and when all is said and done, all factors considered, it’s probably the single most effective money maker of all. As without its components, all other business ventures are just, well just the same as everyone else’s.

There is a strong argument that a $25,000,000 per resort spend on Space Ventures would have a positive effect on companies pride branding & global peace, when EEE is fully global including government additions, this would generate about $5Trillion a year, a significant sum.

Part 3:”Give Half Back”
3b: The “Spartans” Team EEE

The concept of “The Spartans” was inspired by the first theory written within “The Spartan Theory” entitled “The New 21st Century Economic Football Theory” which details, reaching potential and developing it over time. It has now become a pivotal part of addressing the current US economic frailties. It does so via three main factors.

1. Jobs & Housing: “Spartan Contracts” gives jobs and provides homes to the have not’s, particularly single mothers, In the first phase we are looking at approximately 4,500,000 people employees and on the property ladder, this figure will most likely double if the USA uses its 8th stockholding profits to further assist, for the sake of argument I will work on the presumption they will, hence 9,000,000 at an average family unit of 2.5 we see 22,500,000 citizens housed. With resorts expected to duplicate once every four years to a possible critical mass at 16 years 90 Million US citizens housed, with at least 32,000,000 employed.

There is an argument that a lot more citizens can be housed at the above factors for small but luxurious homes, in keeping with the resort standards at a build cost of $100,000 and $115,000 respectively on 0.25 and 0.3 of an acre.

The effect of the housing and jobs will greatly reduce both Welfare and Medicaid spending.

2. Improving skills: The basics behind “Spartan Contracts” is to improve skills of all who enroll, typically 16 hours each week dedicated to the pursuit of further knowledge, all be it often within a practice environment. By increasing the skill levels of those that were not afforded the privilege of higher education, the USA per capita will be more intelligent, or skillful often both. This will not necessarily save money of the budget, it will however have the effect of improving GDP

3. Decreasing skilled and essential workers salaries: A typical example comes in the form of medical staff, both doctors and nurses; the salary structure particularly for doctors requires them to work for a reasonable salary, considering without the “Spartan Contract” they would not be a doctor. As such we would be looking at a salary of $100,000 as opposed to the average $200,000. Once the contract is up, they are free to work where they wish.

However as medical staff are a priority for enrolment, so creating three maybe four times as many doctors as are currently trained, supply and demand will dictate that the going rate is only $100,000 by the end of their contract

The advantages of this is EEE hospitals “SURH’s” are cheaper to man, and will be able to cope with more than just Medicare and Medicaid patients, this also decreases the cost of medical care across the country. And in general sees a fitter healthier nation, which in turn has effects on GDP.

This is how the basic concepts works

Of the initial investment money each resort company has $62,500,000 for staff and operations at the university; this is usually split into 4 departments which each receive $15,625,000. 25% to Building, 25% Research, 25% businessbook sales and marketing, 25% software development. Each department assigns 25% (3,906,250) to the Sports, Media and Advertising division, thus its total finding is $15,625,000 and the other departments effectively have $11,718,750 per annum.
If we first consider the Sports, Media and Advertising division, below is the basic “Spartan Contact” salary structure and Mortgage/Bond on a 16 year “Spartan Contract”

The basic salary of $30,518 including medical and dental insurance for their families, the basic salary will be topped up by achievements, and exams passed, Spartans can take year breaks and in many cases move to another resort, should a “Spartan” choose to break their contract, they will lose their house which will be deemed payment for education.

As you can see the houses are not given away, they are paid for. In the case of the Sports, Media and Advertising division after operational expenses, employment for about 64 recruits is available as such after 4 years, sustaining 256 jobs.

The Building, Research, businessbook sales and marketing & Software development divisions with yearly budgets of $11,718,750 each, after operational expenses each division will offer “Spartan Contacts” to 32 citizens x 4 departments x 4 years = 768, which would provide jobs for all EEE positions and 50% of USA EEE share housing initiatives.

The SURH’s (Super university Resort Hospitals) are funded by a non university special budget of $15,000,000 possibly $20,000,000 this coverts the salaries of the remaining of USA EEE share housing initiatives.

NOTE: After the 4 years investment money has been spent, money will come from “Give Half Back” mandatory spending; ample funds have been set aside for salary increases.

Part 4: Software Designs and Specifications.
4a: Business software

The software described on this page is intrinsically linked to “businessbook’ and S-World as described over the next two pages, this page however describes the foundations of the house, which come as 4 pillars: financial, auditing, customer relations and recruiting. One main difference between this software and others, is its initial cost and subsequent support costs, it costs nothing, all updates are free, comes with +/- $40,000 free on site setup and monitoring, and $4,000 yearly on site support, or more to the point “advise” (See PQS Spreadsheet: “businessbook 4 Years)

The software is initially created for, sole traders, small and medium size businesses (up to 99 staff), with a view to including medium enterprises 99 to 499 staff; this covers 99.7% of the 27,500,000 USA businesses and 52% of all working Americans (38% in companies under 100 staff). SME’s produce 13 times more patents per staff member than large firms, create more than half (non-farm) GDP and have created 65% of new jobs over the last 17 years. Of these companies 21,400,000 are sole traders and 6,000,000 have staff.

Since the 2007 financial crisis about 650,000 SME’s have closed each year, up 100,000 from pre 2007 figures. Firms with fewer than 20 employees spend four and a half times as much per employee ($10,500) to comply with environmental regulations and three times more per employee on tax compliance than their largest counterparts. Only half of firms with fewer than 9 employees offer health insurance to their staff. Half of all sole traders and SME’s go bust within 5 years, cutting this number by 33% would save/create 24,000,000 jobs, this is more jobs than there are unemployed people, combine this with the jobs created by the Give Half Back operations and we find one of the biggest challenge to EEE is lack of man/woman power

All Software: All software described, will be adapted to specific industries, niches and sizes, 100 variations are desired within a year, 1000 within 4, tailoring current out the box business software to the specifics of one industry can sometimes be impossible, or in the authors experience very expensive; $300,000 spent on correctly installing a $150 software product “Pastel Accounting” only to find it was unsuitable.

All Software: needs to be well presented, engaging and incredibly simple, it is to be designed to such simplicity that the average 12 year old child could successfully run the USA economy, all be it there will be millions of people assimilating, analyzing and verifying the data before it is presented. (A friendly pop on the GDP analysis may say “China’s GDP slowed by 0.35% last quarter, ripple effect suspected, suggest lowering increased infrastructure budget by 25%, click here to activate”. Or for a small company on the network creating components for solar panels “USA additional infrastructure budget cut by 25%, suspected ripple effect will decrease orders by 6.5% suggest not hiring new employee, click here to activate.

Financial Software: The financial software needs to be connected to the order process, supply process and the banks seamlessly so there is no human interactions in the financial process, this may require some API links, which will be created by businessbook. Its main CEO interface will need to offer both monthly balances (profit and loss) and monthly overall profit/debt figures, calculated in different ways, and if the figures don’t match an investigation is launched. Additional overall profit/debt figures are to be presented including asset appreciation/depreciation. The business is to be given near unlimited on site accounting support to set up and capture previous data; the businessman may call on support at any time, finances will be analyzed and suggestions offered by the businessbook team. The financial software and businessbook assistance in effect eliminates the need for any financial staff.

Auditing Software: Completes financial output data to government approved audit, saves money on regulation’s accountants and auditors fees, often completed with assistance from the businessbook staff.

Sales Software: Not only providing the CEO/Owner with exact sales figures broken up by sales person, displaying sales figures to all creates healthy competition especially if done in a good looking dramatic way. To get the best knowledge of what is going on, one also needs to track the lost conversions, and why they happened, stats of how many communications occurred are useful, even if a sale did not occur, it could show that a particular sales person is adept at engaging the client but poor at closing and various tutorials could be watched on S-World or a shared sales approach adopted, with the closer coming in after the fish is on the proverbial line.

CRM Software: Customer relationship management software will automate the niceties so often forgot by sales people, from simple thank you and how was your enjoyment emails, to birthday Christmas cards sent, to flowers and gifts sent to high spending clients on special occasions. (See how this concept adapted to facebook would generate around 5 times their current add revenue)

Organizer: linked to the S-World 3D business network, all clients or order activities need to be displayed simply on a time line, with staff actions (for instance responding to an SMS) needed on system to make sure they remember events, arrivals, departures, price changes, policy changes, client order changes etc.

Total Email: Sifts through generic (info@you.com) and previous staff email addresses looking for key words relevant to the sales process “I’d like to order 16 pallets of product X1237 please” where the words “pallets”, “product” & “X1237” are keywords, once identified as a possible sale generating email, it will be presented as such

Recruitment: linked to the S-World 3D business network, supplies various aptitude and psychological tests to gauge the suitability of employees. See example. Data is not simply static, text are designed to see how the potential employee will fit in with the current team, in both “peace and harmony” and “Edge of Chaos” the latter whist sounding ominous, if successfully managed is the best scenario for driving innovation

HR Contentment: linked to the S-World 3D business network, provides continuing psychological and aptitude testing for employees, identifies problem areas, dishonesty threats, motivational factors, staff relationship factors and identifies untapped potential. Tests take only 10 minutes once a week.

Part 4: Software Designs and Specifications.
4b: Businessbook - The Global Trade Network (GTN)

The backbone concept for businessbook was created in 2003, three years before, Macromedia (Now Adobe) has informed the author that a 3D Virtual Tour/World could not be made for the internet, in 2002 the Author proved them wrong, the following year it was offered its own Digital TV channel. The way to make money from both internet & TV sales was to connect to a GDS (Global Distribution System) this gave instant booking capabilities for over half the worlds travel service. Galileo were approached, and then with the Grandsons of Walter Sisulu and Nelson Mandela, the author chaired an initiative to bring Saber GDS to Africa. Whist ultimately unsuccessful as the technology was not ready it became a base for a far larger project.

The idea of an all powerful “Global Trade Network” (GTN) is nothing new, and with most databases now formatted as such that they can be integrated via API links, it’s also possible. There must be a million people/companies who have considered the possibilities and a hundred companies seriously considering having a go; “The world Trade Centre”, “Galileo” & “Amadeus” to name, but a few. The problem is twofold, one it is an incredibly expensive operation, each ADS (Alternate Distribution System) of which there are many millions requires tens sometimes hundreds of man hours to connect to the network. Secondly “the willingness of ADS’s”, as most ADS’s have the sole ambition of getting more exclusive stock, be it hotels, or sugar beat, unless it really worked for them, sharing their inventory with others diminishes their control, as if their exclusive products see they are being sold via another system, they would often approach said system directly.

You may have found it odd, that we did not factor in bulk purchasing into the costing for the solar arrays, you will find later when it comes to building a few million houses it’s not factored in their either. The solar array baseline figures come from one farmer in Oregon spending $2,000,000 which made profit in 9 years. One would assume the collective purchasing or orders of $25,000,000,000,000 (25 Trillion) would decrease the price substantially, especially a steady order over 16 years. Few would argue in the marketplace one would insist on paying half price or less.

The reason bulk purchasing has not been factored in, is because we do not wish to cut our own profit margins, the second half of investment per resort $500,000,000 is exclusively offered to useful or local companies, there are probably 50 or so different companies involved in making a solar array. Starting with the iron ore, for the steel and the sand for the panels and all that comes in between, galvanizing the steel, the many transistors, the wires, the screws and many other components, all get made somewhere. As such we look to recruit at least one company for each component or material.

These companies invest and get an operations license, assimilate themselves fully, or are assisted by us to remain solvent, as we know there will be 600,000 companies going bust each year, and with strong business software, a team of business analysts, guaranteed orders, free technology, new factories and no marketing costs, they will make profit and that profit will pay for their investment. After which they will be full EEE companies and will follow the EPC/POP business rules, as explained on page 8.

As an EEE company it’s important that any SME generates over 50% profit a year, cutting the cost of all arrays via bulk buying, would not afford the company to easily do so, it also created deflation, which in turn, lowers GDP, it further eliminates its non EEE competitors who cannot compete, as such one will have won the companies battle’s only to have lost the economic war.

And this is the supporting structure of businessbook, for guaranteed orders all the millions of individual companies that trade with each other must buy from fellow businessbook suppliers, unless a substantially better deal is available, in which case said supplier would soon be integrated. And of course it is these companies that the previously mentioned $40,000 software and networking set up will apply to first, however in just a 4 year period, there is enough funds to connect over half of all US businesses, and supply continued support, within 8 years more than enough for all businesses.

Allowing businesses that are not interested in joining the EEE business model makes sense on two levels, firstly one can charge a higher commission on the reselling of their goods, If Coca Cola were not interested in following the model, the collective order of 8,192 resorts and all others that brought from businessbook would receive the best bulk price, the difference, straight into the businessbook coffers.
Businessbook does not only have to be a trade supplier, via various internet portals goods can be sold to the public at better rates than any other could match, it’s been mentioned before, and if you have not played the “facebook gifts game” maybe do so now http://www.s-world.tv/Facebook/home.html you will see to make yearly incomes in the Trillions one relies on having the best prices, supply network, extensive range of goods and the concept of people buying in general, not just for special occasions but for every day use, as such a Global Trade Network needed to be championed, in a total manor. The totality of the pre mentioned base company structure and the free software and support is there for all to see, connecting it however to S-World creates the experience.

Part 4: Software Designs and Specifications.
4c: S-World – Virtual World, Media Network & Computerized TV Operating System

This page is written in a sell, sell, sell fashion, as is the way with S-World!

Be it “The Simms”, V World, Tomb Raider or Call of Duty, Virtual Worlds have been around for a long time, until recently however none had modeled one on real life, then last August it seemed Google had done so, all be it its now seems no longer available and was in untypical Google fashion incredibly complicated to use. We sent Google the idea a few months before, they did not copy it or they would have used its full functionality but it does help with potential intellectually property ownership issues.

So a 3D virtual world that mirrors life, the way to make it popular and the first item of many that needs a patent is “Teleport to GPS” you’re at the office, your daughter phones from the top of a mountain in Verbier and says “it’s beautiful here Dad you must have a look”, she switches her phone’s S-GPS locator on, and suddenly you are standing next to her (or her avatar) on top of the mountain, you can see all that she can see and do all that she can do, all be it you are looking at a 3D version on your laptop, ibook or TV. You are now free to ski down the slopes with your daughter and if her suitor is around you can blow him into a million pieces with a large bazooka mid ski, or whatever takes your fancy. Save a few add boards and the café having access to a few million EEE shops you don’t make much money out of this but it will make it very popular.

The travel and real estate conations however are phenomenal, no one would go to a standard website to evaluate a hotel resort or a house, when they can look at it in glorious 3D, walk around, check the view from the bedroom, see how far it is to the beach, bars restaurants etc. Especially if one can book direct at an improved rate. Few will of course buy a house from an internet rendering no matter how accurate, they will however flush out the competition, one could see 50 houses in the time it takes to see one, not only creating a monopoly in both travel and real estate, but also greatly assisting the consumer in making the right choice.

We earlier mentioned the shops, the only thing in S-World that does not mirror real life are the shops, instead of the shops that are there, there are EEE partner shops, Travel, Real estate, Megastores, Furniture Stores, even fashion. We say even fashion as the chance of someone buying clothes on line is small, or is it. First consider how the shop will look on line, one walks in and can browse the rails, if one looks at ladies dresses, up pops a set of catwalk videos, of all the items available, modeled by people of different sizes, what looks good in one size often does not in another.

How does one pay for the videos? The resorts have a substantial Film/PR budget, from $10,000,000 a year upwards, all be it half if pulled into a communal pot for big ventures, as such there is a $41 Billion dollar film and TV series budget, for film and series that show EEE in a positive light, considering many films make a profit, this even on a bad day leads to an actual annual movie budget of 150 Billion or so.
Back at the resorts, various TV productions are locally made, however all the companies that operate at the resorts get their stock shot in a manor affording a top name brand showing of its best product, as such be it on the internet or on S-World the presentation of all EEE companies products is jaw droopingly appetizing.

This of course does not mean anyone is going to buy the clothes, as near everyone wishes to try them on, well with no resort more than 30 miles away and regular visits to see the sports events, hospital, university, work or just visit, one is often near the actual shop, which will have reserved the dresses you selected, you walk in, you try, you buy, taking e-commerce to a new level, and customer choice to unthought-of heights.

S-World.TV, is not just a 3D world but a TV operating system, in a matter of years all TV’s will be computers, as such they will need operating systems, that interact with the programs, considering there are $150 Billion of new films coming out exclusive to cinema and S-World TV and many or all media companies (SKY, VIRGIN etc) are desired partners in EEE, the marriage is perfect, Virtual Interactive world and shopping network, TV operating system, media company, film maker & broadcaster. One could not ban rival networks from the resorts (monopolies and mergers) but one could make S-World half their price for full bouquets, and a hundred or so channels for free, including a number of dedicated local channels. All in all the future way people will watch TV, view travel, real estate and retail on line and are all S-World

The gaming possibilities are of course endless, especially encouraging gamers to render where they live, the biggest connotation however and a concept considered and refined for over 8 years is “The Tutorial Game” played within S-World, it teaches people how to do businesses, starting before EEE advances, letting people make their own mistakes, then really appreciate it when the EEE software becomes available a piece at time, the staff psyche test reveals, a staff member is dishonest, the finacial software saving money on staff, eliminating fraud and giving accurate information.

It becomes the biggest recruiting tool, and seeing as there are so many vacancies, a big recruiting tool is certainly needed. It also works for the users as they can try themselves out in different industries, and will be advised by the system “hi John, have you ever considered being a stock broker, your aptitude and psyche evaluations suggest you may do well” so john the unskilled, unemployed laborer plays the game and wins or gets in the top 3 or so percent, as such, he is offered a Spartan contract and his life is changed for the better and we get an excellent grateful worker on a long term, contract costing half the price of a non Spartan.

Part 4: Software Designs and Specifications.
4d.i: “PQS Inspirations”

PLEASE NOTE: Before reading the following please appreciate it has been written without the assistance of a particle physicist, as such there may be a few inaccuracies, however it has produced tangible results and as such has a claim to make “Chaos Theory” recognized as a mathematical science. The consequence of which, will make the worlds academic community see EEE from a far more credible perspective. The result of which will see the economists, physicists & mathematicians say it is solid, thus both Governments and their citizens alike will be more comfortable with American Butterfly and EEE in general. As it can be put simply as the author discovered a new type of mathematics that was invariably going to be discovered at sometime.

From the following rather hi brow PQS Inspiration, we would need a few recognized particle physicists and theoretical scientists to add to and if necessary correct the work before further presentation, as a suggestion: Lee Chazen’s, Garrett Lisi, Stephen William Hawking, and Brian Cox

Further detail is found here: http://www.s-world.biz/Sparta_Rises_Again/EEE-14Billion_Years.htm and http://www.s-world.biz/The_Social_Network_2/The_Virtual_Network_2_Chapter_41.htm

PQS Inspirations

The name Predictive Quantum Software was inspired by the relationship between, Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, in layman’s terms, the vastness of the universe, and the trillions of particles of energy that reside within each square inch. As such we are measuring with the very large and the very small, and looking to predict the future (what they may do) via their recorded past and present interactions. In terms of EEE we are looking at Global GDP (+/- 70 Trillion) and individual cents up to 16 decimal places. (727)

This chapter wished to detail, the inspirations behind the PQS, where after the following chapter (part2), describes the aspirations (what it is to do, and what it is desired to achieve). Part 3, shows the basic version, programmed in Excel in relation to resort company profits, Part 4 shows the same basic version applied to the USA budgets.

The PQS was initially inspired by an equation I wrote just after the physicists at Cern claimed to have broken the speed of light. E x TOE = mc2 + TOE/ -16 = 16 PPG. It was noted at the time the + may be a - / or x

As such if changed to an “x”, the E and the mc2 cancel each other out leaving: TOE = TOE/ -16 = 16 PPG.

TOE (The Theory of Everything) has many contenders as such TOE = TOE/ -16 = 16 PPG can be interpreted as
General Relativity = Quantum Mechanics/ -16 = 16 PPG or
Quantum Mechanics = General Relativity / -16 = 16 PPG

When applied to black holes General Relativity & Quantum Mechanics do not give the same results, as such many say that “True TOE” is the unifying theory that will balance the two, the reason General Relativity & Quantum Mechanics don’t marry is the calculations lead to an infinite number, as such the equation is correct, the /8 stands for divided by infinity.

General Relativity = Quantum Mechanics/ ( is the symbol for infinity.)

The -16, is not specific to the number 16, it is a part of a non chaotic number set, 2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256 and so on, created to avoid numbers that can reach infinity. Thus alleviating “Chaos Theories” founding problem, “Small differences in initial conditions (such as those due to rounding errors in numerical computation) yield widely diverging outcomes for chaotic systems, rendering long-term prediction impossible in general.” As such with economics a primary field within “Chaos Theory” without said order in computation, predicting future economics is impossible. On this topic further inspiration was found within the Mandelbrot set fractal (z=z2+c) which duplicates it shape each time it contracts, where within no number can reach infinity.

The Mandelbrot set fractal

As a result of constructing systems within the number set, infinity cannot be reached, thus the number set has “Order” as such: General Relativity = Quantum Mechanics/ - Order. As such by using not chaotic mathematics, whist vast, infinity cannot be achieved.
Infinity is for all intents and purposes within mathematics “Chaos” as such the higher the “Order”, the less the “Chaos” so the equation leads to. General Relativity = Quantum Mechanics/Chaos – Order = Order x PPG

The PPG was inspired by “Sting Theory” and is currently interpreted as the Higgs Boson equivalent, or as it’s commonly referred to: “The God Particle” which is apt as the PPG stands for “The Particles of Physics within God” (The Higgs Boson is the missing object that connects all elementary particles together)

As such we have: “General Relativity” = “Quantum Mechanics”/”Chaos” – “Order” = “Order” within “The Higgs Boson” Equivalent and or “Sting Theory”. (String Theory is so names as it interprets all particles relationship to the universe as if they were a vibrating string on an instrument)

As such a possible way to look for the Higgs Boson equivalents is to run the Black Hole experiments again, but using the non infinite number sequence, as such applying order. General Relativity = Quantum Mechanics will not marry, but the gap that is left can be identified and quantifiable, I suggest a search within this gap will produce something surprising.

By applying the simple orderly numbers to EEE, many surprising advances were obtained, POP, EPC (Explained in the next chapter) and the PQS, all be it the PQS was further influenced by “The Butterfly Effect”

Here are two interpretations, the left having more “Chaos” the right more “Order”

My journey into the world of the “Butterfly Effect” and “Chaos Theory” came from the most rudimentary of ways, my previous girlfriend’s (Zenda editor or the original “Spartan Theory”) daughter Sahara Hafez.

Basically, she hit what is known as “The Terrible Two’s” and we nick named her “Chaos Theory” so I looked it up on Wikipedia and saw it gave great credibility to the financial software designs making economics less chaotic.

Shortly before or just after writing the equation I was on my usual mountain walk, looking at various plants and mountains, whist puzzling the question “when I look at them and think about them are they conscious during the moments that my consciousness is thinking about them”, I came up with an explanation to the age old adage “Does the Flap of a Butterfly's Wings in Brazil Set Off a Tornado in Texas?

I had been puzzling at it for quite some time, looking into my surroundings, wondering about the path of the wind across the continents and considering the effect within the chance meetings that change the course of one’s life. When I thought of the energy and considered a cubed grid across all that is, and measuring the energy transference within. Such a devise would be able to accurately measure the movement of the wind created by said “flap” I have made a rudimentary graphic using squares not a cube.

Here we see in terms of resistance, how to measure the force of the flap of a butterflies wing, all be it they should be in cubes. Obviously we can’t do this yet, and we are very much within the realms of Quantum Mechanics, it was however a big inspiration for the PQS as by monitoring the tiny transferences we can calculate and predict the bigger picture. This tied in with the orderly structure and number sequence dictated the only way to accurately predict another “Chaotic” system “Economics” was to follow the basic principals as outlined of how to calculate “The Butterfly Effect”

Note: The inspiration of my introduction to “Chaos Theory” Sahara Hafez after my parents is my favorite person on this planet, which may well explain my fascination and even love of Arabia.

Part 4: Software Designs and Specifications.
4d.ii: “PQS Aspirations”

In the preceding chapter we have seen, how understanding “Black Holes” via General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics may be aided by the mathematics of “Chaos Theory”. Whether this theory has legs or not, is to a point, irrelevant to the economic process. “American Butterfly” is a business economic project, and within the economics particularly pertaining to “POP” & “EPC” the mathematical principal is most poignant. Before the specifics, an extract from News night screened 13th march 2012, whilst specific to UK economic problems, the outcome, was the same as the PQS-AM forecast for the USA

The UK government’s economic strategy is as follows: Create the largest austerity measures since World War 2 and hope for major growth in the economy. If this happens the UK is in the black by 2047, presuming of course they stay in power for 25 years.

However these unlikely aspirations, do no not count for the major factors: The aging population & increase in medical costs. Official government statists say, that by including this to their current economic plan as outlined above, the debt to GDP ratio will decrease slightly until 2027, they rise hitting 100% by 2062. In reality, the chances of sustained growth in the global economic for 25 years without further recessions is close to infinitesimal, as is implementing excessive politically toxic austerity whilst staying in power. As such much like the US, the UK government will likely hit 100% GDP/Debt Ratio in around 10 years, certainly 15

Government and private economist have suggested 6 solutions.

1. More Austerity
2. A lot more growth
3. In its Keynesian form, a lot more protectionism or a lot more state intervention.
4. Inflate the debts away, resulting in people losing their savings.
5. Limit the places where people can save their money (Financial Repression)
6. Default

All of them either politically toxic or in the case of:”A lot more growth” unrealistic, the equivalent of the UK government purchasing a large supply of lottery tickets each week.

Political Editor: Allegra Stratton

“Politics likes dramatic metaphors; a government budget has a “black hole” we say, except in a dictionary definition it’s usually nothing of the sort. A black hole is a void that’s sucks stuff in, there’s no return. Look to the future of the UK’s public finances and this becomes a bit truer. The governments own official forecasters show that on the horizon the costs of the state go way up while our means to pay, shrink. Money gets sucked in. now that’s a black hole.

When we talk about the debt and the deficit now, we are only really in the foothills of a much larger impending debate about the public finances. The institute for finical studies thinks that on current costs the amount we will be spending on health and pensions will go up by as much as 5% of national income. In other calculations they have done they think that all in were looking to find an extra £100 Billion every year for a generation.”

The first consideration of black holes was “Give Half Back” where as mentioned above, money gets sucked in, however within: Give Half Back” it is sucked in only to return, in a more constructive manner than it was before it was consumed. We need to remember, “Give Half Back” is not a charity, not a tax, and it is the profits that would have been afforded to the major share holder.

The PQS was initially designed, to measure both “Give Half Back” money and general spending alike, for example, the largest expense by far is construction, +/- $2 Billion per resort in the first 4 years, and as such it is desired to monitor the flow of money throughout the process. Initially an EEE contractor will be assigned a project, said contractor will have +/- 100 cost centers, the largest individual one invariably labor, at about around 30%.

Traditionally tracking the money flow of staff is just about impossible, one can make estimates based on general spending patterns and the vicinity of amenities, for instance the US Department of labor suggests that the average family unit, of 2.5 persons, earning an average joint wage of $49,638 will spend 7% ($3,465) on food at home.

Here is their graphic:

As such, if there are 3 super markets in said family unit’s vicinity, one can make a broad estimate that the three supermarkets would share the bulk of the spending. This is a part of the logic used within the next section “PQS Actual”

The way we wish to improve this, is by paying staff wages into an EEE bank account, where by a maximum 25% or so of the money can be drawn as cash, the rest needs to be spent via debit card, which too many, will not be too much of an imposition. What may be an imposition is insisting that 50% needs to be spent on EEE affiliated purchases, we will see, certainly “Spartan Contracts” will see such a system, as the contracted live in the resorts themselves.

Armed with this data, the PQS will have an accurate account of where a good portion of the money goes, to a certain extent, staff that spend their money in “Black Holes” (places where it can’t be tracked, as such are of no benefit to EEE) will be deemed as risks, as this could mean criminal activity, narcotics or even terrorism, but in many cases individuals that are frivolous with money and spending beyond their means, either way the flow of their money is not aiding EEE, as such if his or her work is average or below, their contracts will not be renewed.

Getting back to our contractor, as pre mentioned in the businessbook section, they are required to order from another EEE company via businessbook, as such the flow of money can be easily tracked, each of the 100 or so suppliers, will in turn, have their own staff and suppliers. The PQS will monitor their money flow, to both staff and suppliers, the system goes on and on, as each vendor must buy from businessbook, save staff salaries, all money is accounted for, should money go missing it can be analyzed by the businessbook team, and the core financial software.

Each business of course exists primarily to make profit, the profit as we know is pulled together, and that is the end of the procedure. From the initial contractor, the money is monitored throughout its entire journey until it is returned as profit, as such if the PQS was 100 efficient, in practice it should see all the initial investment returned, save staff salaries, taxes & maintenance. Procurement in effect should not be a cost, as whatever is procured is so done from another EEE supplier. If we make a broad estimate that staff and taxes come to 50%, before one has even sold an item outside of businessbook to businessbook sales, on paper half of all that is spent is returned. After which we have sales to non EEE companies, sales to the public and exports.

Of course it will take some time to perfect; however shortly after launch one will be able to measure the success stories. Ventures that have between the 100 or so company’s involved displayed exceptional transparency and collectively generated great profit. This may be the construction of dams, solar arrays, cars even lawnmowers. When the PQS identify a venture that works within the bigger picture, which will be a venture that either receives more funding/contracts or is duplicated in other resorts

During its mission to identify opportunities, the PQS Robot, much in the same way a search engine robot looks for deal links will be looking for the previously mentioned black holes. Technically there should not be any, however we are dealing with a lot of humans, and of course cash sales. What we are looking for the PQS to achieve is a debt/profit balance calculation on all vendors. We know where the money starts, and we know where it goes, all the businesses are using the financial software as such, there should be no mistakes, however mistakes can happen, be it a hacker or an overly large expense account, excessive company drawing or an employee’s hand in the till. By having such a broad overview of all the transactions and orders, and having cost/performance estimates in place, plus 100% knowledge of salary and tax expenditure, the PQS should be able to predict profit to about 95%, or if there is no cash involved 100% so long as the financial module is updated correctly.

Further, we need to consider the additional general data from other resorts, if within the 4096 resorts there are 200 companies making window frames, the PQS can not only take the data provided so far, it can also measure against performance of the other companies. As such if an unconsidered anomaly resulted in the majority of companies being 20% below their estimated profit margin, a general investigation would take place, and either the problem would be solved or the general expectancy of profit lowered by 20%, the PQS effectively learning. However if there were just one or two that were below, one could be pretty sure that there was something amiss, as such one has identified a black hole.

By calculation from the inside, via the financial software, performing both, standard monthly reports cross checked by overall balance increase (debt/profit balance). Then mixing this with calculating from the outside (all the orders to and from vendors), one creates a near fool proof financial system, maybe even completely foolproof, either-or it is far superior to what any company or government are currently using.

PQS Opportunities

Tracking the money, identifying black holes and assessing which overall large capital outlays in terms of contracts return the best overall yield, is of course essential information, without such a base, one is continuing the current failing chaotic economic system. However combined with the business book team, the PQS is far from just a watchdog.

We have heard how in the case of window frame manufacturers, (random example typical of all businesses) how they will be collectively assessed, to look for anomalies and improprieties. However the knife cuts both ways, as another random example I will use “Thai Restaurants.”

With two $Billion companies mainly comprised of smaller businesses paired together to make a resort, one can be relatively certain, each resort will have a Thai Restaurant, or at least an oriental restaurant. If fact, the exact amount of restaurants and all other services will be assessed and worked out by the PQS before allocations are made. Too many and supply and demand dictates profits will lower, too few and customer choice and the need to excel and beat your competitor is diminished.

So 4096 Resorts = 4096 Thai restaurants, Not having been in the restaurant business myself, I have no experience in what makes a successful restaurant, however one can be sure that there are at least 100 factors to consider, within a number of main categories: Product (The Food), Service, Marketing/Advertising, Ambiance/Appearance of restaurant, Location, Price, Capacity (Size of Restaurant) etc, etc. Before opening their restaurants, the businessbook team will have talked to all the owners, and will have been advised of all potential marketing and service strategies, alongside some recipes; these will be input into the PQS and analyzed, collectively with the information from the other 50,000 or so restaurants. This is a very good example of the human side of the operation, as at this stage the PQS will have no idea, which strategies will work as it has no results data, as such the businessbook team, will make some general assessments maybe picking 1000 good ideas, 100 excellent idea’s and 10 sure fire winners. The ideas will be presented not only on paper but via film clips, created by the media department displayed via S-World and The Tutorial Game. (Software part 5)

At the end of the day, the restaurant owners will have a good idea of what they want to do, but will sift through the suggestions, for some good ideas on how to improve. Once the businesses start to trade, the PQS will know which restaurants are applying which tactics. If say 1000 restaurants thought advertising on facebook was a good idea and 1000 thought Google was a good idea, after 6 months or so, if the 1000 that advertised on facebook were in general doing better that the ones that advertised on Google, the PQS would suggest to the Google advertisers that they should consider changing.

The system however goes a lot deeper, within said facebook advertisers, there will be different advertising methods, in general the adverting would have been done by the advertising department not the actual vendor, and as such the advertising department can make test groups, of different techniques. Say 10 groups of 100, as such after 6 months one will not only know whether advertising on Google or facebook is more effective, they will also know which technique within said portals is most effective.

There is one more level to this equation, if most advertisers stopped adverting on Google and chose to advertise on facebook as per PQS suggestion, it would increase the cost of advertising on facebook and decrease the cost of Google, as such it could over the next 6 months see the advertisers that remained on Google outperform the facebook advertisers, and as such advise users of said occurrence.

It’s a lot of information, especially when you consider that said facebook vs. Google advertising decision is only one of a 100 or so improvement’s that can be made. Over time however the PQS will have by virtue of the trial and error of tens of thousands of restaurants and hundreds of individual methods to make more profit, have solid data on the most effective methods, which when analyzed by the businessbook team, then conveyed to the individual restaurants will make all shining examples of profitability, as is desired from all EEE companies.

The majority of initiatives will of course be on food quality, service and experience, as such when one eats in any Resort Restaurant one should have a greater experience that it’s out of town competitor, that has been given no advise or training, as such making the resorts more popular, as such bringing more people in, resulting in more sales from other vendors.

PQS Wider Opportunities

Businessbook or using its original name “The Global Trade Network” is of course not exclusive to EEE companies, EEE companies simply create a strong foundation in achieving the critical mass of buying power to effectively gain businessbook a better wholesale price that any other. For instance Coca Cola, supplying 4096 new resorts, where by the resorts collectively by all means necessary continually strive to gain market share of all US spending, will be by far the biggest purchaser of Coke Cola, as such can ask for a 10% cheaper price than any other wholesaler, in time the EEE delivery network will outstrip all others, and be well loved for using electric vehicles. As such with competitive pricing and good branding, businessbook in time will become the supplier for not only all EEE resorts but most of the USA.

This method is desired for all reputable USA companies; as such an immense amount of data on the broader US economy is gathered.
Small businesses stock as well, partly for the sales opportunities, but more likely as they wished to be assessed for entry into EEE. As using businessbook effectively means using the financial software, added to the advantages of using the financial software, excellent data is collected on small businesses; as such one has an excellent idea which companies would be best as within the resorts or supplying the resorts. Please remember there is an industrial side to many resorts, particularly the ones not in typical tourism areas

PQS Greater Economic Dreams

For the PQS to achieve its ultimate intended goal, “running the global economy” looking for black holes, seeing financial trouble, and putting out fires across the globe before the “butterfly effect” allows the flap of one failed business in Brazil, turning into a banking crisis in Texas. One needs two things to happen.

1st, one needs the PQS business software to audit and pay tax automatically; this concept was first detailed in August as a part of the “New Sparta” Greek economic initiative, and in Greece it would work, the will of the people would easily pass a referendum on making the software mandatory, given all the benefits of the entire New Sparta initiative.

In the USA however, it’s not that easy, the USA is “The Land of the Free” and a “New Sparta” referendum on compulsory use, would not fly. Further, the idea that the software could calculate tax, could be off-putting to many, unless they have an incentive better that the efficiency and cost saving. The incentive needed, is for the USA to scrap corporation tax, for those that use the software. This point is detailed and debated in the USA Analysis, found later in the presentation.

However if the USA do agree, it puts a completely different slant on what the PQS could achieve, given all EEE companies detailing in 95% accuracy, businessbook trading statistics, outside companies financials and tax behavior, the PQS becomes corporate Americas economic oversight devise. Where by all the previously mentioned controls and advantages befitting the EEE companies further assist all US businesses.
The next obvious step, would be to have the PQS become the oversight devise for all US Government spending, this makes a lot of sense on many levels, especially if it has been tried and tested with the EEE framework and had produced tangible results.

Part 4: Software Designs and Specifications.
4d.iii: “PQS Actual”

The “PQS Actual”, attempts to ascertain, how many resorts and resort companies will be initially required to reach the primary objective of creating of 32,768 companies funding their own operation centre’s, SURH’s and Solar Arrays, and over what timescale this achievement can be expected. For all intents and purposes the PQS Actual is what would usually be called “The Financials”

Currently contained within an Excel spreadsheet, the exercise is largely circular, starting at one point, attempting to consider all variables, such as: The amount and size of resorts, catchment areas, businesses desired within, supplier businesses, investment desirability, expansion, profit margins and investor returns. All of which affect each other, as such by considering components effects on all others, we tighten the circle and come up with a more concise analysis.

Initially 8,192 resort companies sharing 4,096 resort bases was considered, whereby approximately every 4 years via the “POP” (Pressure of Profit) method, each would create sibling companies, thus leading to 32,768 companies over 16 years.

Currently the PQS suggests that a fist phase of 1,024 companies sharing 512 resorts, following the “POP” method will lead to the creation of 16 sibling companies each over 22 years, with a second phase of companies and resorts starting 2 years after the first, leading to the desired 32,768 companies within 22 years of roll out. (Rollout is currently considered in 2014)

Before providing detail, an explanation of “POP” (Pressure of Profit) and “RCL’s” (Resort Company Licenses) is required.

“POP” (Pressure of Profit), the act of annually capturing a percentage of a resort companies’ profits, and channeling said profit into a sibling company half owned by its parent.

“RCL” (Resort Company Licenses), the amount of investment capital paid for trading rights within a resort company, of which investors receive capital assets (real estate, commercial property, small business purchase, industrial property and or machinery) valued in the region of double the initial investment.

To gain a “RCL” the PQS needs to estimate an investor’s resort businesses will generate a specific percentage of the “RCL” in profit annually from year 5, typically for a founder company 40%, decreasing to 25% from the 4th generation of sibling companies, further reduced after the 8th sibling.

As such essential partners (technology and pharmaceuticals companies) will be offered “easy” industries that require little set up due to either tenders (construction, solar manufacturing) or strong business models (travel, e-commerce, real estate). As such their initial investment will be the price of the “RCL” thus generating a 200% asset based ROI by year 3.

Retail partners, may be required to pay a little more, in general for their investment they receive retail space, in parks, malls or Marina’s.

On the other end of the spectrum is the energy companies, who would be requires to create enough energy sources (solar arrays) to generate 40% of their “RCL”, after which they are rewarded with a management fee of all the “Give Half Back” funded arrays or other alternate energy sources.

Before elaborating, we shall return to the objective and further explore “POP” (pressure of profit), and its relationship to company expansion. It’s far from easy condensing the spreadsheets onto a single page of word, so if one has the PQS Spreadsheet to hand, please refer to it, and move to sheet “PQS: POP1 2014 - 2040” It can be downloaded from this link: PQS: POP1 2014 - 2040

Here we see RC 1, the founder company, start operations in 2014, with an initial investment largely from US big businesses of $500 Million, with two further $250 Million investments in 2016 & 2017 from local small businesses (under 500 employees). The profit centre’s over 2014 to 2016 are largely attributed to construction; from 2018 onwards a combined profit of $400 Million is desired. In 2016 $500 Million is reinvested into building and construction leaving $150 Million in reserve, in 2017 a further $500 Million is assigned to the creation of RC 2 (either an extension to the current resort or a new resort in a different location) added to this is $500 Million of fresh investment largely from local small businesses.

After the $500 Million reinvestment and the $500 Million is invested in RC 2 in 2017 there is $50 Million left, this is where we see “POP” first apply, as we see the $50 Million split 75% to “POP” recorded as “38” in RC 2’s POP 17 “POP Over” column, and 25% recorded as 13 in the Div (dividends) column, by this time the communal real estate and industry holdings of RC 1 lie at around $2 Billion, added to which, they own 50% of RC2.

The “2018 +” row indicates what will happen to the first $400 Million profit made by RC1 annually from that date forward. Firstly mandatory spending is removed, in the form of $108 Million for “GHB” (Give Half Back) (University, Operations, SURH’s and Solar Arrays) and “Other” $42 Million. Where after the balance of $250 Million is once again split 75% to POP and 25% to Dividends.

The 102.5% just below the POP 108 column indicates the rate of depressed spending needed for “Give Half back” as it becomes independently profitable. It is recorded as an increase in POP income in the “POP 1” column.

The “Other” column is largely for reinvestment purposes, deemed necessary to increase profitability of RC1, it is not a fixed figure, all be it, currently $10 Million is assigned to the purchase of electric cars, to be distributed amongst RC1 companies.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Exactly what happens after $400 Million in profit is made is yet to be determined, an increase in dividends and reinvestment most likely up until $1 Billion is reached where by a second form of POP will take place.

RC2: Starts in 2018 via $500 Million invested from RC1 & $500 fresh investment from new local small businesses, it has $38 Million in its kitty from RC1 POP Over and in its first year is injected with $188 Million from “POP1”. Again $100 profit is recorded from building profits, as such by the end of 2018 RC1 has $325 Million, further building profits and another round of “POP1” in 2017 see the ability to internally reinvest $500 Million come a year sooner, the following year, the “New RC” Investment is again generated a year earlier, thus company RC3 is formed not after 8 years of its founder rather 7.

Note: RC2’s profit clearance figure has decreased from $400 Million to $350 Million.
Note: In both 2022 & 2021 the “Cash 2” column affords “POP Over” to RC3

Note: “The 2022+” row indicates that from 2022 onwards an additional $150 Million a year from RC2 via the “POP” method will be added to the $188 (+2.5%pa) RC1 “POP” funds.

The following PQS spreadsheet shows a 7 RC view, the “Reinvest”, “New RC”, “GHB” and “Other” columns are static and have been hidden for display purposes.

Here we see in 2025 the effect of “POP” generating enough capital to create a sibling company each year. From 2027 onwards a new “POP” injection is added each year. At which point one can look at two measures,

1. Expect companies to make more than one sibling each year, thus reducing the 22 year completion target.
2. Reduce the profit margin to which POP is applied.

In general, inflation and COLA’s have not been factored into the equation, as it’s very much a give and take scenario. The 102.5% increase in “POP” each year, is to count for the effect of “Give Half Back” spending being reduced via profits made from same, whist costs do not rise due to internal research into technologies and “Spartan Contracts” coming of age.

Thus far we have only looked at half the equation.

Below we see the dividend and asset return for the parent company RC1, which at first glance looks surprisingly low, in which regard, one needs to consider firstly that the below is only for the first $400 Million combined profits made. Currently 50% of profits from $400 to $1,000 Million are returned as dividends, all told over a 10 year period, considering the parent company has a stake in all its siblings and hence their ordering, added to all the other advances and advances of EEE and the software, its highly likely RC1 will be generating $1Billion in profit each year after a decade, and as such an additional 30% of RCL will be returned in dividends each year from RC1 alone. Secondly, over time, the assets price will likely rise considerably.

The important factor of the above “POP” returns illustration, is that the returns are not spectacularly high, as such; it is not a pyramid scheme.

New investors coming on board at any juncture, be it RC2 or RC14 are not unduly inhibited by their parent companies, in fact, due to “POP” profit ratio’s being lower and dividends being returned more often in “Div 1” it is more lucrative to join at a later stage. All be it one does not see the residual benefits of making more than one’s “POP” ratio and having the opportunity to reinvest every second sibling.

Note: Each RC will give up most attention to its sibling as it owns half.

Indeed so long as the profit ratio can be achieved one could be forgiven for saying “where is the catch”, how come this has not been done before as indeed it does seem rather simple.

Not wishing to labor a previously made point, however when one must one needs to go back to the drawing board and look at where “POP” came from, a direct interpretation of the equation: E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/ -16 = 16 PPG, whereby the adaptation E x TOE = MC2 x TOE/ -16 = 16 PPG is presented to the scientific community as a unification theory between General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, as such, not so simple. Unification aside, the simplicity comes from the non chaotic structure and workings of the business model.
Before moving onto the capacity of companies to make their profit quotas, a look at the investors and different component industries is performed, delving into the past, it is worth noting that during the writing of “The Spartan Theory” after Virgin the first man written into the script as a potential investor could in his personal capacity at face value purchase all the available RCL’s available for big business in all the 1,024 RC’s and still have change in his pocket. As such following the basic supply and demand philosophy, there is little supply and as such there will be much demand.


Part 5: “The Resorts” Property Developments
5a: The Inspiration, History and Development of the “Resorts” concept.

Despite the author’s substantial experience in resorts, from drawing plans in Photoshop and building his own villa to owning the world’s most innovative Villa agency. The first hint of the resort plans was an afterthought to the original business plan written on April 4th in the form of selling the Virtual S-World shops within the paper “The new 21st Century Experience Economy” Two days later for the first time, the business plan included “A Theory” it was called “The new 21st Century Economic Football Theory” which detailed the creation of 16 football clubs with extensive youth camps in different countries that were to be used as a base of operations and expanded upon, and the hope of endorsement by FIFA.

A few days after this, it was considered that football is the great equalizer, the inclusion of Libya as one of the 16 countries may be enough to stop the fighting, and a 20KM long area of coastline was identified near the As Sabkah al kabirah lakes. Besides having strategic motive, this decision was made just days after the author created the “Give Half Back” concept and wrote “The Sienna Project” as such the author was consumed with philanthropy, quote from journal “I heard a man from the Gaddafi camp pleading with the West to talk to him, my conscience would not let me sit back and do nothing when I felt I had even the faintest chance of assisting”. Unfortunately this addition to the VIRGIN business plan was not presented professionally and saw their withdrawal from the project.

Going back to the drawing board, Google were considered the next company to approach, as such the S-World Virtual world was concentrated on as it would marry well with Google maps. Within the June 2011 Google proposal a micro resort plan was identified and detailed 3 adjacent Villa complexes in Thailand, which were desired to be a base of operations and the scene for the rendering of S-World Virtual World and business network, it was here that the “Teleport to GPS” was created, but more important in resort terms was the enhancing of the desirability by separating the villa complexes into 3 distinct camps, 1: A home to the media, film, and model brigade, 2: Family orientated, 3: Music orientated. It was later considered that simply by being at complexes and filming, it would raise the price of the Villas not just for rental but for sale, as such an additional paper on resorts was added to the Google presentation.

Without response from GOOGLE, the viewing of “The Social Network” on July 12 changed direction towards facebook; over the next 2 months in the background of the various social networking software developments began the “New Sparta” City of Science project. With the Greek economy on the news every minute of every day, and the name of the project dubbed “The Spartan Theory” It made sense to look to see if Sparta still existed, which it did as a small town, in a remote part of Southern Greece called Laconia.

By September with the various plans for facebook complete with travel showing substantial profit and the very real possibility of adaptation to all industries. It was time to seriously consider the creation of New Sparta City of Science (Fig 1) a gigantic city divided into 16 main industry types, concentrating on different technical and scientific challenges on the coastal areas, with a Networking City, housing an embassy for all countries to the North. Infrastructure budgets were created, resort plans were developed, and investment analyses were crafted. Along the way came the concept of turning the City of Science into a practical university that dedicated 50% of its resources on Networking 500,000 Greek businesses, with secondary projects creating patent free pharmaceuticals, alternate energy research, and African and Middle Eastern desalinization projects.

All in all as a standalone project, considering the hype, software, networks and philanthropic ambitions, on paper the project worked, when all was said and done it was decided that within the 16 industry sectors, there would be 4 companies paying $4 Billion for +/- 4km2 of beachfront land with options for a further 12km2 , where 25% was allocated to University budgets, 25% was to buy the land, 25% was to build infrastructure and 25% used for building houses and retail/commercial units. The real estate and commercial units then given to the investors to keep or sell. Thus no longer was a non travel industry or software partner investing in “What may be the future of technology and networks within their sector” They were investing in land and Real Estate, and the future of technology just a bonus if it happens. As when all was said and done, the value of the real estate they received was worth more than their initial investment.

During this process, research into “Chaos Theory” unearthed a staggering way for the resort companies to store profit and expand, each time creating a new resort all be it in a different country. The work was encapsulated into one paper, entitled “EEE - The Economy for the next 14 Billion Years” further details are provided on page?

The work by now had truly become an economic solution, for Greece, the networking of their business would add strength and vigor, attract other European companies to Greece and solve their Tax collection problems, the latter single handedly would put Greece into profit. It was however the creation of the jobs to build the city and to man the university that put the icing on the cake, on paper not just turning Greece into profit, but into an economic power house.

Added to the New Sparta initiative was the concept of creating 4 cities a quarter of the size in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Ireland, and the idea that this money could come from China was conceived, all be it warnings of the wisdom of further empowering China were made and it was time to consider politics for the first time. At the same time as the original New Sparta plans were drawn up, it had been noticed that president Obama’s economic initiative, focused on many of the same objectives as the “New Sparta”: investment in infrastructure, technology and free trade, all be it the City or Resort plans needed no internal government investment.

In December 2012 the author returned to England to seek professional and political assistance, the first stop was to make contact with Chris Grayling MP, an appointment was set up and a paper made for presentation, now chapter 38: “Cities of Science”. Unfortunately or retrospectively fortunately despite the paper seeming to this day well considered Mr. Grayling described the work as intriguing but failed to assist, the word fortunately mentioned as the extra 3 months work and adaptation to the USA has greatly enhanced the work. It was considered the lack of assistance from the government may be due to the work focusing on Greece not The UK. In the UK such a plan could not work as the land was not available, and the beginnings of the concept of making many smaller towns started to take shape. However disappointed with the government and seeing no strategic global economic value in assisting England, the grand prize was considered “America”

At first 16 New Sparta Like Cities were considered, this slowly turned into some large cities and a great deal of smaller ones, this seemed to further enhance the plan as it gave a central base for all that would work at businessbook to be able to go on site and talk face to face with clients. It also meant that the University Hospitals could be accesses by everyone in the USA.

Land price analysis of the USA even in California, showed land zoned for residential and commercial property was readily available and far less expensive that previously considered, with more land, properties could have huge gardens and acres of acres of wood and parkland could entwine even the smallest of plots, each plot could now be a full scale holiday resort.

Part 5: “The Resorts” Property Developments
5b: Location, Location, Location

The cleverest part of the resorts development that needs to be highlighted straight away is that for the business plan to succeed, not a single property needs to be sold.

The phrase Location, Location, Location is heard often in real estate, it means, the same property can change value depending on its location. Overcapitalizing on a property in a location baron of facilities and wow, will make a nice house, but not a good investment. Generally land value is increased by the addition of the following factors:

Good schools and universities, Excellent healthcare, Golf courses, Up market retail, Affordable retail looking up market, A Marina, An architecturally splendid mall, Plenty of parks and woodland, Water features, Quality hotels, Quality affordable hotels, An abundance of quality rentable property, Conferencing, A vibey downtown area, Jobs and opportunities, Excellent infrastructure, Lack of congestion, Safety, Privacy, Access to sports facilities, A fun environment, A child friendly district with excellent childcare, A holiday environment, A lack of sky scrapers obstructing ones view, A green environment, The Hollywood effect, Music, arts, plenty of entertainment and a story, if you do not have history, all you have is a story, on implementation there will be no greater story than the “American Butterfly” and “EEE”

There are few places on this earth than combine all the above or even half the above, but with the exception of the Marina, which can only be built where there is a river to make a lake from, all the above will be in each resort.

Holiday resorts in general will have a good number of the above features but will lack probably what are too many the main ingredients: Quality Jobs, schools and universities, and no resort on the planet is to be run entirely on alternate energy within a handful of years.
Logistics and a lot of planning

Creating a fun and entertaining resort is not simply to attract residents, it is essential to encourage the local catchment area into it to spend.
The investment process is three fold, initially 8,192 separate companies are formed at a cost of $1 Billion a piece, in general two companies will come together to create a resort with 15% of funds allocated to land, 20% infrastructure, 25% returned to the university which in turn uses about a third of its budget to improve the construction process, 30% is dedicated to building houses, and 10% is put towards building commercial retail and industrial projects.

Over the first two years, profits from the resort (see page >) largely get returned to the construction process, this pays for university, hospital, Marina, a golf course, Sports Park, and improves the commercial/retail office and industrial sectors, overall approximately $3.2 Billion will be spent over the first 4 years. After 4 years we see the second phase, 50% of the funds $1 Billion will have come from the resort and affiliated business profits, the balance mainly from local businesses wishing to set up in the resort, their investment will be a minimum of $1Billion but most likely a higher figure, whether the initial profits from phase 2 are also diverted back to the resort is yet to be decided, all in all over the first 8 years approximately $6 to 8 Billion will have been spent. The real beauty of the operation is that 30% to 50% will have been made in profit by the 1000 or so companies that facilitate the construction, from manufacturing light bulbs to making iron, alongside many jobs created

To be continued….

Part 5: “The Resorts” Property Developments
5d: Chaos Theory, The Pressure of Profit (POP) & Ecologically Protected Capitalism (EPC)

(This rough draught, will change considerably)

The first mention of “Chaos Theory” was in July 2011 on the business software page addressed to facebook “to make a program that can run the world’s economy, looking to avoid “Chaos Theory” and lessening the Butterfly Effect of one economy buffeting the next “

At the time this comment was specific to Greece, since writing, Greece has recently halved payments on its debt, thus loosing Lloyds and many others around $1 Billion each , as such it has less capital to lend small businesses, shareholders and staff receive less dividends and bonuses and in turn they spend less. As of now Greek debt is France’s biggest threat to its AAA credit rating. Luckily however the knife cuts both ways, the “Give Half Back” examples show how money well invested has strong positive effects on economies, in terms of jobs, healthcare, government spending, ecology and general wellbeing.

Currently “Chaos Theory” is a “Theory” as it has yet to prove tangible results, or has it, one could well call “American Butterfly” a tangible result, as its economics and the PQS are inspired by “The Butterfly Effect”, and the company structure POP & EPC follow what the author calls “the mathematical science of Chaos Theory”

For those un-initiated, the “Butterfly Effect” is commonly cited as “The flap of a butterfly’s wing, in Brazil, sets of a Tornado in Texas” and if we look at “graphic #1” to the right we can see a basic expansion in terms of resistance changing energy levels of a breeze, thus changing the weather. This graphic was the inspiration for the “PQS” (Predictive Quantum Software)

“Chaos Theory” was first noticed by mathematical and meteorologist Edward Lorenz who in 1963 noticed that Small differences in initial conditions (such as those due to rounding errors in numerical computation) yield widely diverging outcomes for chaotic systems, rendering long-term prediction impossible in general. Economics is a chaotic system.

Upon reading this the author immediately considered, the removal of human data capturing error by connecting the software to the banks significant in terms of “Chaos Theory” and looked further at the rounding errors. The answer was to change the way we count, and internally round. If one used a number sequence that could not reach infinity, there could be no rounding errors, as such a computer system could calculate perfectly. The number sequence was simple, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 and onwards. A starting point was needed and $4 Billion was chosen, from then on all significant numbers such as “the amount of resorts” or the “investment money required” were either doubling up or diving down from $4Billion.

Concentrating on “rendering long-term prediction impossible in general,” It was decided to box off company/resort profits at $4 Billion as such if they performed as expected their profit would be predictable, they would always make $4Billion. Excess profit would overflow into what is called a “Bucket” this bucket sits until it has reached a suitable value to become its own company/resort (same shareholders). A new company and resort were created, the original shareholders as before given pro rata to their investment or profit generated real estate in the new resort, usually worth far more than their investment/profit had been.

This had the effect continually stimulating building and thus creating and keeping many jobs, it also makes company profits predictable, It also made good investment sense, as if a sub-company………

On committing this model to paper (see Graphic 2) given that the initial company was continually profitable, the concept of POP became obvious. POP or “The Pressure of Profit” shows how the more companies or “resorts” you have the faster the flow of profit as such the faster the flow of profit into buckets until one reaches incremental growth.

As a standalone business plan considering the software and profits shown from travel alone this was phenomenal, however when applied on mass in the original “American Butterfly” paper, which saw the creation of 16,384 affiliated companies and resorts, it was noticed that the generation of 100% profit each year was not possible and the model needed to be adapted, as such an analysis of how much profit each company/resort made was needed, and the resorts version of the PQS was made.

The original theory (See graphic 3) based on a resort company that cost $4Billion generating $ 4 Billion a year saw 25% returned as dividends, 25% going to “Give Half Back” and 50% flowing into the next bucket/company as such every 2 years a new resort/company would be formed, with said company starting with profits of $2Billion before it had started trading.

The current “American Butterfly” model has now cut the initial 16,384 companies to 8,192 so increasing the catchment area of the resorts. It also works now in units of $1Billion not $4Billion, all be it one always works with at least 2 companies per resort. The next chapter “Return of Monarch” will concentrate on perfecting this business model, as of now it seems the best strategy is to look to bank $500 Million in the bucket over 4 years, and additional profits going into building and construction. Once the $500 Million is raised, it will be matched by local and important businesses investment or assimilations, as such a $1Billion pool will again be available (twice as the second resort company will have done the same). At this point, the process starts again and the resort “duplicates”.

The second resort/company set however will need

To be revised and continued.

To Come Next

Part 5: “The Resorts” Property Developments
5c: The Spartans – Team EEE

Part 5: “The Resorts” Property Developments
5e: “PQS” Resort Profitability Statistics.

Part 6: American Butterfly
6a: Resorting confidence in short and long term US Economics

Part 6: American Butterfly
6b: EEE US economics forecast by the PQS

Part 7: Brand Love and Public Relations
7a: Ecology, Energy, Health, Education, Jobs and Money

Part 7: Brand Love and Public Relations
7b:, “The Sienna Project”, “Galactica 2017”, “The Virtual Network” & The Author

Part 7: Brand Love and Public Relations

Part 8: Investment
8a: Who & When

Part 9: What Next
9a: Fact Checking, Due diligence, Editing and a Professional presentation

The Penultimate Chapter

Having worked for a year in a positive manor, doubling my efforts at every fall, a guarded “What’s Next” would be inappropriate. There is much to do.

I will not presume that I immediately have 110% support, all be it if I have explained things in a simple enough manor and the totality of the work is fully understood, great.

For now, I will work under the assumption, I have your interest and probably your first question is “What do I want”? You have heard money assets and shareholdings have no appeal to me, I’m in this for the journey and the glory, no merchant has been recorded in history.

I desire someone to assist me, be it the best and brightest or the fun and funniest, so long as they have your trust and you will respect their word, that’s all I need, it will take but a week of following the process and talking to me, to understand that everything is linked, it is all one, and quite simple as amazing as it is, it’s actually very simple, so simple that it will take less than a week for your chosen advocate to report that we have a viable project, but also in either a small way or a big way they will have added to the project, there is a lot to add especially applying the theory to big business, an area where I have no experience.

The beginning of chapter 51, describes the think tank I then wished to put together, so that I could make you a credible presentation, this idea is still valid, however as you will read the work has come on significantly, particularly the PQS and “What to do next” to the point where we are no longer making a plan to present to others, be it facebook or the Whitehouse, we are now starting the plan.

Assistant/Project manager in tow, we have much research and fact checking to do, before we get to the procurement stage, which you would call the investment stage, which I would expect to begin roughly a month after kick off. You have experience and strength in all the remaining key areas of EEE: Land Development, IT, Energy, Philanthropy, Football, Filmmaking and Middle East Affairs. Secondary areas of Rocket Science, Theoretical Science, Pharmaceuticals, Retail and Music can be serviced by Virgin galactic (Sir Richard Branson and Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan)

1. Property Development: We need a serious amount of research into available plots in the USA we need just over 4,000, when the news brakes, the land value will increase substantially, there is little that can be done about it, and its actually desired to kick start the USA economy. However the prime California North East plots will rise considerably, at the moment they are all half their 2006 value, and a safe investment in anyone’s books.

It would make sense to locate and to start buying them up, “when you are confident of the plan of course” I’ll put an offer on the table, whatever you buy you can sell back for twice the value and keep a few KM’s sq as a bonus. We will need to choose a champion plot, a show piece, render the full resort in S-World and make the first phase of house for sale, just a hundred or so, the hype when this breaks will see them sell for ten times their book value and that sets a precedent for the entire project.

We also need to look at repeating the exercise across the globe, split into 4 sections 1: The Americas, 2: Europe 3: Africa, The Middle East and India, 4: The rest of the world.

2. IT: Creating S-World and the PQS are the priority, we have a $200 Million Virtual World we can probably buy for about $10 Million, but more than this we should try to purchase “The Simms”. We need the Virtual World to render the developments, we also wish to get going tying it into facebook, so an app will have to be made, the long view is an official marriage but, starting strong and having it already there before an approach makes sense. While we are on facebook the gifts idea can also be created easily and added as an app to facebook, we can tie in with a USA retailer who can deliver supper fast, a flower shop and get going on the Afri-Cards.

The PQS will be a case of myself working with a team of programmers, the data input is as important as the software, so researchers in USA economics and Global economics and budgeting will be needed as will building logistics experts, retail, Government budgeting, the list goes on, a lot of researchers. The business software links of course but is not a priority, all be it creating the backbone for the travel software is. All in all there are hundreds maybe thousands of patents that need to be registered. At the same time we need to research who has patents we need, can they be bought, can the company be bought, or are they on the “nice list” (initial partner targets).

3. Energy: Simple enough, in time we will convert the world to Alternate Power, on paper we can do it in 16 years, Solar looks best, we need due diligence how quickly can we expect technology to increase output, the rough rule on Microchips that has been in play since the 70’d is they double in power every year, is their such a formula for power. To many the work on Alternate energy will be the most loved gift of EEE even more than money in pockets and world peace. It’s the big PR stunt that eventually will make the most money, work it,. And a little work on how not to piss of the oil companies would be useful.

4. Philanthropy: You will soon discover within the EEE structure every single good deed or good intention pays double, quite a nice bonus I discovered a long time ago, so work it, look for good things to do, tie them in, gauge the PR value and the business opportunities associated with it. We will find allies in Mark Zuckerberg (facebook), Bill Gates (Microsoft) & All Gore (Apple) when the time is right

5. Football & Global Leagues: No greater unification of EEE can be achieved globally than the original FIFA global league concept, all the resorts are ordered to work within a league structure. And for any player its only 5 wins to the top. The Spartan League (League 4) 8192 resorts, always paired in two’s so 4096 teams split into leagues of 16, (one league a year and a knockout competition each odd year. The winners move up and a new Spartan team takes their place from their home town. This creates 256 teams (League 3), again leagues of 16, same rules. This creates 16 winners (League 2), repeat the process and there is one league of 16 (League 1). From here the winners enter the Global League. There will have to be a little math about the ups and downs but I’ll work that out at a later point.

The origins “21st Century Football Theory” (the second part of “The Spartan Theory” dictated that the teams must have a certain amount of home grown players, as such within 5 years by the time the Global League is formed, at least 5 players on each team will be from the original 8192 resorts, Further the team will need to keep all their original players as if they run out of original players they are out, all be it they can send up youth players from their resort. Chances are there will be a sub league around the resort to make the resort team.

Football is just one of many leagues, Motor racing, MMA, Baseball, American Football, Ice Hockey, Rugby, Cycling will also work nicely. However the FIFA league is the big PR and the unifier. With any one man or woman only 5 years away from winning the FIFA Global league title it will be an amazing incentive and team building exercise, plus an awful lot of fun, plus it will give all the resorts TV channels and exposure.

6. Product placement and the creation of film and TV series: A big key to the PR battle, and there will be monstrous budgets, it also on a macro level makes the individual resorts interesting to their surrounds as local series are created and screened, mini Hollywood, full of glamour and beautiful people need to spring up in each resort. However to start off I have 4 scripts I’d like evaluated, The Sienna Project combines “The Social Network” “Caprica”, Star Wars and Lord of the rings” and looks good to be a modern day version of :Lord of The rings”, Add to this the Galactica 2017 series.

7. Middle East Affairs: There is much to consider in this area, from oil to humanities from a Taliban seize fire in lieu of “The Babylon Project” to A Syrian seize fire in view of a Libya type monarchal initiative.

Part 10: The Spartan Theory
The Original Spartan Theory – 8th April 2011

Document Title: The New 21st Century “Ecological Experience Economy” (EEE) saved on 8th April 4:36 pm, written in Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa.
The following is word for word, grammatical error, for grammatical error, font for font, its conclusion not just economic prosperity but an end to war. Since written it has tacken a long time and much effort to reverse engineer the concept into “America Butterfly”


uper Intelligent Engine for New Network Access

On the 1st August 2010, I promised my daughter and her mother that I would dedicate my life to good. Since then I realized that if you consider Advanced Economics from a Non Profit perspective one can achieve anything.

The New 21st Century “Ecological Experience Economy” (EEE) hypothesis.

1. The basic principal is: “the SIENNA foundation” increases companies and countries’ economies and shares the profit. The profit then goes to help weaker economies and environmental issues. The original theory currently being discusses with VIRGIN is for small business and showed substantial profit. A break though earlier this week showed when adapted to big business profit is limitless.

2. CNN, SKY & Al Jazeera approach, 24 Brands, as a sign of faith 8 of them are asked to a make a charity donation of $1,000,000 to the Nelson Mandela foundation. For their $1,000,000 8 of our new partners are given a small FIFA football clubs and territory rights. The clubs will offer many other types of business experiences. With discount prices, brand association, the charitable nature of the SIENNA brand their new businesses will flourish and prosper.

3. GOOGLE are tasked with completing S-World. Started in 2000 and at a cost of $200,000,000. The avatar driven 3D Virtual World mirrors earth and will soon be open for business. All partners, big or small have virtual shops or venues. They can network together through FACEBOOK, source new suppliers, buy up S-World real-estate, have fun, travel, socialize and trade.

4. In 2010 we developed a concept that provides companies the ability to expand and add limitless content to their current web sites at the touch of a button, for no cost.
Every company we connect feeds their inventory into SIENNA’s database. Soon SIENNA will become one of the world’s largest consumer databases, maybe even “The Global Distribution System.”

5. We have detailed specifications for advanced, small and medium business software, by working with MICROSOFT we can develop this further, and adapt it to run large corporations and countries’ economies.

6. Representatives from the Sisulu & Mandela family and I will be considering the possibility of basing the SIENNA Foundation in Zimbabwe. Funding Zimbabwe’s recovery, in exchange for the government introducing the SMG (SIENNA-MICROSOFT-GOVERNMENT) administrative software.

7. Getting a small voice to be heard, needs a big event. The press is crucial, but they want a story, so they are sent the newsworthy highlights “The FIFA World League” the next “STAR WARS trilogy” and “the next series of 24”. Harvard business school further validates the theory and VIRGIN awakens.

8. Simultaneously at 3pm GMT Saturday 9th April 2011 just when the USA is waking up. SKY, CNN & Al Jazeera approach the 8 essential partner brands and ask them to pledge the $1,000,000. One hour latter the following 16 bid for the last 8 places.
SKY, CNN & Al Jazeera set up appeals to business all over the world to buy Libyan S-World real estate.

9. S-World mirrors earth and will initially feature sunny beach locations, it is nearly ready to launch I have agreed for GOOGLE to buy the $200,000,000 Virtual World for $10,000,000, I want them to keep it develop it and link it to Facebook.
We will sell of prime S-World Libyan Real Estate, Golf courses even Whole city blocks for redevelopment.
Not only will this raise money when we will start S-World at these locations, so highlighting Libya’s most beautiful places to the world.

10. The money raised is dangled as a carrot to LIBIA in exchange for a truce and talks begin with LIBIA about being the first country to adopt the New 21st Century “Ecological Experience Economy” (EEE).

11. The Spartan Theory.
In exchange for guaranteed NATO Protection, Libya destroys all weapons.
Sienna’s companies fund compulsory education for 16 to 21 year olds
Education is geared towards environmental awareness and physics.
All students are rigorously tough martial arts.
If it comes to war again, 300 warriors will fight had to hand.

Part 10: “The Angel That Resides Within String Theory”
10a: An interesting take on a unified Theory of Everything, combing Quantum Mechanics, Super symmetrical String Theory & Relativity via Chaos Theory

Since writing “The Sienna project” besides reverse engineering “The Spartan Theory” the author has been working on a consciousness experiment, for those uninitiated to “Theoretical Science” Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity” was a consciousness experiment, as were most of the “Theories” that have defined what physics is today, one common factor all theorist and scientists agree on is symmetry (or beauty) within nature is their main inspiration.

The author’s consciousness experiment was of course to prove in some way the consciousness of Sienna transcended her mortal body. The beginnings of the journey detailed in chapter 41: The big digits – The mathematical science of “Chaos Theory” http://www.s-world.biz/The_Social_Network_2/The_Virtual_Network_2_Chapter_41.htm

Since chapter 41 the following diagram illustrates how the saying “the flap of a butterfly's wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?” inspired the PQS, (Predictive Quantum Software), as the author envisaged a cubed grid around the world, and consider the measurement of energy transference via quantum mechanics across the grid, as a way to prove or disprove the possibility, his conclusion, that the flap could not set of a tornado in Texas, but combined with many other energy transferences from billions of butterflies it was possible, the energy transferences were assimilated as money, the butterflies humans, and as such if one could measure the individual transferences one would be able to predict the tornado, or recession, more to the point one could stop the tornado by influencing the energy transferences or exchange of dollars and cents. This meant to predict and control the economy one must start at its very source, the equivalent of the flap of a butterfly’s wing

Further consideration led the author to consider the cubed grid around the butteries as an equivalent to the Higgs Boson, the elusive particle that is said to connect the elementary particles together. It is however looking more and more like “The Higgs Boson” does not exist and the search will soon be complete, many say, that proving “The Higgs Boson” does not exist will be more significant and exciting that proving that is does, as it would mean the force that holds the elementary particle together is something that we do not understand, something that cannot be explained using general relativity, which opens the doors to quantum and string theory solutions.

During the work on the Greek economy and “New Sparta” whist considering the above the author wrote an equation that to all intents and purposes within physics was meaningless, it was E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/ -16 = 16 PPG meaningless or not it led to what is now referred to as POP “Pressure of Profit”, EPC “Ecological Protected Capitalism” via the simple consideration of using a number sequence that could not reach infinity.

Now however with greater understanding of what many consider “The Theory of Everything” (TOE) there may be a good source of further inspiration taken from this instinctive theoretical equation, as TOE is unknown and interpreted in vastly different ways, it opens the equation up to many possibilities. In general most consider “TOE” as the unifying theory between quantum mechanics and relativity, others generally look to “String Theory”: as such within the equation, TOE can be any of the above as such the equation could mean Energy x Quantum Theory = Mass x The speed of light x the speed of light + relativity / by infinity – The non chaotic number sequence, with is really to be considered simply as order, best defined by the removal of Chaos.

The interesting part of the equation is that by removing all but the TOE’s, Infinity and -16 one gets TOE = TOE/8 -16, this can be interpreted as Quantum mechanics = General Relativity / infinity – 16 (where by the -16 stands for order in some fashion, which in many ways can be interpreted as what the scientist refer to as the Higgs Boson often referred to as “The God Particle” and to explain the last part to the original equation = 16 PPG, it was inspired by String Theory as “The particles of Physics within God, not to digress, one now can further refine the equation to: Quantum Mechanics = Relativity / infinity – the Higgs Boson equivalent.

Where this becomes really interesting is that without and prior knowledge of either Quantum Mechanics, General Relativity or the Higgs Boson, this equation makes perfect sense, as the main challenge in physics today, is creating a unified theory between General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, as the mathematics does not work, as when aligned they keep coming up with an answer that reaches infinity, which is TOE = TOE/8 With the missing particle or more to the point the missing force being “The Higgs Boson equivalent, that is the -16 the unknown object that pulls infinity back as such when one finds what that is, the author suggests that that will be the missing piece between the unifying theory between Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity.

So we have Quantum Mechanics will unify with General Relativity via the Higgs Boson equivalent which in all likelihood has perfect order.

Certainly the author suggests that it may be a wise course of action, to mathematicians and scientists alike to try to run the experiments that define quantum mechanics and Relativity again, using a non infinite sequence of numbers, as such where the gap lies that is currently reaching infinity, the bridge, the difference between the two results may be a location of interest.

As such, if the beginning of the equation is theoretically correct, and it was just nonsense written by a man without any knowledge of the subject, just a search for answers in a consciousness experiment, we should also look at the last part of the equation = 16 PPG (Particles of Physics within God, or was later consider The Partials of Physics within Good, or one could say positivity) either or to the author it is “String Theory” of some kind, as such the unifying piece to Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity, the Higgs Boson equivalent may well be found within String Theory, so named as it considers the eliminatory particles of the universe to me connect and moved in an equivalent way to the vibrations of string on an instrument, and if the Higgs Boson is as is said, the force that ties all the particles together, it makes perfect sense that they could be done so in a manner as String Theory dictates.

The string theory that seems to make most sense is 10/11 dimensional string theory, or super symmetrical string Theory. It is said that the 6 or 7 extra dimension relationship to our 4 dimensions height, width, depth and time, are to be considered as 3 slices of bread in a loaf. It is further said that one dimension set is incredibly small, a quantum universe as such, all be it has no light.

The author made a rather obvious conclusion that to be so small it must have either perfect order or near perfect order, it must be un-chaotic.

At the time the original equation E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/ -16 = 16 PPG was written scientist at Cern had just managed to get neutrinos to brake the speed of light, all be it a flaw may recently have been found, regardless, the only expiation that made sense was that said neutrinos had penetrated the lightless dimension. Recently the author considered this and made this diagram replacing the unknown dimension with known forces.

From this point we leave the realm of any known science or theory as back up for observations

As the neutrinos penetrated the quantum universe, and the experiment ran again and gave the same answer, it would mean there was only one quantum universe in the same place or said quantum universe it is wrapped around everything; and as such is not only quantum (incredibly small) it is also incredibly large, indeed it is everywhere, but as a dimension we cannot see or understand we do not know it exists and cannot see or understand it

Consciousness exists, and as best one can tell, is both instant and has no mass, as such it can exist within a quantum universe, and can be everywhere at the same time, if it exists in a lightless environment it may be best considered simply as a dream.

To look at spiritually form this scientific perspective, the author considers that it is the consciousness from said quantum universe that is collectively within us, and rather than being all knowing, it is just becoming aware of its own existence, millions and billions of years ago it just an energy that controlled things or in Higgs Boson equivalency strung the universe together, but it evolved, and as it did, so did earth.

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that there is no other sentient life in the Universe despite its trillions upon trillions of planets. If there are any legs to the above observations however, it is no coincidence that earth was chosen, it would make no difference what planet was chosen if there is only one there is only one. Gaia Theory dictates “the earth will protect itself” maybe it’s not that simple, maybe it’s the earth will try to protect itself, as the consciousness of the quantum universe, the connector grew it created itself, sentient life, which could exist in a place with light, on a planet that is beautiful, all be it, it has no ultimate control over sentient life as it is sentient life, and as such is chaotic, all be it to the best of the authors imagination, it is trying to regain order, with the earth and its arguably greatest creation at a cross roads, it can wipe itself out, to maybe be lost forever or it can learn, to find order and spread out to the stars.

And that is as far as the author has currently considered, other than it seems mighty odd that he alone has created such an immense project, and if implemented may well have saved the existence of humanity, he does indeed like to think, that for a split second, he saw a glimpse into the quantum universe, saw its order and wrote it down, further he likes to think as was written in “The Sienna Project” regarding his daughter “On the 1st August 2010 she chose to transcend into energy to help open a portal to the world in order to help humanity.”

10b: Photographs of Sienna Skye